Tuesday, March 20, 2018



I got at 2AM and slept on the couch until 4AM. Got up and joined hubby in bed again. I was freezing.

Wilson is still honking. He slept most of the night, but woke up honking again.

I made eggs for dogs, egg sandwich for hubby. Made latte for hubby.

He took off for work at 6:50AM.

I fed the dogs, gave Wilson a couple cough pills.

I am tired, nauseous, and my right side in the back hurts.

Need to call Vet today and get the Steroid pills for Wilson.

I need to call Dr and make appointment for my back pain.



Wilson was honking all day.

Got up at 6:30AM.

Made latte & Breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Hubby fed dogs.

He went to work for meeting at 8:30 to clarify his "do not climb poles". Met his union rep and supervisor, talked on conference call to district lead.

Then he took 2 hours of 25 online tests that he had not done in the past.

At 12:15, I took Wilson to the Vet for his Honking.

We had to wait in the parking lot for 20 minutes to get in because they thought my little black dog was contagious.

Finally got to see Vet, NOT Dr Mike. And she said collapsed trachea. Prescribed cough pills for him. I gave them to him when we got home and also gave him another Benadryl. Nothing is able to calm him down.

I watched a good movie from 1995 on Amazon Prime Video - Citizen X. It was not great; acting was stilted and storyline was dry.

Hubby went for lunch at Walmart, picked me up baby aspirin. Went to deposit checks from RMOR at bank.

Took him 2 more hours to get his passwords reset.

Hubby got home at 4:30PM.

We took the dogs in the Dodge and drove to the Post Falls shop to drop off parts.

Then took the dogs for a walk at the Rathdrum High School.

Got groceries - Milk, Bread, Dog Bones at Super One.

Drove home.

Unloaded groceries. Watched the rest of Citizen X with hubby.

Went to bed at 10:30PM.

Sunday, March 18, 2018



Got up at 7AM.

Made latte for hubby.

Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby fed dogs.

Started laundry & dishes. Put away clean dishes.

Loaded dogs into Dodge and drove to Rathdrum. Purchased a ticket for the North Idaho College Really Big Raffle.

Stopped at Ace Hardware in Rathdrum because I had to go potty.

In Post Falls, we picked up KR. She was still in the shower getting ready. Gave her an Easter card with $20, the Raffle ticket, and a little bunny for Easter.

Stopped at Starbucks and picked up 1 more box of Blonde Espresso. Got latte & breakfast sandwiches for KR & Hubby.

We walked the dogs at Black Bay Park. Passed some other people with dogs.

Saw a couple Beavers trying to make a dam at the water's edge.

Drove to KR's after and talked with her. Took Beebo in to the house. Left Wilson and Ben in the car while we were there for about 45 minutes.

Came out to the Dodge and drove home.

At home, made hubby another latte.

Hubby fixed the toilet in the bathroom by fastening the screws on the floor.

Put away clean laundry. Hubby watched his automotive shows on TV.

We gave Wilson a bath.

Hubby made noodles on the stove.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


MARCH 17 2018

Hubby woke me up at 6:30AM. He lied and said it was 7:30AM.

I dreamt about school shooting all night long. It was awful. Tried to wake myself up, but could not.

Got up and made hubby a latte.

He had already fed cats tuna and made eggs for the dogs.

He left to go down to the Post Falls shop at 7:30AM.

I watched a show on Amazon Prime called Godforsaken.

Hubby called at 9AM and asked to have an invoice. I worked up the invoice on Quickbooks for him.

I tried to take a nap later in the afternoon while watching re-runs of 30 Rock.

Hubby came home at 2PM and brought Beebo along with a Jitterz latte for me.

Beebo stayed home with us today while KR was at work.

Hubby had lunch and then painted some parts at the shop. He took parts over to Charles and took Ben, the dog with him in the Dually.

Friday, March 16, 2018


MARCH 16 2018

Got up with a headache again.

Wilson had woken me at 3AM to climb into bed, but he only slept with us 5 minutes, then went back to sleep with Ben in the other bedroom.

I could not sleep after that. Finally fell asleep around 7AM. Hubby woke me up at 7:30AM.

I made latte for him.

We researched customer on Quickbooks because customer is coming next week to get warranty work done.

Today is hubby's last day of disability for 6 months. He will be going back to work on Monday.

I did laundry, dishes. Vacuumed. 

Had a trespasser on the property about 1:45PM. I got his license. Will talk to hubby and see if we need to call police.

Hubby got home at 6PM. He brought the Dually. Left the trailer with stuff loaded on it from Puyallup down at the Post Falls shop.

Ate dinner.

Went to bed at 10PM.


MARCH 15 2018

Got up with a headache. Did not sleep very well last night.

Slept on the sofa after waking up in the night.

Made hubby latte.

 Hubby Rubbing Wilson's Ear

We went into town at 10:30, picked up latte for me at Jitterz in Hayden.

Stopped at Metro Express to wash Jeep.

Took Hubby to his appointment at the Neurology Specialist at Kootenai Medical Center on Ironwood.

Hubby had forgotten paperwork at home, so had to fill out new paperwork again.

Doctor said that he might have Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder. 

Doctor needs to do testing and re-do the Nerve Test that he had in Sandpoint with other doctor.

Will make appointments and contact us again.

We drove to Rathdrum to get groceries at Super One.

I dropped hubby off at Charles' shop and he picked up a truck.

We drove home. Hubby helped unloaded groceries.

Then he took the truck down to the Post Falls shop.

KC brought hubby back around 5PM.

Some Sunshine Today

We watched TV and then went to bed later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018



Got up at 8AM.

Raining outside. No sun.

Made latte for hubby.

Ate meatloaf for breakfast.

Cleaned up kitchen.

Put away clean dishes.

Started laundry & dishes.

 Crazy Blue Ear Joey Sticks Leg Out of Box
 Wilson Falling Off Dog Bed
Ben Waking Up From Nap. Looks Drunk

Called Pacific Cataract & Laser Institute in Spokane Valley to schedule an appointment.

Tom came by the house to pick up parts from the Puyallup Swap Meet that were still on the trailer; he did not stop by or knock. Hubby had to call him.

It rained most of the day. The snow has really been knocked down outside.

We watched TV most of the day.

Hubby had a backache and did not want to do anything today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018



I got up to potty at 6AM due to Day Light Savings Time. Then collapsed on the Sofa. Hubby covered me up with a blanket. I slept again until 10AM.

Made latte for hubby. He was watching All Girls Garage.

Hubby fixed the French doors that were sticking and would not open.

I made another latte for hubby.

Started laundry. Made Ben's bed. Brought down a blanket from Ben's bed to wash. Started the dishwasher.

Watched the rest of Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime.

Took the dogs for a walk at 4PM down on East Riley Loop. Ran into the woman and man walking down there again.

Came back and hubby baked the meatloaf. But he put in stewed tomatoes from a can and I hate tomatoes.

So he drove to Spirit Lake and picked up more hamburger to make a meatloaf for me.

We watched the WORST MOVIE EVER-In The Cold Light of Day. Awful, Boring, Disgusting movie. Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis just need to QUIT MAKING MOVIES. PLEASE, QUIT MAKING MOVIES. RETIRE.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Monday, March 12, 2018



Got up at 8AM. We were both tired.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I made latte for hubby. Switched to drinking green tea again.

We both fell asleep on the sofa until Noon watching Shaun the Sheep.

The sun came out and we waited until it was warmer to walk the dogs.

Stopped at the mailbox to get the post, but mostly just junk. Our new Harley title came. 

Drove down to Farragut Park, but there was no place without snow on the roads.

So we walked them thru the woods, but had to quit. Drove to East Riley Loop and walked the road. There was another woman walking that we greeted.

We walked for about 2 miles. My legs were burning. The dogs were panting. Gave them water afterwards.

Stopped at the dump and got rid of garbage in the back of the Dodge.

Drove to Lil Town Market. Hubby got a pizza. I got a turkey wrap.

We came home and hubby took a nap on the sofa after eating his pizza.

Opened the doors in the house to let in fresh air. It was about 57 degrees by now.

I paid bills online.



Got up at 8AM.

Pushed all the clocks forward 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time.

Made eggs for the dogs. Wilson was more willing to eat his fair share of the eggs when I put it on a plate and cut it up into little pieces for him. Ben was nice enough to sit and eat his when I fed him with a fork.

I did laundry & dishes.
Rattler Sitting With Me
Captain Plays With His Blanket 
Drank green tea all day long to day to make my stomach feel better. I think I need to cut out the coffee.

Watched movies on TV.
Very Warm Today

Washed the cat beds.

Hubby got home about 11PM. I was surprised that he made such good time from Puyallup.

The dogs were overwhelmed that he was back. They barked & whined.

We talked on the sofa for a while.

Went to bed at Midnight.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


MARCH 10 2018

Closed the doggy door before bed because of Coyotes howling outside.

Up at 4AM to make a latte for hubby before he left FOR PUYALLUP.

I went back to bed until 6AM when Wilson and Ben got into bed with me.

Wilson was up at 8AM barking at things outside.

Made eggs for dogs.

Started laundry & dishes.

I made latte.

Watched TV.

Wilson did not want to eat eggs, he ran outside and stayed outside most of the day. Acting odd.

Wilson jumped up on the sofa with me. He threw up.

Cleaned up Wilson's vomit on the sofa.

Did bookwork.

Put away laundry & dishes.

Really warm out today; around 50 degrees.

I went to bed at 11PM.

Friday, March 09, 2018



Got up and made lattes. Hubby made eggs for dogs.

The sun was partially shining. Turned on heat to get it warm in the house.

Hubby left in the Dodge to go down to the Post Falls shop. I called him and told him that I would take him in the Jeep so that he would not have to leave a vehicle in the shop down there.

He returned to pick me up.

Drove Hubby to the Post Falls shop. We stopped at Jitterz in Rathdrum to get latte.

Dropped hubby off and he worked on trucks down at the shop today. Also got Dually ready to go for Puyallup Swap Meet Trip tomorrow.

I did bookwork.

Started laundry and dishes.

Worked outside to break up snow on the driveway for quite a while. The sun was shining and it was quite warm. Zim helped me clean up snow.

Hubby got home at 4PM and we drove to Rathdrum with the Dogs in the Dodge. Walked the Dogs at the High School there. Lots of students petted Ben.

We picked up groceries at Super One then drove home.

Unloaded groceries at home.

Made dinner and watched Silicon Valley.

Heard coyotes yelling outside, Ben was barking at something outside.

One of the striped cats was outside and when I went outside to check on him, I saw a cat running down the driveway that looked like Koda. I left food & water out for it.

Closed doggy door so the kitties would stay inside tonight.

Zim was outside so I had to find him at 10PM.

We went to bed. Hubby has to get up early tomorrow.



 Cat Nap



Stopped at Post Falls DMV and picked up the registration in both of our names for the Harley, also

Went down to Driver's License in Post Falls and hubby took his Driver's License test for his motorcycle permit again.


Tuesday, March 06, 2018


MARCH 6 2018

Up at 5AM because the new RING Chime Pro was talking. Have to call about that; it is irritating.

Hubby made breakfast. I made lattes.

He met a guy at the Blue Shop to look at purchasing Ford Parts. Took Ben down with him to run around.

Then he came back and left about 9:30AM to go down to Post Falls shop and work.

I did laundry, started dishwasher.

Cleaned up cat litter.
Joey & Rattler

The Twins were sleeping next to each other.

Zim was equally sleepy.

Got ready to go for appointment.

Went to get hair done at 1PM.

Some girl with a Jeep similar to mine parked beside me.

Two Blue Jeeps
 Barking Pups

Drove home and saw dogs barking out the back of a truck.

Monday, March 05, 2018



Got up at 7AM. Hubby made breakfast. I made lattes.

He left by 8AM to work at Post Falls shop all day.

I did laundry and dishes.

Left at 12:45 so I could make my 1:30PM Nail Appointment.

Got caught in Athol with a train. Slow cattle semi truck in front of me.

Drove to Hayden.

Did nails with Karin. Talked to Rachelle when she came in later.

Drove to Arby's to get burgers for dogs. I got a chicken sandwich. Then I stopped at Walgreens to get Baby Binks easter chocolate.

Stopped at Jitterz to get latte.

Drove home.


Beautiful sunset tonight.

Ate chicken sandwich. It was dry. Gave Beef sandwiches to dogs.

Watched TV.

Hubby got home at 8PM.

Sunday, March 04, 2018



Got up at 8AM and put away clean dishes.

Started more laundry.

Made lattes.

Cleaned up cat & dog water & food.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

We started Dodge to warm it up. Hubby had to shovel out snow from front of garage.

Joe H has been on vacation all week and nobody has been around to plow. Joe's guy refuses to plow.

We loaded the dogs and drove to Post Falls.

Picked up KR. She had made bacon, but burnt some. It smelled like burnt bacon in her home.

Drove to Starbucks, but the line was too long as usual.

Drove to CDA via Seltice.

Stopped at Lake City High School and walked dogs. Some creepy car was following us. Kid learning to drive. Lots of people were cutting thru the parking lot to avoid the lights.

Drove to Costco to cash in our rebate check. Picked up chicken bake for me, hot dog for KR, pizza for hubby. Some stupid rude woman was yelling at her squealing kids.

We drove to Starbucks and got latte for hubby & KR.

Then drove to Post Falls Walmart and picked up some stuff for KR.

Drove back to KR's where she taught hubby to braid my hair. KR had a UPS box at her door.

We talked to her for quite a while there. Then dogs were nervous and whiney, so we left at 2:30PM.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up cat food; popcorn for hubby at Ace Hardware.

Stopped at Jitterz for latte for me.

Drove home.

I worked on ice outside on deck with a shovel. I put away dishes. I put away laundry.

Took a nap while we watched Kingpin.

Hubby watched his automotive shows.