Monday, June 30, 2008

The Muffin Man

blueberry muffins are the best! got blueberry muffins on sunday with our lattes.

my bike had spontaneously lost the shifter; so took k's bike out instead. going a different route, i spotted 2 beautiful deer on a deserted back road. rode 11.6 miles!

the guy finally came to finish the roof on the building! thank god. it always happens. hubby trades up front; and the other person never comes around to do his part...anyway-that is finished. now all is left is for the slider doors.

hub talked to his father sunday morning and marv is doing ok. seems he only had an ulcer on his colon (so he says) and got medicine. a few friends of his cleaned up his home and they told him it looked as if someone had been butchered...there was so much blood! grandpa should be released to go home today.

we spent a pleasant morning working around home after i returned and the builder left. i picked up more pinecones and did a bit more mowing. the swamp cooler was already running its little heart out at 9am. we had to go pick up someone's car that had broken down not far from here. debbie (who owns the latte stand) had her call stall on the road and hubby is always nice enough to help out. the car is on the trailer and will be taken to richie's to be diagnosed.

richie is still working on the cougar. seems to be the transmission? don't know. have to find out monday or tuesday.

with a high of 95F degrees, we stayed inside the rest of the day. greg wanted to rest his foot for his return to work monday...

another scorcher today. i took hubby-bubby into work today. we got lattes on the way and made a quick deposit at the bank. isabelle was a dare-devil with her nose stuck out the window at 55mph!

i again took a different route on the bike and went 14.6 miles! woot! woot! riding that far doesn't even seem to bother me, and i want to go farther everytime. i uploaded songs on the ipod but enjoy listening to the birds, cars attempting to run me over, and the slap of the bike tires on pavement. it is so restful. the sun shines on my face and i truly feel alive. the smell of fresh air & pine trees is wonderful.

99-100F degrees is predicted for today.

greg has a short work week as friday is a holiday for 4th of july.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Talked to KRL-N on the phone early this AM and they just arrived home safely!

Afterwards at about 7:40, I rode my bike – 13.2 miles; Greg had actually calculated incorrectly and so I had to bike farther than I thought. Hubby had notes on trees to encourage me after I returned home – like the notes found on the ground for the Ironman Competition. “You can DO it!” “Almost there!”

Isabelle & Hubster had gone into A-town to get lattes. So they were waiting for me when I returned about 75 minutes later.

While biking, I found a brand new blue tarp still in bag at the side of the ditch. So we returned after I came home to pick it up in the truck. We will give it to our friend Joe, as he LOVES to cover his cars for the winter with blue tarps…

Picked up a ba-gillion pinecones, then I mowed the lawn, and mowed, and mowed. The weeds are so tall that I have to go over them about 2-3 times.

Also watered plants. Took a shower after all this was done. Tanned. Then did laundry. I was bored, so went back out and mowed the yard some more.

Maybe when it gets later and the sun is not so hot, I will go out and pick up more pinecones. It got to a high of about 94F degrees today.

Needless to say, with the kids gone – I Am Bored Out Of My Mind.

Almost forgot- Greg’s brother called Friday and said that on Thursday night their dad had gone into the hospital due to rectal bleeding. Heartland Medical Regional Center will do a colonoscopy on Saturday (today) to diagnose. Hubby has called his father in the hospital and he sounded very weak. Marvin said he didn’t want anybody coming to visit him. I sincerely hope he will be OK.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Back to Nermal

After dropping M&K off at the airport, we picked up some parts for Greg in Spoky-Jo then came home and cleaned house. I vacuumed, cleaned the floors, washed dishes, and changed bedding on all the beds including the dog’s. And we re-installed the seat cover in the Dodge.

Greg helped me bring the elliptical upstairs again so that I can exercise upstairs watching tv; and I did a bike ride by myself – but the wind was really blowing. Didn’t get a lot of mileage. Also went back to tanning as I realized I was too damn pale in all the pictures we took. If I don't get down a base tan for summer, I'll burn.

It is so depressing to realize there is nobody in the guest bedroom now.

Friday – June 27 2008
Woke up early as Greg was too depressed to sleep and aroused me with his puttering about. The electricity had mysteriously gone off in the middle of the night and stayed off for about 4 hours. Hmmm.

Re-set all the clocks; and the computer. Greg got drinks with the dog; then I went biking for my 14 miles. Greg loaned me his orange vest; and I still need a rear-view mirror for my bike. Think I will get a helmet too, as all these cars on the highway seem intent to hit me~!

It’s 11:00 am; with a temp of 74 degrees F-heading to a high of 84 degrees today.
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday are predicted to be in the high 90s. Summer is FINALLY here! Yippee.

Greg is sharpening the blades on the lawnmower, and wants to go to Kellogg to check out the trade for his truck – so that he can get a new Dodge pickup. We agreed it would be better to consolidate two trucks into one. He doesn’t really NEED both the Dodge & the Dually.

Am waiting for an email from K&M to let us know they got home OK.

We tracked their flights via It shows the actual airplane in air; has approximate departure & arrival times for the airplanes. Neat.

Those evil demons - Dooney & Bourke - sent me an email showing their new Sweetheart Collection. Ugh. So I will be forced to get one or two of their handbags for the summer. I love those hearts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Buh Bye!

The moment I wake up,
Before I put on my makeup,
I say a little prayer for you.

The kids are gone and I am praying for their safe arrival in the UK.

We drove with Kelsey – picked up lattes – and went to the airport. Matt traveled in his Mom’s car with his brother Addison & sister Caitlyn.

All of us were suppressing the knowledge, but we knew we would soon part. I was extra talkative, Greg was dumbly funny, and Kelsey was somewhat silent.

When we got to the airport, Kelsey and I found Matt & Company while Greg parked FAR out in the parking ramp.

We waited while Matt figured out what to do about his expired passport and the airline management finally figured out that it would be OK to travel under his military paperwork.

Hugging the kids goodbye, I didn’t want to start crying because then we would be standing there in a pool of tears. So I bravely fought back the waterworks, took pictures and said my farewells. Greg – on the other hand…decided to turn into a tidal wave of weeping! He got quite drippy when hugging Matt.

So we waved goodbye and left the airport.

The oppressive loneliness in the truck was awful.

The kids are gone.

Bye Bye.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The End

These last few days have just flown. Kelsey was very emotional today in anticipation of their leaving tomorrow morning.

After Kelsey ACED everyone in Matt's family at miniature golf - after the bowling...they came home and the evening ended with a huge bonfire. Talking. Sweet. Bright stars. Wonderful night.

I'll remember it always. Isabelle ate a bird and threw up twice when she got inside.

Wednesday morning we woke up late as all of us had finally hit the hay late. Country hayseeds that we are...hit the hay?

Anyhoo, we breakfasted at Kelsey's last on the list - Old European Breakfast House in Post Falls. Really, things are NOT as good as you remember from 4 years ago...but the Strawberry Danish Crepes are out-of-this-world good!

We wandered around town looking at sites, then went to Lakeshore Drive in CDA for a long walk & had drinks at The Boathouse.

Drove home so the kids could get ready for their final night with Matt's fambily.

Made reservations for Kelsey at a hotel for London Heathrow. She is freaking out about leaving. Poor baby. Will miss Matt dearly.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PF Changs

MONDAY 23 June 2008
Kelsey and I went for a very LONG bike ride while Matt stayed home to surf the ‘net and soak his feet.

When we returned, Greg was supposed to have been here as he went to assist Joe in moving heavy equipment. However, he misjudged his whereabouts & the time and was gone longer. When he did finally return home at 12:30; we left to do a few things in Spoky-Jo.

After dropping the kids off at the Valley Mall as Kelsey wanted to visit Hollister “one more time to see if they have any sales!” - Greg and I continued on to Harbor Freight so that I could pick up a pond pump and he returned a few things.

We retrieved the kids with the stereo thumping to Flo Rida and as we peeled into the parking lot the kids just shook their heads in shock - speechless to see their parents groovin’ to the rappin’.

With hunger overwhelming us, we went on to PF Changs in downtown Spoky-Jo. Had delicious Crab Won-Tons & Lettuce Wraps for starters; Greg had Kung-Pao Shrimp; Matt had Kung-Pao Chicken; Kelsey & I had Sweet & Sour Chicken; Yum. Then for dessert, we all got little shot-glass desserts.

After the late lunch/early dinner, we walked against the lights (scofflaws) across the street to the RiverPark Mall so Matt could look at Abercrombie & Fitch; it is much better lighted than Hollister where I have joked that to shop there a person needs a miner’s hat complete with lights because it is so dark. A young customer service man swooping down upon Kelsey and myself nearly scaring us to death was the highlight there. And while I was overwhelmed with the stick figures that shopped there, Greg & I made a discreet exit so that M&K could shop alone together…

The kids brought out even more bags of clothes - - ??? Remember, they have to pack all this up to return it to the UK! Then after a discreet look at the Mercedes cars in the mall for sale, we went over to the Starbucks for me and Matt. Gee, are we obsessed with Starbucks, or what?

We got the Dodge from the parking ramp and while on the downstown street were vehicularly abused by a young woman that screamed obscenities at us. The crazies must have been out yesterday as when we went to Costco – a crazy unbathed man wearing only jeans came up to us, asking for a cigarette light. We walked inside - safe in the knowledge that the security detail had been called and the police were on their way to eject this vagabond.

Also hit Cabela's as we came through Post Falls. Matt & Greg gravitated towards the gun department; then we all walked around looking at the dead, stuffed animals.

Onwards to CDA for a round of great miniature golf at Triple Play. Matt won. I came in 2nd, Greg was 3rd and Kelsey blamed her last place finish on her lack of balance due to her eyesight!

We got yogurt at TCBY before we came home. The girl scooping our icy delicacy reminded us that her Grandmother listens to the music that she has to endure during work hours. I felt really old as the song "The Night Chicago Died" by Paper Lace - circa 1974 was one of the tunes I remember hearing. Brought back memories. Obviously, OLD Memories! Grandma!

Forgetting that when we had left yesterday, the swamp cooler was on; we arrived home about 10:00 at night and it was a frigid 54 degrees in the house. Poor dog. She whined and barked at us for leaving her abandoned at home alone!

TUESDAY 24 June 2008
Went for a short bike ride as Kelsey's legs were hurting a little - plus those seats are awful on your butt bones!

The guys went in to A-town to get Lattes; then Greg took the Dually into CDA for his Chiro appt. When he returned, he & Matt-y took down the old satellite dish on the side of the house with the help of the ForkLift. They also moved my pond liner into place with the ForkLift and spread the liner out.

I repaired Kelsey's shirts-I HATE little buttons. She had also torn some white lace on another shirt - ugh. Hate to repair lace, too. But I gotta do the "Mom" thing...

Will really miss then when they are gone. But Kelsey should return in Sept to stay with us until Jan or Feb. That will be great fun.

We have tentative plans to visit Grandpa L in AZ for Turkey Day; Soldering Classes in Portland, Oregon at the end of September, and picking Kelsey's jeep up in September, too. Kelsey can snowboard while she is here in the winter; and maybe even find a temp job. Lots of fun to be had!

Matt & Greg are working on a rear-end at the shop; Kelsey is busy going through momentoes she left here in her closet; I am going to vacuum and mop the floor later as I have already finished washing ANOTHER load of their clothes today; then maybe later I can pick up pinecones. Whoopee. More pincones to pick up. The kids are going into CDA later to go bowling with Matt's family. Greg & I will probably vegetate on the couch tonight.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Forgot To Title This Entry...!

Kelsey and I went for another bike ride this morning. Very hot - even though we both put on sunblock, we got sunburnt. Me on my face - Kelsey on her shoulder. We stopped to tour the Open House on Sienna Loop - nice homes. But extremely expensive for 5 acres; about $450,000 USD.

We were just trying to get different ideas of floor plans that the kids might want to incorporate into their new home. At first they wanted a rancher - but Matt has indicated he would like a 2 level home.

After we got back, we found the boys had gotten lattes for us. Matt was washing their Cougar. They left to go to the park where his family was having a picnic.

While they were gone, I washed clothes. And washed clothes. And washed more clothes. These kids change clothes about 4-5 times a day! Wow.

They came back briefly, so that Kelsey could change jeans...and went to meet their friends - The Kegleys in Spoky-Jo.

After they had gone, Greg and I wanted to give Isabelle a bath. However, this is one smart dog! She hates water/ she ran away down to the shop. I had to walk down there to fetch her back and she was hiding...peeking around the corner of the building at me! LOL! I put the leash on her and we walked back while she hung her head to the ground. Sheesh! You would think we beat her while we bathed her. The. Dog. Hates. Bathes.

So after her bath, Isabelle escaped up to her room for a nap. Greg had dinner while I crocheted on my blanket. I had also spent the day purchasing new digital products, so I played with those for a while.

The storm started around 9:30 with thunder, lightning, and rain that poured down. We both teased each other about calling the insurance agency to include flood insurance on our policy! What with the various areas of the US flooding - and even where we used to live in Iowa flooding so badly! But since we do live about 2600 feet above sea level - and the nearest body of water is about 7 miles and we live on a bluff..I don't think we have much to worry about. Unless we get one of those floods like in that movie - Deep Impact.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

DogGone Tired

Sat 14 June
Sun 15 June
Mon 16 June
Tue 17 June
Wed 18 June

Thurs 19 June
Fri 20 June
I suppose we are all tired. It has been quite a visit. Just wish I had more time to blog. But I think that I have remembered quite a bit.

When Greg and I went up to Sandpoint the other day, we saw a bald eagle soaring through the trees;

Also have seen quite a few deer - both in our backyard and on the roads!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thursday

After arising at 9pm and finally getting going... Matt & Greg took Matt's car down to Richie Cole's to diagnose some minor problems he was having - Richie has a computer diagnose machine that is BIG BUCKS and does swell for scoping out mechanical problems.

When they returned, they started to clean out the truck. Greg had gotten lattes for everybody and once the guys were sufficient to be left alone without adult supervision, Kelsey & I were off riding our new bikes.
We had quite a long ride. Which did us both a lot of good. A short romp of doing this everyday and I will be in tip-top condition. I am discovering muscles that I did not know I had. This - -after Kelsey introducing me to Yoga the other day. Oh my. (how that guy on the video puts his head down between his legs and kisses the floor, I will never know...)

After our extensive exercise on the bikes, we returned to find the guys were conversing with our friend Bruce. Bruce left shortly thereafter and then we wrapped up the cleaning and ventured to Spoky-Jo.

We stopped at Pfaltzgraff to see about their 50% sale; then on to Costco for gasoline as our alert light had come on in mid-drive; then Kelsey complained that Mom was hungry (really, I wasn't - Kelsey just uses ME as an excuse...) so we stopped at Rocky Rococco's Pizza in downtown. Matt was driving by this time as Greg decided to take it easy on his foot. After a delicious lunch with extras to take home we continued on to the BX at Fairchild Air Force Base. Kelsey had called their friend Kegley and we met him while we were getting passes to enter the base.

After shopping at the base - Kelsey got me a new camera & digital picture frame for Mother's Day; and then over to the commissary for crab legs & assorted groceries - we got Snow Cones in the parking lot.

The kids went to visit with the Kegleys - Rachel & Mike - while we ran to Starbucks & Wally-World. A brand new Wally-World. It was fun to see one that was THAT clean!

While wasting time, we wandered around looking for the Kegley's home with their borrowed TomTom...getting lost-er by the minute. Finally ready to toss the TomTom out the WindowWindow we discovered where they lived on our own.

The Kegleys live in a very nice rancher in a sweet subdivision not 5 minutes from Base. Since they both are serving in the AirForce - it makes it very pleasant for them to live close to their operations.

We picked the kids up and then ventured into the blackest storm clouds in North Idaho that I have ever seen. Matt was still driving and did a great job of forging through this horrible weather.

After arriving home and unpacking all the groceries, Matt & Greg went to the shop for a while Kelsey uploaded photos & I tore into my new camera - a Nikon CoolPix P80.

Whoopee! A new working camera again!

This pic is from the other day when Greg & Matt put together Matt's new grill - NO they did NOT rotisserie a watermelon! Silly!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mountain Bikes

Yippee! It's raining and cold here again. But I managed to take the mountain bike and ride it around for a while. So fun.

The kids are out&about with Addison&Kaitlyn today. Visiting friends. Shopping. Eating out.

Greg is working in the shop; I am doing laundry, cleaning house, and cooking/baking. Kelsey wants me to make my "super special fudge". She also wants puppy chow.

So busy. Love, Love, LOVE having the kids here!

The day passed by so quickly. See all the things I got done on my list...

When the kids got home, we had brats, sauerkraut, grillin' bourbon beans, salad, and my special strawberry/banana/yogurt/whipped cream dessert!

Greg had forgotten to fill the propane tank so we had to grille (inside) but that was OK as it was raining and cold outside---

We cranked the stove and sat by the warm fire to eat dinner.

I am busily crocheting a baby blanket for my friend. I think it might be done by Friday.

Watching a few comedy sketches on the computer hooked up to the TV via Kelsey's influence we had fun laughing at the jokes from their favorite comedian.

Tomorrow is an action packed day. I only hope it doesn't 1/rain 2/snow 3/hail 4/apocalypse.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Ashton Kutcher Came To My House!

I swear...I think Ashton Kutcher visited my home the other day.

Matt & Kelsey were spending the day at his grandparents' home celebrating Addison's graduation...they all had gone out for lunch then went home. Matt & the kids decided to play a quick game of basketball. But Matt didn't have his shoes or clothes. So they made a speedy visit to us to pick up his outfit.

In walks Addison. And Kaitlyn. Now. I was just speechless because I swear that Addison could pass for Ashton Kutcher's twin. I literally was stumbling over everything I was saying. Addison is very tall and Kaitlyn is just beautiful.

Rick Green at Organized Doodles got our caricature done. See it here. We will present the framed artwork to the kids Tuesday or Wednesday night.

We purchased bicycles for Kelsey & me to use while they are here. She is nearly certain that she will return to stay with us from September through January when Matt is deployed. So the bikes will come in handy for the fall, too.

On Monday after we got the bikes, we ran up to Sandpoint to fetch pictures that I had framed, but the frame shop was closed on Mondays-boo hoo. So we showed the kids around town; coming back it rained. Was very cold.

Matt & Greg put together the new grille that we purchased for the kids. Matt prefers to grille with charcoal. Afterwards, they returned the rent-a-car in Spoky-Jo. Kelsey & I made them dinner. We watched a few shows they had missed over in the UK; then went to bed.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Having So Much Fun

After picking up last minute things on Monday, we went over to the Spoky-Jo airport and waited anxiously with Isabelle for the kiddies to arrive. Isabelle did very well in the airport. The kids were early and we finally found them. It was so joyous to see them again.

We picked up the Ford Explorer (rent-a-car) complete with low-rider running boards which makes me feel like a frumpy old person that can't even get in or out of the vehicle...from Budget - then we stopped immediately at the closest Starbucks to pick up a latte for each of us. Matt always gets a Caramel Macchiato; Kelsey & I always get the Venti Vanilla Latte. Then to Sonic as Kelsey was just dying for their food...After picking up special pillows for them at Wally-Mart we went home to bed.

The kids went to town to go shopping with Matt's mom. It rained. Was cold.

Kelsey and I went shopping at the Spoky-Valley Mall -hit Hollister's, Victoria's Secret, Maurice's, and the food court for lunch. It rained. Was cold.

Greg had an appt at the doctor's for his foot so we all climbed into the rent-auto-mobile and got lattes at Starbucks then after the appt shopped at Costco for steaks so Matt can grille for us.
Ate lunch at the world famous Hudson's Hamburgers in CDA. It rained. Was cold.

I woke up with a splitting migraine- later realized it was the infection in my teeth. ugh. I really think I need to get them pulled. Oh to have Hermie the Dentist when you need him...
Matt & Kelsey spent the afternoon with his family as his brother Addison graduated from high school tonight.
Greg & I went to Spirit Lake later that night to pick up perishable groceries - milk, bagels, bananas.
The kids came home around 10:30P. We talked for a while and all went to bed. It rained. Was cold.

Got up late as my tooth was severely bothering me. I had taken several pain killers last night and went to sleep with the dog. She is warm & comforting. Doesn't move around as much as Greg does while sleeping.
Matt & Greg came back with lattes from A-town. Matt & Kelsey are to spend the day with his folks again - all the relatives are in town for the graduation.
The kids want to go to the Base in Spoky-Jo on Monday to buy heavy coats & sweatshirts. I sure wish the weather was better for their visit.
It is raining and about 40F degrees outside. Brrrrrr.

Monday, June 02, 2008

TWO Day!

Two will come by plane today. Two-day is the day! Yippee!

But there is so much to be done before tonight. Lawn must be mowed, house must be cleaned, bed must be made, carpet must be installed. Details, details, details. So much to do, so little time...

We still have to go pick up the bed frame - it seems that steel is more valuable than gold now, so we balked at paying $75 for a queen size bed frame when they used to be only $15. Hmmmm.

Our weather continues to turn downward. During a 30 minute time period last night, it rained so hard that we thought the roof was going to come down. Torrential rain. Rain has been predicted for the next 10 days. How depressing to wake up to black skies & water pouring from the heavens.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Only two days before the kids are here...and it's raining. Lots of rain. This puts a big crimp in things. The decks still need to be stained and that is not going to happen. It also makes it extremely difficult to go shopping. Running around in the puddles, getting wet. Gross. Moving things from and into the basement will be awful. Wet is not good. Unless you are a seal. Or a whale.

I got my hair done on Friday and as I was exiting our driveway for my appointment, the window cleaners showed up unannounced. They started to argue with me about the windows they had cleaned and I just rolled my eyes and told them I didn't have time to argue with them. Greg had to take them down to the house to show them the windows they missed cleaning.

The kids called twice while I was getting my hair done - and Greg has been so busy down at the shop working on Calvin's Bronco & Chad's van that he doesn't even answer the phone anymore.

I wanted to do a favor for Greg and have the shower plumbing installed and the tags removed when he came home last night, but he had forgotten to tell me that the drain was not fully installed. Therefore, when I turned on the water to clean out the shower, it leaked out onto the floor. TWO steps forward, ONE step backwards... So we now have fans trying to dry out the floor.

Today will be a day spent shopping for last minute stuff - Groceries, bed, rug, replacement lightbulbs, etc. We will have to pick up the carpet for the bathroom tomorrow (Monday) as the home improvement store is not open on Sundays. Then come back to install stuff today; and tomorrow will be a day for me to clean, Clean, CLEAN!

Am so anxious to see the little niblets. Hope they have a great flight(s).