Sunday, May 31, 2015

DAY 2 - FIRST Aid Training


Got up at 7:00. Dressed to go into class.

Drove Jeep to Albertson's to pick up some snacks. Got 2 for 1 mini muffins; watermelon, fruit, and pineapple, raisins, m&ms, and peanut mix, & cookies.

Got 2 lattes at Jitterz to make it thru class. Then washed the Jeep at the car wash.

Had Emily help me carry everything in to class.

The trainer was a jerk again today. The chairs were impossible to sit on for that length of time and he did not give us very many breaks.

At lunch, Ken & Emily & I went to Olive Garden. We had to rush because we got seated late, and the waiter was rushed and could not come to our table. We had a 10 minute wait. I had texted Mark, but he had already gone to Tomato Street again. Nobody else wanted to come out with us.

While I was at school, hubby mowed the yard.

Finally got released at 6PM. I drove over to meet hubby at CN Diesel. He had to take the Red Dodge there. Already another $600 spent on it and it still does not run.

Hubby wanted food, so we drove to the Beachhouse on CDA Lake Drive but it was torn down. Boo.

Then we stopped at UVA Italian Trattioria which was the former Godfather's. It was AWFUL. I left a bad review on Google Reviews. Tasteless, Bland, Overpriced food that was delivered by a pretentious waiter that ignored us. It was $45 for the awful food.

Drove home. We were both angry for having a wasted weekend.

Went to bed at 9PM because I was SO tired.

Saturday, May 30, 2015



Got up at 7AM.

Dressed for class.

Drove to CDA and picked up a latte at Jitterz. Stopped to wash the car at the new car wash.

At the CPR Central training class, the trainer refused to unlock the door until 9AM.

So we waited. No snacks to eat as promised. So we starved.

The trainer is a real asshole. Control-freak.

At lunch, I drove Kate, Mark, and Panda (who did not want to go because he was broke, but I told him that I would buy his lunch) Katie met us there. Ken & Emily were supposed to meet us there, but they flaked out and went to Red Robin.

We had a great lunch. I had Lasagne and an Angry Orchard beer.

Had to take a test. I got 96 percent. Only missed 1 question.

We got to leave at 6PM. I drove home.

We walked dogs when I got home.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally Friday & Clinic


Where did the month of May go? It seems like summer is almost over...

Got up at 6:00, had to potty. Bravo jumped up on the bed and greeted grampa. He wiggled and kissed him. Bit was already on the bed.

Hubby got up and I went back to bed for a minute or so...

Dressed and started to get ready for clinic. Gave ham slices to the dogs.

Hubby got dressed and we watched Morning News on tv. Then hubby left at 7AM and we gave all the dogs huggies.

I left for clinic at 8:00.

Arrived for clinic at 8:30.

Receptionist credited my account for hubby's overpayment on Memorial Day.

I got off at 1:00.

Then went to get an iced latte at Kokopelli. Went to Post Falls Slick Rock Tanning and took 10 minutes on massage bed, then tanned in bed. But I realized that I was supposed to be in CDA tanning instead. Whoops. I made appointment to tan there on Monday.

Drove home. I was exhausted.

At home, got mail. Mostly junk & bills. Cleaned off windshield of Jeep, made lunch from yesterday's pita, made tea, did laundry, did dishes.

Took a nap from 4-6. Everything hurts. My hands hurt & thighs hurt.

It was hot today. Need to install swamp cooler.

I did homework notecards.

Hubby did not get home until 7:30PM.

Thursday, May 28, 2015



Bravo & Lil Bit wanted into our bed at 4AM when the sun came up. So I put them on the bed and fell back to sleep.

Hubby got out of bed, but I felt paralyzed and did not want to move. Finally, I got up at about 6:10. Got dressed. Gave ham to dogs. Maggie had trouble coming down the stairs. She got confused and went into Ben's room, settled down on the floor next to the bed.

We finally got Maggie downstairs. Hubby watched news. I got dressed and gave fresh water & food to dogs.

Then I started getting ready for school. Did a load of laundry.

Turned on all the fans. Supposed to be warm today.

Left for school at 9AM.

Got to school at 9:30AM after getting a soy latte at KoKoPelli.

Dropped a black straw down behind the dash on the Jeep. Whoops.

The carpet still had stains all over it from the flood. Still stinks.

We took 10 minute break. I went to potty, then went out to Jeep to get water. Nick and Ken were driving away to the gas station. I went with them. Saw a really cute white Boxer at the gas station.His name was Popeye. He was adorable.

I went outside at break to lie down in the grass & watch clouds along with a jet plane that went overhead. It was very relaxing. I played music on my iPhone. Then Kate, Katie, and T came over to talk to me.

We went back to class. Did homework. Teacher let us go at 12:45PM.

I went down to get a Pita, then went over to tan at Slick Rock.

Afterwards, drove to Rathdrum and got groceries. Picked up a couple Lotto tickets. Wish we could win.

Drove home, gave a bone to Jack down at the shop, unloaded groceries, got mail, cleaned bugs off Jeep windshield, refreshed water & food for dogs, started laundry, started dishes.

Did homework. Went upstairs to take a nap. Maggie, Bravo, and Ben came upstairs with me. Bravo slept on the bed next to me.

Woke up and did more homework. Hubby got home at 7PM, but stayed at the shop for 30 minutes. I rode my bike down there to get him. Ben came with me and played with Jack.

Hubby came to the house, we loaded dogs into Excursion and went down to the Park to walk before it started raining. Dark rain clouds overhead.

We only walked a little ways because Maggie's back legs were getting bad and she was panting.

On the way home, we saw 3 deer cross right in front of us on Hwy 54 beside the on-ramp to Hwy 95.

Unloaded dogs at home, hubby fried up some Spam for a sandwich then went down to shop because Josh was coming to get the trailer.

I did more homework.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Bit had woken me up at 5:00 and peed on the corner of our bed. He was mad because Maggie was on my side of the bed and he could not get up. Bravo was already on the bed. So I got up to pee, then got wipes to clean up the bed. Came back to bed and slept until 6:30 when I heard hubby downstairs.

Made cheese egg bacon sandwich for hubby. Gave leftover eggs to dogs. Maggie did not want any.

Hubby left at 7:00 after dog huggies. Everybody but Maggie got a hug.

I got ready for school. Did laundry. Put away dishes in dishwasher. Filled dog water & food bowls with fresh.

Left at 8:10 to go suntan and pick up latte.

At 8:55, pulled into suntan. They don't open until 9:00. I walked up and tried the door, but it was locked. Then studied some more in the Jeep. Finally went inside to tan at 9:00.

Went to class at 9:20.

I was sitting in the back by Mark.

24/25 on my test today.

Got done early. I went upstairs to talk to Receptionist about hubby being overcharged on Memorial Day. She said she would e-mail somebody about it because she could not back the amount out of the computer.

Left school. Went to Sally Beauty Supply to get new Gel colors. Drove to Rathdrum and got my nails done with Rhonda. Is $30 too much to spend for a Gel polish change? I don't really get too much of a manicure.

Then drove to Hayden. Got honey. Went to Horizon Credit Union to report Fraud on our account and get new Debit cards. Stopped at Costco and filled Jeep with gasoline. Then drove to get car wash. Picked up a Pita at Pita Pit in CDA. Drove home. It had really dark rain clouds. Got home in time before rain. Washed bugs off Jeep window. Put Jeep in garage.

Ate Pita. Made tea. Gave fresh water & food to dogs. Did laundry. Did dishes. Started to study. Tried to take a nap, but Maggie kept whining downstairs.

Hubby got home at 7:00, but stayed down at shop. I rode my bike to the shop and Ben came with me. He refused to play with Jack, so I threw a ball for Jack. Jack jumped up on me and got dirty paw prints on my good shirt.

Hubby came up to the house. He had dinner. I studied some more. I was really tired.

Went to bed early at 9:00. Hubby came up by 10:30.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another Kinesiology Quiz


Got up when hubby was walking out the door at 5:45; he had to meet a guy at the shop by 6:00AM.

I fell back to sleep when Bravo & Lil Bit crawled into bed with me. Bravo gave me kisses.

I got up at 6:10. Gave ham to dogs. Started making egg sandwich for hubby. Gave the leftovers to the dogs.

We left at 8AM to get to school. Took Bud with us. Left too early. Drove by subdivision on Atlas to see if it would be where we wanted to live. No way - too many high power lines there.

Got lattes at KoKoPelli, Washed Dodge truck at car wash. Hubby got me to school early. Walked Bud around the area.

Hubby drove to Spokane to pick up parts.

I took Kinesiology Quiz. Got 96%; only missed 1 question.

At 12:50, we were dismissed from Class. Hubby picked me up. Nick came out to meet hubby & Bud.

Then we drove to Nate's to pick up a slice of pizza. I went to tanning at 1:20. Got a new card for Unlimited Tanning.

Stopped on the way home at KoKopelli to get another latte.

Picked up the mail at home. Hubby went down to the shop to get boats out; I studied and did laundry.

Hubby got the riding lawn mower going and mowed some of the lawn in the rain downpour.

He came home about 6:00PM.

Sat around and watched tv for the night.

I had to recline on our bed to study with a heating pad under my neck. Shoulder & right arm still hurting. Studied from 6:00 to 8:00PM

When we went up to bed at 10:30, Maggie's legs went out from underneath her and she fell in between the stair steps. Hubby had to have help getting her up. She finally got up at the top of the staircase and was panting. She went over to lie down beside Ben's bed. Gave her lots of water to drink. Then she finally came in to our room and slept on the floor by side of the bed. We are worried about her.

Monday, May 25, 2015



Lil Bit got into bed with us at 5:00AM. He was all excited. Then he was upset because he saw that Bravo was already in bed with us.

Got up and started to get ready for Clinic. Talked to hubby about what he was going to do today.
It had rained, so he could not mow the yard or do the trees in the back yard.

Back Yard

I left for work late at 8:15 because I had not realized what time it was. I got to the Clinic at 8:40.

Hubby came for a massage. But they over charged him. I was pissed. They also made him pay instead of using my pre-paid account.

After I got done cleaning up in the Clinic, hubby and I went to Pita Pit and got pitas. Then we stopped at KoKopelli to get lattes.

Drove to Big R in our separate vehicles and hubby picked up some things he needed to finish a truck. We dropped his vehicle off and then drove around looking for suitable neighborhoods to live in within town. Did not find anything great.

Had to pick up a pedicure tool at Walgreens, then we drove home.

At home, hubby spent a couple hours at the shop. Then I came home and fed ham to the dogs. Cleaned up the dog food & water, started studying, started laundry. Cleaned up the house.

I soaked my feet and used the Pedi tool to take off the dead skin.

Took the dogs for a walk in the National Forest Lands area towards Spirit Lake. Lots of stinky sewage smells (hubby says dead body smell) and lots of stagnant water that Bravo loved to walk thru.

Dog Walk

We came home and hubby watched TV while I studied for Quiz tomorrow.

Sunday, May 24, 2015



Woke up at 7:30. Bravo was super happy and with his tail wagging, jumped into bed with us. Gave us kisses.

I got up to pee. Then all the dogs followed me downstairs for ham.

I started to make eggs for dogs & hubby.Hubby came downstairs and pulled the mini blinds because it was already warm in the house.

Ben Loves Hubby

We fed the dogs eggs. Hubby ate his sandwich. We got dressed and loaded dogs into Excursion. Went to Athol for a latte for hubby. Erin had fired Danielle, so no good drinks anymore.

Drove to Park and walked in the triangle by the Sewage Treatment. Horses walking around us. Ranger on ATV drove by. Lots of people in park.

Drove back to Athol and got gasoline in Excursion $98.22 to fill it. Hubby washed the windshield from all the dead bug bodies.

Came home and re-filled used water bottles. I got changed. Did some homework. Hubby loaded up the garbage in the Dodge.

We took the Jeep into town. Got a latte. Hubby got the special and it was nothing but chocolate. Then we went to the Open House to look at it again. Took pics.

Drove to Post Falls looking at possible property to build. But nothing appealed. No more open houses. Ran into Nate Grossglauser at one open house and he told us about some property to look at. Nate was the old that sold Dave 2.0 his new home. Nice kid. Very enthusiastic about some racing track adventure that he had just gone on in Vegas.

Our Jeep & Realtor's Jeep

We drove to Liberty Lake, but got frustrated when we could not find someplace to eat. I was very hungry.

Drove to Spokane and ate at Red Robin. Not a good idea. Drove back to Rathdrum and got groceries at Super One.

Went home. Unloaded groceries. Very frustrating day.

It rained tonight at 9:30PM. Bravo was very scared.

Bravo in Bathroom

Hubby carried Bravo upstairs to sleep in bed with us. Then at 4:00AM, it rained violently again with thunder & lightning. Bravo huddled even closer to me and whimpered. I petted him to calm him down. He finally settled back to sleep.

Saturday, May 23, 2015



Woke up and made eggs for dogs. Egg sandwich for hubby.

Loaded dogs in Excursion and drove to Athol to get a latte for hubby.

Went to the park with the dogs and had to walk at the triangle down by the Sewage Treatment area. There were people picking mushrooms at Shotgun Road.

Made it a short walk as Maggie was already having difficulty. It was very hot. Already about 75 degrees F.

Drove home and unloaded dogs. I started doing homework. Then went outside in back to pick up dog poo. Hubby watched car shows.

Then hubby went down to the shop. I got ready for Clinic work.

Drove Jeep down to the shop to pick up hubby, we went into town and got his brown dually keys at Frontier, and I drove over to CN to drop him off. He drove the brown dually home while I went to Clinic.

Worked Clinic from 1:30-5:30.

Left school at 5:30, drove to Slick Rock, but they were just closing. Drove to Rathdrum and got a iced latte from a crazy girl at Jitterz. Then got 10 cheeseburgers for the dogs.

At home, I gave 2 of the cheeseburgers to Jack at the shop. Then came home and gave the other burgers to our dogs.

Hubby came home 30 minutes later. He took a shower and changed clothes. Hubby drove my Jeep down to Bayview so we could eat at Mexican Restaurant. On the way back, I got an upset tummy. By the time we got home finally after waiting for a damn train in Athol, I vomited and had diarrhea. Dragged myself up to bed and passed out.

Woke up at 2AM, had to pee. Was sweating. Felt horrible. Finally fell back to sleep after several hours. Exhausted.

Friday, May 22, 2015


MAY 22, 2015

Woke at 5:30. Actually slept all night long. I think having the fan on with fresh air coming in from outside helped.

Hubby's alarm went off at 6AM.

I got up and made cheese, egg, bacon sandwich for hubby. Gave leftover eggs to dogs.

Hubby left early at 6:45.

I started paying bills online. Then got ready for Clinic shift.

AICM called last night and said that I have the first massage at 10:00, so don't have to be there til 9:30.

It is already 63 degrees at 8:00AM. I put out all the fans. We need to install the swamp cooler.

Gave bones to the dogs for their entertainment.

Drove to Clinic. Got there at 9:30.

After Clinic, went to tan. Also used Hydrotherapy. It was cool. Made my skin soft.

Stopped to pick up a Pita. Drove home. Was going to stop at Super One to get groceries, but so many people shopping there for Memorial Day weekend.

At home, got mail. Gave ham to dogs for treats. Mark was already here with Jack. Jack greeted me in the driveway.

Did laundry. Did dishes. Did some homework. Took a nap.

Hubby got home at 7:00. We took dogs for a walk in Farragut Park on the Shooting Range road. Saw some women in carts being pulled by Llamas.

Drove down to Bayview to see if any boats were in the Marina. There were not.

Some person from Washington wanted to go down the ONE way street. Idiots.

Drove to Lil Town Market to get Vanilla Coconut milk.

At home, watched Archer. Went to bed.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chemistry in A&P


Got up at 6:45 this morning; really tired. Hubby let me sleep. I had gotten up at 3AM to pee. My arms kept going numb. Maybe sleeping on a nerve?

Started to get ready for school. Put away laundry. Put away dishes.

Cleaned up dog water & food.


Drove to school. Got latte at Kokopelli. The girls already recognize me and had my drink made! They are great! Made deposit at Horizon.

Ken was in the parking lot and remarked that my music was loud in my Jeep.

Panda had returned to class. I told him welcome back!

Then we took the Quiz. I only missed 4/35. Which is an 88%. Not bad. I missed the easiest question. Is Neutron positive or negative charged. SO stupid!

Ken, Nick, and I went to the gas station to get drinks during a break. We took my Jeep because Nick was trying to clean out his car, but he had lots of things in it, so I volunteered to drive.

Saw Katie D there at the gas station. I bought the drinks for everybody and bought lottery tickets. I would love to win the $194 million!

I went to Slick Rock and signed up for tanning. Got a complimentary Swag bag, lip gloss, pens, and 2 VIP Passes. Purchased some over priced lotion. Oh, well.

I tanned for 12 minutes in the Super Fast bed. Then I took the 20 minute hydro massage bed. It was relaxing.

Drove to CDA and washed the car. Picked up the other John Deere Riding Lawn mower belt at Ragan Equipment.

Then drove home. LOTS of COPS out today on the roads. I had to drive slowly.

At home, cleaned off the bugs from the windshield, started working on notecards for Pathology Class next week, did laundry, put away dishes, did another load of dishes, refreshed dog water & food, gave sausage pieces to dogs.

Started working on Questions for A&P class.

Hubby got home at 6PM. He sat down and had a snack.

Then we took dogs for a walk in the park down Shotgun Road. It was nice and cool.

At home by 7:30. Watched tv. I worked on homework.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PATHOLOGY & Planks Again

MAY 20, 2015

Don't forget to get nails done after school today was the first thought I woke up with this morning.

Not a good night. I hurt all over and had taken Ibuprofen. When hubby came to bed, I could feel his every move in the bed and it hurt me.

I finally got to sleep after midnight. Had to get up to pee and put laundry in dryer.

Train noise was loud all night.

Got up at 6:05 and made cheese bacon egg sandwich for hubby. Gave left over eggs to dogs.

Hubby left for work at 7AM after dog huggies. He took the Springs by the garage that UPS had delivered down to the shop.

I started getting ready for school. I hope we don't have a test today because I am too tired to study.

Started a load of laundry. Put laundry away. Loaded the Jeep with school books and my Clinic Uniform.

It was nice and sunny today.

Drove to school. Got latte at KokoPelli. At school, re-arranged desks. I sat in the back. Mark sat down next to me and started talking.

In between breaks, Nick & Ken were doing stretches on the massage chairs.

At 12:40, we were allowed to leave early. I went to get a Pita. Hubby said the guys were meeting at Nate's to get pizza. I went down there to meet him.

Sat with hubby and ate a pizza for a while. Then drove to get nails done in Rathdrum.

Drove home and did laundry. Packages were delivered by UPS from Summit Racing & Fossil. Got my purse. UPS picked up my return for Zappos.

I ate my pita. Refreshed water & food for dogs. I was tired and took a nap. Hubby worked OT and did not come home until 6:30.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park. It was fun. We walked down by the Museum. There were coyotes howling, so we stuck to the road.

Came home and dogs took naps.

I studied for quiz tomorrow.

Hubby and I watched TV until 11:00 then went to bed. Even tho I took a natural sleeping pill, I still woke up at 3AM sweaty, having to potty. My arms were going numb again. Tingly.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015



Got up at 6:15. Hubby was already up earlier and had started to get dressed. Lil Bit was still in bed with me. He kissed me good morning.

I made cheese egg bacon sandwich for hubby; gave left over eggs to dogs.

Cleaned up. Started some laundry. Watched morning news with hubby. A 24 year old Marine had lost his life in a helicopter crash in Hawaii. Very sad.

Hubby left for work at 7AM. We did dog huggies.

Then I started getting ready for school. Studied some more.

On the way to school, Panda texted me that he was sick. He wanted me to let the teacher know. Then Katie texted me and said she was sick, too. She needed somebody to cover her shift today, so I said that I would.

Ken talks too much. I can't understand the teacher when he is talking away...

Went out for a couple breaks.

Then at 12:45, Teacher let us out of class.

It was an easy day. I really like Exfo treatments.

At 5:30, I drove home. Hubby texted me and said dog walk & picnic in the park after he came home. So he picked up Kentucky Fried Chicken for our picnic.

I cleaned off the windshield of the Jeep, did laundry, studied, had a snack. Gave ham pieces to the dogs. Replaced dog water & gave them fresh food.

He had to meet Chad down at the shop and talk for a while. I don't know if we will get to have a dog walk...

Hubby did not come home, so I took Bud, Ben, and Maggie down with me. I rode my bike down to get dinner.

Hubby decided to come home then. It was too dark to walk.

Ate the awful dinner. It was a waste of $17. Hubby did not get a popcorn nugget and the food he did get was not edible. I filed a complaint online with KFC. NEVER going there again!

We watched tv and went to bed early. I was hurting all over again.

Monday, May 18, 2015



I woke up at 12:30 and opened all the windows in the house because it was too hot.

Hubby got up at 5:50 and I got up a little after that. It was freezing in the house. Closed all the windows & doors.

He got ready for work. I got dressed & gave ham to the dogs.

Hubby watched TV news for a while, then left at 7AM.

I got ready to go for coffee. Left at 9:10; got to Thomas Hammer in Post Falls early and got a coffee.
Marilyn got there after about 10 minutes.

We talked until 11:18.

Then I took the massage chairs & misc towels & box to Clinic and check it in with Admin.

Drove to CDA and washed car. 

Drove home. At home, I gave dogs some sausage pieces. Cleaned the bugs off the windshield of the Jeep. Had some lunch. Made tea. Started more laundry. Sprayed vinegar on weeds outside.


Mowed the back yard.

Hubby got home at 7PM.

I took a shower & washed my hair.

Studied some more.

Massage Chair Delivery

Blue Massage Chair

Gave a chair massage to hubby.

Went to bed at 9PM. I was very tired.

Sunday, May 17, 2015



Got up at 7:30 and helped hubby make breakfast for dogs.

He put asparagus in with the eggs. We need to go get groceries today. He wants to go to Costco.

Loaded dogs in Excursion. Drove to get lattes in Athol. In the park, we walked the road by the Day Use area. There were some Camp Hosts back there even tho the road was still closed. Dogs saw some deer and tried to pull us after them.

Bravo & Bud in back seat

Came home and changed. Called Dave & Vera and agreed to meet them for lunch at 1:30. Costco was too busy to shop, so we got gasoline instead then went to the new Car Wash and bought an unlimited pass for Jeep at $29.99 a month.

Wash the car and cleaned the floor mats. Vacuumed the Jeep.

Drove to MacKenzie River Pizza Co and met Dave & Vera. Had pizza for lunch. Lots of liquor! Talked a lot.

I drove home because Hubby had too much to drink. We stopped at a Model Home just off Canfield Avenue in the new subdivision - Lake Forest West. I fell in love with the Sycamore Model home. But it was too expensive at $291,000.

But it had a great covered concrete patio, lovely fenced backyard, no stairs-one level only, Huge master bedroom, huge walk-in closet, fireplace, big kitchen, separate laundry room, an open Library/media room. I could live there happily for the rest of my life.

We drove to Rathdrum and got groceries. Ran into Chris there and as we were going inside, Kurt & Tamara Reese & family.

Tamara is always so happy. Hugged Greg & Me. Her mother was with them and she is very friendly, too.

After getting groceries, we drove home. It started raining.

Unloaded groceries. Hubby washed dead bugs off windshield of Jeep and put it in garage.

Hubby put the roast in crockpot. We watched TV and I went to bed early at 9PM.

Saturday, May 16, 2015



Got up at 6AM when Lil Bit woke up us by wanting into bed. He whined & scratched so I put him on the bed.

Hubby got up out of bed to potty, then I followed him.

Bravo was super happy to see us this morning. He started doing ZOOMIES everywhere in the house, then picked up a bone & pranced around with it. I chased after him so ALL the dogs started barking & running. We ran outside on the decks and around inside the house.

Gave the dogs some ham.

Started making eggs for dogs. Hubby decided to fry up the last of the potatoes in bacon grease. The house stunk, but the dogs sure liked it. Made an egg sandwich with bacon, cheese & potatoes for hubby.

Got dressed. Hubby wore jeans, but I put on shorts. We loaded dogs in Excursion.

Went to get a latte for hubby. The fat girl was there and they had fired Danielle. We had wanted to give her a grad card with money, but probably will never see her again.

Then we went to the park. Walked the Gun Range Road. Went to see the gun range. Gave dogs water on the road. Maggie started walking really slowly.

As we left, some idiot people pulled in right next to us so they could go get Morell Mushrooms in the woods.

At home, hubby went down to the shop to work while I stayed home and cleaned house. Watched Chair Massage videos and then the Fireplace repair guy Jason came over at 12:30 to install the last part.

Hubby came up to get changed at 1:30. He had to run to the ATM in Athol to get money.

We left at 2:00 to go pick up Emily. Emily was waiting and got right in the Jeep. We drove to Calypso's Coffee.

We closed up shop at 5PM. 

Hubby came in to the Coffee Shop to pick up on one of the chairs. I also took out a box that I told Stephanie that I could return to the school on Monday.

Hubby, me, and Emily went back inside to get hubby a drink & give him a chance to potty.

Then we drove Emily home. Hubby was hungry, so we ordered a pizza from Spirit Lake. Drove there and purchased it. Hubby stopped at a road-side vegetable & fruit stand in Spirit Lake to get cantaloupe and asparagus.

We came home, ate pizza and went to bed at 10PM. I was exhausted.

Friday, May 15, 2015

More Clinic Day


Got up at 6AM to pee. Went back to bed for 15 minutes. Then had to get up and do invoices for hubby on computer.

Dressed, and got ready for work. Gave ham slices to dogs. Sat & watched news on tv with hubby.

Got ready for Clinic today 9-1. Drove to Post Falls and picked up a latte at KokoPelli.

Drove home. Stopped in Rathdrum at the Hardware store to get a new weed Spray bottle.

At home, got mail; mostly junk. Unloaded car. Washed bugs off windshield. Gave dogs clean food & water.

Had chicken for lunch. Was dead tired. Took a nap.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A&P Chemistry


Up several times in the night due to pain in my right shoulder. Had to keep repositioning the heating pad on my neck.

Hubby watched tv quietly until 6:20 and then told me to get up as he had to leave. I got up and dressed, gave ham slices to dogs.

While hubby went down to the shop to hook up the trailer to the dodge, I did my hair. He came back and gave me some cash for tip at school massage.

He took the Excursion to work.

I got ready for school. Did laundry.

Probably going to fail the Chemistry Quiz today in A&P because I just don't understand it at all. So difficult to comprehend.

Drove to get latte at KoKoPelli Coffee in Post Falls. Got Coconut milk instead of regular milk.

Went to school to study. Instructor said we are not having a quiz today! Yippee.

After class, I went down to wash the car. Hubby & Dave 2.0 stopped behind me at the car wash in their Frontier truck. Hubby jumped out and kissed me & hugged me. We talked for a few minutes. Then I had to go in the car wash. At 1:20, I went back to Clinic and signed in to get my massage.

Nick was really, really good. Worked out the kink in my right shoulder. He has some good moves that I will steal.

Then came home.

At home, I gave ham pieces to dogs. UPS package for my jeans was outside the front door. Did laundry. Did dishes. Ate pita from yesterday. Took a nap upstairs on bed. Was very tired. Hubby texted at 5:46 to go for a dog walk when he got home.

Hubby had a brief snack at home, changed into shorts. We loaded dogs in Excursion and went down to park to walk.

Came back and hubby took Excursion to shop (along with Maggie) and left trailer there. Then he worked on a truck down there for a while.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A&P More Learning


Got up and my shoulder still hurt a lot. Dressed & came downstairs to give ham slices to dogs. It was raining. Forgot to bring the dog beds in from outside last night. Now they are soaked.

Hubby watched news and then left for work at 7AM.

Started laundry and put it in dryer.

I got ready for school, studied more for the test and then left for school at 9AM.

Stopped at Kokopelli Coffee in Post Falls to get a drink with Soy milk.

Went to school and re-arranged the tables. Sat in the back next to Mark.

Mark talked to me before class, so I had no time to study more.

At 1:00, we left school.

I stopped at Pita Pit  to get 2 pitas. They were observing the slain officer from the other day by donating 50% of their sales for today only to the family.

Then I drove to Rathdrum and got my nails & toe nails done at Rhonda's.

Afterwards went home. I was exhausted. My arm was hurting again.

Got the mail.

I cleaned up dog water & dog food. Gave them fresh. It started raining really a lot. I put in a couple loads of laundry. Started dishes & put them away. Studied. Completed the Notecards for Chapter 4 to give to Katie C tomorrow.

Hubby got home at 7PM after going to the Union Meeting. I tried to study for tomorrow's Quiz on Chemistry. Yuck. Nothing makes sense.

Took a hot bath because my right shoulder is hurting. Took more ibuprofen. Nothing is helping. Then went to bed at 10:50. Hubby stayed up to watch the news.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kinesiology AGAIN


Bad night. Had to sleep on heating pad for my left shoulder because it hurt so bad. I can move it, but it just aches deep down. I am going to have to finally call the Chiropractor.

Gave ham to the dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. Gave leftover eggs to dogs.

Hubby left at 7AM.

I started getting ready for school and studying.

This quiz is going to be DIFFICULT. I am not getting the bones in the arm. It is very difficult to study the different names without actually locating them.

8 Carpal Bones
Ham Cap Trap Trap
Pisi Triq Lune Scaph

14 Phlanges

5 Metacarpals


Tunnel of Guynon! 

These are the helpful little tricks I have learned to apply so that I can remember things. 

Before leaving for school, I added some Willie Nelson & Neil Diamond easy listening music to my iPhone.

Made a strawberry, protein, & spinach smoothie this morning. Drank all my Green tea before going to school.

6 cars on either side waiting at Jitterz this morning; so I picked up a latte from Kokopelli at the corner of 41 & Poleline Road. Think I will start going there instead of Jitterz.
Studied at school. Drank water & latte. Took the Quiz. Got 84%. Not good, not bad. Just need more work learning bones.

Teacher showed us some moves to work on. AND I GOT TO FEEL A KNOT! I got all teary because I had not been able to touch anything before like this. It was exciting. She had us feel other pieces of tension and stuffiness in the body.

We stayed over for about 15-20 minutes then finally left.

I drove to Costco on the Interstate. It started raining. Too many cars from WA driving over here in Idaho. Not just 1 every so often, but about EVERY car had WA tags.

Filled up at Costco; then drove to Ragan Equipment John Deere dealer to pick up belts. Of course, they did not have all 3 in stock, but I paid for all 3 and they will call me when the 3rd one comes in to the store.

Drove home. More idiots on the road going slow. Some idiot from Oregon STOPPED in the thru late at the Walmart corner; she was on her phone and then got in the turn lane for Walmart. OMG. STOPPING in the road because she was on her phone! OMG.

At home, gave ham to dogs. The air stank like rank horse manure. It was awful. Still raining.

I studied for Quiz tomorrow.

Hubby texted that Jason was coming over to fix the fireplace. I had to put the dogs in the back yard. Then when Jason got here, he had the wrong parts and could not fix the fireplace.

Dave 2.0 drove hubby home because I could not pick him up with Jason here. After he left, hubby and I had to drive up to Millwards to pick up some parts. I studied the whole way up there. Hubby had a beer with the guy. Then we drove back to Spirit Lake and picked up more strawberries.

At home, hubby made hamburgers. They were good, but spicy.

I studied some more and went to bed at 10PM because I was exhausted.

Monday, May 11, 2015



Got up and dressed for clinic. Gave dogs some ham for breakfast.

Hubby left at 7AM for work. He took the Red Dually in along with the title to see if he could sell it.

I kept working on notecards for Pathology class.

Left for clinic at 8AM. Stopped in Rathdrum at Jitterz to get a latte.

Had to poop at Clinic when I got there. I don't like pooping when not at home.

I left at 12:15 after cleaning up.
On the way home, I stopped to get groceries at Super One. Got milk, dog bones, pre-cooked chicken, apples, honey & tea.

At home, unloaded groceries. Cleaned windshield on Jeep, did laundry, started dishes.

Hubby got his parts from Six States Warehouse and his Uniburr tool in the mail. He also got a couple car magazines.

Hubby got home at 7PM and worked in the shop with Mark until 8PM on the little "Clown Car". Then we went over to Spokane to pick up the tranmission from the guy named Rich on Bigelow Gulch. Drove back in the dark. I did not get a chance to study much.

At home, hubby had a bacon tomato sandwich and fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 10:30.

Sunday, May 10, 2015



Got up and hubby had already started watching his car shows on TV quietly by 8AM. Gave the dogs some ham. Hubby made eggs with potatoes & ketchup for the dogs.

Hubby (and the dogs) made me a mother's day card. It was sweet. 

Then I made a strawberry smoothie with spinach & banana for me. We sat on the deck enjoying the sunshine. Played "Here Comes The Sun" by the Beatles on Youtube via my iPhone. Watched a hawk circle on the air currents right above our heads.

Texted KRN. She wished me a happy mothers' day.

We took the dogs in the Excursion to Athol. Had to wait for a train. Got lattes. Drove to the park and walked them in the Frisbee area. Lots of people in the park.

Came back and had to wait for another train. There was a sheriffs' car sitting at the Fire dept.

At home, I got out the weed pump sprayer from the garage. Hubby drove the Red dually up to the house. Then he had leftovers for lunch.

He mowed circle driveway area. The weed pump sprayer had decayed and broken a fitting so liquid was coming out the wrong area. Need to purchase another.

We decided to drive up to Garfield and reserve a boat dock. Took the Jeep. Stopped to get hubby another latte in Athol. At Garfield Bay, the marina has been demolished. Gone. Everything was up on the parking lot. We asked a guy walking by what was happening and he said that they were done.

Depressed, we drove back. I wanted to go home, but hubby talked me into going to Spokane to Manito park and eat at Rocky Rococo's. Drove all the way there and I did not want to go to the park. Just went to eat. Parked at the Parking ramp and walked over. Food was not very good. We left and drove back to Rathdrum and got ice cream at Dairy Queen. Hubby got a cherry dipped cone. I was tired. Drove home. Did laundry, cleaned up dog food. Gave ham slices to dogs. Watched TV and went to bed early.

A boring Mother's Day.


Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs & hubby.

Took our donated canned goods for the Rural Mail Carriers Food Drive down to the mailbox. We gave 2 huge bags of groceries.

Went to get lattes. Took dogs for walk in the park. We walked around the sewage treatment plant area. There were Runners going thru the park there. We had to get out of their way when they caming running past us.

Then we came back home. I dropped hubby off at the shop because Joe Jr was there waiting for him. I unloaded the dogs out of the Excursion by myself. Then I did laundry and dishes. Vacuumed.

Started studying. Got most of my homework done except for coloring in the muscles for Kinesiology and the 4th Chapter of Pathology notecards. I can finish the notecards on Monday night.

Hubby came home at 5PM. He had a snack, then fell asleep on the couch for 1.5 hours. At 7PM, I suggested going to Spirit Lake to purchase Lottery Tickets. We went in my Jeep and got spinach, strawberries and frozen chipped beef for hubby. Also picked up some bones for dogs.

Drove around down by the Spirit Lake boat launch in town.

Drove home. Unloaded groceries. Hubby made his "shit on a shingle" chipped beef on toasted bread.

Watched Schitt's Creek. Went to bed at 10:00. Hubby came to bed at 11:30 when I yelled at him to turn off the lights & tv.

Friday, May 08, 2015

WOW Packages


Got up and dressed. We watched the older movie Total Recall instead of watching news this morning. Hubby did not want to listen to depressing news.

He left early at 6:45. Dogs & I waved goodbye from the deck.

I kept getting ready.

Left at 8:00 so that I could get there early to prepare. Today is my first WOW treatment with Katie D. The people are coming in together. I don't think it will be that difficult, just have to get everything set up correctly.

Got to school at 8:30 and clocked in; Panda was already there and Katie D came later. I put her notecards in her mail box.

We got ready together. Panda helped us. That was very nice.

At Pita Pit, I purchased a Chicken Crave pita. Drove home. Very tired. Ate my pita, changed dog water. Was exhausted and took a nap. When I awoke, I had explosive diarrhea several times. Was still very tired.

Hubby texted and said Truck Date tonight to Spokane. So I cleaned things up around house. Dumped the garbage paid more bills.

Ordered some more jeans because I ripped a pair the other day.

Hubby got home around 5:30 and went to the shop to load up transmission and parts to take over to Spokane tonight.

We drove to Spokane. I studied in the car while he drove. We took the Dodge and Bud & Ben came with us.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

BIG A&P Quiz


Got up and dressed. Made cheese eggs & bacon sandwich for hubby. Gave leftover eggs to dogs. Bravo is greedy and likes to eat everything. He stayed in his kennel really good last night. Did not even have to close the door.

Hubby pooped up on the top of the toilet and I made him clean it up. Gross!

Hubby left at 7AM.

KRN texted me from Seattle that she was walking her friend's dog. Then she packed up her stuff & sent me a pic. She took a shuttle to the airport. I am so proud of her for doing everything alone. She is very brave.

I studied. Put on my new white high heels today. Hopefully it will be warm.

Drove to school. Picked up a latte on the way.

At school, studied some more. Then talked with Panda, Nick, and Ken.

Then we took our test. I only missed 2 out of 35. So that was a good 94%. Pretty good. The test was TOTALLY different than what I had imagined or studied.

I had no clue. Just tuned out. Will have to have hubby help me thru it.

At 1:00, went to get a Pita at Pita Pit. Then came back for my massage with Ben. He really got the knots out of my right shoulder. He did a great job. I gave him a $10 tip upstairs on my credit card.

Found out that Katie D and I have WOW packages tomorrow. OMG. I am so nervous.

Drove home. Got gas in Rathdrum.

At home, I gave dogs some ham. Did dishes. Did laundry. Did notecards for our next class in Pathology.

Picked up dog poo.

I am mentally exhausted. Hubby got home at 7PM, but went to the shop directly and stayed there until 7:30.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015



Where did the week go?

Woke up to freezing cold temps this morning. Made hubby turn on the heaters before I got up at 6:15. Hubby left early to stop at Richie C's to discuss a truck title.

Hubby forgot his phone, so I got into the jeep and raced down to the espresso stand to give it to him.

KRN texted that she was already on the road to Seattle.

I tried to put together the dog kennel, but there are parts missing and the door seems not to fit.

I studied and got ready for school.

Drove to school and stopped in Rathdrum to get a Soy latte. It was ok.

At school, studied for Quiz some more.  So I got 20/20 or 100% for the Quiz. Then we took a Pop Quiz over the next chapter which I had not read AT ALL! I was panicking. But with a little thinking and ingenuity, I got 8 out of 10 on that (80%). So not a bad day after all for Quizzes.

After school, I shopped at Walmart and got more notecards.

Then drove to Rathdrum and got my nails done with Rhonda.

At home, I studied some more. Refreshed dog water & food. Did laundry and dishes. Picked up dog poo.

KRN texted me and said that she was at the hotel & had picked up Heather & Matt's dog.

Hubby came home late at 7:30. I studied some more. Was dead tired and went to bed after the 10:00 news.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015



Got up and made cheese egg bacon sandwich for hubby and gave leftover egg to dogs. Ben immediately vomited in 2 different places. Hubby was nice and cleaned it up.

I was getting ready for school. Wore my new Schutz black high heel sandals.

Studied some more. I am very stressed about the Quiz. Studied almost everything in the chapter and am scared the quiz will be difficult.

Got bones ready for dogs. Opened a couple windows for air. It will be a high of 60 degrees today per the weather forecasters on TV.

I left at 9:00; stopped in Rathdrum to get a latte.

At school, we reviewed with the instructor. Told her of our concerns about not be properly trained for clinic.

During break, I went to make an appointment with Christine for a massage at 1:30 on Thursday.

The Admin came in and made an announcement for future classes. Regarding shortening the hours from 15 months to 12 month course. Did not concern us.

Afterwards, we talked to the Admin who really did not seem too concerned with anything we had brought up. I was not impressed.

We took our Quiz. I got an 80%.

Then we discussed next week's information.

At 1:00 we were dismissed.

When I got home, I unloaded everything. Did laundry. Had a snack. Took a nap.

KRN came over at 5PM. She worked on Bravo's paperwork. Then hubby got home at 7:30. We went down to Bayview to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. KRN have fun singing Karaoke. We listened to another kid sing Karaoke. It was a fun night.

Came home and KRN had to purchase postage online for her boxes, then she unloaded more boxes downstairs with hubby's help. Then she left.

Sad. But we are happy for her.

I studied.

Went to bed later.

Monday, May 04, 2015



Got up at 5am to potty, then went back to sleep for another hour. Lil Bit slept until 6AM with us. Hubby got up at 6 and let me sleep another 15 minutes.

I got up, dressed for work, and made egg sandwich for hubby. Gave leftovers to dogs. Ben went outside to throw up. Which I had to clean up.

Hubby left at 7AM. Then I finished getting ready and left for Clinical at 7:50. Got there at exactly 8:30.

I left at 12:45. Stopped in Rathdrum to get iced latte & get fish/chips at Zips. It was gross tasting when I got home. And too expensive.

Gave fish to the dogs.

Bud Resting in Shade

Did several loads of laundry, vacuumed the living room & upstairs, picked up dog poo. Studied for Kinesiology Quiz tomorrow.

Hubby called me and said that he was taking "Glamour shots" of KRN with Dave 2.0's Mustang. They came out pretty good!

KRN in Dave 2.0's Shelby Mustang

Then hubby got home about 6:45. He ate a little dinner. We went over my study notebook as I was panicking.

I took some Ibuprofen for my shoulder, arm & neck pain.

Watched Schitt's Creek. Hubby fell asleep on the couch. I NAIRED my legs and took a hot bath in Honey & Milk epsom salts. Then I washed my hair & conditioned it.

Went to bed after 10:00 news.

Sunday, May 03, 2015



Got up at 6:30 and had to potty. Then all the dogs came downstairs to get ham pieces. Ben pushed Maggie down the stairs and she almost fell!

I gave the dogs ham slices. Hubby started making eggs for breakfast. I took a hot bath. Then I helped hubby feed the dogs. Afterwards put the dishes away and started the dishwasher. Filled all the dog bowls with clean water.

Hubby watched car shows and ate his breakfast sandwich.

Loaded dogs in the Excursion. Went to get lattes. Then walk at the dog park by the Museum. Walked past a camper & truck on the primitive camping road.

Dogs in truck again, then drove to Athol for gasoline & cleaned bugs off the windshield of Excursion. Drove thru town so dogs could bark at other dogs in yards.

At home, loaded up garbage in the Grey Dodge and drove with Ben & Bud to the dump.

Returned home and hubby worked on starting lawn mowers while I picked up garbage along the highway. The riding lawn mower threw a belt. We have to get a new one.

Then we drove into town with the Excursion. Took Bud & Ben with us. I got a strawberry smoothie at Dutch Brothers. Hubby stopped to wash the Excursion at a car wash on Government Way. I took the dogs for a walk to Home Depot.

We went to Office Max to see if they could do other business cards for me; purchased some pencils. They did not have good note cards, so I could not get any there.

Drove to Rathdrum and got groceries at Stein's. Bones for the dogs. Beer Brats to cook on the grille at home. KRN called to ask if we wanted burritos. We said no thanks, we had mexican the other night. Too much.

Picked up bird seed at The Hardware Store by Stein's; they did not have belts for lawn mowers there. Then drove home. Hubby unloaded groceries. I replaced the dog water, fed the deer, put out bird seed in the bird feeder. Hubby started the push lawn mower and mowed the back yard.

KRN came. I studied and put away groceries. I put the Brats & hot dogs on the grille. Hubby got done mowing and came in to watch the grilling.

I kept studying, doing notecards for Pathology Class. I took a break and did leg lifts & planks with KRN in the living room.

Then we took the dogs in the Excursion at 5PM to go for another walk in the park. It was a nice warm night. We walked around the water tower.

Came back home and KRN exchanged the license plates from her Jeep to the Truck. She left with Bravo. I worked on my notecards some more.

Saturday, May 02, 2015



Got up at 6AM and made eggs for dogs & a breakfast egg sandwich for hubby.

We loaded the dogs in the Excursion. Lil Bit ran out and had to start a dog fight with Bud & Ben.

Went to get lattes in Athol.

At park, we walked at the end of the road near the frisbee area. Almost ran into some woman walking a big white dog, but we cut across the field instead.

Then loaded dogs up again and went home.

At home, I studied for a while. Hubby went down to the shop to work.

I had gotten a call from Clinic but had missed it because my ringer was on mute.

So I listened to the voice mail message. They wanted me to come in early by 12:00 to do a massage. Somebody had not shown up for their clinic hours, so they had to get somebody to cover.

So I quickly called them back and told them I would work. Amber threw in a bonus 1 hour for Business Hours. I changed quickly and got ready for work.

Drove to CLINIC and got to the clinic by 11:30. I quickly washed my windshield on the Jeep because hubby had not cleaned it last night after we got home from Bayview.

Then I went inside. I checked in via computer.

At 5:10, I left school. Picked up a Pita at Pita Pit. Then drove to Rathdrum to get a latte. I was exhausted.

On Diagonal, I passed KRN in her Jeep. Hubby must have gotten done fixing it.

Then at home, I greeted hubby at the shop and got the mail. Nothing but Junk Mail.

Came home, gave dogs some more ham slices. They were happy to see me.

I rested. Took a hot bath. Drank my latte & ate my pita.

Hubby came home later. He took a shower. I took another hot bath.

Did laundry & put away dishes.

Watched tv until 10:00 then I went to bed.

Hubby came to bed at 11:00.

Friday, May 01, 2015



Got up with hubby at 6AM. Sat around and watched news until he had to leave at 7AM. Then I got ready for Clinic. Uniform top & black yoga pants with Dansko black shoes.

Loaded the Jeep with my books, water, and green tea.

Then drove to school at 7:50. Got there by 8:30. Brian (Panda) was just coming out.

Then I was gone for the day at 12:30.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up a iced latte. Then stopped to pay Rhonda. Drove home. No mail in the box. KRN was here and Mark was already fixing her car.

I unloaded car, gave fresh water to the dogs. Did laundry, did some homework. Filled out a credit application for hubby.

KRN washed the bugs off the Jeep windshield for me.

I was exhausted, but when hubby came home we decided to go to Mario's for dinner in Bayview.

It was fun because Mario brought out brisket & smoked pork. KRN and I got the brisket in tortilla shells with pico de gallo and rice with beans in sauce. Yum. Hubby got the pork.

Then Mario brought out cucumbers with hot pepper sauce on them for dessert.

We went home with leftovers. Ate too much.

KRN went home and we went to bed.