Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wild Ride

Not only did I break a toenail, but I broke my shoe. Probably doesn't pay to wear sandals (FitFlops) when riding bikes. But they are SO very comfortable. Anyway, I have to order a new pair.

We rode our regular trail with the puppy for about 30 minutes. Then took her back to the truck. After drinking, she rested so that we could continue our ride without her.

Riding along the surrey trail for a while, we headed north along Perimeter Road and then east deeper into the park. When we finally trekked back, we had been gone for 2 hours!

The predictions were for rain yesterday, today, & tomorrow. But we were able to ride without one single raindrop on us. Pretty much blue sky & sunshine.

This is a picture of the panoram from the top of one of the bluffs in the park.
Farragut panorama

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Silver Mountain

Friday, 29 August 2008

Hubby got me a card for our wedding anniversary. The kids sent us an e-card. Needless to say, we have been married a very long, long, long, long time.

We got up early on the morning of Friday, 29 August. Packed lunch & water bottles.

Loaded up bikes and drove east to Silver Mountain in Kellogg, Idaho. Stopped at Wally-World to pick up some snacks & another backpack as hubby forgot to bring ours along.

Purchased tickets at the base of the Gondola & had potty stop. We stopped to talk to a younger couple with hard-bodies who had gazillion dollar mountain bikes. They had just come down the Alhambra trail and they were both sweating. Looked like quite a workout. However, we wanted to start out gradually and decided to take the easiest trail – The Sierra Nevada Road. Which was an actual road that is used to go up the mountain.

Isabelle was great loading up on the gondola, but it is SO very hot once you are inside for the 20 minute ride up to the top. There are two very small windows and absolutely no cross ventilation.

Once we reached the top, we re-hydrated and started out on the trail. The dog was doing pretty well so far. We were braking a lot as it was all down-hill. Duh. I thought it would be more of a trail so that we could actually bike. Though the views were absolutely breath-taking, the sunshine warming us considerably, and wildlife abundant; it would not be something I would want to do again.

Stopping several times to hydrate the dog, eat snacks, and absorb the view – Isabelle finally started showing us that she was slowing down. Her leg was bothering her. We came upon some deer in the road that froze absolutely still to watch us for several minutes. I got some great pics.

After the deer sighting, I decided to bike on ahead as it did not seem we had far to finish…leaving hubby & dog to wait for me to return with the truck. It was farther than I had thought as I traveled 5 miles – including having to go on pavement thru Wardner & around the town to Kellogg. Finally arriving at our truck by cutting through the paved bike path.

I returned to pick them up and I don’t think the dog has ever been so happy to see me. She barked when I came around the corner on the edge of the mountain road – and wiggled her tail voraciously!

Greg purchased ice cream for himself & the dog in downtown Kellogg – while I ate a healthy apple!

We drove back to CDA, bought Wendy’s bacon/cheeseburgers for Isabelle (as a reward) and stopped at Sportsman’s Warehouse to buy pads & oars for the new canoe that hubby was going to pick up on the way home. He bought it for me for our anniversary as a surprise gift.

However, when we got there, the man had already sold the canoe. Boo hoo. So we will be stopping at Costco to pick up a brand new one.

Saturday 30 August 2008
We arose early and drove to Farragut Park. Got lattes at the (bad) place as our regular stand was closed. Biked around for about an hour down at the State Park. Hubby dropped me & the dog at home while he went to help Chachi build the rest of the doors for his shop.

I worked on the basement bathroom, finished faxxing history paperwork to the kid, and played with the dog while he was gone.

We watched tv when he finally returned home, then went to bed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Farragut Park Mountain Biking

It rained quite a bit this morning, but by the time that hubby came home, it was slightly clearing. There were still heavy, dark clouds everywhere.

We stopped to get lattes on the way to Farragut Park around 2:30P. By a little after that, we were on the HighPoint Trail, then headed down the treacherous Shoreline Trail where we saw some ducks paddling up to us on the trail, then eventually meeting up to the Lynx Trail which was straight up from Beaver Bay Beach - quite steep and following the Highline Trail through the meadow to the Filmore Campground. I left hubby and the dog there and went to pick up the truck (a further 1.2 miles along the South Road) Poor puppy couldn't make it any further - so she just collapsed. Hubbster said that she whined the entire 8 minutes that I was gone.

Once we returned home, Isabelle drug her poor little body up to bed. I gave her a pain pill as her leg seemed to be bothering her. Greg worked down in the shop with Jonathan & his brother until 8:45P - whereupon he came home to Salisbury steak for dinner. I collapsed in a bath at this point - then went to bed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bow Wow

Bow Wow & Cozy Grunge - The Artistic Touch
Font-Bedspread Assassin - Billy Argel @

Monday, August 25, 2008

Round Lake Part 2

A telephone call from a telemarketer woke us up early at 8AM. We had anticipated sleeping in a little as hubby had taken the day off of pick up the kid...and as she was not coming, we had the day to ourselves.

Prediction of rain had made us think we would just sit around home doing nothing. But the skies had not let out the precipitation as yet. So we packed up quickly and ran up to Round Lake again. The trail there is very nice and 6 miles circling the lake. Isabelle got a kick out of running around sans leash. She is very obedient to voice commands, so we feel safe in taking her off the restraint. Right away, she jumped a fall of timber about 3 feet high and took off like a deer. It was cute to see her take the lower trail as we biked along the upper trail. Delightful to see her teasing us as we rode along, she cunningly smiled & joined up with us a few yard further along. We both remarked that we have not seen her EVER jump like that before. It was adorable.

Another water bottle will be needed as we meanedered along and missed the 2nd trail turn-off. It is just not adequate with 2 water bottles for the 3 of us. Accidentaly crossing over into private property, we were forced to turn back and find the correct trail. This meant that it was a longer run for her than it needed to be. Izzy was quite exhausted by the time we returned to the truck. Poor puppy.

No pics this time as I forgot the darned battery which I had set out on the table last night to charge. Seems the Alzheimer's will require me to purchase ANOTHER battery so that I might have one in the camera at all times. Maybe I should start purchasing everything in double. Two duplicate phones, two duplicate bikes (in case I lose one), and two duplicate cars. Hmmm. Maybe a bit too expensive!

On the way back to A-town, we stopped at the Vet's to find out how much weight she had lost. I had figured that she had lost at least 10 pounds, but the scale indicated she only dropped 2 pounds. Maybe she is just toning up. Building muscle.

Drove home to close up the windows for the coming thundershowers, then into town to take some batteries for Kevin R to an automotive shop; stopped for lunch at the new bistro at Riverstone - the Bar De Nay Restaurant & Distillery. Food was OK. Accoustics were intolerable. The place was barely occupied and the noise was overwhelming. But they did have a liquor license (very rare in this town) and I enjoyed a coffee & kahlua while Greg had a margarita. Hubby enjoyed a reuben while I had the turkey sandwich.

After lunch we picked up more material for the bathroom; then a short shopping trip to Costco to stock up on phosphates (now banned in Spoky-Jo), paper towels, and gasoline ($89.17 for 23.288 gallons = $3.829 per gallon price)

We returned home after fighting our way through the construction traffic on Hwy 95 North - they are attempting to turn an overloaded two lane road into an interstate four-lane complete with frontage roads. Quite an undertaking. However, they are encroaching upon our friends' properties without proper compensation. We await eagerly to find out the outcome of the legal maneuvering.

Other things to note...yesterday when picking up wasps on the floor which I had thought were dead, one turned around to sting me on the end of my right index finger. It is horribly swollen and I am debating on whether or not to go to the doctor to drain it. Also, my left thumb at the base of the finger and into the hand seems to be sprained and/or broken. Hmmm. Put up with the pain, or go to the doctor? I'm sure they can't put a cast on it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Off to Priest Lake

We lolled around in bed this morning until 9:30AM. My gosh. What slaggards! Hubby had to sit in the chair until his back fell into place, then we started out for lattes in A-town. We wanted to see Shelby's 1 carat Promise Ring...but she wasn't there again for the 2nd week in a row. So sad.

Got back from town to get ready to bike. Hubster put the bikes in the back, got sandwiches ready, and filled waterbottles.

The 1 1/2 hour trip up to Priest Lake was very restful and pretty. With a temp of about 55F degrees when we got up this morning, it rose to a nice 82F. The Park at Priest Lake was cooler as it is around the water, and most of it is in the shade of old growth forest.

We biked around Indian Creek Log Flume trail and Isabelle kept up with us pretty good for the first 2 miles. She started to show the strain after a while, tho. Lots of rocks & downed trees. A beautiful creek ran through this trail, so we stopped a couple times to let her get a drink from it.

Stopped at the Park Store to pick up an ice cream for Greg and an orange juice for me. Then we left the dog in the truck and continued our ride.

After we finished, we packed up the bikes, stopped for a short grocery trip at Safeway, then returned home.

When we arrived home, there was an email message from the kid. She won't be able to get the AirForce hop from UK to US tomorrow. Boo Hoo. Maybe the next hop. We'll see.

I spring/summer cleaned the house for nothing. Darn.

Just have to keep it clean for the next two weeks. Impossible.

Click to play Mtn Biking on PriestLake
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Friday, August 22, 2008

What is WRONG with this Country?

I suppose I shouldn't be in shock, but I can't even believe this.

Hubby complained via on-line entry to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) because when we last visited there, instead of a BOWL of their Famous mixture, he got a CUP.

Received the response from the local KFC in the mail today - see letter. It reads as if it was written by a fourth grade drop-out. This is totally pathetic.

No wonder there was a miscommunication. THEY CAN'T COMMUNICATE.

Here is the excerpt - with everything spelled & stated exactly.

"We are contacting you by letter, at your convenience about your visit to the Coeur D'Alene K.F.C. on Aug 19, 2008. We would like to apologize for the miss communication of our employees. On this day we had not received our delivery as planed on that morning. We were postponed tell latter on that night and that did set us back on some of our items and in witch cause was our potato bowels, witch you should have been informed of at the time not after the fact. As our apology we would like to replace your order from that evening. And once again me and my team would like to apologizes for the problem you encountered at the Coeur D'Alene K.F.C. And we hope to see you soon and we promise to make this visit more memorable. And we hope this gift Receipt for your last meal will also help show you our sincere apologize.

Our sincerest Apologize
From your local K.F.C. and Management"

-Coeur d'Alene does NOT capitalize the D. Ever.
-I have highlighted the incorrectly spelled words or words that were used incorrectly in the context of the sentence.
-And should never begin a sentence.
-The fourth sentence makes no sense whatsoever.

Needless to say, I am sending this letter directly to KFC Corporate Management along with their Gift Certificate. I really don't care how sorry they are, this letter just irritates me that much more. What with the computers, teachers, schools, and resources available in this country WHY does this stupidity exist?

As of right now, hubby is on a total sanction from ever eating at a KFC.

Please folks, don't go to the Coeur d'Alene, KFC unless you want your food order FUBAR. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

In other news, the house is all cleaned. The carpet cleaners will be here on Tuesday.

Just need to get hubby to fix a few things, then all will be ready for the kid to arrive on Monday.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Rain

It has suddenly turned cold & rainy here. Feels like fall. I was certainly hoping to get another month of warm temps until the kid could get here. It would be nice coming out of an actual 3 whole months of summer.

I really don't want to get depressed, but it is extremely trying when there is nothing but rain & black clouds. No sunshine. D-pressing.

One of the most enjoyable things about living in this area is the opportunity to view the wildlife. I get so excited when a deer, moose, or elk wander thru the yard.

When the kid was still living at home, we had a trampoline in the front of the house and a moose would come to drink the dew that settled upon it every morning. Watching his long tongue come out and swipe at the water was so endearing.

Our local latte lady gave us free tickets to see FOGHAT, GOLDY MCJOHN, & FRIENDZ, LEON HENDRIX MYSERIENCE, CIVILIZED ANIMAL & JAVA KOLA down at the Farragut State Park Amphitheater on Saturday, September 6. It lasts from Noon thru 8PM. It will be something to do.

Hubby found out at work today that since a majority of idiots have no spatial awareness when driving company vehicles, they are now required to get out and WALK up to drive-thrus. Which is immensely stupid. This includes bank, restaurant, and latte drive-thrus. It seems that a few of the employees at Verizon don't understand that a big vehicle will not fit thru a small space. Idiots. Thus the company mandate.

I am amazed that the company doesn't tell them how to wipe their butts. Whoops - that will be coming next...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


While watching Olympic coverage Monday night on TV, I got up to check my email on the computer. I was sitting at my desk in the library and started to smell smoke. As the temperatures had still not cooled off much beyond 85F degrees, it was very odd that somebody would be having a fire.

Calling the hubby, we went outside onto the deck and as it was pitch dark, I grabbed the spot-light. Light ASH was falling from the sky and the smell of grass fire smoke was thick in the air. The clouds overhead was actually smoke. It was horrendous! Hubby dialed 9-1-1. They informed him they had received 100s of calls and all of them related to the fires in Washington. Fallout from the fires had traveled via the high winds from a coming storm with wind gusts of up to 70mph!

The dog ran downstairs to hide in the spare bedroom. She was down there for about an hour until I went to find her. Poor puppy. She is so sensitive.

We watched the news and waited for the storm to pass.

Hubby woke me early Tuesday morning by shooting yet another squirrel! Hubbers called our daughter to talk to her about Matt's appointment to Fairchild AFB in 2009 - After arising so early, went to get my nails done, (Greg called his dad and talked for over an hour!) then drove to Silver Mountain only to find that they were closed due to adverse weather. Returning to Rose Lake, we passed by the Elk ranch -alas, no pics :( and continued onto Bull Run trailhead. Isabelle actually ran sans leash for about 4 miles! She is getting in such great shape. Hubby and I continued our bike ride for another 10.2 miles after that.

We came back to CDA to pick up a KFC Famous bowl (they gave him a cup instead- another online complaint for KFC) for Greg & Wendy's bacon cheeseburgers for the dog. Home after the long day to kick up our feet so we can watch more Olympics.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Round Lake Biking

Due to a severe boil on my butt, (don't ask-don't tell) I didn’t really do anything today. Just relaxed out of the 100F degree heat.

Hubby worked at the shop for a while, then came home to rest around 1pm. He still looked like he had a bit of heat-stroke. I made sure that he drank lots of water.

We watched Aeon Flux, Underworld, & UltraViolet. Obviously, it was a science-fiction marathon.

Went to bed early for our bike ride tomorrow morning early.

As it was predicted to be over 100F degrees today, we got up very early & packed up our bikes along with all the other stuff-so that we could go to Round Lake to ride the trail there.

Along the way there, we unfortunately saw two dead deer. One was even a little baby that had not even gotten rid of its spots. Poor little things. I sure wish that people would slow down and be more cautious on the roads.

Once we got to Round Lake State Park, we unloaded bikes. Got the dog on a leash and set off for our ride. It started out as a very wide trail with soft, cushy undergrowth on the trail with old growth cedars. Then after going across a bridge and through the marsh with very lovely lily pads, it opened up to an off-road trail. This trail went for quite a ways until we saw a sign that detoured us by the lakeside. Taking this trail was a mistake. We had to release the dog from her leash as it was too severe to continue with her. We let her walk by herself and she did quite well in scoping out the upcoming path, then coming back to check on us! It was too rough and on a side-hill which was too steep for the bikes. We had to push the bikes most of the way. I even fell down once it was so sharply inclined. When we finally came to a fork in the trail, it joined up with a gentler, better trail.

Finally arriving around the lake where we had started from, we stopped to refresh with lots of water & washed the dog’s feet. She had stepped into many mud puddle pies…

We continued up to Sandpoint for a visit to Wally-Mart. Got a life-preserver vest for the dog in case we want to take her with us on a canoe ride; also got groceries. Stopped afterwards at Arby’s for their 5 for $5.95 special. Got Isabelle Arby Melt sandwiches. She deserved a treat for being such a good trail dog. We also got Starbuck’s lattes on the way home. Already at 11:00 the heat was 91F degrees. Thank goodness I had left the swamp cooler running when we left this morning. It was nice & cool in the house when we got back.

The guys that borrowed the trailer to take their custom car to sell at Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada brought it back today. They had a slight accident with it, so had to repair it before they returned it.

We made SPECIAL RESERVATIONS for a neat place during our trip to Portland, Oregon at the end of September, 2008 with Kelsey. Sure hope she likes it. This will be so neat to have our baby back for a visit. Tho, we will truly miss Matty-pie being here with her.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hubbers, Mooses, and Heat

The heat has been hovering around 100F degrees around here lately. Tomorrow & Sunday will be even hotter.

Tho when we woke up this morning at 5AM, it was very cold - climbed back into bed with hubby & his hands/feet were freezingly cold. However, by 9AM, it was almost 80F.

Isabelle saw something while she was sitting in the living room. She turned her head & started barking violently at the sliding glass door; which frightened me because I thought it might be an intruder on the deck. However, when I turned to look, it was a H.U.G.E. moose slowly walking about 8 feet out from our back deck. By the time I got the dog calmed down and ran to get my camera, all I got was a picture of the moose's leg as he walked through the woods. Darn.

Hubs shot down yet another dang squirrel. Hanging around chittering. Making more rodent babies. Can't get rid of the suckers...

Not much planned for this weekend. Try to stay cool.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We picked up the lawn mower from the repair shop. It was only $100 to tune it up, sharpen the blades & replace fluids.

Mowing has begun. It takes a while to mow over 20 acres.

Thank goodness that the basement doesn't have to be remodeled again now that Kelsey will be coming back for a while. It was so stressful when we had to get things ready for the kids. All I have to do is vacuum, have the windows cleaned again, and carpets cleaned. It should be more than enough. Probably should get a wall space heater installed for winter for her.

Still biking in the AM, feeding the fish, walking the dog. Boring same old, same old life.

But this morning, I was clumsy and dropped an entire box of goldfish food. Gross. All over the deck. Had to clean it off with a hose. And it stinks. Really bad. Fish food is not a good smell.

Hubbers wants to ride around Round Lake this weekend. Might be an idea.

When Kelsey arrives, I might drag her to the bike store with me so we can purchase bike jerseys. I remember back in the "olden days" when you just got a bike, jumped on it, and rode. Now - bike helmets, bike gloves, bike mirrors, bike bags, bike tire inflator, bike repair tools, bike jerseys, bike shorts, bike shoes must all be purchased prior to a bike ride!

I told hubbers to start saving money as I might just have to upgrade to the $1600 bike next year!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It feels like fall has already set in; nights are getting chillier - there is that fall smell in the air. Chachi only has about 2 weeks before he heads back to work (teacher) and he's just like an overgrown kid - he's whining about going back to school because he wasted his summer.

Another acronym. I hate acronyms. Detest them. They are impossible. I would much prefer to use full language in full sentences.

MTB-Mountain Trail Biking.

We drove north of Sandpoint off the road to Grouse Creek. A further 11 miles into the wilderness complete with grizzly bear warnings posted on almost every other tree.

The trail #283 was illustrated as "easy" and let me tell was NOT easy. It was hard on my butt. We got about 2 miles into the woods and decided to turn around.

But had lots of fun in the creek. Isabelle ran around investigating all the wonderful, unusual smells while taking dips into the creek. We washed off our feet because they were covered with the fine powdery dust that covered the trail.

Along to Sandpoint to ride the paved Dover trail. After 6 miles of that, we came home thru Priest River.

Sent in the paperwork for the 16K Kootenai River Ride on 13 September 2008; free t-shirt, goody bag & potato feed after the ride. It will be lots of fun.
Hubby fell asleep in the chair after we returned home. What a couch potato!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Biking, Picnic, & Air Show

Friday August 8
Hubs got off work early and raced home so we could bike ride again. It was a wonderfully, sunny day. We decided to go down Lake CDA Drive. Isabelle ran a ways with us and then we returned her to the truck so we could ride further. My bike was still experiencing quite a lot of up-n-down wobble, so we dropped it off to fix at the bike repair store. We had an hour to waste, so we went to the movies in Post Falls. Saw The Dark Knight. B-O-R-I-N-G movie.

This movie was so boring that we left early. Thoroughly disgusted at the plot; threat, rescue, threat, rescue, threat, rescue. Over and over and over again.
By the time the movie finished, it was too late to pick up my bike, so home we went.

Saturday August 9
Up early this morning, got lattes, then went into town so hubby could pick up a part from Lee Sixt. Then went to pick up my bike- -which started out costing $20 for a repair and escalated to $68 that included $48 for a brand new wheel and $20 for installation. Highway robbery. We will be going to the Sandpoint repair shop from now on. CDA likes to inflate their prices on everything. Pretentious.

Picked up more cherries & peaches at the next-door fruit stand. The lady that runs the place is nice, so we chatted with her for a while. We also went to Rite-Aid to pick up some Bert's Bees lip gloss for me.

My bike was riding super smooth, so we biked the Centennial Trail around Riverstone Development – the people around there are NOT nice. The walkers & bikers that passed us were rude, bikers failed to indicate they were passing. Walkers were walking on the wrong side of the asphalt trail. Almost everyone that we greeted “hi” refused to even speak to us. Again, the pretentious, rude CDAs.

Simple friendliness – maybe even a smile. It was disappointing to us that people are so scared or mean - we decided that we will not be riding that trail again.

Isabelle ran over 2 miles with us. She was totally worn out & while hub made his way back slowly with her, I raced back on my bike to refill the water bottle at the restrooms. Finally got the truck & met them half/way back.

Greg got a pizza at Domino’s because he saw a sign out in front of their building advertising a Large pizza for $4.99. He said that the cardboard probably tasted better than the pizza. We found a nice park in Hayden and had a great picnic with Isabelle. She ate dog cookies, I had a banana & apple, Greg had the pizza.

On the way home, we stopped to see the progress on Chachi’s shop. He was supposed to be getting the doors installed – but he had too many parts. Couldn’t figure it out. We talked about helping on Sunday, but they invited us to the Fairchild Air Show instead.

Sunday August 10
Joanie & Chachi arrived at 9AM to pick us up. Unfortunately, Isabelle had to stay at home today. Poor dog. I talked (threatened) Chachi into stopping at Starbuck’s on the way for lattes.

Got to Fairchild AirForce Base at 10AM and were just in time to walk in for opening ceremonies. Saw C-31 with Full Jumpers; L-39 Aerobatic Act; UH-60 CSAR Demo; C-17 Demo; PT17 Stearmen Demo; F-15 Demo; Hang Gliders; X-300 Aerobatic Act; Mig 17/A26 Dog Fight & FlyBys; KC-135 Demo; F-22/F-15/P-51 Heritage Flight; Cascade Warbirds FlyBys; T-33 Aerobatic Act; F-18/C13 Blue Angels & Fat Albert Aerobatic Acts.

Pic of Blue Angels ------>

It was a wonderful day. The clouds were out, it was windy, spots of sunshine shone thru, and there were some raindrops. Some of the plane engines shook your body, we got to feel & listen to some "buzz" flybys that shocked the audience. Even tho the weather was threatening, we got to tour some planes; talk to Air Force personnel; and see a great Air Show for FREE!

Also saw Matt Z, his wife Nichole, & her sister at the show.

It took over 1 1/2 hours to exit the parking lot as there were so many cars leaving at once. Saw Rachel Kegley as we exited - Greg was looking closely at all the servicepersons as we exited - we were "thanking" each one for their service. He shouted out to one girl..."is THAT a Kegley?" - she came running over to the car and talked to us. Quite a sweet kid.

Joanie & Chachi were hungry - we stopped at PF Chang's China Bistro to eat dinner. Ordered yummy Lettuce Wraps for appetizers - Chachi had Mongolian Beef, Joanie had Cantonese Scallops, I had Sweet and Sour Chicken; Greg ordered Kung-Pao Shrimp but the waitress messed up and brought Kung Pao Chicken. Hubby was nice and didn't make her take it back or complain. But I thought that it was odd that she didn't adjust the price to comp it or at least attempt to bring out his shrimp as she admitted it was her fault. Oh, well.

Got home at 9PM in time to watch the latest Law & Order-Criminal Intent and that dumb show- In Plain Sight.

Tired. Sore. Windburnt face. Took bath & went to bed.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eleanor Rigby

It was overwhelmingly hot on Wednesday and unable to complete my whole bike route, I came back after only a couple miles because the bicycle was shaking.

Hubber came home at 2p and we raced to the bike store to pick up his Mongoose. We also had to have my bike re-aligned as the spokes were crooked causing it to wobble while I rode. Not a nice feeling.

Stopping at the lake to have a snack - we had gotten Arby's roast beef sandwiches for Isabelle -we then rode around the lake for a while in Dover. Afterwards, the dog collapsed in the soft green grass for a rest. While she panted like a winded race horse, Greg went to try to grapple "jack" from the lake. Izzy whined until I relented and we also walked out on the dock - with many boats slowing to have a chat along the way. Has nobody ever seen such a big, beautiful dog?

Slinging his grapple to and fro, hubber was not having any success after many throws. He had a pile of seaweed (lakeweed?) by his side and each retrieval added to the already towering heap. The dog was wary of the rocking dock with the passing of each boat, so we convinced G that it was useless to try anymore. With the current, the bike might have moved and we were probably searching in the wrong area.

We came home via Hwy 2 which is such a pretty drive. Upon arriving home, hub started unloading bikes and mumbling something. While I struggled to get the front door open while juggling all our belongings, I thought I heard him call me Eleanor Rigby. So I returned to the garage and asked him - "Did you just call me Eleanor Rigby?" He looked at me like I had lost my mind. Which I probably had.

His big joke all last night & throughout this morning has been to say something while adding that phrase quietly right after it. "I'm leaving for work nowEleanorRigby." Thereby, driving me slowly out of my mind.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Spot On!

You Are Blonde Highlights

Men see you as flexible and versatile - you fit in to every situation

You've got the inner glow of a blonde, the intensity of a redhead...

And the wisdom of a brunette.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Bike - But Not For Me

I will take over bike #2 (Kelsey's bike) - and she can purchase a new one when she gets here. Or I can get a new one and she can take over this one. Doesn't matter. As long as I can keep riding.

But we will capitulate to his incessant whining and purchase a BOY's bikie for Greg. It offends his masculinity to ride a girly bike!

Can anybody explain why a male bike has a bar on it? For extra strength? I sure Dunno.

He has his heart set on a Mongoose.

We will go out and buy one for him tonight. I will be picking up a new cell phone. So please feel free to call again tomorrow. Verizon should be able to transfer my cell number from my phone which lies many depths below sea level. (note the key word that I use here - SHOULD be able to...they probably CAN'T as that is their favorite 'buzz' word to use...)

It still saddens me to think of my poor bicycle lying at the bottom of the lake. Perhaps archaeologists far in the future will discover it.

Today I have already ridden 15 miles; then had to come home to have hubby adjust the handlebars - then spent 45 minutes on the elliptical. Walking, walking, walking. Boring. but necessary.

We missed attending Art On The Green this past weekend. Darn. I totally forgot about it. This Alzheimer's really shoots your life to hell! I wanted to attend with my friend, Joanie as there are always so many neat crafters down there, and it takes all day just to walk around to observe. It's also fun to torture the guys, forcing them to walk around with us.

Also have to stop at the grocery store tonight to get more Yogurt. Y.O.G.U.R.T. It's for me.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bikes Can't Swim

So early Saturday morning, we packed up all the garbage into the truck and went into A-town to get lattes. On the way, we passed a home with an advertised ESTATE SALE! Hubby has vowed never. I repeat. NEVER would he go to a "junk sale" as he calls them. But I talked him into it on the way home.

We stopped and actually purchased a new riding lawnmower complete with 48" blade for only $50.00. Yes. You read that correctly. $50. The owners had purchased the mower for this year and had recently passed away. What great luck. Plus, I got about 30 awesome electric insulators for only $10.

I had to rub it in all day what a great find the lawnmower was. Greg brought it home and cleaned it up, made sure it started. He will take it to the small motor mechanic for a tune-up.

Joe stopped later and could not believe the deal Greg got on the riding lawnmower. He also pointed out that one could find "super" deals on tools at estate or garage sales. Tool is that magic word that when you say it, men go google-eyed & get a blank stare while they go to their happy place.

Hub worked in the shop all day and came home around 6pm. He had this wonderful idea that he wanted to ride the LongBridge in Sandpoint on Sunday. After realizing he still had to feed Chachi's dogs, we raced down to A-town to visit the puppies. Isabelle was overwhelmed with seeing the Greyhounds & Shorty. After feeding, watering, & playing with them for a while, we returned home. We watched a couple movies, then went to bed late.

Sunday morning I had to go pee, then when returning to bed I kissed Isabelle because she had woken up - I somehow ended up sleeping with her from about 5am until 8am - unable to make the last few steps to my own bed. She's a bed-hog and she snores.

Finally arising at the late hour of 9am, we packed our lunch, backpack, bikes & dog into the truck and took off for Sandpoint. We rode our bikes along the LongBridge and into town for a while, then came back to the truck. Piling into the vehicle, we drove to the Museum that was closed, but toured the Arboreteum viewing the native plants of the area - Idaho fescue, Kinnikinnick, Scarlet gilia, Western RedCedar & Western Hemlock.

From there, we decided to take Hwy 2 south out of town for the scenic views. Greg chose to show me the exclusive resort in Dover and we got out to ride bikes through there also. The dog walked with us for quite a while and after viewing one of the beautiful open houses, we stopped at this waterfall for a quick drink & a photo op.

Slowly biking back to the truck, we let the dog sit in the shade & drink as much as possible. We then left her in the truck while we continued our bike ride.

Greg wanted to take a look down at the Marina. So I followed him out onto the end of the breakwater dock. The view was SO beautiful that I wanted to get a panoramic photo. I put the kickstand out and moved a few inches from my bike, so that it was behind me. Proceeding with the picture, I managed to get a great wooden boat in it. Greg was only a foot behind me, with his bike straddled between his legs, also taking in the marvelous view.

When all of a sudden, a HUGE burst of wind came out of nowhere, and knocked my bike off the dock. INTO THE WATER. I missed the whole thing as it happened behind my back. We were both in shock as we watched my bike sink into the murky depths of Lake Pend Oreille, the old men in the wooden boat were also shocked, then started laughing. I watched as bubbles from the bicycle floated to the top of the water and my bike sank into the abyss. For a few brief seconds, I contemplated ripping off my shirt, dropping my camera & sandals in a vain attempt to dive for the bike. But then I thought. Do I really want to maybe die for a stupid bike? Nope. So we just watched – shocked that something so stupid had happened. After this unfortunate happenstance, there was no more wind. Damn you, nature!

I walked back to the truck, truly dejected that my best friend for the last few months rested at the bottom of a watery grave.

My cell phone was also gone.

Hub tried to cheer me up and on the way home, we stopped in Priest River at Burger Express for crinkle fries that Kelsey just used to love. I wasn’t in a mood to eat greasy food, however I made a slight effort to cheer up. Greg plans to weld a grappling hook so that he can go back tomorrow for an attempt at raising the bike from Davy Jones’ locker.

I suppose that an intolerable amount of teasing will result as this will be made known to hubby’s friends. After watching Titanic the other night with a similar sight - Rose watching as Jack sinks into the icy depths, my bike has already been dubbed “jack” because I was supposed to “never let go”.

Greg is also threatening to get a life jacket for my next bike if he can't resurrect this one.

panoramic view of lake where my
bike lies in a watery grave...

Friday, August 01, 2008

IPODing My Life Away

Jill got me thinking. Exactly what DO I listen to while exercising? While biking, the following list is what I have loaded right now.

Boston - Augustana
You Make Me Smile - Blue October
She’s My Ride Home – Blue October
Into The Ocean – Blue October
What If We Could – Blue October
Hate Me – Blue October
Let It Go – Blue October
Congratulations – Blue October
Overweight – Blue October
X Amount of Words – Blue October
Drilled A Wire Thorugh My Cheek – Blue October
Sound of Pulling Heaven Down
If You Want My Love – Cheap Trick
The Flame – Cheap Trick
Voices – Cheap Trick
Politik – Coldplay
The Scientist – Coldplay
Clocks – Coldplay
Speed of Sound – Coldplay
Home – Collective Soul
How Do You Love – Collective Soul
Him – Collective Soul
Feels Like – Collective Soul
Perfect To Stay – Collective Soul
Counting The Days – Collective Soul
Under Heaven’s Skies – Collective Soul
Satellite – Collective Soul
One Last Breath – Creed
My Sacrifice – Creed
Stand Here With Me – Creed
Weathered – Creed
Taking Over Me - Evanescence
In The Ayer – Flo Rida
Best of You – Foo Fighters
DOA – Foo Fighters
The Reason – Hoobastank
Devil’s Party – INXS
Pretty Vegas – INXS
Afterglow – INXS
Hot Girls – INXS
Never Let Go – INXS
What Goes Around – Justin Timberlake
SexyBack – Justin Timberlake
Mr. Brightside – The Killers
Somebody Told Me – The Killers
C’mon Try A Little Bit – Mellowdrone
Oh My – Mellowdrone
Four Leaf Clover – Mellowdrone
Flat On The Floor – Nickelback
Figured You Out – Nickelback
Should’ve Listened – Nickelback
The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails
Every Day Is Exactly The Same – Nine Inch Nails
Control – Puddle of Mudd
Drift & Die – Puddle of Mudd
Out of My Head – Puddle of Mudd
Nobody Told Me – Puddle of Mudd
Who Wants to Live Forever – Queen
Pray – Syntax
Pride - Syntax

But the other day, for the whole ride...I listened to The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails. I can listen repeatedly to the same song for almost forever.

Syntax caught my attention one night while watching an old re-run of Bones. After getting their album, Meccano Mind I listened to the song Pride for about 2 weeks. Nothing but Pride. Nothing. I would drive in the 'stang and listen to nothing but that, repeatedly hitting the 'back' button on the CD changer. This is a car that has a 5-disc CD changer. FIVE CDs full of music. And all I listen to is ONE song for a solid two weeks.

J-poo also brought up another thought. Music is associated with sights, sounds, people. Yes, Jilly-poo whenever I listen to Hate Me by Blue October, I think of you and remember our 'talk'. Beautiful Day by Mellowdrone brings to mind my kids. Anything by She Wants Revenge and I immediately think of Shawna Clingerman because I visited her when we went to their concert. LOL-I'll Go To My Grave Loving You by The Statler Brothers is my mother-in-law's song. She wanted it played at her funeral. It was not.

When the UPS man came the other day, he brought these awe-some earphones that are perfect! There is absolutely NO background noise when I put these babies in my ears. Which can be a bad thing when cars come up behind me. Oh, well. Live & let die.

We played hookey today and drove to the Rose Lake exit where we rode the Trail Of The Coeur d'Alenes for about 12 miles. Another Friday of great weather, wonderful fresh air, beautiful scenic views & fabulous exercise. Quite relaxing & restful. My soul feels renewed.

After finally trying to find a dog trailer, we settled on one but it didn't work out for Isabelle. She was scared of sitting inside the variable floor of the trailer. We (Greg) will have to attempt to modify it - put in a piece of thin plywood and a pad.

The dog sat in the truck alone while we were gone. With heavy clouds overhead, it was quite cool in the truck for her. Also leaving her with a full tin of water made her happy. When we arrived back after our ride, we had lunch at the delightful park. A Foss tug went by pushing a load. The birds soared overhead and we snacked on chicken sandwiches.

Post meal we took Izzy for a short run and she actually did 1/2 mile down the trail and 1/2 mile back. By the time she arrived at the truck, she was panting, slobbery & exhausted. Barely able to drag herself into the truck after this horrendous (not) workout, she plopped in the back continuing with her heavy (stinky) breathing.

Click to play Trail of the Cdas
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Stopping in Harrison for ice cream, we took advantage of the pleasant weather to take a walk around town. As we were walking by a newly renovated restaurant, some young kid came out of the door and yelled to Greg. Damn. We can't go ANYWHERE without Greg being recognized. I can empathize with celebs being upset when the papz attack. The kid was the son of a guy that Greg used to know a few years ago. They chatted for a bit, then we continued our walk. I'm still totally in shock that Greg got through our whole Euro trip without meeting anybody he knew...

Finally making it home about 6pm, we were both totally exhausted but Jonathan and his brother were waiting in the driveway so Greg could work with them at the shop. Unable to vocalize the word "no", hubby changed clothes to drag himself down there for the rest of the night.

A SIDE NOTE - When the Ernster advised me to be less cryptic the other day, then told me to "ignore the old guy with the bad back" I was under the impression that he was talking about HUBBY. Hubby is old. Hubby has a bad back. Hmm. Is there something in the water? Old men with bad backs?