Monday, October 10, 2016


OCTOBER 9 2016

Got up. Hubby fed the dogs eggs.

I started laundry and put away the dirty dishes.

Hubby went downstairs to feed the kitties & clean up their litter.

Hubby had to run down to the shop at 10AM to get boats & RVs in the shop.

Then he came back.

We took old Xmas lights off the trees, cleaned up the decks, put away deck chairs, I picked up all Wilson's toys in the backyard, picked up the bones.

We drove to the dump with Ben and dumped the garbage. Came back home.

We watched a movie on TCM. He then had to run back down to the shop to get another RV into the shop.

After hubby changed his clothes, we drove into town with the Jeep. Stopped at KR's to visit her.

Hubby was hungry, so we stopped to eat at MOD pizza. I love their pizza.

 My Pizza
 Hubby's Pizza

Then we went to Lowe's and picked up a new shower head and bottom door seals.

Drove over to wash the Jeep. It was 5:00. Felt like way later. Sun goes down too soon.

Drove over to Rathdrum and got groceries. Then we drove home. Unloaded groceries. Gave dogs treats. Went to clean up the kitties and feed them.

Forgot to get more kitty litter & kitty food.

We were both exhausted. My knee was very painful. I took a hot bath and went to bed. Hubby came up later.

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