Sunday, July 03, 2016

Worst Weekend


Got up at 8AM. It was already warm and sunshine outside. But the trees were blowing.

We started to get ready for the boat.

KR came at 10AM. She brought Beebo. The Kayak was tied to her car, so we loaded everything into her car.

KR drove up to Hope. On the way, we saw the wind was creating 5 foot waves with white caps.

We unloaded everything at Hope. Hubby said I was being bitchy because I did not feel good. Still having stomach pains and diarrhea.

On the boat, it was horrible dusty, dirty, and full of bugs. We had to vacuum the dog hair, clean everything with Clorox wipes, and still birds had pooped all over the deck. Hubby was upset and did not want to clean the boat.

He returned the wheelbarrow, then we went to brunch at the Floating Restaurant. I just got a kids meal of breakfast. It was too much and I still got sick.

Went back to boat. Hubby went to rent a Jet Ski.

I took a nap. At 2PM, hubby and KR went to learn how to JetSki.

Hubby took the Jetski out first, then came back to get KR to ride with him for a while.

Hubby & KR on Jetski

I stayed on the boat and watched a guy with a 32 Foot Carver almost bash into other boats while getting his boat out by the Float rental home. It was hilarious. The boat got caught by the wind and drifted sideways down the lane before he finally got control of it and backed it out of the marina.

Hubby and KR finally came back. We had watermelon on the boat and then decided to go home. It was too hot and windy.

KR drove back.

We dropped her off in Bayview to hang out with Casey. However, when we got home, KR wanted her car back so we had to drive all the way back. Dropped the car off at the Idaho Fish & Game place. The guy there almost had a shit fit for us parking it there, finally we said that our daughter would be collecting it in a few minutes. He finally let hubby park it in the back.

I drove home in my Jeep. By the time we got home, it was 8:00. We were too tired to take the dogs for a walk and drive down to the park again.

We watched tv and then went to bed at 10PM. Hubby was tired.

KR finally came at Midnight to pick up Beebo. Hubby got up and met her at the door.

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