Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild Dog Walk in Goose Poop!

On Monday morning, I picked up a latte with Bud & Lil Bit then rushed to the doctor at 9:45am because my right eye swelled up.

The doctor prescribed anti-biotics and warm compresses. He also repeatedly keep asking if I was "SURE" that I was on no medications. Is this because most people are on medications or because of my age? I did not ask.

Then went to grocery store to pick up laundry detergent & bought store out of patriotic napkins for KRN. I was sure that the drug store next door would have filled my prescription after 15 minutes. When I returned, they could not find the order. It appears that somebody had forgotten to fill the fax machine with paper and I had to wait a further 15 minutes.

Finally got out of the drugstore and went to McDonalds for cheeseburger treats for dogs. Went home and fed them to puppies.

Rested for a while after taking my medication then vacuumed house, cleaned out FMF, and did laundry.

Hubby came home and he rested on the couch for a while, then we took dogs up to Wild Dog Walk. However, wild geese had moved into the area and pooped EVERYWHERE. The dogs proceeded to roll in goose poop and all of them stank! We had to return home to wash every single dog. Tiredly, we dragged ourselves to the couch to watch TV for a while before we went to bed.

Tuesday - Austin is mowing back yard for the dogs. I am having to water plants outside as it has not rained in 3 days straight!

Angus was extremely tired today as it was so hot outside. Inside was nice and cool on the floor with the A/C blowing...
tired Angus

I also picked up all the pinecones in the dog back yard. Below is a snapshot of Bud relaxing in his new BIG yard.
 Bud in new big back yard!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


We got lattes early this morning around 8:30am. Then while hubby, Bud & Lil Bit waited patiently in the car, Jen-Bunny french braided my hair again. It was nice to be so fresh & clean.

Drove over to Spoky-Jo to meet K&M at URM wholesale grocery store. Never had been there before. Lots of restaurant supply equipment & food.

Then we took the dogs for a short walk in the grassy area and decided to eat at Flamin' Joe's. Followed the kids there, and took seating in the outside patio. Was a wonderful sunshiny day! Had a great lunch. Good drinks.

Bid the kids goodbye and we walked the dogs again. On the way home, after stopping to test sit on some Harley Davidson's, we also stopped at Walgreens to let me pee & pick up some hairspray to keep my hair together from the wind. Tried to wash Bud & Bit at the dog wash, but Bit ran away and Bud was not interested. Bought cheeseburgers at Wendy's for the dogs.

At home, we fed the cheeseburgers to the dogs, then loaded up all the dogs in the newly cleaned Dodge for wild dog walk up by Priest River. We found a couple bird feathers for Jen-Bunny.

 bud & harry on wild dog walk

Drove home the long way around and stopped in Spirit Lake to get milk. But forgot laundry detergent!

Gave Harriet & Bit bathes at home. Will have to wash Bud & Isabelle on the deck tomorrow.

Hubby grilled hot dogs on the grille. Was a nice night, so we sat on the deck for a while.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, Sunny but Cooler

On Friday I took Harriet into the vet for her 10 day check up. She is clear & free. No more incarceration!

I cleaned the FMF. It does not take long to do. Vacuumed, scrubbed the carpets, washed the windows & detailed the interior. Picked up hubby from work as he dropped off his work truck. This was the end of his on-call. Got lattes in town & took the FMF through the automatic car wash in town. We got burgers from Wendy's for the dogs on the way home.

Saturday dawned sunny and cooler. Had to wear my sweatshirt today.

Got lattes from new girl at stand. Horrible drinks. Will not be going back if she ever works there again.

We took the dogs up to wild dog walk along the river. It was so fun. Harry did her "BOING" jumping through the grass. Lil Bit had to "swim" through the tall grass because he is so short.

I printed more muffin labels for KRN's business.

When we returned home, hubby went to shop to work, while I cleaned the truck today. Vacuumed, scrubbed the carpets, washed the windows & detailed the interior. It took almost four hours to do it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Angus is Shorn

Took Angus to Apryl's at 10:00 for her shearing/spa day. She got her toenails clipped, hair shaved & a wonderful bath. She is a fresh clean girl.

Jen-Bunny french braided my hair at 12:00. Hung around for a while to talk while Buddy waited in the truck for me.

Went home to briefly supervise #3 while he was finishing up fence. He put up the chicken wire so that Bit could not escape.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fence Day & Cupcakes

Frosted the cupcakes that I made yesterday. Was very warm & sunny today. #3 worked on the dog fence with Austin. They finished up the basic design & got the gates put in. Tomorrow they will put up the chicken wire fence so that Lil Bit does not escape.

Went down to get drinks for them & myself at 12:30. Said Hi to Deralee.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

KRN did not come over as MSN has been gone for a couple weeks off base. So hubby and I walked the dogs. It was a very laid back Father's Day Weekend.

Made cupcakes. Vanilla & Dark Chocolate.

Gave Bit a bath in the sink.

 Lil Bit bath

Picked up cattle panels to enlarge the back yard for the dogs. They will have just a tad bit under 1 acre to roam around.

cattle panels at Ziggys

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rain & What Else? More Rain!

It has been raining steadily here for the past two days. Hubby has not gone down to the shop to work as he is tired.

We tried to take the dogs out for a walk on Tuesday night, but Harriet got in trouble and we are having to deal with that now.

I have not been able to clean the house or vacuum because of my back injury. Life sucks in general right now.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rain & More Rain & Flooding

Lake Pend Oreille is 1 foot above flood stage. There was a torrent of rain today. It has been a horrible spring/summer thus far. The news is reporting that we won't see 80 degrees for the first time this year until the end of June.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spokane Dog Walk

Up at 7:30 and got lattes from Jen Bunny. Drove to Spokane, WA Humane Society to do the "2011 Parade of Paws". Took Angus, Bud & Bit. Met KRN there at 9AM to register. Her friend Jeff from the base walked Angus for her (a dog is quite a "chick magnet") and went for the 2 mile walk. Saw lots of dogs. People that lived in the neighborhood were kind enough to have water out for the dogs to refresh themselves! Was a real great time.

Afterwards, I rode with KRN in her Jeep and hubby followed with dogs over to Costco where KRN had to get supplies for the week. Muffins, cookies, chai tea. We got dog food. Also stopped at Wendy's to pick up cheeseburgers for the dogs. They were quite pooped after the long walk.

Followed KRN over to URM but did not have time to shop. 

Then hubby and I went to funeral for his friend at work's wife. She recently died of brain cancer at age 57.
We came home and let the dogs sleep for the rest of the day. Fed the rest of the burgers to Isabelle & Harriet.

Watched TV. Free HBO/Showtime weekend.

Angus resting on the deck after her exciting dog walk...


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Mowing Lawn

Thursday dawned with cold weather. It was sunny for a short time, then clouded over. 60 degrees in the house this morning when we got up.

Drove down to get a latte. Jen Bunny was there along with Deralee.

Austin worked on the circle driveway - mowing, weed eating, picking up pine cones, and raking. It looks better. Now he just needs to do the rest of the property.

Dogs were mad that I made them stay inside while he was out working...

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Went into CDA today to get my nails done. Got hot latte at Higher Ground Espresso by the car wash. Yum. Went to Nails 2000 and got pink/white nails.

Walked dogs - Bud & Bit after getting nails done by 10:00. Then washed car at auto car wash. Went to banks to deposit life insurance check from my dad & Paypal settlement check! Yippee.

Time for appointment at Chiropractor at 11:00. Then by 11:15 went to Wendy's to get burgers for dogs. Dropped off donation stuff at Goodwill.

Stopped to say Hi to Jen Bunny at latte stand. Then came home. Got mail - new dog sweatshirt in it for me! ABS sensor started acting up again just as I pulled into driveway.

Earl said he would talk to his friend about ABS sensor. Picked up check that Matt had dropped off from this morning.

Raked pinecones out of driveway. Back still hurts. Drank lunch protein drink & took more pills.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday & 75!

On Saturday, I was so bored. Woke up at 830. Kids had come in at 11:30 last night. Bit barked and hubby had to get up with him.

My back still hurting, so I stayed home while kids got drinks from Amber at latte stand. Hubby finally went down to shop. Kids walked Beebo around property. Beebo went "swimming" in filthy pond water. Kelsey had to give Mr. B a bath in our tub.

Hubby went to Spokane to pick up Tim's sister & husband as their car had broken down. Hubby got into a minor accident when he did not realize which lanes turned into the street.

When he returned home, he installed the A/C with Matt and cleaned it out.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Grad Night

Thursday - Rainy day. Continuing from a rainy night. Our spring in the Northwest is dreary and dull. Too much rain almost killing the plants. Ick.

Drove down to get lattes with Bud & Bit. Then home to rest on heating pad.

When hubby came home from work, he changed clothes & we drove to Post Falls at Real Life Ministry for Timberlake graduation. Saw #3 graduate from the comfort of chairs in the lobby watching remote TVs. Hubby had also gotten a latte at the stand in the lobby!

Left after the presentation and got cheeseburgers for dogs & tacos for us before going home.

Friday - I stayed home with bad back. Had to vacuum and clean house before kids came. Back started hurting worse even with meds. I stayed home while KRN, MSN, and hubby went to Spirit Lake for Jen-Bunny's graduation. They had to sit on bleachers in gym. Good thing I did not go.

The kids went out later with Addison & "grandma" for dinner.

Hubby brought home milk. I went to bed in pain.