Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Monday 28 September- When hubby was installing the electric to the pond, I had plugged the iPod into the truck so that we could listen to music outside. When Monday morning rolled around, I was unable to ascertain the location of my keys. Finally remembering that they were still in the truck in the ACC position, I was sure that the vehicle would not start. However, our trusty old Dodge started up just perfectly.

As the "Chief" meterologist had advised that the weather would be turning colder, rainy, and with a chance of snow I started packing up all the outside things. Put away the hammock. Cleaned up all the outside summer decorations. Fall is official here. Temps are in the 50s now.

Texted Greg to bring home Sweet & Sour Chicken from Noodle Express. He also brought home a couple egg rolls. After a brief dinner with me, he disappeared down to the shop.

Tuesday 29 September- 'Lil Bit escaped from the backyard several times, so I texted the hubby to bring home more cattle panels, so that they can be cut into 1/3s to keep the little miniature bugger from breaking out.

Attended to a phone call to a shelter for the Saint Bernard Rescue.

Played with the dogs for quite a while, uploaded a new iTunes, rearranged things in the basement, and vacuumed. Also washed clothes & put away dishes.

Wednesday 30 September - 'Lil Bit hit the floor last night and I thought that he had fallen. Hubby said that he had launched himself off. So, at 3:00 in the morning, I was down on the floor cleaning up his poop! Obviously he had decided that pooping on the bed would be a bad idea, but jumping to the floor and depositing a pile of feces by the window was a great idea! I was tired & had also woken up hubby - so we bantered in that sleepy stupidity back & forth for a while before he fell asleep & I laid there with insomnia.

Hubster woke up Wednesday morning coughing & gagging. Blowing his nose, he announced that he had acquired Swine Flu from his contagious replicating-the-earth-with-children co-worker! I told him to stay home from work but he decided that he could go in, see if he felt worse, and if necessary - come home early.

Note - "J" decided that in addition to children from a previous marriage, he was going to have about 8 kids with his current wife. Said current wife has now just decided to "fly the coop" as she cannot tolerate the teenage girl from his previous marriage, thereby leaving "J" raising all the children by himself! Hubby has to endure hearing the whole sad state of affairs from "J" now that they are riding together in training. What a soap opera. Poor hubby.

Took Isabelle into the Vet to get her toenails cut. They have grown a massive amount in just the last week alone. Also made an appointment for Harriet to go into the Vet at 12:15 today - yesterday I noticed a huge lump on the back of her neck.

Dr. Mike decided that the lump on Harry's neck is a reaction from her vaccinations of last week. He was kind enough to not charge for the visit.

While I was out watering plants & trees, there was a distinct smell of cinnamon in the air. Strange.

Did 8 miles on my elliptical today; texted hubby to bring home Chicken Pita at the Pita Pit for dinner. I could really get used to him going into town for work!

The sky in the West turned ultra dark as storm clouds moved in around 5PM - maybe a rain deluge?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nerd Glasses

Friday 25 September (cont) At 5:00p I took 'Lil Bit & Isabelle to the VZ yard in CDA to pick up hubby so we could make our eye exam follow-up appointments at 5:20p. Met G & Rocky at the yard.

Picked up hubby's nerdy glasses at Wal-Mart while the doctor prescribed another set of contacts for me to try.

Stopped at Nate's Pizza on the way home for a pizza pie. Walked the dogs in the parking lot.

After we got home, hubby worked in the shop for a while.

Early Saturday morning got lattes. Hubby worked in the shop until noon; then we went on the big adventure to Pomeroy, WA to pick up a truck for parts. The $1500 "deal" truck that hubby had purchased early in the month was the choice to make the run, but the promised lumbar seat was only on the driver's side & not the passengers'. Once it got dark, there were no interior lights to see by. The truck was a lifted 4WD, and everytime I got in or out, I had to jump. So I threw a fit and told hubby that he had better get a "pull-up your pants big boy truck" to drive me around on road adventures from now on. I am not 20 years old anymore and I definitely need my creature comforts!

South of Spokane/CDA is nothing but gosh-forsaken country. Thousands of miles of wheat farmland; blowing wind & dust. Horrible, horrible boring scenery. When we arrived at the destination, we had to drive for 15 minutes on a dirt road to get to the farmer's home. I got out and walked 'Lil Bit (who behaved amazingly well on the entire journey!) we were both instantly covered in brown dirt & dust. My shoes & jeans up to my knees were filthy & 'Lil Bit had changed from a black dog to a dark brown dog! Gross. You could not PAY me to live there.

We finally got home around 10:00 while I got ever more irritated with the hubby for the condition of the truck. My ribs & back were in excruciating pain by the time we arrived at our house. I took an hour long hot bath while hubby unloaded stuff.

Took lots of pain killers & went to bed.

On 27 September Sunday morning we walked the dogs at Farragut Park; It was a beautiful day in the park - sun shining & the weather was not too hot. So we extended our walk for an extra mile. Then stopped at the White Pines cafe for breakfast-haven't been there in donkey years! Hubby went to the dump by himself as I refused to ride in THAT truck again; while I stayed home & watered plants. Covered plants with landscape fabric in preparation for mulch; and hubby stored some of the boats that had been dropped off; then he installed the electric hook-up by the pond.

Also bathed Isabelle & Harriet; both of whom acted like we were killing them! Isabelle hung her head so low, that her lips were almost touching the deck. The dog hates water! Harriet just shivered while she was getting warm water poured over her. Nutty, insecure, scary dog! We would never do anything to hurt her.

Watched a little TV & went to bed. Boring day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Angus Groomed

Thursday 24 September - After having to shut the door in the morning due to an anorexic next-door neighbor who has a tendency to jog down the trail in front of our property, 'Lil Bit decided he had to poo right away. In front of the closed door. So I was able to obtain a sample of his poo for the Vet.

Harriet's poor little paw bandaged from her surgery. She is still pretty groggy. Limps around like she is experiencing some pain. Only a couple more days and I can remove the bandage per the Vet.

Watered the plants, did laundry, and general cleaning around the house. Then got ready to go into CDA to drop Angus off at the Petco Groomers. Gave the gift of POO to the Vet on the way. Later received a phone call from them that all systems were OK. No trace of worms or other fungus! Got a Starbucks latte on the way, walked 'Lil Bit & Angus around the grassy knoll before taking Angus inside to Petco. Dropped her off and as I was leaving, I noticed she made an attempted escape right over the counter! Bad dog.

Went to pick up some TRESemmé at Rite Aid; then over to the Computer Repair for the laptop. Meandered home. Saw a hawk circling the highway as I drove north to our house; the prairie was on fire again as the Indian Reservation was burning grass. Such a horrible sickeningly sweet smell & the smoke burnt my eyes.

Played with the dogs for a while & paid bills online. Then hubby came home & we drove into town so he could drop off some transmissions to be repaired. Picked up Angus at 6:30p. She seems much happier with her new hairdo! No mohawk as the groomer was lucky to get her shaved at all! Angus has a severe case of A.D.D. Her focus is not what is needed for extreme haircuts! With most of her longish locks gone, we can now see the freckles on her back. Even her tail is naked. . .So cute! The shampoo of the day at Petco was Chai Tea Latte. Hubby said she smells better than the lattes we get in the mornings! Yummy.

Drove to Rathdrum to drop off some more automotive parts. Then home where hubby loaned the "helicopter support truck" to Leo S; grilled burgers & chicken later for dinner.

Friday 25 September 'Lil Bit seems to have recovered completely from his tummy bug. He is rambunctious and wild. Running around. Barking. Happy. Energetic.

After leaving the water running in the fish pond most of the night (I forgot I had left it on) the water is absolutely, stunningly clear!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Skanky Is The Word Of The Day

Tuesday 22 September- Was waiting on anxious tiptoes for the Vet to call regarding 'Lil Bit's status. By 9:00am I was on the phone to find out his condition. He was doing well. Had kept some food down and only had a little diarrhea in his cage. The IV was doing good for him. I could pick him up in the afternoon.

Played with my new cell phone downloading all my info from my previous phone. How tedious to have to adjust! But I found that the new technology is great! Can type like a regular QWERTY keyboard! Fast! Also can have all the info I want for contacts. Addresses. Email. Phone Numbers. The phone can even deliver GPS directions similar to a car! No need to buy a new car. Score for hubby.

'Lil Bit came home and was OK. They shaved the fur from his right front foot to insert the IV, so he has a naked leg.

When I arrived home, it was to find Harriet had somehow had a mishap with the toenail on her right foot. It was hanging half way off & bleeding. She was licking it. Gross. So I had to call the Vet again to schedule an appointment for her tomorrow at 12:30.

Texted K a couple times. She advised me that hubby had told her we were meeting them at Costco to purchase a new TV for them. So after hubster came home, he got cleaned up and we drove into CDA. Got a skanky latte for me at Starbucks (Skanky is the word of the day) and then over to quickly wash the truck. Met kids at 8pm - bought the TV and then ate at Chili's (gross-never again). Drove home & fell into bed exhausted.

Wednesday 23 September - The city of Sydney is experiencing an epic dust storm. Pics are all over the internet. Very interesting.

'Lil Bit had explosive diarrhea in our bedroom - on the carpet & wall in several areas at 2AM. I groggily got up to let him outside only to find that he had thrown up, too! So I cleaned everything up, then went back to bed.

Called the Vet AGAIN this morning to be told not to give Bit anymore food. Just water for the next couple days to settle his stomach. If he does worse, maybe have to take him in for more tests. Doc said to save his poo if he has anymore!

Started vacuuming house & doing laundry.

Took Harry into Vet. She had to be left for surgery. Doc will cut the toenail off at the quick - it will grow back, however! Thank goodness. He gave her the shot to put her out while I was there, so she did not have any disorientation. Poor dog. So traumatic for her.

Went back to pick her up at 2PM along with more medicine for Bit. I also snuck over to the latte stand to pick up an Italian Ice (strawberry) as it was very hot today.

Again texted the kid a couple times to tell her how much I enjoy my phone. Hubby called & I got to give him the play-by-play of the dog owies.

Hubby came home & worked in the shop for a while, then took me to dinner at the newly re-opened under new management Mexican restaurant in Spirit Lake. Good food.

Monday, September 21, 2009

(Slapping Hand) Bad Blogger!

Monday-I think I remember we went up to Sandpoint for some reason.

Tuesday - Had to go to Spoky-Jo and then met the kids later for lunch at Olive Garden.

Wednesday - In CDA for some errands - dropped off laptop at Computer Repair. Picked up hubby's leather jacket at dry cleaners.

Thursday - Spent the whole day packing up stuff for the garage sale on Saturday. Went to Wally-World Vision to get our eyes checked. Hubby got $500 glasses complete with nerdy expensive frames, safety glass, no-line bifocals & transition lenses! I got bifocal contacts. But they are slightly blurry on the long distance. Have to change them. Hubby took me out to dinner at Red Lobster afterwards.

Friday - Spent the whole day packing up stuff for the garage sale on Saturday. #3 helped pack boxes of books into the truck. Drove over at 5PM to KRL-N's and unpacked, priced everything. Fell into bed exhausted after a quick shower. Didn't sleep as too much light & noise in "town", plus sleeping in a strange bed without hubby. LOL!

Saturday - Sold stuff with KRL-N on the garage sale. . .walked puppies inbetween selling. . . ate tomato soup lunch that K made us. . .went home around 6PM. Got Wendy's cheeseburgers for my puppies on the way home. Greeted hubby at home. Fell into bed exhausted.

Sunday - Slept late with hubby - almost 8AM! Went for walk with puppies down to Farragut Park. Ate breakfast at Jimmy C's. (that is the last time! I swear!) then went home to make dog grog. Drove over to Cheney to help kids put in the last of the sprinkler system. While K & I went to shop at DSW Shoes & Kohl's, hubby went with M to Lowes to pick up pipe. Hubby & M worked until 7:00 (I took a short nap with the puppies while K put together her new table & chairs for the breakfast nook) Drove home in the dark with hubby. Got Wendy's cheeseburgers for the puppies again on the way home.

'Lil Bit had explosive diarrhea twice on Sunday while he played with Bravo. K cleaned it up off the wall! Last night, he threw up in bed with us. Monday - This morning he threw up bile. Started shaking. I took him to the Vet in an emergency. And left him with the vet for Intensive Isolation care with IV fluids. Vet said NOT parvo, but some kind of intenstinal bug! Poor little puppy. Better they care for him there, than bring him home & he gets worse around the other dogs.

After unwrapping the plants from the freeze warning last night, I picked up poo, watered trees, had to re-fill the pond again as the water had evaporated from it; then filled in some holes that the dogs dug in the landscape in the back yard. Am going to vacuum up dog hair later. My new LG ENV3 phone is supposed to arrive today by Fed-Ex. Still not here yet at Noon. Hubby's first day of his new position at work!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bike Ride Wedding & Sprinkler System

The kids stayed overnight on Friday 9/11 so that we could get up early Saturday 9/12 morning to go on the Kootenai River Ride sponsored by the Bonners Ferry Rotary. Of course, my bike had not been repaired in time at the Sandpoint Bike shop, so we had purchased a new one at Wally-World on Friday nite. Hubby filled the tires with air, and I biked up to the house where while waiting for Matt to load bikes on the Jeep, both tires decided to exploded - one right after another! It sounded like a shotgun! Scared poor little Harriet who happened to be standing with Matt. The bike then toppled over like it had died. Kels said that it actually wanted to be a "kite, and fly away", so it committed suicide. LOL!

We picked up a duplicate bike in Sandpoint on the way through town that morning and returned the "dead" bike. K&M picked up Starbucks for us while we performed the exchange. However, the tires were flat on the new one. There was NOT a bike repair shop that was set up to perform minor repairs as advertised in the brochure - so M&G ran into the Les Schwab dealership in Bonners Ferry to fill my tires. We finally got going by almost 10:00 instead of 9:30.

Goody bags consisted of a huge reusable bag, lip balm & a pen, plus a yellow t-shirt (K's most favorite color -NOT! Last year's goody-bag was definitely better.

The ride was long & hot, but enjoyable. My bike performed adequately, but I got butt bruised from the new seat. K also got butt bruised from her seat and M's bike had a severe tire rub along the entire route. He had to stop several times to attempt to fix it, to no avail.

Arriving at the mid-point, the Rotarians were almost out of water & had few apples. We took of their proferred refreshments, then climbed up to the waterfall across the road. Through a stand of old-growth cedar which was very pretty & scented. However, K got bit by mosquites which turned very bad the next day. Huge welts!

We proceeded to head back to the starting point for the baked potatoes & vintage "blues" music -

"I got the blues from my baby left me by the San Francisco Bay,The ocean liner's gone so far away. Didn't mean to treat her so bad. She was the best girl I ever have had. She said goodbye, I can take a cry. I want to lay down and die.
I ain't got a nickel and I ain't got a lousy dime.
She don't come back, think I'm going to lose my mind. If she ever gets back to stay, it's going to be another brand new day, Walking with my baby down by the San Francisco Bay."

Got back home & while M and I took quick naps, K took a shower to get ready for the wedding at 5. I finally arose 30 minutes before we had to leave to take a shower & throw on some clothes.

Arrived at the odd wedding in the reception hall - standing for the entire 5 minute ceremony (thank god it was short) and getting drunk while talking with Joe who was released from his death-bed at the hospital for the ceremony! Stayed through the bubble-blowing taco buffet while enduring death stares from the oddest women in the state of Idaho! Saving myself for the wedding cake & being disappointed at the home-baked white cake/carrot cake/chocolate cake combo layered monstrosity? What a disappointment. Making secret plans behind Greg's back to go to Olive Garden after the party. Singing Garth Brook songs with Matt above the obnoxiously LOUD music wherein you couldn't even hear the person next to you!

KRL-N drove all of us to Olive Garden whereupon hubby kept insisting that she was not heading the correct way home - Sheila (the Jeep GPS System) must have routed us the wrong way. . .we arrived to find the longest line for a restaurant in history. We then vetoed OG and headed home to the puppies.

Staggering in late, we ordered the ever-disappointing KKJ's pizza (sandwiches, too) and ate little b4 heading to bed.

Sunday morning found us getting all the necessities packed up on the trailer before heading to the Coast (kids' home). Gassed up at the Petro station - coasting in on fumes as hubby had not bothered to tell me we were out of gas! And got some munchies for later. 'Lil Bit was with us & played with Bravo all day. KRL-N and I moved rocks in their backyard after she had done some quick laundry. M&G unloaded the equipment & buried sprinkler lines all day. K& I walked dogs several times. K made lunch for the guys. We also gave them lots of water to keep them hydrated.

The kids' yard is becoming beautiful. Their blocks & landscaping around the front corner is great! Once Matt installs all the sprinkler heads, the hydro-seeding can be done. They will also be ordering rock for around the edges. It will look good.

*I got stung by a wasp as I was standing over M with an umbrella so he wouldn't burn in the afternoon sun. The stupid thing landed on the back of my right leg at the thigh & struck!

Hubby & I drove home around 5:30 - stopped for Wendy's cheeseburgers for the puppies we had to abandon at home today. They were happy to see us when we arrived. Of course, Harriet had escaped again. The Great Harry Houdini reincarnated!

After showers for both of us, I talked to Cheryl at the Saint Bernard Rescue. Then restful time on computer/watching TV and to bed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh Deer Me.

Tim installed the new wire in the deck railings. It looks great!

In addition to installing the railings for the decks, Tim also straightened one of the trees by bracing it, cut a dog hole in the garage for the kennel inside there, even though we have never used it.

Our application as foster parents for Saint Bernards has been approved so we will be taking care of more dogs! I want to do anything I can to help. It just felt so hollow to donate money after a while.

The separate kennel & dog run area was necessary in case a foster dog needs to be apart from the rest of the posse for a while.

I continued hauling rocks for the pond all day yesterday. It was a beautiful day.

When Greg came home, he had to hurry down to the shop to set up a rear end for a friend.

Then hubby and I went up to Hope, Idaho to view the deer at the David Thompson Wild Animal Refuge. You almost need a baseball bat to forage your way through all the wild animals!

KRL-N gets really excited whenever we mention that we see deer. She and M really need to take a drive up around Hope to enjoy all these wild creatures.

On the way back home, we stopped at Arby's to feed our wild carnivore. Arby's Roast beef for Angus, 'Lil Bit, Harriet, & Isabelle.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rocks In My Head

Took 'Lil Bit into the Vet on Tuesday. He has a bruising of his trachea. Dr. Mike gave him antibiotics (the little pink liquid medicine) and some cough medicine. When Bit takes the cough medicine, he konks out for hours. Poor tired little baby.

Got more cattle panels at Ziggy's (Yeah, Ziggys!) for the deck inserts. Instead of chicken wire, hubby talked me into these instead. And I really like them. We can have them sand-blasted a different color later if we like. Tim is already 3/4 of the way done installing them! He's fast. Like a liger.

Hubby got another truck to add to the fleet. As he was adding it to the insurance policy, the dumb bunny on the phone asked. Is this a new or used vehicle? Duh. It's a 1999 Ford F350. It's 10 years old. I THINK it might be USED. But of course, they don't pay for brains. Maybe they are required to ask these stupid questions.

I am busy adding more rocks to the pond. It is a fairly decent fall day outside.

As we were driving into town this morning to get our lattes, 'Lil Bit was hanging out the window. We passed two school buses on the way and all the little kids smiled as we went by. I especially waved at one little kid that really stared at us when we were waiting for the train. She shyly waved back. Hope that seeing 'Lil Bit put the kids in a good frame of mind to start their school day! Everybody loves a puppy.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Pic Is Worth A Thousand Words

Instead of blogging, I'll post pics!

#3 (Larry III) came over on Thursday to dig holes, mow the lawn & clear up the wood from the old deck.

We babysat Bravo on Friday night so M&K could stay overnight at Matt's parents' home/eat dinner with them.

On Saturday my BPPV came back with a relish. Nausea & dizziness galore! Rested in bed a lot of the day. Vegged on the couch without moving my head much.

Went over to the kids house on Sunday to have Brunch with them at the Davenport Hotel for our belated Anniversary. They gave Greg a Sony Xplod CDX-GT33W for all his help with their yard.

Monday, our friend, Joe H had major complications from his recent foot surgery in Seattle. He developed Staph and has now been admitted to the local hospital for Necrotizing Fasciitis. Hubby rested at home on Labor Day as his hips have been hurting badly. He needs to go back to the chiropractor again, but resists.

Tuesday afternnon Angus was woofing loudly in the background while I was on the phone. She was watching the deer out the back.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Skool Makes You Sooper Smartt

quote by happy bunny

  • Monday - Angus 3 miles

  • Tuesday - Harriet 5.5 miles

  • Wednesday - Harriet 5.5 miles.

Walking the dogs down at Farragut Park at the Marina dock trail. Give them some one/one time.

M&K came over to stay the night on Tuesday. Had fire in the pit & roasted marshmallows.

Hubby took test at work on Wednesday morning for new CZT position. Cross your fingers.

Tim got the back deck done - waiting on the rest of the railings.

'Lil Bit went down to the shop tonight ALL BY HIMSELF - and hung out with the guys. Chewed on a screwdriver. Investigated the whole shop. What a big boy! I'm so proud of him.