Thursday, February 26, 2015



I did not sleep very well last night. Lots of bad dreams. Had to get up in the night to pee. Hubby was afraid I would not come back to bed. I had a migraine when I got up.

Got up and made breakfast for dogs. Made hubby an egg sandwich. We sat on the couch for a while. He left at 7AM.

I got ready for school. It started snowing lightly at 7:30.

My migraine is getting worse.

I studied for the Quiz today. Fed the fish. Put my hair up and then sprayed it with hairspray so that my tendrils do not get in the way of the massage.

Drove to school at 9:00. Got going pretty early. Saw Robert on Hwy 41. Stopped to pick him up. He wanted to pick up a coffee so I drove him thru Starbucks.

Everybody got there by 10:00; So we took our Quizzes and I got 100%. Mostly T/F questions.

After class, we put the massage tables away and left. I went to pick up a Pita. Then came home. Got the mail when I got to the drive. Somebody was just pulling out of our driveway with a dump truck. It immediately upset me because there was mud all over our driveway and somebody had made huge tire gouge marks down by the shop & the huge pit.

Dogs were overly happy to see me come home. Bud almost knocked me over. Gave them dogs cheese & turkey breast pieces.

I did 5 loads of laundry, did dishes. Vacuumed. Fed the deer. Took a hot bath. Ordered a holster from Amazon for my lotion, also ordered two more cords for our iPhones.

I washed my hair because it was full of hairspray from this morning.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015



19 degrees this morning when we woke up. Where is the warmer weather???

Got up and made eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

Started getting ready to go to school. I decided to wear my jeans again instead of the cold yoga pants.

Uploaded another song to my iTunes.

Studied for our Quiz today. Teacher said that we are going right into massage this morning and not to worry about the Quiz.

Left for school about 9:15. I did not want to get there too early today. When I arrived, I took my linens into school.

We learned Petrissage. The "C" Big C/Little C (like a pacman), the roll (like a spider dragging his butt), and Kneading strokes.

At 1:00, we put all the beds away. Put the tables out again. Then we all left class.

I went to Walmart to get groceries. Lots of old people there at 1pm in the afternoon. Then I drove to get my Pita at Pita Pit. Then I washed the car. It was filthy. I was getting dirty by just leaning on it.

Drove home and unloaded groceries. Gave dogs some turkey that was in the fridge. I washed 2 loads of laundry. Then I took all the dogs for a walk. First Ben with Bud, then Lil Bit with Maggie. It was sunny and still warm. About 48 degrees. The sun felt really good.

I came back and wrote to Lucille Davis. We had gotten a card from her in the mail today. I am still watching for our American Express rebate. It should be quite a bit. Have not seen it in the mail yet.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015



Got up and made eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby.

Hubby left at 7:00AM.

I got ready for school. Had to wear my yoga pants with UNDERWEAR. Ugh.

This schooling has really changed me. I took off my Acrylic nails for the first time in over 25 years; I am wearing YOGA pants. I am wearing UNDERWEAR.

Got the dogs ready for me to leave them alone. Full water. Full food. Turned off all the electric outlets.

I left early so I could pick up baby wipes, bow (no stickers), and Krazy Glue for my cut finger at Super One. Then I drove to school. I was very early. Got there at 9:30. So I studied alone in the room.

Everybody got there about 9:55 today; pretty late.

The teacher came in and we took our Quiz. I got 100% again. Nick came in and he had torn his meniscus already! He has his left knee all bandaged up!

We actually got out of class at 1:15. I hurried and got everything cleaned up. Did NOT have a lot of help, tho from my partner. When I took my class stuff to the Jeep, somebody had parked beside me even tho I was FAR out in the parking lot. It was beautiful out with lots of sunshine! I wanted to go home and take a walk with the dogs.

Then I went upstairs to check in and fill out the paperwork. I was the last to be called in for massage. Seemed like 8 people went down to get a massage. A lot of people for student massages!

Taylor was the one who massaged me. He was pretty good, if a little light in the massage. Afterwards I drank a whole glass of water! Taylor gave good advice once he knew I was taking class.

When I came out from my massage at 2:30, it was cold and had clouded over. Looked like it would rain.

Then I went to Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs. I drove home exhausted. Like a zombie. I did not have the energy to go get groceries.

At home, got the mail which had our KEC bills, there was a UPS package at the door. I gave burgers to the dogs. Got laundry started. Washed my sheets & blanket; opened up our new iPhone 6 cell cases that came via UPS.

While I was eating my fish burger (gross), and making tea the FED EX guy came and dropped off the Massage Table! Yippee!

I dragged the massage table to the basement and set it up. Then I got the clean extra sheet set and put it on the table.

Turned the heaters on in the basement so it will be warm. Hubby called and said he was going to get his Red Dually at CN Diesel. He needs to take it in tomorrow for new tires.

My shoulders actually felt better after my massage.

Hubby got home about 7:10 after working OT. I gave him a massage right away downstairs. It was difficult to do without a working clock. I had to keep pressing the clock on the iPad because it would shut down.

At 8:40, we came back upstairs. It was almost too warm downstairs to give a massage. Have to control the temperature better. Hubby was still hurting really bad. After he gets a massage, he gets cramps.

We watched Cougar Town and I went to bed at 9:30 after a hot bath. I was very, very tired.

Monday, February 23, 2015

School Less Day


Woke up early and gave hubby a shoulder rub. Then we got out of bed and I made eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby out of one of the garlic biscuits that we had gotten from Red Lobster.

Only 16 degrees this morning. Brrr. 

Hubby left for work after dog huggies.

He called me around 10:00 to go down to the shop and put keys into a red & white Ford pickup. It was cold so I drove the Jeep down there.

I played around with my iPhone 6; ordered a couple new cords & phone charges for it on Amazon.

UPS lady came and brought the ink for the printer.

Got online and picked up some more music.

It was about 40 degrees by now. The sun was really warming everything up. I opened the doors to air out the house.

Gathered the inside garbage and put it all in one bag. Then took it out to the garage. Decided to walk down to get mail. My shirts from H&M were in the mailbox.

Did laundry, put away dishes from dishwasher. Studied for Quiz tomorrow.

Hubby came home at 7:00 after working OT for 2 hours; he stopped at the shop for 30 minutes then came home.

We watched the recordings of Just Call Saul which was not very interesting. I don't know why people enjoy it so much. Hubby quizzed me while we were sitting together on the couch. I uploaded songs online and added them to iTunes. Our internet was running REALLY slow.

Hubby fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 10:00PM.

Sunday, February 22, 2015



Almost the month of February gone! We woke up to 16 degree weather this morning. Winter is back.

Got up slowly;  made eggs for dogs and an egg sandwich for hubby. Hubby also cleaned out the fridge and made potato pancakes for himself.

I fed the fish and brought up more eggs, bacon, and sausage from the basement. We did a couple loads of laundry and put them away.

Hubby watched his car shows for a while.

Loaded dogs in the grey dodge.

We got a latte for  hubby in a-town. Then drove to Farragut Park and took a long walk with the dogs in the sunshine. Maggie & Bud were "free dogs".

A car came driving at us as we were just getting to the truck and we had to put Maggie on a leash. We watched a couple hawks fly around in the sky above our truck for a long time.

Drove to Bayview and fed LOTS of ducks.

lots of ducks

Back home and unloaded dogs thru the garage so they wouldn't run away.

I backed up phones. Hubby fed the deer. We got ready and left at 11:45. Drove past a building that hubby looked at in Hayden. Got to our appointment at Verizon early. A girl named Rylee helped us. We each got an new iPhone 6 along with the glass screen protectors. Rylee showed us a picture of her dog, a Cane Corso named Bruno. He was adorable.

Then we walked over to Kohl's and got a waffle-weave blanket for my massage class. And picked up 3 pair of black underwear for me.

Afterwards, we drove to Red Lobster for dinner. It was awfully expensive and not worth it. Got gasoline at Costco and waited an awful long time.

Drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs.

At home, we gave burgers to dogs, unloaded stuff. Backed up cell phones again. Transferred everything to our new phones. Took about 3 hours. What a pain.

Hubby watched his car shows.

I was finally able to sit down around 7:30 and watch The Walking Dead with hubby.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fixing Broken Mirror on KRN's Jeep


Woke up in a bad mood and don't know why. We got up and hubby made eggs for dogs after I gave them a piece of ham. I decided to take a bath.


But afterwards, I had to clean up and hubby started putting harnesses on the dogs. We were going to meet KRN at Jitterz by 9AM; we had to take the Red Dually to CN and pick up the grey Dodge. I was in panic having to get ready.

We drove to CN and changed trucks. Everything was going wrong. I was snipping at hubby. He was snipping at me.

Finally met KRN at Jitterz. Hubby got a latte. He paid for KRN's latte. Brought Bravo into the truck with us. He was jittery. KRN was 2 cars behind us in line. We waited for her and went over to overhead Electric lines to walk dogs but everything said "do not trespass". It was very windy. Dogs were running wild. We finally got them hooked up, but KRN said she was too cold. She was also sick and did not want to walk with us.

So we packed dogs in the truck again and left. At the Eagles Club, hubby pulled over and gave KRN the keys to go home. We went to Farragut Park at the Shooting Range road to walk the dogs. It was cold, but protected us from the wind. All the dogs were super antsy. Lots of new smells.

 Lil Bit
 Ben, Bud, Maggie (L to R)
 Lil Bit eyes open
 Lil Bit eyes closed

Came home and I sat with KRN while hubby took her car down to the shop to replace the broken mirror on her driver's side with the one we had purchased for her. It does not match exactly. The replacement has no paint on the back side.

KRN stayed for a little while longer, then she left.

I ate a pita, vacuumed the living room, did dishes, did laundry, wiped the house down with antiseptic wipes, and took a nap at 2:13.

Hubby came home at 6:30PM. We watched a marathon of Parks & Recreation for a while then I went to bed at 10:00. I woke up at midnight and told hubby to come to bed.

Friday, February 20, 2015



Got up and made egg breakfast for dog. Hubby had a meeting at work, so he was supposed to be fed breakfast there.

Watched the news this morning; hubby left at 7AM after dog huggies.

I did dishes and laundry after hubby went to work. I cleaned out the basement back room so I can put the new massage table back there. I will start work on hubby by Tuesday night. Practice.

Took Maggie down to the Vet for nail trim at 10:45.

Refilled dog food & water several times for dogs. I am exhausted.

Came home and had to sit on heating pad for my back. I am exhausted. Have not eaten today.

Hubby texted me and wanted me to do an invoice for Charles. I walked it down to the shop. Ben came with me. Ben ran into the shop and brushed up again something greasy & black. He ran out into the woods. Damn Attention Deficit dog. When he came in, he laid down on his dog bed and got it all greasy. I am exhausted having to keep up with the dogs. 

I vacuumed. Then put away dishes. Then did more laundry because of Ben getting grease on everything.

Left for nail appt. Drove to Rathdrum and got a latte. I was thirsty.

Then drove to Post Falls and got 3 pitas at the Pita Pit. Talked to the girl that was there by herself.

Went to nail appointment. Rhonda was running late. I got a manicure & paraffin dip.

Had to sit & wait for about 20 minutes until my nail dried.

Drove to McDonalds. Old man in front of line was an idiot and would not get out of way. He was a mouth breather. Looked pathetic.

Went home and gave burgers to dogs. Swept & swiffered the floor. Gave clean food & water to dogs. Ate my pita. Made tea.

Thursday, February 19, 2015



Last day of school this week. Got up and made eggs for dogs. Used the sausages that we had gotten from Walmart the other day. Used lots of bacon on hubby's egg sandwich.

All the dogs came out to same good-bye when hubby left at 7:15. He watched the first half of Frasier.

Then I did laundry and put it away. Made beds. Cleaned up around the house. Got ready for class.

Tried to study some more.

Left at 9:00. Some lady tried to run over me on Diagonal; she came into my lane. People need to quit texting. Some junk ass Diesel truck pulled out in front of me in Rathdrum and I had to follow him as black smoke billowed out of his vehicle each time he accelerated. He finally turned off at Prairie, thank goodness.

Saw Robert walking along 41 at Poleline, right by the Electric station on the corner. So I pulled over and gave him a ride to school.

At school, I took in my linens even though I later learned that we did not need them!

Later, I decided to go upstairs and check out the Spa Boutique in the Day Spa. Robert also came up to make an appointment at the student clinic. We told the woman behind the counter (she had just signed in and helped 3 women at the spa - walking around in robes) that we were students and had come upstairs to look around. This woman actually happened to be Jeanne, who opened the school to begin with, and later sold it to run the Day Spa only. She has a relaxing, melodic voice. Very nice and encouraging woman. Took us for a quick tour of the facility and showed us the Infrared lights on the massage tables; and the Eucalpytus Steam Sauna. It was EXQUISITE! So warm and nice smelling! I wanna go!!! We later had to get to class as it was almost 10:00.

Took our Quiz and I got 100% again. I think that this over-studying is designed to test us, also. I just hope that I keep learning and getting good grades.

We learned Bolstering today.

At 1:00, I left and went to Pita Pit. They are getting to recognize me there! Some skinny-ass woman with a couple kids (looked like a grandma) thrust her iPhone 6 in my hand and asked me to take a pic. The kids kept running towards the door. Took a pic and gave her back her phone.

I got my Pita and left. Drove to Rathdrum and picked up dog burgers at McDonalds. Came home.

Fed the burgers to the dogs. Vacuumed. Did laundry. Did Dishes. USB stick had come in the mail so I transferred the Digital photos onto that then put it on my laptop computer and transferred the pics to the SD card. All because our stupid Epson 4in1 does not recognize the SD card. Piece of crap.

I ordered an Ironman Massage Table and an additional Bolster from Amazon. It should arrive by Tuesday?

Massage Table!

For the first time in the last two weeks, I came home without a headache or extreme stress.

I talked to KRN on the phone while taking a nice relaxing bath.

It was colder today. Wish I could have walked the dogs. 

Hubby stopped at the shop by 7PM; then got home by 7:25PM. We had dinner and watched Archer and The Blacklist. Then went to bed at 10:30PM.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Got up and made eggs for dogs. Made bacon in the microwave. Made sandwich for hubby. He left at 7:10; we gave dog huggies to Ben & Lil Bit.

Hubby took the Red Dually to work towing the trailer.

I got ready for school. Did laundry and put dishes in dishwasher. Studied.

Hope the quiz is not on the Anatomy part. That is scary. Too much too soon.

I drove to school. Studied for a bit longer. Then took the quiz when everyone got there at 10:00AM. I got 100% on it! I KNEW she was going to quiz us on Anatomy words, so I studied those very hard. She actually asked us to name two of the Anatomy parts we learned.

We discussed Professionalism today. There is a lot to cover before the quiz tomorrow.

I did walk 10 minutes on the two breaks we get. Cloudy today, but warm.

At 1:00, I went to get another Pita after class. I actually FOUND my notebook under the driver's seat of the Jeep. I swear that I looked there 3 times yesterday...

Katie C drove up at Pita and asked me if I found my notebook. I believe she drives a Chrysler 300. The stereo was pumping as she drove off!

I drove home and forgot to stop at Goodwill to drop off the donated goods! Maybe tomorrow I will remember.

Got home and put away clothes from the dryer, fed the deer, started a load in the dishwasher, cut up hotdogs for the dogs to snack on, ate my Pita.

Exhausted again. Maybe a little nap.

Hubby texted me on the way home that he & Mark had to go up to Sandpoint to fix a leaky seal on the guy's truck. So he got home, had a quick bite of dinner to eat.

I had to study by myself as he was gone. The study material was really giving me a headache and I was just not absorbing the information. Panicking.

Hubby got home at 8:30 which was surprising because he only left the house at 7:30PM.

We watched TV for a while, then went to bed at 10:00.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Got up and made eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby. He must have gotten me up really early because I was able to sit down after loading dishwasher AND using a swiffer on the floors to clean up dog slobber.

After hubby left at 7:00AM, I got ready for school. Did a load of laundry and put it away. Started the dishwasher.

Gave dogs bones when I left at 8:45AM. I stopped in Rathdrum to get a latte on the way; the girl remembered my drink!

Drove to school. Met Robert as he was just walking into the parking lot.

We took our quiz after several more minutes of studying and I got 100%!

Drove to Pita Pit and got a Chicken Crave. Robert was there. I offered to drive him home, but he likes to walk.

Then I drove to Fred Meyer. They did not have blankets. I had to ask a store associate where the batteries & bobby pins were located. Fred Meyer has almost NO women's clothing anymore. It is all exercise & spa clothes.

I stopped at Arby's to get burgers for dogs.

The drive home felt like forever.

Got home and fed burgers to dogs; unloaded stuff from Fred Meyer. Put everything away. I think I lost my notebook. Maybe I left it at school.

I ate my chicken crave, put away dishes. Did a couple loads of laundry and put them away. Vacuumed up the dogs mess from bones. I feel exhaustedly tired like starting the first month of a new job. So much information and change. My body is exhausted.

I made an appointment for a massage at the school.

Hubby texted to say that we have to take a truck to Sandpoint.

When hubby got home, he unloaded the other truck and then came to the house with the Red Dually & the trailer. I took my tea with me to drink and study materials.

I was really tired on the way up. Really took an effort to talk.

Got there and hubby forgot where the street was; we had to turn around past the Railroad tracks. Then unloaded the truck for the kid. He said he is a bodyman that has an interview for tomorrow in Spokane.

We went shopping at Walmart; hubby was really hungry and tossing food into the cart. I got a new pencil pouch for my binder.

Walked the dogs after we loaded the groceries. Hubby accidentaly put the shopping cart on the sidewalk and it rolled offer & hit the side of the Dually.

We drove back home and I quizzed on the study materials.

At home, unloaded groceries. I had a drink; took my pills. Watched Cougar Town new episode and went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Banks Closed Today

I was pleasantly sleeping and thought that I heard hubby leaving. Sure enough, I got up and he was gone. So I thought I would text him...wrong. He had left his cellphone here. So I got dressed and dashed out of the house.

The dogs were confused because I had not fed them before I left.

I drove the Jeep quickly into town. Hubby was not at the latte stand. He was not on the highway. I tried calling him on his work phone, but Dave answered and said he was not in to work yet.

On the highway by Garwood, I passed his Red Dually going north. So I quickly exited and came back. He was waiting for me at the Silverwood exit. I pulled off and gave him his phone. He could not believe that I had come to bring him the phone! We kissed and he went to work. I came back home.

Fed the dogs a piece of ham when I got home. They did not get their eggs today.

Started laundry. Made the beds. Washed my new sheet set for Massage Therapy class.

The sun was shining all day today. It was nice. The dogs went outside to sit in the warm sun.

I had my leftover chicken crave for lunch.

Took a nap because I was exhausted, but woke myself up. Then KRN kept texting. Ben jumped up on the bed and twitched. I could not rest!!!

Got up and put away dishes. Exercised.

Washed & conditioned my hair.

Hubby got home home & met Neil at the shop to purchase the used (damaged) Excursion. He was running late and encountered an accident on Athol hill. He had to come home the other way and was trying to hurry.

The Excursion guy texted and said that he was actually leaving home at 6:30 and did not get here until 7:45. Hubby paid for the Excursion; Neil left but later had to come back because he thought he had left his billfold here. It was actually in his buddy's coat.

New (older) Excursion

Hubby quizzed me on Massage stuff as we ate dinner. Hubby and I watched tv and then went to bed at 10:30.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

SUNDAY Baby's Birthday


Cloudy day. Lots of nightmares last night. Got up and made eggs for dogs; egg sandwich for hubby. KRN got up at 8:00.

Load dogs in Red Dually. I put more deer food out. Something has been eating the grain. We walked dogs in the park along the Gun Range road. We saw a couple deer and a biker on the road.

On the way back, hubby stopped to pick up a latte.

When we arrived home, I did my hair, put away laundry, helped hubby load the power washer. Hubby ran garbage to the dump with Ben & Bud. KRN sat on the couch playing with her iPhone 6. We discussed the advantages of owning a new iPhone 6 with her. It might be a good idea to get one for hubby as he could audio text while driving.

KRN helped me do my hair. Hubby cut his beard. I got online with a Verizon Rep to discuss iPhone Plans. They wanted a passcode after I already signed into our account, so I told them to forget it.

We went in to CDA to get lunch at Olive Garden in order to celebrate KRN's 30th Birthday. I saw Emily there from my Massage Class. Said hi to her and hugged her.

Then we had lunch. KRN and I got the special Four Course Fiesta Italiana. It was OK. Not great. We all had to send our forks back because there was crusted food on them. Since Valentine's Day was yesterday, they were probably rushed in the kitchen last night.

Afterwards, KRN took off for home with Beebo. Hubby and I went to wash the car on Kathleen. Then we went to Big Lots to look for sheet sets for my massage class. They had nothing. We drove to Costco to get gasoline; then to Big R for dog food.

Hubby discovered a door chip in the passenger door of the Jeep. boo.

We got dog food, I had to potty. Hubby loaded the dog food in the Jeep. We drove to Wendy's to get burgers for dogs; then shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to get sheets. I got pretty blue ones with 330 thread count.

Got home by 2:15 and it was still warm & sunshiny outside. We fed the burgers to the dogs, put away dishes. Loaded dogs in Red Dually and raced down to the park where we walked them by the horse area. It was so warm & sunny! The dogs really enjoyed the second walk.

Drove home & picked up garbage by the road. Hubby settled down to read his magazines, eat leftover Olive Garden Food, and watch his tv shows.

We watched The Walking Dead tonight, but it was not good.

Went to bed at 10:30.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Great Poo Pick Up of 2015 & Happy Valentine's Day


Made eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby.

Then I did laundry and dishes after hubby left for work.

I vacuumed the house.

Picked up poo for 2 hours today. 9 bags of poo with 10-15 pounds in each bag. Almost 2/3 of the way done! It is an immense chore with lots of bending over!

I sat on the heating pad inside for quite a while.

Amazingly warm outside today, but no sunshine.

Went down with Bud (on a leash), Ben, & Bravo to get the mail.

Got a special gift from Jeep & the Barton Dealership - a Jeep Keyring.

Hubby got home really late at 8:00 after picking up his red dually from CN Diesel. He wanted to go up to Sandpoint to pick up a truck, but I was too tired. Hubby stopped at the shop for another hour and finally got to the house at 9:00PM.

He had dinner and then we went to bed at 10:00.


Happy Valentine's Day. Our baby's birthday is today. Happy Birthday KRN.

Very low-key day. No excitement at all. Hubby did not get me anything for Valentine's day. He had already given me a card earlier in the week.

I made eggs for the dogs; egg sandwich for hubby. We fed the dogs. Fed the fish.

Loaded all the dogs in the pickup. Then we picked up a latte for hubby in A-town.

Drove to the park in the red dually. It was about 45 degrees out today. I had to wear a grey sweater coat because my sweatshirt was still drying.

At the park, they had already opened all the roads so we drove into the area by the water tower. We had forgotten that the Red Dually does not have a park pass. Boo boo.

We walked the dogs. Maggie & Bud were free-dogs the entire time.

Lots of pooping went on for all the puppies.

Got back to the truck and took off without the Ranger giving us a ticket! Thumbs up.

Drove back home. Hubby hooked up the trailer while I got ready at the house. We took Bud & Ben with us to Sandpoint to pick up the truck.

Hubby loaded the truck while I walked the dogs around the block.

We loaded the dogs and drove over to Super 1 for groceries. Ran into Joanie & Bruce. Joanie has lost a lot of weight. Bruce looks the same. Joanie wanted to show me all her new grandkids. Boring. I really dislike looking at pictures of other people's kids. She also showed me pictures of the new dogs.

Then had to go inside to show because a female meth freak came up to hubby & Bruce then started talking wildly. It was awful. I had to pull hubby away from her because hubby is so friendly and TALKS to everybody.

Inside we got flowers & cake for the baby's birthday.

We checked out and hubby loaded the cart while I went over to buy lottery tickets.

Drove into downtown and parked on a side street. Walked Bud & Ben over to the Pita Pit. Hubby stood outside with the dogs while I went inside and ordered.

We walked back to the truck and drove home.

At home, hubby unloaded all the groceries then went down to the shop.

After I had eaten my pita, made tea, & put away groceries, Bravo was barking at something down by the shop. He was giving me a headache so we walked down there to check it out. I looked for mail, but we had not gotten any by 1PM. Hubbyw as out back with Jack the dog & a guy with a golden lab named Milo. Hubby was looking for parts out back.

I walked up again with Bravo as he would not stay down at the shop.

When I got home, I was EXHAUSTED. I did laundry, vacuumed some more (Bravo HAIRS everywhere), put away more dishes. Washed KRN's bedding. Washed dog beds.

Hubby got home at 6:30. KRN finally got home after 8:00PM. She opened her cards. We had given her $100 for her birthday, a cake, a Cadbury Creme egg, Valentine's chocolates. We watched tv - Cougar Town re-runs. Then went to bed at 10:30.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tools of the Trade


Got up and made eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby.

Lil Bit slept with us last night. He panted & snored.

Ben has been licking his back leg again.

I lost 5 more pounds! Lucky. 

Hubby left at 7AM. I got ready to go to school.

Did laundry. Put away laundry.

Picked up Robert on the way to school. He was walking up the hill and said that his car broke down. So he is walking.

I walked around the building during breaks.

Found out that I need to get my nails taken off so will have to do that this afternoon.

We learned "Tools Of The Trade" today. I got 100% on my quiz. Overstudied. My brain is mush.

Met KRN at Pita Pit at 1:05. We had lunch. She is still upset. I left at 2:00 to come home. Purchased a Pita for hubby for tomorrow. Which I forgot is NOT Saturday. Feels like today is Friday; end of the week...

I stopped and got burgers for dogs at McDonalds.

Fed burgers to dogs at home. Started washing the dishes. Put schoolwork away.

Went back to Rathdrum at 4:30 to get my nails done with Rhonda. It has been 20+ years that I have had Acrylic nails; it feels very different. Rhonda put red gel nails on and they don't hurt at all. I will just have to get used to having no nails!

 Gel Nails

Hubby came home late after working 2 hours OT. We watched Archer and then went to bed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Class


Got up and made eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby. KRN did not wake up until 8:30. She had to take Bravo into the vet for another blood draw at 9:00AM.

I left at 9:10. Which is still too early because I got there 20 minutes ahead of starting time for class.

We took our first Quiz and I got about 8 of the 10 answers correct. A couple things on there we had not gone over which the rest of the class pointed out, too. We then reviewed the history of Massage and took a tour of the Emergency exits.

I took walks around the school during breaks. I think I will keep doing this every break. My stomach was growling the whole time I was in class.

At the very end 12:50, we posed for pictures as our teacher took photos with her camera. She stated that the pictures are for our personnel folders.

The sun was shining when we got out of class. It was 50 degrees.

I got a Chicken Crave at Pita Pit on the way, running into Robert from class.

Then I washed the car. Some stupid woman in a white SUV cut in front of me while I was in line.

I got dog burgers at McDonalds and then got lottery tickets, Valentine's day cards, birthday cards, and chocolates at Steins.

Drove home and gave burgers to dogs. Ate my chicken crave. Picked up garbage out along the road. Gave the dogs fresh water.


Hubby came home around 5:30; we took a truck down to Rathdrum then he got in the Jeep with me. We drove to Post Falls and picked up a truck there. Hubby forgot his phone in the Jeep; at the train tracks near Rathdrum, I got out of the car and gave it back to him.

We drove home; there was HEAVY fog at Clagstone. Hubby stopped to work in the shop. I went home and studied more.



Got up from a night of no sleep. Hubby had neglected to get my sleeping pills at the pharmacy last night. I was wide awake. Tried the couch for a while, then went back up to bed.

After hubby left for work, I finally got up.

Dressed and got ready. KRN put a necklace on for me.

Took a seat in the classroom and met our Teacher.

We have 10 students in class. 5 female and 5 male. One student is starting next week.

From 10-1 the instructor explained about procedures & rules. Then we signed a lot of paperwork.

At 1:00, we were able to leave. I drove to the gas station on the corner and got gasoline for $1.79/gallon. It is coming up again. Boo.

In Rathdrum, I stopped to get a latte for KRN and myself. The girl made my drink WRONG, so I had to throw it away at home. It tasted awful.

KRN was upset. She had spent the day in bed crying.

Hubby finally got home at 8:00PM. He brought me a card & a plant to celebrate my first day in school. He also brought home a chicken fried pork patty from the restaurant in Post Falls. I had a little and KRN ate most of it.

Then we watched Cougar Town. I went to bed. Blessed sleep!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Back Home


Got up very tired. Made eggs for dogs (we only had 7 eggs as we had not shopped on the weekend). And I made bacon. Made sandwich for hubby.

He left at 7:00. KRN finally got up at 8:00. I was very tired and wanted to go back to bed.

KRN left at 9:00 because she had a counseling session at 10:00.

I got up and put away 3 loads of laundry. Did dishes & put away. Fed moose. Fed fish. Changed dog food & water. Vacuumed.

KRN came back at 2:00PM so we could go grocery shopping at Super One.

She had lunch and then decided to leave again so she could go over and workout in the Valley with her friend, Sarah.

Hubby came home late tonight. I got a chance to talk with him. KRN came home later, knocking on the door with the groceries. She had picked up a couple boxes of eggs, OJ, and apples.

I put away the groceries. Hubby sat down and had dinner. I was extremely tired and went to bed early. But I could not sleep all night.

Sunday, February 08, 2015



This could not have been a better vacation. With the US Dollar being worth more in Canada, it also made the trip a very cost wise and worthwhile one.

Got up and went to breakfast. Even tho it was still raining, we could see the mountains very slightly from our room.

Hubby had their special of Eggs Benedict while I had pancakes with REAL MAPLE SYRUP. No sugar added!

Then we tore back to our room to get changed. At 8:30, they opened for hotel guests only. So we went to the hot tub first. Afterwards we stayed in the large pool until we had to leave at 10:30. Got up to our room and changed. I dried my hair (forgot hair conditioner!). We packed and checked out by 11:00.

Got on the road. Went back to the Ferry loading area in Balfour. Hubby went to the ATM and got a $20 note. We got lattes, a cinnamon roll for KRN and hubby got another berry bar.

We walked around while waiting for the ferry. Got on the ferry. Walked around on it. The rain was subsiding and we went to the waiting area. I had to potty. Hubby was talking to a young couple when I got out.

We marked 1000 miles on our new Jeep while in Canada.

 1000 Miles on Jeep

Unloaded our car at the end of the ferry ride and drove home. The American Border crossing guard was a manly looking woman who was VERY rude.

Then we stopped in Sandpoint to get Fish sandwiches (on sale) and burgers for the dogs.

On the drive back, hubby fed me small bites of Fish sandwich and instead of hating the Tartar sauce, I LOVED IT. I don't know what is going on with my mouth lately, but I am LOVING all the foods I used to HATE. My taste buds have changed!

Got home at 3:00. Unloaded and fed burgers to the dogs. Took the dogs & KRN to the park for a long walk down by the horse area. Ran into some people that were riding their bikes and had to tie Maggie up as she had been running around free dog.

Drove down to Bayview to feed ducks, but there were no ducks there.

Came home and unpacked more. I had to change dog water. KRN was weepy & depressed all night long. We watched JOHN WICK on pay-per-view.

KRN went to bed early. Hubby and I stayed up til 10:00 then went to bed.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Canada & Hot Springs


Raining today.

Got up early and fed eggs to the dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

We did not have time to walk the dogs. Packed our bags and got out of the house by 7:45AM.

Stopped to get a latte in town for hubby.

I drove the whole way. Almost got hit around a curve as a car was in our lane and I had to slow down & drive towards the ditch to avoid them. Only incident we encountered the whole trip! At the border, the Canadian side was very friendly. Only had a few casual questions for us. The border guard laughed at our license plate until we had to explain our dogs. Passing thru the border really helps with the Passports.

We drove to Crawford Bay where we were a couple hours early for the ferry. It was a small dismal town. Stopped in the grocery store and got a few snacks for hubby. He went potty.

 Canadian Snacks

Were about 10 minutes late for the ferry. So we returned to the town to wait. Stopped at a little Pub and got a drink. Hubby ordered AWFUL nachos.

Then we drove back to the Ferry waiting area. Quite a few cars in line now.

Got on the Ferry and crossed over. It was still raining. We got out of the car and waited in the passenger area.

At the other side, we started driving again...but saw a little bakery where we got hot lattes, aSausage roll, and a apple bar. They were all delicious but the Canadian girl hosed us on the American Dollar to Canadian rate. The Bakery only accepted cash and it cost us $20 American for all that. It should only have cost $10.

We continued on to the Hot Springs in Ainsworth. Parked our car and checked in with Patricia. She was in a frenzy because half of the staff was blocked from coming to work due to a landslide on the road from the North. They had turned around to come in from the South, but were also advised of a landslide.

The room assigned to us was 301. It was right next to the elevator and stairwell! Plus we had to close one of the window miniblinds the whole time we were there because the stairwell for the general public to enter the hot springs was right next to our room. So anybody could see into our room!

Our room was ready, but when we were in it getting changed a maid opened the door and surprised us. We had to call down for robes and finally the housekeeping came back 45 minutes later. Got into our bathing suits & hotel supplied bathrobes; went to check in with our hotel passes. They give you plastic bags to store your things & a towel. Then you give them the bag and get a pinned token for the bag. Very convenient.

Finally got into the Hot Springs at 2:00pm. We tried out the hot tub, the Caves (which were highly claustrophobic), and the huge pool.

Talked to a nice older gentleman that was playing with his granddaughter. Then talked to another guy - Lloyd from Canada.

Hung out in the water until 5:30; then went to purchase a water bottle in the gift shop. 

Came back to the pool and stayed in it again until 7:30. Two stinky perfume ladies came into the pool and sat near us so we had to get out.

Found out they have a bathing suit drainer. You put your suit into the little tub, push down on the lid and it super fast spins the water out of the suit. Almost dry!

Got changed in our room and went to dinner at 8:00. Our reservation was for 8:30, but we wanted to have a drink. They did not really have a "lounge" so we just started with dinner.


Our appetizer was Scallops Rockefeller - Sauteed in pernod, with smoked salmon and avocado, in a parmesan cream sauce on pea shoots and potato pancake.

 Scallops Rockefeller

Hubby had Canadian Angus New York Strip loin with Prawns while I had the Ainsworth Chicken - Stuffed with prosciutto ham, spinach, sundried tomato, and asiago cheese; finished with a chardonnay cream sauce.

Ainsworth Chicken

Canadian Angus New York Strip Loin

I discovered that I LOVE salmon (when prepared correctly) and pea shoots! Yum.

We also ordered the Kahlua Mousse for dessert which was flavored WITHOUT sugar. The whole dinner had a lack of sugar (or corn syrup). It was great. Americans really need to learn to live without sugar. Even our lattes that we had gotten & the baked goods had actual FLAVOR without all the added sugar.

Returning to our room, we were deliciouisly tired. Our legs & arms felt like jelly and we were happily full of wonderful food.

 View From Room

Took a couple sleeping pills & slept thru the entire night.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

KRN Visiting


Got up and made eggs for the dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby. KRN had a little eggs. She was still very sad & crying.

After hubby left, we started making lists and she got calmer.

The Moose got here at 8:00AM.

 Momma Moose & Baby Moose

 Moose Print

Made an appointment for Bravo at 2:45PM to have his blood drawn for the Rabies testing.

At 10:00, KRN went over to Spokane Valley to talk with the outreach person.

I stayed home and did chores. Vacuumed.

Had to put up all the dog food and could not leave bones for dogs tonight. They were really bored.

At 4:30, KRN and I drove into town to meet hubby by 5:00. He took the Red Dually to CN Diesel. KRN and I picked up a latte for him on the way.

Dropped KRN off at Red Robin to have dinner.

Hubby and I went to the boat show. It was $10 per person. Expensive and useless. There was only a 2010 SeaRay 31 foot there that was 1 foot narrower than ours. We walked the entire Fairgrounds and there were only Pontoon and fishing boats there. Worthless.

We did seem Tom from Krem 2 news there filming. He is much shorter & skinnier than on TV. I thought he seemed very overweight on TV.

Only stayed for about 30 minutes at the Boat Show. So we went to Black Angus to have snacks & drinks. Our waitress looked like the Model girl from the TV show New Girl.

Picked up KRN at 8:30 by the Sears side of the Spokane Valley Mall.

Drove home. Picked up dog burgers at McDonalds. It was dark, raining, and lots of mist/fog. Horrible night to drive.


Made egg sandwich for hubby. Made eggs for dogs. Had to put Bravo into the bathroom because he could not eat. None of the dogs have eaten since yesterday.

Had to take Bravo in to the vet again at 8:45AM for another blood draw as his blood had too much fat in it yesterday.

KRN had another counseling session and did not return home until later.

Hubby and I had to work in the shop for about 45 minutes after he got home tonight.

We went to bed early because we needed an early start tomorrow for our trip.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mid-Week Weds


Got up still feeling really drowsy. Made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. He went to work.

I vacuumed. Fed fish. Put grain out for animals.

Tried to do hair with highlights. Washed & Conditioned hair.

Checked email and printed out forms for Taxes.

Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby got home at 7:00 after working OT for a couple hours & then dropping off Dave 2.0 with his vehicle at Charles' repair shop. Dave 2.0 took home a car for a guy at work. The car died in his driveway and he called hubby to let him know.

KRN texted at 9:00 that she was upset and coming over. I took my pill at 9:45 and made the bed up in Ben's room for her. Then I went to bed.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

KRN Visit


Got up and made egg breakfast for dogs. Made hubby an egg sandwich AND a meatloaf sandwich.

I went outside to feed the moose. But they did not come today.

Mostly I did paperwork & bookwork all day today.

Did laundry and dishes.


UPS came and picked up my return for the Tri-pod that did not work.

Conditioned my hair.

Hubby got home late again. They are doing the first day of the Radio call-in Instant Installs.

We watched a little TV and went to bed.


Got up and made egg breakfast for the dogs. Made hubby an egg sandwich. Then hubby had to leave early to load parts.

The Moose were here by 7:15. Scared me a little because I only saw Momma Moose first, but baby Moose came running past the circle driveway. They both ate the apples, oranges, oatmeal, raisins, walnuts, & some of the grain. Momma moose nuzzled the back of my hand when I was putting out the food for them.

UPS came and brought the replacement Tripod that I had ordered.

KRN came around 12:00. I had exercised on my elliptical already.

We talked, she had brought a latte & some leftover pizza that she had purchased. Bravo ran around playing. KRN also brought over a couple dog beds that had been at their place which we had purchased for when our dogs went to visit.

I called AICM and paid my first installment fee. First, I talked with Chelsea who said that I was not in the computer yet. Then I had to talk with Jackie, the Registrar who advised she would put me into the computer and also acknowledged receipt of my Background Check.

Then I was transferred to Amber who said that I was still not in the computer system and she would call me back. It took about 30-45 minutes before she finally called back and we got the payment settled.

I am officially going to school!

KRN left around 4:00.

Hubby called to let me know that he had 2 hours OT because of the Instant Installs program.

Then he got home at 7:30.

We watched a couple episodes of Cougar Town. Then there was a special of the 1910 Forest Fire on PBS that we watched.

Went to bed at 10:30.

Sunday, February 01, 2015



The whole month of January is already gone! The year is already slipping past so fast!

Woke up to hubby talking to the dogs about the moose. Hubby had been in the mud room when he heard a semi's jake-brakes on the highway. It must have been stopping for the moose. So I got up and we took apples down to feed the moose. Spread the grain in front of the house. The moose came up to eat it. We confirmed that the baby is a girl!

Hubby made breakfast for the dogs. We fed them.

Went to pick up a latte for hubby in town. Then took the dogs to the park for a nice long walk. Went in the woods around the campgrounds. The snow had melted so the road was much easier to drive upon which in turn made the campground nice to walk thru. Most of the snow was gone on the inner roads.

We visited Bayview and purchased bread at the General Store there. Fed the ducks with it.

Drove home and hubby loaded garbage in the Red Dually. We took Ben & Bud with us to the dump. Then drove to Rathdrum and ordered Chinese at Wah Hing; an Appetizer Combo Plate and a couple orders of Crab Puffs.

As we had to wait about 15 minutes for our to-go order, Hubby had to get diesel fuel at the gas station on the same road; then we picked up groceries at Super One. Lots of rude, disgusting, dirty, stinky people there rushing about picking up food for the "big game" (Superbowl).

We left and went back to pick up our order. Then drove home.

Gave pieces of ham to the dogs when they got home.

We snacked on our Chinese food (I found out that I LOVE Egg Rolls!) and watched movies on TV.

Moose came later in the afternoon.

Hubby surfed the web most of the day. Then he went down to fix the electrical switch in the basement before we went to bed. He needs to get a new switch mechanism.

I went to bed at 10:30. Hubby fell asleep on the couch. KRN was upset and called him at midnight. They talked for quite a while. Hubby came to bed and told me, but I was too fast asleep to listen to him.