Tuesday, May 31, 2016

End of May

MAY 31 2016

Already the last day of May, 2016. OMG. Where is the year going?

Woke up at 5AM. Slept for another 1.5 hours until 6:30AM. Then got up and dressed.

Hubby's Floater day, so he was still home.

Gave ham to the dogs.

Studied for Quiz in Kines.

Hubby drove me into school in the Jeep. Stopped at Kokopelli for drinks.

Got 80% on Quiz in Kines.

Worked with Katie & Panda on Lateral Rotators on the tables.

Hubby picked me up at Noon and we drive to the Post Falls DMV to get the paperwork for KR's & our bikes.

Then we drove over to Broadway rigging for the loft. Very expensive at $500. It will come in next week.

On the way back, we stopped to eat at Conley's in Spokane Valley. Iirish food. It was good.

Drove to KR's office and dropped off her paperwork for the bike.

Drove home. Got mail.

Emptied garbage. Loaded dogs in Dodge. Drove to dump. Walked dogs in park.

Came back home and I studied for A&P test tomorrow.

I took a nap from 6-7. Hubby lost his phone. I had to help him find it. It was in his pants.

Watched tv for a while. Went to bed.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Boat In Water 2016


Got up at 6:20 with hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby went down to the shop to make sure the batteries were charged on boat. He hooked it up to the Dually.

Texted KR to come.

Hubby walked up to the shop and helped feed eggs to dogs.

I had made him an egg sandwich.

 Boat in Water at Farragut dock
Boat in Water at Bayview gas dock

KR got here at 9:00. Hubby already had boat & trailer loaded on Dually.

KR and I followed hubby down to Farragut in my Jeep.

Unloaded boat. Hubby found a broken hitch pin on the ground, not knowing it was ours until much later!

Got boat in water. It was pretty simple. Hubby parked the Dually. I drove Jeep around to Bayview at McDonald's Marina to meet them while they got gasoline.

Then I drove up to Hope while they took the boat up to Hope.

I stopped in Sagle to get an AWFUL drink at Big Bear latte. That is the last time I will ever stop there.

Met KR & hubby in Hope. They took another 30 minutes to get there.

The restaurant was backed up because they did not have enough help. So we had to wait for seating at the Floating Restaurant. It was good food.

We toasted the Bikes & the Boat & 2016. It will be a better year!

We discovered that the boat was still filthy. I found bugs everywhere. Hubby talked to Tim, a guy that cleans boats up there. He will clean our boat & have the Marina fix our torn Canvas. 

Rested on the boat for about 1 hour. Then we had to return home. KR has to get back & meal prep for the week.

We drove back. Dropped hubby off at the boat dock in Farragut Park. He drove the Dually back.

Unloaded everything at home. KR left to return home.

Hubby and I were exhausted and took naps. 

I went to bed from 7-9PM. Then woke up and watched TV for a while with hubby. Then went to bed at 10:30PM.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bought A Harley Davidson


Got up at 7AM.

Helped hubby make eggs for dogs.

Fed Koda kitty.

Another cold morning. Partly cloudy.

I picked up dog shit. Threw out the hoses from the backyard & other junk back there.

KR came and brought lattes.

We loaded dogs in Excursion and took them for a walk in Farragut Park on Gun Shooting Road. KR tried to teach Wilson to heel. LOL!

Then we came home and dumped the dogs. KR had texted James at the Harley Davidson store that we would be there in an hour to buy her bike.

KR drove home with Bravo, we unloaded our dogs, changed clothes and took the Jeep to her house.

Stopped to get lattes in Rathdrum Jitterz.

On the way to her house, while I was driving I started having horrible Endometriosis cramps. I took several Ibuprofen that were in the Jeep. Then at her house, she gave me 3 Hydrocodone. Hubby drove over to the Harley Dealership in Spokane Valley while I was in agony.

We got to the dealership about 11:30. We met James and started doing the deal for KR. Hubby started getting interested in a bike while KR and I went to the bathroom and then went to get leather jacket for her.

By the time we met up with hubby again, James had given him a tour of the dealership. Hubby decided to buy a bike, too!

So we worked up the paperwork, put $ down on bike, got a $500 gift certificate along with KR, and KR got a $50 for referring us to purchase a bike.

 KR in jacket
 KR in jacket
 Hubby in jacket
 Hubby with Harley keys
On the Harley Softtails

By the time we got around to accessories, I was feeling pretty light-headed.

We got pics, rang the bell, picked up our helmets & sunglasses, free t-shirt & hat. Then left around 4:30.

Went to Red Robin to have dinner. I had not eaten all day and really needed food. Waitress was really rude that waited on us.

Then we drove KR home. And we went to wash the Jeep, then drove home. I was almost asleep by the time we got home.

I went to bed right away after giving dogs fresh water & food.

Hubby watched tv all night.

I got up at 11PM and watched the end of the movie Wag The Dog with hubby, then we went to bed at midnight.

Saturday, May 28, 2016



Got up at 6AM. Hubby and I made eggs for dogs. I made an egg sandwich for hubby.

I fed Koda kitty some kitty food.

We got dressed & loaded dogs into Dodge. Went into Post Falls to see if a Garage Sale had some more horse troughs, but the old guy was actually throwing them out because they were broken. Sad.

Then we drove to Lowes and picked up bathroom tiles & oil to clean cabinets.

Drove to Costco for gas. Drove to Farragut park and walked dogs.

At home, we unloaded dogs. Hooked up the dually to the trailer. Loaded up can lights for Dave & Vera. Changed clothes. Took the Amope Pedi blue file with us to give to Vera. Had found it in a drawer yesterday - it was hubby's Xmas gift to me that he had lost.

Took Ben with us. Drove up to Sandpoint and got lunch at Arby's. I was feeling faint from having no food all morning.

Finally met Vera & Dave at North 40 in Sandpoint. Talked to them. Dave went inside to get the cattle panels for the dog fencing. They loaded them on the trailer while Vera and I looked at plants.

Then we got into the vehicles again and drove up to their property.

The property is entered by going thru a junkyard, then going up a rugged, mud road. At the top are 2 high-wire lines that cross their property. It is all sand and after we were done for the day, I felt SO dirty. Had to come home immediately and take a bath. They having electricity there, but no water yet even tho the well-head is right next to the building. Their building is only half way finished.

We drove home around 3:00.

I took a bath. Hubby had his leftovers from Arby's. Gave the rest to the dogs.

Then hubby had to run down to the shop to help some asshole guy get screws that had been pestering him all afternoon on the phone. I was pissed.

Finally, he came back and we watched another show of Deadpool that I had rented on pay-per-view.

KR called and was at the Harley Davidson dealership. She is seriously thinking about buying the 2016 Fatboy Low. She said that a lot of people even stayed after they closed to watch her buy the bike, but she went home with out purchasing it.

We talked to her for quite a while. Then we went to bed at 10:00.

Friday, May 27, 2016



Got up at 9AM. Finally got to sleep late. I wonder if my FitBit is preventing me from getting good, restfull sleep?

Fed dogs ham. Changed their water.

Seth came and I discussed the ceiling in the bathroom.

Then I left for my appointment for nails.

Drove into town. It started raining. Ruined my washed Jeep.

Stopped at Jitterz to get a latte.

Mailed Propane tank payment at Post Office.

Went to Tracey's. Hubby had already set up the bench outside her door. It looked cute.

Got my nails & toes done.

Tried to avoid an accident on Government Way and got stuck in traffic at Wendy's. Decided to get the FUCK out of there. Lots of people just being stupid.

Drove over to Post Falls to look at house. Decided I hated the area. Some asshole in a Chevy SUV drug addict POS almost ran over me on Prairie. Then he gave ME the finger. Pulled up beside him at the light on 41& Prairie and he gave me the finger again. If I ever see that kid again, I will put him out of his misery. What crap ass people in the world!

Rocky came out and fixed our internet at 6:00. I had not even heard him pull up and the dogs did not bark. He fixed the internet, but did not know how he did it! Spooky!
Paid bills. Ordered new cupping glasses for Panda.

Hubby came home late.

We watched TV, he fell asleep on the couch.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Really Big Raffle Open House



Got up at 7:13. Hubby was already watching his tv automotive shows.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I helped with Wilson and put him in the bathroom to eat.

The dogs played. Bud sat beside hubby on the couch.

We had to turn on the fireplace again. It was on 44 degrees out.

Some guy from Spokane called about the pellet stove. He will cover over to buy it.

I drove to Athol and picked up lattes for us. Thank goodness they were open.

Other people texted hubby and wanted to pick up their boat today. In the rain. WTF?

So we had to go down to the shop in the cold rain and move vehicles around until we had their boat out.

Koda kitty is sitting out in the rain and crying. Won't stay in the warm garage.We think she is in heat. OMG.

Hubby came back from selling the pellet stove. He had to run down to the shop to get the air compressor so he could inflate the Excursion tire.

Hubby has SO MUCH CRAP at the shop; I don't know how we will ever clean it all up to sell the property... This is so depressing. 25 Years of Life on 20 acres. He is SUCH a hoarder.






Friday, May 20, 2016



I got up at 7:30 this morning.

Got dressed.

Fed ham to the dogs.

Paid bills.

Water was turned OFF at 9AM. I had to go potty at exactly 9AM. OMG.

UPS (different guy) came with my Fossil purse.

Went down to get mail. Just junk.

 Bud & Wilson
 Dogs in Living Room

 Traded Horse Trough for Nails

Cat in the Drive

Checked on the boat. The Cleaning people did NOT come back today. The carpets are still filthy.

Came back to house.

I put things in the trailer for storage. 

Mowed lawn.

AIR was blowing out of upstairs toilet and making lots of noise. When I called hubby, he told me to turn off the back line to the toilet.

Dogs are sleeping in the sun.

The dark clouds moved across and it turned very cold.

Water finally came back on at 4PM. It is very cloudy and dirty water.

Had to update ALL my iTunes because the stupid iTunes update deleted everything.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Boat Cleaning & NAILS


Got up at 7:30. Could not go back to sleep after hubby left. Ben was in bed with me for a while.

Gave ham to dogs. Got dressed.

Drove into Hayden to get nails done.

Jitterz was too busy, so I went over to Ramsey & Hayden instead. Ran into Amber, the supervisor from the massage school.

I drove to the nail place and got my nails done at 9AM.

After getting nails done, I drove to Rathdrum and picked up groceries.

Had to get Meat for KR this weekend

Dropped off donations at Goodwill.

Then got gasoline.

Drove home.

Seth is here, spraying the sheetrock.

Put away groceries. Closed all the windows. It is very cold inside the house. Turned on the heaters.

Boat cleaners were still here. At 1:30, the woman came up to tell me that they were almost done and that they wanted me to look at the boat to see if it was OK.

Still really cold out. Wind was blowing, 55 degrees. Dark clouds overhead.

I walked down there. They had not cleaned the bilge area. I opened the bilge area for them, then looked at the rest of the boat.

I walked back to the house.

Did laundry. Put away dishes.

Ordered new shirts & shorts on HM. No receipt; something weird happened on their website and I got no receipt.

Hubby got home at 5PM. He looked at the boat.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park around the sewage treatment plant area.

Seth was still here spraying when we came back. He finally left about 7PM.

We put water in buckets because Remington Water is shutting off the water for a system overhaul from 9-4.

Sat on the new Adirondack chairs.

We watched a new Archer and The Blacklist, then went to bed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Carpet Measured & Screens To Be Repaired


Really cold last night & this morning. About 45 this morning.

Lots to do today. I was up at 6AM to potty along with hubby. He left early so that he could go down and open the doors for the boat cleaner.

I went back to bed, but could not sleep. I was up at 8AM. It was still severely cold. Around 52F degrees.

The Boat cleaner guy came up to the house and wanted me to sign an authorization slip. I also had to give him a check, because I would be gone when he was done cleaning the boat.

I washed my hair and put conditioner on it.

Ken, the Window Repair guy, came earlier than he said. He was lost down on Ramsey and called me. I gave him directions. He drove down to the shop instead and talked to the Boat Cleaner guy. I had to walk down there and give him directions up to the house.

Then Matt, the carpet measuring guy came and measured the rooms. He said give it a few days as he has to input the info in the computer and then deliver it to Lowes. He then left after giving me paperwork.

Seth arrived just as Ken, the Window Repair guy finished measuring for the window in the library. We need new screens for all the windows. So I had to order 5 new screens.

I finished washing my hair and drying it.

Then went outside to pick up poo.

Gave bones to the dogs.

I got ready to go into town.

Stopped in Rathdrum at the Goodwill and dropped off the donation bags. Then drove over to the old Fire Department for the recycling box and dropped off all hubby's magazines that I had loaded in the back of the Jeep.

Then I drove to Post Falls and deposited the eBates check. Then I drove down Seltice to Ironwood for my appointment for eyelashes refills. I was there until 5:00.

I got out of the eyelash refill and texted hubby. Then I picked him up from work at Frontier. There was rush-hour traffic all the way, so it took a long time to get across town.

Finally picked him up. He wanted a new shirt because he had an ink spill on his work shirt, so we went to Walmart. He wanted a long-sleeved one and since it is summer, there are no long sleeve shirts. He was upset, so just decided to go in what he was wearing. He needs new jeans and new shirts.

We drove to Red Lobster and got seats int he bar in a tiny table.

Red Lobster offers NO SHRIMP in Bloody Mary

Food was ok, but not enough. They have reduced their sizes of the food. I also asked for Kahlua & Bailey's and got some foo-foo ice cream drink that gave me a freeze-brain headache.

After we were done, hubby did not want to shop at Walmart. So I dropped him off at his truck and we drove home.

At home, I went to the house. He stayed at the shop with Mark to work and then went over to look at the cleaning that had been done on the boat.

He finally came home around 9:15. And we watched tv until he fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 10:00.


Got up early today. Discovered that Wilson had torn the toilet paper out of the bathroom and had it spread everywhere in the house.
Toilet Paper Everywhere

Drove to Hayden for Acupuncture appointment. I got there early and got a latte from Jitterz. She was late again.

After acupuncture session, drove over to Walmart and got groceries.

Drove home and unloaded groceries.

Seth was here working. The Boat Cleaner people were still here. They came up at 2PM and asked me to come down and look at the boat. They had still not cleaned the Bilge and the carpets.

I walked back to the house.

Did laundry & dishes.

Cleaned up dog poo in back yard.

It was cold and rainy.

Hubby brought home Adirondack chairs from Walmart.

New Chairs

Monday, May 16, 2016



Hubby kissed me goodbye while I was still asleep.

I got up at 7:00, went back to sleept until 8:00.

Had breakfast. Then fed ham & chicken to the dogs.

Hubby called at 8:30 and told me to go down to the big grey shop and open the door for the boat cleaner.

I put more hoses in the Jeep and drove down there. Opened the doors for him. Then hooked up the hoses for them.

I came back and started loading magazines into my Jeep to take into the Recyclers.

I put more stuff in the Jeep to take to Goodwill.

Fed Ex guy came with my blinds for the French Doors.

Seth came to work on basement around 2:30.

Hubby got home around 6:50. I walked down to the shop. Koda followed me all the way down there. Hubby was hanging out and talking to guys. We put Koda in the Dodge because she was getting upset as Jack was down at the shop. We drove down to Athol to pick up burgers.

Then we returned home. Ate the burgers.

Hubby talked to Seth about the basement progress.

We watched Deadpool on pay-per-view.

Wilson came in to the house stinking of POO. So we had to pause the movie and give him a bath. He must have been rolling in the stuff. It was stuck all over him. His breath was awful.

That is one thing that Lil Bit grew out of, and he LOVED to have baths. He fell asleep in his baths. He really loved taking baths. I really miss that little guy.

Went to bed at 11:00.

Sunday, May 15, 2016



Got up at 8:00. Hubby had already been watching his automotive tv shows.

Hubby got eggs & ham ready for the dogs. I helped him feed them.

Then we got dressed. Hubby had egg breakfast.

Hubby installed the new mini blinds in our room. While he was doing that, Jason - the HVAC guy came with his friend and they went around the house reviewing where they are going to install the new ductless heating & air conditioning units.

I went outside and started making piles of shit to throw away and stuff to take to Goodwill.

KR came while everybody was here. I closed the garage door so that Koda would not fight with Beebo.

KR brought lattes for us from Jitterz.

After the HVAC guys left, we took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park.

KR was whining about eating. I told her to order a pizza.

Hubby walked down to the shop to get his Dually and then I bicycled down to help him.

Then we came home and started moving stuff out of the basement and into Dave 2.0's covered trailer.

I had to sort thru things to decide what to throw away and what to donate to Goodwill.

Hubby loaded up all his magazines.

We put stuff in the Dodge to take to Goodwill.

KR left about 1:30. We had most of the moving done by then.

We drove to Goodwill in Rathdrum and they were closed. Instead we looked for Recycling Bins and found one at the old Fire Dept in Rathdrum. Unloaded magazines. Drove into Post Falls and dropped off the donation stuff.

Then hubby was hungry, so we drove back to Rathdrum and had oriental food at Wah Hing. It was ok, but too much.

Drove home and started loading up more stuff for Goodwill.

Then took dogs for another walk.

It was getting dark by then.

Saturday, May 14, 2016



Got up at 7:30. Still angry with hubby.

Dressed & went outside to pet the kitty. It is windy and cold. There was somebody dumping down on the property. Too early. Why can't they do it at normal hours?

Hopefully, that won't be a problem too much longer as we will sell the property.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

Took the dogs for a walk in the park. Had to get a latte for hubby in town.

Hubby was still snippy in the park about dog water. I told him to knock it off.

Drove thru town so dogs could bark at other dogs.

At home, unloaded dogs. Hubby went to talk to Seth & workers.

Hubby went down to shop.

I found another hummingbird in the house.

Hubby came home and helped me get the humming bird out of the house.

After that, hubby changed his clothes and we decided to take the Jeep and go looking for property.

Ended up looking at the lot in Elkhorn Estates again. Drove up a road south of Twin Lakes and we were yelled at by a guy that it was a private road; need the realtor for an appointment.

Finally drove to a huge development on High Prairie Road at the Idaho/Wa border. Got stuck in the development because somebody had left the lock down and we just drove in. They had locked it as they were leaving. We had to 4-wheel drive around the area to get out.

Off Roading

Drove home.

Friday, May 13, 2016

just another windy day


Woke up at 6AM to potty with hubby, then went back to bed.

Squirrel chirp, chirp, chirp at 8AM woke up me permanently.

I got dressed. Gave dogs ham. Started laundry.

Put lights in basement cans. Electrician said he was going to bring lightbulbs. There were cans that were loose, too. He did not tighten them. 

Opened the door for the cat. Picked up cat & pointed out Squirrel sitting on deck. Told cat to "Kill Squirrel." Cat ran away.
Made out deposits for NW Plus. Walked to mail box to mail them.

 KR texted me and wanted to go shopping. So I got changed and ready. Took the Jeep into her place. We decided to drive my car.

It was very windy today.

We drove over to Post Falls at the River to look at some property that hubby had found. The roar of the interstate was awful, the property was under high-line wires, there were two god-awful ugly green homes on either side and the whole neighborhood was nothing but mobile homes. It was fucking awful. Except for the view (what you could see because of the overgrown bushes), the view was great with river & mountains.

KR wanted to go to the Valley Mall, so we drove there. On the way, we stopped at Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson and KR tried out the bike that she saw the other day. She is seriously thinking about purchasing it. A sales kid came over and talked to her, while I walked away.

She got a tour of the facility and the back room where they give lessons. The building is huge.

The salesmen suggested that she take lessons before she purchases the bike, although you receive FREE lessons when you buy a bike. So she is considering it.

 KR on her New Bike!

We drove to the Valley Mall and shopped at Bath & Body Works where I got some soap & a smelly thing for the bathroom. Victoria's Secret where I had to leave the store because KR went to try on a bra and women were pawing thru drawers, H&M where some weird hispanic woman was eyeing KR's purse & phone in her back pocket. She was getting WAY too close to us, so I told KR to give me her phone & purse. I put them in my purse for safe-keeping.

Then a tall oriental looking woman was racing around in H&M asking to borrow people's phones to call her boyfriend as it was an "emergency". I think that she was trying to steal cell phones.

We left the mall and drove over to Old Navy where KR got some more clothes. She is purchasing business clothes for her new job. It sounds great.

Then KR was hungry, so I drove her over to Jack In The Box. She had to go shop at URM where the manager and guys still remembered her!

I drove her over to Prohibition so that she could pick up her final check.

Then I thought we should go for Mexican food for dinner. Hubby met us at Toro Viejo in Hayden. He had actually gone to Rancho Viejo right next to it, but we texted him to meet us over at the other Restaurant. It was ok, but not great. Not great like Mario's in Bayview was...

I wanted to go to Home Depot so that KR could use her discount to purchase light bulbs. But while we were there, hubby had a shit-fit and was going on about how it was STUPID to buy light bulbs.

So I just turned around and left. I was so mad & upset. 

I drove KR home and then drove home.

At home, I refused to talk with hubby. Petty Koda, the kitty for a while. 

There was a hummingbird stuck in the house. Had to try to get it out. Waited until dark and then it followed a flashlight outside. Stupid hummingbirds.
Watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday, May 12, 2016



Woke up at 7:15. Can't sleep.

Last night was horrible. Only got about 2 hours sleep. Restless all night. 1 bath in the middle of the night at 1AM. Hubby's stupid work phone started "whistling" in the middle of the night and freaked me out.

Hubby got up to put his phone outside. I went back to bed. Still restless. Hot, Tired, Exhausted, Hallucinating, Paranoid. Awful.

Fed the dogs some ham. Started laundry & dishes.

Went out to feed Koda some ham. She is lonely. Think I will go out later and walk her around outside.

One of Seth's workers came at 10:00. I did not recognize the van and went out to talk with him, thinking that he was another lost car - turning around in our driveway. He said that he got here early, and that Seth was right behind him.

I went outside at 11:00 to walk Koda around. She seems to stay close to the house. Hates the dogs when she saw them on the deck. I got some pics of her. Left the garage door open for her so she can come & go. Her food & water are in the garage.


Got the mail. Fed Ex driver came. He said that he, too is retiring in 2 years. He left my new bedroom blinds. I opened the box and they look like the perfect color!

I walked around with Koda again at 1:00. Went down to get mail. Just junk mail.

KR called and said she got the job at Barnett Woods. Yippee!!! 

Hubby got home at 5:45. He had a snack, wind was blowing really bad. We decided against going for a dog walk. Walked Koda around the yard outside.

Then we went in the backyard. He put new ZipTies on everything while I picked up dog poo.

Afterwards, the wind had died down so we decided to do a dog walk in the park.

Loaded dogs up after closing door to the garage.

Drove down to park, walked around the Water Tower. It was already getting cooler. Felt like 48 Degrees. In Athol, we picked up burgers at the Gas Station.

Went home, ate burgers, watched new Archer. 

Went to bed at 11PM.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HAIR day


Got up at 7:30. Can't even sleep until 8:00 anymore.

Did laundry & dishes.

Seth was here by 12:30. Showed him the tile and told him to measure so we could buy more?

I left by 1:30 to go get my hair done.

3 people turned in front of me at stop lights & turns. WTF? Is my Jeep invisible?

KR said that she got several job interviews.

I got to Azure Salon and started with Rachelle about 15 minutes early.

She colored my hair. Then she applied the Blowout, then cut my hair. I was finished by 4:10.

I pottied before I left. While I was paying, Rachelle convinced me to try some stupid diet pill she is selling. Then hubby texted & called me to meet him at Kevin R's dump.

I waited for 30 minutes at Kevin R's dump for hubby to finally get there from work. I was getting irritated.

Hubby made me tow a bare chassis onto the trailer with my Jeep.

Finally left there in my Jeep with hubby and went to pick up the new garage kitty, Koda at Jason & Heather Funk's house in CDA. Kitty is very tiny. Hope she kills squirrels good.

I took hubby back to his Dually & trailer at Kevin R's dump. Hubby went to deliver the chassis on the trailer to someplace in Twin Lakes. Then he was going to pick up cat food. He took the cat with him.

I drove home. Gave the dogs some treats. I was really tired & feeling weird.

I took a hot bath.

Hubby finally got home at 7:30. He putty new kitty in the garage with food, water, and a bed. Then we watched The Americans.

I went to bed at 9:00.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

JUST Another Day


Got up at 8AM. Was determined to stay in bed for another hour after waking at 7AM.

Dressed, gave some ham to the dogs.

Cleaned dog bowls. Started laundry & dishes.

Left to go get my nails done at 10:00. Stopped at Jitterz to get a latte.

Got nails & toes done. Purchased a goat painting. A lady from Costco came in to give Tracey a guest pass just as I was leaving. We talked for a while.

Goat Pic

Drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs, salads for me.

Stopped at Pita Pit and got my buy 1, get 1 free pitas. Fork style. Ran into Amy Howell and daughter.

Drove home. Behind some really slow cars. Had to wait for train in Athol.

At home, gave burgers to dogs.

Seth & his helper were here working on the sheet-rock.

Hubby got home at 5:45PM. He had stayed to work OT. He went downstairs to see what Seth & his helper had accomplished today. Almost all the sheet-rock done!

As we were leaving home, Rachelle called to reschedule my hair appointment for tomorrow!

We took my Jeep into town to pick up KR so we could go to Lowe's to purchase carpet.

We picked the carpet out, but hubby was having a difficult time choosing to glue it down, or install the pad underneath. So the Lowe's carpet guy told us to pay for the measurement. Then we could decide from there. The carpet guy will call to schedule a time to measure.

While walking to the carpet area, KR found us some inexpensive tile which we purchased. We will go back to get the smaller tiles later. Will be cool to do a pattern in the bathroom.

KR helped hubby pay while I went out to get the Jeep. KR then loaded the boxes of tile while hubby went to get something else. Some older guy came over to help load, but we told him we did not need help. Turns out, hubby knew the old guy from work-some retiree he used to work with.

At first we drove to Riverstone to find a place to eat, but I did not want to eat down there because it reminded me of the time we were down there with KR & Douchebag. Hubby didn't twig to it and it finally dawned on him why I did not want to be down there. 

Drove downtown CDA. I first parked in the Post Office parking lot, but found a parallel parking spot right in front of CRAFTED, Tap House & Kitchen. Really good food. Hubby ordered a GROSS tasting Cran-Cider. It tasted like men's locker room piss smell. Awful.

KR's Appetizer
My Chix Sandwich
Hubby's Monte Cristo

I had a wonderful honey Cider. It was delicious.

We drove KR home afterwards and helped her install her lights outside. Hubby had forgotten the attachments, but had purchased some at Lowe's.

Finally, we left there at 9:30 and got home by 10:00.

Dogs were happy to see us. I was really tired. Took a hot bath & fell into bed.

Monday, May 09, 2016

More Acupuncture & RAIN


Woke up at 5:45AM to lots of rain & cold. Had the windows open. Begged hubby to stay home with me today, but he refused.

While it was raining really hard, I got up at 7AM and closed all the windows. Turned on the heat. The house was freezing. Great time to install the swamp cooler!

Got dressed & then gave dogs some ham.

I left for Acupuncture appointment at 8:50AM. Dogs were all sleeping when I left.

Pouring down rain all the way there. I hate driving in rain. Got there early. Acupuncturist was late. She got there at 9:35.

Had my appointment. Went shopping at Super One in Hayden. I hate that store. They have an odd layout and don't have the stuff I like.

Then picked up a coffee at Jitterz on Miles.

Drove home. Less rain.

My Walk Around The House Picking Up Poo

Unloaded groceries. Gave dog some of the BBQ ribs that hubby had taken off the bone.

Seth came over at 2:30 to work doing more sheet-rock in basement.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day & Seth Works More


Mother's Day.

Got up at 6AM, Brought Wilson up to bed. He was already up about 6 steps on the staircase.

He played with Bravo & Ben.

Hubby took him downstairs at 7AM. We slept in bed until 7:45. Then got up and made eggs for the dogs.

Texted KR to find out where she was. She forgot to text us last night. 

Seth finally got here at 8:40AM to install sheet-rock in basement.

Ordered our Custom Vertical Blinds for the French Doors from Blindster.

Hubby and I installed the Swamp Cooler in the window. Had to clean the window, clean the swamp cooler, get it re-positioned. Lot of work. 

Hubby and I took dogs (including Beebo) to walk in park in the Dodge. Dumped the garbage at the dump. The latte stand was closed for Mother's Day. A-holes.

So we texted KR to bring lattes from Rathdrum on her way.

We took the dogs for a walk.

KR was at the house by the time we got back. Beebo got all excited when he saw her Jeep parked in the drive.

Hubby had to go meet the Boat Detailer down at the shop. So KR and I drove down after a while and picked him up in my Jeep so that we could drive to Spirit Lake and pick up groceries for dinner.

When we got home, we grilled chicken & Brats on the grille.

KR had to bake Brownies. She could eat anything she wanted after getting done with Competition!

It was a nice, low-key day. We all fell asleep on the couches & (KR in the recliner) while we watched Aliens. Then we got up at 5PM and took the dogs for another walk. It was starting to rain at this time, but let up when we got to the park. Walked around the Water Tower.

Drove home and unloaded dogs. KR decided to go home.

Buddy Napping after Mother's Day

Hubby de-boned the BBQ ribs from the other day. 

Saturday, May 07, 2016



Hubby woke up at 5AM to hear the squirrel. He got out of bed to go kill it.

However, Squirrel ran away.

I got up at 7:30 and then helped hubby make eggs for the dogs. Wilson got fed in the bathroom and wagged his stub (tail) the whole time he was eating.

Ordered the cable rigging railing for the loft upstairs.

We loaded the dogs up in the Dually. Had to take water; almost forgot it.

Drove to Athol and picked up lattes. I had one because I am barely sleeping and am not awake.

In the park, we drove down to the sewage treatment plant to walk. There were runners in the park everywhere, but we avoided them. There were also hobbits in the park picking mushrooms. We avoided them, too.

Drove back home. Hooked up swamp cooler.

Loaded garbage into the Dodge.

Seth texted and said he was not coming to work today because his helper had an emergency. He is instead coming tomorrow to finish the sheet-rock.

Hubby had to go down to the shop to get a trailer out of storage.

We left home at 1:00, drove over to Spokane. Picked up hamburger & onion rings at Dairy Queen on Trent.

Arrived in downtown Spokane at 2:00PM. There was a Trump Rally that was taking place downtown. Parked across from the Spokane Convention Center. Followed some people exhibitors into the place.

Found KR when hubby went into the men's room to potty.

We talked to Matt Zahnow at the meet. Then we waited until 5:30 before KR competed. She lifted REALLY easily. Her Coach, Chad said that he should have given her more weight. Finally, they handed out awards. She got GOLD in her class!

KR & Gold Award Presenter

Then we left and went over to a restaurant called Europa, an Italian place. KR followed us in her car. We parked in a parking lot next to the restaurant. Was in an old, old building that smelled musty. We had dinner. It was good, but all of us were full before the main meal came. We had ordered Bruschetta & drinks & Shrimp stuffed Mushrooms as appetizers. KR was really hungry.

KR got drunk, so I drove her home. I followed hubby while he drove our Jeep. On the way, her friend Derrick called and wanted to go out. So we dropped her off at home. Took Beebo home with us so he would not have to be alone.

I got into the Jeep and we drove home. Got home by 10PM. Watched a little TV. Went to bed.

Friday, May 06, 2016



Got up and was exhausted. 2 melatonin and 1 allergy pill help me sleep, but I am out of it. feeling drunk.

I did laundry, put away dishes.

Walked down to mail the last of the payments for les schwab and a letter for Lucille in Georgia.

Then I vacuumed. Ants are invading the house already. Nasty little things.

I ordered two new purses for Mother's Day. One from Dooney, and one from Fossil.

Walked down to get the mail. Picked up garbage that was on the property.

The Electrician came at 2PM.

Wilson Sleeping Next to my Chair

I was awfully tired today. Did not really do too much.

Hubby got home later. We took dogs for a walk in the park.

Came back and watched TV until bed.

Thursday, May 05, 2016



It rained a LOT last night. I had hubby get up in the middle of the night to close all the windows. It was a downpour.

This morning it smells like wet dog, horse shit, and old basement. Yuck. Everything is still very soaking wet.

The John Deere Riding Lawn Mower will not take a charge, so hubby said he has to purchase a new battery.

I was up at 6:30AM. Hubby had already left by 6:15.

Waiting for Plumbers to come install the new Whole House Hot Water Heater in the basement.

New Hot Water Heater

By 8:30, Seth was here to do more sheet-rocking and frame up the pipes in the back room. The two Plumbers from Always Available Affordable Plumbing got here at 8:45 to install the whole house hot water heater. The Electrician came later with his 4 year old son.

The Electrician left.

I paid bills - Fronier & A/E.

Seth left and a little later, the Plumbers were done. Paid them.

The Electrician came back with his son, worked some more. Then he left around 3PM.

Took Wilson to Diane's Pampered Pooches at 3:50. Talked to Diane. She said to pick him up at 6PM.

Hubby got home at 5:45 and had a snack. Then we both took my Jeep to go pick up Wilson. He smelled SO good.

We stopped at Lil Town to pick up milk for hubby.

When we got back, Katrina, the UPS agent had picked up my box and left 2 other boxes on the porch.

Hubby went down to work on a rear end for Tom. He came back about an hour later and then we drove into Post Falls to help Tom put the rear end into the vehicle.

On the way home, we stopped at Super One to get honey for me.

The boxes were my shoes & CLA from Amazon. The other box was from hubby's brother. Mostly pictures and stupid towels that they had gone thru at his father's home in AZ. Yuck. I am not sentimental about pictures.

Anway, at home we unloaded groceries and hubby had forgotten his milk in my Jeep. I had to go out to get it.

We went to bed after watching the newest Archer. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016



Awake at 6AM. Got up at 7AM. Hubby called and wanted me to make an invoice for customer.

I was still woozy from the allergy pill & melatonin that I took last night to sleep.

Got ready for eyelash appointment at 11:00. Made sure to clean my eyes of makeup again.

Seth did not come today to work.

Drove to town, washed Jeep at the car wash on Kathleen.

At Ironwood, I accidentally went upstairs thinking it was the 2nd floor. Then came back down. The place was the first door as you came in. LOL.

Christy was very nice and professional. We got going right away. It took about 1.45 hours to get the eyelashes put on. Much easier than the last time I went and had them done. The light was bright and made my eyes sore.

EyeCandy Lashes

Afterwards I made another appointment in 2 weeks to have a fill. See how I like them.

Drove to Post Falls and got burgers at Wendy's for dogs & salads for me. Stopped at Pita Pit and got my Chicken Crave Fork Style.

Drove to Rathdrum and got gasoline. Then stopped at Super One to get another ticket for the Really Big Raffle.

Drove home. Gave hamburgers to dogs. Walked down to get the mail.

Put everything away. Did laundry & dishes.

Went out back to pick up dog poo and put cut up trees over the back of the fence. Wilson tried to help by jumping up and trying to catch the branches. He is silly.

A couple of the downed trees were too heavy for me.

Hubby came home at 6:00. He had to meet a guy to pick up his Toyota at 6:15. Hubby helped me haul the other downed trees and throw them over the fence. Cleaned up the back yard, ready to be mowed.

Hubby drove down to the shop while I hauled in the 2X4s that he had gotten yesterday. I did not want it to rain on them.

Hubby came back and we loaded the dogs into the Dually for a walk in the park.

We walked around the water tower. As soon as Bud got out, he dashed off, chasing after some deer. Bad dog.

After our walk, we drove to get burgers in Athol, then came home. Watched Archer and I went to bed. Hubby stayed up to watch Cougar Town.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

More Basement Work

5 3 2016

Got up at 8AM after hubby had left at 7AM. He brought me up my cell phone and turned on the ceiling fan because it was already warm in the house by then.

I got 3.5 hours sleep last night. I remember getting up at 1AM to take a few melatonin and again at 5AM to potty.

Seth came over at 10AM to start working on the basement. He is constructing the closet in the back room and doing more sheet rocking.

I turned on all the fans and pulled the mini blinds so that the house would be cooler today.

We need to purchase a new swamp cooler. I researched the best deals online.

Buddy Sitting Weirdly in the Hallway

Seth left at about 2PM. He requested that hubby bring home 2x4s so he could frame a box around the pipes in the basement back bedroom.

Closet in Back Bedroom

Hubby came home late after stopping at Ziggy's to pick up the wood. He had a snack and then we loaded dogs into the Dually and drove to Farragut for a quick dog walk. We walked around the water tower.

Then we came home and watched tv. Hubby had dinner. Went to bed.

Monday, May 02, 2016



Hubby woke me at 6:00 AM when he got up for work. He came up to kiss me and I came downstairs to potty. Then he left at 7:00AM.

Got up at 8:30 after Ben jumped into bed with me and we slept from 7:00-8:30.

Opened all the windows because it was already a beautiful, sunny day and the temperature was

I did laundry, put away laundry, did dishes, put away dishes. Washed my hair.

Drove to Hayden. Stopped at Walgreens and picked up cards; b-day cards for hubby, card for Lucille, card for pregnant girl at Wendy's.

Then I got my nails done.

Went to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs & salads for me.

Drove home. Got mail. Received Beebo's new tag in the mail.

Bravo Tag

Hubby got home late after going to pick up parts at Tom's Differentials. He got home at 7:30 after working 2 hours OT.

 Viewing the Work completed by Seth

He made spaghetti (found a hair in it-not mine). We went to bed at 11:30 after the news.

I could not sleep.

Sunday, May 01, 2016



Up at 7AM. Gave dogs some ham for breakfast. Loaded them up into the Dodge and drove to CDA to pick up hubby a latte.

Drove to the park for a dog walk.

Walked around and then came back home. Unloaded the dogs.

We had to drive into Home Depot to pick up heaters for the basement and a Right Hinge Interior door for the basement room.

Left the truck at the front of the house with the door & heaters in the back, texted Seth & the Electrician (can't remember his name).

We made sure the dogs had food & water. Packed clothes and left.

I drove to the Canada border. Then hubby drove from there.

We got to Ainsworth at 4:00. Had room 202.

THINGS TO REMEMBER. Get dinner reservations. Request John as our waiter. Reserve a room on the 3RD FLOOR!

There were some idiots marching back and across the whole length of the room ALL NIGHT LONG. They were heavy stompers, not light walkers. I was very bothered by it and only got 3 hours sleep.

By 4:20, we were in the Hot Springs and it felt very good. Not many people there at all. It was raining and cloudy. Could not see the mountains very well due to cloud cover.

Staying and soaking in the pool & hot tub until 7:00, we finally left to get ready for dinner reservations at 7:30.

John was our waiter again. We left him a great tip. The dinner was fabulous. I had French Onion Soup. Chicken, Hubby had the special - Linguine & Langostinos.

 Hubby Needs Glasses to Read Menu
 French Onion Soup

We went back to the room, totally stuffed. As exhausted as we were, we fell right into bed asleep. I got over 3 hours sleep tonight!

However, at 5:00AM, the people upstairs were awake and walking across the floor again.


Up at 7:00AM, we quickly got our bathing suits & robes. At the pool by 8:00AM opening time. We were the first ones into the changing rooms & pool. It was deliciously warm. Very comforting. We swam in the pool for about 15 minutes before more people started arriving.

We tipped the people at the Pool Reception.

Around 9:00AM, we decided to go for breakfast as we were both starving.

On the way to Kaslo, we picked up a bum on the side of the road. He reeked of cigarette smoke and talked profusely. However, that was our good deed for the day. I sat in back while he rode in the front passenger seat.

At Kaslo, we dumped him off at the gas station and went into town to get breakfast. Stopped at XXX. I had a bagel with cream cheese, hubby had waffles (made with vanilla) with apples on top & original Canadian maple syrup. Yum.

Walked up and down the town main road & saw lots of dogs. Hubby found a cool wheelchair.

Hubby on Hot Rod Wheelchair

Then we drove around town looking for places available to sell. We eventually drove up and walked a trail over the raging river. It was nice.

Drove back to Ainsworth Hot Springs and got into the pool again.

Got out of the Hot Springs early and went up to the room to rest. We got dressed at 7:25 and went to the restaurant again.

John gave us the corner table. It was romantic and the view was fabulous. We talked a lot about the future, the home improvement we are doing, how we hope to get a lot of $ out of the sale.

Beautiful Lake & Mountain Views

We ate our meager dinner, so as not to over-eat hubby had special-of-the-day cheese soup, I had the French Onion soup, we had an appetizer of Jumbo Prawns, along with bread.

Then we went back down to the Hot Springs to soak until they closed at 9:30. Watched TV while in bed.

Up at 7AM. Woke up to hubby watching me sleeping. He was sitting in a chair by the bed. Creepy.

Then we got dressed & ready for a soak in our bathing suits & robes. I had worn his XL and he said that I should be wearing the Reg size! I made him wear the Reg yesterday and it did not fit him! LOL.

We took all our stuff down to the Jeep so that we could just dress & leave after soaking.

Went down to the Springs at 8:00. We were the second people there today! Took showers & met hubby in the pool. We went into the hot caves and then sat around for a while. Some people with rude kids were in the pool and their little bratty girl jumped into the pool and disturbed me.

We finally left at 9:00 and checked out by 9:30. Told them about the mysterious opening drawer in the room. They said they would leave a note for maintenance.

Hubby drove home the entire way. We were driving behind some REALLY SLOW PEOPLE from Washington in a pick up truck. They would hit the brakes around every curve and slow down with on-coming cars.

Finally, we turned off at Safeway in Nelson. Got bakery goods and breakfast sandwiches. Stood FOREVER in line at Starbucks. The drinks were awful. And the servers were so lazy there, they did not even put on lids.

Got going again and we had no trouble crossing the border. The guards were very helpful. Hubby even took in his case of Cherry ale.

Hubby sped the rest of the way home. We got home in 2 hours instead of 4.

KR had come and sat with the dogs this morning.

When we arrived home, the dogs were happy to see us, but not overjoyed. They had Seth & the Electrician & KR here all weekend, so they did not miss us at all.

There was no water on. I texted Seth and he stated that the Electrician had bumped the water pipe down by the water heater in the basement and to prevent a flood, they had turned off the water. The Electrician came and fixed the pipe. Seth and his buddy Matt arrived later and we talked about what was going on in the basement. It looks pretty good so far.

Seth and his buddy had moved all our stuff in the basement which was nice so we did not have to. But there is stuff all over our cabinets upstairs. Oh, well. Too much junk, we have.

We took the dogs for a walk at Farragut around the Brig Museum at 4:30. Then we brought them home.

I ordered another door from Home Depot to match the old room door downstairs.

Afterwards, we drove into town in the Dually and got a refund on the fan at Lowe's. Then drove to Home Depot and returned the heaters and picked up the new door.

Drove home again and loaded the door into the Dodge parked down front by the basement.

We watched a couple shows, had leftover dinners, watched The Good Wife, and went to bed at 10:30 after the news.