Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still January


Almost the end of January. It just continues; gloomy and doomy and depressing. It is a wonder that anybody makes it thru January intact.

Nothing much going on. Same old. Same old every day.

The food gets made, the hubby leaves, the dogs sleep the woodpecker destroys the side of our house, the snow falls, the snow get shoveled, the laundry gets done, the dishes are put away.

Hubby comes home & we watch tv. Then we go to bed. Boring.

Bit likes sleeping on his back. Ben likes to cuddle.

Monday, January 28, 2013



Hubby is mixing it up. He wants butter on his sandwich instead of Miracle Whip; He wants sausage instead of ham. He doesn't want Amaretto in his latte. OMG. He finally is making a change.

Made his sandwich & latte. Did squishy dog goodbyes.

Did laundry & dishes. Made the beds.

I worked on scrapbooking new pictures of dogs & kids for our digital photo frame.


Hubby came home with groceries. He made chicken & broccoli-wockli for dinner with long grain & wild rice. Yum.

I had an upset tummy. Did not eat much.

The computer won't read my SD card on the new printer. Boo.

Sunday, January 27, 2013



Got up late today. I had left the bed at Midnight because I hate the new bedding sheets. Uncomfortable. Then slept with Maggie for a while. Ben decided he wanted to go potty at 3AM, so I let him out. I was freezing & took a hot bath after I let Ben back inside. Ben went upstairs to bed like a good dog.

I had my bath, then crawled back into bed with hubby. Turned on my heating bad. Brrrr.

Hubby woke up at 7AM and let dogs out. We both slept until 9AM.

I got up and made egg sandwich for hubby, then got out the panini press & grilled it for him. Also made waffle-cakes. No waffle maker! Dogs had a good breakfast. Also made latte for hubby.

We got the dogs ready & loaded them in Xcursion for dog walk in park. Took them down to boat ramp & we walked along the shoreline. They LOVED it.

dogs going nuts at the shore

Maggie went into the water to fetch sticks (and 2x4s). We finally found our water dog! She will love it on the boat this summer!

Maggie fetching

 Maggie retrieving

Leashed all the dogs back up before we got to truck because other people had come to boat dock to walk their dogs.

On the way home, Isabelle & Bud fought over the window seat with Isabelle finally high-centering herself on Bud.

fighting over window seat

 no distracted driving here! texting with 2 dogs on him!

Drove home & I vacuumed. Updated hubby's Facebook page & posted pictures. Cleaned up more vomit that we found in the library from Lil Bit from last night. Washed clothes. Hubby made lunch lasagne & french fries for himself. I made long grain & wild rice to add into the dogs eggs for tomorrow.

Dogs slept all afternoon.

Hubby met some people at the shop at 2PM to fetch their truck.

Watched "How It's Made" all afternoon.

 Ben is tired

Saturday, January 26, 2013



Made hubby breakfast sandwich & latte. Dogs said goodbye to him. Squishy dog time with Izzy, Bud, Maggie. Maggie would squish all day long. She loves to lean up against people.

Then I exercised. Fed dogs my leftover egg.

Washed dishes, Did laundry, Vacuumed house.

Hubby came home and worked in shop for a while, then came home at 6:45 to watch Archer with me.

I went to bed early.


Made hubby breakfast sandwich & latte.

Exercised. Washed my hair.

Ben & Bud on the couch

Ben wants to be reallyclose to Bud

 Bit & Bud on the couch
After the dogs eat

Dog prints on deck

At 3:30 loaded Bud & Ben into FMF and drove to nail appointment. Very foggy out and a lot of people driving did not have their lights switched on their cars. Hubby met me at hair salon in Rathdrum at 5:00 after he got off work. He walked dogs, then brought them into salon.

We went shopping at Super One for groceries. Then he took dogs while I got burgers at McDonalds. He was worried that I was not behind him and kept texting me, but I don't check my texts while I am driving. Finally, he called me and I told him I was right behind him.

When we got home, the driveway was melting really badly & the cars broke thru the snow & slush. It was very difficult driving up the driveway.

Unloaded dogs & groceries. Hubby had a quick bite to eat.

Hubby went down to shop for the rest of the night until 10:30.

We watched news & went to bed.

Ben slept in bed with us for about an hour. He was moving so much that I had to kick (figuratively, not literally) him out of bed. Then hubby brought him back into bed around 6AM. We slept in late until 8AM!!!


Still fighting hot flashes. This is so irritating and defeating. Totally uncomfortable in bed & wake up flaming hot, sweaty. Gross.

We got up late. I made breakfast; then hubby finally got out of bed around 8:30. Got dogs ready & went to Farragut to walk.

Dropped off more cat food for kitties at abandoned house in Athol.

At the park, some idiot had to park next to us again to go walking. We did not see them, but it was still dumb for them to do that with the entire park to walk in; they had to park right next to us!

Ben was so tired & was having an impossible time trying to get comfortable while sitting on hubby's arm! It was so cute. Pretty soon, Ben will be too large to sit beside us in front of the Excursion.

Bit on bone crack

When we got back home, I left hubby at the shop while I came up to the house & unloaded puppies. I vacuumed house again, gave dogs bones, put away dishes & did lots of laundry.  Exercised. 

Ben so tired

Put on new bedding our bed from Xmas present 2 years ago! LOL.

New Xmas present bedding

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I feel a little better. Got up and made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. Hugged goodbye with squishy dogs, Izzy & Maggie. Even Bud tolerated a squishy dog hug.

After hubby left, I did laundry & dishes. Cleaned up house. Vacuumed rugs.

Then exercised for a while.

Dogs hate the winter. Nothing fun to do.

It started snowing around 3:30. Large flakes. By 4:45, we had 3 inches of snow. Yuck. I hate snow. It is getting so depressing. No sun and more snow. Cold. This is a LONG winter.

Matt said he is getting better. Can take his sling off now. Of course, he is over-doing things. Hope he doesn't strain his shoulder again and make it worse.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coming Down With Something?


I am so tired, I can barely drag myself out of bed to make hubby's breakfast sandwich & latte. Afterwards, I just sit on the couch all day. Unable to take a nap or sleep, I am wide awake. I feel exhausted like I am coming down with something. Lots of stomach pain.

Hubby gets home at 5:00 and then works at the shop for 2 hours. When he comes home, we watch How I Met Your Mother, then I go to bed.


Again, more of the same. I am exhausted. Hubby lets me stay in bed and he takes the 1/2 egg sandwich breakfast than I had made previously.

I try to sleep, but can't. Still exhausted.

Sunday, January 20, 2013



made egg sandwich & lattes. loaded dogs in bark ark. went for wild dog walk in park down by day use area.

when leaving dog park, Ben sleeps on hubby

after we got home, hubby worked in shop. then he went to CN diesel to put together a rear end for them.

he got home at 6:30 and we watched tv for a while.

went to bed at 10:00.


slept late and finally got up around 8:00AM and hubby made egg sandwiches. i made lattes. together we made a souffle. little bit too much mustard, otherwise it was quite good.


we packed dogs up in bark ark and went to farragut park for dog walk. took them in the campground area. they loved running around. lil bit finally had to get picked up at the end of the walk. too cold & too long a walk for his little legs.

angus greeting our gang

came home & picked up the bone & birthday card for angus. went over to chad & ami's to drop it off. ami was at work. chad was home. izzy & bud almost tore a little kitten to death. had to put all the dogs in the truck to calm them down.

angus was calm until she saw us, then she did the crazy hyper movements that she always used to do. chad said that with them, she is always calm so it must be us that angus reacts to...

stopped at grocery store in spirit lake to get more bones for dogs & hamburger meat. hubby came home and made hamburgers on the grille while the dogs enjoyed their bones. we fed the rest of the souffle to the dogs.

watched tv for a while. washed clothes. hubby cut his beard.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Matt's Surgery


We took dogs off to the park after having lattes & breakfast sandwiches. Ranger in park stopped to say hello to dogs. Megan was really nice and not mean like the other rangers. Hubby had purchased a park pass yesterday, so we are "legal" for the year now!

When we returned home, I changed clothes & we packed everything into Bark Ark along with all the dogs & drove to M&K's.

Dropped off parts in Hayden first, then picked Matt up at home. We left all dogs there but Ben. He cannot be trusted alone yet.

Took Matt to hospital & dropped him off at 11:00. We should have stayed with him because he did not get into surgery until 1:00PM.

We then did some errands. All the Rapid Refills in Spokane, WA are out of business. No place to turn in our printer ink.

Then we went to Costco to get gasoline. Picked up burgers for dogs. Hubby got chix sandwich. Returned back home to pick up dogs & Bravo then met KRN at Spokane Dog Park.

While at KRN's home, we put away her laundry & dishes to try to help.

Dogs had lots of fun playing for a while until some lady brought in her two dogs, a beagle & a cocker spaniel mix. Then the most unusual thing happened, the two dogs fought with Ben who was minding his own business. After that, BUD (who never fights with dogs & loves everybody) got into a fight with them & would not leave them alone.

So we left.

Took KRN back home. Hubby stayed home while I went with KRN at 3:30 to pick up Matt. We still had not gotten a call from the surgery to get him, but the surgery was only supposed to last 1.5 to 2 hours.

When we checked in, the receptionist told us to go to an empty waiting room. We stayed there for another 1.5 hours. Around 4:30, KRN went to ask about Matt and were told we were waiting in the wrong place & they had tried to call KRN. What liars. Doctor did not talk to KRN. He talked to a doped up Matt who could not make sense of what was said. Stupid doctor.

Matt after surgery

Finally found Matt at 5:00PM. KRN helped him get dressed and then went to get car. Nurse gave the check out papers & of course, the pharmacy was closed by 5PM. Matt was wheeled down to the pick up area & KRN brought car around. Then she drove us back to her home.

When we got back, hubby & I went to Walmart to get prescription painkillers for Matt. Took over 45 minutes to get pills filled. Most boring time at Walmart ever. Hubby got some deli chicken because he was hungry. We got pink apples.

Took drugs back to kids, then hubby had a little of KRN's dinner. We drove home after that. Dogs were anxious to leave. All of them but Maggie. We almost mistakenly left her behind on the couch! LOL.

Unloaded everybody at home & cleaned up. Watched new season premier of ARCHER. Then went to bed.

Ben & Bit are exhausted


I made breakfast sandwiches & lattes. Hubby went to work.

Cleaned house today. Did laundry.

 Ben sleeping on couch

I made apple pies for hubby

Hubby came home later. Stopped to get some milk at the grocery. He went down to shop for 1 hour, then came home.

Went to bed early.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boring Day


Just another day. Same old. Same old. Winter seems exhausting. Dogs really want to play, but sleep most of the day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Hubby took today off from work.

Slept in late until 7:30. 

We got up late. I took the day off and did not make breakfast.

Purchased lattes at the stand in Atown.

Got the dogs bundled up and went for walk at Farragut Park. Park ranger pulled us over for not having current pass. Told him we were buying one today. If we buy one for the year, that should cover every day from the 1st of January that we have been visiting the park.

Also saw an eagle in the park.

Hubby stopped at Victory Auto Parts to return parts.

Brought dogs back home and got stuff so we could go to Spokane.

Went to Spirit Lake to look at building for sale, then to Rathdrum where I got drug prescription for hubby while he returned parts to Napa.

Then we drove to Spokane and got dog food at Big R.

Shopped at URM for latte stuff.

Then went to KRN's latte stand to meet her. Took dogs to Spokane Dog Park for them to run wild. They really liked it.

Followed KRN to her home. We sat around talking and then KRN made dinner. Matt got home around 4:30 and grilled chicken.

Left at 6:30 to drive back home. Stopped at Stateline to get gasoline, and shopped at Walmart. Dogs waited patiently in truck.

Got home around 8:00. Unloaded groceries, hubby had a snack. Went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, January 14, 2013

More Snow


Woke up to another 3 inches and snow still falling this morning. Ben had slept with us last night and I had a restless night. He really crowds me out. Pushes. So I went to sleep with Maggie for a while.

Got up at 6AM and made hubby breakfast sandwich & latte. Since we were totally out of cheese, I added cream cheese instead to the omelette. Very rich.

Dogs got their pills. Hugged hubby goodbye.

Isabelle refused to go out to potty this morning and pottied at 5:00PM instead. She is a bad dog.

I slept in napping fits most of the day and still feel exhausted.

Big day tomorrow.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold Cold Coldest


Up at 6AM to make breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. Let dogs out for potty.

Then I laid down on the couch & we watched Free cable weekend channels.

 Buddy is the best older dog mentor for Ben!

Saturday, January 12, 2013



Got up at 6AM because the dogs were already up. Hubby was the first one awake and was letting dogs outside. I got up and made latte & breakfast sandwiches.

Hubby gave dogs their pills, then we bundled everybody up in their harnesses. Put Ben's Big R sweatshirt on him.

While hubby was getting the other dogs ready and the Bark Ark out of the garage, Ben came upstairs! All by himself! I opened the window upstairs & showed hubby. Maggie & Ben were standing next to each other sticking their heads out the window. Hubby laughed. It was cute.

Then we went to the park for the dog walk. I decided to let Ben go wild dog on his own. He did quite well and stayed with us. If he wandered off too far, we called him and he came back. He really liked walking with Isabelle and running alongside her.

Lil Bit did "dancing bear" at my feet as we were walking. I had to carry him for quite a while because his feet were cold. Poor little dog.

Then we loaded everybody back into the Xcursion and came to town. Got a latte for me. Jen Bunny was there working. We gave her the sugar scrub for DeraLee as a late Xmas gift. On the way thru town, we saw a house with 4 dogs! All our dogs liked barking at the other dogs.

When we got home, unloaded all the dogs & hubby had to go pay a guy for a rear end. He took my latte in the truck with him, so I had to make another drink at home because I was so cold. Only 21 degrees on our walk this morning.

Ben is almost as big as Bud

Did laundry & dishes.

Dogs took naps.

I exercised.

Bit stayed outside a little too long and when he came inside, he was holding up his right rear leg. I had to sit down with him so that he could warm up. I rubbed his foot & kept him warm on my lap in front of the fireplace.

Ben napping

8 degrees outside by the time hubby came home at 7:25. Brrr.

Friday, January 11, 2013

COLDER Than a Witch's Tit


Woke up early today. Ben was whining and fighting with his dog bed, but he did not need to go out. So I went potty & went back to bed. However, I could not go back to sleep and was hot again. Horrible feeling.

Got up at 6AM to make breakfast sandwich for dogs, hubby gave them their pills. Made latte for hubby. He was going to have a breakfast meeting at work, so did not need any food.

Did laundry & dishes after he left. Dogs played today.

I exercised & did elliptical.

Hubby came home late. He was freezing & possibly sick. Flu?

Ben sat down on the couch while hubby was trying to surf the 'net with his laptop.

Ben on the laptop

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweat & Cramps

 Made hubby a latte & egg sandwich. He left for work.

I started to file all the paperwork that was stuffed in the laundryroom. But had to get ready to leave before I was done.

At 11:30, I took Bud with me and we went to get my nails done in Rathdrum. He waited patiently in the FMF while I got nails done. Left at 2:00. Also got nails painted. A nice hairstylist at the salon took my things over to Goodwill to donate. So when we left, all I had to do was get dog burgers at McDonalds.

Moose walking down the road

Moose on the Road

All the dogs were happy to see me, but Ben did not fare well while I was gone. He tore up papers in the laundryroom that I had not gotten around to filing. He ripped up a couple vehicle titles that I had to tape back together. Bad Dog.

I even got outside and widened the dog path out to the woods. The dogs were very grateful. However, it was raining a bit as I dug and later found myself quite tired & soaked!

Came inside & made hot tea and a warm sandwich.

Afterwards, I washed my hair because it was wet. Nice to get warm.


Made hubby a latte & egg sandwich. Maggie has been getting in on the "squishy dog" treatment that we give Isabelle. After we hug Isabelle, we then have Maggie come over and hug her, too. It is so cute. After just a couple days, she moves in right away when we tell her "squishy dog time!"

It started out very warm today. The weather was better as the snow & ice on the decks started to melt.

Came inside & made hot tea and a warm sandwich.

Vacuumed carpet upstairs & all the rugs. Then I steamed the rugs to make them look better.

While I waited for hubby to come home, I found a recipe on Pinterest for Butter, Brown Sugar & Marshmallow Popcorn so I made some.  Hubby said it was delicious.

I made crab cakes; hubby had to make corn & potatoes, enjoyed dinner. Watched TV and went to bed early.


Made hubby a latte & egg sandwich, also made extra for me. Have not been sleeping well the last two nights. I wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty, with stomach cramps. Also been having nightmares. Horrible, awful nightmares.

Washed my hair again because it was so sweaty & stinky.

Did laundry & dishes.

Monday, January 07, 2013



OMG. We found the magic key. I finally got my first night's whole sleep since we got Ben! The key to getting Ben to sleep the whole night is to give him a bath the night before!

I am so happy now that I got a full night's rest! Wow. I just laid in bed and kept praying that he would not whine. Then at 6:16, I had to get up to pee and found that Ben had slept the whole night thru! No mistakes on the floor! Yippee!

My mind feels less foggy. My body feels better. Hope that the sleeping continues tonight.

Got up and made hubby latte & egg sandwich. He gave the dogs their pills. Hubby shoveled off 4 inches of snow from the back deck while I worked on the front deck. It is still snowing even now.

I got the laundry started & the dishwasher going. Then started exercising.

All the puppies decided to nap.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

WILD dog walk SUNDAY


Got up with Ben 3 times last night. Not bad.

We actually slept in late today! 8AM. I got up and made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. Dogs took their pills.

Hubby got dressed. We got all the collars on the dogs. Forgot Ben's sweater for the walk. Whoops.

Then piled everybody in the Bark Ark and drove to wild dog walk.

There is actually a house (not sold yet) built on the wild dog walk. Boo. But we walked around and even Ben & Bit went without leashes. All the dogs ran and ran and ran! Wild dogs! Bit's paws got cold so he had mommy carry him for a while. We went up to the house and looked around. Odd building as there is a 1 1/2 car garage with the garage elongated on one end. Workshop? Nice big fireplace & huge windows out the back showing a great view of the river! Great for retirees?

Then we drove onto Sandpoint where we took Bud & Ben into shop with us at Big R for dog food. Got big dog puppy food. Nobody seemed very much interested in petting the dogs. One employee came up to us, a nice black gentleman and commented while petting the dogs.

At Walmart we got groceries quickly and then walked all the dogs but Maggie. She did not want to leave the truck.

Everybody at Walmart seemed depressed.

Drove home again and unloaded groceries. Hubby made lunch. Rewarmed lasagne, had garlic breadsticks & salad. Yum.

Ben sleeps with daddy's shirts that he stole from the laundry room

Watched Dinner For Schmucks. Dumb movie.

Gave Ben a bath. Probably his last bath in the bathtub because he is getting too big now.

 Ben takes a bath

Also gave Bit a bath. Had to clean out both dog's ears because some water got inside their ears. Ben kept trying to chew on Lil Bit after his bath!

Updated hubby's Facebook RMOR page.

Dogs napped and napped and napped. Quite a relaxing day.

Ordered Looper on pay-per-view. OK movie, not great.

I went to bed at 10:00.

Saturday, January 05, 2013



I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 10:30. Hubby was sweet & kind enough to get up with Ben three times last night. And I hate to say that I did not hear Ben's whining at the door at all last night. I did wake up when hubby got out of bed. (Mostly because he turns on every light in the house to let the dog out!)

In the morning, I made hubby a breakfast sandwich & a latte for hubby. Then we got dressed, got dogs loaded & drove to park.

Saw deer crossing the road on the drive down to the park.


Bit watching deer

We decided to try a different walk right by the Bayview entrance. When somebody parked next to us with dogs, I cussed because we wanted to let the dogs run wild. Now we would have to leash them all up! However, it was an old friend from the NOMC; Leslie! She was surprised to see us and had two dogs with her to walk. Her own fluffy dog named Sydney and a friend's Basset Hound named Dexter. All our dogs seemed OK with them, so we let them run wild. Bit & Ben are still under leash restraint. Leslie kept Dexter on a leash just to make sure they stayed around.

It was quite nice to see Leslie again & we talked during the whole walk.

When we got home, hubby dropped me off & went to work at shop while I did dishes & put them away, did laundry & put it away, shoveled both decks, (broke stupid cheap plastic shovel while I was working on the ice), vacuumed, exercised, and made another egg sandwich for me & the dogs.

Dogs are out of food. Hubby forgot to stop last night & get more.

Washed dog bed comforter. Isabelle's bed was dirty. Maggie & Isabelle make a mess of that bed!

Dogs are out of food. Hubby forgot to stop last night & get more.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013



Not much to be done today. Hubby got up extra early because he could not sleep. I was exhausted from letting Ben out 4 times last night.

So I slept in another 15 minutes, then got up early too. It was difficult to sleep in as hubby was making too much noise & had all the lights on!

I made egg sandwich for hubby & a latte. He left on time.

Dogs went back to sleep. I could not nap. Tramadol keeping me awake.

It was really dark out this morning. Still really cold, too.

All Xmas stuff put away. Took out the Valentine's day garlands.

Played with puppies today.

Ben & Lil Bit

Hubby came home late and worked in the shop from 6-8.

Went to bed around 11PM.


 I made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby.

The sun came out and was shining for a while today.

However, temps were still around 10 degrees in the morning and barely a high of 17!

Three black helicopters went overhead today in formation, just barely skimming the treetops heading in the direction of Spokane from Sandpoint. Most odd. All the dogs started barking because they were so loud & close.

 Ben & Bud are buddies

 Ben & Bud sleep together

I bought the keratin treatment thru Groupon for my birthday present.


I made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. He left and then I got to work cleaning house. Ben decided that he had to quickly eat some dog food & then throw up on the rug!

Had to pick hubby up from work because he was done with on-call for the week. So I loaded up all the dogs and we drove the Bark Ark Excursion into get daddy. All the dogs were really good. Ben kept circling on the console trying to get comfortable, Lil Bit sat on the passenger seat because I had turned on the seat warmers!

I drove thru Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs, then drove home. Dropped hubby off at shop & he worked until 9:00. He came home & I fixed cheese and cracker and sausage dinner for him. I went to bed at 10:30 because I was so tired.

Dogs took naps.

Ben sleeps with his Buddy

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

welcome to the new year 2013


Welcome to January 1, 2013. The new year. Hope is better than last!

I got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby & myself.

Then started the crockpot lasagne that we decided to make for today.

Lots of work. Lasagne came out overcooked on the bottom. Don't bother. If we did this again, we would have to add way more water & sauce.

Crockpot Lasagne

Loaded the dogs in the Dodge (tight fit!) as hubby had driven his work truck home last night for on-call duty. Went down to shop to meet all the 4-wheelers going for the New Year's run to Hoodoo Valley. Handed out t-shirts which they very much appreciated!

4 Wheelers Jan 1 New Year Run

Then we drove into Athol to get gas in Excursion. Had to come back to shop to meet guy for parts. All the 4-wheelers were still here. Then they left around 10:30. Hubby finished with guy and we drove into town. Picked up Excursion at Frontier. I drove Dodge home with Lil Bit and hubby had the rest of the dogs in the Excursion.

Dropped off the Dodge at the house and then we drove to Farragut Park to walk the dogs.

Lots of other people there walking dogs and a couple of cross-country skiers so we had to put dogs on leashes.

Finished walk (very very cold 23 degrees & horrible wind blowing off the lake) and came home to eat crockpot lasagne. I made more lattes to warm us up. Dogs took a nap.

 Bud with arm on armrest tolerates Ben

 Ben sleeps on Isabelle's butt

Hubby met some of the 4-wheelers down at the shop when they came back around 5:30. When he came back to the house, we put away Xmas stuff & turned off outside lights. House looks depressing.

Tomorrow I will put up Valentine's garlands & make more garlands.

Rented Ted on pay-per-view.

Hubby cleaned up kitchen. Made dog grog.