Friday, November 30, 2012

More Rain


Is it already Friday?

I woke up at 12:30 and put Ben out to go potty. Then at 6:00, Harriet was crying because she was hurting. I got up and went downstairs to lie down with her on the dog bed. Ben came over & slept with us for 30 minutes.

Made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby.

Hubby left & we waved goodbye.

The metal guy came to dump the storage bin, so I drove down there to investigate. I picked up the mail while I was there.

After making the beds and tidying up the house, I decided it was time to start Xmas baking.

I made bacon stuffing roll ups for hubby.

I prepared rice krispy treats with marshmallow for hubby & his work buddies.

There was also time to make rice krispy treats with peanut butter & chocolate.

Bit wanted to try on his Xmas neckerchief and he looks SO cute.

Bud also wanted to enjoy the Xmas fun. He posed for his picture! See the tooth.

Then I decided I had to make peppermint bark. And hubby hasn't had peanut brittle in a while, so I made that in the microwave.

Maggie was scared and stayed in the library sleeping all day. I coaxed her out with hot dogs to go potty.

After that, I was tired. Sat in my chair with Ben on my lap.

Bud & Ben sleep together

Hubby came home at 6:30. He went down to the shop to work until midnight. Puppies took naps.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Joy


We did not win the $550 million dollar lottery. So sad.

Then the dogs decided that they were going to fight this morning while I was making a breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Maggie decided to walk thru the kitchen instead of around it. Lil Bit was in her way. She growled and Bit growled/snapped back at her. End of fight. But then Harriet came running around the corner and threw herself at Maggie. Dog fight ensues.

Not a good way to start the day. Hubby got bit.

I dragged Harriet off of Maggie and put her in the laundry room.

Both of the dogs were bleeding. So was hubby.

Bandaged hubby's wounds. He decided to go into work anyway. Idiot. He probably will go into shock.

Got hubby's sandwich made. Made his latte.

He left. Waved goodbye from the front deck. Stepped into puppy poo. Obviously Ben has been pooping on the deck.

Cleaned the deck.

Cleaned up dog food spilled.

Started the laundry & dishes.

Maggie went upstairs to bleed on the bed. I had to get the bedding & pillows off so that I could wash them.
garland & quilted Xmas tree

Put up garland & quilted Xmas tree.

Baked more sausage/cream cheese pinwheels for hubby.

Also cooked some corn on the cob. Decided it sounded good.

Purchased some new Xmas music online.

Bud & Ben

Exercised on elliptical for 1 hour.

Vacuumed house.

fucking deer

Fixed the fucking deer. We are well known in the area because of our deer. I have talked to total strangers about Xmas lights & they remember us!

Put together 2 more deer from down in the basement.

One huge buck came to eat outside. How he has survived the deer season massacre, I don't know. I am just glad he outwitted all those stupid hunters.

Huge buck

Went down to get mail, but there was nothing there.

Bud looking adorable

Hubby got home at 6PM and had a call out when he sat down to eat dinner. So he ran down to the shop and got things organized, then we took the Bark Ark; packed up Bud, Ben, and Maggie. Took them into town. Went to the CDA Central Office and I walked dogs while Matt Z and hubby fixed the problem. We needed some groceries, so we went to WalMart and made a quick stop.

Afterwards, hubby remembered he needed to make a deposit. We drove thru a couple subdivisions to see lights, then went to bank in Rathdrum. Also got burgers for dogs at McDonalds there.

Came home, unloaded groceries, fed dogs their burgers, gave them more painkillers.

Went to bed at 10:30 after news.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Time to decorate for Xmas.

I made latte & breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Did laundry & dishes.

Puppies had their egg with cheese & ham snack.
Maggie tolerating Ben

Picked up poo outside. Brrrr. It was cold.
Ben sitting on my lap

Decorated upstairs with quilts & lights. Put more lights outside to replace ones that were not lighting.

Quilts on loft rail

Made Energy ball bites for hubby so he can take them to work.

Dave R came up to house around 5PM to help fix that was not working. He said it was system reset.

Hubby went to shop to work until 11PM. Puppies and I went to bed at 10:30.


Made latte & breakfast sandwich for hubby. Gave the leftover egg to puppies. Puppies ran out to play, Harriet Ben Bud Bit. Came back inside out of breath & panting.

Did laundry & dishes.

Hung up Xmas ornaments over the sink.

 Ben looking ADORABLE

Monday, November 26, 2012

Almost December

Ben is getting bigger

Made latte for hubby, no time to make sandwich.

Woke up at 5AM to let Ben outside. Gave him chicken to settle down his tummy so he could go back to sleep.

Hubby gave the dogs their pills. I made beds, did laundry & dishes,

Because I was upstairs and away from him, he was whining. He finally decided to come up the stairs half way by himself! He is so smart.

Cyber Monday. No real sales. Boo.

Sunday, November 25, 2012



Ben woke me up at 4AM. He had peed on the carpet by the door. But he was smart to go for the door! I cleaned it up and took him out again. He peed again. Drank water. Ate a little, then he went back to bed in the bathroom.

At 7AM I m ade hubby a breakfast sandwich & latte.

Took dogs to walk in Farragut Park. A long walk. Left Ben home alone as we don't want to expose him to any other dogs/coyotes until he has all his vaccinations.

When we returned home, we had a snack. Then started putting up Christmas lights. Weather had turned cold. Sun was gone. It was quite chilly and we worked from 11:00 until 1:30. Both of us were frozen. The wind was bitter cold & dark clouds had moved in to the area.

Female fucking deer is not lighting up.

Bud came out with me to see all the lights as soon as it got dark enough.

Tree Lights

Hubby got sick from Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. Maybe the same sick that I was feeling on Black Friday??? He finally got to throw up and it made him feel better. But he still had aches & chills. He slept from 4:30 until 7:00 on the couch.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Big Ben

SATURDAY November 24

Made breakfast sandwich & latte (machine had popped inner breaker & hubby re-set it).

Walked dogs in park. Panicked because Harriet was releasing toxic poo and smelled like she needed to poop. Hubby let me out of truck & we walked to area when he parked. Harriet finally pooped.

Dogs loved all the smells. The sun was shining. Wind was blowing a little. Very nice day, but black clouds were overhead.

On the drive home, hubby called the people that owed us money for storage. Their bank had called hubby & left a text message. Odd. Told wife to meet us in town and bring cash. 

We drove into town, met lady at Angie's Groomingdales. Picked up Big Ben & signed paperwork.

Stopped at Jitterz and got me a latte.

Went to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs.

Grocery shopped at Wal-Mart and returned oven.

Returned home and hubby helped all the dogs meet. Bit likes a new playmate. Harriet hates new dog. Bud tolerates him like a younger brother. Maggie acts like a mother with new puppy.

Big Ben is home.

Big Ben - See the tail whipping?
I unloaded the Bark Ark as hubby had to run to shop to meet customer.

Fed cheeseburgers to dogs.

Baked Wal-Mart pizza for guys at shop & took it down. Also took down the Puppy Chow treats.

Gave a bath to new dog.

Washed my hair.

Made bacon stuffing roll ups for hubby.

Did laundry and put it away.

Did dishes and put them away.

Friday, November 23, 2012

ThanksGiving & Black Friday


We got up at 6AM, and started getting ready. Hubby loaded to Bark Ark with all the groceries. I had made the CrockPot Applesauce & it was ready to go. Warm & delicious.

Also made honey cornbread muffins before we left along with hubby's drink. Machine could not get enough steam for me to make a 2nd drink. Boo.

We had to stop to get gasoline in Spirit Lake. Hubby had to get cash at ATM to pay guy in Spokane. Bank ATM swallowed his card. He was mad.

Drove to Spokane. Got money out of ATM at bank in the Valley. Also got a newspaper at gas station.
Saw a guy looking at cats in a cat store. He was peering oddly into the windows. Weird.

Got parts from guy, paid him. Left.

Continued drive to KRN's. Finally got there at 9am. KRN had stopped to get drinks for us. There were not enough ovens to heat all the food, so we went to WalMart to pick up some more groceries & get a toaster oven for KRN. We got the biggest one they had for $99. Checkout girl wanted to flirt with cute guys, but hubby cut in front of them. Checkout girl was pissed. We thanked her for working on Thanksgiving day.

Stopped to get me a latte at Red White & Brew because girl had made drink wrong when KRN got them. We gave her a big tip for working on the holiday. We thanked her for working on Thanksgiving day.

Drove back home to KRN's. They had burnt the bacon on the grille outside. Boo.

KRN had the turkey in the big oven. Hubby set up the little oven we bought & we put the ham into bake.

After the ham was done, we put the cherry pie in to bake. KRN & Matt put the Yams & Green Bean casserole into the triple crockpots they had received as a wedding present.

We finally ate midafternoon. Then watched football games. Watched a little of the pre-recorded Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but it was most boring. Watched more football games. KRN could not nap, even tho she was really tired.

All the dogs napped most of the day on the couch.

KRN went to bed at 8PM, while Matt, hubby, and I watched The Expendables 2. Cheesy movie. Lots of disjointed scenes. Weird.

We finally went to bed late.


At 2AM I woke up with severe stomach cramps. Pooped and took a bath. Felt a little better. Slept on the couch. Then at 4AM I woke up with severe stomach cramps. Pooped and took a bath. Felt a little better. Went to sleep with hubby again.

KRN left at 5:30 to work espresso stand today.

Then at 6AM I woke up with severe stomach cramps. Pooped and took a bath. Felt a little better. I made hubby wake Matt up to get Pepto Bismol. Took some of it and went to sleep with hubby again. Then at 8AM I woke up with severe stomach cramps. Pooped and took a bath. Felt a little better. Went to sleep with hubby again. At 10AM Matt tapped on the door to let us know he was going to GNC to get Black Friday Specials. Harriet was sleeping and freaked out when she heard Matt, she jumped out of bed and gave hubby a bloody nose because she hit him on the face.

Hubby came back to bed, I went back to sleep. Finally woke up about 10:30, took a bath, more Pepto Bismol and felt much better.

Hubby snacked for breakfast. We had let the dogs out several times in the night. We sat around watching TV until KRN came home. Matt was right behind her.

Bravo & Bit were playing when Maggie attacked Bravo. Then Harriet attacked Maggie. DOG FIGHT! A holiday tradition.

Beebo had a little cut ear & hubby got bit on his hand when he tried to separate Maggie & Harriet.

They all calmed down later.

KRN had brought lattes home. We sat down to play trivia game. Matt left later to go pick up his sister from the airport. Caitlyn came in to the house to say  hi. Then she left. We resumed playing game until about 3PM.

Hubby and I packed everything up and drove home. It started raining just as we left. Traffic was not bad.

When we arrived home, it was cold. Turned on all the heaters. Took forever to get warmed up.

I did laundry and put it away. I did dishes and put them away. Loaded more dishes. Unpacked the Bark Ark. Fed the dogs treats. Hubby gave Isabelle her painkiller medicine.

Cleaned up the house. I was exhausted by the time I was done. Went to bed around 9PM.

Hubby came up later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Before Thanksgiving


Getting so excited to see the kids for Thanksgiving. Hubby will have 4 days off! Yippee.

We have most of the fixings. Just need to get over to kids tomorrow morning.

Made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby, gave the rest of eggs to dogs.

Raining and dark again today. A little colder as it dipped to 39 degrees instead of 44 from yesterday.

Did laundry & dishes.

KRN is picking up turkey today at WalMart.

Got on my email and the lady that runs the rescue where we got Maggie has another Fila. He is only a 12 week old puppy. His name is Big Ben.

And this is what he looks like.

Big Ben

Isn't he adorable? Who could say no to that face?

Well, obviously the people that had him before said "no." WE are going to say "yes"!

So it looks like we got another dog. The more the merrier...

I cleaned house today. Vacuumed, Dusted, Swiffered, Washed Dog Beds, Washed Rugs, Cleaned Counters.

All ready for tomorrow. Just have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to make several things, have hubby pack everything up in the Bark Ark. Get the dogs loaded & go.

Hubby is working in shop until 11:00 tonight. Dave R was here tonight to install booster for wi-fi so shop can get internet. He was here from 6:00 when hubby came home until 8:30. Had to put Harriet outside so she would not kill him!

Poor Harriet was wet, mad, & cold. I dried her off & she warmed up on one of the clean dog beds.

Hubby actually worked until 12:30. I was so tired by the time he finally came home.

He ate a snack & came to bed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Rain


At least it is not snowing. But lots of rain.

I made hubby a latte & breakfast sandwich. He gave Izzy her morning pill.

However, hubby FORGOT (on purpose) to go downstairs and clean up the dead mouse I found yesterday. He promised me last night before coming to bed that he would get it in the morning as he was too tired to get it last night.

I did laundry and dishes.

Made Xmas ornies.

 Christmas Tree Ornies

 Star Ornie

Took Bud with me to my nail appointment. We left early so we could pick up cheeseburgers at McDonalds. Then I got a latte.

Appointment at 2:00. Gave Goat Milk Lavender Soap to Rhonda for Xmas gift. Got out of there at 4:15.

Home by 4:35. Gave cheeseburgers for dogs.


Hubby got home at 5:15. He signed out of work, then had a snack and went down to shop to work. New kid from Bonners Ferry working in shop tonight with him.

Monday, November 19, 2012

HAIR & Craft Show


Made latte for hubby. Got the dogs ready & went for a one hour walk around the park on a new path. Saw a bicyclist riding thru the park.

Then we came home and unloaded dogs. While I changed, hubby took Bud & Isabelle with him to the dump.

When they returned we packed Bud up in the truck & left.

Drove to Rathdrum to get sausage biscuits at McDonalds because we were both hungry. We ran out of eggs to make breakfast sandwich. Plus, Bud was overwhelmingly eager to eat a biscuit... or two.

Then we kept driving to Spokane. Got there super early, so we stopped at Big R to get Deer Fud and other misc. things that hubby needed. Bud got a lot of attention (as usual).

We decided to drive to KRN's espresso stand to get drinks, but hubby called Don and had to pick up axles RIGHT THEN. Because Don was not returning until 3pm. Hubby had difficulty getting Don to hear him on the phone. Don is almost deaf. So we had to RUSH up to Don's to pick up axles, then RUSH back to drop me off at Hair Salon.

Dominic was 10 minutes late at Hair Salon. I almost thought he would not show up. He said something about getting a "second job" and he was there until then. Supposedly, he is cutting all his costs so that he can purchase an electric car in about 1 year. He is still without a cell phone. His life just keeps getting weirder.

Hubby went to KRN's stand to get lattes and walk Bud. He brought back latte for me & Dominic.

Got my hair done by 1:30. By 2:00, we were at Craft Show at Fairgrounds. Craft show was BORING. Same old stuff there that was WAY too expensive. Almost nobody was leaving with anything. It was very expensive to get inside too, $7 this year per person.

Made the rounds in the whole place in 20 minutes. Also bought two pies, one cherry & one pumpkin for Thanksgiving.

On the drive back home, hubby was hungry and had to spend a Gift Certificate he had in his billfold. He decided we should eat at Outback. The one at the Spokane Valley Mall was almost empty, but they had a huge family come in just before us. The hostess left her station to go set up the tables, and we were waiting for over 10 minutes. We decided to leave because if they had no wait staff or manager to help, that meant they did not have adequate help to even manage to serve anybody.

Stopped at Stateline to get gasoline. I gave Bud water & walked him.

We drove to CDA to eat at the Outback there. Fast service and only 5 people in the whole entire restaurant!

Food was adequate. Not great.

Bud waiting patiently for us and was rewarded with a few pieces of filet.

We then had to go to Wendy's to get cheeseburgers for the dogs. Everybody there fawned over Bud! Love him.

Then we stopped at Albertson's to get eggs & eggnog for hubby's lattes. We got lots of Thanksgiving food for Thursday.

Hubby realized he left his leather jacket at Outback so we had to drive all the way back to get it. He is just like a little kid leaving things everywhere!

On the way, we saw several houses with Xmas lights already & a couple with inflatable turkeys.

Neighbors at Sienna Loop went overboard with lights. Two houses already have Xmas lights up. One house added a bunch of new decor to their home. Suppose we have to put our lights out, too.

Unloaded groceries at home, fed dogs their cheeseburgers. Closed up house that was absolutely cold. It had rained.

Settled down to watch Walking Dead. That show is SO stupid.

Went to bed early at 9:30.


Rain Rain and More Rain.

We woke up at 5:30 this morning because we went to bed too early! It was raining the whole night.

Made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. He also took a banana and orange for snacking.

I tided up after he was gone. Made beds. Did laundry & dishes.

Bud naps. We tired him out yesterday.

I LOVE kissing that pink belly!

Maggie is Adorable.

Sewed up a burlap pillow cover.

Then I made Apple Brown Betty for hubby.

Apple Brown Betty

Made Puppy Chow for KRN to take over for Thanksgiving.

Puppy Chow

I took Bud, Isabelle & Maggie down with me to the mailbox to get mail. I fed the deer on the way back. Maggie & Bud wandered off into the woods. They both came RUNNING back when I called. Maggie is a good dog.

When I returned to the house, I decided to light up some of the Christmas lights. It took me over 1.5 hours in the pouring rain to get the lights on the garage lit up, and some of the trees in the circle. One tree in the circle is totally NOT lighting at all. Will have to take down the lights & purchase more. Then some of the other lights on the trees are burnt out. Poo. I took our life-size Snowman and put him out in the circle.

I was exhausted by the time I came into the house at 3:00pm. It was getting dark.

So to warm up the house, I made No Bake Cookies for hubby to take to work.

Watched a little TV.

Called hubby to bring home pizza for dinner. He got home at 6:30. Watched HIMYM on TV, then he went to shop for 1.5 hours. After he got done, he came home & we went to bed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wet & Rainy


After making breakfast sandwich & latte, we took the dogs for a long walk in the park.

Drove around down to the boat dock and we watched the water for a while. Very turbulent as the wind was blowing viciously today.

Came home and unloaded dogs. Hubby went down to shop to work.

Much later, I took t-shirts & hats down to the kids. Picked up the mail. Talk to Bruce for a while. They had to put down Little Girl, their greyhound and Short, their little dog. They got a new dog- a Boston Terrier that Bruce said is quite mean. Fed the deer.

Hubby came home to get a drill and he took down the no-bake cookies that I had made.

Isabelle stayed down at the shop in the truck all day.

 Got lotion pump in mail from Etsy for Blue Ball mason jar

 Harriet & Bud napping in library

Friday, November 16, 2012

So Sick


Made latte & sandwich for hubby.

Lots of snow today. Shoveled the deck several times.

Decided to make more Peanut brittle & Cashew Brittle for hubby. Burnt my right index finger & was not able to do anything else.

Lots of pain.

Tried to call Dr to reschedule appointment for my leg abscess, but they were out of the office for lunch for TWO hours. Only got answering service that did not want to take a message. 


Made latte & sandwich for hubby.

Called Rhonda to reschedule appointment. I don't want to get my nails done with burnt finger. Still too sensitive to touch.

Started raining today. Snow is going away slowly.

Still in a lot of pain from burnt finger.


Woke up and was sick. Weak, tired, shaky, nauseated, and dizzy.

Did not make drink or sandwich for hubby. Could not stand up long enough. No energy.

I stayed on the couch most of the day just sleeping. Dogs made me get up to let them out every once in a while. Also changed their water & food.

There was no way that I could eat or drink anything all day. Made me sick to even try.

I threw up lots of water that I had gotten down earlier.

Hubby came home at 5:00. He stayed home for a while, then went down to shop to custom make bracket for install of internet for company tomorrow. At 8PM he came back and took care of me. I went to bed early.


KRN texted that she is going to the Dr. She is still really sick. Sounds like flu.

Made hubby latte & sandwich. Took a shower. Re-filled fish tank in basement. Made beds. Washed our comforter.

Still tired.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Maggie & The Vet


Snowed over 1 inch by 6:00 when I woke up and let the dogs out. How depressing.

More snow to shovel.

Hubby shoveled the deck while I made his latte & breakfast sandwich.

Dogs said goodbye to daddy & raced out on the deck to see his truck leave.

I made an appointment for Maggie to go visit the vet at 8:30. Cleaned up, then drove Bud & Maggie to the vet. Bud waited in the FMF while we visited Dr. Mike.

Maggie fell asleep on the floor while she waited. She was very calm.

Maggie Falls Asleep at the Vet

A very big girl, Maggie weighs in at 131 pounds! The vet said that everything checks out quite well for an 8 year old dog. He did give her the Leptospirosis vaccination that is recommended for rural living.

Afterwards, we drove very slowly back home in the snow & slush.

When I got home, I did laundry & dishes, put them both away. Made peanut brittle for hubby. Sewed pillows. Made a sock snowman. Vacuumed. Shoveled decks about a dozen times! I am exhausted!

 Snow Pillow
 Sock Snowman

Christmas Tree Pillow

Harriet was freaked out most of the day because the snow was coming off the roof and it was LOUD! She was scared. However, she calmed down when she got to nap beside Maggie.

Harriet rests her head on Maggie's butt

The snow made a cute curl over the garage doors today.

Snow Curl

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day


Got up early & made hubby latte. Also his ham cheese egg sandwich. Out of eggs, only had 1 left so did not have much leftover to feed dogs.

Went for a walk at Farragut with the dogs. BRRRRR cold. It was only 20 degrees. Must have been very cold last night.

Snow still coming off the roof.

Came back & hubby went down to shop. He moved all the storage boats/rvs around in the big shop so he could have extra room.

While he did that, I got ready & met KRN at Post Falls High School for Craft Show. Except for some soap that I purchased because I felt sorry for the teenage girl that was selling it, the show was pretty much a bust. Nothing new or interesting. She was very friendly & caught her eye, but her mom was not there with her & it was obvious that they were desperate for sales. They were also WAY in the back where nobody was walking.

KRN wanted to go shopping over at H&M in the Valley Mall so we got in her car to drive over. Also went to American Eagle where I saw a sweater I liked for way too much money! Also a sweet black little coat that I want to get.

KRN got new jeans at AE. Then we got lattes because I had not had any tea to drink all day.

Drove back to pick up Beebo after abruptly leaving the fabric store when KRN got a phone call from Apryl that Beebo was done with his grooming.

Picked Beebo up and he was surprised to see grandma!

Then we shopped at WalMart. Loaded groceries in her car while she took Beebo for a potty walk.

KRN drove home. I drove to Rathdrum to get burgers for dogs. Then home to drop off beer for hubby at shop.

I was exhausted after I cleaned up dog food, watered the dogs, let the dogs out for potty, fed the deer, put away dishes, put away laundry, brought in all the groceries, put away all the groceries & made myself some tea.

When hubby came home, I made him turkey on a cranberry bagel with cream cheese. Yum.


Got up extra early & let hubby sleep a while. Made the ham cheese egg sandwich for him along with a latte. Gave the extra eggs to dogs.

Watched a little Vietnam narrative in commemoration of Veteran's Day on tv. Then got dogs ready & went for a long walk in Farragut Park.

The fireplace will not work again. Maybe time to replace the thermocoupler?

Came back home & dropped dogs off, changed clothes. Went into town to do shopping. Stopped at Sears for hubby to return broken tools. (JoAnns is STILL not open at the mall even tho the sign has been out for over two months!)

Then to Big R for dog food & deer food. Took Buddy into the store and EVERYBODY loved & petted him. Bit was nervous, so I took him outside to wait in the truck.

We went over to JoAnn's Fabrics in CDA. Saw an old work associate from the NOMC, Lyn, there & talked to her. Got burlap to make pillows.

Purchased dog cheeseburgers at Wendy's on the way home. Came up the newly opened 95.

When we got home, hubby fed the deer; I fed the dogs their cheeseburgers. Hubby made crockpot chili/sausage. I put my chicken in the oven to bake.

Rested. I took a hot bath while hubby watched Drive-ins, Diners, & Dives.

I went to bed around 10:30. I have no idea when hubby came to bed. It was late.

Friday, November 09, 2012


First Snow of the 2012 Winter

So we got well over 10 inches so far today. 

I have shoveled about 5 times already. It just keeps coming down.

Hubby almost forgot his latte when he took off this morning. Instead of driving the 4x4 Excursion Bark Ark, he took the Dodge instead because there were parts inside that he had to deliver. 

I ran his drink out to him while sloshing thru 5 inches of snow...

Then I shoveled decks again. Fed the dogs the rest of the ham cheese egg sandwich.   

Dogs played outside. Harriet & Bud started, then Lil Bit decided to have fun, too.

Bud & Harriet look ferocious!
 Bud & Harriet tussle
 Bit joins in the dog fun

Bud naps inside next to the fireplace

I took Bud & Maggie down with me to get mail. It was a lot of work trying to pedal thru 10 inches of snow.

Then I came back and shoveled the decks. Again.

Am resting inside now next to the warm fireplace.

Hubby worked in the shop until 8:30 pm tonight. I made him chicken Alfredo with corn on the cob.


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Snow? Or No Snow?


Hubby really thought it was Friday when he got up today. He unloaded the deer food before he left this morning.

Dogs watched from the deck as he drove down the drive to our front gate.

Gave the dogs eggs, cheese, ham left overs. Maggie is REALLY good at catching in mid-air.

Went down to the mailbox on my bike with Maggie, Isabelle & Bud. Maggie nipped at my thigh while riding the bike. She is insanely happy while we go fast.

Fed the deer.

Took a bath. It was cold outside, so the bath warmed me up when I got back inside.

The UPS man came with the fabric cutter & interface for the Silhouette.

Hubby came home around 5:00. He ate a quick snack, then had to go to Del's house to have some bends made for special mounts that Frontier commissioned. Hubby took Bud with him. He brought him home after returning. Then hubby worked in the shop for over 2 hours.

It started snowing late.

Late snow

In just a few hours while hubby was down at the shop working, it snowed over 4 inches.

I made Ants On A Log for hubby.
Ants on a Log

Hubby came home around 8:00. It kept snowing. We were tired & went to bed at 10:30.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A New Day


The day after voting. Is a beautiful day outside. Lots of warmth & sunshine.

Made latte & ham cheese egg sandwich for hubby. He left for work.

Did laundry & dishes. Made blueberry muffins.

Bud, Isabelle and Maggie come down to get mail with me. Maggie just adores running beside my bike now. She is very trustworthy to stay around now.

Fed the deer.

Hubby came home at 5:30. He went down to shop to work until 9:30 then came home to nap on the couch. Went to bed at 11:00.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012



Did dishes & laundry after hubby left this morning for work.

Then played with dogs for a while.

Picked up poo in the backyard. Did not pick up all weekend, so there were two full bags of poo.

Went to get the mail with Bud, Maggie & Isabelle. Maggie was off the leash for the first time and stayed with us the whole time. She even sat in a "stay" command by my bike while I went to get the mail.

Fed the deer.

High of 59 degrees. Hope it continues like this all winter.

Hubby came home at 5:30 and was tired. So he rested/slept on the couch all night after dinner.

We went to bed early at 8:30 after an episode of How I Met Your Mother.


Time to vote.

Hubby went to work.

Fog came in very thick. Hardly could see the shop.

Dogs played outside. Maggie even played with Bud & Harriet out in the yard. It was a balmy 52 today.

I took a nap because I was tired. Lil Bit came up to sleep with me on the bed.

When hubby came home, he had dinner.

Then we went to vote at 7:30 at Timberlake High School.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Brad's Balls


Made french toast & eggs for everybody's breakfast. Then made lattes for everybody.

Hubby got dressed & we loaded up all the dogs & kids into the Bark Ark to go for walk at Farragut. Nasty rangers told us to leash up Bud & Bravo which were the only dogs we were letting run loose. WHY do the Rangers do NOTHING but drive around?

When we came home, Matt & Hubby sat down to watch a car show. KRN was cold & sat in front of the fireplace. I made Brad's Balls.

Brad's Balls

The kids left shortly after this.

Hubby and I sat around & rested most of the day. Hubby was tired. We took the dogs for a second walk in the park. Then came home to rest on the couch the balance of the night.

Turned back the clocks & went to bed.

Saturday, November 03, 2012



Made latte for hubby. Made egg/cheese/ham sandwiches for KRN & Matt & Hubby. Espresso machine would not work when trying to make latte for KRN & Matt. So they went to Deralee's instead after we loaded dogs into the Bark Ark.

Maggie Moo called Shotgun.

Maggie Moo & Lil Bit

Jen-Bunny was working at Deralee's so kids got to talk to her.

Then went to park for dog walk. It was raining.

Afterwards came home & guys went down to shop. New kids from Bonners Ferry were here already.

I washed my hair, KRN changed clothes, then we went in the FMF to the first craft show... in Twin Lakes. Not too impressive. Lots of handmade jewelery, cutesy painted things & knit/crochet.

Then we drove thru Rathdrum. Got KRN a latte (too hot & too sweet) at Jitterz.

There was a wrestling tournament going on at Lakeland High School. Lots of cars.

Went to CDA High School Craft show. Still raining. KRN wore her rain coat & boots. I did not. Saw a former co-worker Julie Geist who had a booth at the show.

Saw Mitties lady & got more mittens.

Then went to Jamba Juice to get a Pumpkin Smash for KRN. It was odd tasting.

Stopped at Lowe's to pick up lights for the Mason Jars.

KRN wanted to stop at Super Supplements for Lavendar oil.

Drove to Roadhouse Latte stand because KRN said the girl that owned it often comes to her latte stand. She wanted to check out the espresso. Tasted weird on the tongue with an aftertaste. Greasy.

Got burrito for KRN at Del Taco. Got groceries at WalMart.

Stopped briefly at ReStore Habitat for Humanity to see if they had anything interesting. Yuck.

Had to reroute to Rathdrum for burgers for dogs. Then home on 95 to show KRN the new road.

Stopped to talk to guys at shop, then came home to make dinner. Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread. Yum. 

With Baked Apple Pie Egg Rolls. Bland. Need to add cream cheese next time.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Dogs & Apryl's


Hubby got up late and everything went wrong. I almost burnt his egg because I didn't have enough time to do everything. Also accidentally spilled the Espresso into the sink and had to make it all over again!

He finally got off 15 minutes late. But got to work on time. He does speed! Not.

Pumpkin Patch

Then I got ready, made wide mouth pumpkins, and took Bud & Isabelle to Apryl's to get groomed. Bud had rolled in the backyard mud yesterday while playing with Harriet yesterday, so he was filthy.

I killed time after dropping them off at 9:30am by going to Michael's and buying junk. Then going to Target to purchase even more junk! They are horrible. Like sucking you into a black hole. Forcing you to buy, buy, buy.

Target revamped their whole store Yet Again... They added an area near the back that almost looks like a grocery store. Greeting cards are at the front of the store? An odd choice. Huge new fitting rooms. Toys & baby stuff in the middle of the store. It looks like they have a surplus of Halloween stuff. There were still about 3 rows of junk in the back. The clerks were frantically stocking for Christmas while I was there.

Then it was about time to go to the Acupuncture office at 11:30. He hit a blood vessel in my left arm & it swelled up and itched right away after I was done.

At 12:15 I was done there. Went to Albertson to get more chicken because I was stupid and put the chicken breasts that we bought last night into the freezer. But I got an even better deal by purchasing buy one get one free chicken breasts!

Then went to Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs. While waiting in line, Apryl called to let me know that she was done with the dogs. I drove over there to pick them up.

On the way home, I took the new Hwy 95 home. It was rough, the speed limit is still 55, which is extremely slow, and there are plop patches of blacktop on the road in spots. Again, the asphalt layers put down the edge of asphalt RIGHT WHERE THE CAR TIRE ON THE RIGHT DRIVES! Any idiot will tell you that with the heat & freezing temperatures here, that is the first place that water will get into the asphalt & break it apart. By this time next year, they will be patching it again. Stupid freaks. The road is just AWFUL. The frontage road was MUCH better. What a great waste of taxpayer money. Freaks.

When I got home, fed dogs their burgers. Cleaned up after them. Put away clothes. Put away dishes. Made hot tea for myself. Tired.

Now to start making dinner for kids...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cleaning House (Again)


Made hubby a latte & egg.turkey.cheese sandwich. Ran out of ham. Have to go to grocery store tonight because the kids are coming this weekend and I don't want them to starve.

I started cleaning. Vacuumed, dusted, put out garbage, mopped, did dishes & laundry. Also cleaned out the refrigerator.

While I had extra time (LOL), I made a Mason Jar with Doily and put turkey vinyl on small pint mason jars.

Hubby came home around 6:00 then had to run down to shop for a while.

Bit resting on clean bed

Wow. He. Is. So. Black.

Took Bud & Bit with us to go shopping at 8:15. Went to A-town to fill up on gas in FMF. Then to Super One in Rathdrum. Nice shopping when there is nobody at the store!

Hubby was hungry and got mini white powder donuts to snack upon until we got to McD's.

Stopped at McD's to get burgers for dogs. Got the new Angus CBO for hubby to try. Gross! Sauce is awful & leaves a nasty aftertaste. Onions are gassy. Like gasoline gassy! Stay away from this burger.

Got home around 10:30 and unpacked groceries. Put away groceries. Hubby went to bed at 11:15 because he was very tired. Said he might be coming down with a cold.