Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy Week

Took Bud into the Vet on Tuesday to check the bump on his leg. The Vet thinks he is hyper-allergic to a bug bite. Gave him antibiotics & Genesis topical spray for allergic dermatitis.

Scheduled Angus for a shave & bath at Apryl's Dog House on Wednesday. Hubby picked her up after work and when she came in the house, she & Harriet got into it! Both of them had scratches & bites. Harriet was limping afterwards on her left leg. So we wrapped her up and treated both of them with BagBalm.

Thursday morning I took Zeus into Apryl's Dog House for a bath & comb-out. Then came back home & took Harriet to the vet at 11:45 to check her out. I was supposed to take Murphy, but he refused to load into the truck (again).

It has been raining this entire week. No walks for Bud or I as we get soaked everytime we try to go out. M&K came over Thursday night. Made Tortilla soup which was very spicy hot. I had a pb&j sandwich instead. Chilis burn my mouth & throat.

K&I got lattes with the dogs on Friday morning. M went to have coffee with his grandpa. Kelsey started the smoker when M got back. I had M bring up a couple deck chairs. I washed rugs & cleaned the house somewhat.

Travis came to look at Zeus. He fell in love with him. Looks like a good fit. As Travis is attending college until middle of June, he wants me to hold Zeus until then. They seem like a good family.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Marvelous Monday

by KRL-N hereby copyrighted © Houseaversary - is a day that commemorates and/or celebrates a past event that occurred on the same day of the year as the initial event i.e. - purchase of a first home.

Got Harriet's dog tag in the mail today from Fetching Tags. It describes her perfectly.

On the phone today with coordinator at Saint Rescue. Cheryl had approved a couple people that are interested in Murphy. Need to call another person to set up a meet/greet with Zeus! Yippee. Cross your fingers. Sounds like a perfect match for him.

Cleaned house. Vacuumed, Dusted, & Swiffered. Draining fish pond & adding fresh water. Picked up rocks out of fish pond. Washed people bedding & dog bedding. Cleaned out the pickup bed of truck when Zeus accidentally vomited in it this morning when going for lattes! Need to take rugs into car wash to clean again.

I still desperately need to find window washers & carpet cleaners. #3 needs to bring over his buddies so I can get my new W/D installed & swamp cooler put in for the summer. Rocks need to be picked up by pond, pinecones need to be picked up, mowing needs to be done & trimming needs to be done. Tim needs to finish decking in the back. Looking pretty ragged around here. Freeze Warning was in effect again last night. Too much rain.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi. My name is Bad Dog

Drove into A-town to get lattes and found a garage sale on the way. Hubby wanted to actually stop this time, which amazed me. He found an almost brand new Craftsman push lawnmower for a very inexpensive price. Dropped him off at the ATM which we later discovered was not working, then I drove over for another latte as I had already slurped my first one down!

We took Bud, Izzy & Bit up to Priest River with us to go visit PJ's Nursery. However, they were closed on Sundays. Boo hoo. Even called his cell #, but he was away visiting his daughter & could not come. So we will go up next Thurs Fri or Sat 9-6. I should have made a note of his hours, but just assumed they would be open on the weekends.

Got $ at the ATM in bank at Priest River, then stopped to get bag of burgers & ripple fries at drive-in. Dogs loved them. Stopped in A-town on way back & picked up lawnmower. Will make a really nice mower for the kids. Texted them a pic. All they need to do is pick up a rear bagger at Sears.

Freeze Warning again last night. Brrr. Has been very cold & rainy here lately. Got away with no rain today. Bud, Zeus & I walked 3 miles today. Good thing it was cool. Both dogs were heavily panting and even though I took a backpack with water, they refused to drink! Stopped to chitchat with the next door neighbor. He took his property off listing and is going to build a house & install fence. Maybe move in?

Since KRL-N has been talking about so much these days, I decided to go peek. Looked up dog tags & found some great ones that would make keychains for RMOR. Neat idea. Hubby is going to pick up aluminum bar this week at CDA Metals, then I can make keychains for customers. Will post pics when they are done.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Misc Lost Posts

The kid came over on Tuesday to spend some time here while her hubby was gone on a super secret incommunicado mission for the Air Force.

We went shopping to Big Lots, Target, Jamba Juice & Michaels on Wednesday. KRL-N made tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches in the sandwich maker Wednesday night. She also made chocolate chip cookies because I begged.

Found out from Dr. that hubby has a torn Meniscus which is a cartilage in the knee. Needs surgery. Seeing Dr. Adam Olscamp on June 3 at 9:30AM for consultation.

Thursday morning we went up to "The View" cafe for breakfast. Then took the dogs to a deserted subdivision on Priest River to run. Bravo ran into water up to his belly. Had to put him in the back of the truck as we had no towels to clean him off.

While my hubby got his driver's license renewed, KRL-N and I visited a small nursery. At first it looked like they had nothing, but we stopped anyway. Stored the leftovers from breakfast on the hood of the truck so Bravo would not eat it. The kid found a great lilac bush and I wanted to get some too, but had no room in the truck with all the dogs with us. So I told the owner I would come back. When we left the nursery, we forgot to bring the food inside and it fell off the truck as we sped away from a tiny black puff ball of a dog that was barking at us - it came out of nowhere!

We were almost peeing our pants by the time we got back and told hubby. He just shook his head at us!

KRL-N went home after we returned from Priest River. It also started raining again and got cold. Later that night, the news issued a freeze warning. Had to bring all the deck plants inside & cover the other plants outside with blankets/plastic bags. Brrrr cold.

Friday morning hubby had to go pick up a truck from Careywood/Bayview Road. After getting lattes, he took me down the worst road in north Idaho. My 24 oz latte dumped out of the cup holder in the dually & spilled all over the inside of my D&B purse and the floor. What a mess. Bud adored jumping out at the property then running through the woods. He was very good & came back when called.

Took hubby to doctor in Rathdrum to get his permission slip in order to return to work & a cortisone shot. However, there was no doctor in the office so hubby made an appointment to come in after work on Monday to get his shot. We picked up a burrito for hubby at Taco Bell then returned home.

Rained again, cold.

On Saturday morning, we got lattes. Then Bud & I went for our walk. Very enjoyable 55 degree weather with a little breeze blowing. Beautiful skies & we watched a red-tailed hawk soar in the air for quite some time.

The sky was amazingly beautiful with the threatening dark rain clouds while overhead several different colors of blue could be seen peeking through the white puff balls.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bud's B-Day

I walked Bud & Bit at the hospital just before hubby went in to get his scan. Some stupid nurse almost ran us over in the parking lot cross walk! After we got done with the MRI Friday night at 6:30, stopped to get a few groceries on the way home.

Saturday got lattes in the morning. Tim & log guy came to finish the posts on the back deck. They were 1/2 hour late, a little later the post guy disappeared for 3 hours! He finally came back with the posts drilled. In other words, it has been 1.5 months since he took the logs & still didn't do anything with them. Butt-hole. I hate incompetent people. Guys worked on the mustang at the shop changing gears & adjusting brakes.

Bud & I got rained on when we went for our late afternoon walk. Hubby rested in afternoon. Went to bed early.

On Sunday I went down alone to get lattes as hubby got ready to go to kids house on the "West Coast". Instead of going to Wally-World to get a cake & ice cream for Bud's belated b-day, hubby talked me into going to Yoke's. For the worst tasting cake ever. Gross. Never again.

Went to the kids and had a nice bbq in the backyard but got sunburnt! Then cut the cake for dogs, went home afterwards at 3:30. Hubby did not want to stop at Wally-World for shopping because he was tired! So we drove home the back way. Avoided construction traffic on I-90.

Went to bed early again. Hot, Hot, Hot. At least it was 10 degrees cooler here than Summertown!

Friday, May 14, 2010

White Horses and Other Nonsense

The other night at 4:30AM, the dogs woke me up by barking obscenely loud. Actually, they were out pottying and most of them were in when Zeus & Angus decided to bark at something off the deck which got the rest of them barking inside the house. I walked outside with the super bright spotlight & swung it around to where they were looking and spied one of our neighbor's white horses walking through the front yard. It seemed lost & distressed. So I threw on some clothes, but by the time I got outside it was gone.

Then yesterday morning the dogs (Bud - namely) decided to go ape shit on my last couch pillow. Hubby had forgotten to put it away when he was the last one to bed the night before. Bud tore the poor pillow to shreds in the backyard & also drug his beanbag dog bed out into the backyard. We had left the door open to the backyard as it was a beautiful morning. The weather has decidedly changed and the highs have been in the upper 60s, lower 70s. Waking up to a fresh, clean morning is great.

There was a forest fire south of Mt. Spokane the other day which drifted over us & polluted the air. Gave both of us instant headaches. I do believe that the dogs felt horrible, too.

Tonight is the MRI for hubby's knee. Hope all goes well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homeless Harry

The kids took Harriet home on Sunday to find out if she would enjoy living with them & Bravo. However, she was having difficulties being inside a new house. She enjoyed the back yard, but was definitely unhappy being away from home. So we texted & decided to come pick her up again on Monday.

Went to hubby's 2nd doctor visit on Monday at 11:00. They were overhauling the computer system, so we had to give them a complete patient history & background again. Then Arliss, the nurse was to schedule an MRI. Hubby got more drugs & told to continue resting. Left FMLA paperwork for doctor to fill out.

Left prescription at Pharmacy, went to get groceries. Different watermelon. Not as sweet. Could not find handcream suggested by the kids.

Hubby wanted to visit friend at hospital - Sacred Heart. So we stopped but found out in reception that he had already been discharged. Total waste of time.

Drove to Cheney to pick up Harriet. Turned out to be a great day. Sunny & warm. Sat in K's backyard & had chili for lunch. Talked for quite a while. K let me take the handcream. Already felt better on my fingers. Took Harry home with us.

Got gasoline on the way back. When we arrived home, Harriet was overjoyed to see all the puppies again. She ran around licking everybody & wiggling! She slept between my legs with her head on my thigh. Refused to even move! I woke up with a backache from the odd sleeping position. Sweet dog.

Tuesday just slobbed around all day. Hubby rested on couch all day. Again was sunny & warm. Gave the dogs bones that K had bought for them. They treated them like crack cocaine. Lick, chew, crunch. Roll their eyes up in their heads. Chew, lick, crunch. Sleep. Repeat.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Moyie & Mother's Day

After dragging "Miss Daisy" around everywhere this week, I was so tired I could drop. And even then, we had to go into CDA to drop off a transmission. So we stopped at the car wash to clean off the dirt/oil stuck to the vehicle from taking Mike home the other day...pick up cheeseburgers for the puppies from Wendy's...and get the other diesel at C&N.

Matt & Kelsey brought the axles from Don's (the old man's) in Spoky-Jo when they came later that night. The guys worked in the shop until 3:30. Kelsey went to bed early. I conked out at 12:30. Dogs had to repeatedly get up in the night to go potty, plus they barked a LOT when the guys came home.

On Saturday the guys arose at 9AM to load & drive north to Moyie Springs for the mud bog. Kelsey & I had a very pleasant day together. Went to get lattes, then hung around home with the dogs. It was a great mother's day present to just spend quality time with Kelsey.

Guys came home late. Matt & Kelsey took off for their night out at The Outback. They had fun & didn't come back until 3:30...when the dogs woke up to bark at the "intruders". LOL.

On Mother's Day, M&K drove to get lattes. Brought up my Mother's Day weeping cherry blossom tree, and woke up us. I got a stainless steel dented travel mug from Starbucks from the "mother's day fairy". Made breakfast for Greg. Matt went to spend quality time with his Mom while I vacuumed & picked up dog poo. Then played with the dogs. Matt returned with Lucas. Lucas was very frightened because he had never been with so many dogs before. He didn't really want to play. Stayed closed to M&K. Matt returned him later & then packed up. Had pizza. Kids went home with Harriet to try her at their home.

Hubby & I settled down to watch Simpsons, and by the time Family Guy came on I was fast asleep!

Zeus, Murphy & Angus - The Saints.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Death is not a Lifestyle

quote by hubby.

Had to drive "Miss Daisy" over to Spoky-Jo this morning. So we took off at 9:30, had plenty of time to stop at Aslin-Finch to pick up more dog food. Took a walk through the store with Bit to pick out a new harness for him (red-his favorite color), Bud who ignored a proferred treat but thought the new chicks squeaking on the floor were cool, and Isabelle who tore around the store at break-neck speed!

Zeus chose not to go in but pottied outside instead. Bud jumped out the truck window which surprised hubby somewhat! But I caught Bud in time so that he did not get run over by a car in the parking lot.

Then over to Wendy's to pick up cheeseburgers as a treat for the dogs at home. Finally arrived at Auto Parts store by 11:15am to pick up wiring harness for Tim's truck. Then drove home. Hubby had to have Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home!

Finally got home at 1pm. Dropped hubby off at shop so he could sit & observe all the work down there (his leg is still bothering him) and I went home to pick up poop, unload dog food, and play with the puppies for a while. Also got an email from somebody interested in New Dog! Cross your fingers. They are going to fill out an application. Hope they are approved.

Hubby had me take pics of the wiring harness installed on Tim's truck for the RMOR blog, then had to take Mike home after he dropped off his Jeep. After 30 minute drive there & back, another hour wasted out of my life. Kill me. Had to drive "Miss Daisy" down to the parts store in A-town to pick up more stuff. Ugh. Then drive back home.

Bud was SO bored and let me take his pic.

Fed-Ex came with another part for Tim's Bronco. Everything is last minute for Moyie Mud Bogs starting tomorrow. Son-in-law is coming to go up with hubby. Hope they have fun.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

I absolutely DETEST hubby staying home from work. He is a complete & utter slob. He does not pick up after himself. Creates more work for me by making messes. And now that he is injured and cannot lift himself off the couch in addition to be drugged up the gills, I have the additional bonus of being a 24-hour nurse (sans pay!). This does not work out for me. I am tired beyond words.

In addition, I get to drive him everywhere. With Moyie Springs coming up...everything and I do mean EVERYTHING at the RMOR shop has to be done at the last possible minute. These guys are so stupid and don't think ahead 2 weeks. No. They have to get all their parts NOW. Doesn't matter if we have to make 3,4, or even 5 trips to Spoky-Jo in one day. That is a lot of driving. Senseless, expensive, tiring driving.

Miss Daisy decided that we had to return to Spoky-Jo to have the old man machine something else because it was wrong the last time. The last time was when he picked up the part 5 months ago. So for FIVE months, they had a part that was machined wrong. Finally. They put it in. It doesn't fit. So off we go to Spoky-Jo on Tuesday even though we drove there on Sunday and it could have been taken over then. Urgh.

While we were in Spoky-Jo, we also picked up a couple more bags of dog food at Costco. We are being eaten out of house & home with 7 dogs. I am posting Murphy's photo on-line today and hopefully he will be adopted out soon. Have to write a "glowing" biography for the dog. The dog that is scared of cameras, vehicles, walking, & people. Oh gosh.

Bud & Lil Bit came with us for a ride. Bud stuck his head out of the truck. His ears were flying.

Hubby decided I had to drive him up to Sandpoint to make a deposit in the bank, then get gasoline. I am already tired. It is only 1:30 in the afternoon.

All I want for Mother's Day is to rest at home. Maybe go out and have a sit by the fire-pit with a roaring fire. Maybe get my new washer & dryer installed. Maybe have somebody pick up pinecones & mow the circle drive. That would make me happy. I am too tired for anything else. Something laid back & simple.

How did I do on the bio?
Murphy is a very gentle, sweet, and loving dog. He has been starved of affection so he will be stuck to your leg like glue. Murphy tops out at 139 pounds right now but could use a couple more pounds to round him out. We are starting him out on basic obedience training and he responds quite well. Murphy adores playing with other dogs. He came from a family with children so is accustomed to little ones. This dog adores naps, enjoys outdoors, and is ecstatic when lying on his new doggie bed. Murphy is house trained and paces around the door when he needs to go out! At 2 1/2 years he is now up-to-date on his vaccinations, heartworm free, & neutered. This lovely dog would LOVE to go home with you.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The More I Foster, The More I Hate People

Well, HATE is a strong word. I would just like to slap them. But you can't slap people into smart.

We traveled to Spoky-Jo early. Got there an hour before we were to pick up the new foster. So I got my nails done while Bud & hubster waited. The rest of the dogs stayed at home because I didn't want them to have their first meeting in the truck.

When I spoke with the owner on the phone the other day, she did not indicate that this dog had ANY problems loading in a vehicle. DUMB. (first dumb thing-there are more)

Secondly, I had to wait FOREVER at the front door after knocking. This woman KNEW that I would be there at 11:00-so why not be prepared? Anyway, I was led into the disgusting interior of the home; in the middle of packing, dirt everywhere, & total hoarders with chaos! They resisted letting me look into the backyard to see where they kept the Saint (and another dog-a black German Shepherd...probably never picked up poo a day in their lives I can only surmise). While waiting for the woman to fill out paperwork, a goth looking 15 year old comes out of the room in the house, along with the husband who finally pokes his head out. Then there are two little girls about 4 & 6 years old that are wandering around totally oblivious about the dogs!

After filling out the paperwork and advising me that besides the neutering the dog has NEVER seen a vet. She wasn't sure about shots (maybe she gave them to him...maybe not) She has no definite idea how old the dog is even though she told me she "rescued" him from a kennel when he was 6 weeks old...

Then after looking at the dog...HE'S GOT A HUGE BUNCH OF HAIR GROWING OUT THE BOTTOM OF HIS LEFT EYE! Oh. My. God. It is so big it looks like a piece of stick stuck into his eye! I was flabbergasted! Speechless! Couldn't they hold him & cut the damn thing down? He also needed a bath.

She proceeds to light a cigarette & bring out a latte in her bare feet when attempting to load him in our truck. And she starts crying. Then tells us that the dog doesn't load very good. No wonder. They never take him anyplace. Just brought him home & dumped him in the back yard.

He has not been trained in basic obedience AT ALL. No sit. No down. No housetraining. OMG! This is a 150-pound dog that has no manners. I shudder.

So we waste 30 minutes trying to get him loaded. Her husband finally picked up the dog & put him in the back of the truck. While we were attempting to put the dog in our truck, the two younger kids wander out of the house - and the mother totally ignores them! They could have walked into the street without her noticing. I feel like slapping somebody! We drive away fast...

Stopped in Rathdrum to get milk & some basic groceries. My phone is ringing. Already without asking permission, the woman has given my phone number out to other potential adopters. I advise they have to go through to fill out an application since the owner has surrendered the dog to our organization. This woman on the phone wanted to come get him immediately! I told her that he needed to be assessed & taken to vet b4 the Rescue would adopt him out. If she wanted a dog, she would need to have a home visit, references & pay the adoption fee.

At home we immediately cut the hair off his eyelid. We realize that he has a horrendous eye infection in both eyes! Yellow pus is just leaking out! What pain he must be suffering. The poor dog has extremely brittle toenails. Probably from inadequate protein in his diet. The poo I collect for the vet visit is pudding.

He does come to his name - Murphy. He gets introduced gradually to the other dogs. Harriet goes ballistic. She gets kenneled until she can calm down.

Murphy is a gentle, happy dog. Hopefully after a good visit to the Vet, maybe some eye surgery, and a bath he can be adopted out to a great home.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hailing Hailing

Brr cold. Hail today. Got a latte for hubby today. Bit, Bud & Isabelle rode with me to the latte stand. Hubster sat on a chair working down at the shop because he can't stand. He still needed to get some things done at RMOR.

The dogs were extremely bored as it rained all day. They didn't want to go outside to play at all. I could barely convince them to go out for potty.

Walked Bud & Zeus down to the shop between raindrops.

Dogs played outside during a brief period of sunshine. Bit chews Bud's leg while Bud chews on Harry's ear. Odd weather we have been having. Hope it clears up soon. I know all of us are itching to get out and play more.