Saturday, October 29, 2016



October 29 2016

Slept late until 6:30 and then Wilson came upstairs to wake us up. He jumped on the bed, licked our faces, wiggled around. Then he jumped down and ran downstairs to wake up Bud. Bud growled at him, then staggered out into the livingroom. Wilson raced up the stairs again to go wake up Ben.

So hubby got out of bed and fixed breakfast for them. He put on Bud's brace to enable Bud to walk better.

After I warmed up some Souffle for breakfast and made hot tea, we went downstairs to clean up the kitten room and feed them.

Hubby held Fluffy & Zim to introduce them to Ben. It worked out well. Both of the kittens were calm and did not get upset.

We loaded the dogs up in the Dually and went to get hubby a latte in A-town. Joy was there and served the drink up well.

Drove down to Farragut State Park and took the dogs for a walk on Gun-Shooting Road. Ben had a great adventure as a wild dog. Hubby was obsessed with all the mushrooms that had popped up from all the rain that we have been having.

It was a wonderful, yet cold, sunny day. Buddy did quite well on the walk. We kept the leash on him to prevent him from injury. All the dogs had a quick drink of water before we left the park.

Then we drove to Gary's to pick up a check from him for last year's storage of boats. Hubby also found out that the boat parked in front of the shop was from Gary's, also. At least it was not abandoned!

Drove back to A-town and got more latte. Then we came home. Unloaded dogs at the house. Ben decided that he was going to run down to the shop so that he could play with Jack.

I did laundry. Did dishes.

Took a nap for an hour on the couch.


Hubby got home just before it started raining. He brought boxes from the mail box. They had gotten all the storage vehicles inside the building before it started raining.

We watched TV; new show on the BBC - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Ate dinner. I drank a gallon of water today. Kept peeing all day.

Went to bed around 11PM.

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