Sunday, June 30, 2013

On the Boat


Made latte & french toast & egg sandwich for hubby. Made eggs for the dogs. Gave pills to the dogs.

Took dogs on walk to the shooting rage in the park.

Came home and unloaded dogs. Got packed to go to the boat.

Stopped at Lil Town Market to get brats.

Went to boat with Ben & Bud.

Cleaned off boat. Lots of dust. Some a-hole had dumped wine on our swim platform & stained the carpet. Hubby had to clean that off.

Noticed new houseboat behind us. Made nice with the people and old dog named Bud.

Went out on lake. Anchored off shore & grilled brats.

Lunch site

Motored out to middle of lake & drifted with current. Took a nap.

 Took naps

Came back at 3PM. Unloaded boat & pottied dogs. Left by 4PM.

Drove home and dogs at home (Maggie, Lil Bit & Isabelle were happy to see us home).

Hubby looked at videos & pics on the internet from NAPA show from yesterday.

I conditioned my hair.

Went to pick up dually from CN Diesel & get groceries at Walmart later.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Please Stop The Rain


Woke up to thunder and lightning. This is awful. A whole summer full of a monsoon season. It absolutely reeks outside because of the wetness. Horrible smells in the house instead of fresh air.

Made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. Dogs got their pills.

Hubby and I along with Ben & Bud & Lil Bit drove down to the Community Center to get eggs. We got the last 4 dozen.

Hubby loaded up his truck and went off to the NAPA 2013 Ultimate Off Road Challenge. He was emcee and host.

I was exhausted all day and slept on the couch.

He returned around 7pm. Then went to get milk in Athol. He fell asleep on the couch after having pizza for dinner.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Less Rain


I got up and made breakfast for hubby and latte. Made cheese eggs for dogs.

Since we had salad, I was eating much better today and it is reflected in my overall feeling. I don't have a weighed down, horrible drugged feeling. I am still taking Excedrin to help the pain.

I actually got out and picked up dog poo.

Still wet & stinky outside. Not a good smell. Mold and rotten.

When hubby finally came home tonight after working OT for 2 hours, he had picked up deer food, but forgotten dog food! LOL.

Hubby fell asleep on the couch tonight and slept from 7:00 until 10:30 when we went to bed.

He is getting ready for the NAPA Rathdrum Off Road Challenge. Slightly overwhelmed because of all the aspects of getting it organized lays on his shoulders!


It has been very difficult to remain upbeat & cheerful or even feel any ambition at all with being injured. I can completely understand how long term pain will make a person want to give up entirely. It is just not worth fighting.

However, my knee is getting better. My arm is healing. There is still severe pain in my right chest but it is slowly reducing. Hopefully another week and it will be even better. Which is what I keep telling myself.

Got up this morning and made hubby egg sandwich and latte. Dogs got their pills in their eggs.

I did the laundry & dishes.

Isabelle wanted to go out several times.

Ben is dreaming

Maggie wants something?

The sun is out and it is supposed to be very warm today. However, there is still an overwhelming smell of mold and wet outside. It has been TOO wet lately to just dry up in 1 day of sunshine.

Weather said that on Sunday & Monday it is supposed to be in the 100s? We will see. From one extreme to another...

My fish need to be cleaned, but I will have to get hubby to assist with that.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So Tired


I refused to get out of bed this morning so that Ben could jump up and sleep with daddy.

Have been making a concentrated effort to make Isabelle sleep someplace else. I am getting too old to keep hopping over her and into bed. With my injured right arm & injured left knee, it has been especially difficult to get in and out of bed the past couple weeks.

It still hurts to breathe on my right side of the chest.

Got up and made hubby his latte & warmed a burrito for him in the oven.

Prepared cheese ham eggs for the dogs so they could take their vitamins.

Got the laundry & dishes done.

Ordered shampoo and conditioner for Brazilian Blowout from Amazon.

Weird sunset colors tonight.

Pretty sunset storm colors

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Most Pain Ever


Hubby drank all his milk last night, so I was unable to make him a latte today. He heated up his burrito in the oven and took that.

I made cheese ham eggs for the dogs and hubby fed that to them along with their pills.

After hubby left for work, I relaxed on the couch with the heating pad on my back all day. I kept taking Excedrin for the pain.

Lane came up later to mow the dog backyard. It rained again violently after he was done. Thunder sounded and Isabelle became frightened.

Hubby came home at 7:00 and brought groceries from Walmart and a salad for me from Wendy's and burgers for the dogs.

We watched a little tv and went to bed.

Monday, June 24, 2013

More RAIN on a M O N D A Y


Almost half the summer is already gone and it still feels like fall here!

Even though it was hot last night and I had to open windows in the bedroom and turn on a fan (Lil Bit started panting in our bed at 3AM) it was still very cold when we woke up this morning.

I was up at 3AM, then again at 4AM, Ben jumped into bed with hubby at 5AM, I was up several times with Lil Bit when he wanted to sleep in bed with me and Maggie then he jumped down again to get water, up again, etc.

At 6:30, I was in the bathtub with Endometriosis pains. Hubby did not get breakfast sandwich or latte. I laid on the couch in extreme pain. Took another Excedrin and tried to feel better.

On and off on the couch most of the day. I did manage to do laundry & dishes.

Lil Bit really appreciated getting rubbed on his chin. He is NOT growling at me; he is SMILING.

Lil Bit is SMILING

A crazy dumb person in a small white car drove up our driveway at extreme speed today around Noon. Why are people so damn fucking rude? If you can see that you are at the wrong address, why do you have to treat our driveway like the Indy 500? Freaks.

I brushed Lil Bit this afternoon. He had lots of brown underneath fur that needed to go.

Then it rained in the afternoon. Rained lots. All the weeds are so darn high.

Hubby picked up take-n-bake pizza from Papa Murphy's tonight for us.

#3 came down and got the Excursion with the trailer. He took it down to the shop at 6:00PM.

Saturday, June 22, 2013



Got up early. Ben wanted to jump on my bed. He is still wagging in ears as if they are bothering him. His re-check with the Vet is on July 5.

I moved in with Maggie & Lil Bit came to sleep with us for another 1/2 hour.

Finally got up and made latte for hubby. He had to make himself another burrito.

We loaded up Bud & Ben then went down to the Community Center to pick up 4 dozen farm fresh eggs.

Drove thru town looking at all the local dogs, then went to Post Falls for our dental appointments.

We were 20 minutes early for our appointments, so we walked the dogs in Q'emiln Park. I had never been to this park in all the years we have lived here. It was interesting.


There were literally 100s of Geese down by the water's edge that were running away when they saw the dogs! It was adorable to see.

Walked the dogs & then gave them water. Went to dental appointment. Hubby chatted on the phone outside until they called for him. I filled out paperwork.

Had to argue with dentist (as usual) because they don't want to do WHAT I WANT THEM TO DO!!! I want all my teeth removed and to get dentures. They want to repair what is there and make me endure more endless years of my hated teeth and pain.

After I discussed with the dentist that nothing was going HIS way...that they were going to do it MY way or nothing! The receptionist in the front finally started working on an estimate. Hubby paid his bill and we left.

Stopped at McDonalds on Seltice to pick up sausage biscuits for the dogs. Then came home the back way up Hwy 41 to see what they had done to the local area. Picked up a red jeep on Clagstone to bring back home for repair.

Unloaded eggs and put them away, started up laundry & dishes. Put dishes away.

Hubby sat at house for about 30 minutes because he had a cavity filled at dentist & was still numbed up. He wanted to take a nap, but instead watched a few minutes of Top Gear.

I took more Excedrin Extra strength because my knee was very painful.


Supposed to be a nice day, but woke up to clouds & cold.

I made latte for hubby.

Hubby and I went down to Community Center to get eggs. We put them in the cooler and then went own to the Park to walk the dogs.

Half way thru the walk, Lil Bit got off his leash & harness. Fortunately, I called him and he came back.  

Hubby said he wanted french toast, so we decided to eat at Country Nook in Rathdrum. Heard that it is good.

We got back to the house and unloaded Isabelle & Lil Bit. Took Ben, Bud & Maggie with us. Loaded the red bike into the back of the Excursion.

Parked at Les Schwab and walked over to Country Nook. There were people waiting out the door so we decided not to eat there. No time to waste.

Country Nook

Got sausage biscuits for the dogs at McDonalds at 10:31AM. Lots of people scurrying into McDs before they stopped serving breakfast.

Dropped the trailer at CN Diesel at Post Falls. Got lattes at Mugsy's Espresso in Post Falls. Hubby got a Montana Sugar.

Drove over to Spokane Valley to meet kids. KRN would not answer her texts or phone calls.

Walked dogs at Sullivan Park in Spokane Valley. Kids finally got there 20 minutes later. I had VERY bad tummy and finally found a bathroom at the park. Thank goodness or a very bad accident would have happened...

Went over to Star Nails to get a fill while the guys went shopping at Harbor Freight. Even tho the price was $15, I was charged $20. Pissed me off. KRN got gel polish on her nails.

We discussed places to eat, but the dogs had sat in the Excursion for long enough and it was getting warmer. There was no way that they would be able to sit for another hour for us to eat in the heat of the vehicle. So we told the kids we were heading home.

Stopped for gasoline at Love's Travel Stop at Stateline, ID. Then hubby returned his shoes at Cabella's. When he parked, I walked the dogs. However some other people had dogs in their pickup and parked RIGHT NEXT TO US in the outlying area of the parking lot. I swear. If we were alone in the middle of NOWHERE, people would park right next to us. Assholes. I hate people.

We stopped at Wendy's to get burgers for dogs and salads for us. We had planned on going to the boat tonight, but by the time we got home both of us were too tired for another 1 hour drive to the boat & back. The sky started to cloud up and then it RAINED later. So it would have been horrible on the boat.

Watched the show Source Code on the free channel Showtime weekend. It was pretty good movie.

NO SUPER MOON FOR US. Was cloudy all night.

Went to bed at 11:00PM.

Friday, June 21, 2013



Happy first day of Summer! But it rained today. And rained.

Made burrito mixings last night and hubby put it together this morning. Only one burrito, however. He will have to do the rest of them tonight.

Latte was fixed even though we got up late (6:45AM). And dog's eggs were prepared. Dogs got their pills with the eggs.

Ben vomited on the floor right by the fridge. I cleaned that up.

I will have to take Ben to the Vet this afternoon for his ear.

The rain finally stopped around 11:00 and the SUN came out! Have not seen the sun for DAYS!!!

I took Excedrin PM for my pain. The knee is hurting worse. Don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. Is it hurting worse because it is healing? Did I strain it more?

Everything is SO wet outside. The weeds are more than a foot tall in the back yard. Barely can see Lil Bit when he runs outside to potty.

Took Ben to his vet appointment at 3:30. Bud came along with us. Ben was SO VERY HAPPY to see the Vet. He bounced & bounded into the office. It was easy to get him on the weight scale even tho the two girls in the front of the office saw us coming and made NO MOVE to turn it on before we got inside!

Ben weighs 111.8 pounds. He is right on the spot for his weight, not overweight & not underweight. Vet said he is perfect. After a scraping test, Vet determined that he had yeast infection in his ears, so Vet gave him BNT ointment. We scheduled a re-check for July 5.

Went home and got the mail. By this time, it was raining again.

Hubby got home late. He had to be here by 6:00 to meet a guy at the shop. However, hubby's phone just stopped working. He was panicking. His whole life is in that phone! So I plugged it in, and even tho it was charged up, it still would not restart. I had to hold down home & restart buttons for quite a while before it finally rebooted.

I took the phone back down to him with the FMF, Bud came too and stayed down at the shop.

Said hi to Dave Rodriguez who was here for a while. He also gave up to the house to check on our DSL.

Went to bed at 10:00. So tired. Wrapped my leg in heating pad.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. He left for work in the rain.

It rained all day.

I rested on the couch. No more medication because it makes me nauseated. So I endured pain.

Elevated my knee. Lots of bruising all over my arm.

Rained all day. Rained hard.

Dogs were wet. They were bored.

Lil Bit smiling

Hubby came home at 6:30 after getting groceries at Walmart.

 Got notification from Kootenai Electric that they are raising prices.


Made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. He left for work in the rain.

I took painkillers and slept most of today again.

Lots of rain today.

Dogs are depressed. I am depressed.

Made a Vet appointment for Ben as he is wagging his head a lot. Ear infection in left ear? He has been throwing up again lately. Depressed.

Hubby had to work late tonight putting in DSL circuits at Black Sheep. Had to work after hours. Finally got home about 9:30.

I had made eggs, sausage, hashbrowns for burrito mixings. He added jalapenos, tomatoes & more potatoes!

Went to bed after watching Season Finale of Hannibal.

Watching those shows when I was younger used to creep me out and give me nightmares. Now, I just think it odd. Doesn't scare me anymore.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Badly Injured


I pretty much got up and dragged myself downstairs to make breakfast & latte for hubby.

Then on both days, I laid on the couch in agony from both knees, my right chest, my left hand, my right foot.

When hubby came home on Monday night, he gave me over-the-counter meds to help with the pain. But I got nauseated and could not take them much more.

I went to bed very early on Monday night. Passed out, more like.

It rained horribly on Monday night. I was up at 2AM to close the windows and again at 4AM when the thunder and lightning were very bad. Isabelle went downstairs to sleep in the library in the darkness.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Positively Dreadful, Awful Weekend


Got up and made breakfast for hubby. Made burritos for Matt & hubby.

Took Bud, Ben, Beebo & Bit down with us to get eggs at the Bountiful Basket site in Athol.

Stopped to get lattes at Espresso stand (girl there did REALLY good lattes for Matt & KRN) took eggs back home.

Matt went over to his parents' to visit.

Left dogs at home.

KRN and I went to get hair done. Picked up lattes in Post Falls for hairdresser and ourselves before we went over to A Cut Above.

Julie did my hair. She gave me the Brazilian Blowout. It was VERY good. Nice and soft. No need to wait to wash hair. Just get it done & go. KRN changed her mind and instead of getting acrylics, she had gel put on her nails which later peeled off...

We shopped at Walmart after we were done and got groceries.

Came home and unloaded groceries. Prepared the shish-ka-bobs for the boat. Packed up everything we needed for boat. Matt came back and helped pack. Had to run down to shop at 3:00pm to get hubby.

We finally got on the road and got to boat.

Matt & Hubby pulled on the wet suits (trying to squeeze sausage into a casing!) and Matt bravely dove to cut off the tow-line from the propellers. He got it all done and we started up the engines! Success. We have a great son-in-law!

Matt diving

While walking the dogs before casting off, Bud tore out of my hands and chased after the Espresso stand Schipperkes that were there. He pulled me & I fell down on the gravel. Nice people in a golf cart came over to help me up. I injured my left knee, which would not stop bleeding... my right chest behind my boob and I could not breathe very well. My right foot scraped up pretty badly. Left hand aches a lot where I landed on it when trying to cushion my fall. KRN ran after Bud & Ben.

We loaded onto the boat and gave me aspirin, KRN was my nurse and bandaged me up.

KRN grilled the ka-bobs on the grille when we had motored out into the bad a little and Matt helped her. Was good Sunset Dinner Cruise for Father's Day.

We came back and unloaded everything. Drove home. I collapsed once I got home into bed. Hurts a lot.

Will probably take me all summer to heal...


Got up and made burritos for guys. Made egg, orange juice, and toast.

KRN and I took Lil Bit & Maggie in the FMF; we stopped to get lattes from owner (Erin) at the espresso stand. Drinks were not very good this time. Met the guys down at the park.

We packed up all the dogs and took a walk in the park down to the shooting range.

I had to limp with my left leg the whole way.

We came back home and unloaded dogs. Packed up more stuff to go on boat. Matt went over to spend the day at his parents' home for Father's Day.

Got case of water at Lil Town Market; KRN & her dad got ice cream cones. Drove Excursion down to Marina and unpacked all the stuff onto boat. Then we motored out; I took a nap down below. Hubby almost drove to Hope; we stopped and had lunch.

"Gilligan" KRN helping cast off

Ben enjoying a nap on the boat

Maggie as First Mate

 KRN and Bravo enjoying some carefree time

Then when we came back to Marina and unloaded dogs. KRN took Ben & Bravo up to potty. While hubby was tying down the boat, the dogs jumped out and were waiting at the gate. I went over to get them tied up on leashes, but drunk guy came up behind us and instead of waiting, tried to get thru gate. Lil Bit got upset. Guy started screaming. So I took dogs for potty. KRN came over and wondered what excitement was all about.

Guy kept complaining so hubby gave him his card. I stayed in Excursion with dogs until everything was loaded & we left.

Met Matt at home. KRN left and went home with Matt.

I went to bed around 8:00. Hurt and was exhausted.

Hubby came to bed at 11:30. And woke me up again.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Rain PM


Hubby had to get up at 6:00 to meet a guy down at the shop to get a boat out; so I made breakfast by myself. After making hubby his egg sandwich & latte; he finally got back home and was able to sit down for a few minutes before leaving.

Dogs got their pills and eggs.

I went out to mow the lawn. It was difficult going today even though it was cooler. I only got 1 hour of mowing the frontage in today.

Came back and did laundry, dishes, and vacuumed. I made new BlueBerry Muffins from the blueberries we got in our Bountiful Basket.

 Izzy comes down the stairs

As bad as Isabelle was feeling, I really did not think that we would even have her this long. The medications that she is being prescribed by her Vet are really helping her quality of life. She still has to take things easy, but she is happy & healthy.

Hubby dressed up as the Frontier Buffalo for the Grand Opening of the Retail Store on Government Way in CDA. Pictures tomorrow.

He came home around 6PM.

Went down to the shop for a few minutes and then came home for dinner. We sat around watching TV for a while, then went to Athol to get gas in my FMF.

Watched Hannibal and went to bed.


Got up and made hubby breakfast & latte.

Wild Flowers

When picking up poo in the backyard, found these beautiful flowers.

Almost forgot that I had to meet KRN over in Spokane for nails!

Took Bud & Ben with me in FMF to drive to Spokane. Drove back roads & thru downtown Spokane to avoid traffic snarls with construction on Interstate 90.

Got to Red White & Brew. KRN not there, at URM instead. So I walked the dogs around for pee time. Then KRN got back, unloaded her stuff. We both drove up to T's nail place. She was booked until 3PM, so I decided to drive back home. It did not occur to us that she might have appointments because she had only been walk-in before.

Drove to KRN's place for dogs to potty again in her back yard & play with Beebo for a few minutes. I took Beebo along with me and drove back home. Waste of trip.

On the way, we stopped at Wendy's and got burgers. Dogs at home were happy that I brought back burgers.

Kids came over around 7:00. Hubby got home and went to work in shop until 12:30PM.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Colder Today


Made breakfast and latte for hubby. Gave him the eggs for the dogs to feed them their pills. I had a juice for breakfast.

When hubby left for work in the Excursion, I got busy mowing. Finished off the little bit on the frontage, still have about a day left to get the rest of the frontage done.

Came inside and cleaned off my feet. Ben had been busy tearing apart a little birdy stuck in my plants on the back deck and all of the instructions that were tucked into the dirt in the plants. Bad Dog.

We spent the rest of the day doing laundry, dishes, and baking chicken.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Gave dogs their pills with the remaining eggs. Made beds, started laundry and did dishes.

Washed our comforter & dog bed comforter.

I had tummy bug all day today with cramps & diarrhea. It was horrible. Really weak. Did not want to get off couch. Took a nap late in the day from 2-3:30. Was awful depressing.

Hubby came home late from overtime work; he worked in the shop for an hour and dropped a tire on his hand. It got bruised & swollen. Watched Adventures of Baron Munchausen and went to bed.


Made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Gave dogs their pills with the remaining eggs. Made beds, started laundry and did dishes.

Paid bills online.

Went down at 3:30PM to pick up Meds for Isabelle down at the Vet's.

Hubby came home late at 6:00, then chatted with Larry and Dave R down at the shop for about 30 minutes. I had to get on my bike and go down to get him.

We took dogs down to the park to walk them at the new trail down by the horse walking area.

On the way out, we saw 4 elk that were walking down the shooting range road! They were big and pretty.

Watched some TV before bed at 10:30.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Disaster on the Boat


Got up extra early and made breakfast for hubby. Egg sandwich & latte. Gave eggs to dogs.

 Picked up our BOUNTIFUL BASKET at 7:00 from the Athol Community Center. Unloaded all the food at home.

We took Ben, Bud, Lil Bit & Maggie along with us to the boat which was still docked at McDonald's Marina. Left the Excursion there. Loaded the dogs onto the boat and we motored up to Garfield Bay and dock the boat there. It was a wonderful sunny day. Very calm on the lake. Easy to dock the boat at Garfield.
Boat docked at Garfield Marina

From there, we stopped at Stacey's Country Kitchen for breakfast. I had a delicious omelette with spinach, tomatoes, and avocados. Hubby had the skillet breakfast. After breakfast, took the Dodge back to McDonalds to get the Excursion. Bud & Ben rode with hubby home. While I had Lil Bit and Maggie in the Dodge with me.

Once we got home, hubby went down to the shop to work for a while.

Later, hubby came home and said he had a truck to deliver to Post Falls.

I followed him in the FMF with Bud & Ben. He delivered the truck, then we went to Walmart to get a few things. Met Lane H. to pay him. Then we shopped. LOTS of POWM (people of Walmart) today at the store. Ick. I could have made a whole video of all the people there.

We drove to Wendy's and almost got hit by a woman that pulled out in front of us from a stop sign. I honked at her and she gave me the finger! What a witch.

We got burgers and then washed the FMF at the car wash.

Drove home and watched tv. Went to bed early.


Got up and made breakfast eggs & latte for hubby. Hubby had to go to dentist at 8:20 for a cavity filling. He got back around 10:00.

We packed up Bud, Ben, & Maggie and drove up to boat. It was very windy on the bay with white caps, but took the boat out anyway.

Hubby & Maggie





Maggie asleep

Maggie helping

About 1 mile from the Marina the waves got even worse and I was scared on the boat. We lost a couple bumpers and had to fish them out with the catch pole. It was awful. Then hubby turned boat around. Felt like we were going to capsize a couple times. The swells were 8 foot high! Awful.

When we were attempting to dock and the wind was blowing, the tie-down rope had fallen off the side of the boat because when we left the manager had helped us push off. He put the rope back on the side of the boat wrong and it had fallen off in the big swells.

The tie-down rope caught on both propellers and we were DEAD IN THE WATER. With the wind blowing us straight into the dock. We called for help on the dock and fortunately, there were some people still there. They helped catch us and tie us out at the end of the dock! However, hubby tried to dive to get the rope loose, but the water was ICE COLD.

We packed everything up and took the dogs for a walk and then left.

 Maggie, Ben & Bud wading in the water

 Maggie wades in the water

Drove up to Hope to visit the huge 4570 Cruisers for sale up there. Talked to a nice mechanic guy there about the boat.

Then we drove back to Sandpoint, picked up dog food at Big R. Stopped for burgers at Arby's.

Drove back to Garfield, but still too windy & cold. Stayed until about 6:00 then drove home.

Gave dogs at home the burgers then packed them up and walked them at Farragut Park.

Came home and went to bed.

Friday, June 07, 2013



Did not get up to make hubby breakfast as I had endo cramps again at 4AM. Took bunches of aspirin and fell back to sleep.

By 10:00 the kids, Lane & Cade were here. They mowed some of the highway frontage and picked up pinecones & branches.

While the boys were busy, I cleaned out the fish container. It was exhausting work.

Puppies watched me work from the back yard.

Bud, Ben & Lil Bit

By 11:30 they were done. I gave them $20 for pizza and gave them their graduation cards with $50 in each card.

They went down to the shop to clean up. Took the gates off the posts at the driveway entrance.

Then I went out to mow some more around 2:00. It was hot and I quit after 1 hour.

Came inside and cleaned up. Washed hair. Hair is dry and straw. Won't be getting anymore keratin treatments around here.

KRN texted that she was at Dominic's getting her hair done. I really need to get back there and get my hair done.

I baked chicken in oven before hubby came  home.

Hubby came home at 5:00 and cleaned up. Dave Rodriguez got here around 5:30 and they hooked the boat up to the Excursion. I took Maggie & Bit with me. Hubby took Ben & Bud with him. We drove down to boat ramp at Farragut Park. Got it in with no hassles.

Loading boat into water at Farragut State Park boat docks

There was very little gasoline in boat, so hubby motored around to Bayview, but McDonald's Marina was closed. We moored it along the gas docks and left it there for tomorrow after hubby gets off work.

At Bayview McDonalds Marina

I met the guys with the FMF at the Marina and then drove them back to the Excursion.

When we got home, dogs made a real mess of their dog food bowls, so I had use the wet Swiffer around all the floors before bed. I was really tired.

Watched Hannibal. What a gory show.


Got up to pee at 1AM. Almost fell over Ben at the foot of the bed.

Hands started burning & tingling at 4AM. Even tho I had both windows open and a cool breeze was blowing thru the bedroom, I was sweating with more hot flashes. They have been bad lately. And getting worse.

I will take a day off of mowing to see if my hands feel any better. The pain is horrible.

I made hubby egg sandwich & latte for breakfast. Gave the rest to the dogs. I was not in a mood to eat.

Did dishes, laundry, vacuuming, blogging, uploaded new iTunes, picked up poo, filled deer food,got mail, cleaned the vacuum out, conditioned my hair.

Hubby texted me that Ray at the Marina filled the boat with $300 in gasoline and we will pick it up tonight to motor it up to Garfield.

Neighbors in the back are screaming at their horses & shooting. I really need to get away. Move.

I need a beer.

While I was on the computer in the library, all 3 Filas decided they were going to be there with me.
They looked all tiny when they are curled up like that, but Maggie (far right) weighs 130; Ben (middle) at 10 months is 100 pounds and Isabelle (far left) is around 125.

Isabelle, Ben, Maggie the 3 Filas

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

More Mowing


Woke up at 4:00 with endometriosis cramps, so I loaded up on aspirin and went back to bed with Maggie & Lil Bit. Ben jumped into bed with hubby.

Got up at 6:30 and made breakfast egg sandwich for hubby and a latte, then gave leftover eggs to dogs.

No rain today, it was warm & sunny most of the day. I think a high of 79F.

As soon as hubby was gone, I started dishes & washing clothes.

Rode my bike down to get mail and Bud ran along with me.

Then went out back to mow the dog yard. Got the whole thing done in 1 day!

I also put the lights and extension cord away that were at the side of the garage. Looks better now. Need to sell them on the garage sale.

I rested inside for a little while, made chicken breasts and gave them to the dogs.

Then went outside again and started on the yard behind the shop. Got lots of that mowed. So I mowed 3 hours altogether today.

Came back inside and wiped off. Washed my feet. Put away clean clothes. Put away dishes.

Hubby worked late on the Reservation; then he stopped to get groceries at Walmart. He texted me to give him the list of groceries we needed.

I really need to clean the fish tank. Tomorrow?

Tuesday, June 04, 2013



Woke up to sunshine!

Hubby went to work today; I made egg sandwich for him and gave left over eggs to dogs. Also made him a latte.

After he was gone, the dogs and I went in the backyard to pick up poo. I already need to mow the backyard again as the grass is TOO TALL.

When that was done, I got the laundry & dishwasher going. Then I made sure that the dogs had sufficient water and turned on the A/C.

The kids came to the house to get the keys for the Excursion so they could haul scrap. I also had to go down to the shop on my bike to ask them to come back because there was ANOTHER hummingbird stuck in the upper windows. They got it down really quickly! This was a very big hummingbird. I am glad it did not get stuck & die.

I finally went out and mowed from 9:00 until 1:00. Then came inside and took a shower & had tea. I was too exhausted to eat.

Finally, about 2 hours later, I made more eggs. Took a couple bites and almost got sick. Gave the rest to the dogs.

Hubby came home and rested for a while.

Ben & Hubby on couch

Monday, June 03, 2013



Hubby chose not to go into work after he chipped a tooth.

Very foggy & wet outside this morning. Rain last night.

I made eggs for dogs & latte for hubby. Then we went to Farragut Park for a walk with the dogs.

We got back and hubby rested on the couch for a couple hours.

I mowed outside from 10:00-12:00.

Then came inside and ordered our first Bountiful Basket. Ready to pick up on Saturday.

I took a shower & washed my hair. Frizzing out is pissing me off. The Keratin treatment did not last very long.

Then I fell asleep on the couch.

It started raining at 6:30PM.

Saturday, June 01, 2013



I got up and made eggs for dogs; Beebo was here to get a piece of ham this morning, too. Made latte for hubby.

We got ready and took dogs for walk in park. KRN and I took the FMF and went to get 3 dozen eggs up at Careywood Post Office. Very sunny & mild. Wonderful day for a walk. Matt & hubby had gone to get latte for Matt in town, but it was closed.

Met up in the park and Lil Bit was overjoyed to see me. He wanted to jump into my arms. When we left, we took him with us in the FMF.

KRN and I drove to Spirit Lake while the guys took the dogs home. KRN and I got groceries at Miller's so we could make Matt his breakfast burritos for the morning. Matt is trying to gain weight to up his muscle mass to 200 pounds.

We also got lattes for them at the Spirit Lake espresso stand. KRN's first drink burnt her tongue, and the girl had to re-do it.

When we got back, the guy went to get trucks at CN Diesel. Matt drove one home & hubby drove another home.

KRN started getting upset because she was hungry, but couldn't find anything she wanted to eat. She was upset & took a nap.

I went outside to start mowing again. Hubby decided to go pick up a truck from Kevin Reese's. He towed it home with Kevin's new trailer. I went to take a shower & the kids left to go to the engagement party of a friend of Matt's.