Tuesday, January 23, 2018


JANUARY 23 2018

Got up at 6AM; hubby started making eggs for the dogs & himself.

I got up and dressed. Made lattes.

We took the Jeep to CDA for hubby's 8:30AM Dr Wester appointment. He saw the Dr and got a release until March 21. Also got copy of paperwork for Dr Benjamin Neurologist appointment in March.

Ran the Jeep thru Metro Express car wash.

Stopped at Jitterz to get me a latte.

We drove back to Frontier so that hubby could talk about returning to his work with his boss.

Then we drove to Walmart. Picked up dishwasher pods, cuticle cream, and honey.

Dropped off Kim Antoine's bday card at the Post Office drive-thru in Hayden.

Drove home.

Checked for mail at the mail box.

Unloaded groceries.

Hubby called STD Prudential to advise them of getting appointment with the Neurologist & excuse for absence from work thru March 21.

Monday, January 22, 2018


JANUARY 22 2018

Got up at 7AM.

It had snowed lightly last night.

Hubby made eggs for himself & dogs.

I made lattes.

I put egg bites in the oven, made them from eggs & cream cheese & cheese whipped, then added bacon. They were ok. Not like fluffy Starbucks Sous Vide eggs.

Turkeys were here.

Hubby got dressed and took Rice Krispies out to the them.

Hubby shoveled off the deck & in front of garage. Ben went outside with him.

He went down to the shop to meet the tow truck driver from Superior to take the Tan Dually down to the Post Falls shop.

Hubby met some guy in a white Jeep outside. Hubby is going to make a bumper bracket for him.

Katrina from UPS brought hubby's new shoes.

Hubby put on his foot brace and his new shoes! They fit great. He walked around and his foot was doing much better. He complained slightly about his knee hurting a little, but that is probably because his leg is being used finally in the proper way.

We took the Dodge into town. Dropped off garbage at the Ramsey Road station.

Hubby stopped at Jitterz in Hayden to get me a drink. It was a long wait.

Then we picked up the white truck (he still forgot to bring license plates for it). I followed him when he took it over to Big Bear Automotive to diagnose the black smoke coming out of it.

Hubby drove to return heater to Home Depot. We got $100 credit on card.

Then we were driving home, stopped at Starbucks to get a b-day gift card for Kim A., but they did not have any available. I was pissed. Hubby got a reward free drink.

Hubby remembered that he had picked up the receipt for the Jeep cleaning. So we drove over to Walmart. Decided to stop at the Post Falls Starbucks to see if they had birthday card gift cards. When we pulled up in front and parked in handicapped parking, some asshole was having a fucking time of getting his kid out of the car. He refused to shut his door so I could get out. Then I finally got out and the guy's fucking cunt wife backed up and almost ran over me!

The Starbucks had NO birthday gift cards, so I returned to the truck. Hubby said that when I walked into the store, the asshole guy had looked at the license plate to see if it was handicapped, when he looked up, hubby was holding his middle finger up and pointing at the handicap placard! The guy refused to look at him again.

We then drove to Walmart where ALL the handicap spots were already taken!

Went inside and got our money from the Automotive Department. Had to wait FOREVER while the Automotive Manager went up to the front cashier's and got the Store Manager's ok to take cash and pay us!

We shopped for bread, bananas, oranges.

Went to Stein's in Rathdrum to pick up Pink Lady apples.

KR called and said she thinks she got the job at Rock & Water International.

We drove home.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


JANUARY 21 2018

SLIPPERY ICE outside today.

Hubby woke me up when he witnessed the neighbors hit a snow bank across the street after sliding on ice.

Got dressed.

Hubby made eggs. I made lattes.

We watched TV today. Too cold and snowy to take dogs for a walk.

Hubby elevated his foot all day.

Found a great show on STARZ called American Gods. We Binge-watched it until we went to bed at 11PM.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


JANUARY 20 2018

Got up at 6AM and had to take 2 hot baths for my endo pains. I ended up napping on the sofa until 8AM. Then I went upstairs to wake up hubby. Wilson was sleeping with hubby on the bed.

We got dressed.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. He gave tuna to the kitties.

It was lightly snowing with big flakes this morning.

I made lattes.

We got ready and took the Dodge to Post Falls to see KR.

Picked up KR and took dogs for a walk at the church near her. Beebo went lame right away in his left leg and we could not walk any further. We returned to the truck.

Hubby drove us to Starbucks so I could get Sous Vide egg bites. KR got a cold brew sweet coffee.

We drove over to the Post Falls shop so hubby could collect $ from an invoice that was paid.

Then we drove to Costco along Seltice.

At Costco, we shopped the new furniture. Wish we were moving to the new house now!

We purchased eggs & chicken for KR. Eggs and batteries for us.Used our rebate check and even got $12 back. KR and I waited for hubby as he checked out; there were hippies in another line that were sneezing and their child was oozing green crap out of her nose.

Looked at VW on the way out that KR thought she would like to purchase...

We drove downtown to get lattes at Lean Bean on Sherman.

Then we drove thru downtown to return to Post Falls. Took KR's stuff inside her house. I stayed with her while hubby went to power wash out the back of the Dodge at the car wash.

He returned and was soaked; KR dried his pants in her dryer. Hubby covered up with a blanket while we waited.

We left her place at 3PM and returned home.

Hubby went down to the shop to meet Casey to dig out the Tan Dually so they could haul it to the Post Falls shop and put an engine in it.

While hubby was at the shop, about 5PM, there was an accident just west of our house on the road. It was very icy outside, and the vehicle landed on it's side in the south ditch.

There was an ambulance, fire engine, and 2 police cars that responded. People were turning around in our driveway to avoid the accident.

We watched movies on tv and went to bed later.

Friday, January 19, 2018


JANUARY 19 2018

Hubby was up at 6AM before the sun came up. He got the tuna prepared for the cats, but they did not come up to eat.

We found out later, that they were playing with a mouse downstairs and killed it in the bathroom.

Hubby went downstairs to clean up cat litter and pick up a dead mouse.

He made breakfast eggs for dogs.

I made lattes.

Turkeys came and hubby went outside to feed them.

Chad called about a friend that has been driving past our house & property and is very interested in renting/purchasing it. 

We watched Shaun The Sheep.

Then Faye, from Frontier Benefits called and set up a conference call with Justin at Prudential 10:45AM Friday Jan 19 to find out if they have a paper insurance policy for the Long Term Disability.

Justin did not have a lot of answers, so we had to call Faye back at 11:18AM Friday Jan 19 to ask her to find out how the payroll deductions would be handled after that.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


JANUARY 18 2018

Got up at 7AM. Hubby lied and told me it was almost 8AM. He had already been up for an hour or more, banging around and giving cats some tuna.

He watched tv and actually got dressed in shorts for his appointment today.

We took the dogs with us in the Dodge. Hubby forgot his "go bag" in the Jeep.

Drove to ADAPT appointment by 10AM. Dogs stayed in the car while we got hubby fitted with his boot. The L/CPO, Chris was upset that hubby did not have wearable shoes yet to fit the orthotic boot, but we said that we were going to pick up new shoes for him at Cabela's.

We took the boot out. Hubby was a little upset that the gears were not brighter on the boot to be seen.

Stopped at Starbucks and got Sous Vide Egg Bites Bacon Gruy√®re for me. Then we drove to Lakeview Drive and walked the dogs to the Marina. It was very cold as the wind was blowing off the lake water. 

We then drove thru downtown CDA on Sherman. Picked up GREAT lattes at Lean Bean. 

Took dogs to Riverstone Park to walk dogs. Lots of ice and snow.

Drove to Frank's to pick up money for invoice, but they did not have it. "Next week" is what they said.

Drove to Post Falls store. We stopped at Aaron's junk yard to drop off a part, then took white truck to Dealer Direct.  I drove the Dodge and hubby drove the white truck.

Got paid from Dealer Direct for invoice. 

Drove to Costco got gasoline, deposited check at Columbia Bank.

Drove to Cabela's to look at boots. They had none in hubby's size except for ugly orange Keen ones. 

Drove home. No mail at the post box.

I made lattes. Hubby put away dishes. 

I purchased Keen shoes for hubby on Zillow. Should be here by Monday.
Gargoyle & Midnight Navy color

Hubby met Larry at the shop for the Pinehurst truck.

I cleaned up cat litter and turned on heat in the basement. I put away laundry.

Hubby had to put his leg up because he had lost feeling in his heel. His foot was a purplish blue color again.

I did bookwork.

We watched more Damnation episodes and the latest episode of Happy.

Went to bed at midnight.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


JANUARY 17 2018

Got up at 6:35AM because hubby's alarm was ringing. I told him repeatedly to shut it off.

He got up to make eggs for dogs.

I slept in bed for another 30 minutes.

I got up and made lattes.

I worked on bookwork.

Hubby got dressed and put on new New Balance shoes.

We drove into CDA. I was driving even tho I was hurting badly.

Took hubby to ADAPT appointment. We found out that it was for TOMORROW, NOT TODAY!

So I drove over to Starbucks and got more Verismo Blonde Espresso pods. Bought 8 of them. Also picked up an Sous Vide Egg Bite with Bacon & Gruyere. Waited behind an elderly woman with grandchild; the woman could not understand how to re-load her card; nor put her credit card in the chip reader correctly.

Took Jeep over to Metro Express. Hubby went inside to put the account on the card again because he wants to clean it more often.

Then we drove over to Costco to get fuel.

From there, we drove back to Columbia Bank to deposit his checks.

Stopped at the Fed Ex store on the corner of Appleway & Government to mail our Earnest Money check to Del Webb.

When we were there in the parking lot, finally got home of Barbara to get a  Contract #. She said the last contract had voided even though we signed it on Jan 13. She will send us another contract to sign.

Drove on Seltice to the Post Falls shop.  Stopped at Drivelines Eric's to pay him for an invoice. Hubby was inside talking for quite a while.

I called KR because she said that she broke up with her boyfriend.

Stopped at DMV to pick up hubby's handicap placard! Now we can park in Handicap spots.

Drove hubby back to shop to get part, then over to junkyard to see if they had part. They were not there, I had to back up very carefully past junk in deep mud.

We drove back to CDA to get groceries at Winco. We parked in Handicap Spot!

Drove to North 40 to pick up cat food & grain for new moose.

Stopped at Richie Cole's to pick up part. 

Drove home.

Picked up mail at the box.

We signed the contract for the house again and sent it.

Unloaded groceries at home. I made more lattes. Hubby unloaded grain. We put out carrots & grain.

I drove the Jeep and took hubby to Charles' shop to get the white Ford Pickup. We drove the back roads and took it to Pat's shop to detail.

Dropped truck off at Pat's and hubby talked with him quite a while. Pat is getting married in August.

Then we drove back to the Post Falls shop with the correct part.

Hubby talked to Casey for quite a while there.

Then hubby drove home.

Loan guy from Columbia Bank called to talk to us about Pre-Approval Loan Application.

At home, we were both exhausted. Hubby watched tv shows. I did bookwork.

Did laundry. Put away laundry & dishes.

Looked at the Pulte Del Webb Design Center online to pick out our options.

Went to bed at 10:30PM.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


JANUARY 17 2018

Hubby could not sleep and was up at 5AM to research how to fix the ice machine on the refrigerator.

Ben got into bed with me, but I told him to get off.

Hubby came back to bed at 7AM. Ben got back into bed with us.

Got up at 9AM.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I made lattes. 

Turkeys were already here. Joey cat was outside, watching them.

Hubby took Rice Krispies out to feed them. I cut up the dry apples to put out for them.

Hubby watched Shaun The Sheep.

We drove into Rathdrum and got a Jitterz latte for me.

Then we drove to the Post Falls shop. Hubby called Charles to talk to him about his shop on the property.

At the shop, I got out of the Jeep to drive it home again. I had forgotten that my appointment was not at 1pm, it was at 2PM.

I slipped on black ice just as I rounded the driver's side front bumper. I fell on both knees in the slush and ice. Hubby finally got off the phone and came to help me. Some delivery driver for the shop also arrived and asked if we needed help.

Hubby got me up, but I could barely walk. He went inside the shop to get a milk crate so that I could get back into the Jeep. He was going to take me home.

Drove back home. I took off my soaking, wet, cold clothes and took a bath with Epsom salts.

Hubby had lunch, then left to return to the shop.

I got dressed again, took aspirin

Prior to going to my appointment, I installed the VAVA Dash Cam in the Jeep. I uploaded the App for it. It worked.

Went to my appointment in Hayden at Azure Salon with Karen Hicks at 2PM. I arrived there early.

Karen did my nails quite well. Overcharged a little, but it was worth it. Took about an hour to get my nails done.

After I was done, I went to deposit KR's cell phone check, and hubby's StarTron rebate check at the bank.

Then I picked up cheeseburgers for the dogs, and a salad for me at Wendy's. I drove home.

At home, I did more laundry. Tried to rest. Sat on heating pad. My knees hurt a lot. My left shoulder feels like it is out of socket.

Hubby got home around 6PM.

New set of Moose were here. A Large mother & her smaller, but equally well-fed baby.

We threw out apples for them.

I took another bath. Hubby helped me in and out of the tub.

We watched Happy and more Damnation. Then we went to bed at 10PM.

Monday, January 15, 2018


MartinLutherKing DAY

Got up several times in the night to potty. I drank a lot of water yesterday. Maybe Sauna helped?

Then I got up at 8AM when hubby was making eggs for dogs.

The Sun came out about 9AM.

I came down and made lattes.

I did laundry.

Hubby took the vacuum upstairs. Ben's room is a mess because he got a toenail stuck in his comforter and ripped it open. Feathers & stuffing everywhere.

Turkeys were here. Put out apples & Rice Krispies for them.

Katrina came with my new sunglasses on UPS.

I put away laundry. Then I made an eggs because I was hungry. The new apples are hard and not moist.

I worked on bookwork all day.

Watched VERA later.

Hubby left to get vehicles out of the snow at the Blue Shop.

He went over to Earl's shop so that he could talk to him about renting our shop.

Hubby got back at 5:30PM.

He had dinner.

We watched xXx: Return of Xander Cage on Hulu.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


JANUARY 14 2018

Got up at 7AM because we could not sleep any longer.

Hubby made eggs. I made lattes.

I went downstairs and fed the cats, (we are now out of cat food), cleaned cat litter, and vacuumed.

Hubby put his foot up and watched his auto shows.

Turkeys were here. They had lots of vegetables outside, some grain, and we put out cheerios cereal.

We loaded the dogs and drove to Spirit Lake for a walk around the school. Assuming that it would have been plowed for students, we found that there was slush everywhere. Walked around the high school and over to the Jr high where we found they were having a church event. Hmmm. Separation of church & state?

Hubby purchased another latte in Spirit Lake. We dropped off the sales tax envelope at the Post Office in Spirit Lake.

Drove home and changed clothes. Hubby got a little snack. We bundled up the dogs. Packed towels and got soap.

Drove to CDA via Hwy 41 because Clagstone is a mess as they won't plow it correctly.

Stopped at the dump to drop off garbage. Then we got a latte for me at Jitterz in Rathdrum. 

We went to the Post Falls shop where I drove the Dodge while hubby shuttled the van to the repair shop.

Drove to  CDA via Seltice. Cars are absolutely terrified going around the roundabout!

Too busy at Winco to stop so we took the dogs to the Car Wash/Dog Wash on Kathleen. Washed them both. Water was tepid warm.

Shopped at Super One in Rathdrum. Drove to see the progress om the new Super One in Athol. Drove home.

Both of us were exhausted.

Unloaded groceries & dogs. Garage was full of water from the 41 degree temperature today.

I took a nap on the couch. We watched Blackadder on the new Roku Channel, Britbox.

I made eggs later because I was hungry.

Then we watched Damnation on TV.

I went downstairs to turn on the Dry Sauna

When I went down to sit in the sauna, I took down eggs & towels. I dropped one box of eggs on the floor going into the bathroom. Hubby helped me clean it up.

Then I dropped my water bottle in the sauna. Hubby helped me clean it up and put the fan on the soaking wet carpet.

I took a shower after sauna.

I did laundry.

Then hubby came down to sit in the sauna. He took a shower afterwards.

We went to bed after watching Archer.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


JANUARY 13 2018

Up at 7AM to potty.

Got up at 9:30; snow had fallen off the trees. Snow had fallen off the roof of the garage.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. I made lattes.

Watched Mega Builders for 1 hour while hubby elevated his foot with heat/ice.

I put out food from last night for the turkeys.

We signed the house paperwork online and set it back.

Hubby shoveled the garage.

Hubby left at 12:46PM.

Friday, January 12, 2018


JANUARY 12 2018

Got up at 7AM. Hubby was banging around in the kitchen. He could not sleep. His leg was bothering him.

Hubby made egg breakfast for dogs. I made lattes.

I did laundry & dishes.

Hubby loaded some parts in the Jeep.

We left home at 10:30AM.

Drove to Jitterz in Rathdrum and got me a latte.

Drove to pick up van at Frank's Tire & Auto. Drove van over to Post Falls shop. My hair appointment was at 1PM, but Rachelle texted and said that she could work me in early.

I drove over to Azure Salon. I went in early to get my hair done. Just before I was done at 3PM, KR came to surprise me. She had been giving Plasma and was done, so she came over.

We drove to get fuel for her at Costco and I paid; then we drove her Jeep thru Metro Express car wash.

Drove over to the Post Falls shop to pick up hubby. Then we had dinner at Capone's. Hubby had a Pastrami Sandwich, Hubby had a sampler bitter beer. I had a chicken salad, KR had Hummus with veggie appetizers.

KR drove us back to the shop.

Stopped at Matt Z's and talked to him for a while. Nichole came out to say hi. We picked up the new modem from him.

We drove home.

Picked up mail; nothing but junk.

Then we watched TV for a while. Hubby installed the new Modem. It seemed to work OK.

We went to bed at 10PM when hubby was falling asleep on the couch.

Zim & Wilson came to bed with us and got quite comfortable. Zim has not slept with us for a long time.

We kept talking about the new house while in bed. Then suddenly, both of us were wide awake.

Zim & Wilson were upset that we got up again.

I got up to take a hot bath and work numbers on keeping the house & renting it out.

Hubby watched a Mega Builders show.

We went back to bed at 12:30AM.