Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Deposit to bank at 12:30.

Acupuncture at 1PM. Yippee. No more hurting hands. Sense of euphoria. No pain.

Picked up McDonalds burgers in Rathdrum for dogs. Got milk & lasagne at grocery store.

Hubby came home and had dinner. No work at shop.

Walked dogs at 8:30. Beautiful night. Wonderful full moon.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Boat Day

Friday, July 27, 2012

Matt's Bio-Dad & Day on Boat

Got up early 6:30AM and packed everything for the boat. Took Bud with us in the FMF. Stopped on the way to get lattes in Sagle. Drinks were ok, but not as good as last time.

When we got to the marina, we unloaded everything and opened up the boat. Walked Bud around so he could potty. Hubby washed the outside of the boat while I swept up the spiderwebs and wiped everything down inside. We had forgotten to bring the vacuum cleaner; will have to remember it this weekend so we can really clean the carpets.
Hubby, Bud, and I walked down to get ice at the local store, but they were not open until 10:00. We walked back to the boat. It was starting to get hot by now.

Kids got to boat at 10:00. Brought Matt's biological dad, Dan with them who is visiting from Texas. 

We motored down to Bayview, then over to the landslide to look for goats. Did not see any goats. We got hungry and put out sandwiches, chips with guacamole, strawberries from KRN's garden, balled watermelon. Then we continued over to a cove to go swimming with Beebo. Dan stayed on the boat while we swam for over an hour.

Boated up to Hope for dinner. Had burgers around 5:00 at the Floating Restaurant. Dan really liked the whole area. He was quite taken with all the scenery.

KRN and I walked the dogs several times at Hope, then we left to return to Garfield Bay before dark. Finally got back at 8:00. Dan wanted to see our house & shop, so the kids took him in their truck while we took Beebo with us on the return home in the FMF.

Talked with everybody & hubby gave Dan a ride over the big rocks at the pit. They had fun. Then kids left. We unpacked everything & went to bed.

I got up at 6:00AM because I had so much pain in my hands. Crawled into bed with hubby, who was really HOT. The house had been hot all night. Not a comfortable sleep...

We cuddled for a while, then got up at 6:45. Made latte for hubster. He went to work. I watched Dr Who and then went outside to mow.

Got the frontage along the highway all done. Then started doing inbetween the rocks. I mowed for 1.5 hours. Then it got too hot. Picked up more garbage along the highway.

Picked up poo in the the dog yard. Saw a little garter snake.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mowing Foolishness

Slept in late because I took a bottle full of aspirin at 4am. Unable to sleep because of pain and numbness in hands due to osteo arthritis per doctor.

If I have to go on like this, I can't do it. This is just too much pain. I think I need to go see a specialist.

Got up late and it was still cool.

Nails at 12:00. Chip sealing Diagonal, had to wait so it took longer to get to Rathdrum.

Left at 2:30. Got burgers for dogs at McDs.

Drove home via Hwy 41; the long way. Fed burgers to dogs when I got home.

Mowed lawn. And mowed. And mowed. Finally done late at night 9:00. Very dark. Could not see what I was mowing. Hubby got the riding lawn mower started again while I worked with the push mower. We had gone into A-town to get gas. Took Bud & Isabelle with us. Saw Crazy-Dog while in town. He chased the X.

Took hubby to work so he could bring home the Dodge. I went to get lattes & washed FMF. Then shopped at Walmart for groceries to take along on boat ride tomorrow.

Stopped in Rathdrum for sausage biscuits for the puppies at McD's. Then stopped to get hubby's prescription for his infected tooth. Called Rhonda to pick up nail polish real quickly, then came home the long way because they chip-sealed Diagonal Road.

Unloaded groceries. Fed puppies the sausage biscuits. Yum. Yum.

Then mowed for 3.5 hours. Almost all of frontage done along highway. Just scared to do one part because I don't want the lawnmower to tip over. I will have to do that area with the push mower. Also did the front of the house again. Need to do puppy back yard on Friday.

Too much rain has made all the weeds grow too fast. We have weeds growing that I have never seen before!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cooler & Sting

When we left the boat last night, I was taking down the lights we had decorated the boat with for the 4th of July and a wasp stung my left hand.

Immediately, hubby gave me 3 allergy pills which proceeded to knock me out. I barely made it home & got a few things put away before I fell into bed and slept until 10:30.

Watched the news & went to bed again.

My hand hurt all night long. I should have taken more allergy pills, but was not thinking correctly to do so.

MONDAY was much cooler. High was 62 degrees. I took more allergy pills and slept.

Did about 8 loads of laundry. Boating is hard work!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mowing Fool


Made lattes for hubby & myself. Then got the dogs ready to go for a walk at Farragut Park. Took them in the Excursion.

Ran into so many people on the trail that we did not get a good walk. Jogger, Walker, Biker. OMG. Lots of people out for first good day in a long time!

Hubby worked in shop. I mowed starting at 9:30. Mowed until 3:00.

Hubby had to take parts into Hayden. I made sandwiches & balled watermelon for boat.

He returned at 4:15. Took a shower. We got ready to leave.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mow Mow Mow


So hubby turned off the switch for the AC part of the swamp cooler last night and forgot to turn it on again this morning.

And I thought the Swampie was not working. I was ready to tear it out of the wall & throw it at something! Called hubby to leave a message and he finally called me back after 3 hours. Told me that he had turned off switch. I was ready to burst! It just kept getting hotter today.

I mowed the dog back yard & tackled the weeds from 9:00 until 11:30.

Then did laundry, dishes, cleaned up.

Weed sprayer does not work. Need to purchase a new one.

Hubby came home at 6:00. Doggies were SO happy to see him. Sat with him on front deck until 6:30. Nice night.

Mowed more of dog back yard & got it ALL DONE. Then went down in front of shop to mow along highway. Got a lot of it done. Still working on it. Mowing now from 6:30 to 8:30 every night to stay out of the heat.

Will try to ride bike tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Heat

Got up to make hubby a latte at 6AM. Then went back to bed until 10AM. Bad kidney infection. No strength.

Joe H was here dumping logs into pit & unloading his dozer. He had brought a couple loads of gravel yesterday.

Went down to shop on my new bike to get mail with Bud & Izzy. Gave them a nice run. Tried to start riding lawn mower. Does not start.

Fed fish.

Made pea salad for hubby.

Isabelle got her last shot at the vet from Scarlett for the month. Now she only has to go in once a month from now on. Hope it makes her feel better.

We drove the X over to Spokane towing the white Jeep on the trailer. Guy that owns Jeep had gotten burnt over most of his body at a campfire when a girl tossed an aerosol can into the fire! He looked awful, but is recovering. Took Angus, Bud & Lil Bit with us. Stopped at Zip's afterwards to get burgers. Then got milk & watermelon at Rathdrum grocery store.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rain & Heat

Joe H dropped off a couple loads of gravel for the drive down by the shop. Winter wreaked havoc and there is a myriad of potholes everywhere down there. Plus, it does not help that guys tear out of the drive with their 4WDs.

It had rained early this morning before we got up. So the grass was all wet. I need to mow in the backyard already again!

Need to tackle the 4 foot tall weeds, too. Ick. Too wet & moldy this year.

Hubby worked late due to all the lightning strikes outing service for people. When he came home, he had picked up the X at Nick's; left his Dodge at Nicks. Brought home a white Jeep on his trailer to work on at the shop. He also worked in the shop until about 9:30.

Monday, July 16, 2012

X Problems


Rained Rained & Rained. Monsoon.

Water poured down the drive in a deluge. Swamped everything. Even the fish were halfway drowned!

We went over to meet kids at GoGo Burrito, but they were waiting at Mustard Seed instead. So they came over to the Burrito place.

Talked for quite a while on the sidewalk cafe table until 3:00 when I realized that the Wheel Sport would be closing soon and I wanted to get my bike.

Left to drive down to Wheel Sport on Division. Got the bike I wanted. Blue & Black Fuji Nevada 3.0. What a great bike! Riding in style.

Came home and weather was beautiful so we packed up boat stuff and took Bud & Bit with us. They were not happy being on boat.

Almost got hit head on in Garfield Bay by a drunk female driver. Very scary. If I ever see her again, she is dead!

We had to clean out boat because lots of water had gotten in due to hubby not closing windows & not putting up the canvas.

Finally came home. I was sick on the way, so let hubby finish driving home. 

Hurt bad, fever, chills, horrible feeling all night.

Hubby really upset because I was so sick last night. Fever & cold chills all night long. No sleep, took repeated baths all night.

He called in to work saying he had to take me to Dr.

More X problems. Hubby took me to doctor and then dogs in Dodge to Apryl's for bath. I got done with appointment and then he picked me up. We got groceries at Super One.

Dr said OsteoArthris is causing hands to go numb, swell, hurt.

Also diagnosed viral infection. Rest & Aspirin.

Came home to unpack groceries. Hubster let me rest for a while.

Then took Harry, Izzy & Bit to town to pick up trailer with Jeep, but X decided to die in the car wash in Post Falls.

Pushing out the X, the soap came on in the car wash & doused the inside of the X. Burnt into the paint on the X outside.

Spent over 1 hour walking dogs, Harriet freaked out.

Towed X to Nick's Shop. Then Tom loaned us his truck and we went home. Hubby took Tom's truck back while I picked up dogs in Dodge.

Not feeling too good, we stopped and got dog food at Aslin Finch. Then had to stop at Ed's house to pick up part.

I realized at home that I had kidney infection, so hubby went to get Cranberry juice.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain, Humid & Cleaning Swamp Cooler


It feels like today is Friday the 13th!

Hubby decided to clean the swamp cooler this morning. He sprayed water into the library. It was flooded. Had to use every towel in the house to clean it up. Also leaked into basement.

I made him a latte & egg sandwich. Eggs got stuck in pans. Need new pans.

Had to change bedding on kids' bed in basement. Washed towels & bedding.

Hubby went down to shop.

I got everything cleaned up & put away. Then went to Spirit Lake Miller's Grocery for groceries. Bread for sandwiches on boat. Bread to feed ducks/geese. Milk, chips for guacamole, potato salad for boat, cherry pie filling for pie hubby keeps whining on about...

Gave money on exiting grocery store to representative of family for kid that drowned in Spirit Lake this past week. Too many deaths in that lake...

Swamp cooler is still not cooling. It is intolerably hot in house.

Baked cherry pie for hubby.

Friday, July 13, 2012

13th Friday & Izzy Vet Day


Working on fabric garland. Went down to get mail with Bud.

Had to pick hubby up after Izzy's shot at the Vet. Window on the Dodge would not roll up. Finally got to hubby's work & he fixed it.

Came home. Hubby had sandwich for dinner. Went down to shop to work.

I mowed lawn from 6:30 to 8:30. Got dogs ready to walk. Loaded them in Dodge. Hubby brought up my lawnmower from the shop.

We walked dogs at park. Not cool at all. Still very warm down at park. Gross.

Came home, took shower. Went to bed.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Heat

Hubby doused me with Benadryl last night, so I was in a coma in the morning. There is a huge bug bite on my lower spine, one on the left side of my forehead & another big one on the right side of my neck. These are all from mowing the other day. It was quite painful in bed last night which is why he gave me the pills.

I cut material for the boat fabric garland and started tying.

Picked up dog poo outside. Fed the fish. Got mail.

Hubby came home & worked in shop.

I mowed from 6:00 til 8:00. Took shower. Exhausted.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Hot

Got hubby's latte ready for them. Already hot in the morning. Dogs trying to sleep in the house. I transplanted some plants.

Windshield guy got here at 12:45 to replace broken windshield in Dodge.

Went to tan at 4:45 & have leg wraps.

Lost 2 inches overall in leg wraps. Kathy said to measure in the next 72 hours.

Also got 26 pound watermelon & yogurt at Super One.

Got home at 7:15 after picking up cheeseburgers for dogs.

Two deer came to drink out of our pond tonight around 8:00.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mowing Hot

Took hubby to work because he is "on-call" this week and will be driving the company vehicle home. Got FMF washed at car wash. Went shopping at WalMart.

Unloaded groceries at home. Then mowed. And mowed. And mowed. Got done around 12:00 when it got too hot.

My stomach started bothering really bad. Vomiting and diarrhea at same time. Not good.

Took Isabelle to Vet for her shot at 4:45PM.

I went to bed as soon as hubby got home. Did not feel very well at all. More food problems.

Got a bug bite on my spine that hurts bad with huge welt & one on my forehead. Stupid biting flies!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday. More Hot

Hot Day. Already 80 degrees at 8:00AM.

Swamp cooler is on. 9:15 electricity went out.

Watered plants. Cleaned up from boat yesterday & did more laundry.

Dogs trying to sleep & keep cool inside.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

Hot Hot Hot. 97 degrees for a high! Summer is finally here, but it is too hot.

Bud & Bravo watching Lil Bit swim

Motored back to Garfield Bay to get the Excursion so we could go pick up dogs. Stopped to pick up lattes (surprisingly good) at turn off to Garfield Bay. Got home. Got dogs loaded. Excursion stopped running in middle of driving. Had to take it back. Very stressful. Left X at home and took FMF.

Had lunch at Captn's Table. Food not so good this time. Took FOREVER to get food. I had to walk back to boat to give dogs water. Lots of alcohol. Not enough. Took boat out in middle of bay to swim. Very cold water. Fun. Matt did lots of backflips.

Went home. KRN & Matt left to return home.

Unloaded all stuff from boat. Did laundry. Went to bed early. Exhausted.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Bayview Dayz

Matt was nice enough to wash the boat with the new hose the kids bought for us. 

 Matt Washing Boat

I fed geese with all their babies early this morning on boat while we were parked at Buttonhook Bay.
Feeding Geese

KRN & I got the lights put on the boat.

Red White & Blue Lights on Boat

Picked up Dave & Vera at Buttonhook Bay; Joe & Cindy stopped at our house when we took Dodge back with dogs to our house. Picked up treats for the boat. Joe & Cindy drove with us so they could take the Dodge back home and we would not have to pay overnight parking fee in park.

Friday, July 06, 2012

On The Boat


Got to the DMV at 7:30. They don't open until 8:30. Got the paperwork titles & registration for the boat & trailer.

Had to stop at Nick's C&N Diesel to drop off part for Tom. Then got groceries in Rathdrum at Super One. Packed everything up and drove Dodge up to Garfield Bay around 2pm.

We were on the boat! Rode bikes around Garfield. Walked to the general store. Looked around. Went down to Garfield Bay Resort to check out other boat slips.

Motored boat slowly up to Hope. Sunny day with about 80 degree weather. Beautiful.

Bit really enjoyed being on the boat. He sleeps with us on the bed while Bud had his private spot down in the aft cabin.
Bit Relaxing

Stayed overnight on boat Thursday night at Hope Resort. Went to the Floating Restaurant for snacks & alcohol; talked with Dave & Charlotte from the Sweet Charlotte.

Went back to boat & fell into bed. Very tired.

FRIDAY morning had breakfast; got lattes; pumped out the toilet, and drove back to Garfield Bay. Got a new moorage! Yippee. Much nicer docks & security doors.

boat at Garfield Bay Resort

Hubby accidentally backed into a concrete barrier & damaged bumper. Whoops!

Got ice cream at Athol Grocery. Then hubby worked in shop until late. I took Isabelle into get her shot at the Vet at 4:45. Took Lil Bit to get his nails trimmed.

K&M came over and had picked up pizza from Fourth & Main in Spirit Lake. Matt went down to help hubby in shop.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July Independence Day America!


Happy 4th of July. Stay safe.

We got up early. Made lattes & a baked egg cup for hubby. He took the Dodge with Bud while I drove the FMF with Lil Bit to Garfield Bay. Left the Dodge and we went home with Bud & Bit in the FMF.

Then plugged in the Dually while I made more lattes. Took the boat down to the park to put it in the water. We motored in the boat up to Garfield Bay. BEAUTIFUL SUNNY WARM DAY! Hubby actually started to finally relax!

We pulled into Garfield Bay and a Sheriff's boat followed us in and watched us very carefully but did not stop us. Thank goodness. We still have to get the boat license tomorrow.

Tied boat up to the dock. Then had lunch at the Captn's Table. Very Very good food.

Walked the dogs around the Bay and then went back to the boat for a quick nap.

Woke up from nap by 3:45 and had to roll out the new gel pad for M&K. Left to go get the Dually at the park. The parking lot at the park docking was finally filling up.

We drove directly home with the dogs. Angus, Isabelle & Harry were very glad to see us. We gave them treats. Hubby changed clothes to work in the shop while I mowed the back yard. He also got gasoline for me.

I was extremely tired about 2 hours later. Back yard better but not finished. TOO MANY WEEDS!!!

There were 2 loads of laundry to put away and another load to wash. Then I put away clean dishes. Balled some watermelon. Took a shower, washed & dried my hair. Vacuumed the rugs. Hubby came home around 9:30. He had dinner. We went to bed. Harry was extremely nervous with the fireworks outside but the rest of the dogs were OK.

Harry slept with me and shivered. Very tense. Then gradually settled down as fireworks subsided. Hubby finally came to bed after she was totally relaxed.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I know this summer is supposed to be nice. For the rest of the country, they are suffering drought & heat.

However, WE are forced to endure wet, mold, rain, cold & dark depressing clouds. It feels horrible.

Hubby had taken this whole week off for vacation on the boat. The wind is blowing 30 mph right now and we just had a hail downpour a few minutes ago that soaked EVERYTHING!

Took dogs for a quick walk in the morning. It briefly did not rain!

The grass is so wet that I can't mow. When I tried mowing yesterday, the top of the weeds are dry but the underneath is soaked with brown mold & wet. Gross.

I need to pick up a string trimmer today. Ick. Too much work.

Hubby checked on an Ironworker in Spokane. Drove to Harbor Freight in the valley.
Groceries at Walmart by Cabelas in Post Falls. Cheeseburgers and home to puppies.

Monday, July 02, 2012



Slept in late. Until 9:30. Got up to pee & let doggies outside.

Then made lattes & breakfast (eggs & ham) for hubby. Made baked ham cups again to take on boat.

Guy from Idaho Transportation Dept came out to inspect boat & trailer for VINs so that we can title & register.

I mowed around the circle drive with the NEW lawnmower. Whereas in the past, I have been mowing with a mower to be compared with a little kid's bicycle, this lawnmower is a SUV of lawnmowers. I can actually hear the blades of grass being cut instead of shredded. Very impressed!

We went into town around 12:30 finally. Stopped at banks to make deposits. Went to Lyle's to talk about crooked t-shirts. Picked up fabric for me at JoAnn's who were having a sale 50% off so that I could do fabric garland ties on the boat.

Hubby picked up a sandwich at the Big Yellow Trailer in town. Hubby dropped off his chopsaw at CDA Tool so they could repair it. The old lawnmower is beyond hope as nobody has the gas cap that was installed on it. Hubby said maybe Big R will have a rubber valve to stop it up. Didn't have time to stop there, so instead we went to Costco to speed shop. Only took us 30 minutes even with all the 4th of July nightmare wall-to-wall people! Even saw our friend old Earl and his wife!

Stopped at Wendy's for berry salad for me, cheeseburgers for dogs. Drove home the back way. Hubby unloaded the truck and I took Isabelle down to the vet for her shot. We got gasoline in the Dodge afterwards and had to stop for another coal train passing thru on the way home.

Hubby put the "Bark Ark" on the boat while I mowed the circle drive some more... I definitely need "A Kid" to come pick up branches & pinecones before I can mow anymore.

Watched boring movie Sherlock Holmes on PPV.


Raining again. Rain. Rain. Rain. I hate this rain. Slept in late until 9:30.

Made french toast for dogs & hubby. Lattes for us.

Took dogs for walk at Farragut Park.

Hubby called guy in Pinehurst to buy another Powerstroke. We were shoppimg in town. Got groceries at Walmart.

We met people at Car Wash in Post Falls to have them look at Dodge for sale. They did not want it. So we parked the FMF that I had driven down with him at Nick's in Post Falls. Bud & Bit & I climbed into the Dodge and we drove to Pinehurst. Had to hang out for a while until the guy answered his phone; he was having dinner with grandma. We drove to the Walmart to shop. Prices much much cheaper there. Ate salads at McDonalds. Dogs had burgers & walkies. Then came back at 9:30 to buy truck. Drove truck home.Saw bad accident. Somebody had hit moose on interstate. Scary & sad.

Dropped Powerstroke off at Nick's. Then came home in FMF and Dodge. Unpacked groceries. Went to bed.


Stopped at Nick's to sell the Powerstroke to guy from Oregon.

Then went to funeral for kid that had work done at RMOR. Kid had been messing around with a gun and accidentally shot himself.

Saw Vince at funeral. Gave a memorial "dog bone" plaque at the local dog park in the kid's name.