Friday, February 27, 2009


Buddy Lee was all excited today as he got his VZ phone rebate (in the form of a Citi Cash Card) in the mail today. He left me here dying on the couch while he picked up lattes this AM. Beebo & Isabelle went with him.

Harriet stayed with me, pushing her head under my hand. Comforting me. What a sweetie.

I’m still so exhausted from this stupid flu/cold/bronchitis. Buddy Lee already feels better. He went down to the shop with Beebo to work for a while today.

Beebo later came back to the house by himself. The first I knew that he was back, was when I heard him jumping like a jack-in-the-box against the sliding glass window. He was so excited. After letting him inside, I praised him eagerly. Telling him what a good boy and how proud I was of him coming back to the house. Called Buddy to let him know that Beebo had returned to the house, Buddy said that Beebo had had an exciting time playing with the guys down at the shop, tearing around outside & riding in the truck. Beebo sure is a shop-dog.

Beebo was greeted at the door by Harriet. After Isabelle heard him come inside, she ambled down the stairs and they all proceeded to tear around in the house. I don’t think that Beebo has ever run so fast!

The sun was able to shine through the clouds today. Blue sky was stunning as it peeked through the snow on the trees.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bravo Thinks. . .

Bravo thinks. . . an ice cube is the best thing that he could ever eat. A bowl full is wonderful, but gives you brain freeze and a headache.

Bravo thinks. . . chasing his tail is better than playing with any toy.

Bravo thinks. . . that it is SO irritating when grandma washes his face or cleans out his eye gook!

Bravo thinks. . . the stink bug game is fun to play. They make funny smells and crawl around on the floor in a vain attempt at getting away from him.

Bravo thinks. . . stealing Harriet’s food out of her mouth is loads of fun.

Bravo thinks. . . straws that are stolen out of the dishwasher while grandma puts away dishes is the highest form of espionage.

Bravo thinks. . . that when he sleeps UNDER the bed it is just like being in a fort.

Bravo thinks. . . chewing on the snowbrushes in the cars will help his little teeth sharpen so he can bite harder.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sicko - Untitled

*Harriet barked at Joe the other day – she DOES have a voice!

*Washed Bravo in the sink-he was SO stinky! While he got scrubbed & poo’d he stood like a perfect little gentleman. After drying he then went on a whole house rampage including knocking down my wooden ladder in the loft, running after Harriet, and rubbing himself all over everything.

*Need to call the VISA card company Monday to get it re-issued as they allowed our card number & info to be exposed at “a third party billing vendor”.

*Only 45 more CDS to rip to iTunes! Greg compliments me and tells me that I seem pretty proud of myself. I consider it quite an accomplishment. Over 4000 songs; all in one convenient place; no more broken plastic CD cases; easy carry-along music!

*Greg sleeps all day - in between watched his pre-recorded auto shows. He is really sick.

*Take hubby to doctor Monday.

*Force myself to finish doing income taxes on Monday.

*Try to take a nap & relax. Am so sick & tired, but I keep pushing myself. Who else will do it?

*Later this afternoon it started raining.

*Watched Academy Awards tonight.

*Bravo tried to bury Racoony in the snow outside.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sicko - The New Beginning

After Bip's visit to the Vet and his subsequent Anesthesia, he was super-hyper on Friday. No other way to describe it. He was on uppers, with a bit of meth laced cocaine. So I called the hubby mid-afternoon to come get him off my hands. I wasn't feeling so hot after cleaning the house the other day and felt too tired to move.

Hub came home & relieved me of baby dog-sitting. Beep was overjoyed to go with the hubby & Joe as they worked on Joe's truck at Rocky's. Then hub went to Richie C's.

I wanted to nap, but was so paranoid about sleeping - with all the drugs that are in my system, I am totally surprised I am amble to function at all.

After coming home late - about 6p, we watched a little tv and went to bed.

Dragged myself (I always seem to be dragging lately. . .) to get coffee lattes with the hub this morning. With all the dogs - as usual.

Then hub went to the shop to hang out while I did a little recording to iTunes- 2948 songs- and watched tv. Still unable to nap or sleep well.

Hubby came home early at 4p as he is battling this horrible sickness. Need to take him to the doc on Monday (men just refuse to visit the doctor until the last possible second!).

Bravo hung out with "the guys" at the shop. He is a good little shop dog. Had lots of fun as reported by the hub. In and out of the shops - attempting to jump into all the guys' cars that visited - riding in the shop truck. Wonder if he will consider his life boring when he has to return home to his mommy?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


After dropping off Bippo at the Vet early this morning, I was so disgusted with the house that I forced myself into exhaustion by cleaning it.

Hubby went to help Joe H again (does Joe H ever NOT need help?) and I went to work on the house.

Dusting. Vacuuming once. (as it had not been cleaned for over 3 weeks, there were large dusty bunnies all over the floor!) Vacuuming twice. Swiffer wet cleaning the floor. Cleaning the fridge. Washing all the dog beds. Washing all the bedding. Washing windows. Even managed to upload some CDs to iTunes. I think I'm dead.

Harriet & Isabelle hid in the loft all day as they are scared of the vacuum. Poor little puppies.

Picked Tripod up at 3:15 - They had to put him under so that they could take accurate x-rays of his pelvis and legs. Also manipulated his legs while he was under to ascertain pain & extension. However, Vet has no diagnosis. Can find nothing wrong-yet. Tripod is still using 3 legs - not 4. Hmmmm. X-rays will go to the radiologist tomorrow. You can seem them tonight!

Isn't he just the cutest? Nekkid Baby! This will surely have to go into his baby album. "First X-ray"

Made turkey, dressing & mashed potatoes for hubby tonite for dinner.

Think I will take my sleeping pill. A long, hot bath & go to bed by 9PM.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sicko - The Final Version

So after not being able to sleep for the last week without Ambien (a prescription med) I felt that it was time to fall asleep on my own.

Big mistake.

I tossed and turned until the wee hours. Then finally gave in and took an Extra Strength Non Aspirin Pain reliever/Nighttime Sleep Aid.

Second Big mistake.

Because I tossed and turned for a few more hours before finally succumbing to the miracle power of the o-t-c pill and falling asleep. Not a deep sleep. A horrid sleep plagued with devious and heinous nightmares.

And slept late.

Waking up with a horrendous hangover.

While missing the dog appointment, and having to re-schedule with the Vet.

The shit-eating, peeps loving Bravo has decided that he is going to permanently limp with his left hind leg high in the air; at first, months ago, it was thought his leg was falling asleep when he was lying on it. But obviously it is getting worse and we are going to have to take him in to have it diagnosed. Hubby keeps teasing that it is a tumor & "tri-pod" will have to have 3 legs - get used to it! But it might just be something as simple as a severe sprain. We will see. Mister "B" goes in tomorrow morning for observation all day with the dog doc.

Now this illness has really sapped my strength & my thought processes. It is a miracle that I even am functioning at this point. And I am severely depressed & tired. After getting up late, with no restorative rest, I had to recover until late in the afternoon at which time I was guilted into going into town with the hubby to get some much-needed groceries...and dog food. 3 dogs eat a lot. A whole lot.

Anyway, halfway through the grocery shopping experience, I am staggering. Nearly falling down useless. I get out to the truck & collapse. At home I am barely able to drag myself into the house to fall onto the couch. Horrible Horrible illness.

Am so upset that I have not been able to complete the taxes, add any more music to iTunes, or my iPod or clean up files on the computer. My office looks like a hurricane hit it! How very discouraging.

I discover that hubby had hacked into my To Do List on Google and added our secret saying. I actually thought that I had hallucinated doing it myself while I was sick. Darn. Need to change my access. He's a nut.

Bee-bo likes to have his nightly mad run fest throughout the house. The other dogs join in pretty well now. Isabelle loves to watch him, and will slightly put herself out to run a little bit - lazy dog. Then Harriet comes running down to join the game, and will actually act like a dog playing with the others!

I leave you with an adorable photo of Harriet & Bravo sharing a nap.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sicko Pt 3

Still sick. No signs of getting better. In fact, it has moved down into my lungs. I have a gravel voice and it is almost impossible to talk.
Am not enthused about Valentine's Day at all. Asked the hubby to put off any plans he might have been making as I don't feel up to anything.
Sleep, wake briefly, pop meds, sleep, wake, pee, pop meds, take coedine laced cough medicine, take hot bath. More sleep.

Sicko Pt 2

Still sick. Hubby dragged me in to see Dr. Linford. He diagnosed Bronchitis. It took all the energy I had to get up & dressed by 1:00 for the appointment at 1:45PM.
All the puppies came with us. What a trip.

After dropping off my prescriptions at the pharmacy, hubs decided he wanted something to eat and went to Mickey D's. Gross. That's not food. That's poison. But Bravo & Harriet decided they LURV french fries.

We picked up groceries at the store as my appetite has been non-existent. Nothing looked remotely good.

I was prescribed AMOX TRK and TUSSIONEX PENNKINETIC SUSP. However, I have lost all taste sensation. My taste buds are nil. Everything I put in my mouth is gross & lackluster. Am having to force myself to eat before taking the pills in order to have something in my stomach.

The cough medicine was supposed to have coedine in it, which usually knocks me back on my ass. But I am wide awake again for the 3rd night in a row. Big black bags under my eyes make me look like a raccoon. I urged the doctor to give me something strong for sleep (thanks - $88 later!) and it's still not working. So, a half hour ago I got up thinking that it was morning. It's NOT. It is 3AM. All the puppies decided to go out for potty since I was up, and all I wanted to do was take more medicine and get a restful soak in the tub. Even warm milk tastes bland but I drink a little anyway, thinking it might make me sleep. NOT.

Beside the body aches & pains, coughing, sore throat, runny nose, stuffed up sinuses with surrounding infection, headache, cold chills and fever, I am having a great old time!

Perhaps hallucinating. Not sure.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I have been gradually getting sicker for the last few days. Too tired to do anything. Finally it got so bad today that I stayed in bed all day. Body aches & pains, exhaustion, sore throat, headaches. Feels like climbing Mt Everest when I go upstairs.

Hubby promised to stay home with me to care for me, but got a request for help from Joe H so he had to run over there for a while. He was also a doll by getting some groceries.

Bravo woke us up last night barking violently for about 15 minutes at about 2AM. It was difficult to get back to sleep after that.

The moon was very bright last night & also again today. There are beautiful shadows of the trees on the white snow. Very romantic & pretty. Deer & coyotes are out tonight.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Bundled all the dogs into the truck and went into town. G dumped me off while he went to get a haircut, make a deposit at the bank, and stop for Wendy with Isabelle, Bravo & Harriet.

After getting my nails & toes done at the Nail Spa, hubby and I went to see the movie TAKEN starring Liam Neeson.

The movie was very good. However I was not happy having to pay $7.50 each for the early afternoon matinee. My gosh. That is horribly expensive. I will not be visiting that movie theatre again soon. It's better to just stay at home, be able to read the subtitles & not have noisy people disturbing the show.

I do have to say, I was surprised to see that there were a LOT of people at this movie. On a Monday. At 1:45pm. But not any disturbances. No noisy children, nobody smoking cigarettes, nobody throwing beer cans. Isabelle went with us and behaved perfectly. Bravo & Harriet took naps in the truck. Both before & after the movie we took all the dogs out to the park to run around. They had a ball!

Picked up groceries at Safeway and I got my Starbucks fix!

On the way home, we stopped at Applebee's to pick up salads to go while having a drink waiting for our order.

In between watching House & Heroes on television, I am trying to download more songs to iTunes. Tho a curious thing; I am unable to find some of the CDs-I have more plastic cases than CDs! I am up to 1901 songs. And I'm not even half way through. Hmmm.