Friday, January 31, 2014



End of the week. End of the month.

Can't believe January is gone already. I feel so useless. Sick the whole month.

Today was a bad day. Very weak. Couldn't even walk across the room without being exhausted.

I slept most of the day. Dragged myself around. Totally bored.

Poor dogs are bored, too.

I made breakfast egg sandwich for hubby. He got up at 7:05. Late.

I had gotten up with Isabelle at 3AM last night to let her outside.

Sporadic sleep.

More snow came off the roof. I had to shovel it off the deck.

Hubby came home at 6:00 with a shake from Arby's for me. They shorted his order. He had to call & talk to Kurt, the manager.

Hubby went down to the shop to work.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

MORE snow


More snow. Lil Bit & Ben were outside last night barking at something for over 30 minutes. I finally got up, even tho I was nauseated and made them come inside at midnight. Closed the dog door.

Hubby got up at 3:30 and let Isabelle outside. Maggie barked to go outside. Hubby went downstairs again and he opened the doggy door.

Got up at 6:45 to make egg sandwich for hubby. He gave dogs their pills with the rest of the eggs.

He left for work. It started snowing again.

I shoveled both decks. The snow fell off the roof. I shoveled the side deck.

Still nauseated.

Kept snowing until 3:00. I think we got over 15 inches of snow now.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SNOW (Again)


Its started snowing last night. Isabelle wanted to be let out early in the morning and that is when it started snowing.

By today, we had already gotten 8 inches.


Hubby got up and made himself a sandwich. I was nauseated in bed. I got up in time to see him off, and he forgot his phone again. I rushed it out to the garage for him. Had to walk in 4 inches of snow...

I could not shovel the decks today because I could not lift anything more than 20 pounds per the doctor's orders.

My right wrist started hurting today. Like somebody stuck a knife into it and bruised it badly.

I am still so weak. Very nauseated. Have not been this sick until now. Will have to watch what I eat. Only drank Orange Juice today to keep the nausea away.

Dogs had fun running in the back yard playing in the snow. Bud, Ben, & Lil Bit ran outside playing.

When hubby came home, he shoveled off both decks.

It finally quit snowing around 8PM.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tired, So Tired

Jan 28 2014

Nothing I do gives me any more energy.

I am so tired.

Got up and made eggs for dogs & hubby's breakfast. No latte because machine broke.

Made a meatloaf sandwich for hubby.

Took a 2 hour nap on the couch.

It sarted snowing around 1:00PM.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Still No Strength


Not a good day for me. Insides are still hurting. Rash is still hurting.

I got up at 9AM.

Barely had energy to go downstairs to rest on the couch.

Watched tv most of the day.

Did laundry. Did dishes. Replaced dog water upstairs & water in humidifier. Out of breath just to go up and down stairs. Fed fish. I was exhausted.

 Bud Watches It Snow Outside

Hubby worked overtime tonight. He brought home more groceries.

I made meatloaf.

Hubby went down to shop at 8:45 to work.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

6 More Weeks of Recovery?


Got up this morning, all sweaty. Hair is a mess. I feel awful.

Dressed and got the dogs ready for walk. Hubby

At Farragut, we walked in park around camping area. A couple were camping in a cabin there. Smelly campfire.

Dogs loved the new smells. Saw a flock of 30+ wild turkeys, making noise when they heard us coming.

We drove to Bayview to feed ducks. Lots of Canadian Geese and scared ducks. Huey, Dewey, & Louie were there.

Huey, Dewey & Louie are on the left


Then we came back to town. Hubby's brother called to talk with him for a while. We got milk at Lil Town Market.

Hubby drove us home. Unloaded dogs. Hubby made eggs for dogs & an egg sandwich for himself. Hubby went down to shop to work for a while. I fell asleep on the couch.

At 4:00, hubby came up and said he had to go to CDA. Took Bud & Ben with him.

Called him to pick up Calzones at Pizza Hut.

Hubby dropped off food & went down to shop to work until 11PM.


Got up at 9AM and hubby made eggs for dogs & gave them pills. Ben's feet seem to be getting better again.

We napped on the couches until 11:00AM. Then we got dressed and took dogs for a long walk in the park. Probably too long. It was too much for me. We came home and I took painkiller. Crashed out on the couch for the rest of the day.

Hubby went to get milk at Lil Town Market later in the afternoon.

JMS brought over lasagne that his wife had prepared for us. They had heard that I was just out of surgery.

We watched The Grammy's on tv and then went to bed at 11:45PM.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Never (Getting) Better


I feel like I am never getting better. Slept thru the night after taking allergy pills.

The rash on my chest is not responding to the allergy pills nor any creams that I have put on it.

I am still exhausted.

It is an effort just to get thru each day.

I feel like I am never getting better.

Hubby brought grape juice home for me tonight. He is sweet.

He went down to work in shop at 6PM.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Worst Day of Healing


Got up at 7AM. Barely enough energy to go downstairs and open the blinds.

Dogs just slept most of the day with me.

I slept most of the day. No energy to get up and do anything.

Ben Took Over My Chair

I had no energy. My rash is getting worse at the surgery sites.

Before hubby came home, I did dishes & laundry & vacuumed.

Hubby brought home groceries.

I am exhausted. Tired.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Hubby got up and went to work. I was still in bed. Got up at 9AM.

I mostly sat in the recliner today trying to recover.

I did put in some laundry to do.

I put a lasagne in the oven for hubby to have when he comes home from work.

I could not take a nap. Did not feel tired, just exhausted.

Hubby came home late after delivering a truck to a guy. Then he sat with me on the couch watching tv. I am so bored. This is exhausting trying to recover from surgery.

Took sleeping pills to try to sleep.


Got up at 4:00AM and had to potty. Hubby could not sleep anymore so he sat on the couch downstairs.

I got up at 6:00AM finally; soaking sweaty wet. Still weak.

Sat with hubby watching KREM news this morning until 7:00.

Hubby left for work.

I did laundry & put away. I did dishes & put away. I washed my hair.

It was a big day. I am exhausted & shaking. Need rest.

Kootenai Electric was out front with 3 big trucks doing work around 1:00PM. They bothered the dogs for about 40 minutes.

Hubby is coming home at 2:00 to take me to my Dr appointment re-check.

Monday, January 20, 2014


JAN 20 2014

I was finally able to sleep all night long after taking a few benadryl allergy pills. Got up at 5AM to pee. Then slept again until 9:30. Got up and had a bagel with coffee.

Hubby woke up early and had a shower. Hubby had made appt for Ben at Vet for 10:30. I fed the squirrel before we left.

Ben got more meds for antibiotics & steroids. His swollen foot had gone down after giving him allergy pills yesterday.

We drove to Sandpoint to get parts.

Got Arby burgers for dogs.

Hubby drove me to Rathdrum to get my toenails & nails done with Rhonda.

Hubby drove to CDA to get dog food at Big R for dogs.

Hubby picked me up. We got burgers at McDonalds for dogs.

Came home at 4:00. I fell asleep.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


december 19 2014

still recovering.

took the dogs for a very short walk in farragut park.

went down to feed ducks, but no ducks were there!

came home & rested all day. still very exhausted.

hubby still taking care of me and getting food & drinks for me. helping me in & out of bed.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Missing Days - Gallbladder Surgery

december 13

urgent care day

i don't remember too much about monday morning. hubby called in to work because he was going to take me to the doctor. he had to get a jeep over to Clyde's by 7am so he could get paid. he got paid at noon.

i remember him coming home and i told him he had to take me to the doctor NOW. he got me loaded in the excursion. i tried putting on jeans, but they hurt too much. i changed into my shorts. covered with a blanket. excruciating pain all the way to northwest urgent care in post falls. they got me in and an iv started. i threw up several times. nice nurse corinne got iv started because i had no veins; i was so dehydrated. two other nurses soak my arms in hot towels to find veins.

got a ct. male nurse stank of cigarette smoke. yuck.

dr came in and said gallbladder & stones. need surgery. i said ok. they admitted me.

got me transferred to the hospital section. in a bed. started morphine and more ivs.

hubby stayed until late?

december 14

surgery day

hubby left to get a pillow for me at walmart. he decided to go home & feed the dogs treats. however, they scheduled my surgery early and he barely made it back in time.

they took me to surgery prep area & the anesthesiologist came to talk with me. KRN had managed to come over to visit. we only had a few minutes to talk before I went into surgery. had a really bad cramp in my left leg. hubby finally came in to the pre-surgery room and then they rolled me to surgery.

surgery room was COLD!

I woke up. But I did not know where I was. Hubby was there. KRN had already gone home.

Surgery had lasted 3.5 hours instead of only 1 hour.

I was on morphine again. Hubby went home early as I was out of it for the rest of the night.

december 15

another surgery day.

this surgery is at KMC Kootenai Medical Center outpatient center.

Hubby got there early as I was to have another surgery. The ambulance came for me and they rolled me out.

When I got to KMC, my nurse was Ryan. He did not introduce himself. I was rolled into a very SMALL operating room. I had to crawl over to the gurney by myself.

I woke up alone and Ryan went to get hubby. They called for the ambulance right away to take me back to Northwest Specialty Hospital.

I slept most of the afternoon away. Hubby left early again because I was out of it.

I got to eat a liquid diet tonight! Got broth & jello & ginger ale.

december 16

I got to eat liquid diet this morning, but they said that I could have solid food in the afternoon. They wanted to let me go home this morning, but I was still too weak and did not want to go. Dr said that I could be released tomorrow.

Lots of sleep today.

Had Cheese filled ravioli for lunch.

Had Coconut Breaded shrimp with hubby for dinner.

SO Delicious Hospital Dinner

december 17

hospital release day.

The doctor came in really early this morning around 6:00. He said that I could go home today.

This morning hubby slept late because he was working in the shop until 2AM. He had turned his phone off and would not answer.

I ordered him breakfast. An omelette with hashbrowns. I got the french toast with orange juice.

Another Delicious Hospital Breakfast

The nurse came after breakfast and pulled out my drain. Hubby got there shortly afterwards. I took a shower because I was hit with a bout of explosive diarrhea.

Got dressed & waited for the nurse to bring the release forms. Hubby pulled around the Excursion. I managed to walk out the door to get in the vehicle.

We stopped to grocery shop at Stein's in Rathdrum on the way home. I got a kart to ride around the store. Fell asleep on it and some nice lady came over to ask if I was ok. Told her I had just gotten out of the hospital!

Got burgers for dogs at McDonalds.

Dogs were happy to see mommy home again.

I rested on the recliner and then took a nap in the late afternoon.

Went to bed early with a painkiller prescribed from the doctor.

december 18


Lots of rest today. Alternated between the recliner & the bed.

Hubby stayed home with me. Got me food to eat, liquid to drink, helped me get in and out of bed, helped me in the bathroom.

Really tired.

Took another prescription painkiller.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


January 12, 2014

Still in lots of pain. Hot fever, cold chills all night. Took another couple bathes. Slept with Maggie because I could not get comfortable. Slept on the couch downstairs. Slept in the chair upstairs. SO uncomfortable. Finally got back into bed with hubby & heating pads & slept until 6AM. Got up and took another bath. Then slept until 9AM. Hubby was already up and downstairs with Bud next to him on the couch.

I got up and made the bed, open the mini blinds in the rooms. Got the blankets together on our bed to wash.

Hubby made breakfast. I made a latte for him. I was exhausted & had a horrible headache.

We watched a movie on free HBO this weekend, then at Noon, we walked dogs.

Stopped to get a loaf of bread at Lil Town Market in Athol.

It was almost too much walking dogs. I took Maggie & Isabelle. Wind was blowing & it was bitterly cold. I walked VERY slow behind hubby and the other dogs. At the very end, Isabelle & Maggie were pulling me.

Afterwards, we went to feed the ducks & geese (Huey, Dewey & Louie-the American Buff Geese) and some scared Canadian Geese.

Came back home and I took a hot bath. Then went to bed. Slept until 3:00PM.

Watched more movies on tv and hubby made jello for me. I made him Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich because I wanted some soup.

I took another bath afterwards. It was 8:00PM by now and I was exhausted.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hating My Father

January 11, 2014

Sometimes at night, it is difficult to sleep even after taking sleeping pills. So my mind preys on me by thinking about awful things from the past.

There are many reasons that I hated (still hate) my father, this is an example.

I laid awake for several hours last night lamenting about a poor dog that my father would not let inside our house.  How lonely this little Schnauzer, Misty, must have been. She had adequate shelter, food, and water. I always went outside to take care of her, play with her, and clean out her came of poop. But she was outside ALL the time. Never to join our family. As far to the back of our 1/4 acre of property as was possible. He gave in to my pleadings for a dog to pacify my mother. My father bred Misty later for the sale of her pups. It was awful. He screamed at me when Misty was in pain having her pups. I ran outside as a child & swearing all sorts of evil revenge upon his head.

Another puppy we got laid outside our house in a cardboard box, dying in extreme pain from a form of Parvo? It must have been. My father would not let me do anything for the puppy, (I don't even remember if it was female or male) he refused to take it to a Veterinarian.

My father died alone. I hope he died in pain. To have no empathy for a living animal. I detested the man.

We got up today and made breakfast. I made latte for hubby and eggs for dogs.

Hubby had several things at shop to do and was in a mood where he just can't decide what to do. We took the dogs for a walk in the park. There was water over the road at the old lady's house on the way into town.

Lots of trees down across the roads towards the park. Wind was blowing a lot; gusts of 60 mph?

We took a new trail thru the park but the trees bent over so far with the wind, it was scary. I thought they would fall upon us.

Drove down to Bayview to feed the ducks again. We had two loaves of bread and some corn tortillas. The ducks were starved. There were several who came directly to us, but a lot were too scared to be near us. The three geese are with them again and even seemed happy to see us! I think I will name them Huey, Louie, & Dewey.

Huey, Dewey, & Louie

 Ducks & Geese

On the way home, stopped at Victory Auto Parts to get gravel for the driveway. Dropped the dogs off at home while I fed the deer out front. Hubby went down to the shop to work.

Hubby had called Don & Lucille to go over there, Lucille said their son had died. How awful.

Hubby came back from getting a truck with #3.  At 2:00, he came up to the house and got me so we could go over to Spokane Spauldings together. We took Bud, Maggie, & Lil Bit with us. Ben was upset to see us go.

We stopped to get a drink on the way into Spokane. The wind was blowing hard again.

At Spauldings, I had to go potty. Then I walked all the dogs. Hubby had the guys at Spauldings load the rear end. As we were leaving Spauldings, I was hit with intense Diverticulitis pains. I had hubby pull over in an abandoned building so that I could throw up; the pain was so bad.

As I screamed in agony, the pain seeped away. It seemed to take forever, but only lasted about 15 minutes.

We stopped in Rathdrum to get burgers for the dogs & something for #3 to eat.

At home, I barely made it in the house. Hubby helped me. I fed the burgers to the dogs, then sat down to rest for a while on a heating pad. I was in lots of pain.

Watched a couple episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO (free this weekend).

Put away laundry later.

Hubby stayed up to watch tv until 1AM; I had been in bed since 7PM. He woke me up and I could not sleep for hours because of the pain.

Friday, January 10, 2014


December 10 2014

Wow. A whole 10 days into the new year and it has done nothing but snow, snow, snow.

We got another 3 inches last night. By this morning, it had turned to heavy, wet, slush. 39 degrees right now as I am typing.

Got up this morning and made hubby latte & egg sandwich. Dog had their eggs with pills.

Hubby left and I got busy doing laundry & dishes.

Then went outside to shovel both decks.

More back & hip pain.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Almost Friday

January 9 2014

Woke up to more snow that had fallen off the roof onto the deck. The snow had also fallen off the roof of the garage, so hubby had to get that cleaned up before he left for work.

I got up and made eggs for dogs. Made a meatloaf sandwich & egg sandwich for hubby. Also made his latte.

After hubby left, I cleaned off the side deck from all the snow that had fallen from the roof. It started getting warmer.

I did dishes & laundry.

Washed my hair.

Cleaned up the dog toys. Gave dogs steaks & bones.

 My Best Buddy!

Hubby came home and had a light dinner. He went down to shop to work.

Made Bacon & Ranch Pasta salad. Yum. Hubby will like that.

It started snowing again at 6:30PM.


Wednesday, January 08, 2014



so...hubby jinxed us by mentioning one too many times that we have had a mild winter up until now. the snow started yesterday and it is still snowing this morning.


got up and made eggs for dogs, latte for hubby. afterwards, both of us started shoveling decks. hubby even managed to make it out of the house by 7:05. squishy dogged all the puppies. hugging them goodbye.

really slippery out because ice underneath snow. after hubby left, i did laundry & dishes. then picked up house. went outside and shoveled some more of the dog yard so they don't have to walk in deep snow.

Bud guards us from the snow outside

i got an awful cold chill after coming back inside and could not warm up. put on a sweatshirt & also jeans. turned up the fireplace & bathroom heater.

fed the fish.

had to shovel decks 6 times today. snow plow on highway went by 4 times today. lots of snow.

i cleaned out the refrigerator. made pasta salad.

hubby came home around 5:45 after stopping at walmart for groceries. tea, honey,

he had a meal of stew and watched tv for about an hour. then he helped me shovel off the front deck because the snow had again fallen from the roof & piled on the deck. the snow is getting heavy with rain.

hubby & i shoveled the walk to the garage; then he started to plow.

i made meatloaf. maybe he can take some for lunch tomorrow on a sandwich.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

KEC Cuts Again

January 7 2014

Feeling much better on juice diet. Hubby left for work this morning as I woke up and had a sore throat! Hope I don't get sick.

Vacuumed house. Did dishes & laundry.

Fed deer, fed fish, fed squirrels.

KEC sub-contractor came out and made a mess of the yard. Did not clean up the downed branches on the ground even though they cut & chipper/shredded for over 2 hours. The huge trees will be weak on one side and tend to lean the opposite way in case of wind or ice. Assholes.

Last night I was looking for my antique Silver Dollars so that I could see if they were worthy anything. I seem to have misplaced them which is very odd. I always keep them in ONE place with the rest of my stuff. They seem to have disappeared. Probably my alzheimers and I can't remember what I did with them...

Made dog grog in crockpot again. Chicken & stuffing & canned chicken soup.

Started snowing at 2:00 and really started snowing hard at 3:00.

Hubby had some dog grog when he got home. It was 5:45 by the time he finally came home. Awful fatal wreck which closed I-90 today. Hubby had to go down to reservation south of CDA today to install DSL for some older lady.

Hubby got to work late and then had to drive VERY slowly on the way home. Snowplow went by our house twice before he got home.

Snowplow went by late last night, too.

We went to bed at 11:00. Hubby kept putting off coming to bed because he "had to look up one last thing on the computer".

Monday, January 06, 2014


Jan 6 2014

There are reports on the internet news that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

The sun was shining today after hubby went to work, so it was not dreary outside; but it was severely cold. Not as cold as the Polar Vortex that they are talking about in the midwest & back east. We woke up to 13 degrees outside. So it must have dipped below that last night. Good thing that we keep our dogs in the house. I would not want any animal to have to suffer such cold.

Made eggs for the dogs. Made latte for hubby. He was depressed & sad about going back to work after a whole week off; the dogs really wanted to go on their walk this morning. They will miss it.

I went outside to feed the squirrels. Fed them the sunflower seeds, bird seed & peanuts that we had purchase at Big R. Front yard squirrel was happy. Back deck squirrel did not look at his food. He took a 3 hour nap on top of the bird feeder most of the day!

 Squirrel on Bird Feeder

I did dishes & laundry. I think I will have to clean today or tomorrow.

Dogs slept most of the day.

Hubby got home at 5:30 and brought mail, milk, and salad. He said he has to eat salads for a while; he got fat over Xmas.

Watched TV for a while & went to bed.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

NOT the most depressing day of the year

January 5 2014

Hubby has to go back to work tomorrow. His first day of work for 2014.

So we got up late. I slept until 10:00. Hubby came downstairs at 8:00 and fell asleep on the couch.

I made latte for him. He made burritos from the leftovers in the fridge.

Got dressed & took dogs for walk in the park.

Picked up the mail from Saturday before we left the icy driveway!

We parked on the West side of the park and walked the dogs in the sunshine!

Then we drove down to Bayview to feed the ducks. A little kitty came out and miaowed at us as we were feeding the ducks & geese. I broke up some cheese & bread for him. He was afraid to come out and see us. The kitty hid underneath the floats of a float home.

Some women came down to see us feeding the ducks. They were nice. Talked to us about coming down to see the eagles. We told them to go into Farragut Park to get a better view of them.

Then we drove to Garfield Bay (stopped to get a latte for me on the way). Took the dogs for another walk around the Marina. It was cold. The drawdown this year on the lake was about 20 feet. We walked down our dock, but could not find the mat that we had lost in the water last year...

On the way back, we saw a herd of Elk that were feasting on hay bales that a kind homeowner had put out for them. They were very pretty.


Drove up to Sandpoint and got deer food & bird seed at Big R. We left all the dogs in the car. Then drove over to Home Depot to get traction sand for the driveway. Bought two 60lb bags with hubby's gift card.

Got Jr. burgers for dogs at Arby's and fed them. Then we dropped our water payment off at the USPS office.

Drove home, and on the way stopped to see the new used dealership named Pierce's just south of Sandpoint. Hubby wanted to look at the Jeep Rubicon's.

Bud, Ben, Izzy & Lil Bit's black butt in the Excursion

Saw somebody get pulled over for speeding on the hill coming up into Athol. Saw beautiful sunset with fluffy pink clouds.

I made chili & a grilled cheese sandwich for hubby when we got home. He cleaned up his counter, I put away clean clothes, and hubby put away the snowman & deer from the deck.

Hubby accidentally fell outside on the glare ice when putting away the holiday decor. He is sitting on the couch now at 7:00PM.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine!

January 4 2014

Good morning, Sunshine! Where have you been all week? Would have been nice to have the sun shining all week long for hubby's holiday.

Anyway, I was exhausted and hurting everywhere after eating crap last night. No more eating crap.

So I slept in late. Hubby told me he was leaving 2 minutes before he walked out the door. I told him I wanted to go, also. I got dressed & bed made in seconds.

I made a hot tea with honey to go with us. No time to make hubby's latte.

Left all the dogs at home because needed to have truck empty for appointment at Dodge dealership in Post Falls.

Drove to PF and was there 20 minutes early for 9:00 AM appt. So hubby drove to get a latte. We arrived on schedule for appt, waited for a while. Talked to a salesman and took test drive in a white new Jeep Rubicon. ONLY $45,000. OMG. Hubby wants to buy one. He is in love with it.

He will try to find a rebuildable for much cheaper. Had to endure 30 minutes of salesman bull-talk. Oh, how I hate that.

Then left and drove to Stateline to get breakfast sandwiches at Carl's Jr for the dogs.

Could not wash truck, too many people in line.

At home, fed the dogs their breakfast sandwiches. Made another latte for hubby. Hubby loaded garbage in Dodge.

Remote lock for Dodge works great! 

remote for dodge

Hubby tried calling some friends to get driveway sanded, but nobody had a sand truck.

Hubby went down to the shop "for a while" and ended up working until 9:30PM.

#3 put the new seat on the forklift. They love it.

Friday, January 03, 2014

The New January


Got up at 8AM! OMG. Slept in late!!!

Made eggs for hubby breakfast & latte. Dogs got their delicious chicken dog grog from the crock pot. It was so warm & delicious & heavy enough to stick to their tummies! Yummy!

Took puppies to park to walk. It had rained most of last night and everything (including our driveway) is a slippery ice rink mess! We had to go off into the field to be able to walk! Maggie kept getting tangled up in her leash. Bud wanted to run, so I eventually just let him go...

Lot of fire engines & sirens & ambulances headed down to Bayview while we were walking in the park. Wonder what happened.

After the walk, we went to feed the ducks. But discovered that neither of us had brought the bird food!!!

 Bud, Ben, & Isabelle in Excursion

We drove home and unloaded the dogs. Changed clothes & went into town to do various chores.

  • Dropped off part at Roy Taylor's 
  • Dropped off present for Rhonda in Rathdrum 
  • Got latte at Jitterz in Rathdrum
  • Mailed condolence card for my brother in Hayden Post Office
  • Looked for Carmex at Rite Aid
  • Picked up Temporary Carry Permits & took pics for them at Sheriff's Office in CDA       (sidenote - they took TWO pictures, one for facial recognition in the future, one pic for the permit. they only issued a temporary permit that will be valid for 3 months and will mail the permanent one. my pictures looks AWFUL. i look like i have had a stroke with one side of my mouth higher than the other & my eyes look droopy; hubby asked me if i was doing meth!)
  • Deposited money at Bank
  • Did NOT wash truck because too many people at car wash (sun was shining for a few minutes)
  • Stopped at Wendy's for dog burgers
  • Went shopping at Albertson for crab & lobster & sausage & corn on the cob & baby red potatoes & wine. (hubby wanted Crab Pot)

Rhonda's present & card

Got home and gave burgers to dogs.

Hubby made all the food. Then he went down to the shop to talk to a guy that was dropping off truck for parts.

Thursday, January 02, 2014


Jan 2, 2013

How fast the new year flies! Already the 2nd of January 2014!

We got up and made breakfast. I made hubby a latte. He is trying to cut back on sugar, so I added only a fraction of the flavoring that I usually add to his drink.

Got dogs ready & drove to Farragut Park for a really LONG dog walk down by theWillow Day Use area. Saw LOTS of Geese in the parking area.

 Geese waddling along

We saw HUNDREDS of eagles! It was so wonderful. I took some pictures, but most of them turned out blurry with the overcast day; taken with my iPhone.

 Eagle at mid point of tree
Eagle at tip of tree top

After the long dog walk and at the end we came up to the parking area via a deer trail straight up; the dogs were exhausted. Isabelle was especially tired & had to be pulled up the hill.

 Lil Bit, Maggie, & Bud on walk
 Lil Bit & Maggie

Went over to Bayview to feed the ducks. They did not like the burrito shells that we tore up into little pieces. However, when we threw the pieces into the water, they went nuts. A couple of Sheriff's deputies approached us and asked if we knew where "D" dock was located. We were unsure, but hubby suggested that they go to JD's Bar to ask for sure.

There were two cars that parked besides ours; the 6 people were with the Audubon Society and were looking at the ducks, eagles & seagulls.

Hubby stopped to get $12 in gasoline at the station in Athol. Then we came home. He hooked up the trailer to the Excursion. We drove into town with Bud & Ben. Hubby dropped me off in Post Falls at A Cut Above so that I could make my appointment at 12:00 with Julie for a Brazilian BlowOut.

I was finished at 2:00 and called hubby to pick me up. He said that he had walked with Ben & Bud.

We drove over to Walgreens (who did NOT have my Carmex); then we drove to CDA to get me a latte at Higher Grounds. Then drove to Maverik Gas Station to get gas in Excursion. Then over to Wendy's to get burgers for dogs. Then drove to Hayden Walgreens to see if they had Carmex (they did NOT have my Carmex). However, we did purchase an ornament, a card, & tissue paper for the present for Rhonda, my nail lady.

We came home and fed burgers to dogs. Hubby made a few business calls. He went down to the shop to work at 4:30.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


JANUARY 1 2013

1/ The EARTH is 4.54 billion years old.
2/ The United States was founded in 1776; therefore, a 238 year celebration this year.
3/ The UNIVERSE is believed to be about 13.8 billion years old.
4/ 2014 is a celebration date of the Gregorian calendar which is the most widely & used civil calendar.

The neighbors woke us up last night at 11:55 and kept going until about 12:30 shooting guns and setting off fireworks. Dogs were upset and show their displeasure by alternatively barking & growling.

We got up this morning and made breakfast & latte.

Moved the stuff in the front of the garage and pushed the lawnmower forward & out of the way so that we can load dogs into Excursion better.

hungry ducks

Then took dogs down for walk in park. Lots of people in park walking dogs. Heard some hounds baying down by the beach.

Fed the ducks in Bayview. Two loaves of bread could barely contain these hungry little buggers...

Came back & hubby fixed the Lobster that he had forgotten to make yesterday.

We made a crockpot chicken stew for the dogs.

Buddy napping

Everybody took naps.

Hubby drank wine. 

 good House Wine

We watched more of the Twilight Zone marathon.