Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Got up and made breakfast for hubby & dogs. Gave Ben a couple allergy pills instead of his cough suppressant. Hubby thinks he might be allergic to something. As soon as we gave him the allergy pills in his breakfast food, he quit coughing.

We sat out on the front deck and enjoyed the nice weather before hubby had to go to work.

I went out to re-fill the deer food along with Bud, Ben, and Maggie. Maggie wandered off into the woods and was out there for a long time.

Then I went down to mail father-in-law's birthday card (late) and our entry to the annual Bike Ride in Bonners Ferry for September.

After I came back, I had to feed the fish and feed birds.

Then I started laundry and dishes.

Weather temp says 88 already by 9AM. Another Hot Day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014



Got up couple times in the night to potty and take more painkillers for my back.

At 6:10 hubby woke me up to make breakfast.

After done with breakfast, I cleaned up and we sat on the front deck for a while until hubby had to go to work at 7:00.

Squishy dogs goodbye and then I went out to re-fill the deer food.

At 11:30, I got ready to go get nails done. Left at 12:00. Picked up mail on the way.

Nails done from 12-1:00. Stopped at McDonalds to get burgers for dogs on the way home.

Fed burgers to dogs when I got home.

Went outside to pick up poo later. Bud came with me out front to walk around. It was very hot.


Took a picture of the baby birds that are in a nest under the front deck.

Baby Birds

Monday, July 28, 2014

Night On The Boat


Got up after Ben coughed all night long. Made breakfast for dogs & hubby.

Had lots of time, so we sat on the front deck enjoying the shade & the cool air. Hubby left for work at 7AM.

I did laundry & dishes. Called the Vet at 8AM to get an appointment for Ben. They scheduled us for Noon.

Powerwashed the concrete patio again. Moved all the patio furniture.

Bud & Maggie came out with me to make sure the deer had food. I moved all the furniture back later after the patio had dried.

At Noon, I took Ben to the vet. We were put in isolation because they thought Ben had 'Kennel Cough', but Dr Mike examined him and determined that it was NOT Kennel Cough. He had just irritated his wind pipe. Dr gave us prescription for cough suppression.

I picked up the mail on the way home. Ben passed out after I gave him a cough pill.

Ben sleeps

I went out back with all the dogs and picked up dog poo around 4PM.

Dave P came to work on the deck at 4:45.

Hubby got home at 5:30. We sat around for a while, then went down to the boat with all the dogs. We took a quick walk in Farragut Park before going to the boat. The park had the Shit Plant running and it was an awful smell.

We took the boat out and motored over to the shade as the sun was still super hot. About 90 degrees. Dogs were all panting and drinking water like mad.

Hubby saw some boaters sitting out in the Bay, so I looked over there and heard them yelling & waving. We motored over to see them. They said that their electrical system had just died. We towed them over to Gary's. They have the last Float Home on the dock. Very nice people - Dick & Pat. They invited us to have drinks, but I told them we had to get dogs home.

 Towing A Boat

We motored over to our dock and by then it was getting late & the sun had begun to set. We tied up the boat & closed everything. Took the puppies for a quick potty and then came home.

Temps were much more tolerable when we got home. It cooled off quick. 70 degrees & the swamp cooler made the house much more comfortable!

Went to bed early. We were both tired from not getting much sleep with Ben coughing last night!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday On The Boat


Got up and made eggs for the dogs. Wrapped the eggs in Crêpes. This was my first try at crepes and they came out perfectly!


Hubby added a little Cherry Pomengranate Habanero Sauce to his.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park after stopping to get a latte for hubby. There was a new girl working weekends there. Her name is Danielle. Easy to remember.

Walked the Shooting Range road. It was nice and shady. Gave dogs water; even Bud & Maggie drank a lot, which they usually don't do.

We observed some workers cutting down the trees that had fallen in the park after the storm from Monday.

When we returned home we cleaned the dog kennel from the chickens, hubby cleaned the Dodge & his new Dually, and I did some laundry. Also put away dishes.

Buddy supervises our work from the deck

We got ready to go to the boat. Maggie came with us. Took clean towels to the boat.

Stopped at Lil Town Market for hubby to get ice & beer for himself.

At the docks in Bayview, Maggie walked into the water. Had fun.

Maggie Swims

Then we cleaned the boat for a couple hours. Lots of people there. It was too hot to stay on the boat, so we came home by 3PM. Stopped at Lil Town Market again to get hot dog buns.

Hubby made dinner on the grille, burning the hot dogs when he became distracted. We can give them to the dogs. He made some delicious small golden potatoes along with butter & onions & seasoning salt.

We were going to watch a movie, but instead hubby fell asleep on the couch. I had to get him a cold cloth as he looked feverish. He was just very tired. Bud slept with hubby on the couch.

Buddy & Hubby sleeping

When hubby woke up, we watched Outdoor Idaho and a couple other shows.

Beautiful sunset tonight.

 Sunset pink against the clouds

Went to bed early.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Skipped A Day


I skipped a day here...

Got up and made breakfast for everybody. Did laundry & dishes after hubby left.

I spent most of the day on the couch with a heating pad because I woke up with a severe backache; around the lower left and radiating to my front left.

Ben sits on couch

Hubby had taken the chickens over to Tim's so they would have a safe coop to reside within. I am glad they are somewhat safe now.

Hubby got home at 5:30 and worked on Dave's truck putting a leveling kit on it in exchange for the refrigerator we got. Maggie came down to the shop with me - I rode my bike; and she was doing the bunny hop with her back legs just like Isabelle used to do. I hope that Maggie is not showing signs of old age yet. I can't possibly put another dog down this year.

By 6:30, we took the truck in and dropped it off at Dave's, picked up the Dodge at his house. Went to pick up CN Diesel cop car, hubby drove that home while I drove home the Dodge. We stopped at Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs, then got groceries at Super 1 in Rathdrum.

There were two cops that had pulled over a car on Diagonal, and a huge truck that passed us going the opposite direction that would not turn off his brights - ended up blinding me the rest of the way home.

Gave burgers to the dogs at home. Unloaded groceries. I took a painkiller and went to bed.


Got up and made breakfast with the new french toast cinnamon bread that hubby had purchased.

Took dogs to park to walk them down by the sewage plant. Maggie was really feeling it when we got back. Even tho we had stopped to give them all water, Maggie's back leg was quivering. We have noticed that she is getting weak in the rear end.

We came home and hubby went to work down at the shop with Tim.

In the afternoon, I went down to get the mail and took Bud with me. He ran all over outside. The poor dog has not been able to run around outside because of the free-roaming chickens, so it was a real treat for him to get to come down to the shop.

Flowers Bloom on the Deck

I also took the extra egg cartons down and put them in Tim's truck.

I took a nap after having violent diarrhea. Felt like I had been poisoned. My back was hurting even worse. Laid on heating pads.

After getting up, I sat on the deck for a couple hours with the dogs.

I made Kale chips in the afternoon.

Hubby came home after working in the shop all day. He was filthy dirty and took a shower. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back Hurt


When I woke in the morning, my back was still hurting. Hubby had to help me out of bed. I could barely move.

I got up and made breakfast. Hubby gave vitamins to the dogs along with their eggs.

After hubby left, I pretty much sat on the couch with the heating pad that he had brought down for me. I took a painkiller.

The UPS driver brought my sandals that I ordered on Amazon. I don't like them. They are too gold & gaudy.

Around 1:00, I went outside to take some Kale and Peas to the chickens. I found that one of our red chickens had completely disappeared. No feathers, No blood, No chicken. It freaked me out. I wonder if some hawk or owl took her. I am scared for the other chickens now. There were only 4 eggs in the chicken kennel.

Went down to get the mail.

Found the feathers from the red chicken by a tree. Looks like maybe a hawk got her... or maybe a coyote. Now I am scared for the other chickens.

Dave P. came to fix the deck at 4:30. He worked until 6:30. Hubby got home around 6:45 and was at the shop for a while.

Hubby came home, ate dinner, then went back down to the shop to work.

When hubby came home after working in the shop, the chickens were sitting on the deck in the dark. We quickly scooped them up and put them in a dog kennel so hubby can take them to Tim's house tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still Cool

July 23 2014

Got up at 5:30 because we went to bed so early last night. Hubby took a shower while I got another 30 minutes of shut-eye.

Then I got up and made breakfast for everybody. Hubby fed vitamins and eggs to the dogs.

I fed the chickens, fed the fish, and re-filled the deer fod.

I was so tired from taking the allergy pills that I took a nap on the couch for an hour.

Then got up and made spinach snack for the chickens. Went down to get mail.

Did laundry & dishes.

KRN called me in the afternoon.

Then at 4:00; hubby called to let me know there was a storm coming. KRN had already texted me about the storm. I got everything outside covered up and brought other stuff inside.

The storm hit and there was high winds, lots of rain, really hard rain. Dogs were scared and would not leave my side.

We lost power about 5 times, then permanently at 4:30. I reported the power outage to the automated system of KEC via phone. Time passed slowly without electricity; it was really boring. I played games on my iPhone until hubby got home at 6:00.

Hubby had a little dinner, then we took the dogs for a walk in the park. On our drive down to the park, it was obvious that from Athol and farther to the east, the storm had really gotten worse. Lots and lots and lots of trees were down everywhere. Across the road, across power lines. Kootenai Electric was out trying to repair downed lines everywhere.

We walked the dogs in the park. The Bike Riders were out again for Wednesday Night Bike Ride. There were also people out flying model airplanes on the airstrip.

After we walked the dogs, we drove down to the boat to make sure everything was ok there. Somebody had walked on the boat and tracked goose poop on to the carpet. The small door at the back of the boat was open.

We secured everything and then drove home. Hubby stopped at Lil Town Market to get milk & ice. They were ringing groceries up by hand with cash only. Escorting people to the back to find what they needed because it was dark & then did not want thieving.

At home, we put the ice in bags and put them in the freezers. Went to bed early. Suddenly, my back started hurting. Hubby rubbed me down with Ben-Gay.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rain & Humid


I got up with Endometriosis pains. Had to take hot bath & aspirin. Then made breakfast for eveybody. Hubby sat down to watch morning news until 7AM. He had a big meeting at work with Rah-Rah Sales VP. Mandatory meeting with everybody there.

Hubby stopped at shop before leaving and I walked down to get the riding lawnmower. Mowed around the shop. Then brought it home and mowed in front of house. Lots of dust because of gopher holes. Went in backyard to mow there, but lost piece off mower. Only mowed 1/2 dog yard.

Around 9AM, it started raining. Only made it muggy & humid outside.

I decided to take a nap because I was exhausted. Got up at 10:30. Did laundry & dishes.

Picked up the eggs; only laying 4 now. One of the girls is not giving us an egg!

Hubby called and wanted to schedule VIN inspection for new Dually but realized he left title for truck in the Red Dually that Kevin R took on his honeymoon.

Around 6:30, hubby got home and brought pizza.

We watched a show on tv about gangsters - Al Capone. Then watched Drunk History; I laughed thru the whole thing. Good show.

Went to bed early around 9:30 because we were both falling asleep.

I took a couple allergy pills.

Monday, July 21, 2014



Almost the end of July. Where did Summer go?

Hubby took one of his breakfast sandwiches from yesterday to work with him. The dogs and I slept until 8AM. Yippee. It was nice and cool this morning. Around 60s. Yippee. And no smoke in the air. No headaches.

I went outside to water plants in circle driveway, clean off the chicken poop on the deck, picked up dog poop, did dishes & laundry.

The chain on my bike had fallen off. Can't ride it.

Walked down to get mail.

Decided to mow. Hit something with lawn mower. Now it won't work. Hubby will have to fix.

My hands are hurting so badly that I can't even feel anything when I type. I am just moving my fingers hoping to hit the correct keys.

It only got up to 80 degrees today. Much better Summer weather.

Of course, the mother-in-law of Foster dog had to call again. More drama.

I worked on the deck cleaning out the dog hair and dirt in-between the boards. It took all afternoon to do that.

Hubby came home at 5:30; he had a little bit of cantaloupe to eat. He fixed the bike chain for me. Then he went down to the shop.

Hubby came home at 8:30. He watched a little tv and we went to bed early.

I could not sleep. Diarrhea for 3 hours; then hubby & Maggie were snoring all night. Even tho it was cool and we had windows open, I still felt uncomfortable. Hands started hurting again so I had to get up and take Advil & Aleve. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Foster Dog - Day 5 & 6


Got up and made an extremely large breakfast for everybody. Made eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, mayo, cream cheese, oil, and bread for Foster Dog. She loves it. Finishes all of it. Ben get his meds with his breakfast.

Tried to put a contact in my left eye, but it tore when it was in there! I hate these contacts. So I got part of it out, but the other piece remained in there all day. It hurt & irritated my eye.

Took dogs for walk. Left Foster dog on the front deck by herself. She likes sitting on the corner looking out over everything.

When we got back, hubby went down to the shop until 10:45; I took foster dog dog with me to walk around. She stayed with us the entire time. Comes back to her name. Very good, obedient dog.

Bruce came to visit, then left when hubby came home.

Hubby adjusted the seat on my bike, it still did not feel good on the handlebars, so we loaded it up and went into town with Foster Dog in the back seat.

Stopped at Goodwill to drop off donation bag. Then ate at LavaDog. New place by Goodwill on Hayden Avenue.

Drove over to 2-Wheeler Dealer Bike store to get bike adjusted. Very nice guy named Shane was there and helped a lot. We tipped him $5 because he helped.

Then we drove to Rathdrum to look at tires for new Dually at Perfection Tire. On the way, the LavaDog made me extremely sick. My stomach started cramping, burning, and I felt like vomiting. Hubby rushed to get me to a bathroom at Perfection Tire. I was sweating profusely and feverish. I seriously thought I was going to die in the bathroom there. However, I sat on the toilet with nothing happening, and after about 15 minutes hubby knocked on the door. I came out and sat in the waiting room there. Thank goodness it was well air-conditioned.

Finally, hubby drove me home and I took off all my clothes and had chills under the blankets on our bed. Slept for over 2 hours while hubby took a nap on the couch. Finally woke up at 2:30 feeling a little bit better, but very drained.

Never eating at LavaDog again. Poison.

I finally had hubby help me take the ripped piece of contact in my eye out. He had to get a magnifying glass & flashlight. We finally found it and got it out. I won't wear contact for next couple days to let it heal.

Got ready at 6:00 to go to Kevin R's wedding. By 7PM, there were over 300 people there. 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen each. 7 flower girls and 7 ringbearers including 1 boy on crutches. Very pretty home and lights.

 Sign to wedding

Hubby & Kevin's Father

Lots of groomsmen & bridesmaids!


Kevin & Leslie

We left at 8:30 and went to Rathdrum Super 1 to get groceries. Forgot dog burgers, then had to turn around and go get McDonalds. We got home at 9:30.

Foster dog had gotten out of the deck again, she still stayed on the property & showed up behind us as we pulled into the garage.

Both of us were exhausted and went to bed immediately.


I got up at 5:45 and made big breakfast again. Foster dog ate quite a lot. We fed carrots to the chickens. I fed the chickens.

We left by 6:30 and took Maggie along with us so Foster dog could have company. It was crowded in the back of the Dodge for two big dogs.

Called KRN to let her know about fire near her home.

Stopped in Rathdrum to get lattes at Jitterz. Nice girl. Brunette hair.

Drove thru Spokane, fire in Cheney quite smokey. Watermelon Hill fire.

Walked dogs in a church parking lot at Moses Lake, gave them water.

Got to Yakima about 10:30 and picked up lattes first thing. Pretty good S'mores special. Hubby hated his because it was too sweet.

We also got breakfast sandwiches for dogs and walked them around an abandoned mall, gave them water.

Drove to Rescue house. I was led to believe that this woman had no other dogs at the premises, but she had lots of dogs there. We dropped Foster dog off. Hope she will be OK.

Then we stopped at the latte stand again. Hubby had milk put into his drink and I got another drink for the road.

Hubby stopped to have lunch at a Hispanic Food truck in Pasco. Gross. I declined to eat because I did not want to be poisoned again.

We drove home. Fire in Cheney was not so smokey. Blue skies & fresh air at home.

Drove thru Spokane and walked Maggie at the Barker Road Park.

Got burgers for dogs at the Wendy's on Barker road.

By 5:00 we were home. Gave burgers to dogs. Cleaned up house. Collected chicken eggs. I took a nap.

Took a bath when I woke up from nap. Hubby fell asleep on the couch watching TV.

Hubby and I were both seriously depressed that we had to dump Foster Dog. She was so great. Very obedient. Just could not trust her around our male dogs. We cannot tolerate anymore dog fights. She fit into our household just fine. But could not bring her into our home.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Foster Dog- Day 4


Got up at 4AM and went to wash chicken poop off the steps; took KoKo out for a walk to potty; gave her fresh water.

Then I went back to bed until 5:55AM. Hubby got up and took a shower. I started breakfast for everybody. Gave KoKo some cheese, eggs, turkey bacon, ham, and bread for her meal. She really needs to gain weight.

Hubby took the Excursion in to drop it off at Pat the Detailer and then pick up his new Dually that Pat had cleaned.

I did 3 loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes from yesterday when we did not have water. I also filled the dog water barrel in the back, filled the evaporated water from the fish tank, and started filling the pond in front again.

The smoke in the air keeps getting worse from the awful fires over in the middle of Washington; Leavenworth, Entiat, Brewster, Pateros.

KRN texted that it was dropping ash over by Spokane.

I microwaved more turkey bacon and grilled some cheesy hot dogs.

Also fed KoKo again. Gave her chicken, cheese, mayo, cream cheese, and bread mixed up with gravy. Should be filling her up. She really likes to drink water.

The girl from the rescue called me. We made arrangements for their Foster to take the dog.

Took her on several walks. She REALLY wants to get into the pond!

Then the daughter-in-law called me. Lots of Drama. WTF is WRONG with 20-30 something year olds? Doesn't she have enough to be busy with moving without creating more drama about the dog? I WILL NEVER DO ANOTHER FAVOR FOR ANYBODY AGAIN. NO MORE DOGS.

I called the mother-in-law and told her that I had already made arrangements to take the dog to Rescue and would NOT be returning it to her daughter-in-law. She was quite distressed to hear that her daughter-in-law was creating this drama.

Walked down to get the mail but it was nothing but junk.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Foster Dog - Day 3


We got up early, about 5:50. I got started on breakfast while hubby walked KoKo outside for potty. Then we turned off the water outside.

The Remington Water District is upgrading their electric facilities & generator. KEC will be turning off the electric to their generator, so we are on back-up generator and low water usage restrictions today.

I filled up a lot of water containers including a 5 gallon bucket in the bathtub. It is not necessary to run out of water today.

Then I fed KoKo some of the eggs, hubby gave Ben his pills.

Hubby sat on the couch watching the news until 7AM. Then he left after giving Squishy dog to Ben & Bud. Lil Bit did not want to hug. Maggie was already sleeping.

After he left, I fed the fish and gave chickens some collard greens. Put KoKo in the back yard.

It was pretty cool at 9AM today, still only 71. Hope it stays cooler.

It did not stay cooler. It got up to 93. I put ice & a fan out for KoKo.

Hubby worked OT for 2 hours; finally got home at 7:00. He brought two 1/2 gallon milks from Lil Town Market. Cashier told him that they cannot keep stock in because of all the tourist purchasing.

Hubby had dinner & watched tv for a little while. We walked the dogs around the property, then went down to the shop. While we were down there, hubby looked at a new truck that had been brought in while he was on vacation last week. It had a rear-end that he needed for a current job. Then Charles stopped by and we talked with him for a few minutes.

Came back up to the house. Watched a couple new shows...Married and You're The Worst. Both were pretty funny.

Went to bed at 10:30. Really tired. The smoke & heat are sapping our strength.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Foster Dog - Day 2

JULY 16 2014

Got up early at 4:30; hubby woke us up and Lil Bit barked at the laundry room door. We went back to sleep for another 1.5 hours. Hubby woke us up again at 6:00. He had an attack of short & stubbies on his balls so he had to get up early and cut his crotch hair. Ugh.

I made breakfast for hubby and the dogs. Made extra so we could give to KoKo. She ate some of her food, but she is a MESSY eater. Maybe that is why they did not feed her?

Also cleaned up the chicken poop on the deck, fed the fish. Checked to make sure that deer had food.

Fed KoKo some ham with her pain killer pill in it.

Brushed KoKo. Washed KoKo. I don't think she has EVER had a bath.

KoKo after bath

Picked up dog poop in the back yard.

Took KoKo to visit the Vet at 12:00. They were busy so we had to walk around the yard. The mother-in-law, Kathy called me while I was there. Also Angie called me. I told Angie that she needed to set up another foster for KoKo because we could not keep her. I also cautioned the Sheriff's Animal Control officer that if KoKo got out, that she was mine because I was fostering her. She seemed not too concerned.

Vet Mike said KoKo is ok. Underfed. Had a past litter of puppies. Maybe multiple. Spay surgery incision looked fine. Loss of hair is from lack of protein and good food. She only weighs 113.1. Probably should weigh 130 a least; she is as big as Maggie. Dr Mike confirmed she is probably not a Fila; maybe a starved English Mastiff. She does not have Fila looks, Fila walk, or Fila narrow nose.

KoKo at the Vet

Took KoKo home. Called Kathy back again. She said maybe another rescue could take her. She will call me back. She confirmed abuse in the home of the dog & had been upset about it.

I sat with KoKo a lot today. She seemed to calm down. No more barking.

Hubby came home at 7PM. He rested & changed his clothes. We went for a walk in the park with KoKo & Maggie. It got really cool there. There were some people biking down there and they sounded like they were having fun.

We came home and hubby had dinner. Then we went to bed at 10:30. I was SO tired from not sleeping in my own bed last night.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Foster Dog

JULY 15 2014

Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby, eggs for dogs.

Cleaned house some more, did dishes & a couple loads of laundry.

Went to get my nails done at 10:30; the appointment was for 11:30. Stopped at Jitterz to get a latte; then had my nails done, then got burgers for dogs at McDonalds, then got groceries at Super 1.

Came home and fed the dogs burgers. 

Angie from Second Chance Rescue called to ask if I would be interested in taking a Fawn Fila Brasileiro. She gave me a phone number of her client, Kathy. I called Kathy who was actually the mother-in-law of the people that wanted to give away the dog.

Then the daughter-in-law called me after she got off work. Her name is Michelle. Michelle said they were moving on Thursday and needed the dog gone. KoKo had Spay surgery from Kootenai Humane Society on Monday because they were going to give them the dog by Wednesday. Waiting until the last minute!

Hubby called me from CN Diesel at 5:30 and I told him I would meet him in town at Pat the Detailer's shop so that afterwards we could pick up KoKo.

Met hubby and he was hungry. We got Starbucks lattes because they were the only thing open at 7:12 at night. Then hubby got a Carl's Jr. chicken sandwich & combo.

We drove over to Canfield Avenue to pick up KoKo. The people are moving to Texas. Lots of little kids everywhere. KoKo came out dirty, starvingly skinny, and nervous. She got into our truck right away. Poor thing. Looks sorta like Isabelle. We got her home and introduced her to Maggie. They were OK, but she is dog aggressive to the male dogs.

KoKo barks constantly when left alone. We will just have to leave her alone & let her bark it out. However, I did sleep with her tonight in the laundry room so she could calm down. I have given her all her meds & will leave 1 for tomorrow.

Monday, July 14, 2014

House Cleaning

JULY 14, 2014

Got up at 4AM because my hands were hurting so bad and took additional Ibuprofen. Then slept until 7:45. Did got not get up to make eggs for everybody.

Started cleaning.

Fed Fish. Collected Eggs. Dropped 2 eggs. Whoops. Balled watermelon. Gave watermelon rinds to the chickens.

Vacuumed house. Washed dog beds. Washed floors. Vacuumed rugs. Power washed rugs. Washed more bedding. Washed clothing. Washed towels for boat. Did dishes. Put dishes away.

Accidentally power washed my left hand. Skin burnt & bled.

By 4:30, I was finally done.

Sunday, July 13, 2014



Got up and got ready stuff for the boat. Kids finally came and dropped off Bravo at the house. They took their car down to the docks at Bayview. We took our truck. Going to stop for latte, but they were closed. Hubby got a headache from no caffeine today.

Took boat out to cove and floated for the day. Late afternoon we were going to grille, but decided to take boat back to docks for cooler shade. However, bar was playing Jimmy Buffet songs REALLY loudly and we could not stay.

Unpacked everything and went home.

Took dogs for a late night walk in the park.

Came home to bed.


Got up and made eggs for hubby & dogs.

Fed the fish.

Hubby cleaned off the deck poop from chickens.

Went to Rathdrum to get lattes at Jitterz and then shopped for boat groceries at Super One.

We got home and gave bones to the dogs.

Prepared all the boat food. Sandwiches, potato salad, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineaple.
Gave spinach to the chickens.

Went down to boat at 12:00. Waited for Dave & Vera.

We took the boat out when they got there at 12:30.

Went to a secret cove with a waterfall. Swam around, Floated around.

Grilled in the late afternoon.

Floated around after late lunch. I lost my sunglasses.

We headed over to the goat area, showed Dave & Vera. Then motored back to the docks.

Left Bayview at 8:30. It was a fun day.

Got home and unloaded everything. Fed leftover sandwiches to dogs. Washed dishes. Washed towels.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Daily Grind on Vacation


Got up at 4AM to take pills for arthritis. Hands really hurt. We left the swamp cooler on all night and it was much cooler.

At 8AM, I got up to make breakfast eggs and sandwich for hubby.

Fed fish, fed chickens. Cleaned off the chicken poop on deck stairs.

Hubby and I got dressed then took dogs to park. Got lattes. Walked dogs. Ranger in park had to drive after us to tell us not to walk in the Shooting Range on Fri, Sat or Sun. Too dangerous?

We brought dogs back home.

Then took the grey dodge up to Sagle to look at a trailer in a Garage Sale there. Guy selling it wanted too much for it.

Garage Sailing

We came back (they were doing road construction in Bayview and we had to detour around it) washed boat, installed heater element, and tried to change light bulbs.

Hubby fixes Heater

I fed ducks & geese.


At 3PM, we left the boat and drove to Spirit Lake to get groceries at Millers. Then we came home, unloaded groceries. Fed bones to the dogs.

Watched Trinity movies on DVD.

Waited until 8PM to walk dogs again in the park.

Thursday, July 10, 2014



Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby, made eggs for dogs.

We left by 7:00. Got drinks at Jitterz in Rathdrum by 7:15. Left CDA by 7:30.

Drove straight thru until finally we had to stop in Grangeville to potty, get diesel fuel for the Big Red Dually. We were hungry so we got tacos at Taco John's.

I had checked several times to verify the time in Riggins and we were doing OK. By the time we drove thru town, we saw several rafting trippers going on the water. We beeped & waved at them. HOWEVER, at the Riggins, Idaho town border just before the bridge, the TIME CHANGED TO MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME INSTEAD OF PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. Google was WRONG!

So instead of being 50 minutes early, we were 10 minutes late. Hubby parked wildly and I ran inside the Wild River Outfitters store. They just announced our names! Yippee.

We piled into a short bus with the trailer of rafts behind us. Talked to a nice couple on the bus who were motorbiking thru to South Dakota.

At the entry point, we got an introductory speech of safety from Michelle. We got into Heather's boat. Along with Grandpa (Monty), MaryAnne (his daughter), and Cord (his grandson), were myself & hubby.

Rafting on Salmon River

The rapids were a WIlD RIDE! Hubby and I vowed to do it again every year and we want to go down in Spring so the rapids are better!

This is addictive.

Two hours into the trip, we pulled over and looked at an old stone cabin that was falling down. We were cautioned about poison ivy & snakes. Also looked at the burnt trees from a forest fire. Climbed back into the raft and continued for another hour. We finally unloaded at Lucile and were bused back to the Wild River Outfitters office. Hubby and I got warm lattes because we were soaking wet. Then ordered the above picture ($15).

Salmon River, Riggins, Idaho

We drove thru town and then turned around to continue North to Grangeville to our hotel reservation at the Super 8.

Walked around the hotel after unloading our stuff, then went to Oscar's for dinner! Hubby had their special bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cheese and I had the Fettucine with chicken. YUMMY. Gourmet food in a small town.

Then we walked thru downtown. Wanted to stop at the original movie theatre in town, but they were only playing The Transformers 3 (yuck). Drove thru town to see the Drive-In Movie Theater.

Returned to our hotel. Hubby fell asleep.

Finally woke him up so we could go to bed.

Elephants walked back & forth ALL NIGHT LONG over our room. 

The sheets were stiff & scratchy. The Parking lot light aimed directly at our room. The clear mini blinds on the patio door did not block out the light. The flashing light on the smoke detector was bright all night. The Green night light on the main door light was too bright. The sink was outside the bathroom in the room which I hate. The bed was rock hard. Gas fireplace pilot light was on all the time which made it almost impossible for the a/c to cool the room.

I will write a negative review.


Got up at 6AM because I could not sleep in that uncomfortable bed any longer! My hands hurt intensely and even tho I had taken Aleve at 4AM & a hot showere, it had done nothing to help.

We got dressed and went downstairs anticipating a great breakfast. NOT. Everything was grain based bread. Bread, Eggo Waffles, Cereal, Cookies, Muffins! Gross.

When we left, there was a woman walking two little old chihuahuas. Cute.

Drove to the Mammoth bone lake. Not impressed. Then drove home. Thru Hwy 27 which was TOO bumpy and narrow. Saw huge electric generating windmills on the prairie. Got on Hwy 271 and then to 195.

Stopped to visit KRN at Red White & Brew for the last time. She is closing in 2 weeks.

Then we left, stopped at Krispy Kreme for donuts. Stopped to get burgers for dogs at McDs in Rathdrum. Got bones for dogs at Steins IGA in Rathdrum.

Got home at 2:00. Unpacked everything. Gave burgers to dogs. They were HAPPY to see us. Gave more Spinach to the chickens. Collected 9 chicken eggs. Started laundry & dishes. Hubby sat on the couch to nap until later.

We will cleaned out fish tank when it got cooler.

Now, everything is done on the list!

Went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Official Day of Vacation


First official day of hubby's vacation! Hopefully he wins the lottery so he won't have to return to work.

Hubby was already up and watching his automotive shows on the tv by the time I staggered out of bed. Ben & Bit were sleeping with me on Ben's bed.

I turned on the fans & swamp cooler as it was already warm in the house.

Then I started making eggs for the dogs; all our fresh chicken eggs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

Hubby powerwashed the chicken poop off the deck steps for me. He loaded my bike and other stuff in his Dually so we could leave ASAP.

The plumber finally got here at 9:30 and fixed our kitchen sink. Put in the new working kitchen faucet! I have water again!!!

We took Bud & Ben with us in the Big Red Dually.

Took the trailer to Dave's house to pick up the trade Refrigerator. Met his daughter. She liked our dogs.

 Hubby getting cheese sandwiches at MELTZ

Lunch at Meltz, we parked the dogs at the Car Wash and walked over. Got the food to-go. I got a gallon of fresh water for them at the Quick-Trip next door.

We went down to the park at Riverstone. Had lunch there. Sat on the grass. Introduced the dogs to some teenagers that were there. Heard a car accident while we were there.

Drove home. Got burgers for dogs.

New (Used) Refrigerator



Lunch at Capone's Pub & Grill

Sunday, July 06, 2014



Could not make breakfast eggs because no kitchen sink water. Idiot plumber.

We went grocery shopping at Rathdrum, picked up lattes. Hubby made a deposit at the bank.

Came home and unloaded groceries. Made treats for the boat.

 Patriotic Fruit - Strawberries, Blueberries & Bananas

Strawberry Cheesecake with Blueberries

Finally got on the boat by 2:30. Yippee. Feels so good. Relaxing.

On the boat

Motored up to Dover. Docked boat. Went up to eat dinner at The Dish. Hubby got indigestion from the alcohol and had to walk around for a bit. Dinner came and it was wonderful. I had appetizers - Crab WonTons. Hubby had the BBQ Roast Beef & Ribs special with beans and coleslaw. Yummy. I also had dessert - Turtle Brownie (nuts & caramel) with true vanilla ice cream. Decadent.

We staggered out to the boat to watch the fireworks from 9:30 - 11:30. 5 different displays down the river! Too much to watch.

We went to bed later. I freaked out and had to have the door open for fresh air & night light. Slept pretty good.


Got up early, hubby went to take a shower at the building. I got up and cleaned up bed.

Then we walked to the Espresso stand on the corner, got breakfast sandwiches & lattes. Sat on the deck, talked to some nice people. Very good food, attentive owner, and great staff. Small town good!

Dover Joe & Roll

Walked back. Saw several people walking their dogs. Beautiful day.

Hubby wanted to boat up the Pend O'reille River, so we went up that way. It was very narrow in certain sections and hubby almost got into trouble. We saw Harry's tree at wild dog walk. People are building there now.
Harriet's Tree - We left her cremains here

On the way back, we got pulled over by some nice Bonner County Sheriff's and had a boat inspection. We passed! Gave them samples of my Patriotic Strawberries!

Bonner County Sheriff's Boat

We came back and went thru the Longbridge and the Train bridge again. Then powered up for hour ride back to Bayview.

Going Under the Train Bridge in Sandpoint

Stopped to get gasoline and new light bulbs at McDonalds Resort. Saw Justin, Gary's son and Megan, Gary's daughter there. Kyle helped us with the light for the boat. It did not work. Need to find out why lights not working.

Motored over to put our boat in the Marina. Decided to stay the night there instead of being in the boat parade. Too many people.

We had a nice nap from 6-8:30PM. Then tried to light the grille for dinner. It failed to work. Need to replace the regulator valve.

Some nice kids came to sit with us on the boat for a while, Caleb & Dylan. Caleb was very talkative.

Watched the fireworks. Very disappointing. Only 22 minutes.

We waited until everybody left. Walked around the carnival. Lots of drunks & meth-druggies running around. Some guy almost got hit crossing the street, tried to start a fight, and pissed in the middle of the public sidewalk. His wife was even more drunk/drugged. Freaks. At 11:30 most people had cleared out, so we took the chance to leave before we got parked in and could not leave. Packed up our stuff.

Came home to the dogs the back way because the Hwy 54 was backed up for 2 miles because of the road construction at the 95 hwy light.

Dogs were happy to see us home. Hubby grilled up brats & hotdogs to give to puppies. We went to bed at 1AM.


Got up early around 7AM; I was already hot. Turned on the swamp cooler. Lil Bit was in bed with us. Ben joined hubby in bed after I left.

I made eggs for the dogs, powerwashed the chicken poop from the deck steps. Picked up 5 eggs that the chickens had given us over the weekend.

Started to wash all the pots, pans, silverware, and plates in the bathtub because we STILL don't have running water in kitchen. Asshole plumbers.

Hubby got up and gave eggs to dogs. We got dressed & took dogs to the park. Stopped to get lattes on the way. Real hot, already 70 degrees outside by 8AM.

Saw a Momma turkey with lots of little babies crossing Hwy 54 on the way down to the park!

We took dogs down the Shooters Road to walk in the shade.

Dogs were hot, lots of water. On the way back, they slept.

We dropped off the dogs, then put the garbage in the Dodge and went to the dump. On the way back, we mailed the get-well card for Mike W. He had gallbladder surgery these past 3 days...

Ordered replacement grille parts for broken Magma boat grill.

Went back down to the boat at around 2:00 - took Bud with us. We cleaned the boat. I broke down the bird's nest above the boat & made a mess that had to be vacuumed up. Hubby looked at the lights on the boat. Need to get new ones and fix wiring. We put up the new windshields.

At 3:30, I was starving so we walked over to the Captain's Wheel. Expensive lunch. Very hot & we wanted lots of water. Service was bad. Food was cheap crap. Costco beef patties. Hamburgers cost $8. Gross. Never eating there again. I don't know why so many people rave about it. Beer tasted awful.

Came home and hubby fried up bacon. I mowed the dog lawn and we picked up the pineapple/watermelon slices that had been left out for the chickens.

We went to bed after it cooled down around 11:00PM.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Rain Last Night & Deer In Yard


Last day of work for hubby before his holiday/vacation. I could not make eggs today because of no kitchen sink faucet.

Turned on the swamp cooler right away. It had rained last night.

We saw 2 deer in yard. One deer was drinking from the pond and eating the chicken food. The other deer was in the woods eating deer food. Hubby left and they did not run away. Finally, they wandered off after the dogs barked at them.

I went out and refilled deer food and chicken food. Fed the fish. Cleaned the chicken poop off the deck stairs with the powerwasher.

Got dressed and ready to leave for my hair appointment for Brazilian Blowout in Post Falls today with Julie.

After my hair, the plumber is supposed to come back & install the new kitchen faucet.

Huge accident at Hwy 41 & Mullan; cars were backed up for 1/2 mile in either direction. Lots of cop cars, but nobody directing traffic. I edged around a car and took a side street.

Julie was quick today. I got in promptly at 11:00 and was done by 1:00. One of the girls in the shop took a before & after picture of me for their board.

On the way back, I saw a car from Oregon make a right hand turn from the left hand land to go into Walmart. Freaks.

Stopped in to see Ashley and show her my hair with the Brazilian Blowout. Much softer.

I got burgers for dogs at McDonalds. Got home and the chickens were at the side of the garage sitting in the dirt, getting cool.

I called Plumber's wife to let her know that he could come anytime because I was home.

Gave burgers to dogs. Picked up dog poo in back yard. Raked the chicken scratching out front.

Had lunch.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Plumber Again


got up and made eggs for dogs, Lil Bit is still getting his pills. made egg sandwich for hubby. tried out the new cheap bacon, but don't like it.

then i got everything ready for the plumber. cleaned out all the cabinets. unscrewed the fence so he could get to water shut off.

i fed the fish, fed the chickens, fed the deer.

my hands were REALLY hurting last night. hubby mentioned that he picked up the vinyl boat windows from the guy who had fixed them. the guy said he has really bad arthritis, too. suggested hubby pick up some vitamins from super supplements that really helped him.

plumber got here at 9:45. he finally left at 3:00. there was a missing part in the brand new kitchen faucet box that we purchased 5 years ago. so he called the support line and was told a new part could be here within a week. however, i panicked and did not want to go 2 weeks without a kitchen sink or water. i told hubby to bring a new faucet home tonight and plumber will come back again tomorrow.

dogs were outside for too long. they wanted inside the cool house. it was a high of about 90 degrees with 52 percent humidity. awful. i had given them bones to work on, but they got tired of those after about 30 minutes.

ben finally went inside the garage to sleep in the coolness. maggie kept soaking herself in the 1/2 barrel dog water. i think we need to get her a kiddie pool.

maggie keeps cool

after plumber left, i vacuumed up. put everything back under the cabinets.

hubby got home at 6:45 with the new pills from super supplements for joint pain. i sure hope they work. my hands are hurting so badly.

friend recommended pills for arthritis & joint pain

he also brought home a new faucet for the sink! yippee. only $1000 for all the plumbing work. OMG.

i also found where the chickens were hiding their eggs! there was a stash of 10 eggs BEHIND the kennel in a corner and UNDER the blanket that i had put over the kennel!

washed the eggs off & made hard-boiled eggs.

hidden eggs!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014



So I was so busy that I forgot to post yesterday.

arthritis was really bad this morning. soaking hands in hot water.

got up and made eggs for dogs, egg sandwich for hubby.

fed the fish, fed the deer, fed the chickens. i feel like a damn farmer.

45 degrees this morning, I put on a sweatshirt and slept until 10:00.

cleaned the cushions with alcohol and Mr. Clean Erasers. it worked to get out all the dirt, mold, and mildew.

it took about 4 hours to clean all the cushions.

did laundry and dishes.

hubby came home early so he had dinner, then we took the cushions to the boat. ran into some people from Montana that were renting dock space for a week. talked to them a while.

went to Walmart in Sandpoint to get groceries. everything closed at 9PM, so had to get Jack In The Box burgers for dogs.

my lipstick plant is NOT dead

unloaded groceries at home, went to bed.


got up and made eggs for dogs, egg sandwich for hubby.

50 degrees this morning.

slept until 10:00 when it got warmer.

i fed the deer, fed the fish, fed the chickens, changed chicken water.

started cleaning boat carpeting. pre-soaked. let it sit for a while. took about 3.5 hours to clean carpets. back carpet on boat was the worst for dirt & mildew.

hung the life jackets out in the sun to air out.

went down to the shop to let in hippie Mike to get his camper. he forgot the correct batteries and came back an hour later.

picked up dog poo.

dogs relaxed on couch.
 Bit is pissed that Bud is kicking him

Bit & Bud on the couch

did dishes & laundry.

hubby came home at 6:45. had a snack, at 7:00 went down to meet guy at shop, hubby came back by 7:45 then we took dogs for a dog walk in the park. i was pee-challenged in the park. peed on my leg, shoe, and shorts. had to come home bottom half naked in the truck! hubby did not wear his 2nd shirt so I could borrow it to cover up. then we had to wait for a coal train!

dropped dogs off at home, then we loaded boat carpets in dodge and took them down to boat. it was getting dark & several deer were in the park & near the roads. dangerous.

got carpets installed and i cleaned the captain's chair & passenger seat on the boat with alcohol.

we left and drove back home. went to bed.