Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day & Seth Works More


Mother's Day.

Got up at 6AM, Brought Wilson up to bed. He was already up about 6 steps on the staircase.

He played with Bravo & Ben.

Hubby took him downstairs at 7AM. We slept in bed until 7:45. Then got up and made eggs for the dogs.

Texted KR to find out where she was. She forgot to text us last night. 

Seth finally got here at 8:40AM to install sheet-rock in basement.

Ordered our Custom Vertical Blinds for the French Doors from Blindster.

Hubby and I installed the Swamp Cooler in the window. Had to clean the window, clean the swamp cooler, get it re-positioned. Lot of work. 

Hubby and I took dogs (including Beebo) to walk in park in the Dodge. Dumped the garbage at the dump. The latte stand was closed for Mother's Day. A-holes.

So we texted KR to bring lattes from Rathdrum on her way.

We took the dogs for a walk.

KR was at the house by the time we got back. Beebo got all excited when he saw her Jeep parked in the drive.

Hubby had to go meet the Boat Detailer down at the shop. So KR and I drove down after a while and picked him up in my Jeep so that we could drive to Spirit Lake and pick up groceries for dinner.

When we got home, we grilled chicken & Brats on the grille.

KR had to bake Brownies. She could eat anything she wanted after getting done with Competition!

It was a nice, low-key day. We all fell asleep on the couches & (KR in the recliner) while we watched Aliens. Then we got up at 5PM and took the dogs for another walk. It was starting to rain at this time, but let up when we got to the park. Walked around the Water Tower.

Drove home and unloaded dogs. KR decided to go home.

Buddy Napping after Mother's Day

Hubby de-boned the BBQ ribs from the other day. 

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