Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet Easter Sunday


I think that this is the first year that hubby has not hidden eggs for me to find. He suggested egg dyeing a week ago, but we both forgot about it!

Got up and made him a latte & egg sandwich. He gave the dogs their pills with the leftovers.

Then we took the dogs to Farragut Park for a nice walk on a different path. Lots of people in the park. We drove down to the dock to check out the water. Wonderful, blue, and calm. Would have been nice to take the boat out already!

We came back and unloaded dogs. Started on cleaning up outside. I picked up Izzy poop in the front yard.

I also walked the property line on the front by the highway and picked up 6 bags of garbage. People are disgusting pigs.

We both picked up extension cords and took down Xmas lights, deers, and snowman. Hubby took down the fucking deer & put up the birdhouses. Put out the summer rocking chairs on the back deck.

I think I might bundle up ALL the lights for KRN's yard sale & sell them. Take lights off trees. It is getting too expensive; almost $300 for December & $300 January electricity bill. Maybe just purchase a couple strings of LEDs for this December to put around the garage? Much cheaper & just as pretty. I am getting tired of the expense and the work to put up all the lights along with the extension cords.

Afterwards, hubby made himself lunch and I had a tea. Hubby watched TV. We ordered Les Miserables on pay-per-view.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunny & Saturday


Wow. Almost the end of March!

We have to take down our Christmas decorations tomorrow. Almost all of the snow is gone (there is a little left along the road & in the backyard) but hubby dug a lot of dirt & rocks up along with the snow that will have to be raked out. What a lot to do this Spring.

Tomorrow is Easter. Wonder if the puppies will get easter eggs?

After making a latte for hubby & egg sandwich which the puppies shared, we took them down to the park for a walk. However, hubby had left most of the leashes in the Dodge from Thursday night. So we only had 3 leashes with us. We tied up Ben & Bit but let the others run. When hearing somebody scream because Bud was wandering, we finally used the 3 leashes on all the dogs by looping the thru their collars.

When the walk was done, we loaded everybody up and went down to Bayview to feed ducks. But only 6 ducks, 1 mud duck and a couple seagulls came around to eat. Most of them were not even interested in the food.

Drove home and unloaded dogs.  Hubby went to shop to work.

Friday, March 29, 2013



Ben spent the whole night sleeping downstairs. He came upstairs around 5:30 and I left the bed so he could jump in and sleep with hubby for a few minutes. I went to sleep with Maggie.

I made latte & egg sandwich for hubby.

Hubby gave dogs their pills along with the leftover eggs.

I had to drive hubby into work so that he can bring home the Excursion. We remembered to take his donuts.

I paid bills today.

It took me 2 hours to download new music onto iTunes and then my iPhone.

Hubby worked OT. He came home and went down to work at shop. Came home at 10:00. I was already in bed by then.

Thursday, March 28, 2013



Made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. Gave the leftover eggs to dogs.

I did laundry & dishes. Our new cookware is flaking already. It is all going back to Costco.

Made the beds.

It was warm & 61 degrees. Dogs slept out on the deck in the sun. Ben really likes this warmer weather. He brought another pinecone into the house to chew. Bad dog.
Crocheted more on the baby blanket.

Made appointment for my Keratin hair treatment with Kelly.

Hubby came home at 6:30 after a job in the mountains kept him late.

I took the Dodge into town loaded with all the dogs. Bit & Isabelle in front; Maggie, Bud & Ben in the back under cover of the topper. Hubby took in the truck and gave ride to customer who dropped off a truck. I drove to Wendy's to get burgers. The girls there recognized me!

Parked Dodge at Frontier & gave them all burgers. When hubby finally got there, we walked the dogs & then loaded everything in the Dodge & drove to Spokane. On the way, I had to pee so we stopped at the rest stop on I90 on the way to Post Falls.

Drove around construction on Francis on the way to Don & Lucille's. I talked with Lucille while hubby dealt with Don. Then we stopped at GoGo Burrito where hubby got burritos with his Groupon discount. Nice girl there that we talked with & served us.

Stopped at Conan's on Upriver Drive to pick up driveshafts.

Then we drove to Krispy Kreme at the Valley Mall to get donuts for hubby to take with him to work tomorrow morning for the payday meeting. He KNOWS that management won't make an effort to do anything, so he will be nice. We got 2 dozen donuts.

After that, we drove to Rathdrum and got groceries at Stein's. I picked up bones for the dogs for tomorrow & we got two cases of Dasani for the espresso machine.

Came home, unpacked everything, got water for the dogs, let them outside for potty, hubby ate the rest of his burrito & we watched Archer.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warmer Today


Made egg sandwich & latte for hubby.

I made Banana Bread, Ants-on-a-Log.

Did dishes & laundry. Vacuumed.

Dogs sat outside in the sunshine.

Boiled hotdogs for the puppies.

Worked on crocheting more baby blanket.

Made dinner for hubby; sausage, onions, sweet potatoes on a bed of caribbean rice. Yum.

Nothing on tv tonight. Boring.

The 4 deer came back & ate in the yard. They brought friends; a momma & baby deer that have black tipped ears. So Cute!

Hubby and I took off the burlap bags around the evergreen tree downstairs. Spring is here.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

THE Weekend


Walked dogs in the park. Went to subdivision south of us to get some parts picked up.

Hubby worked in shop.

I went to get my nails done at 1:30. Came back at 3:00.

Dave & Vera were down at shop.

Left home at 6:00 to go see kids.

Ate dinner with kids. Had steak, roasted potatoes, & asparagus. Yum.

Reviewed KRN's pictures on their TV with the Apple Box & the new Mac Computer. Was very fun to see all the interesting photos.

All the dogs slept in the room with us. Maggie finally went out on the couch to sleep & Bud ended up on the doggy bed in the living room.

Isabelle got up at 6AM to go out to potty.


Got up by 8AM. Got dressed.

KRN and I went to Walmart to get Half & Half, then went to her shop to get lattes.

Guys were watching a comedian show on tv when we got back.

Brought lattes home & took dogs to Medical Lake for a walk. Very nice warm day, but the wind was blowing. Nice walk.

Loaded up coffee & espresso machine. We took Excursion while kids drove their Jeep. They went to get gas at Costco, we dropped of parts at Don&Lucille's. Nobody home at Don's.

Met kids at JoAnn fabrics where we had dinner at Das Stein House. Pretty good food!

Guys went out to walk dogs while KRN & I shopped at JoAnns. I got yarn. KRN got a pretty planter that looked like a teacup & saucer.

We hugged kids goodbye.

Drove to Big R to get dog food. Bud came in with us. We also got pig ears.

Got a latte on the way thru Spokane.

Stopped in Rathdrum at Stein's Grocery to get eggs for us & bones for dogs.

Unloaded groceries at home. Hubby watched automotive shops & I knitted / crocheted.

Friday, March 22, 2013



Seems like hubby is spending a lot of time at the dentist lately.

He left home at 6:00AM this morning so he could make an appointment at 7:00AM in Post Falls before going to work. There will probably be a lot of pain for the next week. I sincerely hope this resolves some of his teeth complications.

I vacuumed and made the dogs an egg & cheese omelette this morning. Then the window washers came at 8:50AM.

There was another package that was mis-delivered to our address. I had to drive the car down to the mailbox to put it there for the postman to return. It seems that our female postal agent is dyslexic. At least once a month she gives us the wrong mail or package.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wash blinds


four deer were out eating food in the yard.

hubby took a burrito to work today. got up late. dogs missed their pills.

i made eggs for dogs later.

blinds washer guy came at 10:00AM. he washed blinds until 3:00PM.

the 4 deer came back this afternoon.

i vacuumed house, mopped & steamed floors, cleaned up bugs on windows, helped hold ladder for blinds guy, made lasagne. gave lasagne to blinds guy for lunch. made banana bread. did dishes, did laundry, cleaned mantle.

hubby came home at 5:30. spent 6:30 until 9:00 in shop.

i went to bed early at 10:00PM.


didn't do much today. i did not get a lot of sleep last night.

cleaned and did dishes and washed clothes.

dogs were bored.

it snowed & was cold. where did spring go?

at 6:00, hubby came home and went to shop until 8:30. then he came home and we watched Grey's Anatomy & Archer together.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Another Tuesday


I made egg sandwich for hubby & gave the rest of the eggs to the dogs.

Knitted today. Almost done with scarf.

Dogs continued to learn how to use the new doggy door. It was cold out today and I had to turn the heat on. Where did Spring go?

When hubby came home, we loaded up Ben, Bud & Maggie and drove into Hayden to shop at Walmart. Then we washed the Xcursion and got burgers at Wendy's. The girls at Wendy's were happy to see the dogs.

Came home and unloaded groceries. Lil Bit was very upset that we had left him alone with Isabelle. We fed them cheeseburgers and watched TV.

Went to bed at 11:00.


Made egg sandwich for hubby and dogs got the rest along with their morning pills. Isabelle is still doing really well with her painkillers & arthritis medication.

It was severely cold this morning with ice & a light covering of snow on the deck.

I did laundry & dishes. Vacuumed.

Finished KRN's blue & white knit scarf. Very pretty. I will have to get pictures of her when she is wearing it so that I can share it here.

I tried to start on knitting a baby blanket, but the yarn that I have is very soft & unravels; so it is not a yarn that I want to learn beginning knitting stitches.

Instead, I started crocheting a baby blanket with the yarn. I really need to get more in a different color to finish.

The guys from Clear Blue Window Cleaning came out to give me an estimate on the windows. They really loved Ben. Ben loves everybody & is such a happy dog.

I scheduled the window cleaners to come out on Friday to clean.

Hubby came home at 5:30 and we went to the park with the dogs for a walk. There were deer in the big field and the dogs had smelled them, so our walk was VERY fast paced because they wanted to find those deer!

On the way home, we saw that a small truck had hit & killed a young doe on the traffic circle. Very sad. Then we saw some Boxers running wild thru the woods. Very worrying. Hope they find their way home.

Hubby had to meet a guy at the shop at 6:30.

Sunday, March 17, 2013



I made egg sandwich for hubby and gave leftovers to dogs. I am doing a juice fast. Makes me feel lots better. Food has been making me sick lately.

Took the dogs for a walk in the park. After Kelsey only spent a few minutes training Ben last week, he is doing EXCELLENT "heel" work. He is already slack-leash with hubby at the park!

hubby walking Ben

Around 11:00, I started getting ready to go to knitting class. At 11:30, I piled Bud, Lil Bit & Ben in the FMF and left. Stopped at shop to remind hubby to get Tim to come to house while I was gone so that he could install doggy door. Tim had just arrived, so he was ready to work.

I drove to knitting class & stayed there from 12:00-2:00. Then we drove thru Rathdrum to get cheeseburgers for dogs.

Fed burgers to dogs when we got home. Tim was here and there was a MESS everywhere. I had to vacuum sawdust before I could do anything. Tim finished up after another 1/2 hour & left.

Hubby came home around 6:30. We watched TV & went to bed.


I painted one toenail green today. So no pinching for me.

We tried to sleep late, but the dogs kept waking us up. Ben really loves the new doggy door, but Bud is wary of it and Lil Bit hates it. Maggie is finally trying to use it with help...

It had snowed a little last night. When we woke up, it was only 32 degrees out. Brrrr!

We wanted to wait to take the dogs for a walk until it got warmer. Hubby sat around in his jammie for a while, and I made breakfast for him. Dogs got leftover eggs. Hubby put salsa & tater tots in his eggs.

By 10AM we finally got dressed and took the dogs for a walk in the park. There were too many people around, so we had to put them all on leashes.

On the way back from our walk, we decided to drive to Bayview to look around. Hubby saw a sign for a St Pat's Day supper at the Community Center, but he decided if I was not eating that he did not want to go... Driving thru town, we saw some ducks walking down the street, so we stopped & bought bread from the small grocery store and fed the ducks. And the geese. The geese ate right out of hubby's hand.

 Feeding the geese
 Goose taking food from hubby's hand
 The loaf of bread fed LOTS of ducks

When we got home, hubby fixed the electrical panels on either side of the new doggy door, we moved the dining room table & put the dog food bowls back next to the doggy door.

Doggy door done!

Hubby rested for the afternoon, watching tv & surfing the internet. I knitted. Almost done with the scarf.

Friday, March 15, 2013



The snow is disappearing.

I got up this morning and made hubby an egg sandwich. Fed the leftovers to the dogs. Ben is not throwing up anymore. Yippee.

Let Isabelle outside after hubby left.

Did laundry & dishes. Vacuumed because Ben had brought in a branch and chewed it up.

Knitted for the rest of the day.

Hubby brought home Little Cesar's Pizza pepperoni pizza for dinner.

He went down to shop to work.

Thursday, March 14, 2013



warm. 55 degree high. but it felt very cold today. i had the fireplace turned on a couple times. dogs wandered around outside a lot.

i had slept in late this morning. not getting very good sleep. stupid daylight savings time.

got up and made eggs for dogs.

made brownies.

 Ben letting his surgery stitches air out

did laundry & dishes.

knitted. almost done. only 1 skein to go.

hubby came home at 6:30. went to shop until 7:00. watched Archer & Grey's Anatomy. Went to bed at 11:00.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Very warm out this morning. Hubby got up EXTRA early to drop off a truck at CN Diesel.

I was very tired from the sleeping pill and decided to stay in bed.

Finally got up at 8AM.

It was warm today, but cloudy. High of 49 degrees.

Made eggs for the dogs.

Knit for the rest of the day. I want to get the scarf done for KRN.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

85 Pound Dog & Snow


Hubby had taken Monday off as vacation. We even managed to sleep in a little late.

I got up at 7:30 so that I could take Ben into the Vet for his neuter surgery at 8:00AM. Then I picked up latte for hubby and came home.

It was a beautifully arm & sunny day.

Made egg sandwich for hubby & gave leftovers to dogs.

Took dogs to park. We went on a different trail than we had before, down to a campground. Most of the snow is gone and it was a great walk.

Ben going for surgery

Loaded all the garbage into the Dodge and went to the dump. On the way there, we picked up Ben because the Vet's office had called and said he was "restless" and wanted to come home! He did very well for his surgery. Good little boy.

Ben weighs 85 pounds now.

Came home and hubby rested for a while, then he worked on the doggy door in the wall. Found out that we have to put a "cripple" in and it will require Tim's expertise because the doggy door opening is wider than 16".

Bud & Ben resting

Drove into town with Bud & Ben. Exchanged cookware at Costco.

Went over to Lowe's to see if they had the heaters we needed, but they did not have the brand. Will have to check at Home Depot another day.

Got burgers for dogs at Wendy's.

Came home & unloaded purchases.

Hubby rested while I knit.


Cold & snow. Yuck.

Made egg sandwich for hubby & gave leftovers to dogs.

I did dishes & put away new cookware from Costco.

Did laundry.


Knitted all day.

Hubby came home late and then went to shop to work all night.

I took some Melatonin to sleep.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Final Auto Swap Day


Last night we went to bed at 10:30. Then I was totally wide awake at 11:30. Ben wanted to go out at 12:30. Isabelle wanted to go out at 1:30. Ben had to go out again at 2:30.

Dogs were up at 6:30 for potty. Bud woke me up. Then everybody started to get up. I was dead tired. Ben went downstairs several times to check on KRN. Bravo growled at him. Lil Bit went down to get Bravo and then they both went outside together.

KRN finally woke up & came upstairs.

This is the final day for the Auto swap meet in Puyallup that hubby & Matt attended. They will be cleaning up and then coming home to us, arriving about 4AM in the morning.


KRN and I got lattes & then took dogs for a walk in the park.

We came home and unloaded dogs out of Excursion, changed clothes, then drove into town for a quick shopping trip. Returned crappy make up to Ulta, returned KRN's broken sunglasses to Target, got more dog burgers at Wendy's, picked up more latte for KRN at Higher Grounds, and went to Walmart. No makeup at Walmart so we went across the road to Walgreens.

Ben found the shock boot out in the back yard and brought it in to play with.

Brought Bud & Ben home and gave burgers to dogs. Unloaded groceries and KRN made dog cookies while I repaired some of her clothes. She took a rest on the couch before heading home at 5:30.

I started knitting a scarf for KRN from yarn that we had bought yesterday at JoAnn's fabrics.

Saturday, March 09, 2013



The guys left at 4AM. Dogs were up and wanted to go out. Lil Bit got up several times and started barking. KRN shooed him upstairs and I made him sleep with me by holding him down. Coyotes were outside howling.

We got up at 8AM. Let the dogs out again. Gave pills to Izzy.

Got ready to go shopping.

Took Bud, Ben, Lil Bit & Bravo. Left the old maids at home with the door open.

Dropped Bravo & Lil Bit off at Apryl's so they could get groomed. I brought Ben inside so that Apryl could see him.

We picked up drink for KRN at Human Bean. Drink was made wrong. KRN not happy.

Then we went to Costco, saw Bonnie G & Cindy H there; walked dogs after shopping.

Afterwards went to get drinks at Higher Grounds. But my drink was made wrong. I was not happy.

Shopped at new discount clothing store - Vivo. Very nice girl there named Ashley that helped us & we also watched a 3 car rear end accident that had a truck with a trailer that suffered a lot of front end damage. I purchased a nice green top; KRN got a couple items.

Guys texted us that they finally got to Puyallup. They got pulled over by cop for no back seat belts? Weird.

Then we went to the new JoAnn's Fabrics in the mall. Got lots of stuff- fabrics, & yarn. Call from Groomer's and then we went to pick up puppies. Bravo & Lil Bit were happy to see us.

We took dogs to Target and got cheeseburger treats for them at Wendy's.

Went over to shop at Ulta where the management refused to let KRN exchange her nail polish. Then we walked dogs at old NOMC building on the grass.

Shopped at Walmart then went home. Unloaded stuff from car & gave Maggie & Izzy the other cheeseburgers.

Watched Zombieland (nothing else to watch on tv Saturday night. boring.) Watched Cougar Town.

KRN gave kudos to Ashley from Vivo on Facebook.

Friday, March 08, 2013



 Ben sleeping beside Bud

Bud sleeping ON Bud

Ben LOVES sleeping ON Bud

Hubby napping


Hubby went to get his tooth fixed this morning at 7AM. He got up REALLY early.

Then he came home around 10:30 with sausage biscuits for the dogs. Dogs were happy. Hubby passed out in pain on the couch until 2PM.

We took dogs for walk in the park. Lots of people there & we had to put them on leashes. We walked on horse side of park because the gate was finally open.

Then we brought back parts to the shop for Larry to work on truck. Drove to Big R for dog food; saw turkey chicks. Got gasoline at Costco.

Picked up driveline at shop in Post Falls. Stopped at Rathdrum Stein's to get dog bones. Then came home. Hubby went to shop to work on truck.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013



The sun was shining and it was a wonderful day. All the dogs took their turn sleeping on the deck and soaking up the sunshine.

I did not make a sandwich for hubby as I was awake at 2AM with Ben after he jumped on the bed. I went to sleep with Maggie, but could not fall back to sleep. Exhaustion is pouring out of my body.

The dishwasher broke. We ordered new parts when hubby came home.

Banana Bread

Most of the day was spent working on practice knitting.

Delivered a truck to town with hubby. On the way back we stopped in Rathdrum to get cheeseburgers for dogs.

We were both exhausted and went to bed at 8:30pm.


Again, I did not make sandwich for hubby. Another sleepless night after 2AM.

Washing dishes by hand sucks. Fed Ex delivered parts for washer. UPS delivered hubby's new tools.

I made no-bake cookies for hubby to take with him to Puyallup Swap Meet this weekend.

Monday, March 04, 2013



Made egg sandwich for hubby. Gave leftovers to dogs. Hubby was piddling around and not getting dressed. We had slept in late, too.

So he finally got dressed and we got the dogs loaded in the Excursion and went for a walk at the park. When we got back, hubby stopped at the shop & hopped out to meet customers while I brought the dogs home.

The Instant Hot water heater in the bathroom is still not working. Looks like we might have to buy a new one. That means I need to find a plumber.

I made cupcakes (forgot to take pics!) and then took them down to the shop. Left the cupcakes, got mail, and walked back to the house... leaving the Excursion at the shop for hubby.

Did laundry and dishes and vacuumed the house because Ben had thrown up.

Then worked on learning knitting stitches via YouTube.

Dave & Vera came up to the house to fix the security cameras at the shop. Still not working. They hung around to visit Ben.

Hubby came home around 6PM.

We watched TV and went to bed early.


Made egg sandwich for hubby. Leftovers went to the dogs. Then we went for a walk at Farragut Park. Lots of people in the park today, we had to walk over downed trees to get on a trail. Then ran into some more people on the trail. No more Wild Dog walks in the park this year. Boo.

Came home and changed clothes. Left Maggie & Isabelle at home. We took Ben, Bit & Bud.

Went to Costco & got gasoline; then inside the store we shopped. Got new cookware. Lots of shopping. Too many people in Costco. Walking 3 abreast and not moving. Getting in our way. Standing in the middle of the aisle. Kids standing or walking with their parents in the way. I wanted to get out of there. Too many stupid people.

Then washed Excursion & I got a green tea with honey at the latte stand.

Drove to Harbor Freight in the Spokane Valley; met kids at 2PM and shopped with kids. KRN & I walked dogs while hubby & Matt shopped. I had to potty at Hastings Book store.

All of us went over to Five Guys Burgers for a late lunch.

Then KRN & I took her Jeep while Matt rode with Dad in Excursion over to JoAnne's Fabrics to get spring/ St Patrick's day fabrics for me & knitting needle with more yarn to practice.

Walked the dogs again.

Afterwards we went to Macy's to look at down comforters, but all they had were the super expensive ones there ( upwards of $500).

Left the kids & drove to Rathdrum to pick up burgers for dogs at McDonalds. Then came home.

Unloaded all groceries & new cookware. Washed cookware & was eager to use it in the morning!

Watched Walking Dead & new show Red Widow on tv. Then bedtime.


Made egg sandwich for hubby. Leftovers went to the dogs.

New cookware is stainless steel & awful. Everything sticks. Difficult to clean. It is going back.

Did laundry and dishes. Dishwasher broke. 

Made Lobster pasta that hubby had bought at Costco yesterday. It is horrible.

Dogs on deck in the sun

I learned to do Purl stitch today and worked on knitting with new needles & yarn.

Purl Stitch

Very sunny outside. Dogs in/out/in/out. Hope the new door comes soon.

Ben brought in a piece of wood and chewed it up. Had to clean that up. He is a wood chewer.

Friday, March 01, 2013



Made breakfast for hubby. Egg sandwich & then gave leftovers to dogs.

Our espresso machine is still in the repair shop.

I got the pills paid this morning which is a great relief. Then addressed the sympathy card to our Propane company because our propane delivery guy recently passed away. Bob was so sweet and nice. He always smiled when he came for deliveries & stayed around to chat for a while. I am so sorry that the last time I saw him that I did not hug him.

At 12:30 Bud, Ben and Lil Bit came with me to knitting class. Lil Bit was not supposed to come with us, but he escaped out the door and I was too much of a big softie to take him in the house again. So he came with us.

I felt like an idiot at the knitting class. Learning was very difficult for me. All the other ladies cast on very fast & knitted very well. I kept having the teachers come over to help me. I will have to practice lots this week.

The puppies in the car were very grateful to see me. Lil Bit licked me a lot when I got in the car.

Left there at 3:00 and drove to Rathdrum for cheeseburgers. Then home & fed dogs.

Hubby came home at 5:15 and then went down to the shop for work.