Thursday, June 30, 2016

Food Poisoning


Got up at 2AM, 4AM, 5:30AM. Had diarrhea all night.

Hubby had already left the bed by the time I got up at 7AM.

I decided not to attend school today as I was feeling weak and tired. Still having diarrhea.

Made breakfast eggs for dogs.

Walked down to the shop where hubby was cleaning out trash.

He came back to the house and helped me feed dogs.

I had made an egg sandwich for him.

We went to the dump with the grey Dodge to empty the shop trash.

At home, Hubby started to mow. I picked up all the dog toys in the back yard so he would not mow over them.

I washed my hair.

The new tile in the bathroom downstairs.

I was not feeling well all day. Think I got food poisoning from Red Lobster. 


Wednesday, June 29, 2016



Got up and dressed. Fed dogs ham. Fed tuna to Koda Kitty.

Hubby called AE this morning.

I went to school.

Hubby stayed home with the dogs. He went to the shop to clean it up so he could work on KR's car this afternoon.

It took forever to get to school as I took the back roads because of road construction on Hwy 41.

I washed my car at the Car Wash in Post Falls. Some idiot woman was texting in the Car Wash ahead of me and decided to just sit there long after the car wash stopped. I had to beep at her to get her attention. Stupid Bitch.

Stopped to get a couple muffins from school.

Took our A&P test over Chapter 18 Respiratory. I got 90% on it.

We took a break. Kim and I drove over to Dugout Donuts because she wanted donuts. Then we stopped on the way back and I made the deposit in Horizon.

Went back to class and studied over Chapter 19. Digestion.

Left class at Noon and drove over to KR's work so I could trade cars with her. I stopped to get gasoline at Maverik.

After leaving Maverik, lots of traffic. Some stupid woman in a Jeep Cherokee almost crawled over my car to get in the turn late. Fucking stupid summer drivers. Everything is a hurry.

KR came out to exchange keys.

I drove her SUV home. Got the mail.

Hubby worked on her car. Doesn't need new brakes. He has to order parts from Spokane and they won't be here until tomorrow.

Hubby came home and cleaned up so we can go into town. I am getting my nails done at 5PM and then we will go eat at Red Lobster.

We got to nails early, so drove down Government Way looking at property.

Got my nails done red, white, & blue for the 4th Holiday.

Then we drove to Red Lobster for dinner. Food seemed a little undercooked.

Nails for the 4th

Afterwards we drove to Wendy's to get burgers for dogs.

Drove home.

I had diarrhea at home several times. We waited for about an hour for sun to go down so it was cooler to walk the dogs.

I had diarrhea several times on the walk. It was awful. Got stomach cramps.

Took a bath at home. Went to bed early because I felt weak and sick. Hubby stayed up until 12:30AM falling asleep watching tv. I had to yell at him to go to bed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Got up at 6am.

Fed dogs ham. Put away dies. Did laundry. Gave Koda kitty ham. Studied for test

Internet still not working.

Loaded books & dogs in Dodge.

Left Wilson at home. Texted KR to see if Wilson could stay with Beebo. Went back for Wilson. He was upset & crying because we left him alone.

Took him with us. Drove to KRs house & dropped him off; dog proofed the house.

Got a latte for hubby at Kokopelli. Hubby dropped me off at AICM. Hubby took Ben & Bud to groomers.

Took Quiz in KINES. Got 95%.

Observed bodywork for lower leg muscles.

Hubby picked me up after his Acupuncture appointment.

Ate lunch at Pita Pit. Sat outside enjoying beautiful day on table.

We went to pick up Bud & Ben, then went to KRs to pick up black dogs. Went for walk in Post Falls park, Bravo went for a swim.

 Bravo Swimming

Hubby took me to dentist appt at 2pm. Receptionist had trouble finding insurance.

Companion Dog at Dentist Office

Then hubby picked me up at 3pm. Took Bravo home. Drove to Rathdrum & got lattes.

At home, got mail. Unloaded truck.

Did laundry & dishes.

Ordered Amazon stuff & charger for iPad.

Watched Corner Gas DVDs.

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Whole Day In Town


Sunday, June 26, 2016



Got up early. We made eggs for the dogs.

KR decided that she did not want to waste time on dog walk or learn riding bike at her place, so she drove up here.

By 10PM, we were on the road in the Jeep for the boat in Hope.

Had to stop at Sandpoint to pick up munchies and dog leash for Wilson.

I stayed in the Jeep with the air conditioning cranked so Wilson and Beebo would be ok.

KR & Hubby went into Walmart to get stuff.

They came out with a vegetable tray & sausage log roll meat & fruit tray.

We then drove to Hope. Walked dogs. Went potty. Hubby took all the stuff to the boat and unloaded it.

Had Brunch at the Floating Restaurant


 Huckleberry & Lemon Danish

Crab Eggs Benedict

Took boat out on lake. Went by Cottage island and moored boat. KR thought the water was too cold, so she got out. Hubby and I relaxed on the water floats. Wilson fell asleep in my arms on the float. We got sunburnt. I paddled over to the island (did not know it was private property) and walked around with Wilson so he could potty.

Bravo kept whining all afternoon. KR was upset with him.

We took boat back and docked it. Cleaned everything off. Loaded everything into Jeep.

Drove to Sandpoint and got cold drinks at Starbucks.

Drove home. Unloaded Jeep. We were awful tired. KR went home with Beebo.

Hubby and I watched TV and waited for the sun to go down completely.

We took dogs for walk in the park.

Came back home and went to bed.

Saturday, June 25, 2016



Got up at 6AM when hubby left for work.

Had to get up again because Wilson ran off with a whole roll of toilet paper.

Then he was chewing on the mini blind cords, had to get up again.

Stayed in bed until 7:15, but did not sleep. Bad little dog kept waking me up.

Got dressed, started laundry.

Gave Koda kitty her tuna.

Hubby had not put my Jeep in the garage last night, so I had to drive it in this morning.

Cleaned up the house. Gave dogs fresh water. Cleaned their dog bowls. Refilled dog food storage.

Made tea for myself.

Ordered dog toys for Beebo.

Guys came at 9AM to install HVAC. Jason showed me how to work the remote controls. I paid him. They were cleaned up & gone by 2PM.

Hubby got home later.

We took dogs for walk in park.

It was really cool in the house with the new Ductless A/C turned on. However, when we went to bed tonight with the A/C on, the light bothered me all night.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Nails & Wilson Has A Bath!


Got up at 7AM to potty, then went back to bed.

Up at 8:20AM to answer the phone, but it was a "No Caller ID" so I did not answer it.

Dressed, gave dogs Ham.

Then did laundry.

Gave Tuna to Koda kitty.

Hubby called and requested that I send the Property description to the Surveyor that he called.

Drove in to Hayden at 11:30 for my 12:00 appointment for nails. Got Denim Blue color.

Took Wilson down at 3PM for his Grooming at Diane's. It was raining. Wilson was shaking when I dropped him off.

At 4:30, Diane called and said that Wilson was ready to be picked up.

I went to get Wilson. He was happy to see me.

Hubby got home early at 5:30.

We watched TV. Saw the ELO concert on TV. I massaged hubby on the massage chair.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quiz 14, Pop Quiz 15 & Quiz 15


Got up at 6AM when hubby got out of bed. I slept in bed for another hour. Had to get up and potty.

Then got ready for school.

Wilson had already torn down the blanket from the couch and ripped it to shreds. Threw it away and cleaned up.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave Koda kitty some tuna on a plate. She came running.

I drove to school.

There was a dog in the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot at AICM. His name was Rocky. I talked to his owner.

Rocky, The Boerboel Mastiff

At school, talked to Jackie. Then was almost late to the last Pathology class.

We got started late because people were still coming in late.

Took a Quiz over Cancer Chapter 14, then took a Pop Quiz over Chapter 15, Mental Health. Then Pam realized that this was our last class so we took the Chapter 15 Quiz at the very end.

It was hectic. Thank goodness I have already passed this class once!

Then I left and went to Wendy's for burgers.

Drove thru Rathdrum and got gasoline.

Then took Hwy 53 home. However, Avista was installing new power poles and they had half the lanes closed for about a mile!

Finally got home. Picked up mail.

Unloaded everything from Jeep.

Gave burgers to dogs.

Started laundry & dishes.

Seth was here working.

Called to get an appointment to replace my o-rings.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pop Quiz in A&P


Woke up at 7AM. I was really tired.

Gave dogs ham. Prepared tuna for Koda kitty.

I left at 8AM. Drove thru Rathdrum and they were starting on road work. Cannot drive this way anymore!

Stopped at KoKopelli to get a latte. The girl almost made me an Americano, she did not hear me order correctly.

Got to school at 8:30.

Did A&P Chapter Respiratory with Jen. Quiz is next week.

After class was done, I drove home.

Traffic backed up over 30 cars at 41 by Diagonal.

Traffic Backed up on Hwy 41

At home, did laundry & dishes.

Then took a nap. It was horribly hot. Did not want to walk to day.

Hubby got home at 6PM.

We took dogs for a walk in the park after hubby ate. Walked dogs around the sewage treatment plant.

Then we came back and watched the Corner Gas Movie. It was kinda boring and did not make a lot of sense. Everybody was SO much older in the movie.

Went to bed at 11PM after watching re-runs of Cougar Town.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

another day in KINES


Got up at 7AM.

Gave dogs ham. Hubby left for work.

He forgot his phone. I drove like mad in my Jeep to catch up with him at the espresso stand in Athol. Gave him the phone.

I drove back home and got ready for school.

Gave Koda some tuna.


Then drove to school.

Arrived at school by 8:30. Then studied some more. Got our August calendars in boxes today.

We were put into 2nd classroom because the new class started today.

I gave Tim his wedding card that everybody signed.

Took our Kines Quiz. I got 95%.

Then we reviewed next muscles; legs - Gastro & Soleus.

Drew the muscles on Shelley's legs!

Gastro, Soleus muscles

Worked on tables for a while.

Admin came in and gave Tim a present for his wedding.

Left school at Noon.

Drove to Rathdrum and gave check to Heating & Cooling guy's wife who works at Nail place in Rathdrum.

Drove home. Got mail.

Cleaned up house for Granite Transformations guy to come give me a quote.

Tim got here at 2PM, was here until 4PM giving sales speech and measuring for countertops.

Then Ron from Frontier came & fixed internet.

Hubby got home at 7PM. He was in a crabby mood. Said he did not feel well.

Then he went down to the shop to meet a guy with a truck.

Afterwards, he came back to the house and ate some pasta. Then went to pick up a Jeep. Then he came back and we watched Wrecked together.

I took a bath. 

Watched TV and went to bed at 11PM.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Day Off


Day Off For Hubby.

Woke up on the boat at 7AM. Very bad night.

I went up to potty at the building. Then came back to help load everything. KR went up to the building to brush her teeth.

We met KR on the dock. Hubby and I had secured the boat and loaded everything in the wheel barrow.

KR and I straightened our hair at the building. Then we drove over and got lattes at the condos.

On the road, we decided to stop at the Sandpoint Driver's License to take our motorcycle tests.

We stopped at the DMV in Sandpoint and talked with a very nice woman named Michelle. I had to renew my license because it expired in 6 months. I hate taking DMV pictures.

Then we took our motorcycle tests.

Afterwards, KR was hungry so we stopped at Safeway and got burritos. I purchased more of the good honey from there.

We drove back to Athol.

Bravo ran outside to greet KR.


KR left for work.

Hubby and I unloaded everything and then took the dogs to the park for a walk around the sewage treatment plant.

Drove back home. Stopped to get mail.

Hubby got a boat out for people. Then he came up to the house for a snack.

I had already started doing laundry & dishes.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016


Got up at 6AM. Hubby was already downstairs watching television.

I got up and helped him make eggs.

We found out that Koda had disappeared when I took her out Tuna and she did not come running. Usually she stays close around the house and does not wander.

Hubby had to wait for some people coming from Spokane to get her by 9:30 and then we will drive into town to give KR some motorcycle time over at the high school.

We drove thru Rathdrum, but the latte stand was closed. We stopped at Jitterz to get drinks for me & hubby.

Hubby drove KR's bike over to the school. We followed him in the Jeep.

KR rode around the school, then we had to move over to the other parking lot because it was getting busy with people.

KR rides new Harley

A family that was walking by on the sidewalk shouted at KR while she was on her bike. They told her good work and Happy Father's Day. They were a nice family.

Then we drove back while hubby rode the bike back to KR's house.

We packed up, KR drove her car and we went to our home.

Packed up things in the Jeep then drove up to Hope to the boat.

I drove. Hubby held Wilson on his lap.

 Wilson on Hubby's lap

At Hope, we had lunch at the other restaurant, CHOP.

It was ok. Mostly hamburgers for lunch. We had drinks. KR gave hubby a father's day card.

 Crab Cakes at CHOP
 Lunch at CHOP
 Chix Sandwich
Bidet at CHOP bathroom

We took the boat out and rode around for a while. It was too cold to go in the water. So we just motored around for a while. There were some logs in the water, so we had to be careful.

It was really cold that night, staying on the boat. Hubby still has not fixed the heat on the boat because of the broken duct work. So we played UNO with the stove turned on. It warmed up the boat very nicely.

KR slept in the bottom bed. Hubby and I slept in the main bed. I got up and had to take a hot shower because of cramps. It was awful. Did not get any sleep all night.

Saturday, June 18, 2016



Got up at 7AM after hearing hubby with the dogs.

Started eggs for them. Warmed ham in the oven.

I went back to bed until 8AM after taking an ibuprofen for my ribs.

We put dogs in Dually and took them to Athol. Drove around town to visit all the town dogs. Then got a latte from Joy at the espresso stand.

Drove to the park and walked down Gun Shooting road.

When we got back, Seth was here with a helper. They did the cedar in the bathroom & painted the bathroom wall.

Hubby went downstairs to talk to him about things that need to be re-done.

I did laundry, did dishes, vacuumed, steam mopped all the floors.

I ordered tickets for Kongos at the Knitting Factory in September. Got tickets so KR & friend could go with us. 

I went down to get mail on my bike. The electrician came and brought his family. I met his wife, Angela who goes to massage school with me~! What a small world.

So the electrician picked up another key to finish the work and looked in the garage to see what he needed for putting lights in the garage. He is going to use the old lights that we had in the basement.

Hubby finally got home around 5pm, he took the Frontier pants down to Larry. Then he came back.

I ordered Corner Gas Season 5 & 6, and Corner Gas, The Movie from Amazon.

I took a bath.

Hubby made spaghetti & sauce for himself. I had to clean it all up.

Took dogs for a walk at the park.

Bud hung his head out of the truck the entire way to the park!

 Bud out the window

We watched Corner Gas all night.

Hubby went down to the shop after Lane got done with a rear-end.

Friday, June 17, 2016



Got up at 7AM after hubby had left for work. It was 37 degrees F today. I turned on the bathroom heaters and the stove.

It was still wet outside on the decks from the rain last night. So cold in Summer!

When I got up, I had green crap in my throat, so I took some Cold Calm.

The internet was actually working for 5 minutes this morning, so I got to log into it and check email & blog.

Electrician came as I was working in the kitchen. I showed him our bedrooms and the problem with the dimmer switches.

He worked for a little while. Then I had to leave at 11:00, so I went down to pay him, but he said he had to come back tomorrow.

Hubby called me to bring the title for the Excursion and I had to meet him by 11:30 in Rathdrum. But the garage doors would not open as he had turned off the electricity last night because of the storm. 

I met hubby in Rathdrum at 11:30, then drove to Hayden to get my nails done. I was there a little early. Talked to the massage therapist girl.

Then Tracey did my nails. Some other woman came in to talk with her about buying a gift certificate. Then afterwards, I made more appointments with Tracey.

I left and drove to get groceries in Rathdrum. Shopped at Super One. Then loaded groceries and drove home. Got mail on the way.

There was a box delivered by UPS on our steps. It was for RMOR.

I unloaded groceries. Then put the Jeep in the garage. It started raining just a little.

I picked up dog poo.

Hubby got home late. Then he worked in the shop for a while.

He came up to the house. We walked the dogs in the park. Then drove home.

When we got home, it rained.

Went to bed late after watching re-runs of Archer.

Thursday, June 16, 2016



Got up at 7AM. Was leaving the house by 8AM.

Gave ham to dogs.

Fed kitty some tuna.

Drove to school.

Big blood stain of something that was killed on the sidewalk in Rathdrum. Gross. Really bothered me all day.

At school, was in Medical Massage class. The guy is strict, but very difficult to follow. Good info, tho.

After class, I drove home after getting Pita salad for myself.

Got the mail at home. Received new VISA cards for Costco account.

Hubby called me and asked me to go pay for gas for Lane at the Athol gas station. He had left his credit card with his wife and ran out of gas. I paid for his tank with a credit card and also gave him $25 for lunch.

I drove home. Got ready and went into town for my Doctor's appointment. Was checking out my ribs. Met new doctor; Wester was overbooked 2 weeks. They took X-rays. I talked to the same X-ray girl from last time. She is nice.

Doctor advised to get off the prescription meds and just use Ibuprofen. Thanks.

Drove to drop off KR's makeup at her office. She was just leaving to go to the gym.

She lifted 220 pounds 3X today! That is so great. I am proud of her.

Then I drove to Rathdrum and got groceries.

Drove home, unloaded groceries.

Gave Koda some tuna.

Hubby got home after picking up the Excursion from Pat's, the detailer and then selling the Excursion. He is going to get the money tomorrow. He left the Excursion at Tom's.

Hubby got a ride from Tom to go get his Dually, then towed home another truck.

He got here about 7:30. Dogs were happy to see him.

I made some Crab rangoons & cream cheese stuffed egg rolls for dinner.

It rained.

Got some parts for hubby on ebay.

We watched a little TV and then went to bed at 11PM.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Frontier Internet Out Again


Got up at 7AM after hubby had left.

Gave ham to the dogs, gave Koda kitty some Spam. We were out of Tuna.

Dressed and drove to school.

Took Quiz for A&P. I got 95%.

Then we went over the next chapter, Respiratory system. This is where I had left off. Really need to study to pass quizzes, now.

I went to Wendy's after school to get burgers for dogs, then drove home.

Stopped to get gas in Rathdrum.

At home, I took a nap after taking a painkiller.

Hubby got home around 7PM.

We took dogs for a walk in the park around the Brig Museum. Too many cars drove past us. We need to not walk on that side of the park anymore.

Drove home.

We watched TV for a while until bedtime.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KINES Chapter Test


Got up and dressed at 7AM.

Gave ham to dogs.

Put all my books and stuff into the Jeep.

Left for school at 8AM.

Drove to school. Got there at 8:30. Brought in all my stuff.

Panda came in and could not sit with our class as we were taking a test today. He borrowed a pen.

Took our Chapter test at 9:15 after 15 minutes of study.

We took a quick break, then corrected everybody's tests. I got a 78% which was way better than the 66% I got last time.

Kim used the TENS unit that I brought in to class.

Played Pictionary and then took another quick break so we could watch videos and go over the next chapter.

Went over to Wendy's and got burgers for the dogs and a salad for me.

Left school at 12:00. Stopped in Rathdrum on the way home to get gasoline. Some drunk women next to me asked about my Jeep and if I enjoyed driving it.

At home, I got mail. Unloaded everything. Gave ham to the dogs. Gave tuna to Koda Kitty.

It was raining. I studied for a bit. Then I took a pill and laid down on my bed.

At 5:00, I got up and studied some more for A&P test tomorrow.

Hubby got home around 7PM and worked in the shop a while. Then he came home.

We watched new show - WRECKED. It is about a plane crash on a deserted island. Pretty funny

Monday, June 13, 2016



I woke up early and went to potty, then slept with Ben until I woke up again at 7:30AM.

Hubby had come in to kiss me good morning before he left.

I got up and was sitll very tired.

Got dressed and gave ham to dogs.

Gave tuna to Koda kitty.

Walked down to the mailbox to mail the Progressive insurance info.

Koda followed me down. Her belly is getting very fat. Lots of babies.

Then I came back to the house and took a nap until 1PM.

Was very tired today after taking painkiller.

Slept most of the day on the couch.

Hubby got home at 7:00 after taking Matt Z home and then going to Costco and getting toilet paper, garbage bags, and shrimp. He also ran into the former bitch of a ex-mother-in-law. I would have torn into her ass. I need to think of something good to say to her to put her down.

I helped hubby put things away. He had dinner.

Dogs played for a while. We watched a new Angie Tribeca. Then we went to bed at 10:00PM.

Sunday, June 12, 2016



Got up at 6AM when hubby woke up early.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I did laundry & dishes.

We packed up books in the Dually, hubby went to put the trailer on the Dually.

Drove to Rathdrum and dropped off the books. Got lattes at Kokopelli. On the Interstate, the totes flew out the back of the truck.

The trip to pick up a vehicle was a bust. It would not start. We drove back to CDA, hubby was thirsty so we got a latte at Jitterz.

Looked at property over at Lake Forest West, the open house was not open yet.

Picked up food at Pita Pit.

Came home. Hubby met several people here

Loaded garbage and went to the dump.

Hubby met more people at the shop.

Then we took dogs for a walk in the Park on Gun Shooting Road.

Wilson took Ben for a walk when we attached a leash to both of them & let them walk...

Wilson walking Ben

On the way back, hubby met more people at the shop.

I purchased a pay-per-view movie; Hail, Cesar. But I fell asleep from pain around 6-8PM. Hubby had to go meet another guy at the shop, dropping off his truck.

When he came back, we watched the stupid movie. It was awful.

Went to bed at Midnight.


Hubby got up at 7AM.

Made eggs for the dogs at 8AM.

Rescued trapped hummingbird inside house and let him out.

Gave Koda kitty some tuna.

I picked up dog poo. Filed papers. Paid new Harley payment and put it in the envelope to mail. Need to figure out how to pay off payment online.

Hubby practice on his new Harley going around the driveway.

I vacuumed the house.

Loaded dogs in Dually. Drove to Athol. Got latte for hubby.

Took dogs to walk in Farragut around the sewage treatment plant. Overwhelming amount of Knapweed in the park. The State of Idaho is not a good steward for our public parks.

Stopped at Lil Town to pick up a take-n-bake pizza. Hubby was hungry. Got milk & lemon juice.

Made lemonade for hubby to drink. Put pizza in oven.

I started uploading new songs. Found a great new band, Kongos. Great songs.

Hubby worked on circular staircase.

Dogs napped outside on the back deck.

After hubby was done working with the staircase (he used his grinder & welder to take off the hand rails; then he welded on the angle braces underneath each stair) he washed his clothes and did a hand bath- still can't shower because Seth is not done with the bathroom.

Watched a little TV then we went to bed early.

Friday, June 10, 2016



Got up at 6AM when hubby got up.

It was colder and cloudy. Was sprinkling rain. Hubby left at 7AM. Gave Koda kitty some tuna on the deck outside and Wilson tried to play with her thru the door.

I fed the dogs ham.

The Harley Davidson guy named John brought the bike at 11:30. He unloaded it and put it in the garage. He started it up to make sure it was ok.

 Unloading the Bike

I sent a pic to KR and hubby.

Then I realized that my appointment was at Noon and called Tracey to let her know that I would be late. I got there at 12:20. She got both my nails & toes done.

I left the lightbulbs and a gardening trolley with her.

She finished at 2:45. Stopped to get a latte at Jitterz. I drove home in the rain.

At home, I made some chicken for myself.

Then I took a nap after taking another painkiller.

Hubby got home at 5:45PM. He looked at his bike and started it. Then he put it back in the garage.

Hubby on his Fatboy Special

Met the guy at the shop from 8:00-9:00 to pay for the black Bronco.

I made a mess with the wite-out and had to clean up the counters.

Did some laundry. Hubby watched videos on how-to-ride a motorcycle.

I went to bed early because of my painkiller.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Cloudy Today


Got up and hubby had been awake since 5:12. I think he is waking up when the sun comes up. He was sitting on the couch with the dogs.

I fed Koda kitty some tuna and gave ham to the dogs.

Got my books and put them in the Jeep.

Humid today.

At school, we just reviewed lecture with Jen. Prepared us for the text over the chapter next week.

I drove Panda home. His wife had dropped him off that morning, so he needed a ride home. On the way, stopped at Pita Pit and got my free Chicken Crave fork-style salad.

Drove home. Hubby had told me they were delivering bike at 1PM, so I had to hurry home. But instead, it is TOMORROW they are delivering bike.

Studied homework.

I took some painkillers and took a nap.

I did laundry and dishes.

Cleaned up some more in the laundry room. Another load to Goodwill.

Hubby came home later. He worked in the shop for a while.

We went to bed late.


The internet has been down all day. Having lots of problems with it. Hubby can not resolve the problems.

I got up and dressed. Hubby had already left for the day.

Gave tuna to Koda kitty. Gave ham to dogs.

I loaded books into my Jeep. Today is Path with Pam.

Arrived early at the car wash to wash my Jeep, hubby met me there. He hugged me and almost cracked my ribs again. Ouch.

Washed Jeep. Drove to school.

No pop-quiz today, we just reviewed the 2nd half of the Cancer chapter. Panda was sitting in with us. There were only 4 students in class today.

We did body work with 3 of us, I observed. Pam worked on a student. The other 2 students were busy taking quizzes that they had missed.

I drove home.

Took a nap at home. Seth was here working on the basement still.

At 2:45PM, I left to go into CDA. Dropped off stuff at Goodwill and got a receipt.

Then drove to ULTA to pick up makeup. Texted KR, but they did not have the makeup she wanted.

I deposited Met refund check in the bank and then went to my Acupuncture appointment. I was early and had to wait 30 minutes.

After my Acupuncture, I drove over to Frontier and picked up hubby.

He talked to one of the guys while I talked to Rocky.

We drove to North 40 to pick up a battery box for his trailer, but they did not have the correct size. He called O'Reilley's to have them delivery one tomorrow to the shop.

Then we drove home.

Hubby stopped at the shop and talked to Mark.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park.

When we came back, hubby cut down the dead evergreen in the circle driveway, the evergreen at the end of the sidewalk.

He cleaned up the cat poo & pee in the garage. He loaded dog food into my Jeep.

Koda kitty

I filled up water bottles and re-stocked them in the truck. I put dog poo in the used dog food bag.

We watched tv for a while, then went to bed. It was cold tonight and we shut all the doors & windows.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Back to School


Got up and put all my books in the car.

Hubby had forgotten his phone at home, so I called his work phone. Dave 2.0 picked it up at work and I told him that hubby had forgotten his phone. He laughed.

Hubby had dropped the Excursion off at Pat's Detailing to clean so it can be sold.

I drove to Post Falls. Met hubby at the Car Wash. Gave him the phone.

I washed my car.

Drove to school.

Took test..Nobody in school today. Only 1 newbie class there, MCP20 only had 4 people in class today.

We took the Quiz. I got 80%, even though I did not study.

Then we reviewed for the Chapter 6 test we are taking next week.

Carol showed us how to work IT band. I just observed.

Then we left class 5 minutes early.

I met hubby & Dave 2.0 over at La Cabana for mexican food in Post Falls. Hubby ordered me a margarita for my pain.

After eating, I drove home.

Took a 2 hour nap.

Then I got up and had to go get hubby from work.

Cleaned and vacuumed up ant colony in the dining area by the french doors. It was awful.

I tried to take Wilson, but he ran away.

Drove to CDA and picked up hubby at 5:30. Put parts in my Jeep from his truck.

Then we drove to Ace Hardware in Rathdrum to get ant poison.

We had to stop at O'Reilley's to get parts for truck on hoist. Drove home with parts. Gave them to Mark & #3.

We had to take parts over to Charles's and drop them off. Then we went to get gasoline in my Jeep in Athol. Had dinner at Grey Goose.

Drove home and I picked up poo & toys in back yard so hubby could mow lawn.

It was so awfully hot.

We went to bed at 10PM.

Bud & Wilson slept out on the deck as it was a little bit cooler out there.

Monday, June 06, 2016

In Lots of Pain


Got up today and stayed home.

Fed Koda kitty tuna, then gave Ham to the dogs.

I was in lots of pain today.

Took lots of painkillers.

Seth came today at Noon and worked until 3:30. He had to re-do the tile in the bathroom because he did not do the design that I wanted.

Hubby got home at 7PM, but worked in the shop until 9PM.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Visit to Immedia Care & New iPhone at Apple


I was still hurting and bruised from falling off the dock yesterday, so hubby said that he would take me into Immediate Care.

We got ready and he drove me to the Clinic in Post Falls.

Saw the doctor. He said maybe partial cracked rib. Hairline fracture. He gave me an excuse for all of June to recover. So no massage this month.

Doctor gave me prescription. However, when we got to Walmart to fill it, the girl indicated that the physician had not SIGNED it. We had to go all the way back to the Clinic to have him sign it. Then we went to Walgreens instead to have it filled. Drive thru.

My Bruised Left leg

Then we drove over to Spokane to the Apple Store to replace my phone that went swimming with me when I fell in the water.

The people at Apple were very nice. I got a new phone and only lost some of my pictures. It will take me a whole month to get it back to the way it was.

We drove home.

I rested in bed and took painkillers for the rest of the day. Hubby took care of me.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Day on the Boat & Falling Off The Dock


Went up to Hope with KR.

We took Beebo and Wilson with us.

I fell off the boat at Kramer's Marina. Hit my left thigh on the dock and my right ribs on the boat swim platform.

KR and hubby helped me back on the boat, but I had no dry clothes to change back into. My phone had gotten soaked. I was hurting all over.

Took ibuprofen.

KR took Beebo up to potty, but did not take Wilson.

Hubby wandered over to say "Hi" to people from our old Marina at Garfield.

Then I took Wilson up to potty. I was soaking wet.

KR & Hubby wanted to motor around for a while. So we went out in the lake. It was cold.

We finally docked and drove back home. I was in so much pain.

KR drove home.

I took more painkillers and took a bath. Hubby unloaded everything. I went to bed.

Friday, June 03, 2016



Got up at 6:15AM,

My ribs on the right side were still hurting. 

Hubby had already left. I texted him, and he was waiting at the shop for Duane O. to bring his new gun.

So he drove back and hugged me goodbye. We talked on the deck.

Then he left. Met Duane at the driveway for his new gun.

I did laundry, fed ham to dogs, gave Koda some tuna, started laundry, started dishes.

I took a hot bath and a prescription painkiller for my rib pain.

Then I washed my hair.

Packed up books in the basement. Cleaned out storage containers.

Ken with Neighbor's Glass brought our glass window at 10:30 and installed it in the basement. He also brought back all the screens for the windows. I paid him. Nice older guy.

I talked with Seth briefly about some upstairs sheetrock fixing that he needs to do. He wanted us to move the cabinets in the bathroom so he can tile around them.

Then I left at 12:30 to get a latte at Jitterz in Hayden. Went to drop off more donation items at Goodwill, then went to my Acupuncture appointment at 1:00PM.

After getting out of my appointment at 2:20, I drove home.

At home, I did laundry. Did dishes. Cleaned out my bathroom drawer. Vacuumed, Cleaned the Doggy door, Cleaned the overspray from the basement on the upstairs floor. Took our bedding down to wash. Put aside Ben's bedding to wash.

It was very hot today, so I turned on the Swamp Cooler.

I cleaned out shoes in front door closet. Then changed lightbulbs upstairs.

Put all donation stuff in my Jeep.

Then I went upstairs to take a nap, but could not rest. Hubby called to let me know he was coming home at 6:00PM.

Thursday, June 02, 2016



Got up at 7:15AM.

Put away laundry. Fed ham to dogs. Gave dogs fresh food & water.

Dressed. Put books & clean sheets in Jeep.

Drove to Jitterz in Rathdrum by 8:30. Got a latte, ordered a 24oz, she gave me a 16oz. She changed it. It was pretty good drink.

At school, had new Medical Massage teacher, Tim.

He is very strict about punctuality.

Panda sat in with class. We worked on Intro to Deeper Tissue Massage. Worked glutes & neck work.

Chelsea handed out billing. Teacher handed out our progress reports.

Hubby met me after school to have lunch in my Jeep at the school. It was overcast & windy.

Then he had to go back to work.

I drove home.

Got mail.

Did more laundry. Gave tuna to Koda kitty. Koda kitty came inside the house and met the dogs. She likes Wilson.

Balanced checkbook. Paid bills.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

More Tests & Eyelash Appt

JUNE 1, 2016

Got up at 6:15. Hubby had already been up from 4-5 on the couch, then came back to bed from 5-6. Wilson had been playing with Koda kitty on the deck from 4-5. He was barking and making noises at her. Hubby said Koda came inside the house and walked around while Bud was sleeping.

I got dressed, gave dogs their ham, fed Koda kitty some tuna, studied for Chapter 13-16 A&P test.

Got 85% on my Test. Same as last time.

We worked on the next chapter. Did homework.

Then I left for the day.

Drove over to CDA. Got a Strawberry Jet tea at Jitterz. Went to get my eyelashes done.

Drove home.

At home, unloaded books & dirty sheets.

Did laundry. Put away dishes.

Took a nap from 5-6PM.

Hubby got home late at 7:30.

We watched Season Finale of Schitt's Creek & The Americans.

Went to bed at 10:30PM.