Friday, April 30, 2010

Aches & Pains

pig-in-a-blanket tonight

Bud 4-wheelin' this past weekend

Hubby rested this morning. I made him a great breakfast of eggs, bacon & toast so that he could take his pain meds.

I had to drive him into town to deliver a truck to C&N Diesel. Bud & Bit came with us. On the way back we got cheeseburgers for the pound puppies. Also stopped in CDA to pick up some metal they needed for the RMOR shop. Lots of insane traffic at 430PM; several cars tried to hit us!

Once home, I was trolling Craigslist and found a potential Saint rescue. Made arrangements with Mandy to pick up her dog on Sunday. She said he weighs 200 pounds. We will see...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Worst Birthday Ever

Hubby's birthday was today. He had planned on having a low-key, casual day. His vacation from work started on Wednesday, so he was sure to have the day off.

The kids came over on Wednesday afternoon to dump Bravo so they could go spend time with the in-laws. However, Bravo decided he did not want to have fun at Granny's house. He was a bad little B! Growled at the other dogs, growled at granny, chewed the rugs outside.

When the kids returned, we talked a while before going to bed. Watched a South Park episode that had been pre-recorded. Hilarious.

Planning on sleeping in early did not happen. The dogs were up by 5AM with me to go out to potty. It was raining and they balked. Went back to bed. Gave hubby his cupcake & candle & birthday song. KRL-N came up to let Bravo out with all the other dogs & Zeus piddled around walking the fence line as usual. KRL-N drooled against the door, falling asleep again. She was finally able to return to bed...with Lil Bit following her down to the basement & sleeping between her legs...

Then the dogs woke up an hour later with hubby and wanted to go out to potty again. Hubby's turn!

Hubby returned to bed. To sleep in late. NOT. Some kid knocked on the door. At 8AM. Dogs barking. Total chaos. Seems there had been an accident last night. One of the kids that frequents RMOR had rolled their truck while 4-wheeling & was in serious condition. The kid knocking on the door was his best friend since high school & wanted to fetch his truck that RMOR had been working on in the shop. So hubby got dressed & was gone out the door.

By 10AM, we got organized after a nice birthday breakfast of sausages & waffles. Even Matt ate! So we got lattes later & headed to Round Lake to walk the dogs in the rain. Was nice. Half way through, hubby's knee went out. It was awful. He was in lots of pain. Got home & called doctor. Orthopedic surgeon scheduled appt June 3! OMG! That far out? So we took him to general MD to get pain pills. Also a note from doctor saying he will not be able to walk, kneel, or exert pressure on leg until a 1 week follow-up.

Hubby in pain & on painkillers. Stopped to get drugs in Rathdrum, got gasoline at Costco, cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendys, dog food at Aslin Finch, leg brace in Hayden at other MDs.

For the rest of the evening, hubster rested on couch with leg elevated & brace on & ice on top of that!

Harriet's bandana

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Blog Blogger

I don't know why I have not updated my blog in so long. Derelict in my duties, I suppose.

Hubby was training in Everett from April 19 through April 21. When he returned, we took the dogs up to Round Lake for an early morning walk while it was slightly raining. The afternoon turned out better.

Hectic times getting ready for the Rocky Mountain Toys Charity 4X4 Event on April 24, 2010. Which was loads of fun. The kids let us ride in their MegaMatt Dodge Mega Cab. It was exciting to be 4-wheeling again. Our son won the $200 gift certificate for a complete detail at the local car dealership. He really needed it as he cut it close going through the woods dragging through the trees.

The kids stayed over Friday & Saturday night. Walked the dogs with us in the park Sunday morning April 25. We picked up cattle panels for them & hauled them to their place. Hubby helped the son put them up while us girls waited in the house.

I have been updating hubby's new blog site with pictures & other things. Have been trying to work on him for years to get out there & promote Rocky Mountain Off Road. Finally, the kids talked him into it. We will be doing t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, stickers, banners, pens, & new business cards to reflect the new logo.

Hubby accidentally washed his cell phone in the laundry the other day. He got a loaner from Kevin R, but it did not work. He finally got his own to dry out and we had to authorize it again via computer. What a mess.

It was slightly warm on Monday April 26, but Tuesday has been raining all day. Dogs don't want to do anything, they have been sleeping around the house all day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lost My Chi

Dog Ride - Bud, Zeus, Izzy, Bit
Dog Grog
Dog poo pickup
Dish washing
Tug of War, Tennis Ball Throwing, Running in Back Yard
Dog Walks
Dogs Sleeping in the sun - 60 degree temps
Dog hair brushing
Asplundh trying to cut trees on property
Calling KEC - Jamie - stuttering fool
Garbage to dump

Years From Now

Years from now, I want you years from now
And I hold you years from now as I love you tonight
You are my one true friend, always my one true friend
And I love you till I'd say as I love you tonight

I know this world that we live in can be hard
Now and then and it will be again
Many times we've been down
Still love has kept us togetherl the flame never dies
When I look in your eyes the future I see

Wanting you years from now
And holding you years from now
And loving you years from now
As I love you tonight

I know this world that we live in can be hard
Now and then and it will be again
Many times we've been down
Still love has kept us together the flame never dies
When I look in your eyes the future I see

Wanting you years from now
And holding you years from now
And loving you years from now
As I love you tonight

Dr. Hook

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Rest For The Weary

I am just exhausted. T.I.R.E.D.

9 April Friday
Hubby came home after work & then worked in the shop until 9:00. At which time he decided that we needed to deliver Kegley's truck to them. After getting fuel in Spirit Lake, we raced to Post Falls to get a Starbucks. They were closed. Damn. So instead, we got lattes & 2 dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme. Hubster just cannot resist those donuts. I sipped on my latte joyfully while we drove to Airway Heights dragging a trailer behind us in the dark!

10 April Saturday
Kept working on the new RMOR blog, finishing up taxes, and looking after all the dogs. Waylon the Schipperke is still with us and his mommies should be picking him up today. I also cleaned house. Which is what made me tired. After all that work, I hurt EVERYWHERE!

Then later in the afternoon, China called to ask if they could stay one more day and pick Waylon up on Sunday afternoon. I told them it was OK. Waylon & Bit have been playing a lot. I think Bit is also tired from keeping up with Waylon. I had to put Waylon in his kennel so that Bit could nap without disturbance!

Today was incredibly beautiful with the sunshine and warmer weather. Dogs were outside on the deck taking naps.

11 April Sunday
I slept until 10:30AM. Was so so so tired. Everything is still hurting. We finally walked the puppies in the park after getting lattes. We went to a new area which had way too many people there playing Frisbee golf. Distracted the dogs somewhat. Then mid way through our walk, it started to rain. We returned with dogs that were not happy with such a short stroll!

China & Donna picked Waylon up around 1:30; then hubster & I went to Sandpoint to drop off dog food/coupons at the Panhandle Animal Shelter in Ponderay. They said they were supplied with all the dog food they needed in the animal shelter by Science Diet. Way to go Science Diet! But that they were a food bank for needy dogs. They would re-bag the dog food to give to needy dogs! Yippee.

Then shopped at Wally World & got lattes from Starbucks afterwards. Went home. Unpacked groceries, played with puppies for a while, & vegged out for the rest of the night.

Got an email from Cheryl, the WA St. Bernard rep - she had another approved home that wanted to see Zeus. Excitedly emailed the contact but found out rather quickly that she did not want to adapt her house to a dog that does not like to walk on hardwood floors. Yet again another potential adopter falls through. Poor Zeus. There is somebody perfect out there for you!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ether Sunday

3 April Saturday
Saturday the kids came over & brought Easter Lillies.

4April Sunday
Sunday we walked the dogs down at the park. Then drove over to Spoky-Jo to get my toes & nails done. Even hubster got a pedicure. Ate at the authentic mexican deli right next to the nail place. Very good food.

7 April Wednesday
Donna brought Waylon the mini schipperke over so that I could babysit until Saturday afternoon. Wednesday night we picked up a Jeep Cherokee in Spoky-Jo. Took the new white Ford dually & trailer, Bud & Isabelle went with us.. Met the kids in Airway Heights to eat at La Presa. Pretty good food.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hail Hail Hail

April Fool's Day
The last 3 days, it has been hailing at least once a day. Weather here has been turning colder. Right now it is 27 degrees F outside. Brrrrrr.

Nature is giving us the April Fool's Day joke. 6 weeks of winter for spring; as we have had spring for the last few months of winter!

I took Zeus & Bud for a walk down to get mail. However, Zeus had other ideas. While they were waiting at a nearby tree, he chewed through his leash. I got to him just barely in time to prevent him running away. We will have to work on this. They are learning the NILF method better. Sit for everything.

#3 and his friend cut down a couple trees out in the woods that had some sort of pest rot. Hopefully we got to the bad trees before it spread. Maybe have to take a picture so that we can take it down to the Extension Office to advise what is the problem. Don't want to lose any more trees.

Played with the puppies outside for over an hour because 'Lil Bit refused to let me sit in the office & do taxes. He was doing the "dancing bear" routine & whining. So I ran outside after him, and around everywhere. He loved it. Then played tug-of-war in the warm sun with the Saints. Bud & Harriet played keep-away with a yellow tennis ball. Threw it quite a few times until my arm grew sore!

Tired the puppies out so much that they came in & slept for 2.5 hours afterwards!