Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boat Cleaning Day


Got up to nice sunshine and almost 50 degrees. Made eggs for dogs, breakfast sandwich for hubby. I made tea & opened a greek strawberry yogurt. We ate out on the deck.

Then we walked dogs in the park. Lil Bit is still limping and hubby carried him the last part of the way.

We came home and had a slight disagreement about using Richie C's roll-off to go get a jeep and drop off a truck. Sundays are supposed to be for resting & our day, not for working on shop stuff.

So we loaded up the truck with cleaning supplies and went down to the boat.

We had a lunch that hubby picked up at Lil Town Market, then we cleaned for 4.5 hours. It was exhausting. The boat was filthy and there was mold in a lot of stuff. We brought home the outside carpets. I need to find somebody to go down to Bayview docks to clean our inside carpets.

The weather turned nasty as we were leaving the boat.

clouds in bayview

We finally loaded up at 3:45 and drove to Rathdrum to get groceries. First we got drinks at Jitterz, we were SO tired. Then hubby wanted something to eat so we drove-thru at Taco Bell. Yuck.

We ate at Thayer park in Rathdrum.

Hubby had to drop off a deposit at the bank, then we got groceries at Super One.

Got burgers for dogs at McDs. Then came home.

Hubby unloaded groceries and I put them away. Gave burgers to dogs.

Hubby made burritos with leftovers. Then he shredded cheddar cheese for me. And I made Quiche.

Hubby had to load a truck on the trailer with the Red Dually for delivery tomorrow. He helped me feed deer, feed chickens, and we sat on the back deck for a while.

We watched TV til 10:30, then went to bed.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Partly Cloudy


Hubby went into work today because he had traded for Monday off.

I got up and gave ham to the dogs.

Then I had to run down to the shop to collect a check from kid picking up the lifted Van.

I fed the chickens, gave them their greens, gave them fresh water, fed the deer. Everything was wet from last night's hard, horrible rain.

I was bored today with not much to do.

Wesley came and did rocks for a while until the wheelbarrow broke. He moved the SUV from the garage to the big grey shop. Then he mowed for a while. He left by 1:30.

Hubby got home at 6:30.

I grilled chicken. We sat on the deck while hubby ate his stuffed peppers.

Then we walked down to the shop with Maggie to put away the battery charger.

We watched tv & went to bed.

Friday, June 27, 2014



Almost all of June is gone. Where is summer?

Woke up at 3:00 all sweaty again. Went to sleep with Ben. Lil Bit came into the room, but he slept on the floor next to the window. I had to open all the windows, I was so hot.

Hubby did not wake me up, but came into the room and kissed me goodbye. He also lifted Lil Bit up onto the bed.

He left and I got up. Gave bacon pieces to the dogs.

Did laundry & dishes.

It rained really hard all day.

Dogs were depressed and stayed inside.

I gave spinach to the chickens, put out fresh water, and gave them more food. A deer ran into the woods when I went out to feed the chickens.

At 2:30, I left to go get my nails done with Rhonda. Then picked hubby up at work by 4:45. We went to Big R so I could try on jeans. I did not like them. We got boat rope and deer food.

Drove to Rathdrum and got parts at O'Reilley's, then got burgers for dogs at McDs.

Came home and dropped hubby off at the shop. I came home and gave burgers to dogs. Did more laundry. Did more dishes.

Thursday, June 26, 2014



Got up at 6AM to make breakfast for hubby and eggs for dogs.

Hubby left after we gave all the dogs huggies & squishies.

I got the house ready for the plumbers, cleaned up, did laundry & dishes.

The plumber's wife, Lani called at 9AM to say that they were running late and would be here between 10-10:30. Then the plumber, Mike called back at 10:15 needing directions to our house.

They were here until 2PM. He fixed the insta-hot water heater under the sink in the bathroom and turned on the water in the tub & laundry room. Then he fixed the leak under the kitchen sink.

The dogs went ape-shit crazy when they were here because I had to put them outside. Ben was whining, screaming, scratching, crying. He accidentally got into the house when I forgot to lock the door, he opened the door and came inside. I had to put Lil Bit in the back room so he would not bite anybody.

After the plumber left, I was exhausted. I had some lunch and took a nap. Then at 5PM, I got up to check on the sink in the laundry room. It was leaking and had water all over the floor. I got it cleaned up and put fans on it so that it would dry out.

Then I mowed the dog back yard on the riding lawn mower. It was slightly sprinkling so I kept getting stuck with the back tire. Finally got it done. Then I mowed around the side where we park vehicles.

Hubby came home at 6PM. He came to see me, then had to go look at a truck for Wesley down south of Post Falls. He finally came back home at 9:30 and worked in the shop for a while.

I am so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open at 9:30.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



Got up at 6AM; hubby was taking a shower. I made breakfast egg sandwich for him & eggs for dogs. Hubby gave vitamins to the dogs.

He left to load some stuff in the Red Dually from the shop; then went to pick up Matt Z at tire store in Rathdrum.

I did laundry, dishes, made beds. Did dog bed laundry.

Then got ready to leave at 9:30. Went to get latte at Jitterz. Got my hair done with Ashley from 10-1:30. Very pretty.

Picked up dog burgers at McDonalds, then got milk & spinach at Stein's.

Came home, gave dog burgers to dogs. Picked up dog poo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boat Moved to Dock


Hubby woke me up at 5AM so that we could get boat moved from McDonalds resort to the new dock.

I did not have time to make breakfast and we just left. I took Lil Bit with me in the FMF and hubby drove his truck.

Parked his truck at the new dock, he got in with me and we drove to McDonald's. Gary was there and helped us launch off.

 Hubby piloting boat
 Boat dog dancing
 Lil Bit boat dog

We got it over to the new dock and then spent FOREVER trying to tie it down to hubby's satisfaction.

Boat Tied Down

Saw a platoon of Geese walk from the parking area and get into the water.

Finally we got into the truck (on the way up the hill we saw a slug on the dock. I put him on the grass instead) and hubby drove me over to my car at McDonald's resort. Hubby drove to work and I drove home.

Slug on dock

Fed the fish.

The plumber was supposed to show up at 9AM, but his wife Lani called and said that they were having transmission problems. I told her not to worry. She called back later & re-scheduled for Thursday.

I napped on the couch until Noon.

Hubby sent Jeff to pick up parts in the Red Dually. The dogs barked at him.

Then I rode my bike down to get the mail. Got 3 VS catalogs in one day. Excessive.

Boat Dogs

Monday, June 23, 2014

Boat is IN the Water


Got up and made eggs for the dogs.

Hubby took me to eat in A-town at the (former) Grey Goose. Neither of us was really hungry. Hubby ate too much and got sick.

We came home and got ready to leave.

Maggie begged to come with us. We took her.

We stopped to drop off hitch at Tom's in Rathdrum. Met his wife & little girl.

Then we got lattes at Jitterz in Rathdrum. Lava hot.

Drove to CDA to pick up dog food & chicken vitamins at Big R. I went potty. Maggie got to meet lots of people that wanted to pet her.

Then we went to Lowe's for a grille cover. Did not get a steel post as they were too expensive. Saw Vera as we were leaving; she had just gotten back from lunch. She walked us out.

We picked up burgers at Jack in the Box.

Drove home and gave burgers to dogs. Hubby had to nap on the deck for a while.

 dogs napping on deck

At 3:30, we went down to the shop to get the boat water tested. Then hubby had to talk to 3 guys that stopped. Bruce stopped and dropped off the shelves that Kevin had bought over a year ago.

Dave R. stopped and he volunteered to help with the boat.

When hubby and Bruce backed up the boat to turn it around in the driveway, they accidentally backed under a tree and deposited tree debris into the boat. And the galley door was open. OMG. It is a f-ing mess. We have to have it detailed all over again now. In addition to the water and dirt collected on it from sitting outside. This just gets worse.

We all drove down to the park in the Excursion pulling the boat. I forgot my phone. We also left the doors and house unlocked. Whoops.

It took forever to get the boat in the water. Then the rain started. Thunder, lightning, white caps. Bruce & Dave went with Hubby while I drove the Excursion and empty trailer to Bayview and waited while they went to get gasoline at McDonald's Resort. Finally, hubby called on his cell phone and told me to come get them because they were going to leave the boat at the Resort overnight. Too windy to get it in the docks.

I drove to get them. Hubby had to jack-knife the trailer to get it turned around.

We drove back, Hubby put the trailer away in the big building. I came up and talked to the kids. They were sitting on the deck with the dogs. Bud jumped up on Matt, he was so excited to see me come home. I made warm quiche for KRN and myself.

Kids finally left at 9:30, I cleaned up. Vacuumed. Did dishes & laundry. Took sleeping pills. I am SO tired.

Sunday, June 22, 2014



Got up and made sandwich for hubby; eggs for dogs. Then we drove over with Ben & Lil Bit to North Spokane to look at trailer with hubby in the Red Dually.

Talked to the guy. Hubby decided to buy trailer. I walked the dogs around the property while guys talked. Beautiful day.

We drove home the back way around Mt Spokane Road. Lots of pretty views.

Drove to Liberty Lake for pie festival, could not find it.

Picked up burgers for dogs & drove home.

Walked dogs in park around park walk for an hour from 12:30 to 1:30. All the dogs had to rest in the shade 1/2 way thru walk. We gave them lots of water. Hubby & I got sunburnt.

We went home and rested for a while on the deck.

Hubby decided to have dinner in town.We needed to find an outdoor patio because we took Bud with us. I had to pick up new lip gloss at Rite-Aid before we went to dinner. Also picked up a couple of American flags for the boat.

Everybody loved Bud and wanted to pet him.

 Double Margaritas

Bud Sleeps on Patio

 After getting burgers for dogs, we got home. 

I made Stuffed Peppers, 2 Quiche, and Lasagne. Went to bed at 11:30.

Saturday, June 21, 2014



I got up and made egg sandwich for hubby, made eggs for dogs.

Heard a commotion outside and ran out to find that Bravo had little skinny Henny Penny chicken in his mouth. She was almost dead. Feathers everywhere. I screamed for hubby. He got dogs into house and put dead chicken in a bag in the trash. She must have mistakenly gotten into the dog yard area.

Hubby was in too much of a hurry and forgot to give Ben his pills.

Fed fish. Gave greens to the chix.

I mowed outside for about 5 hours. Mowed the dog yard. Got most of the Frontage done. Used the weedeater on the driveway boulders. Ran out of line.

Had to go down to shop and let guy into the big Grey shop so he could pick up his motorcycle. He hooked up his trailer & loaded motorcycle and left.

Bud on deck

Later, when I was down weed trimming, a guy came to pick up a transfer case. He brought his two little girls along with him. He left a check for hubby.

Kissed Beebo

I came home later and took a shower.

Grilled chicken on the grille by myself.

Chicken grilled

Hubby got home at 7:10; he had hauled a red pickup truck home from Fernan Lake. We left around 7:30. Stopped at Clyde's Automotive to pick up a check from Charles. Petted his Spaniel dog there.

I got to the gym at 8:00; Dave showed me the rest of the equipment. Then I took hubby to Nate's Pizza in Post Falls for dinner. My stromboli was burnt. It was too cold in the restaurant. The garbage cans at the door are gross.

We drove back to Rathdrum to get groceries at Super One. Got burgers at McDonalds for dogs.

Came home and fed burgers to dogs. Put away groceries. I was exhausted. Gave dog bones to the dogs.

Went to bed at 10:30.


Got up and made eggs for dogs; egg sandwich for hubby.

Erin's Espresso is still closed. We drove to park with dogs for a walk around the water tower. Old man on a bicycle kept following us. Refused to say hello.

Walking dogs in park

We drove to Bayview to Ralph's Internet Cafe to get lattes. Too much smoke, body odor, and old lady perfume.

Owner came over to us and started talking. Irritating. Hubby ordered Amaretto which they did not have, owner said Almond is the same thing as Amaretto. I said NOT. Way different.

I ordered Vanilla, got French Vanilla instead. Drinks were 12 oz in 20 oz cup. Mostly foam. Espresso tasted like dirt. Doma coffee (spit!).

Ben hogs the back seat

We came home and unloaded dogs. Had to go down to A-town in the Dodge to get gasoline in cans. I bought lottery tickets while hubby did that. Then we came home. Hubby had to turn around and go back because he wanted to return parts to Victory Automotive.

Then we drove home. Hubby filled the lawnmowers. I started mowing weeds. Wes got here and moved the trucks so I could mow around them. Jeff helped move one of the trucks. Matt Z came with Owen so hubby could install the lift kit on it.

Mowing & Trimming done

I got done mowing. Then came to the house and took a shower. Took chicken breasts sandwiches with chips down to the guys. Owen was really hungry. The guys forgot to order pizza.

I came back and ordered ring on eBay.

Thursday, June 19, 2014



The SUN was shining today when we got up.

Got up and made eggs for dogs and egg sandwich for hubby.

Fed fish.

I rested on the couch for an hour, then got up and mowed the dog back yard, the front yard, the frontage on the property. I mowed until 1:30.

Came inside and took a shower.

Drove to Rathdrum and gave the dog kennel to the girl at the Espresso stand. Then went to exercise.

After exercise, I called hubby to see if he could pick up Beebo because it was 4:00. I called Apryl's Grooming and she said he would be ready in 20 minutes. So I told hubby I would pick up the dog.

I drove to town, washed my car, picked up Wendy's cheeseburgers, and picked up Bravo.

Clean Bravo with Neck Scarf from Apryl's.

Drove home, gave burgers to dogs.

Then I got changed and went down to shop to use the weed eater on the driveway entrance rocks. I got one side done before I ran out of weed whacker line. I will have to cut down with pruning shears the other weeds because I cannot weed whack thru them. They are too hard.

I will have to push-mow the rest of the frontage as it is just too difficult with the huge ruts in the ground from the stupid Kootenai Electric workers that had to install new poles this Spring.

Saw Chad, Amy & kids on their ATV's. Chad picked up a beer. I talked to Amy for a while. Then they left at 6:00.

I came to house and took another shower, washed my hair, changed clothes.

Did laundry. Gave dogs fresh water.

Sat on the deck for a while.

I rode my bike down to the shop at 8:15. Maggie came down to the shop with me. Hubby had just gotten home. Bruce was down there, so I talked to them for a while.

Dave from Frontier came by to pick up hubby, they went to pick up a truck. Then hubby came home at 9:30.

I went to bed at 10:00. I am so tired.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tired of Rain


I discovered after I got home yesterday that the Vet's office had shorted me one of the prescriptions. So I called this morning and told them I would be coming down to get it.

Got up and hubby took my car into A-town to get gas for me. He also checked the tires.

I had made eggs for the dogs, egg sandwich & turkey sandwich for hubby.

He left early for work. Had to drop off parts in town.

Dogs & I went back to sleep on the couch. I could not wake up. Had to take pain pill & melatonin pills last night just to sleep. I don't understand why I can't sleep because I have been getting SO much exercise lately. I should be sleeping like a lamb.

At 2:00, I went to get the prescription from the Vet and then get my nails done (again).

After getting burgers for the dogs, I got home around 4:30.

Hubby finally got home at 6:00; we took dogs for a quick walk in the park until 7:00. Then hubby went down to the shop to work.

Hubby worked in the shop until 10:00. He got home, ate dinner then we went to bed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Exercise & Stuffed Peppers


Half of June is already gone. What a crappy summer.

I had a really bad night, up at 3PM, 4PM. Sweating all night long.

Hubby let me sleep in late, but I woke up and remembered to order his part on Amazon before he left, then I went back to bed with the windows open. It was still raining. I slept until 10AM.

Got up and did laundry & dishes. Fed ham to the dogs.

Fed the fish.

It rained all day today. I forgot to bring the dog beds inside, so they are soaking wet. I had to put some dog toys in the dryer.

I left to go work out at 1:00. There were a lot of people there today even tho it was raining. Creepy guy followed me around today. Who wears baseball caps while working out? He would get on a machine just before I tried to get on one; then he would work out for 8 reps on it, then leave. He followed me upstairs, stared out the window for 5 minutes, got on an elliptical for 1 minute then left. Weird people.

Stopped at Jitterz to get a Green Tea for the ride home. I waited over 8 minutes and the stupid ugly Toyota truck in front of me ordered 6 blended drinks & only tipped the barista $1. When I pulled up I asked her about it. She said they were high schoolers. I said they were cheap bastards. Each drink should have a $1 tip. The guy in the window across from me agreed! Blended drinks are difficult and take time. So I cheered her up by tipping her $6 to make up for what they did not leave her.

Then I picked up dog burgers at McDonalds.

Fed the burgers to the dogs when I got home.

I took Ben to the Vet at 4:45, got prescription for his feet. Vet was nice and did not charge me consult fee.

Brought Ben home. Still raining. Yuck. I wanna move to someplace warm.

Made Stuffed Peppers for hubby.

Hubby came home at 7:00. He got dog food & deer food but forgot to bring it inside.

He ate the stuffed peppers for dinner. Then sat on the couch with us all night. Jeff showed up later, wanting to work at shop but hubby said he was going to stay home for the night since it was raining so much.

After watching an episode of Fargo, we went to bed after the news at 10:30.

Monday, June 16, 2014

POST-Red Lobster Poisoning


All of us got poisoned at Red Lobster from yesterday. Hubby got up and felt hung over.

After I made eggs for dogs & egg sandwich for hubby, I slept on the couch for 4 hours. Just could not wake up. Had diarrhea today.

Gave chopped up Kale to the Chickens.

Hubby texted and said that he had potty problems, also.

I cut up the strawberries we had purchased from Walmart yesterday. Gave the leftovers to the Chickens.

Did laundry & dishes.

It rained today. I am getting SO sick of rain for summer.

I called and made an appointment for Ben tomorrow. He has bumps on his toes again. That Vet REALLY needs to make sure he has good receptionists. I don't understand why the high turnover of office help there...

The Plumber's wife called and made an appointment for me next Tuesday. She sounded very nice on the phone. Hope they can fix our plumbing problems.

Hubby came home from work at 5:30. He had a snack, changed his clothes, then went down to the shop to work.

Dave P came out at 6PM to check on the deck and the improvements that he needs to make on it.

Deck Falling Apart

One of the chickens followed us into the back yard. Fortunately, I had locked the dogs in the house! Bad chickens.

Then he went down to the shop to talk to hubby. I let the dogs out.

Hubby came home at 9:00. Hubby fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 10:15.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day


Got up and made eggs, sausage, and pancakes for hubby. Dogs ate leftovers.

Dressed, and took dogs into town in Excursion; they barked at dog friends. Got latte at Stand, gave Megan/Emily her graduation card.

Went  to park and walked by the Friendship Poles. Lost my SeaRay hat when I put it on top of the Excursion.

Came back and unloaded dogs at home.

Then we put garbage in the back of Dodge and drove to the dump. On the way home from dump, hubby remembered my hat. We drove back to park looking for it. Also asked at the Information Desk, but nobody had turned it in.

We drove home and rested for a while until 2:00. I got dressed and we drove into town for early dinner. At 3:00 kids met us at the restaurant. We were seated back behind the bar. Dinner came late & hubby was grossed out by the food. So we sent it all back. Manager brought new food out to us. Waiter was really nice. Manager comp'd our whole meal but for the liquor. So we had a free Father's Day dinner!

Talked to kids in parking lot, then drove to Wendy's to get dog burgers. Mailed envelope at the Post Office box. Hubby ran into kid he knew & talked to him.

At Wal-Mart, we returned the bad honey. Then hubby ran into another kid he knew. Shopped for groceries. We went out the self-check out lane because some guy in one of the lines stank like poop!

We drove home. Kevin R. had dropped off the 40 foot trailer with the Red Dually. Hubby found a father's day card in it with two m&m cookies. Very nice of Kevin R. Hubby almost cried.

We drove the Red Dually & the trailer down to the espresso stand and left the trailer there so that they can move the stand tomorrow. Hubby had a problem removing the pintle hitch. The hitch was rusted shut. He finally removed the whole thing from the truck. Maggie was only dog with us in the truck. She liked that.

Came home and walked down to shop to get the Dodge. Drove it home.

Had snacks from Walmart. Hubby fell asleep on the couch. I took a  hot bath.

Went to bed at 10PM.

Saturday, June 14, 2014



What a depressing, muggy morning. It had rained last night and I did not bring in the dog beds that were on the deck.

We got up at 6:00 to pee, but then went back to bed again until 8:00. I got up and made eggs for dogs, egg sandwich for hubby, and 2 Quiche.

After the quiche were done, we drove into town to get a latte for hubby. He confirmed with Matt to bring the big equipment trailer for a move on Monday. The stand is moving down to the Conoco station.

Then we walked dogs in the rain at the park. Walked at the Shooter's Road.

Came home. Hubby dumped me and the dogs at home. It was still raining. I fed the fish. Gave the Chickens the left over Spinach.

I got ready to go into Rathdrum to get my toenails repainted.

Friday, June 13, 2014



Hubby did not wake me up this morning, said goodbye as he was going out the door. I asked him why he did not wake me up, he answered that I was mumbling in my sleep that I was very tired. Odd.

Got up and gave ham to the dogs for their morning treat.

Did laundry & dishes.

Cleaned up around the house.

I left at 1:00PM to go exercise. I remembered to take my water this time.

At the gym, I did my circuit which took 30 minutes. Then I did 50 Stories on the Stair Climber and walked 5 miles on the Treadmill. Then I tanned for 10 minutes.

Stopped at McDonalds for burgers for dogs.

Went shopping at Super One. Forgot pie shells. Went back for them, but could not find them.

Over at Steins, I purchased pie shells. Then came home. Dogs like burgers. I had also gotten them bones. That kept them busy for a while. I unloaded groceries and put my car away.

Wes came up to get the lawnmower to mow by the shop.

Hubby got home at 5:45. He changed clothes & went to the shop with the beer I had bought for him.

I watched DUNE on tv. Went to bed at 1:00AM when hubby came home.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just Another Day


Made eggs for breakfast.

Hubby left for work at 6:45.

I fed the fish. I gave greens to the chickens.

Cleaned up the dog water bowls. Made the beds. Did laundry. Did dishes.

Took a nap. Over worked yesterday.

The chix only laid one egg so far; they hid it in the dirt deep inside the planter at the end of the deck.

Fed Ex brought my T-Grip Bar Bell.

 T-Grip Bar Bell

I made bacon.

Bought lots of new music. Loaded my iPhone with New Music Playlist.

Hubby came home at 5:30 and ate dinner. Then he went down to shop to meet guy to fix boat. He worked in the shop until 9PM. Boat was minor fix. Yippee.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First Day Back at the Gym


Got up at 4AM, opened the windows for air. Went in the other bedroom to sleep with Ben & Lil Bit. Very cool breeze.

Woke up again at 6:00 to make breakfast for hubby. He went down to the shop to load a rear end to drop off tonight in Post Falls.

When he came back, he fed eggs to the dogs. Then we sat on the porch again watching chickens. 44 degrees out. Still cold in the mornings.

After hubby left, I started turkey in crockpot, did a load of laundry - our comforter, then did dishes. Picked up dog poop in the back yard.

Used the new weed eater on the front circle drive. Got done after 1.5 hours. Then cleaned up after chickens. Gave them some chopped Romaine Lettuce. They loved it.

I worked in the back yard doing weed eating. Have to mow first to see what I need to use weed eater on. I sprayed vinegar on weeds in the back.

Then I took a shower & washed my hair. Got dressed in exercise clothes.

Left the dogs home with lots of water. Turned on the A/C.

Exercised in gym. Did my circuit training. Did 50 stories on the Stair Climber.

Stopped at Jitterz to get drink. Talked to girl that was getting a new dog. Offered her a kennel.

Went to get my toes done at Rhonda's Salon. Got Neon Teal. Very pretty.

Stopped at McDonalds to get dog burgers and chicken wrap.

Got home and fed dogs. Did more laundry. Put away dishes.

Watched "Paul", movie about an alien.

I curled my hair.

Hubby came home at 6:30, but the batteries in the boat were not functioning, so he will have to call a boat guy to come fix it. Not putting boat in water tonight.

When I walked down to talk to him, he said he would be working in shop til late.

I got severe cramps, took a hot bath, took painkillers, took antibiotics. Went to bed. Could not sleep. Had no energy.

He got home at 11:00. We put noodles in the leftover turkey juice in the crockpot. He ate dinner and we went to bed.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Long Climb Up The Health Hill


I feel like I am wasting the summer.

Got up at 4AM and could not sleep. Opened the window. Then went down stairs to sleep on the couch. Not comfortable, so I went upstairs to sleep with Ben. Much more comfortable! He was so warm on my legs & I was cool on the top. Lil Bit came in at 5:30 to sleep with us.

Hubby woke up at 5:45; then woke me up at 6:00. He went down to the shop to load up a rear end to drop off tonight. I made eggs for breakfast.

We sat on the back deck (again, it was cold - only 44 degrees this morning) to watch the chickens.

After hubby left, I did laundry & dishes.

Got the mail later. Checked for eggs & found 3 in the dog kennel. Such good chickens!

I made Spinach for the girls. They loved it.

Then I took a Hydrocodone and slept for the rest of the afternoon.

Hubby called me at 3:00 to make sure I was ok.

It started to sprinkle. Clouds & colder.

Hubby finally got home at 7:30 after picking up trailer & Red Dually at Waterhouse's. Then he dropped off truck & trailer at Kevin R's. He got home with groceries. I had to have regular buns & hotdogs and he had bought Bratwursts. So we drove over to Spirit Lake and got more groceries.

On the way thru town, we stopped to talk to a friend of hubby's. He was working on his truck in his driveway. Lots of neighborhood kids surrounded our truck when we stopped to talk...

At home, hubby grilled the dogs & brats.

We ate dinner. I was tired. Had a bath & went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, June 09, 2014

A Start Of The Week


Got up late; told hubby to take some Quiche for breakfast.

We sat on the deck for a while and rocked. Lots of wind and cold - about 55.

I was sleepy today from too many antibiotics.

Got mail later on my bike. Received my H&M order.

Washed clothes. Chopped Kale & fed it to the chickens.

Found a couple chicken eggs under the back deck.

Did dishes.

Prepared chicken to grille.

Turned on A/C by 3PM.

Biked down to shop and let in Vince with his son-in-law to get Jeep from big shop.

Cleaned the grille.

Hubby came home late at 8:00 after working OT and then giving Charles a ride to get another truck.

Chopped potatoes and gave them to the chickens.

Hubby grilled chicken on the grille.

We went to bed at 10:00. I was tired. Still recovering from infection.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Boat in Today?


I got up at 6AM and was very hot. Opened all the windows upstairs. Then slept on the couch downstairs until 8AM. Got up and made eggs (from our chickens) for the dogs.

Hubby warmed up his breakfast from yesterday and we sat on the deck enjoying the morning on the deck chairs.

Then we loaded dogs up and went into town to let them bark at friends. No doggy friends were out this morning.

Chickens eating chopped Kale

Got latte from Megan/Emily. Forgot to give her grad card...

We walked down by the water treatment area at the Park. It was beginning to get very hot today so we had to keep giving dogs water.

Loaded dogs up and came home.

Hubby fixed the drain plug on the boat with Tim who had stopped by to pick up something in the shop.

Hubby and I went into town to do shopping. Stopped at Big R and got deer food. Went to Costco and got lots of necessities. Paper towels, toilet paper, gallon ziplocs.

We stopped at Natural Grocers, but the place stank and gave me an instant headache. We got out of there fast.

Then we drove over to Pilgrim's Market on 4th; where I had found they had single beers. Got the Stella Artois cidre, but it did not taste as good as straight from the tap...

Instead of going to Red Lobster like we should have, hubby took me to A&W for coney dogs & root beer. It was awful. I took 1 sip and wanted to vomit. The coney dogs were awful.

Then we drove to WalMart in Post Falls to shop. Went home afterwards without getting dog burgers. Gave the coney dogs to the puppies. Unloaded groceries.

Hubby took a nap on the deck. I covered him with a blanket. He slept from 6PM-9PM on the deck. It was getting cold, so I woke him up at 9PM. We then went to bed at 10PM.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Pizza & Nails


Got up and gave ham to the dogs. Hubby got up and we went down to the former (Grey Goose) now the Country Boy Cafe. I had pancakes, eggs & sausage links. Hubby had TBBIT - the best breakfast in town.

Then we came back & got dogs. Took them into town so they could bark at their friends. Got a latte for hubby. Drove to the park to walk them on Shooter's Road.

Everybody was really thirsty on the walk.

We drove down to Bayview to see the docks.

Came home and hubby went to work. I did dishes and laundry. Then got ready to go to my nail appointment. Left early so I could get a drink at Jitterz.

Pat the Detailer was here when I left. He was working on cleaning the boat.

Got nails done at 1:30 - 2:30. Picked up dog burgers at McDonalds. Picked up a pizza for hubby.

Gave pizza to hubby. Picked up mail. Came home. Had a little bit to eat. Took my pills. Slept until 6:00.

Hubby got cleaned up and we took dogs for another walk.

Maggie getting some air in the Excursion

Friday, June 06, 2014

End Of The Week


Got up super early to let the chickens out of the dog kennels and made eggs for hubby & dogs. 

Hubby went to work.

Then I took my pills and fell back to sleep on the couch.

When I woke up, I did laundry & dishes. Turned on the A/C.

The chickens laid a couple eggs today; 1 white & 1 brown egg.

 Eggs in Kennel

Hubby came home and went went to Spirit Lake for a few groceries because I wanted to make Quiche the next day. We drove down by the lake later. Saw a gorgeous Cane Corso Mastiff at the boat dock.

We came home. I put away groceries. Hubby worked in the shop until late.


I got up and let out the 2 chickens we had put in kennel. They were mad. All their friends had stayed out all night.

I made eggs for the dogs & hubby.

Hubby left for work.

I fed fish.

I made quiche. Accidentally got some piece of food stuck in the water exit line of the Garbage Disposal.

Then I ate a little piece of Quiche and was stuffed.


Took my pills. Took a nap. Started on the couch, then moved upstairs with Lil Bit to sleep with me.

Got up when hubby called me to go down to the shop to give Wes a key. I walked down to the shop to see if one of the keys unlocked the door. I picked up the mail. Wes' mom dropped him off. I gave him his own key.

Picked up 4 eggs from the Chickens, but one of the eggs had a whole in it.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Another Day Sick


Got up after another horrible night sick and made breakfast. Made egg sandwich for hubby and eggs for dogs. Hubby ran to Atown to get chocolate milk for me so I could have something solid on my stomach when I took all my antibiotics & pain medications.

Hubby drove in the Excursion so that he could haul in another boat to CDA.

I called Dr. Sarkis office and canceled my appointment. I did not want to drive in by myself while on pain medication.

I did laundry & dishes.

Took a hot bath to make myself feel better.

The diarrhea started this morning.

A nurse from NW Specialty Urgent care called to find out how I was feeling.

When I went out to feed fish, I cut back some dead branches on my Snowball bush, Hydrangea bush, and Weigela bush.

Went down to the mailbox to get the mail; we got the Fed & State income tax refund checks on the same day!

Wesley came at 3:15 to mow. He mowed the dog back yard and down by the shop. He is a good kid. Then he came to get the keys for the shop to work in there.

Hubby came home at 5:30; we loaded into the Excursion to go pick up the trailer at CN Diesel. However, the Excursion died on Diagonal Road. Hubby called Tom to come tow us home. While we were waiting, hubby got on the phone to American Express. Rude asshole guy would not help us at all with security and would not allow hubby to speak with a supervisor.

I had to call Carrie & Mike to get the security card numbers.

Tom arrived to tow us and I suggested trying to start it one last time. It worked! We thanked Tom and drove back home.

At home, hubby decided to take Matt's vehicle into town; the Dodge could not haul the heavy load; the Red Dually is in California with Mike & Carrie.

We loaded everything into the Mega Matt. But it was out of gas & Matt had not given us the correcting locking key for the gas cap. Hubby drove it down to the shop and with Tim's drill they were able to break it open.

Then we drove to Athol to get gasoline. Filled up the tank.

Drove to CN Diesel. Picked up food for hubby.

At CN Diesel, the lock for the drop hitch would not work. We spent another 15 minutes trying to jam it in and finally hubby got it turned. We hooked the trailer up and were off to pick up the rear end in downtown Post Falls.

Then we drove to get the truck. Got lost on some back streets and then finally found it. The drive home was relatively easy. We got burgers for dogs at McDonalds in Rathdrum. Hubby sung about all our troubles on the way home to the tune of "The Edmund Fitzgerald" song. It was funny.

Got home and unloaded everything. Hubby took the trailer & truck to the shop & unloaded everything.

At 11:45, we went to bed. Exhausted from such a problematic night.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014



Cloudy and rainy still in the morning. The decks are soaking wet.

It is cold. I get up around 6AM and sleep on the couch downstairs.

Hubby gets up shortly after that. I am not feeling well enough to make breakfast.

Hubby leaves for work.

I take naps all day. I walked down to get mail and feel like I walked a marathon. No energy.

Slept some more.

Did dishes, did laundry & put it away. Cleaned dog door. Cleaned grille parts in the dishwasher. Cleaned the pollen off the deck chairs. I am so sick of the pollen everywhere.

Bird in nest under front deck

Jeremiah came at 5:30 to power wash the back wall of the house. Some creepy old guy drove thru  even with the boat blocking the driveway! Looking for hubby. He was supposed to meet at the shop tonight after hubby got off work. I am SO PISSED with rude people driving up to the house. WTF?

Hubby got home at 6:30. He went down to the shop to work. I had to clean the dog door again because now it is filled with dirt from the power-washed wall. I have to clean up all the leaks from the windows.

Ben eats food and I don't notice because I am cleaning up dog door. Then Ben vomits. And vomits. And vomits. He vomits as he walks down the hallway trying to get away from me like I will beat him or something. I never beat the dogs! WTF? I have to clean up all the vomit.

I cannot sleep. I am so tired. And nauseous. Why would the doctor put me on clear liquid diet when I am taking so many pills. I am sick.

Monday, June 02, 2014



Got up early and made egg sandwich for hubby, eggs for dogs. We got everything unloaded in truck and then packed up the stuff we needed for air show. Chairs, water bottles, umbrellas for the sun.

We drove into town and got lattes at Great Escapes stand. Then we went to pick up Dave & Vera at their house. They showed us their new toy hauler.

Then we drove to Airway Heights for the Airshow. It was hot, the food was limited to greasy fatty fried food. Yuck.

Met Kelsey and she walked around with us for a while.

I got stomach pains when I sat down in one of the airplanes. Was in pain for the rest of the day.

We got pizza then sat in the Beer Garden to eat. It was outside in the heat. I held up the umbrella for Vera and I.

Kelsey left after this. She went home.

We finally went to our seats. But the guys kept getting up and walking around. It was SO long between air events. Finally the Blue Angels did their thing at 4:00 and soon afterwards we left.

Blue Angels

There was quite a bit of traffic leaving Airway Heights. We dropped Dave & Vera off at home, then we went to Rathdrum to get dog burgers & pick up some Cranberry Juice because I thought I had a Urinary Tract Infection.

Hubby left at 6:00 as soon as we got home. He had to go fix the Red Dually at Mike W's house.
It took forever to fix. Hubby finally got home at 11:00.

I had hubby rub some Vitamin E cream on me that I had gotten at Rathdrum grocery. I did not sleep very good tonight. Too much pain.


Got up at 6AM to sleep on the couch. I was in a lot of pain from my abdomen. Hubby finally got up and made eggs for dogs. I could not move from couch.

He finally took me in to the Northwest Specialty Hospital at 9:00. Lots of people were there before us.

They finally got me in a room, doctor examined me, I had to give a urine sample. Nurse tried to get an IV line in, but poked me 4 times. They finally got an OR nurse in and she got the line in the first time. They took 3 vials of blood.

I went thru 3 IV bags, then had to drink contrast dye for the CT scan. It made me nauseated and they brought me a pill for that. After I came back from scan, they gave me Dilaudid thru the IV line. That put me to sleep.

Doctor finally came in and said not UTI; it was Diverticulitis again. I need to make appointment for a Colonoscopy so that the doctor can cut out the problem areas. Otherwise, I will keep having this problem. The last time I had it at Kootenai ER was back in 2011. They got all my records from then so the Doctor could prescribe the same thing that they did from back then.

Finally left at 3:00, stopped in Rathdrum to get drugs.

Came home and slept again. Hubby left at 6:00 to meet guy to pick up car; then he drove up to Newport for parts at 7:00.

I had to get up and clean up dog water, feed deer, do dishes & laundry. Put away laundry.

Hubby finally came home at 9:30. It rained all night. There was a big explosion - maybe an electric transformer - around 1AM. But we both went back to sleep.