Sunday, May 01, 2016



Up at 7AM. Gave dogs some ham for breakfast. Loaded them up into the Dodge and drove to CDA to pick up hubby a latte.

Drove to the park for a dog walk.

Walked around and then came back home. Unloaded the dogs.

We had to drive into Home Depot to pick up heaters for the basement and a Right Hinge Interior door for the basement room.

Left the truck at the front of the house with the door & heaters in the back, texted Seth & the Electrician (can't remember his name).

We made sure the dogs had food & water. Packed clothes and left.

I drove to the Canada border. Then hubby drove from there.

We got to Ainsworth at 4:00. Had room 202.

THINGS TO REMEMBER. Get dinner reservations. Request John as our waiter. Reserve a room on the 3RD FLOOR!

There were some idiots marching back and across the whole length of the room ALL NIGHT LONG. They were heavy stompers, not light walkers. I was very bothered by it and only got 3 hours sleep.

By 4:20, we were in the Hot Springs and it felt very good. Not many people there at all. It was raining and cloudy. Could not see the mountains very well due to cloud cover.

Staying and soaking in the pool & hot tub until 7:00, we finally left to get ready for dinner reservations at 7:30.

John was our waiter again. We left him a great tip. The dinner was fabulous. I had French Onion Soup. Chicken, Hubby had the special - Linguine & Langostinos.

 Hubby Needs Glasses to Read Menu
 French Onion Soup

We went back to the room, totally stuffed. As exhausted as we were, we fell right into bed asleep. I got over 3 hours sleep tonight!

However, at 5:00AM, the people upstairs were awake and walking across the floor again.


Up at 7:00AM, we quickly got our bathing suits & robes. At the pool by 8:00AM opening time. We were the first ones into the changing rooms & pool. It was deliciously warm. Very comforting. We swam in the pool for about 15 minutes before more people started arriving.

We tipped the people at the Pool Reception.

Around 9:00AM, we decided to go for breakfast as we were both starving.

On the way to Kaslo, we picked up a bum on the side of the road. He reeked of cigarette smoke and talked profusely. However, that was our good deed for the day. I sat in back while he rode in the front passenger seat.

At Kaslo, we dumped him off at the gas station and went into town to get breakfast. Stopped at XXX. I had a bagel with cream cheese, hubby had waffles (made with vanilla) with apples on top & original Canadian maple syrup. Yum.

Walked up and down the town main road & saw lots of dogs. Hubby found a cool wheelchair.

Hubby on Hot Rod Wheelchair

Then we drove around town looking for places available to sell. We eventually drove up and walked a trail over the raging river. It was nice.

Drove back to Ainsworth Hot Springs and got into the pool again.

Got out of the Hot Springs early and went up to the room to rest. We got dressed at 7:25 and went to the restaurant again.

John gave us the corner table. It was romantic and the view was fabulous. We talked a lot about the future, the home improvement we are doing, how we hope to get a lot of $ out of the sale.

Beautiful Lake & Mountain Views

We ate our meager dinner, so as not to over-eat hubby had special-of-the-day cheese soup, I had the French Onion soup, we had an appetizer of Jumbo Prawns, along with bread.

Then we went back down to the Hot Springs to soak until they closed at 9:30. Watched TV while in bed.

Up at 7AM. Woke up to hubby watching me sleeping. He was sitting in a chair by the bed. Creepy.

Then we got dressed & ready for a soak in our bathing suits & robes. I had worn his XL and he said that I should be wearing the Reg size! I made him wear the Reg yesterday and it did not fit him! LOL.

We took all our stuff down to the Jeep so that we could just dress & leave after soaking.

Went down to the Springs at 8:00. We were the second people there today! Took showers & met hubby in the pool. We went into the hot caves and then sat around for a while. Some people with rude kids were in the pool and their little bratty girl jumped into the pool and disturbed me.

We finally left at 9:00 and checked out by 9:30. Told them about the mysterious opening drawer in the room. They said they would leave a note for maintenance.

Hubby drove home the entire way. We were driving behind some REALLY SLOW PEOPLE from Washington in a pick up truck. They would hit the brakes around every curve and slow down with on-coming cars.

Finally, we turned off at Safeway in Nelson. Got bakery goods and breakfast sandwiches. Stood FOREVER in line at Starbucks. The drinks were awful. And the servers were so lazy there, they did not even put on lids.

Got going again and we had no trouble crossing the border. The guards were very helpful. Hubby even took in his case of Cherry ale.

Hubby sped the rest of the way home. We got home in 2 hours instead of 4.

KR had come and sat with the dogs this morning.

When we arrived home, the dogs were happy to see us, but not overjoyed. They had Seth & the Electrician & KR here all weekend, so they did not miss us at all.

There was no water on. I texted Seth and he stated that the Electrician had bumped the water pipe down by the water heater in the basement and to prevent a flood, they had turned off the water. The Electrician came and fixed the pipe. Seth and his buddy Matt arrived later and we talked about what was going on in the basement. It looks pretty good so far.

Seth and his buddy had moved all our stuff in the basement which was nice so we did not have to. But there is stuff all over our cabinets upstairs. Oh, well. Too much junk, we have.

We took the dogs for a walk at Farragut around the Brig Museum at 4:30. Then we brought them home.

I ordered another door from Home Depot to match the old room door downstairs.

Afterwards, we drove into town in the Dually and got a refund on the fan at Lowe's. Then drove to Home Depot and returned the heaters and picked up the new door.

Drove home again and loaded the door into the Dodge parked down front by the basement.

We watched a couple shows, had leftover dinners, watched The Good Wife, and went to bed at 10:30 after the news.

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