Wednesday, July 06, 2016



Got up after hubby left for work at 6:30. He had to stop at the shop first before leaving.

I got up and gave ham to dogs. Checked on Koda downstairs, but she was not there. Hope she learns to come inside the basement.

Started laundry & dishes.

The mailman brought our mail up to the house. It was mostly junk mail, but Beebo's toy box came!

Ordered a new Blendtec from Amazon on Prime sale.

Ordered new sandals from Volcom.

Ordered more shirts from HM.

It was cold & rainy today.

I took a hot bath and got ready for Clinic at 3:45PM.

KR called and was upset. I told her to call her dad as he was getting off early and that she could go to Spokane with him.

(KR and Hubby went to Spokane to drop off the tools that he borrowed for the Rigging in the loft, then they went to Costco to look at toolboxes for hubby, they went to North 40 to look at toolboxes, then picked up a bag for KR at her home so she could stay overnight - hubby had forgotten my salad, so they brought the dogs down to the Clinic and walked them while waiting for me.)

I finished getting ready and left for Clinic.

Hwy 41 traffic was backed up because they were refinishing the road. I will have to drive another way in the future.

At Clinic, I got ready. Said "Hi" to Amber & Christine. Got my room ready.

Did 3 massages. Helped Sam & Jennifer put their laundry in the hampers. Got waters.

Cleaned up afterwards. Got tipped.

KR & Hubby were walking dogs when I came out. Beebo got into the truck and ate one of the salads that hubby had gotten me.

Drove home with KR. Hubby took the dogs.

Stopped to wash my Jeep. Got gas in Rathdrum. Drove home the back way.

At home, I was exhausted. Ate the salad which I really did not like because it was blackened grilled chicken with berries. Odd taste with the burnt/sweet.

I went to bed after the news.

KR and Hubby stayed up talking for a while.

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