Saturday, July 22, 2017


JULY 22 2017

Got up at 7AM and made lattes. Hubby made eggs for dogs. He cooked sausages on the grille outside.

Koda was waiting at the screen door to come inside.

We sat outside and ate our breakfast. Cats were playing all around outside.

I gave Bud his painkiller. Gave hubby some ibuprofen for his arthritis. It is much better now.

Hubby left for the Post Falls shop and took Bud with him to play Shop Dog.

I updated invoices on RMOR; worked on my lace flags.

Did laundry and dishes.

Took apples out for the Deer.

At 11:30, I left to go pick up KR at her home. We drove over to Jitterz to get lattes.

Then we drove over to the Valley Mall. Stopped at JoAnn's to pick up ribbon & lace.

Drove to the Mall to go get shorts for KR at American Eagle. I got earrings.

Then we walked thru JC Penney to see if they had shirts. We instead picked up some new makeup for KR and some eye brow shadow for me.

Looked at the cupcakes store in the middle of the mall.

We were hungry, so we stopped at Twigs to get water & salads.

I drove KR home and dropped her off.

Then I drove home.

Unpackaged all the stuff from JoAnn's. I was tired and took a nap.

Friday, July 21, 2017


JULY 21 2017

Hubby got up this morning and found a dead BAT on the floor in our bedroom. Another sacrifice from the kitties.

I got up and made hubby breakfast. Latte & egg sandwich.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller.

Did hubby's invoices for RMOR this morning.

Hubby had to rush off. He was late to work.

I went outside to water plants.

Prepared kitty food and took it downstairs. Rattler was eating it off the counter. In the basement, I found another sacrifice from the kitties - a dead Mouse.

Called for kitties, but Scaredy and Joey are still not coming home.

Printer ran out of blue ink. Had to replace. Printed out more RMOR envelopes.

Printed out August calendar.

Changed dog food & water.

Started laundry & dishes.

Got my nails done with Rhonda at Noon.

Made a date with hubby to go drink at Summit Cider tonight. Then go pick up Mod Pizza afterwards. Maybe go grocery shopping. Need to get gas in Jeep.

Picked up an iced latte from Jitterz on the way back home.

At home, I worked more on my ribbon flags. Need more ribbon.

HooDew wife came and brought more money for her husband's vehicle repair. Hubby came home.

We got dressed and drove in to CDA. Took the Jeep. Went to Summit Cider.

Sample Ciders at Summit Cider

We were a little bit tipsy, so we drove to get Jeep washed at Metro Express.

Then got pizza at MOD Pizza.

 My pizza with tomatoes, onions, sausage, white sauce & spinach

Hubby's pizza with lots of Jalapenos~!

Then we drove over to the Post Falls shop to pick up deposit. Hubby's tan dually was parked in the corner with the new tailgate wrap.

We picked up groceries in Rathdrum at Super One, then drove home. Put away groceries. Cut up apples to give to Deer.

Loaded dogs up in the White Dually and drove to Farragut Park for a 11PM walk in the dark. Wilson was very scared to be putting his head out of the window at night, but he walked ok. Bud huffed & puffed the whole way. He pooped in the middle of the road, which was unusual for him.

Drove home, unloaded dogs.

There were coyotes screaming in the dark when we came home. They sounded like they were in our backyard. Hubby shot out into the woods to scare them.

All the cats came running into the house not long after that. The only one missing was Koda. She did not come in all night.

Went to bed at Midnight.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


JULY 20 2017

Beebo slept at the bottom of hubby's feet on the bed all night.

Got up and made latte & breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby fed eggs to the dogs.

Hubby had me make an invoice for a customer.

Hubby left for work.

I watered plants outside in circle driveway.

I started laundry & dishes.

Fed cats some chicken-in-a-can.

Gave Bud his painkillers.

Cleaned up dog food & water.

Went down to the mailbox to get mail.

Wilson, Ben, and Rattler in the Library with Me

Took Beebo to the Vet at 1:30PM. Had Honking Laugh Doctor. She is nice.

They gave Beebo Antibiotic in his ear. Took him home and gave him a Benadryl to calm down. He DID NOT calm down. He kept itching at his ear and I had to keep stopping him.

Picked up dog poo.

Worked on Ribbon Flag again today. The blue and white is very pretty, but needs more blues.

KR came to pick Beebo up at 4PM. I was falling asleep.

Hubby had a late night working tonight. I went to bed at 11PM and he got home about midnight. He came in to our bedroom to wake me up and kiss me, but I had been sleeping and he scared me!!!

Got up to potty and give him a couple Tramadol for his back pain.

Went back to sleep.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


JULY 19 2017

Got up and hubby was already gone. I had taken a Benadryl last night, so slept thru.

Hubby snored all night, Zim was digging at himself & disturbed my rest. My foot was itching. A bad night.

Made latte for myself.

Gave Bud his painkillers.

Started laundry. Put dishes away.

Washed more dog bedding today.

I had ordered some more Tiles for hubby and KR. They came today via USPS. I love mine so far and have used it several times to find my keys & phone.


Worked on more Wooden Flag Hangings.

Put away things in the basement closets.

 Koda Kat sleeping on the Cabinet
 Scaredy sits on the Counter

Deer came at 7:30PM.

Talked to KR on the phone about Beebo's sore ear. I called hubby to pick him up on the way home and then I will take Beebo to the Vet tomorrow.

Watched movie The Discovery with hubby.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


july 18 2017

Got up after hubby left at 6AM. he had to deliver some parts so he left extra early.

 Cats on the Driveway in the Early AM

Started laundry & dishes.

I cleaned up cat litter and gave canned chicken to the cats.

Gave fresh food and water to dogs.

Gave Bud his painkiller.

Washed Ben's bedding.

Rattler Relaxing on the Sofa

Washed dog bedding.

Walked dogs.

Picked up poop.

Got the mail.

Still no lace, so I checked online and Amazon finally shows it being received in my mailbox on June 29. USPS showed it was delivered. Liars. They misplaced another order for me and there is nothing I can do about it. USPS stole $8 from me. Again.

Scaredy Relaxing on the Cabinet

Hubby got home at 7:30PM and we walked the dogs in Farragut Park at the GunShooting road. Bud was doing pretty good.

We stopped at Lil Town Market to pick up a pizza and milk. We also got a dog cookie for Jack. Gave it to him when we got home.

At home, made the pizza and binge watched LoveSick and The Sniffer.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Monday, July 17, 2017


JULY 17 2017

I was exhausted from not having any sleep the night before, so I slept in late today. I am still dragging.

Made latte for breakfast.

Gave Bud his painkiller.

Started laundry. Put laundry away.

Started dishwasher.

Watched TV for a while.

UPS man came and Wilson barked at him. Katrina is on vacation this week.

Shut the doggy door when a deer came by to eat & drink water.

Went downstairs and sorted more things in back room.

Put hydrocortisone on my left foot. It is itching, burning, and has blisters. Must be Eczema.

Went down to get mail.

Fell asleep on couch after taking two Benadryl.

Woke up a couple times to Rattler kissing me while sleeping on my chest.

Got up at 3PM and ready to take KR & hubby to Harley.

Left and forgot Hubby's helmet. Had to turn around to come back to get it.

Drove to Rathdrum and got an iced latte. Picked up hubby at yard. A couple cops were in the yard, had somebody pulled over.

Drove to pick up KR and then took I-90 to Spokane. Traffic going east was at a dead stop because of rush hour traffic.

We got there at 5:20 and they picked up their bikes. Tony, Matt Z's father-in-law was there, so hubby talked to him. KR and I went to the potty while waiting for her bike.

They brought the bikes out and we paid. Used our credit points on Harley Card to pay for some of it and hubby used his credit to pay for the rest of it.

I followed KR and hubby out Barker Road and then on to Trent. KR was going to see Rob & Melissa. Hubby drove home.

At home, I took hubby back into CDA to pick up his white Dually. We had dinner first at Olive Garden. Create your own Tour of Italy.

I dropped hubby off at his truck and drove home.

At home, I gave treats to the dogs.

Hubby got home at 11:15PM after working at the shop in Post Falls. I was exhausted, took another Benadryl and went to bed.

Sunday, July 16, 2017



Woke up at 8AM. Again, slept in late. I had cramps the night before and went to sleep on the couch. Zim was restless all night and kept stomping on my chest & licking himself while he was sleeping on my legs.

I had taken a warm bath, but the cramps did not go away at 2AM. Hubby was snoring, so I just slept on the couch.

It was already hot by 8AM. So we turned on the A/C. Hubby made breakfast for dogs. I made lattes.

I was really feeling tired & achy.

We started working on the closets right away. I sorted things from the back room so we could at least reach the closets. More stuff needs to go to the Goodwill and I need to throw away more JUNK.

Hubby got done with them at 3PM. I started putting things away.

Closet Shelf System in Basement

We had lunch and a late banana.

KR came over to pick up Beebo. I had fallen asleep after my lunch. Did not hear her ring the doorbell.

Toothless came over while KR was here. He dropped off the Forklift.

Hubby and I went back to fixing more of the closets.  I need a couple more shelves.

Hubby had gotten his left hand injured; maybe Arthritis? It was swollen at the knuckles and was all red. He could not put his hand flat. It was awful. Said he took a couple aspirins for it and it did not help the pain.

I told him go to Doctor.

I took a hot bath because I was in pain again.

We watched a couple TV shows on NETFLIX and then went to bed at 11PM.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


JULY 15 2017

I got up at 4AM to potty; it was very stagnant in the house. I opened the doors & windows; turned on the fan in the laundry room.

Got up at 8AM. We slept late!

Wilson & Zim were in bed with us.

Hubby got up and made eggs for dogs.

I made latte for hubby. Hubby watched his car show on tv.

We went to pick up Beebo. KR was camping at Priest Lake again this weekend.

 Shopping at North 40 with Beebo

Picked up lattes in Rathdrum.

Stopped to pick up Beebo.

Drove to CDA and washed the Dodge at Metro Express. Beebo was scared. He crawled onto my lap and then onto the floor to hide.

Took Beebo shopping inside North 40 with us. He was very well behaved. He got to pick out his own Pig Ear.

Stopped at Home Depot, Beebo waited in the A/C with me while hubby went inside to pick up Hinges for our front door.

Drove home.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


JULY 13 2017

Got up and made latte for hubby along with egg sandwich. He took a couple bites, but could not take it along with him.

We remembered that he had to ride his Harley today so he can take it to the appointment at the Harley Dealer in the Spokane Valley tonight for maintenance overhaul.

Hubby left and I shut the garage door. Checked on the deer water in the pond.

Came back inside and started laundry & dishes.

Put away clean laundry.

Made oriental sesame chicken for my breakfast.

Picked up dog poo.

Paid bills online.

Katrina came with UPS delivery of most of the Amazon PRIME purchases that I had made the other day.

New sunglasses; my first ever highly expensive pair.

Ray Bans

and a TILE to keep track of my keys and phone!


So I fiddled around and downloaded the APP and got the Tile working. Put it on my keys.

Started working on Bookwork for RMOR. That took until 1PM.

Went down to get mail. Got approved for another credit card. Yippee.

 Joey Comes Inside

Rattler on the Dog Bed

There was a HUGE box in the mailbox that was delivered to us and addressed to someone else.

I came back and did more laundry. Got ready to leave.

At 5PM, I left to drive over to Lone Wolf Harley Davidson. I picked up an iced latte in Rathdrum.

Got to HD at 5:45PM. It was a long drive, went the back way on Hwy 53/Trent. The road is horribly potholed and breaking apart. All the roads around here are getting really bad and the State of Idaho is not making an investment to fix them.

Traffic was bumper-to-bumper coming from Spokane, WA.

Dropped off Hogs for 1000 mile maintenance. Hubby had them install the new luggage rack. Hubby also priced out black light LEDs for the rear tail light. But it was too expensive.

Harley Luggage Rack

KR finally got there at 5:55PM. She got her cycle checked in and we left. I had to use the bathroom and then we left.

Drove to get gas at Love's on the Stateline. Then KR wanted to eat at The White House for garlic in Post Falls. Appetizers of TURKISH CIGARS - pinach and feta wrapped in phyllo dough and lightly fried.  Served with our tomato-onion relish Were delicious.

The FRENCH ONION SOUP was great, but so hot that we burnt our mouths.

But dinner sucked. KR and I got CURRIED CHICKEN KEBOBS - Grilled and served over rice with a veggie skewer and garlic green beans. The chicken kebobs were the same ones that I purchase at Costco and were under-cooked.

Hubby got the special, Pasta with Shrimp and Scallops. But there were only 3 shrimp and 3 scallops in the whole thing.

Too expensive a meal to eat there anymore. Food was less than good.

Drove KR home and said "Hi" to Beebo.

We stopped at Stein's on the way home. Picked up bread and milk and dog bones. Hubby got new lotto tickets while I shopped.

Noticed that the Rathdrum Drug & Variety Store is now closed. There is a small drug store that is going in right next to it.

Drove home, changed clothes, put away groceries.

Loaded up dogs and took them for a walk in Farragut Park. Passed lots of deer on the side of the road while driving down there.

Walked in the dark. Bud did pretty good. Still panting.

Noticed stars (satellites?) coming out at the end of our walk.

Drove home. Unloaded dogs.

Watched QuickDraw and went to bed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


JULY 12 2017

Hubby woke up this morning with Rattler nestled in his left arm, underneath the blankets. Rattler did not want to wake up when the alarm rang.

Zim was sleeping between my legs.

Wilson was sleeping on his back between me & hubby.

Got up and made latte for hubby. Made egg sandwich for him. Sent him to work with a banana.

I cleaned up dog food & water. Gave dogs some ham. Gave Bud his painkillers.

Cleaned up cat litter & gave them more food & water.

Started laundry & dishes.

Katrina brought my Keen Shoes on UPS and took a return box for Amazon.

Went to get nails done at Noon. On the way, the Railroad Crew had closed down the RR crossing at Ramsey & Diagonal. I had to wait on flaggers to allow us to pass.

Short Pointy Nails

Finally got there on time, but Rhonda was running 10 minutes behind. I had to wait.

Got my nails done in a pointy fashion. Rhonda still rounded them too much. I prefer much more of a point!

Drove back home on Hwy 41 instead of Diagonal.

Also got the Apple iPhone case & lightning headphone connector via FedEx that I ordered.

Picked up the mail. Just a HOG magazine in the mail today.

Washed our bedding today. Took a long time to dry.

 Scaredy Being Brave
 Rattler Is Tired

Soaked my feet after using a Exfoliant Foot Peel yesterday. Lots of peeling skin.

Started watching new Netflix show - Jessica Jones. Very good.

Hubby got home at 5:45PM. He made dinner. We watched more of the show.

Did invoices for work and recorded payments received.

Put more water out in pond for deer.

Cleaned up kitty litter again downstairs.

We watched QuickDraw on Hulu and went to bed at 10PM. Hubby was really tired.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


JULY 11 2017

Got up at 6AM to potty and went back to bed.

Hubby got up and left for work.

I got up at 6:30AM and cleaned up kitty litter, gave them tuna.

Cleaned up dog food. Gave Bud his painkillers.

Put away dishes.

Started laundry.

Raked out leaves from lower pond. Water filled up pond really well.

Picked up mail before I left house. Hubby got approved for another credit card.

Went to get hair done at 1PM. Drove Old Hwy 95. It was a relaxing drive on a hot day.

Stopped to get protein drink at Golden Glo.

Got my hair done from 1PM - 3PM.

Drove home.

 Bud Was Hot
Rattler Sat On My Lap

Hubby got home at 5PM. He surprised me when he came in the house. Dogs did not bark at him. He just said "hi" when we got in the kitchen. I jumped up and screamed. He scared me.

We watched a show on Hulu - Chance. Waited until it got later to cool off.

Hubby turned off the water going to the pond.

Took the dogs to Farragut for a walk. Buddy did really well on the walk. Not limping so badly. Still panting like a train, tho.

Came back and we went to bed at 10PM. Hubby was really tired.

I took a bath and hubby was already snoring by the time I got into bed.


JULY 10 2017

Got up at 5:45AM and made lattes. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

Sat on the deck with hubby for a while. He went to work at 6:45AM.

I started laundry and dishes.

Cleaned up cat litter.

Fed painkillers to Bud.

Put away laundry & dishes.

Cleaned up dog poo in back yard.

Kidneys on the right side were feeling achy.

Wilson On The Deck

Hubby got home late at 7:30 after working at the Post Falls shop.

Started putting water in the bottom pond with a hose for the deer to drink water.

We watched a new show on HULU called Stitchers. It was good.

Went to bed at 11:00PM.

Sunday, July 09, 2017


july 9 2017

got up and hubby made breakfast for himself & the dogs.

i made lattes.

we sat on the front deck and listened to music.

took bud with us to spirit lake to get gasoline in containers.

some idiot in a white truck turned around in our driveway.

came back and took the jeep over to transmission guy to pick up customer's car.

drove back home.

hubby power washed the decks.

i picked up dog poo.

at 2:45PM, the idiot finally returned hubby's bike that he had loaned out to him. i had to text him and remind him to bring it back. rude people.

we were finally done and too dehydrated to do anything else.

watched netflix for the rest of the night.

at 8pm, it was finally cool enough to go get groceries in the Jeep at Super One in Rathdrum.

went to bed at 11pm.