Sunday, September 24, 2017



Got up at 7:00AM.

Made latte for hubby. Hubby made eggs for dogs.

Hubby sat and watched his show on Streaming TV - Hot Rod's Roadkill. 

Then we loaded the dogs into the white Dually at 9:30 and drove to Farragut Park.

Went walking down by Willow Day Use Area. Lots of new smells. I loved walking down by the water. It was a warm day, about 47° but we still had to wear our hoodies.

Wilson stuck his head out of the window going down & back.

We stopped at the Latte stand in Athol to pick up another latte for hubby. He got an awful tasting Dirty Blonde - cinnamon, caramel, & brown sugar. 

At home, we unloaded dogs.

Turkeys were here eating. 

Hubby went to J. Wilson's at 10AM with Mark to pick up the forklift that the guy was supposed to have fixed.

When he returned, we started to clean up the yard.

I gave the deer more grain and spread some on the ground for the turkeys.

Swept the patio. Put away the rocking chairs & deck chairs down below the deck.

Stored the bridge in the garage. Put the riding lawnmower in front of the Jeep. Put the push lawnmower in the garage.

Cleaned up the weeds in the back under the deck/stairs.

I picked up dog poo.

I have to find the cover for the Harley. I think it is downstairs.

Stopped to have lunch at 1PM. By 2PM, we were all done.

Hubby went inside to rest his leg. Elevated.

We watched his automotive shows for a while.

Then we took the dogs for another walk in the park at 5:30PM. Walked around the Waldron Campground where it looks like they are doing sewer and water work. Have lots of pipe, markers, and equipment.

Drove home, unloaded dogs.

Hubby drove customer's truck and I took the Jeep to the Post Falls shop to drop off the truck. Drove behind some fucking idiot on Hwy 53 & McGuire Road; he kept trying to turn left and slowed down to 25 mph. Idiot that did not know WHERE he was going. We could not pass him, had to follow him all the way to the traffic light at the old church and he STILL signaled both left & right. Fucking old guy that should not be driving. Kept trying to turn left and slowed down to 25 mph.

At the shop, Hubby had me jump in the truck with him and see if I could find where the noise was coming from, we drove down the interstate and I could still not figure it out. The noise has stymied hubby.

Hubby drove to CDA on the interstate, we washed the Jeep at Metro Express.

Some idiots tried to pull out into us at the Texas Roadhouse parking lot. Drove to Fred Meyer in the Jeep as hubby wanted a peach pie and I was too tired to make one.

Then we drove home on Hwy 95.

At home, we were exhausted. Went to bed at 11:00PM.

Saturday, September 23, 2017



Got up when Wilson started barking at something outside. It was turkeys!

Turkeys were back again. Bad cat Joey tried to menace them, but they hung around for quite a while. We closed the dog door and I called Joey along with Scaredy inside. They came inside quickly. They listen to Mommy!

I made lattes.

Hubby made left overs & eggs for dogs.

He sat on the couch with his leg elevated and ate breakfast.

I cleaned up, started the dishwasher. Started washing clothes.

We took dogs to walk in Farragut Park around 10AM. Down by the Disc Golf area. Checked to see how they are coming on the Zipline Course. They moved everything up by the bathrooms for construction. Hopefully, they will get it done this year before snow.

On the way back, hubby had to stop for a latte. He got an Amaretto and made me get a Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Stopped for milk at Lil Town.

Waited for 2 trains crossing at the RxR tracks.

Picked up mail at home.

Hubby fixed the leaking hose. He turned off the water for the season.

Hubby left for the shop at 1PM.

I went out and put peaches & grain for the deer & moose.

Hubby picked up Beebo at 2PM after stopping to talk to Joe Holman.

Hubby worked until 6PM, then came back home.

He was too tired to take the dogs for another walk.

We stayed home and watched TV. Went to bed at 10PM.



Got up this morning. It was nice outside. Sun was shining.

Hubby rested his leg on the couch while I made breakfast. I made lattes. Made eggs for hubby & dogs.

Turkeys were here this morning. 

Neighbor Dan Wurster who lives behind us came over to pay for his Storage of his Camper this winter. Wilson started barking while he walked up the driveway. He stayed to talk for quite a while.

We took dogs for walk in the park around the Brig. It was cool to start out with, but we made the entire walk and it got warm.

Came back home. By then it was time to eat as we were both hungry. Stopped at Country Boy to have lunch. Left the dogs in the truck because it was cool. Rolled the windows down.

Saw Richie Cole and Buzzy Booten in the diner. Richie came over to say hi and sat with us for a while.

Then hubby went to the restroom while I paid. We drove home.

Dropped off dogs. Then hubby went down to the shop to find parts while I changed.

Drove to Richie's to drop off parts. I sat in the truck and waited for over 30 minutes.

Then we drove to Hayden and dropped KR"s makeup off at her work. She gave us a tour again so hubby could see where she worked.

We got a latte at Jitterz. Drove to Golden Glo Espresso for hubby's latte. Met Kevin & Leslie at the stand.

Drove to Horizon and made a deposit. Hubby went inside while I waited in the truck. He saw a girl taking in Espressos and said hello to her.

We drove to pick up a case of peaches and 6 Pink Lady apples at the Poteet Stand on Government Way.

Drove to Columbia Bank to pick up copies of checks that hubby forgot to copy. It took us forever to wait as the girls were incompetent and could not locate anything on the archives.

Then we got gasoline at Costco. Parked at Costco. Returned our tuna. Some lady started talking to us when we were in the return line. She was bringing back an apple pie. We purchased some more groceries.

By that time, it was 4PM. We drove home. Exhausted.

Picked up our mail at home. Unloaded everything from the store.

I went outside to give more grain to the deer/moose.

Hubby put his leg up and rested on the couch for the night.

We went to bed at 10PM.

Thursday, September 21, 2017



When hubby came home last night, he had severely bruised his leg on the truck running board. So he was barely able to walk this morning.

I made breakfast for dogs & hubby and lattes.

Stopped in Rathdrum to get latte at Jitterz.

Then we took hubby into the Immedia Care in Post Falls. Had to wait for quite a while to see Dr Winter. Idiot receptionist had no clue what she was doing. Seems like more and more people don't do their jobs well.

Afterwards, hubby was hungry, so we ate at Moondollars. There was a cold breeze blowing.

Hubby had Rye sandwich, I had the special which was

Wednesday, September 20, 2017



Got up this morning feeling even more tired than when I went to bed.

Hubby got up and fed cats tuna.

I got up and made eggs. Made lattes. Hubby fed eggs to dogs. I made his breakfast sandwich.

The King Ranch would not start again, hubby thinks it needs a new battery. So he transferred everything to the white Dually and drove it to work.

He forgot his billfold in the other truck.

Turkeys were here by 7:30AM, I had to bring Rattler inside because he was chasing them. Scaredy would not come inside. He decided to chase turkeys.

Moose were here by 8AM. They slept outside in the woods for a while.

I took garbage out to the garage. Started laundry & dishes.

Worked on bookwork all day.

Hubby called me and talked to me all the way that he drove home. Hubby got home late at 8:30PM.

He parked the Dually close to the door and hobbled up the steps. He had slipped off the running board of the truck as he got in the cab. The running board had scraped his left leg. He thought maybe he had broken it as it was swollen up and hard as rock.

Hubby took off his pants. We wrapped it up and put ice on it. Hubby sat on the couch with the leg elevated for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017




I had a fever at 5AM. 

Got up at 5AM because Zim brought in a mouse. He was bopping it on the floor. Or as hubby says...WWE wrestling!

We both got up to potty and hubby disposed of the mouse.

Then we went back to bed. But hubby had turned off his alarm.

He woke up late. I was still sleeping and did not get up to make breakfast. Hubby went to work. He barely made it with 7 minutes to spare.

I did laundry and dishes.

Made myself a hot latte.

Gave dogs some chicken slices, Gave cats some tuna.

Moose & turkeys came by 7:30AM.

Steve with the Samurai came and paid at 7:35AM. 

I started doing bookwork at 8:30AM.

Guy with big truck & camper on the back came at 10AM. It was raining. He picked up his license plate and I asked him for a tour of his camper. It was HUGE & BIG. Very tall. And heavy.

Got mail at 1PM.

UPS came at 2PM and brought my Sam & Libby blue bow-tie flats. I like them and will order some in black.

I went down stairs for file cabinets to find something. Found that the cats had torn apart a bird in the basement. It took me almost 2 hours to clean up the mess with the vacuum. Clean up cat litter. 

Took at nap around 4-5PM because my eyes were burning.

Hubby got home at 7:30PM. He brought Wendy's burgers for dogs & salads for me.

We watched TV. I did bookwork.

Went to bed at 10:30PM.




Got up and made hubby latte & egg sandwich.

Made eggs for dogs. Gave tuna to kitties.

Hubby left at 6:45AM after watching Raising Hope.

I started laundry & dishes.

Went to get mail at Noon.

Put away all the stuff outside as it started raining today.

The far west side garage door would not close.

No food for moose or deer. We forgot to purchase some on Sunday.

I worked on bookwork all day long.

Hubby got home at 5:30. He brought home grain from the old farmer's place on Hayden Avenue.

Fed the moose & deer.

We took dogs for a walk in the park

Got back and hubby had beef stew with noodles for dinner. I had salad.

I did not feel well afterwards. We watched the final streaming episode available of Preacher. 

Went to bed at 10:30PM.

Sunday, September 17, 2017



Got up at 8AM after taking 3 allergy pills so that I could sleep.

Lots of weird dreams.

Hubby was making egg breakfast.

I made lattes.

Moose were here. No food to feed them. They had eaten it all. I took some leftover watermelon & oatmeal down to them.

We got dressed and took dogs for walk in Farragut Park.

Saturday, September 16, 2017



Did not sleep very well last night. Was awake for hours.

Zim slept with us all night. Wilson got into bed several times, once after he came in from outside, he had poop on his butt. I had to get up and clean my hand and his butt.

Finally fell asleep around 4am.

Got up at 7am.

It was freezing cold last night. Only 30F degrees over night. Cats all stayed inside last night.

Momma Moose was here this morning, the babies were missing.

I made lattes. Hubby made eggs with hashbrowns. He used too many hashbrowns. Had to make more eggs.

He put bacon in the oven. Greasy pan leftover.

Did laundry and dishes.

We got dogs ready for walk. Hubby went to the shop to unload the truck from Tom's that was on the trailer. Ben went down to the shop with him.

Loaded dogs into White Dually. Drove to Park and walked dogs around the Disc Golf Course. Lots of cars there for an event.

Good walk. Wilson tried to eat a mouse.

On the drive back, we saw DOZENS of hawks circling on the wind. Hubby had to pull over to see it.

Hubby stopped at the new Espresso in Athol to get drinks. Skinny Danny was upset because he had received a fine from the city of Athol for his property.

We came home. Jack, Mark's dog, was chewing on the head of a deer that he had found. There were lots of black birds, crows, and North Idaho vultures circling around it.

Hubby had lunch.

He went down to pick up the dead deer head in his truck and take it to the dump.

Wrote up an invoice for hubby.

Hubby and I drove to Athol again for oatmeal. Then we returned home. He left at 10:30AM and went to the Post Falls shop.

I did bookwork.

Watched Fortitude, a weird and violent show.

Hubby finally got home at 7PM.

Casey came over to try to fix the King Ranch Ford that hubby is trying to sell.

Friday, September 15, 2017



I could not sleep, so got up at 5:30 and made ham cups for hubby. Had to bake them in the oven.

Made latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby got up at 6AM.

He watched Raising Hope. Then he went outside and put the grain out for deer & moose.

Came back inside and ate his ham cups. Drank his latte.

He left with my Jeep. The white dually had the trailer on so he could not take that in to work.

I put pears out for the deer & moose.

Cleaned up breakfast. Started dishes. Started laundry. Made the bed.

Called customer for credit card payment.

Worked on bookwork.

Scheduled Christmas events & booked them online.

Went outside to water lilacs. Picked up dog poo in back yard.

Took a nap at noon.

Emailed a contract to a client for Storage from hubby's text info.

Went outside and put grain out for deer. Jack had come up to eat & drink. Petted Jack.

Thursday, September 14, 2017



Got up at 6AM to make breakfast sandwich and latte for hubby.

The wind is blowing and there is SMOKE IN THE AIR AGAIN. Turned on the A/C to keep the doors closed.

The Moose were here already. So hubby took pears out to them. We are out of grain.

Hubby fed eggs to dogs.

Hubby left at 6:30 because there is a Meeting at work today.

I took a brief nap on the couch because I was exhausted.

Then I started laundry and dishes.

I also started to pack up the clothes upstairs from the closets to take them to Rachelle. Her sister is in Social Work in Spokane and will distribute them there.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Got up at 6AM to make breakfast sandwich for hubby and eggs for dogs.

Hubby went outside to feed the moose. He put out grain & pears.

Hubby tried to take the King Ranch truck to work, but it did not start.

So he took the Grey Dodge to work instead.

I cleaned up.

Started laundry & dishes.

Vacuumed the rugs.

It was cooler today.

Drove to hair appointment in Hayden. Stopped to pick up a drink at Jitterz.

Was at appointment from 1PM to 4:15PM. Had color done. Had Keratin Treatment done.

Left and drove home.

I had salad when I got home. Gave the dogs some turkey meat for a treat.

I fed the moose. Only Momma was out there. Later, a deer came up behind her and ate some of the grain.

Hubby called while I was at Hair appointment and he wanted to attend Union Meeting for a Vote. I told him be home early because we were walking the dogs tonight.

He locked himself out of the truck and had to break in. He broke the window in the back to get into the truck.

I was angry that he got home late, that he lied about the time he was leaving the Union Meeting, and angry that he locked the door on the truck.

He finally got home at 6:30, had to vacuum out the back of the truck with all the glass inside it.

Took the dogs for a late night walk in Farragut Park.

We stopped at Lil Town on the way home for milk. Hubby bought lottery tickets.

Drove home, unloaded dogs. Moose were gone.

Watched Father Brown. 

Went to bed at 10PM.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017



Woke up at 6AM. Joey got into bed with us. Wilson had already crawled into bed with us at 4AM. I stroked his belly to make him sleep.

Made breakfast sandwich for hubby. Grilled bacon in the microwave. I made him a latte.

Hubby fed eggs to the dogs.

The moose were already here when we got up. They had not left all night.

Hubby left for work and put out pears for the moose.

Moose walked around the yard. Drank water, ate the pears.

I did laundry and dishes.

Drove to town in the Jeep. Picked up a latte & water at Jitterz.

Had my appointment for Rolfing at 1PM.

Afterwards, I stopped at Wendy's and picked up burgers for dogs and salads for me.

Drove home.

Picked up the mail.

Gave dogs their cheeseburgers.

Took a nap for a couple hours.

Hubby did not get home until 8:30PM.

We watched TV and went to bed.

Monday, September 11, 2017



Wilson was honking all night long. He came upstairs and I helped him into our bed around 2AM. He slept between us and I kept stroking his belly to calm him down.

Got up at 6AM to make breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby left and I went out to feed moose, but Momma Moose raced across the road. Almost got hit by 2 cars!

Then the babies came running across later. One car stopped for them.

I gave them carrots and pears. I could not reach the grain to take it out to them.

I did bookwork, started laundry, started dishes.

Moose left at 10:30AM.

I took a nap at 2PM and slept until 4PM. I was tired.

Then got up and vacuumed some of the house. Cleaned. Put away dishes & laundry.

Hubby got home at 7:30PM. We binge watched Preacher. I took a bath. Went to bed at 11:30PM.