Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

I got up at 6AM as the dogs were stirring. Opened the door for them to do their "business". Tripped back to bed with my eyes still closed.

Hubby got up at 9AM and got dressed. Went down to say hi to kitty for a while in the basement bathroom. He was very happy. Purring & eating his canned cat food. We sat on the deck for a while until the sun peeked over the trees & it became too hot to sit outside. Went inside to sit on the couches with the dogs. Hubby fell asleep until 11:45 when we went in to A-town to get lattes from Amber.

I took care of plants at house & picked up poo. Austin and his friend Tanner came up to mow around circle driveway. Then #3 came up at 4:00 to dig holes for plants.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Met KRN in Spokane at the Costco to go shopping. I got a latte in Post Falls on the way. Before I met with KRN, I filled the tank with gasoline at Costco.

We parked cars & waited for 30 minutes before Costco opened. KRN got all her coffee supplies for the week (lots of  yummy muffins!) and I got cat food & cat litter. We definitely HAD to stop at the latte stand on North Sullivan Blvd. - Shotzy's Coffee. They were having their 8th year anniversary and gave away a free pre-paid card to KRN as she paid! Yippee. Afterwards, we shopped at the Valley Mall. Picked up sunglasses & sandals at JCPenney, sweater at American Eagle (returned the other stuff I had ordered online).
 AE Sweater

After we were done shopping at the mall, we went to Petco to get carpeted cat box & fish plants then next door to 5 Guys Burgers & Fries for lunch. YUMMY burgers!

Drove to Fish place on Barker Road but it appears to be permanently closed.

Also went to Kohl's briefly but did not find anything for KRN. She was looking for a blouse.

KRN drove me back to Costco so I could get my car & drive home.

Hubby came home late. Then he worked in the shop til past midnight.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our new kitty. Took him to Dr Mike vet today at 12:00. His chin & neck are still swollen. Dr gave him anti-inflammatories, antibiotics & pain medication. Treated him for ear mites. Made appt for neutering in one week after Roadkill has healed up! Hubby happened to stop by & surprised me by knocking on exam room door. He was concerned about cat. Nice to have him up in this neighborhood working again!

Dr said does not appear to have ringworm (our friends Chachi & Joanie got a rescue kitty that had ringworm. Spread it to all their dogs...then had to bleach everything, special medicine & wash dogs/cat several times with special medicine shampoo; so hubby was extra worried that cat not have ringworm!)

Got drinks for Earl & #3 while I was in town at latte stand. Had Deralee show me through the trailer she is trying to sell. Then came home.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sore Throat & Road Kill

I was not feeling very well today, yet I picked up dog poo; did laundry; watered plants; and called Tickets West about our Parking Ticket error.

My throat has been sore & I have been running a fever.

UPS brought my original KEDS that I had ordered! Yippee. I knew that if I held out long enough, Keds would bring back the original canvas shoe! My feet/toes are in heaven.

Hubby came home in the middle of the afternoon long enough to kiss me & grab a sandwich.

When he came home from work, he ran down to the shop for an hour. Then we drove to Post Falls to pay for the shortbed extra cab white pickup that we will be bringing home. He plans to put dually axles and a lift kit under it. Will look nice. Then we picked up Wendy's burgers for the dogs.

On the way home driving through Rathdrum, I accidentally hit a cat. We drove around the block to make sure of what I had hit...and it was a cat. My heart dropped. Hubby got out to drag the dead body to the side of the road. was NOT dead. Only in shock. We dialed the closest Emergency Vet and took kitty there in the back of the car. Which was kinda difficult to do. We had no blanket or anything. Also...the dogs were with us. Bit & Bud. They went nuts sniffing the cat!

At the Emergency Vet in Post Falls, hubby took the kitty in while I took Bud & Bit to let them pee. Hubby came out with the cat in a box; he was told there was nothing other than a severe cut on his mouth. He is a intact male cat - probably the luckiest cat ever to survive a car hit! So should we name him Lucky or Roadkill?

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get cat food, litter box & litter.

Kitty is in the basement bathroom recovering tonight.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday and No Dogs

Saturday -  Horrible drinks with Heather at latte stand. Took dogs for walk at park. Nice. Was cool & partly cloudy. Took drink back & she made WORSE drink. Then I went to Spirit Lake to get a better drink and got crappy regular coffee instead of white coffee. I really want a home machine. 

I exercised for 2 hours on Saturday. Picked up dog poo. Did laundry. Watered plants.

Remote control came for TV already! Played new game on iPhone - Pet Hotel. Very addictive. Similar to Farmville. LOL.

Also, UPROAR tickets came! Yippee!

Tim came down at 10:30 to look at fixing deck. He made list of wood that hubby needs to pick up. Will fix deck next week.

Hubby put air in tires on bike & fixed handlebars.

About 6:00PM hubby came home exhausted from shop. Decided to stay home & do running errands tomorrow. 
Angus on grass, Happy dogs Harry & Bud on deck. See Bud smiling!

Sunday - Hubby awoke early at 6AM & opened the door for the dogs. It is still too chilly at night to leave the door open. Has been an odd, cold summer. Tho it did finally hit about 88 today, 90 in Spokane.

Sat on the deck for a while before hubby whined to take dogs for walk before it got too hot.

We walked the dogs at 8AM at Farragut Park. I talked hubby into taking a different path & the dogs loved walking through a different area of the woods on the trail. New smells. Isabelle especially had her tail held high and her nose up!

Drinks with Amber. Yippee. Good drinks for once.

Dumped dogs at home. Removed everything that could be chewed. Hubby and I took FMF to Costco (where he saw cool 4WD Van complete with pop-top and living quarters). Then over to WalMart in Post Falls and on to Fish Place in Spokane Valley (which happened to be closed on Sundays. Darn.)

Picked up Wendy's burgers on way home & washed FMF.

Hubby tried to grill corn on the cob when we got home, but he fell asleep & it all burnt. Darn.

He went later to get milk at Lil Town Market while I stayed home with dogs to make sure they did not chew anything up.

Rested for the night.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nails & Exercise

Went to get my nails done today.

Exercised for 2 hours.

Laundry word cloud for the top of washer/dryer.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clean & Vacuum & Mow

It seems the work around here is never done. I now HATE vacuuming.

Worked all day yesterday (Wednesday) cleaning house.

Mowed back yard today.

While I was mowing the dog area which is over 1 acre, Bud was mad that I had left him and the others in the house (for their protection) so he chewed up our Surround System remote!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kids Over

Kids over this weekend.

Saturday - Dog walk at Farragut.

Sunday - Stopped at Big Lots to summer stuff all the school supplies are out.

Guys went over to Big 5 so hubby could try on boots. He could not find anything. We then all went over to Lowe's. I got plants!


and More plants

Friday, July 15, 2011

Doggie Spa Day

Took hubby into town to work this morning as he had to pick up his Dodge. Then came back with Bud & Lil Bit. It was already starting to warm up a bit after a cold night.

At 10:30, I took Isabelle, Bud, and Lil Bit to Apryl's for their grooming. It was a nice drive in, but people are driving crazy.

Went to get money from the ATM, then picked up a latte at Higher Ground Espresso in town. Saw a motorcycle cavalcade for a funeral. Then washed car at the automated car wash. Drove to Rathdrum to meet hubby at the Street Fair at the high school grounds for Rathdrum Daze. He was manning the Frontier booth for a couple hours.

Drove home to Angus & Harriet, but had to stop for an EXTREMELY long coal loaded train. Watered plants & picked up poo. Did some laundry.

Angus at home

Hubby brought other dogs home at 5pm. Bit is SO very soft. All of the dogs were wearing cute little scarves. They smell SO very good and have their toenails trimmed!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


We have 5 dogs. I pick up their poo everyday so they have a clean area. They have access to fresh water outside in a large barrel and 3 inside bowls inside available. They are fed quite well.

My dogs are licensed, vaccinated, and chipped. 

They have over 1 acre of fenced area to roam around upon and another 20 acres that are non fenced. Bud & Isabelle are the only ones that I can trust outside the fence. Usually they wander down to the shop to be with daddy.

I play with them daily. Usually we race around the house or toss balls outside. They love it when I walk with them outside.

My dogs are groomed by a professional groomer that I have total trust & faith in. They regularly have baths & their toenails are cut before they grow too long. I brush them at home so that they do not have matted hair.

Most of them go everywhere with us. They go to the dog park, they go shopping with us, they go for walks with us.

In the rare times that they have to be left at home, when we return they greet us like long lost friends that are so excited to see us after such a long time.

Two of them sleep with us. Not only is it warm at night, it is also comforting to have their trusting little bodies scooted up to us so closely.

The hubby and I usually manage to take them walking on both days of the weekend and more often during the week in the summer.

They see the vet as often as they need to for shots & misc visits. If they exhibit signs of illness or injury, we immediately taken them to the doctor.

I love my dogs. That is why I have them. It is enjoyable to see their joy in life, their excitement and their love. they bring me happiness.

My dogs are not starved, ignored, chained, beaten, or abused.

They are healthy, happy specimens of canine life.

It's a dog's life!

Took Harriet our Boxer to the Vet today for a pocket of infection on her lower left jaw. Dr Mike prescribed antibiotics & warm wet compresses.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Monday - Took a lot of rest on Monday to recover from the weekend. I need another weekend to recover from the weekend.

#3 had a horrible accident at the racetrack on Friday night we learned. Fell on his head & got a concussion.

I oiled all the gates & frost-frees to make it easier to get into things. Watered the plants. Washed clothes.

Found a couple other boats to look at.

Hubby came home & then went up to Priest River to get the truck he bought with a friend who has a rolloff.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4 Wheelin Compressor Creek

SUNDAY July 10 - Roc Bronc all packed & ready to go on the trailer we picked up from Mike last night. Loaded Bud in the dually at 6AM for a fun day. Stopped at WalMart to pick up trail mix, then at Higher Ground Espresso in CDA for hot lattes. It was quite cool this morning; only 48 degrees. Wore sweatshirts with our t-shirts underneath. Met everybody at the Tesoro 7:30 AM and got acquainted. Only one other girl was there with me - Kristin. She was nice. Her husband was Matt.

Got on I-90 and traveled to exit 68 Mullan and off loaded the Bronco at 9:30; started up a steep trail just outside town and then 4wheeled the Compressor Creek for the next 4 hours. It was quite intensive & stressful. Lots of huge rocks & trees downed in the creek; slippery & difficult trail. We got to a particularly difficult area & I hiked up a bit. There was no trail to take off of the creek, and it narrowed quite a lot. Hubby had already fallen in the water and scraped his arm & leg. I happened to go around the same side but forgot about the log only to fall where hubby had fallen. Soaking wet, a massive bruise on my left leg & my right forearm scratched to high heaven! We were both throughly done for the day. With a huge fallen log across the way near the bend ahead, hubby & I decided to turn around to go back to the nearest dirt trailhead. A Toyota guy came with us and we made our way slowly back. Around 3:30 we finally got back to Mullan to again load the Roc Bronc onto the trailer for our trip back to CDA.

Got to CDA quite quickly 4:30 and picked up Wendy's cheeseburgers for dogs & KFC chicken for us. We were EXHAUSTED. Unloaded everything at home. We ate dinner out on our rarely used deck. It was very relaxing in the shade and I started the sprinklers so it would be cooler.
hubby & Bud fourwheelin'

SATURDAY July 9 - Hubby and I got lattes from Jen-Bunny in A-Town, then headed up to Priest River to pay for a truck hubby was going to pick up. Used my iPhone GPS (what a lifesaver!) to find this address in the boonies. Paid the guy then stopped at a Garage Sale to pick up some funnels, trailer hitch & other tools for hubby. What a deal! Hubby was very amped to get truck & garage sale finds! Then took the dogs to wild dog walk along the river. Watched them VERY carefully to make sure they did not roll around in Goose Poop!

Returned home to unload the puppies & hubby went to the shop to work. I relaxed by doing a couple loads of laundry and then vacuumed house.

Had to borrow a trailer from Painter Mike so that we could haul the Roc Bronc up to Mullan tomorrow for the 4wheelin' with the North Idaho Trail Blazers clubs. Will go wheelin' with Joe H, Dave G and others...

Friday, July 08, 2011

Cooler and Sunny

Only a high of 75 today. So I got to work after getting lattes. Mowed the front yard again, picked up more pinecones from the strong wind last night.

Mowed the dog yard in back. Also picked up more pinecones and dog poo. Transplanted my plants that I got the other day at Home Depot into pots.

Washed laundry. Did dishes. Rested for a while. Took a shower before hubby came home. Picked up more dog poo in back yard & branches. Hubby came in highway from Spirit Lake & beeped at us. Dogs were walking with me in back yard.

Hubby went down to shop to work for a while. I vacuumed house.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mowing Day

Mowed from 8:30am until 11:30. Picked up pinecones, watered plants, & mowed lawn.

Need to do lots after holiday weekend.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th Holiday Cupcakes

Making cupcakes today. Pictures to come.

Got latte from Deralee this morning, then went back home to water plants. Washed clothes. Made cupcakes. Ready to frost this late afternoon.

Took Harriet to Vet at 2:15PM. She has fungus growing in her ears. They packed them with antibiotics. Should be better in about 2 weeks.


Angus resting on the deck.

We were too late to get the boat. It had been sold just minutes before we were supposed to view it at 5pm. Original owners found it and wanted it back. Was very disappointing as Greg thought it was the best value for trailer & engines.

Oh well. Came home & walked the dogs at Farragut. Then hunted online for boats until midnight.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of JULY 2011

Got lattes from Deralee at 8:00am. Went to get nails & toes done for me, pedicure for hubby. 9AM to 11AM. Then picked up plants & cedar wood chips from Home Depot. Saw Bonnie Graham & talked to her for a while while hubby loaded our wood chips. Got Wendy's cheeseburgers for dogs. Went all by ourselves with NO dogs today.

Then went home to feed puppies, dumped wood chips out and unloaded plants. Packed up Buddy & left other dogs at home. Loaded Roc Bronc on trailer & drove up to Pinehurst, Idaho to go four wheeling. On the way we passed Lake Coeur d'Alene with some BEAUTIFUL patriotic Red, White, & Blue clouds in the sky. It was awesome. Stopped to get snacks in downtown Pinehurst & another latte. Hubby got lost for a while before we finally found Forest Road path. Was fun.

Drove thru the old age Cedar forest and got out to inspect the river. Bud had great fun sitting in the back of the Bronco. We had brought his new dog bed to cushion his ride. Four-wheeled until around 6PM; Headed towards home. Saw Chris Howard in his white Ford Bronco in town and waved at hime. Headed home where we then loaded up all the dogs for a one mile walk in Farragut Park. Hurried home to rest for a while. I watered plants outside & vacuumed Dodge. Then we dashed over to Silverwood to watch fireworks at 10PM.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Plant Day

Took dogs to walk in Athol Cemetery today. It is private and the dogs thought it was exciting to be someplace new.

Drove up to Priest River and bought plants at PJ's Tree Nursery. Only paid $137 for a truck bed full of plants. Now have to get #3 to plant them.

On the way back, we got cheeseburgers & famous fries at Burger Heaven, then had a picnic at the park with Lil Bit. He behaved like a perfect little gentleman!

Got home and unloaded plants, I hooked up sprinkler to blueberries.

Took a bath, then I fell asleep at 6pm for a nap and ended up sleeping until 10:30. Felt horrible. Low grade fever and all my joints hurt.

Friday, July 01, 2011


Wednesday - During the day, it was cloudy & cooler. I worked on cleaning the house. I frosted the rest of the cupcakes that I had made. Hubby brought home milk when he finally got home at 8PM. There are several employees at work scheduled off for this 4th of July week vacation. So he had to cover over in Kellogg.
He worked in shop til late. Angus was surprised by a bee that wandered into the house. We had to catch it and release it outside.

Thursday - I cleaned up dog poo in the back yard. It takes a lot longer as there is so much area to cover. And the dogs love to hide their poo. Also cleaned up Isabelle's poo in front yard. Watered plants as it has not rained yet. Blueberries are getting bigger & healthier. Bumble bees are everywhere. Ants are also really bad out on the front deck.

Hubby came home late again 7PM. He ran down to the shop to work for a while, then came back and said he wanted me to drive into CDA with him to pick up bolts. We stopped at Home Depot (where Bud & Bit saw a massive black Great Dane in the back of a pickup) and then a cute little brownish PitBull in a car next to us.

We drove over to Lowe's to find more bolts, then returned the other stuff to Home Depot. Stopped at Wendy's to get burgers for #3 and Tim in the shop. Hubby ate his in the truck while I drove home. On Hwy 54 just west of Clagstone I narrowly avoided a dog hit in the road. It was awful. It looked like it had exploded. Poor little thing. Took Bud & Bit home and gave burgers to the other dogs. Then I took the truck down with hubby so he could get the poor dog off to the side of the road. There was blood for almost 1/2 a mile it had been hit so bad & repeatedly. Hubby got the leash with tags off the dog. I called the owners. The wife was in Montana and contacted her husband who lived just about a mile from where the dog had been hit. He said that the dog was very old and totally blind. It had escaped the yard. So very sad. I am still shaking from thinking about it.

I know that we have lost a few dogs & cats to the Hwy. Now with the extensive fence in the backyard, they are safe to roam & wander to their hearts' content. Hopefully the Hwy will not take anymore pets.