Saturday, July 30, 2016



Dogs barked all night. Buddy was a good boy and slept. But Wilson and Ben were up most of the night barking at things. Did not get a lot of sleep.

Very hot all night. I got up to put a fan in the window.

Got up after hubby left for work at 7AM. Hubby was working today because he had gotten Monday off as a trade.

Did laundry & dishes.
 Ben & Wilson play on the floor

Made Quiche. It tasted awful. It was a pre-made from Costco.

Koda & Kittens

KR came and droppped Beebo off at 10:00 so that she and Ali could go hiking up in Northern Idaho.

Beebo Stayed At Gma's Today

I had the girls come down and see the new kittens.

Hubby got home after 5:30.

KR went home, but then came back to get Beebo.

She had hubby fill her tire with air when she left.

We took the dogs for a walk after the sun went down. It was very hot today. It did not cool off until 9:30.


Got up at 7AM. Slept late!

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I helped him feed them.

Hubby went for a motorcycle ride.

I cleaned up around the house. Vacuumed the carpet again. Got the area ready for the kids to bring in the couches.

Kyle showed up at 9:30. He helped hubby clear out the garage.

KR finally got here at 10:15. She helped Kyle haul in our couches. We had to "put them together" because they were packaged in pieces.

KR & Kyle took the elliptical out front, threw the old couches out over the deck, and then put them in the Dually.

Hubby paid them and they left around 11:30.

Hubby went on another motorcycle ride after the kids left.

We went in to Athol to get a latte for hubby in my Jeep.

Wilson & Bud nap

It was really hot out again today. We just stayed inside and watched TV in the Air Conditioned house.

Walked the dogs late tonight because it was hot. Waited until it cooled outside.

Hubby picked up milk, lottery tickets, and a pizza at Lil Town Market.

We brought it home and baked it.

Cleaned out the kitty litter, gave her new blankets for her cat box, gave her fresh food, and opened the windows. Hubby brought in the screens so that we could open the windows and she can't get out.

It smells much better down there now.

Went to bed at 11:00 after watching Archer.

Friday, July 29, 2016



Got up at 5:45AM. Gave ham to the dogs.

Sat with hubby on the couch and watched Raising Hope. 

Hubby left at 6:30. Kissed him goodbye. He drove the white dually to work.

Found that Wilson had pooped on his dog bed during the night. I cleaned that up and had to wash the dog bed & cover. Gave the dogs fresh water and food.

I vacuumed the living room rug and the hardwood floor.

Started the dishwasher and put a load of clothing in to wash.

Took canned cat food down to Koda and she was rolling around, screaming.

I called the Vet and took her down. Had to clean the cat carry that was in the garage. It was dirty.

Koda at Vet's Office

Vet X-rayed Koda and discovered that she had impacted Fecal matter. Had to rush back home because they gave Koda an enema.

Stupid bikes on the highway doing a road race, there was a U-haul van behind them going slow. I passed all of them to get Koda home in time before she exploded.

When I got back, I washed my hair. Already exhausted for the day.

At 1:00, went to get my nails done. Got pink.

Pink nails

Afterwards, got a granita from Jitterz and drove home.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


JULY 28 2016

Got up at 6AM after hubby went down to check on kittens. He emptied the litter while I brought down another blanket for the family.

Hubby helped me pick up the kittens and put down the other blanket.

I took the plate for more Koda's cat food. Gave her chicken this morning.

Then I gave ham to the dogs. Gave the dogs fresh food & water.

Got ready for school.

Stopped and got gasoline in my Jeep in Rathdrum. Went inside the store to get lottery tickets and buy Starbucks coffee for Christine because somebody had stolen hers from the refrigerator at school.

Had to endure the Medical Massage teacher today for class. Cannot stand him. Not learning anything from him. They actually HIRED this ?

We learned absolutely nothing today. Were forced to massage each other for 30 minutes in SILENCE. He was "teaching" us to be quiet. He "ssshhhed" me and I told him to "ssshh yourself". We are treated like children instead of adults.

After class, I came home and did not do any make-up because the new class was already doing herbal wraps.

I drove home. Was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch, then moved upstairs on the bed to take a better nap.

I did laundry & dishes. Broke another glass in the dishwasher.

Gave the dogs clean food & water.

Checked on the kittens.


Hubby got home at 6PM. It was so hot, he ate dinner and sat on the couch all night.

We went down to change Koda's blankets in her birthing box about 9:30. Then we went to bed at 11PM.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

wednesday & WOW


Got up at 6:00. Hubby went downstairs and found that Koda had birthed her kittens overnight. We counted 6, but 1 still had the umbilical & sac attached.

Hubby left and went to work.

I left at 8AM for school.

At school, we went over Chapters 20 & 22 for A&P.

Then at Noon, I drove to Rathdrum and got some groceries at Super One.

Drove home, got mail, unloaded groceries.

Took canned cat food down to Koda. Found that 1 of the kittens had died. We had 7 overall, but now have 6.

I made snack lunch for myself and then rested for an hour.

Monday, July 25, 2016


JULY 25 2016

Got up at 6AM. Hubby made eggs for dogs. I rolled out of bed at 7AM.

Hubby went for a motorcycle ride.

Then we walked the dogs in Farragut Park around the sewage treatment area. The weeds are too high and need mowing.

We came back and got a drink at the latte stand in Athol. Saw a creepy guy in front of us, stroking his girlfriend that was standing by the car. It was so gross.

Drove to the Jeep guy and gave him the keys to the Jeep; got a check from him. Hubby called in an order to Transamerica on the way.

We stopped at Bert's on the corner to see if he does field mowing, but he retired and does nothing now.

Dropped the dogs off at home. Gave them some ham before we left.

We drove to Jitterz in Rathdrum for drinks. Then stopped at KR's to pick up Beebo for some adventure fun. He was feeling MUCH better.

I also noticed that Beebo had gotten into the garbage and there was a mess everywhere. We will clean it up when we return.

Drove to the Bank to drop off deposit at Columbia.

Washed my Jeep at the CarWash on 41.

Drove to TransAmerica to pick up parts at Will Call. I walked Beebo all around the warehouse. Then we walked into the building (Beebo fell thru the open staircase).

We drove back to Post Falls and dropped off the parts at the new shop.

Drove to the Park in Post Falls to walk Beebo. He swam with the ducks. Ran after the Geese.

We dried him off and put him on a towel in the backseat. He did not move.

Dropped Beebo off at home. We cleaned up his garbage mess. Vacuumed the house.

Drove over to Hayden for my Acupuncture appointment at 2:45PM. Looked at property on Government Way. Hubby called the Realtor, Ken to talk about the property.

Hubby dropped me off and went to get an Apple Ale. Then he picked me up at 4PM. We drove to downtown CDA to eat at Angelo's on 4th, but it was closed until 5PM. We returned and ate there. Expensive for pasta type food. My dinner came without the chicken, when we requested more bread, they brought us plain bread and not the toasted bread they had brought before. It was awful. Not going back there, ever.

We drove to Costco for gas. Then drove home.

I was tired.

Hubby watched tv for a while, then went down to the shop with Ben to meet a guy for his brake parts.

I went upstairs to take a nap.

Hubby returned to the house after 45 minutes, but told me that he had to drive down to Post Falls to be there for the guy to pick up his truck. I declined to go with him. I was too tired.

By the time hubby returned after 10PM, I was already in bed sleeping. He came upstairs to hug & kiss me before bed. I barely woke up to tell him that I was sleeping!


JULY 26 2016

Got up at 6AM.

I drove to school at 8AM.

We had Ethics class with Sabrina today, talking about Sexual Harassment & ethics related.

At 11:40, all the classes came to our room to discuss the Clinic Policy on inappropriate behavior being exhibited by some clients.

I went into the other room at Noon and made up 3 hours with Jen's Intro class.

At 3:00, I folded up and put away the table.

Then drove to CDA for my Eyelash appointment.

Did lashes, fell asleep on the table.

Then at 4:00, I drove home. Traffic was pretty hectic for that time of day.

At home, got mail.

Koda kitty came in the house and was sleeping in her box. I think she might be having her babies tonight.

Hubby got home at 6PM. My knees were hurting so I had taken ibuprofen, so did not want to take a walk.

We watched tv tonight - new episode of Wrecked.

Checked on Koda before we went to bed. No kitties yet.

Sunday, July 24, 2016



Got up early. Hubby had already left to pull the float for the North Idaho Fair with the Frontier truck. He was told to be there by 7AM. He took Buddy with him.

I did laundry and dishes.

Then dressed & got ready for class. Wore stretchy clothes for PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

Stopped at Super 1 in Rathdrum to pick up new pencils and a notebook that I forgot. Also got donuts for today.

 Donuts For Students in Class

Arrived at AICM at 8:30, took everything inside.

Class arrived quite late. Kim came and I sat beside her. She brought cake pops & white powdered donuts.

Had lunch in the classroom because there was only 30 minute allocated for lunch.

We had shrimp, roll-ups, and chicken ka-bobs.

Then the afternoon just seemed to drag. 

Finally got out at 2:30PM.

On the way out of the building, I fell on the curb, tripping over my stretch pants. 

I drove to Rathdrum. Hubby called me to meet me there. 

I tried to get drinks at Jitterz, but there were 2 cars in line with 4 people each and they were all ordering blended drinks. There was only 1 girl working.

So I drove over to park my vehicle at the Frontier CO in Rathdrum and got into the Dually with hubby. He was hauling the trailer and going to get a truck in Spokane.

We drove over to Dagny's and got cold drinks there. 

Picked up the truck at a heated pressure washer warehouse. The kid and his girlfriend were really nice.

Then we hauled the HUGE truck back to the shop in Post Falls. Met Larry there and put the truck in the bay.

Loaded a Ranger onto the Trailer to deliver.

We drove back to Rathdrum and I got gasoline. Then I drove home. Hubby drove to CDA to deliver the Ranger.

5 Car Accident on Diagonal & Ramsey on my way home

At home, I got undressed. Was SO tired. Made apple slice snacks and more tea. Cleaned up the dog water. 

Hubby got home shortly after. Wilson greeted Bud like a long lost friend. Kissing & Hugging him.

I went to bed around 6PM, slept until 11PM. Got up and watched Angie Tribeca with hubby, then went back to bed.


Woke up at 6AM. Went to potty. Brought Wilson upstairs with me. Put him on Ben's bed. Ben was so happy to see him.

Wilson jumped down and came into our room then jumped on the bed. He kissed me and hubby for quite a while.

We got up and made eggs for the dogs. I put away laundry and dishes.

Washed my hair.

Went for a dog walk in Farragut Park. Walked down Gun Shooting Road.

Then we drove to Spirit Lake to get hubby a latte.

Got back home and hubby went down to the shop to meet with Larry and get parts out of the shop while I picked up dog poo.

Then hubby loaded up the wood in the front of the house and took it to the pit.

After he got back to the house, he loaded garbage up and we went down to the dump.

Upon returning from the dump, we loaded up the swamp cooler, the lawn chairs, the rocking lawn chairs & glass tables, the lawn mower, the horse trough and the used wire spool to take down to Rathdrum Goodwill. We drove very slowly down Diagonal.

Unloaded stuff at Goodwill and got a receipt.

Then got lattes at Jitterz. Drove to Walmart in Hayden to get printer ink.

Drove back to Athol and picked up garlic bread at Lil Town Market.

Came home and put Lasagne in the oven to bake. Hubby fixed the dog watering hose and pulled the plants from around the dog water barrel. Then he fixed the doggy door.


Friday, July 22, 2016



Only 2.5 more months of class at AICM! What will I do with myself after that???
I think that most of our class has the short-timer blues already. 


We woke up at 4AM to find it raining violently outside.

Then slept until 7AM. Got up to make breakfast eggs for the dogs.

Watched Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries until the carpet guy got here at 8AM to give an estimate for the new basement carpet.

Went to get my nails done at 12:00. Only did my nails instead of toes, too.

 Blue Nails

Hubby got back in an hour after mailing our Cutco knives for sharpening & making deposit at banks.

 Cutco Knives for Sharpening

We went to Costco to get food snacks for the weekend. Got Chicken Ka-bobs, Shrimp, and Ham Roll-ups.

Then we went over to McKenzie River Pizza for horrible food. Place was dirty. Waitress brought me a Kahlua instead of Kahlua & cream. Idiot.

Hubby took me to work so I could be there by 5PM for 1 hour of Business. I did 3 massages tonight. Only got a $5 tip.

Hubby came to pick me up at 9PM. We went home.

Thursday, July 21, 2016



Got up at 6AM with hubby. He left for work around 6:30.

Then I got ready for school.

Gave ham to dogs. Cleaned their food & water.

Started laundry & dishes.

On the way to school, I stopped at the gas station to pick up donut holes for Kim. Got her a card to cheer her up & told her to do well on the Final Test.

At school, I brought food inside the classroom. The Crab Rangoons that hubby had picked up last night, the Waldorf & Potato salads that I had gotten from Super 1 last night. Took the leftover popcorn that we had in the cupboard. Also took chips & dip that I had purchased.

Tim forgot that the pizza places are all closed in the morning. Sam brought fruit & veggie trays. Jen, our teacher, brought Krispy Kreme donuts. Kim brought a box of bagels with cream cheese from Einstein Bros in Spokane.

Jen, Elsbeth, Katie & Angie were gone today.

After our test, we just sat around for 2 hours. Jen handed back the tests. I got 95%. But it did not count because I had already finished this class.

Jackie came into the classroom with my Business Hours schedule and asked if I really needed all the hours. I told her yes. Need 40 hours to complete.

Afterwards, I left. Kim helped me carry things out. She gave me a hug.

I drove home. Very tired.

 Wilson Loves Ben as a Jungle Gym

At home, I took a nap for 2 hours.

Hubby got home at 5:30. He watched The Taking of Pelham 123 from 1974. He fell asleep on the couch.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A&P Chapter 17-19 Test


-A&P Chapter 17-19 Test



Hubby woke up at 5:00 and left by 5:15. He had to haul a Jeep down to the new shop in Post Falls.

I stayed in bed until 6:00AM. Then it was so cold, I had to get up and close the windows.

The tree at the side of the house has already started to turn brown.

Gave the dogs ham.

Opened the garage door for Koda kitty. She is SO pregnant. Very big. I need to take a picture of her.

I studied for the Chapter test in A&P.

Drove to school.

We were sitting in a u-shape of tables in classroom. Jen said she needed to keep an eye on everybody taking the Chapter test because there has been cheating.

So we took the test. I got an 85%.

After class, I drove to see Beebo. He has been very sick. KR had to take him to the Vet. He did not get up to greet me when I came in the house. He was in KR's garden and I had to make him get up to take him for a walk.

We walked, and then he came back. Growled at me when I tried to prevent him from drinking the rancid water in KR's water decor in the yard.

I left and drove over to my Acupuncture appointment in Hayden. Stopped at Walgreens to pick up a fan for this weekend and mints for Clinic.

Then afterwards, I drove home.

Gave dogs ham, got the mail. Started laundry. Got ready for clinic.

Left for clinic.

Everybody's 8PM had canceled, so we only had 2 appointments. Then they said I had gotten another cancellation and they could give me a business hour for 6-7pm. Then they re-scheduled an appointment for me, so I had 2 appointments again.

At 8PM, I was done. Drove to Super 1 in Rathdrum and got groceries for the Potluck tomorrow.

Hubby was just pulling in behind #3. Hubby cleaned off my windshield while I brought in the groceries. We were both exhausted. Went to bed at 10PM.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016



Woke up at 5AM. Hubby left early because he had to stop at the shop.

I got up because I could not stay in bed.

Gave ham to dogs. Did laundry.

Made Protein shake and drank it.

Changed dog water & food.

Pre-set the A/C to come on at 1PM.

Left for Ethics class at AICM. New teacher.

We were supposed to sit in a semi-circle. A couple students arrived late as usual. My back got tired, and I had to move to a table.

Our September calendars were put into our in-boxes. So I have to pick days that I want to do Business Hours in September.

Talked to Jackie about make-up hours. She said relax, only about  67 to make up. Yippee.
Jackie came into class and asked about our attending outside event in August. We get free t-shirts.

I left class and went home.

At home turned on the A/C as it had not come on as pre-set.

Bud Fell Off His Dog Bed

The new lights for the living room had arrived via UPS. 

Hubby asked me to go down to the shop to look for another box from UPS as he is missing a box from Transamerica delivery. They keep messing up his orders. I rode down on my bike with Bud. Bud did NOT go out in the woods. I think he is getting old and was tired.

Told hubby to text Jason, the installer, as we have not yet received the paperwork for our rebate. Ass. He said it would be 2 weeks ago. Nobody ever does what they say they will do.

Hubby also needs to talk to Gary to pay us for boat storage as it has been over a year for that...

Hubby came home at 5:45.

He sat on the couch. Ate dinner. Was very tired. We walked dogs at 6:00PM.

Came back home.

Watched TV. I went to bed at 10PM. Hubby went to take a shower & come to bed.

Monday, July 18, 2016



Got up at 4AM. Took Wilson upstairs to sleep with Ben. He was happy to be with his friend.

Hubby got up at 5:30AM. Wilson came down the stairs with hubby.

We sat on the couch watching tv news at 6AM.

I gave the dogs some roast beef for breakfast.

Then we gave huggies to the dogs. Hubby left for work.

I did laundry & dishes. Cleaned up the dog food and water. 

Mostly slept all day.

Went into town to get Acupuncture.

Car Accident in front of Best Buy

It rained a little bit in the afternoon.

Wilson Sleeps in Library

Hubby got home and he was very tired, so he stayed on the couch most of the night. All his muscles hurt from riding the motorcycle all weekend.

We went to bed at 11PM.

Sunday, July 17, 2016



Bravo was still home with us. I watched him all day.

Got up at 6AM with hubby. Gave him a back & neck massage in the bathroom on the toilet because he woke up dizzy.

Then I gave dogs ham. They were happy.

Koda kitty had been sleeping on the back deck.

After hubby left, I turned on the A/C.

Hubby had to go 

Had cake for breakfast. Also ate some soy sausages.

I vacuumed house.

Had a nap at Noon.

KR and hubby texted that they were leaving at 2PM.

When hubby got home, he was very tired. Everything hurt.

He came back and we had to put all the dogs & Beebo into the Dually, then we went to pick up Tom at Chad's house where hubby had dropped him off.

We drove Tom back to the shop. Then we dropped Beebo off at KR's house.

She was out getting groceries and was not there.

We drove home. Hubby was exhausted. We went to bed at 11PM.

Took Beebo back to KR's house. Had to get $ from a truck at the new shop,

Saturday, July 16, 2016

All Day Motorcycle Class


Got up at 6AM. Put everything in the Jeep. Helmets.

Then drove to Rathdrum and got lattes at Jitterz for us; drove back and got an Americano coffee for KR at Bean Barn.

But the girl put in cream in the Americano.

We walked Bravo very quickly so he could poo. Then KR was ready. We got in the Jeep. She had me drive over to KokoPelli to get another Americano.

Drove to Harley Davidson for our class. We got there last, but were there by 7:45AM.

Practice on riding Harleys all day. I dropped my bike a couple times. Just could not master it with my weak right knee.

 Kelsey at Harley Motorcycle Training
 Instructors, D..., Barb, and Ron
Greg at Harley Motorcycle Training

After hot dog lunch, we went back and there were storm clouds forming.

It started raining for our final exercise. I was thoroughly confused as what to do. My bike fell over slightly again and I tried to re-start it, but it would not start. I turned it off and on, but it still would not start. I walked it over to Ron and he turned it off for longer, and it started.

Then I tried to do the quick stop exercise and failed. I dropped the bike on my leg in front of Ron and then was done. Waited for KR & hubby to get done.

Hubby drove us back to KR's house where we dropped her off. We were all very tired.

Drove over to CDA to pick up hubby's truck at the Frontier parking lot. We drove home separately.

At home, I took a bath.

Hubby sat on the couch.

We took the dogs for a brief walk and then went to bed at 11PM.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hair & Nails & Motorcycle Class


Got up at 6AM with hubby.

Gave ham to the dogs.

Then I got ready for the day.

Left home at 9:20 to get a latte before getting my hair done at 10AM.

Picked up a latte at Jitterz, drove to my hair place. Got my hair cut, highlighted, and Blow Out treatment done.

Also purchased some conditioner.
At 1:00, picked up a tea for Tracy, my nail tech. Then drove to my nail place.

Got my nails done.

Drove home.

Got ready for motorcycle class. Cleaned up dog water & food.

Drove into town to pick up hubby. Drove to pick up KR in Post Falls.

Drove over to our motorcycle class.

We took the test at the end of class. We all passed.

Then afterwards, we were all tired. Picked up gloves in the store for tomorrow.

Hubby drove back. We stopped in Post Falls to eat at mexican restaurant La Cabana. Table was dirty, floor was dirty. Service was kinda slow. Food was tasteless. I don't like this place. Won't be eating here again.

Dropped off KR.

We drove home. Very tired. Went to bed early.

Thursday, July 14, 2016



My knee is hurting so bad. It is right back to where it was before I left school for the medical leave-of-absence. After only 3 days working in Clinic, I am crippled again.


I got up at 6AM with hubby and took a hot bath.

Gave ham & chicken to dogs for breakfast.

After hubby left, I decided to lie down on the couch and take a nap. I did not go into school today because I am hurting so bad. Another 3 hours I have to make up!

It is wonderfully warm outside and my nap on the couch is great.

There is not a cloud in the sky.

I make pasta for lunch. It makes me sick.

UPS Katrina delivers a package.

At 3:30, I drove into town to pick up hubby. Stopped to get lattes at Jitterz on Miles.

Picked up hubby at 4:00, we drove over to pick up KR. We walked Bravo while she got ready. Then drove over to Harley Davidson in Spokane Valley.

Was in Motorcycle class from 5-8. We toured the facility again.

Then we drove home. I had hubby drive because my knee hurt so bad.

Dropped KR off, then we drove home.

I was so tired. Went to bed at 10PM.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Got up at 6AM to verify info on hubby's payroll.

Koda kitty got into the garage before hubby left.

I gave dogs ham then got ready for school.

Picked up a latte at Jitterz in Rathdrum.

At school, sat in the back. Panda was going to sit by me, but Kim put her books there instead. Panda sat by Katie again.

We did a Pop Quiz that I had already done. Then we reviewed for the Chapter 17-19 Test next week.

I left at Noon.

Stopped to pick up breakfast croissant sandwiches for the dogs at Jack-In-The-Box. Then followed Katie home because her Radiator had started leaking.

I stopped at Maverik to get gasoline on the way home.

At home, got junk mail.

Took a nap. Put cream on my feet and hands. Took a Tramadol so I can work without pain tonight.

Drove to Clinic.

Did 3 massages.

KR & Hubby went to the Really Big Raffle. It was a bust. Too many people. They got cheese MELTZ and soft drinks, but threw them away.

Did not win anything. Boo.

I drove home.

Went to bed at 11:00PM

Tuesday, July 12, 2016



Got up and Wilson was not allowed to eat or drink, so I could not give the dogs their breakfast ham.

Took Wilson to the Vet and checked him in for Neutering surgery at 8AM.

Came back and by 9AM, they called and said he did OK during surgery. I can pick him up by 1:30PM. He had an undescended testicle that entailed more intricate surgery.

I went to get my nails & toes done at Noon with Tracey.

On the way home, I stopped and picked up Wilson. Had to return back to the Vet and get a cone-of-shame for his head as he was biting at his stitches when we got home.

Wilson settled down and took a nap when we got home.

Wilson & the Cone of Shame

I had gotten an email that said that we were approved for another VISA card. Yippee.

Hubby got home late. He had stopped to drop off his tools at the new shop in Post Falls.

There was a hummingbird stuck in the house and we had to get him out. By the time hubby got home, the little guy was almost dead.

We tried to nurse him back to health with honey water and put him wrapped in a blanket in the laundry room where it was warm. By Midnight he was beating his wings again and hubby put him outside. But when we got up in the morning, we found him dead by the back door. It was sad.


Got up at 7AM to study some more. Gave the dogs ham.

Put away dishes & laundry.

Got ready for school.

Made sure I had my homework, Project, and books.

Drove to Rathdrum the back way, then picked up a Granita at Jitterz. I really needed the extra caffeine.

Then at school, had to sit on the other side of the room in the back. Kim sat beside me.

We were given a very difficult test that we did not study for. Shelley finally asked if it was the "right" test. So Carol went looking and talked to Lydia, Admin. Finally came back with the correct test, but we had already wasted 30 minutes on this other.

Carol said that she would give everyone 100% on their homework due to the mix-up in tests. But we all were SO stressed by this time.

We got done with the tests.

Kim and I went to Starbucks in her car to get her a coffee.

Then we came back and started working on our Practicals.

Instead of doing our Projects, we just handed them in and Carol graded them.

Fortunately, I had pulled Rectus Abdominus, Infraspinatus, and Latissimus Dorsi. I made quick notes about the muscles and then put play-doh on the mini skeletons. Carol came around and checked our muscle placing. While we were doing that, she was taking everybody one-by-one to do the muscle movements. Instead of just picking out 5, she made us do ALL the muscle movements.

I got 100% on everything but the written test. I got 74% on the written test.

By the time we left class, it was late. 12:10. I drove to Eyelash place over in CDA. Rested on the table and had Christy do my eyelashes. I started snoring. It was very relaxing. Was done there by 2:00. Then drove home.

Dogs were excited to see me. I picked up the mail.

Gave the dogs more ham.

Put away my Kines books! Yippee!

Got email from NW Plus that we qualified for another VISA card. 

Had lunch.

Laid down on the bed and rested. It rained while I was upstairs.

Hubby got home around 7PM. He had talked to Earl. Earl wants to buy the shops and the land, so hubby talked to him about it.

We watched TV for the rest of the night.

It rained tonight.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunny Sunday


Got up at 7AM. Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I had some quiche that we had purchased from Costco yesterday.

We watched hubby's car videos on tv for while, sitting on the only remaining couch that was in the living room.

Hubby had me type out an invoice for guy picking up Dodge this morning at 10AM.

Hubby took dogs to the shop with him in the Dually.

I ordered new wall lights for the living room.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Rain All Day


Woke up at 6:45AM. Had to potty. Then went back to bed. Ben came into bed with us.

We got up at 7:30 to make breakfast. Wilson was trying to chew apart the couch.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie called The Visit. Very good old movie.

Hubby went to deliver a truck to Charles while I was asleep. I woke up with Wilson hitting my face with his paw.

We went to Athol to get lattes, they were awful. Too sweet and too much foam. Took the dogs down to the park for a walk. It was SO humid and hot.

Came back to the house and dropped off the dogs.

Drove into town, hubby drove down Diagonal - like I told him NOT to. The traffic was backed up and we waited for 10 minutes before hubby finally turned the truck around and drove the other way.

We got to Rathdrum and I got a latte, but the stupid girl was eating food and kept asking us to repeat the order. Wanted to get a Protein Puck, but they were out of them.

Drove into town, hubby decided we need to go to Liberty Lake to the Consignment Furniture store there. Followed some idiot old people in a Suburban that did not know where they were going. Finally got to the Furniture Store. It was loaded with junk and was very expensive. We left.

Back to CDA and went to Big Lots. Found a set of couches there. We bought them. Hubby also got some new cooking pans.

New Couches From Big Lots

Then we drove over to vacuum and wash the truck at the Car Wash.

Went to Tractor Supply Center (they did not have anything) and then over to North 40 to look for Tool Boxes for hubby's new shop with Tom.

Found a cool distressed tool box that hubby wants to purchase.

Friday, July 08, 2016



It seems this summer will be about nothing but rain & cold. Yuck.

Wilson was honking and choking this morning, so I tried to call the Vet for an appointment, but he was too busy doing surgery.

I left to go get nails & toes done at 12:00.

Tried to deposit a check at Horizon, but they wanted to place a hold on it. I told them to forget it.

Returned home.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

To The Dentist


Already past half of my week off. Seems a waste. I really need to study more.

Got up at 7:30 when hubby left for work.

Took a hot bath for my aching muscles. It was harder to go back to massaging than I thought.

3 hours down, 47 to go!

Wilson tore apart the couch, so I had to repair that.

I worked on business cards for our upcoming business project.

KR updated her resume. She filled in an application for NNAC. She will need to go home & take a shower, print out her new resume, and go to the interview.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016



Got up after hubby left for work at 6:30. He had to stop at the shop first before leaving.

I got up and gave ham to dogs. Checked on Koda downstairs, but she was not there. Hope she learns to come inside the basement.

Started laundry & dishes.

The mailman brought our mail up to the house. It was mostly junk mail, but Beebo's toy box came!

Ordered a new Blendtec from Amazon on Prime sale.

Ordered new sandals from Volcom.

Ordered more shirts from HM.

It was cold & rainy today.

I took a hot bath and got ready for Clinic at 3:45PM.

KR called and was upset. I told her to call her dad as he was getting off early and that she could go to Spokane with him.

(KR and Hubby went to Spokane to drop off the tools that he borrowed for the Rigging in the loft, then they went to Costco to look at toolboxes for hubby, they went to North 40 to look at toolboxes, then picked up a bag for KR at her home so she could stay overnight - hubby had forgotten my salad, so they brought the dogs down to the Clinic and walked them while waiting for me.)

I finished getting ready and left for Clinic.

Hwy 41 traffic was backed up because they were refinishing the road. I will have to drive another way in the future.

At Clinic, I got ready. Said "Hi" to Amber & Christine. Got my room ready.

Did 3 massages. Helped Sam & Jennifer put their laundry in the hampers. Got waters.

Cleaned up afterwards. Got tipped.

KR & Hubby were walking dogs when I came out. Beebo got into the truck and ate one of the salads that hubby had gotten me.

Drove home with KR. Hubby took the dogs.

Stopped to wash my Jeep. Got gas in Rathdrum. Drove home the back way.

At home, I was exhausted. Ate the salad which I really did not like because it was blackened grilled chicken with berries. Odd taste with the burnt/sweet.

I went to bed after the news.

KR and Hubby stayed up talking for a while.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016



Woke up at 5:45. Had to ask hubby what time it was. He was irritated because he wanted to sleep some more. I thought he had over-slept.

Hubby got up and ready for work.

I got up and pottied. Feeling a little bit better.

Wilson was barking at Koda out front of the house.

I gave her new tuna. She has not been eating her tuna lately.

I watched the Structural Stabilization DVDs and then worked on my Kines homework & Finals.

Tried eating a little bit of watermelon & cheese. It was ok. Not tired or achy like yesterday.

Received the Cat Tower via UPS from Amazon.

I studied upstairs on our bed.

Then came down around 1:30. Put away clothes & dishes. Picked up garbage. Brought books in from outside as it looked about ready to rain.

Ben & Bud tried to attack Koda. Wilson tried to defend her. Ben hurt his front leg. I will have hubby check tonight; but it does not appear broken.

Checked Koda. She had gone into the back yard and accidentally could not get out. Lost her footing on the fence & fell back into the dogs. I screamed at them to "STOP"!

Hubby came home later and helped me put the cat tower together.

We took it downstairs and put it in the back room for Koda.

Koda's Cat Tower

Monday, July 04, 2016

July 4th

JULY 4, 2016

Boring day.

Woke up at 8AM. Hubby had already been up since 6AM.

He made eggs for the dogs.

I did laundry. Started dishes.

Took a bath.

It was cold outside. Covered hubby up with a blanket while he was sitting sleeping on the couch.

Got cat plate from the garage.

Gave dogs fresh water.

Hubby got up and dressed. He cut his hair.

I went out in the backyard to pick up do poo. Hubby took his chain saw and went out to the backyard to cut up the dead, fallen tree that was in the middle of the yard. Then I helped him haul the tree back behind the fence. I played with Wilson by throwing tennis balls for him.

Hubby then took my Jeep and hauled away the dead, fallen trees from this past winter

He wanted me to video tape him clearing away the trees.

Hubby clearing trees
I had lunch of Mediterranean tuna and feta cheese. Felt really tired.

Hubby got done at 2:25 with the trees. He fixed the fence railing on the decks. The dog had thrown one out.

He sat down and watched TV for a while.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Worst Weekend


Got up at 8AM. It was already warm and sunshine outside. But the trees were blowing.

We started to get ready for the boat.

KR came at 10AM. She brought Beebo. The Kayak was tied to her car, so we loaded everything into her car.

KR drove up to Hope. On the way, we saw the wind was creating 5 foot waves with white caps.

We unloaded everything at Hope. Hubby said I was being bitchy because I did not feel good. Still having stomach pains and diarrhea.

On the boat, it was horrible dusty, dirty, and full of bugs. We had to vacuum the dog hair, clean everything with Clorox wipes, and still birds had pooped all over the deck. Hubby was upset and did not want to clean the boat.

He returned the wheelbarrow, then we went to brunch at the Floating Restaurant. I just got a kids meal of breakfast. It was too much and I still got sick.

Went back to boat. Hubby went to rent a Jet Ski.

I took a nap. At 2PM, hubby and KR went to learn how to JetSki.

Hubby took the Jetski out first, then came back to get KR to ride with him for a while.

Hubby & KR on Jetski

I stayed on the boat and watched a guy with a 32 Foot Carver almost bash into other boats while getting his boat out by the Float rental home. It was hilarious. The boat got caught by the wind and drifted sideways down the lane before he finally got control of it and backed it out of the marina.

Hubby and KR finally came back. We had watermelon on the boat and then decided to go home. It was too hot and windy.

KR drove back.

We dropped her off in Bayview to hang out with Casey. However, when we got home, KR wanted her car back so we had to drive all the way back. Dropped the car off at the Idaho Fish & Game place. The guy there almost had a shit fit for us parking it there, finally we said that our daughter would be collecting it in a few minutes. He finally let hubby park it in the back.

I drove home in my Jeep. By the time we got home, it was 8:00. We were too tired to take the dogs for a walk and drive down to the park again.

We watched tv and then went to bed at 10PM. Hubby was tired.

KR finally came at Midnight to pick up Beebo. Hubby got up and met her at the door.

Friday, July 01, 2016


JULY 2 2016

Got up at 6AM. Already had heard 3 trains which woke us up.

Hubby got up and started the A/C.

He made eggs for the dogs. I helped feed them.

Gave Koda kitty her tuna.

Hubby got on his motorcycle and started practice riding around the property.

Hubby riding Harley in the Driveway

We need to order a cover for the bike while it is stored in the garage because it is getting SO dusty.

I took down the blankets over the railing upstairs so that hubby could install the rigging on the railing. I also took the vacuum upstairs to clean up the mess he will make from drilling holes in the wood posts.

Hubby got the rigging done on the railing!

 Wilson hiding in the Library

Wilson hid in the library, helping me to box up the books back there. Hubby got done with the rigging on the loft and it was beautiful!

Platinum Card & Better Interest Rate


First Day of July. Only 60 days of Summer left.

Got up extra early and made eggs for the dogs. Gave Koda kitty her tuna. She came to the deck and was talking kitty talk to everybody. Wilson snuck thru the boards on the deck to go down and see her, but we told him "NO!" very sternly and he came back up the stairs. Good boy!

Then the carpet guy came to measure the basement. He later called hubby and said that it would be $1700 for carpet & installation. We thought that was a little bit expensive.

Hubby had to stop for a drink at the latte stand in Athol. Asked Joy if she had a carpet guy. She thinks she knows somebody or her husband does.

We stopped down at Horizon Credit in Post Falls to sign the paperwork to increase our credit limit to a Platinum Card!

Then we went over to KR's to pick up Beebo. Took him to a park in the subdivision. Walked him around outside the park because DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN PARK. Stupid.

Walking Beebo

Beebo pooped and we gave him water from the spigot from hubby's latte cup.
Driving to CDA
Drove over to CDA to get screws at North 40. KR texted and said that she got off early. We headed over to the Best Sandwich Shop on Best because hubby was hungry. KR met us there. We were having an enjoyable time in the shade under the Gazebo until a loud "but, like..." girl came with her boyfriend. She was extremely LOUD. We think she & her boyfriend were crack cocaine addicts. Ugh.
At North 40 with Beebo
KR went to get food for herself from the Mobile Food Vans.

At The Best Sandwich Shop in CDA

Then we took Beebo back home. KR gave us her eggs to put in her fridge. She went shopping and to sign her paperwork on her Line of Credit on her home. Yippee!

After we dropped off Beebo, hubby wanted to go to Spokane for Krispy Kremes. They had out the Patriotic donuts for the Holiday.

The traffic was backed up bumper to bumper on the interstate going East. We drove home Trent.
Traffic on Interstate

At home, we unloaded everything There were packages for us on the deck and mail for us on the deck.

I took a bath and then hubby fell asleep on the couch while I fell asleep on our bed.

At 7PM, I woke up. Did some laundry & dishes.

I started putting books in boxes to take to recyclers.

Then we took the dogs for a walk at 9PM in Farragut Park. There were lots of Police cars, Fire Engines and Emergency Vehicles on Clagstone. We wondered what was going on, but could not see anything because it was so dark.

Drove back home and the emergency vehicles were gone. There was a huge scorch spot in the road.

At home, we watched TV for a while. Then went to bed.