Sunday, June 12, 2016



Got up at 6AM when hubby woke up early.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I did laundry & dishes.

We packed up books in the Dually, hubby went to put the trailer on the Dually.

Drove to Rathdrum and dropped off the books. Got lattes at Kokopelli. On the Interstate, the totes flew out the back of the truck.

The trip to pick up a vehicle was a bust. It would not start. We drove back to CDA, hubby was thirsty so we got a latte at Jitterz.

Looked at property over at Lake Forest West, the open house was not open yet.

Picked up food at Pita Pit.

Came home. Hubby met several people here

Loaded garbage and went to the dump.

Hubby met more people at the shop.

Then we took dogs for a walk in the Park on Gun Shooting Road.

Wilson took Ben for a walk when we attached a leash to both of them & let them walk...

Wilson walking Ben

On the way back, hubby met more people at the shop.

I purchased a pay-per-view movie; Hail, Cesar. But I fell asleep from pain around 6-8PM. Hubby had to go meet another guy at the shop, dropping off his truck.

When he came back, we watched the stupid movie. It was awful.

Went to bed at Midnight.


Hubby got up at 7AM.

Made eggs for the dogs at 8AM.

Rescued trapped hummingbird inside house and let him out.

Gave Koda kitty some tuna.

I picked up dog poo. Filed papers. Paid new Harley payment and put it in the envelope to mail. Need to figure out how to pay off payment online.

Hubby practice on his new Harley going around the driveway.

I vacuumed the house.

Loaded dogs in Dually. Drove to Athol. Got latte for hubby.

Took dogs to walk in Farragut around the sewage treatment plant. Overwhelming amount of Knapweed in the park. The State of Idaho is not a good steward for our public parks.

Stopped at Lil Town to pick up a take-n-bake pizza. Hubby was hungry. Got milk & lemon juice.

Made lemonade for hubby to drink. Put pizza in oven.

I started uploading new songs. Found a great new band, Kongos. Great songs.

Hubby worked on circular staircase.

Dogs napped outside on the back deck.

After hubby was done working with the staircase (he used his grinder & welder to take off the hand rails; then he welded on the angle braces underneath each stair) he washed his clothes and did a hand bath- still can't shower because Seth is not done with the bathroom.

Watched a little TV then we went to bed early.

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