Sunday, October 30, 2016


OCTOBER 30 2016

Got up at 7:20AM. Wilson actually let us sleep late.

I had nightmares all night long; when I woke up, it felt like somebody had beat me up. No real rest.

We made the bed, opened the windows and turned on the humidifiers.

Hubby came downstairs to make eggs for the dogs. I warmed up Souffle that I had made. Fed the dogs. Gave Bud his antibiotics.

Ate breakfast.

We went downstairs to clean up the kitten room and feed them. They were climbing up our legs!

Saturday, October 29, 2016



October 29 2016

Slept late until 6:30 and then Wilson came upstairs to wake us up. He jumped on the bed, licked our faces, wiggled around. Then he jumped down and ran downstairs to wake up Bud. Bud growled at him, then staggered out into the livingroom. Wilson raced up the stairs again to go wake up Ben.

So hubby got out of bed and fixed breakfast for them. He put on Bud's brace to enable Bud to walk better.

After I warmed up some Souffle for breakfast and made hot tea, we went downstairs to clean up the kitten room and feed them.

Hubby held Fluffy & Zim to introduce them to Ben. It worked out well. Both of the kittens were calm and did not get upset.

We loaded the dogs up in the Dually and went to get hubby a latte in A-town. Joy was there and served the drink up well.

Drove down to Farragut State Park and took the dogs for a walk on Gun-Shooting Road. Ben had a great adventure as a wild dog. Hubby was obsessed with all the mushrooms that had popped up from all the rain that we have been having.

It was a wonderful, yet cold, sunny day. Buddy did quite well on the walk. We kept the leash on him to prevent him from injury. All the dogs had a quick drink of water before we left the park.

Then we drove to Gary's to pick up a check from him for last year's storage of boats. Hubby also found out that the boat parked in front of the shop was from Gary's, also. At least it was not abandoned!

Drove back to A-town and got more latte. Then we came home. Unloaded dogs at the house. Ben decided that he was going to run down to the shop so that he could play with Jack.

I did laundry. Did dishes.

Took a nap for an hour on the couch.


Hubby got home just before it started raining. He brought boxes from the mail box. They had gotten all the storage vehicles inside the building before it started raining.

We watched TV; new show on the BBC - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Ate dinner. I drank a gallon of water today. Kept peeing all day.

Went to bed around 11PM.

Friday, October 28, 2016


OCTOBER 28 2016

Got up at 6AM with hubby. It was still raining.

Hubby left money to deposit in checking account. He also re-adjusted Bud's leg brace before he left.

Gave the dogs some ham, then wrapped Bud's antibiotic pills in the ham & gave it to him.

KR texted and said they were on their way to the Oregon coast.

I sat on the couch covered with a blanket until 8AM.

Then kittens started making noise.

I prepared the kitten food, then went downstairs to feed them & clean up their room again.

Started laundry.

Made souffle. 

Toothless has been cleaning up the shop and taking away metal from the shop all this week. It is starting to look much cleaner.

The guys finally got the Forklift running again!!!

Hubby got home after working 2 hours OT.

It was raining. I was too tired and did not want to go out to celebrate my graduation tonight.

We decided to stay home.

Went to bed early around 10PM.

Thursday, October 27, 2016



October 27 2016


Got up at 6AM with hubby. Hugged him and said goodbye. Squishy dogged all the dogs between us.

I readied myself for school at 7AM. 

Fed the kitties & cleaned up their mess in the bathroom.

Gave dogs ham; gave Bud his antibiotics wrapped in ham.

Left for school at 8AM.

Drove to school. It was RAINING.

Sat in Jen's A&P class. 

At school, Kim was a few minutes late. She said there was an accident on the Interstate. 

Kim sat in class for 1 hour, then left to go get Starbucks drinks. She brought me back a drink and snuck it thru the curtain to me. It was funny. She said it was my Graduation "pressie".

I stayed in class for 2 more hours. Jackie said to come see her after class to get everything wrapped up. She intimated that I had 3 more hours of class because I was not there on Tuesday. I explained that I had attended 36 hours of make-up. She interrupted me and told me it did not matter what "she had said", it only mattered what was written down. Jen was in the office making copies and (I did not know this, she told the class later) that she had had heart palpatations from hearing that. She supplied the sign-in sheet for make-up classes. It verified that Jackie did not have my 10/20/2016 class recorded. So I had enough hours.

The last hour in class, we just sat there. Jen was done lecturing. I did the AMTA sample test on their APP for practice.

Finally, got out of class. Jackie had all my paperwork ready. Check from the school was signed. I had the paperwork to send it. Got my Graduation certificate!

I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panda came in while I was talking to everybody. Then I left at about 12:45. 

Drove over to the CO in Post Falls to see hubby. Showed him and he congratulated me. Dave 2.0 briefly showed up and he congratulated me, too.

I drove home. It was still raining.

I got the mail.

Unloaded all my books and bags from the car. No more school stuff, no more sheets to carry around!

Watched TV. Did laundry. Did dishes.

Hubby got home at 5:30. I showed him my certificate. He had forgotten to get me a card. This weekend, we will go out for dinner & a drink to celebrate.

He made spaghetti for dinner.

We went downstairs later with the vacuum to clean up the kitty room. Put them in the massage room so we could clean. 2 kitties escaped and stayed in the bathroom up on the top of the shower because they were scared while we cleaned.

Wilson had dragged a tree branch into the house and we had to vacuum up that mess.

Finally went to bed at Midnight. I decided not to take allergy pills to sleep because they are drying out my skin.

About 1AM, a stink bug crawled up my leg while in bed. I jumped out of bed and threw him out the window. It made me feel creepy crawly after that.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2nd To LAST Day at School



Got up at 6:15. Said goodbye to hubby before he left for work.

Bud was much better. Wilson was happy this morning.

Went back to bed until 7AM.

Got up again and dressed.

Fed the dogs some ham. Hubby had already given Bud his Antibiotics for his infection.

I went downstairs to feed the kittens and clean their room.

Put away dishes. Started laundry.

Left for school at 8AM.

Arrived at school 8:45AM. Kim was just getting there.

Kim has 1 more hour to complete tomorrow.

We went in to Pam's class. Pam was in a bad mood today. She yelled at Elsbeth when she went to the bathroom. Wanted her to ask permission.

Andrea came in looking for a "body" and Sam volunteered.

Kim and I went to Fu-Ki because i wanted to get more Gyoza for hubby. I also ordered Spring Rolls and rice.

Took Kim back to Clinic.

I drove home.

At home, got mail. Toothless was here cleaning up the shop.

I did more laundry. Paid Direct TV. Sent an email to the Registrar at school for an appointment next week. Need to go over paperwork & get Mblex info going.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016



Got up this morning after hearing hubby talking to Wilson. Thought that Wilson was stuck in the bathroom because he was crying; but it was because he went into the Library and found Buddy in a pool of blood.

Buddy was throwing up blood. Hubby cleaned him up and put the dog bed in the wash.

Hubby left for work.

I stayed home from school and called the Vet at 7:45AM. Made an appointment to take him in at 8:15AM.

Drove Buddy to the Vet. I had to load him into Hubby's dually.

At the Vet, Dr Mike thought that maybe he had a cyst or infection that had burst in the back of his throat or mouth. Buddy's breath and body odor smelled like poison.

Dr Mike gave him some anti-biotics.

Took Buddy home again.

Watched Buddy all day. Cleaned up after him.

I did laundry & dishes.

Hubby got home at 7:30PM. He had done 2 hours OT.

Hubby took me to Grey Goose to have dinner. He had meatloaf & mashed potatoes. I had the french dip with fries.

We came home. Gave leftovers to dogs.

Watched TV and went to bed at 11PM.

Monday, October 24, 2016


OCTOBER 24 2016

Wilson slept with us all night.

Got up at 6AM this morning and said goodbye to hubby.

Went back to bed.

Slept until 8:30.

Got up and did laundry. Fed kittens & cleaned up their room. Gave dogs ham, Bud got his pain pills.



Started to get ready at 3PM to go pick up hubby & KR for Graduation Party.

Drove into town at 3:45PM. Hubby got off early.

I picked him up. We got gasoline at Costco, got lattes at Jitterz (we were both thirsty), and washed the Jeep at Metro Express Car Wash.

Drove over to KR's. Talked with her awhile. She was all excited to tell us about Casino Night that she had attended with co-workers at Northern Quest. She had lots of fun.

Then I drove over to Spokane Valley Caruso's. Walked in and ordered cider beer. It was too sweet. The help was rude. Pizzas were salty. We were forced to sit away from the main group which was disappointing. Kim and her friend were there. We finally had to go outside to do the presentation because it was too loud inside. Stood by the fireplace and they handed out bags. Then we left.

Ran into fire department, police, and ambulances on the Pines Exit. Was yelled at by a rude Fireman when we asked if we could get thru the road.

Turned around and got on I-90. Learned later that there was a "Suspicious Device" that they were looking for in that area.

Drove KR home. I dropped hubby off at the yard so he could pick up his Dually. We both drove home. I was still hungry, but we watched tv and went to bed early.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend Class HydroTherapy Part 2

OCTOBER 23, 2016

Got up at 7AM.

Hubby stayed home to make eggs for dogs.

I got ready and left by 8AM for school.

2nd day of the Hydrotherapy Class.

Was really tired all day.

We had Essential Oil lecture from Sabrina until Noon.

Kim and I ate at Fu-Ki in Post Falls. It was so very good. The food was wonderful.

When we got back at 1PM, we listened to Jen lecture about Hot Stones.

Then we went into the other room and did the stones. Kim and I paired up.

We also massaged other people's feet because we were done early. There was an ice plunge that we did with the others.

Kim left at 3PM, the rest of us cleaned up, got the room put back in order. Put away massage tables & put out class tables & chairs.

Then Jen let us leave at 3:30 because we had not taken our afternoon break.

Drove to CDA and got my car washed. Then drove by Costco, but too many people in line for gas.

Drove home quickly.

Hubby had the dogs ready, he drove down to the shop. I got changed and we took the dogs for a walk in the park. Stopped to get snacks at Lil Town Market.

Walked over by the Brig. Could not walk very far because Buddy was limping.

Returned home.

Made spaghetti for dinner.

At 6PM, we watched Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead. It was very violent.

Went to bed early at 10PM because we were both exhausted.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Class HydroTherapy Part 1

OCTOBER 22 2016

Got up at 7AM.

Hubby made breakfast for the dogs.

I left at 8AM.

Arrived at school by 9AM.

Secured a table in the back. We listened to Jen lecture about Hydrotherapy.

At Noon, we left for lunch. Kim and I went to Mexican restaurant.

Brought back left-overs for hubby.

Kim and I stopped at Starbucks for lattes before returning to class. We were 10 minutes late because we thought there was extra time.

At school, we listened to lecture until Kim left at 3:00.

Jen let us go early at 3:30 because she was finished.

I drove home.

Hubby met me there about 6PM. He had been working at the shop in Post Falls.

We watched TV and went to bed.

Friday, October 21, 2016


OCTOBER 20 2016

Got up and dressed.

Gave dogs ham for breakfast. Gave Bud his pain pill.

Fed kitties and cleaned up their room.

Drove to school. Picked up latte at KoKoPelli on the way.

At school, we sat in on Jen's class. Kim was there with me today.

Jen would not let us use phones in class. I could not practice test for Mblex.

Was bored in class. Kim, Elsbeth, and I went to Del Taco for tacos for Kim, Starbucks for coffee & tea for Elsbeth & Kim.

Drove back. It had taken us 20 minutes for break.

We were done at 11:45. I finally left.

Drove to Super One in Rathdrum and got some more groceries. Then drove home. Got mail. Unloaded groceries.

Cleaned up kitty room and took them food.

Internet was down ALL DAY.

Wilson was chewing on SOAP & a string with plastic on it when I got home.

Wilson was also coughing (honking), so called Vet and took him down at 4:30PM for a Vet check-up. Talked to Maggie while I was waiting.

Vet lady said that nothing wrong with Wilson. Paid for vet appointment and returned home.

Hubby got home at 6PM.

We watched movie, Warm Bodies. It was good.

Went downstairs to clean up kitty room again.

I took a hot bath.

Went to bed at 10PM. I was exhausted.

OCTOBER 21 2016

Got up and dressed.

Gave dogs ham for breakfast. Gave Bud his pain pill.

Fed kitties and cleaned up their room.

Stripped Ben's bed and washed linens.

Made Cheese Souffle.

Transferred pics from phone to computer.

Gave dogs bones.

Did monthly payments.

Left for nail appointment at Noon.

Came back from Nail Appointment at 2:30.

Gave dogs some turkey. Fixed Bud's brace.

Talked to Kim at 4PM. She had gotten done with an interview massage and was excited to talk with somebody about it.

Did several loads of laundry. Changed Ben's bedding.

Cleaned up cat litter again.

Hubby got home at 7PM after stopping at Richie Cole's place to drop off parts.

We watched newest recorded The Blacklist and went to bed at 10PM.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Counting Down The Hours


Got up at 6:30 and hugged hubby goodbye. Made sure that Bud had his brace on today.

I fed the dogs some ham and gave Bud his pills.

Gave kitty their breakfast and cleaned up their room.

Washed clothes. Started the dishwasher.

Watched The Lake House. I love that movie. So romatic.

Left for school at 8:00.

Kim texted that she would not be coming in today.

Driving behind a truck pulling an oversize trailer. They were going 35 mph up Hwy 41. Finally decided to get a latte at KoKoPelli.

At School, saw Angela in the Clinic room. Pam was teaching Pathology there. We got tables and chairs set up. Angie even came to school today. I have missed her.

Pam asked all of us how much time we have left. Most of the class is going to be there until the end of November. Kim and I are the only ones that will get out of there by Oct 26.

I am so tired of being in make-up class. Nothing to do. I keep taking the AMTA Mblex tests on the App.

We took the quiz with the class. I went in to see Admin and gave her my report that had been sitting in the Admin in-box since Tuesday. She seemed surprised to see it.

Pam got done with class early. We just stood around until 11:45 and left.

I drove to Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs and a salad for me.

Stopped at KR's and dropped off her booze and Beebo's leash/collar. I went potty there.

Then I drove home. Stopped at Super One and picked up some groceries.

Got the mail at home. Just junk.

Unloaded groceries.

Fed the burgers to the dogs. Cleaned up the cat litter. Did a load of laundry. Put away dishes. Had lunch.

Worked on Tax letter.

Then drove to Athol to mail the letter certified mail/return receipt.

Came back home and watched tv. My stomach is very upset. I am still coughing from the Bronchitis.

Hubby is going to work at the shop in Post Falls until late.

I took a nap for a while.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More MAKEUP Hours & Pick up KR from AIRPORT


 Bud with Brace
Made Souffle


Hubby got up at 7:30. He had not set his alarm. He asked me what day it was. Monday, duh.

He was late to work.

I slept until 9:30.  I was sick. Did not do anything all day.

Sat like a bump on a log. Coughed a lot.

Hubby came home at 6:30PM after working OT for 2 hours.

We drove up to Sandpoint to pick up parts out the Sandpoint CO box.

Stopped at Connie's and had dinner. Hubby had homemade meatloaf. I had the French Dip; both were delicious. Then we shared Coconut Cream Pie for dessert. I did not eat much. Made hubby eat it.

Drove back home. It was raining and dark. Cold.

Fed the dogs some ham. Went to bed at 11PM.


Got up at 7AM.

Raining again today.


Fed & cleaned up the kitties.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave Bud his pills. He spit out one.

Put away the rug that Bravo had chewed.

Drove to school. Picked up a latte for Kim at Starbucks because she was running late.

She drove up the hill just before me.

Sat in Pam's class with the Newbies for the first hour because Jen was absent.

Jen finally came at 10AM. She had forgotten the time.

Jackie was sick this week. Lydia took time off for her daughter's baby.

Texted Panda about all the gossip.

Kim & I went to get another Starbucks latte for her at 11AM break.

Talked to everybody after class.

Stopped at Wendy's for salad & dog burgers. Drove home.

It was raining and cold again.

At home, got mail.

Fed dogs the burgers from Wendy's.

Worked on taxes. Yuck.

Took Beebo at 7:30 and drove to the Post Falls shop. All the latte stands were closed.

Hubby stank of 90 weight. Yuck.

Drove the Jeep to Spokane Airport. IT WAS RAINING ALL THE WAY THERE. We got there early and hubby wanted something to eat. Drove thru crap restaurant in Airway Heights. They have added a lot of fast-food restaurants on the corner by Walmart.

Picked KR up at the Airport right at 9:05. She was waiting by the baggage claim.

Drove back to Post Falls. Dropped KR off at the Post Falls shop because she had her Jeep there to get fixed.

Hubby drove his truck home. I drove the Jeep. It was raining and dark.

At home, we were exhausted and went to bed at 11:30PM.

Saturday, October 15, 2016



Got up at 9:30. Hubby fed dogs.

It was not raining yet. Cloudy.

Stopped to get hubby a latte.

Took dogs for a walk.

Came back and worked around the house for a while. Then we had to drive into Post Falls and pick up KR to take her to the airport.

 KR going to Green Bay, WI

 Beebo Hangs Out in The Rain

Friday, October 14, 2016

No Rain, Sunshine, and Wind


Got up at 6:00 because I thought hubby had left the light on in the laundry room again. But he was still down there. I pottied and then gave him a hug before he left.

Went back upstairs. Slept until 8:00. Bad nightmares all night long. Then at 8:30, a huge white/grey bird was pecking at the window and woke me up.

Dressed and went downstairs to give dogs their ham. Bud got his pills for breakfast. Then I went to the basement and gave kitties their breakfast meal. Cleaned up their room. Really need to do a THOROUGH cleaning down there this weekend.

I cut up an apple and drank water for breakfast.

Katrina from UPS brought my Lancome order with a bag & the perfume I ordered.

Drove to CDA and got my nails & toes done by Tracey. It was 2:30 before I got out of there.

Went straight home. I was tired.

Took a nap when I got home.

Hubby got home late. He carved a Pumpkin. I had put up lights.

 Pumpkin (not the carved one)
Halloween Orange & Purple lights

We watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

More Makeup Hours & Nick Visit


Got up this morning for potty and Wilson had hopped into bed with us. He was barking outside and then came running into our room.

I went back to sleep until 6:30. Hubby left the light on in the laundry room and that woke me up.

Got up and dressed. Gave dogs ham for breakfast. Gave Bud his pills.

Went downstairs and cleaned up the kitty mess, then fed them.

Drove to school at 8AM. Got there by 8:45. It was raining today.

Nick was there to take the Sample Mblex test on the computer. He was there from 9AM until 12.
I gave him a hug and wished him luck

Sat in on class with Jen. Only missed 4 on the Quiz. Nice review.

I was coughing several times and had to leave class.

Then at 12:00, Kim came to do Clinic and I sat with Elsbeth, Shelly, and Kim for a while.

Left at 12:30 to go over to Walmart to get ink, but forgot my phone. Could not buy ink. I got cat toys, contact lens solution, and light bulbs.

Stopped at Del Tacos for something to eat. Long line.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up dog food in the pouring rain. Nice kid walked the dog food out to my car and helped me load it.

Got a latte at Jitterz. My throat was sore.

Drove home. Just junk mail.

Unloaded purchases. Went downstairs and cleaned up kittens.

Nick had taken his Mblex Test at 3PM, so I texted him to congratulate him on passing. I knew he would do it.

Hubby got home and parked his truck with the lights on at the shop. I had to drive down there to tell him to shut off the lights.

He came up to the house at 8PM.

We ate dinner and watched The Blacklist. Then watched a little bit of Citizen Kane and went to bed.

I woke up at 1:30AM. Laid there, thinking about bad things.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More Make Up Hours & A Term Paper


Got up and felt awful this morning. It was very cold. 30 degrees when I woke up at 6:30.

Hubby had already gotten up at 5:30 and met another boat down at the shop by 6:00.

I felt for him in the bed and was lonely when I noticed he was already gone.

Dressed, went downstairs and gave ham to dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller pills.

Went to the basement and gave kitties their breakfast, cleaned up their litter and fixed their room.

Left the windows closed for the kitties because it was still too cold, but turned on the fan.

I was thinking about staying home today, but decided not to because it would be that much more that I have to make up at the end of the month and I really want to be done with class.

Drove to class at 8AM. Got there about 8:40.

Went into class and nobody seemed to know what was going on. One of the teachers was gone today, so Pam had to take both classes. They had their Mid-term today for Pathology. Tim, Elsbeth, Shelley and I were there to sit in for make-up.

Jackie came in with our Business Project paperwork and grades. I got 97%.

I picked up a paper in my inbox which said that I have to do another term paper to receive academic credit. The subject is Somatic Therapy. I need to research this.

We were finally done at 11:45 and Pam let us go.

I was tired, so came directly home. I had forgotten to get the coupons from hubby to get dog food at the hardware store in Rathdrum.

Kim called me on the cell phone on the way home. I talked to her for a while.

At home, I got mail which was nothing but junk.

Made lunch for myself. Went downstairs and opened windows for kitties. Cleaned up their litter again.

I took a nap until 3:30PM.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Make Up Hours


Got up early. Hubby went to bed early last night; about 10:30.

It was really cold last night. Might have gotten below freezing. 32 Degrees when we got up this morning.

I gave ham to dogs & Bud's pill.

Cleaned up kittens. Gave them food & fresh water. Left their window closed. It was too cold to open it.

Emailed Bud's Posh Brace info to the company, including documents and pictures.

I got dressed & ready for school make-up hours.

Drove to Post Falls. Met hubby at Jack In The Box. He was getting change and some breakfast. He gave me some cash.

I drove to school. Sat in Jen's A&P class for 3 hours. With Angela & Sam.

Then I drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs, salad for me.

Drove to Rathdrum, got gasoline and groceries. Mostly cat food & cat litter that we had forgotten the other day.

Then I drove home. Picked up mail. Unloaded groceries.

Took a nap for a while. It is still cold outside, but the sun is shining.

Hubby got home at 6:30. He put boats in the storage building.

Monday, October 10, 2016



Rained hard all night long.

Got up after hubby left. I was exhausted. Had taken a couple allergy pills so that I could sleep and not cough all night.

Started laundry. Started dishes.

Fed the kitties and cleaned up after them. They don't like being cooped up in the bathroom now. There is lots of energy within them that needs to be burned off.

I gave the dogs some ham, gave Bud his pill.

Saw Moose in the woods.



OCTOBER 9 2016

Got up. Hubby fed the dogs eggs.

I started laundry and put away the dirty dishes.

Hubby went downstairs to feed the kitties & clean up their litter.

Hubby had to run down to the shop at 10AM to get boats & RVs in the shop.

Then he came back.

We took old Xmas lights off the trees, cleaned up the decks, put away deck chairs, I picked up all Wilson's toys in the backyard, picked up the bones.

We drove to the dump with Ben and dumped the garbage. Came back home.

We watched a movie on TCM. He then had to run back down to the shop to get another RV into the shop.

After hubby changed his clothes, we drove into town with the Jeep. Stopped at KR's to visit her.

Hubby was hungry, so we stopped to eat at MOD pizza. I love their pizza.

 My Pizza
 Hubby's Pizza

Then we went to Lowe's and picked up a new shower head and bottom door seals.

Drove over to wash the Jeep. It was 5:00. Felt like way later. Sun goes down too soon.

Drove over to Rathdrum and got groceries. Then we drove home. Unloaded groceries. Gave dogs treats. Went to clean up the kitties and feed them.

Forgot to get more kitty litter & kitty food.

We were both exhausted. My knee was very painful. I took a hot bath and went to bed. Hubby came up later.

Saturday, October 08, 2016



Woke up to lots of rain. A torrential rain pouring down. Dark clouds.

Hubby came upstairs from sleeping on the recliner couch last night. He had a severe headache and could not sleep in the bed. It helped him to sleep sitting up.

Wilson came upstairs and played on the bed with us. He jungle-gymed all over us. Then Ben woke up and played with Wilson in our room.

We got out of bed and dressed. Hubby went to give Bud his pain pill. He made eggs for the dogs.

Wilson stole hubby's towel that he was going to use to wash his hair. Wilson took it out to the back yard.

Hubby and I went downstairs to clean up the cats.

When we got back upstairs, Wilson was digging at the closet in the Laundryroom. We found a dead mouse. Then had to vacuum out the mouse turds in the Laundryroom and the Kitchen under the sinks.

I placed an order for Bud's Right Leg Brace online. They should call to get measurements.

Hubby drove me to Post Falls. We stopped to get a latte for him. Then he dropped me off at Ross Point Baptist Camp to do the chair massage. Angela was already there. Hubby backed into a parking spot at the front door. I walked in with my chair. Then Katie came later and set her chair up next to mine. I used the potty.

Shelly gave me a nice glass nail file. She had purchased one and thought of me to get another one.

We started massaging at 1PM. I actually had 2 women from last year again this year. They recognized me.

Two people that were scheduled to be there did not show up and one person was about 15 minutes late.

So we massaged until 2:15 and then packed up and left.

Hubby helped me load my chair and drove me home.


At home, Tom was already there waiting and they took off in Tom's truck to go up to Larry's wedding.

I changed clothes, had lunch. Did laundry, Did dishes. Took a nap.

Hubby and Tom came back at 7:30. They did not bring cake. Hubby brought some crap baked goods that the grandma had made. Lots of dough. Yuck.

We went down to Grey Goose for dinner at 8:00. I was very hungry.

When we got there, hubby parked the Jeep in a big pool of water because he could not see it as it was so dark. I got out and stepped into it, soaking both feet.

Went inside and ordered dinner. Our waitress was tired, and not serving well. They brought dinner out to me with a salad and stupid olives on it. I hate olives because they remind me of worms. I almost barfed. They did not re-plate the damn thing before bringing it out. Hubby took the salad off my plate and put it on his. He had ordered soup and salad. I had gotten the french dip & fries.

We ate then returned home. Went to bed. So tired.

Friday, October 07, 2016



Got up at 7AM.

I did not go to school for the last day. I was too exhausted and sick. Coughing.  Took the last of the Zpack today and did not feel any better.

Fed ham to the dogs. Gave Bud his pain killer.

Cleaned up the kittens and gave them food. I washed their entire floor.

Did laundry. Did dishes.

Slept a little today. Stupid kids in the back were racing around on their motorcycles.

It rained today.

Hubby got home really late. About 8:30. I made him clean up the kittens tonight.

We watched TV and went to bed at 11PM.


Got up at 8:30. Slept late. fed ham to the dogs. Gave Bud his pain killer.

Cleaned up the kittens and gave them food.

Did laundry. Did dishes.

Paid Bills.


Ben threw up 3 times today. Once outside on the deck, Once in the Library, and Once in the Hallway. Took me 1 hour to clean it all up.

I took a nap around 3PM-5PM. Could not  keep my eyes open. I was exhausted.

Dave Rodriguez came over to borrow the Dually and the trailer, but decided to change his mind because the trailer does not have brakes and the guy he is hauling the backhoe for did not want to haul it unless it had brakes.

Hubby got home at 6PM.

He changed clothes and we drove in to CDA with the Jeep. Wash the Jeep at the car wash. Then we went to Outback Steakhouse to have their special Towering Shrimp & Filet.

It was pretty good. Our waitress was Heidi. She was a very good server.

We drove home via Seltice and 41. Instead of getting groceries, we came directly home. I was exhausted.

Watched Archer and went to bed.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016



Got up at 6AM with hubby. Had to potty and get things out of my Jeep before he took it to work.

I was going to take the Dually today so that I could drop Bud off at the Vet's office at 8AM.

Dressed. Fed the cats and cleaned up after them.

Took Bud into the vet at 8AM. Left him there. Broke out coughing as I was there. Maggie took Bud to the back room.

Drove to school.

Sat with Elsbeth in class. Pam's Pathology class for MCP22.

It was so boring. We took a quiz. I got 80% correct.

Kim came at Noon. Shelly drove her car. Elsbeth, Kim, Shelly, and I went to Starbucks for drinks and Del Taco for tacos. Shelly would not let me pay for anything.

We went back to class and ate lunch.

Kim was supposed to be doing three 80-minute massages today. They asked her to do one more and she said no.

I left at 1PM.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up Mouse kill baits at Ace Hardware.

I drove to the Vet's and picked up Buddy. Paid the bill.

 Buddy Going to Vet

Drove home. Got mail.

Took Bud inside. Wilson really missed him. I unloaded everything. Left the Dually outside the garage so hubby could put it inside himself. I am too scared to ding the fenders.

I ate my other taco.

Dumped garbage. Put out the mouse poison baits. Did laundry. Put away dishes.

Dr Mike called and said Bud has cruciate knee ligament damage. Needs surgery. TPLO.

Took a nap for an hour. Had horrible dreams.

Hubby got home at 8PM after working at shop in Post Falls.


Tuesday, October 04, 2016


OCTOBER 4, 2016


Woke up at 6AM when hubby left. I stayed in bed with Wilson until 7AM.

Got up and gave the dogs fresh food & water. Hubby had already given Bud his pill.

I went downstairs and cleaned up the kitties and gave them fresh food & water.

Then I got dressed in a long black dress for my "professional look".

It was cold again today. About 38 when I got up.

Drove to school.

Got there about 8:50AM. I was coughing still. Took in my tea, kleenex for my nose, and Mucinex DM. Took some Ibuprofen to calm my throat.

Kim and I made our "fake presentation" of Fist & Swallow Massage. Pam laughed. Jackie & Christine thought it was cute.

Then Kim started the real presentations. She did very good. Angela was next, then I was third. Shelly was last at 11:30-12:00. It seemed that only Shelly and I had done the extent of the assignment.

When we were finally finished, Pam handed out End of the Month Progress reports, Jackie did not have mine, so she printed it up.

Kim and I went down to Starbucks to get Shelly a mint tea while Kim got a decaf coffee, they gave her the wrong size, so gave her a gift certificate for a free drink next time.

Then we went back. I got my papers & books. Kim went to massage. I gave Shelley's drink to Christine, and I picked up my progress report from Jackie.

I drove home. It was raining and cold.

It felt like a HUGE WEIGHT HAD BEEN LIFTED FROM MY SHOULDERS. Maybe I can go back to feeling normal now. No More Pressure.

At home, I got the mail. The seat pad had come in the mail. USPS had stuffed it into our mailbox, even tho it did not fit. They had ripped the packaging.

I unloaded all my books, mail, and put everything away.

Washed all my winter outer wear for the coming cold season. Got out hubby's beanies for the season. Tried to take a nap, but could not.

Had some lunch.

Gave Bud another pill.

Made an appointment to take Bud into the Vet tomorrow for Xrays.

Registered our Settlement claim online for the Sirius lawsuit.

Made payment to Electric Co-op.

Internet still keeps going down every few minutes. Very frustrating.

It is 5:30. Already dark out. Most of today was dark with rain clouds.

Monday, October 03, 2016



Hubby got up and did stuff. Met some people at the shop, cleaned up the kittens & fed them. Gave eggs to the dogs.

He took me to the Immedia Care at 10:00. Stopped at Walgreens to get Zpack for me. We were back home by 12:00.

I went to bed, hubby kept checking on me all day.

I slept most of the day.

Took a couple hot baths. I was achy, tired, coughing, sore throat. It was awful.

 Bud, Wilson, & Ben

Went to bed early tonight. I felt awful.

Hubby took real nice care of me today. He is a sweet husband.


I was up at 7AM right after hubby woke me up by telling me goodbye as he left the house.


Cleaned up dog bowls & food. Gave them ham. Gave Bud 2 pills. He was really limping around on his leg today.

Went downstairs to clean kitten room and give them food.

Worked on my Business Project. Maybe I will feel well enough to go to school tomorrow.

Did laundry.

Did dishes.

I am exhausted.

Hubby came home late. He had to pick up an Excursion at the new shop.

Then he stopped at the shop at our house for about an hour.

He finally got home at 8PM.

We had dinner, I took several medications.

Watched Bond movie, Thunderball. It was boring.

Went to bed at 1PM. Hubby was not tired. I could not sleep until about 2PM. Tossed & turned.

Got bitten by bugs again on my back.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Lions Train Ride


I woke up this morning and felt awful. I really did not want to go to Ione for the Lions Train Ride, but it was their last year. We have been trying to go for several years, but kept forgetting to purchase tickets until they were sold out. I had purchased tickets VERY early this year.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

Then he went down to the shop and met some people; people to look at shop to leave boats.

When he came back, we got everything ready. Blankets, scarves, mittens, snacks, bag.

It was very cold out today and had been raining. However, the sky looked clearer towards the West.

Hubby stopped in Spirit Lake to get a latte. I had ice chips in a cup. Tried to keep hydrated.

I slept most of the way up to Ione. It was a long drive.

We found the RR tracks and parked at the very end. I went to get our tickets at Will-Call while hubby went to use the restroom. People were moving slowly like cattle. It was tedious. Finally got in line for a covered train car. I did not want to sit outside and get cold & rained on.

Lions Train Ride Tickets

We changed cars at the last minute because the one to the left seemed to have less children. We got on the car and settled into the seats.

I covered up with the blanket. Tried to stay awake. I was aching and coughing and had a fever.

Going Over River on Way to Metaline Falls

We rode up to Metaline Falls and saw some great scenery. Also got "held up" by some fake train robbers that were taking donations for the local Theatre.

When we returned to Ione and the depot, we disembarked and got hot dogs. Hubby ordered while I used the restroom.

Hubby toured the town, we stopped outside of town to take a picture of the local "massage parlor".

Massage Parlor in Ione

Then we drove back home. I fell asleep again.

At home, I went to bed. It was a long exhausting day.