Thursday, December 08, 2016










KR was driving to Leavenworth today to turn in another bid for NNAC. 

We warmed up the Jeep and hubby drove us to Spokane Valley. He picked up a latte at Dagny's on Trent. When we arrived on Argonne, we were 30 minutes early. So hubby just drove around for a while.

Hubby parked at the building and walked me up in the elevator. He could not give me a hug or kiss for good luck because he was still sick, so he touched me on the shoulder.

Paul & Lois were the ones that logged me into the testing center. They were both kind and understanding. Paul was a hoot!

The test was overwhelmingly complicated and not what I expected AT ALL! It was not an entry-level test, it was an advanced test! There was not one question that I answered with confidence. Most of them were guesses. But...


I hugged Paul on the way out. It was very stressful. Met hubby in the parking lot. Told him I passed. He had gotten his haircut while I was testing. It only took 45 minutes from start-to-finish.

Hubby drove to the Spokane Valley Mall and we had a celebration dinner at Black Angus. The food was ok, but not great.

We shopped at Hobby Lobby which had terribly expensive prices on everything, I used the bathroom while there. Upset stomach from stress.

Then we drove to Harley Davidson on I-90 and I picked out bracelets; which they had to special order. Bought hubby a t-shirt. 

We drove to Jitterz in Post Falls to get hot lattes. It was only 22 degrees. 

Went to KR's house and walked Beebo. He had to poop in the cold weather. We played with him for a while. 

Then hubby had to drop off part at Chad's Towing Company.

Drove to Home Depot to get an Xmas tree, but they had none. We waited for them to find some, but they said they could not find the 7 in stock. 

We left and drove home. My ring finger on my left hand around the fingernail was cracked, dry, and bleeding.

At home, we greeted the dogs. My Young Living Essential Oils package had come by UPS. 

KR returned home, did not get the bid. It had started to snow. We were worried about her.
I was tired and took a hot bath. My stomach was hurting - did not drink enough water today - so I had to take another hot bath, drink cranberry juice and go to bed. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

7th Day of Christmas


Got up when hubby was leaving for work. It was bitterly cold outside. Only 20 degrees.

Hubby turned up the heat before he left for work. He drove his Dually because I needed the Jeep today.

Fed dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller. Fed kitties. Cleaned them up.

I studied all day.


Tuesday, December 06, 2016



I could not sleep last night when I first went to bed. The noise from the Heat Pump was overwhelming even though it was turned off, it was still humming.

So I took a couple allergy pills to sleep. They dried me out severely, and I could not wake up this morning when hubby left. I slept until 7:45AM.

It was bitterly cold outside. Only 21 degrees.

Hubby had already turned on the heat.

Fed dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller. Fed kitties. Cleaned them up.

I studied all day.

Fed Ex & UPS deliveries came and I missed both of them. The dogs did not bark and I did not hear the trucks.

Studied some more.

Hubby got home at 6PM. He picked up Bud's Tramadol prescription at the Vet's office.

Again, hubby slept on the couch most of the night. He was still sick.

Went to bed at 10PM.

Monday, December 05, 2016

5th Day of Christmas


Got up when hubby was leaving for work. It was bitterly cold outside. Only 19 degrees.

Turned up the heat.

Fed dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller. Fed kitties. Cleaned them up.

Koda kitty went outside for an hour.

I studied all day.

Cleaned the refrigerator.

Studied some more.

Hubby got home late. He slept on the couch most of the night. He was still sick.

Went to bed at 10PM.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

4th Day of Christmas

December 4 2016

Got up.

Beebo had vomited at the bottom of our bed on the carpet. He had also had diarrhea, pudding poop all over Ben's bedroom on the carpet. I had to clean it all up.

Made souffle.

Cooked up the sausages that hubby had bought.

Hubby stayed in bed until 9AM. He was very sick.

I went downstairs and cleaned up the kitties & fed them.

Hubby got up and made eggs for the dogs.

Beebo kept barking at the kitties.

KR came around 10AM.

We walked the dogs in the park. It was raining.

My knee was hurting today.

Came home. Kim called. She was walking her dog, Toby and was bored.

KR left to return home. She took Beebo home with her.

Hubby took a nap on the couch from 12-3PM.

I soaked my feet in the foot spa. I also cleaned up the kitties again.

Kitties had no food, so when hubby woke up, I said we should go to the Athol market to get cat food. But he wanted to go into Rathdrum to Ace Hardware to buy the good cat food. So I drove there. Picked up lattes at Jitterz on the way. After getting KR's Green Bay keys at Ace Hardware, we drove around looking at Xmas lights. Hubby was delirious with fever. I drove home.

At home, we gave cat food to the kitties.

Watched The Walking Dead.

Went to bed early.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

3RD Day of Christmas


Got up at the crack of dawn.

Hubby is not feeling well. He came home last night with a sore throat.

Snowed last night.

Drove the Jeep into town and got hubby a latte.

Then drove to Rathdrum and got me a latte at Jitterz.

I studied my Kines book all the way on the drive.

We drove to Spokane and picked up parts for hubby at Spauldings. Then we stopped and got donuts at Krispy Kreme. They were too sugary. Yuck.

Got a sausage biscuit for hubby at Stateline. Then dropped off parts & rent check at Post Falls shop.

Drove to KR's to pick up Beebo. KR was going to be out shopping & going to Davenport to look at Xmas trees so Beebo would be alone all day. Hubby walked Beebo before we left.

Then drove to CDA yard so hubby could pick up his Dually. He took Beebo and we drove home.

At home, hubby shoveled the deck from the snow and it was already melting by the time we got home.

I shoveled the front deck and the concrete in front of the garage.

The FedEx guy brought a box.

KR's Xmas stickers arrived in the mail today.

Hubby went down to put the other boats from Gary into the big shop. He got all of them in except the sailboat.

Hubby got home at 3PM. He took a nap on the couch. He was quite tired.

We watched Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. 

I studied more, quizzing myself on Apps.

We cleaned up kitty litter and played with kitties. Beebo tried to go downstairs.

Friday, December 02, 2016



Got up at 7:30AM. Wilson was running around the house, all excited.

I fed the dogs & gave Bud his painkiller.

Then I paid bills.

Started laundry.

Made butter & garlic shrimp.

Printed out $75 credit from Harley Visa.

Went downstairs to clean up kitties and give them food.

Have to get gas today.

Drove to town for nail appointment at Noon. Took off all the Gel polish. I have an allergic reaction to it, nails are brittle. Cuticles are extremely dry. Skin is bleeding and cracking. Tracey did a hydration manicure on my hands. No polish until next week.

Tracey is looking into getting Young Living essential oils starter kit for me as an Xmas present from hubby.

I took Tracey's deposit to Mountain West Bank. 9 cars in line. I finally got thru after 10 minutes.

Went to Albertson's for tuna. Verified that they did not have Cheese balls there anymore. Maybe have to check at Safeway.

Drove to get gasoline at Costco. Long lines there. Lots of cars everywhere. Too many cars for winter. Too many people coming here.

Then I washed the Jeep at the car wash.

Drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs, salads for me.

Drove home. Forget going to Starbucks, too many people on the roads.

On the way home, it started to snow. Bad.

I unloaded everything. Hubby called and said he wanted to go to Spokane for a part. I said I would drive into town to pick him up. It was snowing horribly. Blizzard White-out! Picked him up and he said that he had to get part TOMORROW at 8AM. Not tonight. So I had him drive the Jeep home and left his truck at the yard.

Stopped in Spirit Lake to eat Mexican at new restaurant. It was ok.

Really cold. Drove home. Brrr. Still snowing.

Hubby shoveled decks. Snow still coming down hard.

Thursday, December 01, 2016



Well, when I woke up, I thought it was Friday.

So I tried to cancel my nail appointment because my fingers are raw. Bleeding, split, cracking. Yuck.

Tracey said to come in tomorrow for my appointment and we need to remove the Gel polish. I am allergic to it. Also need to give me a thorough hydrating treatment.

It was lightly snowing this morning, but then stopped.

Fed the dogs ham. Gave Bud his painkiller pills.

Went downstairs to feed kitties & clean up litter. SOMEBODY had pooped in the corner again.

Let Koda outside to roam.

So I paid some bills, ordered some Xmas gifts.

Cleaned the house, vacuumed the house. Put up Xmas lights inside, Put up Xmas quilts in the loft, Put up Xmas fabric garland over the doors, Put up my decor on the plant window, Put up the collection of Snowmen on the counter.

Washed dog beds.

I put Koda inside at Noon.

Went down to get the mail. KR's Green Bay Packers gifts came.

Studied for Mblex.

UPS Katrina came (with no helper) and brought the Harley-Davidson carrier bags.

Hubby came home at 6:00. We worked on his stuff for MileMarker and sent it off by email.

Watched TV.

Temperature started going down. 31 degrees by 8PM. Brrrr.

I turned up the heat. Closed all the window mini blinds.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

At Home Studying


Got up and gave dogs ham, along with Bud's painkiller. I need to call the Vet and get him more.

Went downstairs to clean up the kitties and let them out in the big room for the day. They really like coming out and sleeping/playing on the carpet.

The internet was actually working today.

Wilson barked at some truck down by the shop, so I drove down there. It was Ray trying to fix the box for Internet. I told him it was already working.

I paid bills today. Ordered lots of Xmas presents.

Studied for Mblex.

Made crappy store bought dough cookies and put M&M's on them. Had to throw them away because they came out of the oven all crusty, crumbly and over-done. Yuck.

Hubby got home late.

We went downstairs to play with the kitties and SOMEBODY had pooped in the corner. Had to clean it up. Yuck.

Went to bed at 12:00 after watching two shows of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Internet Still Down. Dentist. No WoW.


Hubby home. He could not sleep late. We were both awake early.

He made eggs for the dogs. We went downstairs to clean up the kitties and play with them.


Got a latte at Jitterz in Post Falls.

Dentist at 1PM. I got there at 12:50 and nobody was back from lunch. Lucy, the companion dog was there walking around. She is cute.

Washed the Jeep in CDA. Dropped off the computer at Ty's to repair.

Drove home.



Got up with hubby this morning. Hugged him goodbye with the dogs.

I started to get ready for my WoW today at AiCM, but when I took off my shirt, I discovered Ringworm on my back! So I had hubby come back from the shop and look at it. He put a band-aid on it.

I called AiCM at 9AM and talked to Christine, cancelled my appointment.

Texted Kim and told her I would meet her after her WoW treatment.

We walked Moby so he could potty.

We went to Fu-Ki to eat. It was fun. Kim & I were sitting at a table with a birthday party. Kim recognized the older woman as somebody she had trained with at Taco Bell.

Then we drove back to Starbucks and Kim bought me a latte. We sat & studied for a while. Jeanie from the Highlands Spa was right behind us in line. We talked to her. Asked her about the remodel at the highlands.

We went back to the school and walked Moby again. Then I left. Went down to Jack-In-The-Box to potty.

I drove to CDA and washed Jeep again. Picked up computer.

Drove home.

Weird clouds on the way home.

Hubby came home late after stopping at Eric, the machinist's home. He finally got home at 8PM and we drove over to Miller's grocery to get dinner rolls. We drove thru Spirit Lake to see the pretty Xmas lights.

Came home. Ate turkey. Hubby de-boned the turkey for the dogs.

I went to bed at 10:30.

Saturday, November 26, 2016



Not entirely alone.

Woke up when hubby left for OT work. To pay for our Xmas presents this year. LOL.

We hugged with the dogs in the laundryroom.

It was cold, 33 degrees but no snow yet. Still rain.

Hubby got home at 6PM.

He tried to fix the internet, but the computer went down. He suspects we have a virus.

Unplugged the computer and took it out to the laundryroom to take it into 765-TECH to repair on Monday.

Friday, November 25, 2016



KR and I shopped all day.

Washed Jeep.

Got my nails done at 12:00.

Dropped her board at Ski Shack.

Michaels, Ulta Beauty, Home Depot, Costco for gas, Shopko (left my wallet there) then met hubby at Red Lobster for dinner.

Washed Jeep again. Took KR home.

Hubby went to the shop in Post Falls to drop off something.

At home, we watched TV and went to bed early.