Wednesday, August 16, 2017


AUGUST 16 2017 

Already the month of August is 1/2 done.

So much to do.

I made latte for hubby and breakfast sandwich. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby fed eggs to the dogs.

Then he went to work. Had a hug between Wilson and Ben.

Hubby took the Dodge to work today.

No deer food, so I could not feed deer. I took apples out to them, instead.

Kitties were playing outside.

I started laundry & dishes. Finished watching Luther.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017


AUGUST 15 2017

Got up and felt awful. All my muscles were hurting from Rolfing Session yesterday.

Made latte for hubby.

I took some Aspirin and took a hot bath. Fell while I was getting out of bath and had to have hubby help me.

Started laundry and dishes.

Keegan came at 9AM to work on the yard picking up rocks.

Picked up dog poo.

The wheelbarrow broke while Keegan was using it, some nuts came off of it. So I had to look thru our junk drawers to find out if we had any. I found two with washers that were just perfect. Fixed the wheelbarrow.


AUGUST 14 2017

Got up and made eggs sandwich and latte for hubby.

Hubby left for work.

Started laundry and dish washer.

Picked up dog poo.

Keegan came at 9AM and left at 11:30. He is not working well. Has to spend too much time on his cell phone.

I left for my appointment at Noon. Traffic was really bad going into town.

Was not able to stop for car wash at Metro Express because there were 20 cars in line!

So I just went to the appointment. Had to knock on door because Rhonda keeps it locked.

Spent 2 hours there working on me. I left at 3PM after paying her.

Drove home. On the way, I stopped at Jitterz in Hayden to get a couple drinks and at Arby's to get sandwiches for dogs & chicken for me.

At home, I was just exhausted and collapsed.

Hubby got home at 5PM.

We just relaxed on couches all night because I started hurting so very badly.

I took a hot bath and went to bed early.

Hubby came to bed at 10:30PM.

It was REALLY COLD tonight. Only about 60 when I went to bed.

Coyotes started howling at Midnight.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


AUGUST 13 2017

Got up. Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I made lattes.

We sat on the deck, it was very cool this morning. I checked the weather App and it said rain from 8:45AM to Noon.

After watching the kitties play in the woods, we got the dogs ready for a morning walk. Packed up the garbage, stopped at the dump, and then drove down to Farragut Park in the white Dually. Forgot leashes. Went for a walk on Gun Shooting Road. Bud went wild dog. He loved it. Bud was actually happy this morning.

We brought the dogs back home.

Took the Jeep and drove to the Athol Cemetery to check out the graves.

Then drove up to Morton Slough to check out where the boys had drowned.

It started raining when we were here. 

We picked LOTS of apples there.

Then we drove to Sandpoint, got lattes at Starbucks. The Super One was too busy to shop because people had just gotten out of church. Lots of idiots in the parking lot. We instead drove to Priest River and had lunch at a cute little place. I had hot turkey sandwich with veggies, gravy, & mashed potatoes. Hubby had hot meatloaf sandwich with veggies, gravy, & mashed potatoes.

We drove to Post Falls where we stopped at KR's house to drop off some lipstick for her. Then we talked for a while.

Still raining somewhat, but not bad. We really needed the coolness to wipe out the smoke that we have been living with for the past 2 weeks.

Hubby and I went to get latte at Jitterz, then hubby wanted a latte at Lepoard Latte which was the only place open at such a late time on a Sunday afternoon.

We picked up some apples in the alleys of the Post Falls neighborhoods. 

We went to look at a home in KR's neighborhood that was for sale. Walked thru it with the Realtor at 5:15. It was ok, but not lots of room.

Took hubby back to his shop and picked up his Harley. He drove it home, I followed. We stopped in Rathdrum to get gasoline for my Jeep and his Harley.

At home, we unloaded apples.

Then loaded dogs into the Grey Dodge and drove down to Farragut Park for another walk.

Came back home. Hubby cooked weiners on the grille. Watched some tv. Went to bed early.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


AUGUST 12 2017

Got up. Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I made lattes.

We sat on the deck, very warm this morning. Still very smoky everywhere. I had gone to bed with a headache last night.

After watching the kitties play in the woods, we got the dogs ready for a morning walk. Packed up the garbage, stopped at the dump, and then drove down to Farragut Park in the white Dually. Forgot leashes. Went for a walk on Gun Shooting Road. Bud went wild dog. He loved it. Bud was actually happy this morning.

We brought the dogs back home.

Hubby left in the White Dually to go work at the Post Falls Shop.

He picked up deer food.

I did laundry, dishes.

When he returned at 5PM,  we took the dogs for another walk after dark when it had cooled down.

Watched TV, a new Irish detective show that hubby really liked - Jack Taylor

I went to bed early at 9:30PM as I had a headache.

Friday, August 11, 2017


AUGUST 11 2017

Got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Used the new sausage that he purchased last night at Stein's, but it is TOO SPICY HOT! I touched my face and almost burnt my tongue. Could not feed eggs to dogs, so I had to make new eggs for dogs.

Hubby gave tuna to the kitties.

Hubby left in his white dually for work.

I started laundry & dishes.

Filled and cleaned all the dogs bowls.

Cleaned the kitty litter. Not any there at all. They have been going potty outside.

Rattler kept crying all morning. He is attention seeking.

Keegan came at 10AM. Used the bathroom again for 15 minutes.

Katrina, the UPS delivery person, came at 10:20AM. I got my Lancome order, all samples & no perfurme or lipstick!

So I called Lancome and talked with LaKendra and told her that I had not received my order. She said they will re-ship the order out again.

Since the Verizon Rewards Points are expiring in November, I entered a whole bunch of contests with my points.

Scheduled online appointments for us at America's Best Eyeglasses & Contacts.

Hubby got home really late.

Watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


AUGUST 10 2017

Got up at 6AM.

Made latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs. Hubby fed them to dogs.

Made egg sandwich with bacon for hubby. He took it to work in his Harley backpack.

Hubby took the candy bars that I purchased yesterday at Apryl's in to work for his work cubbies.

I cleaned up dog food & water several times (Bud had to keep drinking water and messing up his water bowl).

Cleaned up kitty litter & gave them more food.

Started washing Ben's bed pillows.

Started washing dishes.

Zim had a sick tummy and threw up on the rug. I cleaned that up.

Went down to get mail. Finally got the Bun Hair maker from Hong Kong. I ordered it June 25 and it came today, August 10. WAY TOO long for shipping.

Watched a new show on Netflix Streaming called Witnesses. It is a french police crime drama.

Hubby got home at 8:30PM after stopping at Stein's in Rathdrum to pick up milk & oatmeal.

We watched TV for a while. I was tired by 10PM, so we went to bed.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


AUGUST 9 2017

Got up at 6AM. Wilson was the only one sleeping with us.

He jumped on Ben's bed and gave him kisses.

It was already hot this morning by 9AM.

Made latte & breakfast sandwich for hubby. Hubby fed the dogs some eggs, too.

We sat on the deck and watched kitties. A squirrel came out and hubby ran to get his gun but was too late coming back. The squirrel had hopped from tree to tree and out of sight.

Hubby took my Jeep to work today.

I started laundry & dishes.

Shut the windows & pulled the blinds. Turned on the A/C.

Loaded dogs up at 8:45 in the Dodge. Drove into CDA and dropped them off at Apryl's for grooming.

Drove by KR's work and honked the horn as I drove past her building.

I drove back home and picked up latte at Jitterz.

At 11PM, some guy came to pick up the axles in the back of the Dodge. OMG did they REEK of cigarette smoke. Vomit. Gag.

Went to get the dogs again at 3PM. While I was paying for them, they realized I was there and started barking & whining. I purchased some candy bars for hubby's work friends.

Let the dogs walk around the building to pee. Wilson & Bud had VERY long pees. Ben refused to potty.

We drove home. LOTS of traffic going both north & south on 95.

Hubby got home at 7PM after taking the Jeep to the shop and rotating the tires.

He brought home a couple salads for me that he purchased from Wendy's.

KR called and chatted for a while. We finished watching Shetland. 

We sat on the front deck before going to bed. It was cool out, there was a blood red moon from the smoke. A few stars could be seen in the night sky.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017



Over a whole month without rain, and we wake up at 5AM to the sound of thunder. I am scared because I don't want lightning to start a forest fire.

It rained briefly, just enough to wet it. Make it smell like rain. Not enough water, tho.

My right foot is split in two on the ball of my foot from dryness.

We got up at 6:15AM and made breakfast eggs & sausages. I made lattes. Hubby fed the dogs.

Hubby left at 6:45AM for work. He took the white Dually.

I re-filled the deer food bowl with grain. Zim walked out with me.

I started laundry and dishes.

Then I soaked my feet for a while.

Keegan came at 9AM to start carrying rocks.

At 11AM, he left for lunch in Spirit Lake.

I went to get the mail at Noon.

Keegan had motorcycle problems.

His mother brought him back at 2PM, but I told him to go home and rest. He had pushed his bike all the way here.

Glen Campbell died today.

Hubby called in the afternoon to wish me a nice day.

I vacuumed the house.

I picked up dog poo. Cleaned up cat litter.

Hubby came home around 7PM. He stopped by a house in Post Falls that KR's friend, Amanda was looking to purchase. The house is a wreck, but Amanda wants to buy it anyway.

We walked the kitties around outside and found their dead squirrel. They had ripped the front legs & head from the squirrel.

Hubby wanted cake because some characters on the series Shetland that we were watching kept saying "Cake". So I baked him a white cake. He fell asleep on the couch and later woke up to eat cake.

We went to bed at 10PM.

Monday, August 07, 2017


august 7 2017

We started out with Beebo in the bed with us.

Hubby got up at 5AM to potty, so we went back to sleep.

Zim was sleeping between my legs, wilson was between us. Beebo was not in bed, but sleeping beside our bed on the floor.

Got up to make lattes, hubby was getting dressed.

I saw a flock of 30-40 turkeys in our front yard. some adults, with mostly young babies. told hubby to get dressed & look. Hubby was all flustered and tried putting on his shorts.

Zim, Scaredy, and Joey scared off the turkeys. The older ones stayed on the ground, but the babies flew up into the trees. I went out and tried to take pictures. One of the babies POOPED ON MY HEAD.

 Baby Turkey in Tree
Cats Stalking Turkeys

Turkey on Drive

I came back inside the house and washed my hair.

Then made breakfast egg sandwich for hubby, made eggs for dogs. gave bud his painkiller.

Hubby left for work in the white dually. He said it is too hot to ride his harley.

I started laundry & dishes.

Keegan came over at 8AM to start work. He rode his dirt bike.

Started him hauling rocks into the pond.

Ordered Bath & Bodyworks Stress Relief Spray from eBay.

Ordered Tresor in Love perfume from Lancome.

Ordered LipStick from Lancome.

Sunday, August 06, 2017


AUGUST 6 2017

Got up at 2AM to potty. Zim got into bed with us. Willie came to sleep with us at 3AM.

At 7AM, we got up and hubby made eggs for dogs. I made lattes.

We sat on the deck and listened to music. Then hubby had to shoot several squirrels in trees.

After cleaning up breakfast dishes, we took the Jeep and drove into CDA.

Washed the Jeep at Metro Express. Got gasoline at Costco.

Shopped at Costco and got new pillows & comforter.

Went to North 40 and got a new shop fan for hubby. Picked up dog food & deer food.

Shop Fan for Hubby

Stopped at Winco for peanut butter & a few groceries.

Drove to KR's on Seltice (never again on Seltice; awful road) and picked up Beebo. Amanda was there with her cute little Jack Russell Terrier, Lilly.

Beebo's left ear is hurting now. I will have to take him to the Vet tomorrow morning.

At home, we unloaded groceries. Ate the BBQ Ribs that hubby purchased at Costco.

Beebo At Gma & Gpas

We were exhausted, so we watched Crackle Series - Snatch. Then some guy came to get parts at 5PM. Hubby had forgotten to take the garbage to the dump and now it was too late.

At dusk, a herd of 7 male deer and 1 female deer came thru. Joey kitty came thru the woods carrying a dead squirrel. He was trotting with it, he was SO happy.

 Deer in Yard at Dusk

The deer hung around for 45 minutes. Then we loaded the dogs up and took them for a walk in Farragut Park.

 Blood Moon at Farragut Park Dog Walk

Came back home, watched a little more tv and went to bed at 10:30PM.

Saturday, August 05, 2017



Woke up at 5AM when Wilson jumped on the bed with us.

Zim still was not sleeping with us. I am worried about him.

Ben got up and started barking at something. Hubby went to get gun. He came back to bed after determining that there was nothing outside.

Slept until 7AM.

Made lattes for breakfast. Too hot to sit outside.

Hubby made eggs & bacon for dogs. I toasted his Jalapeno bun for his breakfast sandwich.

Then I saw a turkey outside trying to eat the deer food, but Scaredy was stalking him!

I ran outside to get Scaredy and Rattler. However, hubby had opened the doggy door and I had to go outside to get them again. I also brought Zim inside. He was wandering around outside.

After the turkey ran across the Highway to get away from Scaredy, he did not come back. I was sad because I wanted to see a turkey on our property!

We kept the doggy door closed while hubby grilled chicken breasts on the deck.

Hubby gave the dogs some of the chix.

Hubby went outside to pour water into the Tan Dually. The radiator cap had come off.

We filled the deer water bucket with a white bucket. The hose was not far enough to reach. I watered some plants that were within reach of the hose. 

Then he loaded Bud into the truck and they were just about to leave when Cindy from O'Reilleys came to get her camper.

Charles brought the White Dually back after he had repaired the A/C. So hubby decided to take that to the shop instead.

He finally left at 10:30AM. I had to call him to turn around and come get the receipts for KR that he had left on the dash of the Tan Dually.

 Zim Sleeping on Doggy Bed. He Was Miaowing
 Momma Kat Koda
I watched the rest of Bordertown.

Kept working on my Ribbon Flags.

Hubby got home at 6PM.

It was too hot to walk the dogs.

We watched a little TV. Sat out on the deck for a while after the sun went down.

Friday, August 04, 2017



An end to a unfortunate week.

Got up and only Wilson was in bed with us. Zim did not come to bed with us at all.

We called for the kitties. Zimmy finally came up to me on the deck. There were 2 deer eating out at the food bowl.

I came inside and started bacon & eggs. Made latte for hubby. Hubby gave eggs to the dogs. I made the sandwich for hubby.

Said goodbye to hubby. He took my Jeep to work today.

I did laundry and dishes.
Rattler Sleeping on Dog Bed

Cleaned up kitty litter.

Cleaned up dog poo in the back yard.

Broke my fingernail on my thumb when I was putting away egg crate in the cabinet. Damn.

Worked on my ribbon & lace flags.
  Checking Jack for Porcupine Quills

I watched show on Netflix - Bordertown, which is a Finnish foreign speaking Murder Noir show. Very intriguing.

Hubby got home late at 9PM.

He made stinky dinner. Then he fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 11PM.