Saturday, January 21, 2012

25 Pounds!

Yippee!!!!! I have lost 25 pounds since the first of the year. Only a few more to go...

Snow had fallen off the roof during the night. It was also raining in the early morning. So hubby went out and shoveled the over 2 feet of snow that landed on the side deck.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park. Only about 2 feet of snow there. The park only plowed the horse area, so we got them out there (Harry had accidentally pooped in the back of the pickup!) and walked around in the plowed area. Bud's "D" hook broke and he almost ran out. He is such a good boy and listened to me to come back!

Then we came home and I purchased tickets to NICKELBACK for June 14!!!!! Yippee.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Monday Tuesday Wednesday - Continue with my eating rehab. Finally lost another 3 pounds on Wednesday after resorting to Juice only all day long.

It started snowing on Monday night. By Wednesday, flakes were becoming bigger & weather authorities said we should be expecting a big Blizzard! National news channels are calling it SNOWMAGEDDON~!

Woodpecker is still beating at the side of the house. No way to permanently scare him! I have to keep going out every 5 minutes to beat on the house. He leaves by 2pm, thank goodness! Only to return in the morning and start all over.

Got the NIC brochure. Hubby was open to taking American Sign Language classes with me. Have to register.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reviewing Property

Sunday -
At 8:30 we loaded up Bud & Bit then drove over to KRN's house to eat biscuits & sausage gravy with kids. Hubby had biscuits & gravy, I had my healthy cottage cheese/apple/peanut butter at 10:00. Then we went over with the kids to look at the property that KRN wants to put an espresso stand on.

We then drove into Airway Heights to look at other storage units.

Afterwards, we dropped kids off at their home and drove back to our place. Hubby had to stop in Spokane Valley at Harbor Freight, then we got burgers at Wendy's in Post Falls and continued home. I really had to pee by the time we finally got to our place.

After a brief snack at home, we took all the dogs down to Farragut Park for a 26 minute dog walk.

Came home and hubby had dinner. I had snack of apple. Then watched TV.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Temporary Setback

Still incorporating my cardio and doing well on the eating rehab. But I felt tired this week again. No energy. I am still not getting the "exercise high" from anything I am doing. Feels like hard work. I figure to get to my goal, I have to lose 3 pounds per week. Not bad to do.

Friday - Hubby wanted girl from work to come over and test our Skin Carotenoid. She came over about 7:30 and stayed til 9:00 doing a sales pitch. According to the tests, hubby is Mostly Dead All Day. or MDAD! I had a little bit higher score than he did. So we bought the vitamins that she suggested. If it does not raise our score, the company will buy back the vitamins from you. I am skeptical about the claims, but hubby is on this adventure to get healthier and feel better so I am all for it. I am still eating better going into my 3rd week & taking the Udo's Oil. Waiting for the results from the Udo's oil as reviewers indicated that it worked...

Saturday - Took the tray back to the girls at the Bakery in town. Hubby got a latte. He needs to cut out sugar!

I cleaned house a little bit & then did 1000 calories for cardio.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diet Diary

Since my last post, I have barely been able to do anything. Too extremely weak & exhausted. It had gone from bad to worse. Couldn't even stay awake past 6pm at night. I was crashing out while leaving hubby alone on the couch at night watching tv with only the dogs for company.

We took the dogs for a very long walk in the park on Sunday because I felt a little bit better in the morning. But by the time we had gone into town to get groceries at WalMart & return stuff to Costco I was again exhausted. After staggering into the house, hubby unloaded groceries while I put them away. Then I collapsed onto the couch. Went to bed early again. Ick.

On Tuesday, I was still too weak to do anything. I seriously thought about going to the doctor again to find out what is wrong.

Today, I woke up feeling much better. Maybe not 100% but significantly not exhausted as I have been feeling for the past few weeks!

It is day 11 of my diet; or I really should say eating rehabilitation! Because it is not a diet. I am eating constantly. Eating good foods. I have already lost 18 pounds. This is great. I can't imagine what I will look like by May 2012! Hopefully this year when we put the boat in the water, I will not look like a tub of lard! Maybe even a decent bathing suit.

So I tackled my cardio like a maniac and hit my target goal first thing! Yippee.

I want to incorporate C25K next week. Cross my fingers.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Tuesday - Hubby back to work again. I wish that he had been able to take another week off to care for me; still not feeling 100%. Dogs kept barking and going out all day. I was cold & hurting all day.

Hubby worked late OT. Came home around 7pm. Dogs had already been upset by somebody coming to door looking for hubby. When he got home, he sat for about 20 minutes, then went to shop to work. I was getting extremely tired (exhausted again) about 9:20 so I asked him to come home.

I crawled up to bed and slept.

Wednesday - Not feeling well last night. But doing very good on eating healthier & following new diet plan with personal trainer. Still not exercising but have lost 15 pounds on diet so far! Yippee. Can't wait to be able to have enough strength to exercise & maybe start running.

Very depressing not being able to clean house or put away Christmas decor inside. Aaaack.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Walking Dogs

Walked dogs first thing this morning after getting hubby a latte. Went to the park and walked quite a ways. I was exhausted by the time we were done. Did not think I would make it back to the truck. Collapsed by the time I crawled into the seat. Hubby then drove us down to the marina to reminisce about this past summer on the boat.

Drove home & dropped off dogs. Then took Bud & Bit with us to Sandpoint to shop at WalMart. Got all the groceries needed for healthier eating. Even have hubby talked into eating healthier! He stopped at Hardware store in town & got me FREE yardsticks! Then we drove around Dover to see what it was looking like.

After we picked up Arby roast beefs for the dogs, we got home around 2:15. Long drive. I was exhausted. Too much running around for me. Still recovering.

Hubby unloaded and I helped put stuff away. Then collapsed on recliner. Watched "Dolphin Tale" on PPV.

Went to bed early.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Friday December 30
Hubby and I headed into town to pick up baby Beebo from the kids. Met them at Costco after hubby detoured to the bank to make a deposit. Then got gasoline at Costco, hubby took me downtown to pick up some birthday chocolates from Coeur d'Alene Chocolates. (they are very bitter chocolate; burns your throat)

Then hubby was hungry so he got hot wings at Wingstop while the puppies and I waited in the car. Washed car and got white coffee granita. Babysat Beebo for the kids while they vacationed at SilverMountain for their 8th year anniversary.

Saturday December 31
Got birthday cake surprise at Bakery yesterday, December 31. Gwen, Louise, & hubby sang happy birthday to me. Chocolate/Chocolate/Cherries/Cream Cheese/Cream Cheese Frosting. Very rich!

 Chocolate/Chocolate/Cherry/Cream Cheese bday cake!

Hubby worked in the shop all day. Forgot to get me presents. Sad face. :(

Watched Twilight Zone marathon for New Year's. Maybe celebrate better next year!

I was tired by 7PM so went to bed. Fireworks started around 10:30 and dogs went nuts barking the rest of the night. Since I was unable to sleep, got back up and sat with hubby until 1PM.

KRN called and was upset.

They came home early on Jan 1 because of multiple injuries. KRN hurt knee; Matt hurt right shoulder & back.

Sunday January 1, 2012!
Kids returned this morning. KRN was tired so she slept in Isabelle's bed until 3:30. Matt rested on the couch as he had severely injured his right shoulder. They finally went home around 4:00.

Hubby and I rested around the house. Watched TV.