Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pet Portraits



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Water Day

Woke up this morning to No Water. Called Watermaster of system and he was on vacation. Got an alternate number to call. Finally got thru on phone and he quoted it would be 2 hours before water was back up. Even when it came back up at 12:00PM, it had lots of water in the system. Low water pressure. Boo.

Unable to wash clothes or go potty or give fresh water to dogs.

Got latte, then came home & did clean up chores.

Fed Ex & USPS brought boat stuff!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

BoatAversary Weekend

FRIDAY August 26 - Got lattes in the morning with hubby. He has Friday & Monday for vacation for our Anniversary! Prior to starting our vacation weekend, he went up to Sandpoint with Earl to recycle metal. When he returned home, we had to return Bronco to Chris in Hayden. Hubby also forced me to go with him to pick up parts in Spokane, WA. Bud came with us and I walked him while we wasted 2 hours of the day. We finally got on board boat Friday night with Bud & Lil Bit to stay the night. Hubby vacuumed boat. Kids came over to stay the night with us at the Marina so that we had electricity. It took them 2 hours to get over here because of traffic, accidents & construction. I went home to get first aid kit & cinnamon rolls we had ordered.

Hubby got me cards, plant, sand buckets & toys, m&ms for anniversary. Suprised me by having them on the boat already.

Hubby is Sweet

SATURDAY August 27 -KRN & I went to pick up lattes from Jen Bunny at Espresso stand. She had been at concert so was a few minutes late to work. Invited her to come on boat when she got off work. We went back to boat with lattes & cinnamon rolls.

Hubby attempted to go up Clark Fork River, but it was too shallow. When turning the boat around, he beached it on 1 foot of water. Fortunately, some nice boaters came by and pulled us out. Our engines started and there was no damage to the boat! Thank goodness.

Stayed overnight at Beyond Hope Resort.

Walked up to see all the deer at David Thompson Game Refuge on Lake Pend Oreille

 Matt talking to Deer

Had dinner at the restaurant there. Ivano's Ristorante. Yuck. Horrible food. Too dark. No light at table. Could not see undercooked steak. Raw. Ick.

Boat parked in the twilight

Next morning, I was harrassed twice about paying moorage even after we paid it! I am filing a complaint on the internet about them. Expensive moorage at $30 a night NOT WORTH IT. Drunks came down to dock & bothered dogs. Tried to get into a fight with KRN. Next morning we found out that Sheriff came down to haul her away! Yippee.

Butterfly that hung out on boat for quite a while. Got some pics of him.

SUNDAY August 28 - Hung out around Table Rock and swam. Kelsey swam with Beebo over to the beach. He had fun. Then I took Lil Bit in the float over to the beach. He proceed to run away from me. Rocks were too big to walk on. Hurt the feet. He finally got caught with his leash on a branch. Took him back then we left. Motored over to Lakeview to potty dogs. Saw a huge beautiful Canadian Goose with a broken wing. We fed him quite a lot of bread.

Canadian Goose

Kids left at 3PM when we dropped them off at the Marina. A huge sailboat was parked in our area, so we had to park down by the gasoline tanks. It was stinky, we were tired & hurting, so we went home to stay the night.

MONDAY  August 29 - ANNIVERSARY! 30 YEARS. It doesn't seem like that long ago...

We got up early to get lattes from Heather down at the Espresso Stand then returned to the boat. We had left air conditioning on in the boat all night (Gary mentioned it to me.) Then motored out to Buttonhook Cove to hang out for a while. The day had started out very cloudy & cold but got warmer. There was only one other boat moored there and a sailboat across the cove. We fed ducks that flocked to us, then walked up trail, then swam for a bit. It got cold as there was a strong breeze blowing (along with a nasty smell of field burning) so we decided to pack it in and return to the Marina around 2:30PM.


Cleaned boat up, washed the windows, took up all the carpets, sprayed water on the aft area, vacuumed up the cabin area & I cleansed all the area with Clorox wipes. Need to power wash the carpets & put them back in.

Had a nice couple (Lynn & Jim) visit our boat & look around to admire it. Then we packed everything up that was left to go home. Hubby talked with Earl a bit at the shop, then we unloaded stuff at house. Went into town to have Anniversary dinner at Red Lobster.

 Red Lobster Anniversary Dinner

Got deer feed at WalMart, burgers for dogs at Wendy's, washed car at Car Wash. Returned home at 10:00PM. Saw deer walk across our driveway when we pulled in. Watched news and went to bed.

Isabelle went outside at 1AM.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anniversary Weekend Coming Up

I went into CDA to get my nails done. Stopped to get granita for me & hubby. Then met hubby for his lunch hour at Cabella's so that we could get sleeping bags. I shopped at WalMart for some things for boat this weekend.

Afterwards I went to pick up Kahlua at Liquor Store in Rathdrum and tan. Then got groceries.

Went home to ball watermelon, wash grapes, make sandwiches, create anchor tea towels, pack for weekend on boat.

We have to vacuum boat.

Our anniversary is August 29.

Hubby is taking off extra days from work.

Kids are coming over Friday night.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Busy Days

Tuesday - Went to get latte in the morning, then came home to do laundry, dishes, pick up lots of poo, and vacuum.

In afternoon I went to get gas in A-town, then tan at 2:00 in R-dump. Drove into CDA to wash car, get a white coffee granita. Then shopping at Michaels (which had NOTHING but FALL & XMAS items. Ick.)

Picked up cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendys.

Shopped at WalMart for more cheap pillows for boat, clamps & towels.

Hubby got home at 6:30 then we drove to Deer Park to drop off transmission. He almost killed me when we were driving on a scenic back road & he was going a little bit too fast; almost missing a curve. Squealing the brakes & turning abruptly left, I am sure that he left extreme skid marks on the road. I think I pooped my pants! Ate at the bowling alley. Yum. Recommended by Ashley who was working at the gas station.

Drove home after walking Bit & Bud.


Did more laundry. Watered plants. Spent the day getting ready for the weekend on the boat. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Boating Weekend

I spent all day loading boat with stuff. Washed new towels.

Hubby came home and after we were all loaded, traveled down to the park. Put boat in water at Farragut Park with assistance from Rick, Austin & Earl. Hubby and I stayed overnight on the boat while at the dock there

Woke up at 3AM thinking it was dawn. Hubby walked Bud. Went back to sleep.
 Bud dog on boat
I went home to pack more things at 7AM. Forgot hubby's shirts. Whoops. Stopped at Cydco for necessities.

Kids came at 10:00 with lattes & boarded boat for fun.They brought Boat Warming gifts. Plates, bowls & cups in blue for me. Pirate hat & eye patch & pirate flag for hubby!
Pirate Greg

Cruised to Garfield Bay, Hope. Checked out Marinas for moorage. Then ate lunch at Hope Floating restaurant.

Swam in special swim area that was recommended to us. Matt was eager to get floatables to pull behind boat. Cruised into Sandpoint & Dover. They were having a wake at Dover. Odd.

M&K decided they wanted to stay overnight so they could have more fun. Boating Addicts!
Boating Addicts!

Matt jumped off the back of the boat while it was going full speed several times.

Moored for the night at Bottle Bay. The owner said that they had never moored anybody overnight and did not know what to charge. They had washer/dryer on land that we used to clean towels. No soap, however. Found showers around the side later...Had excellent dinner at the Restaurant. Walked dogs up steep hills to potty them. Some idiot in the middle of the night went flying by on boat & rocked our boat. Huge waves.

Woke up early. Waited around Bottle Bay for Rental store to open. We finally left at 9AM to go back to Hope Floating Restaurant for Brunch. Re-fueled there & walked dogs again. Yummy brunch! Then cruised back to Farragut to meet up with Earl & Family with their boat and Rick & Family with their boat. Matt got to get pulled on float behind Earl's power boat; also first time Waterskiing for Matt. He did GREAT!

Took kids to drop them off at 3:00PM. Loading at Farragut Park boat dock was INSANE! Too many Dumb & drunk people!

We boated around to Bayview & moored boat at McDonalds temporarily.

Boat Moored

Walked dogs to boat dock at Farragut to pick up FMF. Then drove back to Bayview to pack our stuff off boat. Then drove hubby back to Farragut boat dock to pick up dually & trailer. Stupid people still loading boats. Idiots.

Drove home exhausted. Unpacked & cleaned things.

I washed melamine plates. Washed laundry. Picked up dog poo. Started packing stuff to put on boat.

Friday, August 19, 2011


This is worse than having a 2nd home! We went to Wal-Mart at 9:00 last night & did not leave until 11:00. Had to purchase a lot of stuff for the boat. Difficult to anticipate what we might need on it. Towels, RV toilet paper, food, snacks, water, rope, band-aids, sun protectant, shampoo...

Then we picked up tacos and went home to unload the perishables. I unloaded the rest of it this morning onto the boat.

Hope it floats because that is an awful lot of weight in that thing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clean Day

Cleaned boat. Cleaned house. Tired.
Went to WalMart to get supplies after hubby worked in shop tonight.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plop In Water Day

Boat on dock

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


driving boat home

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Sailing


Breakfast at Cowboy Cafe

Memorial for Samson at CDA Dog Park

Angus Pink Kiss


 Athol DAZE RMOR Car Crushing


Friday, August 12, 2011


Friday August 12
Watered plants, transplanted plants into pots, picked up dog poo, did laundry, did dishes.


Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Tuesday August 9
Went to get my nails done this morning at 9am. Bud came with me. Traffic was not bad. Got a strawberry/pina colada jet tea in town. Let Kitty outside to roam.

Wednesday August 10
Hubby texted me he found boat. Drove into town with Bud. Washed car & got latte. Picked hubby up at 4:30 on the dot. Drove over to Freedom RV. They had traded boat in on new RV. Boat was nice. Filled out paperwork.

Went to eat at 5 Guys Burgers. Hubby thought it was real good! Too many fries. Put them in sack for doggies at home.

Took hubby back to work to pick up his truck. He took Bud & went to Wendy's for burgers.

I drove home by myself. Hubby worked in shop tonight.


Thursday August 11
Dropped Angus off at 8:45AM to get shaved again. Then got my toenails done at Nails2000.
 Pink Toes

Shopped at WalMart to waste some time. Purchased Wendy's burgers at the Barker Road exit. Got over to S.C.R.A.P.S. by 12:00 when they opened; LOTS of people in line. No black kitties left at all.

Drove home to puppies & let Kitty out into yard again. Apryl's Grooming called at 2:30 to let me know Angus was done. Went into town to pick her up & came home again. Exhausted.

Endo cramps in the middle of the night. 3AM. Got up 3 times. Took multiple aspirins. Because I had so many drugs in my system, hubby scared me when he tried to kiss me Friday morning!

Sunday, August 07, 2011


Why is my family so insensitive to all that I do for them? Why is it so difficult for them to acknowledge anything I do? Why do I even bother anymore?

Why does my husband buy crap all the time? After 30 years, there is not  going to be any big celebration for our anniversary. Why is it so difficult for him to understand that I don't like living in crap all the time?


Why does my husband think it is "fun" to drive 6 hours in a truck that doesn't work on a Sunday? Why can't we have any fun on a motorcycle? Why can't we do anything I want to do? Why is it that there is so much shitty fucking trucks in our yard that it looks like a dump?

Why doesn't anything work?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Moose & Deer

Moose this morning. Deer tonight. Love the wildlife.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I have just not been feeling "right" lately. Am experiencing an overwhelming sense of depression. I really have to force myself to do anything lately. Do not want to clean, it only gets dirty again. Don't want to organize anything, so the house looks like a mess. Don't want to clean the cars, but they smell absolutely awful.

Wish there were magic faeries to take care of everything every night!

There are termites eating our wood in the house. The side deck is sloping and needs to be fixed. We need spend lots to get propane to prepare for fall. Ick. One of my favorite evergreen plants is dying. And what the Hell is with all the dead birds I have been finding lately? In the rock garden, on the basement patio, on the driveway. I am sick of picking of dead little bird bodies. The summer sucked and it is almost winter again. Another LONG winter. 

#3 left for a vacation of two weeks without planting the rest of my plants. So they are out in the circle driveway, just waiting for him to return. Hubby says he won't plant them.

I saw some other plants on sale at Lowe's when we were there this weekend, but I keep thinking "what's the point?" Saw some mid size lilac plants. I want to get a lot to surround the house. Love the Lilacs.

Found a boat to buy, but hubby was very negative about it. Had to remind him repeatedly to get him to call and reserve a room for us at the Davenport for our anniversary. He is still whining about the cost & just going. His mood has been negative lately and I wonder if that is feeding my personality so that I have become negative.

Last night he stayed home with me instead of going to the shop to work. He sat on the couch and slept for 2 hours after coming home. Then I had to wake him up so that we could take the dogs for a walk in the park. He lagged behind the whole time. And I really can't blame him because he works in the hot and the heat every day lately because the powers that be at work decided to purchase vehicles WITHOUT air conditioning. Can you even imagine? The vehicles CAME with standard A/C. But they specifically paid MORE to have it taken out. Dumbass Verizon.

There really needs to be an end to this melancholy mood I have been in lately. Hope the end comes soon.

"They" seem to be chip-sealing every road in the county lately. Can't drive anywhere because that awful tar & those rocks ruin the car. There was a road crew even doing all the streets in Athol, so I cannot take the dogs thru town to see all their puppy friends. Depressing.

Tonight I have to take kitty's food away from him at 8PM because he has his neutering surgery tomorrow.

I really enjoy my iPhone. Not only the songs that I can carry on it, but I have all my To-Dos and Bills listed. So much easier to consult it than a calendar!

Buck up! Think positive.

We are babysitting the Bravo this weekend. Pick him up tonight. The kids are going on a "secret" get away weekend. Why can't we?

Monday, August 01, 2011

(Another) New Truck

Sunday was too hot to walk the dogs. We sat on the back deck in the rocking chairs enjoying the morning. We decided to install a gate for the back deck so we can open the door & dogs can walk around on back deck, also.

Jen-Bunny had returned from her trip to see her boyfriend, so we were overjoyed to see her at the latte stand.

We picked up the new truck that hubby purchased in Post Falls. All leather interior. Quite a steal.

 New Ford Pickup

I ran the FMF thru the car wash while he drove over to the bank for a deposit. Then he returned and ran the new truck thru the car wash, also. We drove home.

While we were home, hubby called on a couple boats. Still looking. Running out of season...

Then drove into town with the FMF to purchase fence gate parts at Lowe's. I observed quite a few plants that I wanted to purchase. We decided to bring the truck in tomorrow to get them. Got Wendy's burgers on the way home for puppies to eat. Decided to have steaks on the barbie tonight for dinner. Went to Spirit Lake Grocery for steaks, hamburgers & buns.

Kitty is still doing well. He likes his new carpeted sleep area. Likes to sleep in the box we got from the emergency vet. Is going potty quite well in his cat box. Just have to keep him in the basement until after his surgery on Friday. Dogs have been going down to meet him and reacting to him quite well. Sniffing butts & occasional growls.