Monday, August 31, 2009

Shit Happens

Sunday morning we drove up to Round Lake to take the puppies for a walk through the woods. Loading them all in the back of the pickup with the camper shell was quite an adventure in itself. However, once we got to the park, hubby opened the door to the topper. He remarked SEVERAL times that it smelled like "shit". Not realizing that one of the dogs had accidentally pooped in the back of the pickup bed. I came around the back to find out what was going on. Telling the hubby to get the dogs out of the back, I would clean up the whole thing. Thank goodness we had Clorox wipes stashed away in the front. I also used copious amounts of water to drain the larger pieces that the dogs had walked through & spread around.

After our 3 mile walk, with hubby taking Angus & Isabelle - me with 'Lil Bit & Harriet we went shopping at Wally-World in Sandpoint. Also picked up Starbucks lattes afterwards. Then went home as it was so horribly hot.

Vegged out the rest of the day. Spent the evening on our new deck watching the stars!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Baby

29 years. Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday.

The boys are here again today - finished planting even more trees. We got some conifer. And Josh planted even more plants that we had picked up on Thursday.

I want my yard to be aflame with color next year.

Will bury the old goldfish home - the wine barrel - and stock it full of Croscus & Muscari. I decided to put the Burning Bush at the base of the pond. The snowball bushes - Snowmound Spirea & Korean Spice Viburnum will be directly across from it. Near the large Lodgepole Pines, I set the Massachusetts Kinnikinnick. Beside the picnic table the Blue Rug Juniper will spread.

Before noon today, I ...
-cleaned up dog poo
-went to get anniversary lattes with the hubby, Isabelle & 'Lil Bit
-dropped off mail at the local post office
-planted my plants
-pulled weeds
-fed the fish
-watered the trees & bushes
-raked out the dirt from the trees that were planted yesterday
-picked up rocks for the pond
-put away 2 loads of laundry
-put away clean dishes
-took a shower
-picked up the mail.

K also helped picking up rocks & throwing them into the pond. It was nice to talk to my baby. She also made dinner for us last night. Chili & PB sandwiches with a nice side salad. Yum.
Said good-bye to Bravo as he went home to M&K's house. Miss him already.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Not Listening!

quote by happy bunny.

Monday - played with dogs; blind guy came at 1PM to finish the tall window blinds (he brought a ladder this time) while he cleaned the blinds, I vacuumed the house.

Tuesday - hubby & I drove up to Sandpoint to drop off my bike & get dirt for trees; KRL-N came over in late afternoon; we had steaks on grille.

Wednesday - shopping with KRL-N at the Valley mall; made Build-A-Bears (K got a moose she named Emmitt. I got a Bear that I named Bob); stopped at Forever 21 to browse after getting sandwiches & Cinnabon Mocha Chillattas in the food court; drove to K's house to water plants.

Thursday - Tim came over to build deck; Earl came over to stain railings; the "boys" came over to dig holes for trees; kept the dogs inside today which drove them nuts; went into town to pick up more trees & bushes; stopped at Costco to purchase Emerald Green Arborvitae for KRL-N and a Burning Bush for me; hubby wanted Mexican for dinner so we went to Las Chavelas. Memories. . . When we got home, Angus was so excited that she jumped up on me & knocked me down. Hurt my right knee pretty bad. KRL-N took care of me & I went to bed early.

Friday - the "boys" came over to dig more holes for bushes & trees; Tim worked on the other deck to finish it up however, he found that the underlayment of the deck is more rotted than we had thought-need to purchase replacement 2X12s for support.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's All About Me. Deal With It.

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Matt's surprise was a smoker. So now we can have smoked meat whenever we go over to the kids' house!

Hubby was exhausted when he rolled home on Saturday night. But he managed to pick up milk for me.

I watered the trees, fed the fish, set the plants out where I want them to go, and played with the puppies all day.

Both of us went to bed by 951PM; The dogs woke us up early at 6AM, but we managed to fit in another 3 hours of sleep after letting them out for potty. Temps were pretty cold last night and only reached a high of 75 on Sunday. Fall is on the air.

  • Dog Grog
  • Washed Clothes
  • Lattes
  • Bike Ride at Farragut
  • "Farm" Sale/Garage Sale
  • Visit Joanie & Chachi
  • Spirit Lake Groceries
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Dog Bones
  • Grilled Steaks

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Does It Hurt Being So Dumb?

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At 5AM, hubby was out of bed and rarin' to go. Well, not RARIN'! More like, fell out of bed when the alarm clock's strident ring pierced our brains and then slogging through the early morning.

Just before he left to go help the Joe-ster with the kids' landscaping, hubby said to me - "The kids are killing us!" To which I replied, "Our parents probably said that too!"

Hubby is helping Joe with the heavy equipment over in Cheney today- level out the soil, then put 2 loads of topsoil on their lot to bring the yard up to level. Also took over the 4 London Sycamores to plant, the garage door opener extensions, and the special surprise for Matt. Before he left, hubby also bread-napped one of the banana nut loaves to much on during the day.

KRL-N texted me that the guys had gotten there & were busily working. I called her back & we chatted for a while.

In addition to the trees (2 Patmore Ash, 3 Autumn Blaze Maples, 1 Vanderwolf Limber Pine, and 1 London Sycamore) we picked up yesterday, I also decided to purchase some more plants for the pond area. Got 2 Dwarf Norway Spruce, 2 Rosy Glow Barberry, 2 Gold Mops Threadbranch Cypress. Along with the 5-Alarm Red Mum from Costco, there will be lots of plants in the driveway circle. I am still kicking myself for not buying more Mums. Well. Next year.

The Vanderwolf Pine is quite unusual. I think I will talk hubby into going back for more of these.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cute. But Psycho. Things Even Out.

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Wednesday was another boring day. Didn't do too much.

Hubby went to pick up our new railings for the new deck on Thursday, August 20. Total cost for the railings thus far $3400. Which is more than the cost of our 3-car garage that we built 8 years ago. And we still need to get the railings for the steps.

We also picked up the shining-spanking painted topper for our pickup. Yippee! It matches the grey of our truck perfectly. This will be so much more convenient to take the dogs with us. It was hilarious to get all the dogs loaded in the back of the truck with the topper, only to realize that we had left the windows open between the truck & topper-the dogs (with Harriet in the lead) blithely jumped through onto the back seat of the truck! I almost peed myself laughing!

It rained so hard at about 3AM that it hailed. Isabelle got up and ran downstairs to the basement for her safe-spot. The lightning seemed to explode right outside our bedroom window.

On August 21, Friday morning when Tim got here to help, I offered my assistance in unloading the railings onto the deck. However, hubby got carried away with pitching them up from the pick-up bed that he hit me on the back of the head with one. Blistering him with obscentities, I ran into the house & barely was able to get an ice pack on it before everything went blurry. He ran into the bathroom, all apologies.

Driving up to George Bouten's to pick up the cedar wood for the deck re-model, we take Isabelle & 'Lil Bit in the Helicopter Support truck along with the shop trailer. Talk to George for while; looked at all his new buildings. He has built a new house for his sister and a new lean-to for ALL the vintage antique tractors that he collects. He also constructed a new forklift from a turn-of-the-century vehicle. Driving up the 2 mile dirt road through the woods to his 250 acre farm with rolling hills is like stepping into a past century! So relaxing.

Stopped at home to off load the cedar wood and talk to Tim about the deck. He almost has the front deck done. He is fast! Like a Liger. However he found that the railing company cut the front posts too short. Hubby will have to talk to them to get it fixed.

Then off later to pick up trees & plants at Riverview Landscape Company. Hubby remembers that he has to stop at the industrial center to pick up some parts for repair. We detour over there. I walk 'Lil Bit who has come with us. All the other dogs had been in the garage most of the day while Tim worked on the deck. They decided to stay home to run & play.

Ryan at the Landscape Company has our trees all balled up for us as we arrive. He hefts them onto the back of the trailer as easily as picking up a stick! What muscles.

On the way out of Hayden, hubby felt the need for an iced drink. We stopped at an unusual latte stand, only to see a Schipperke! It looked very similar to Bravo & we asked the girl where she had gotten it from - "One-Eye Jack in Spirit Lake bred some," she replied! TJ, the dog is also the same age as Bravo and a Schipperke-Eskimo mix. It appears we have found Bravo's litter-brother!

When I got home, I managed to do 3 loads of dog bed laundry; make pubhouse beer battered halibut; and bake 2 loaves of banana nut bread; in addition to doing 1.5 hours on the elliptical!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me. Just Like You, Only Better

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'Lil Bit came upstairs at 4AM Tuesday morning. He hopped into bed with us with a little help from me. After getting up, decided to let the plants dry out for a while after the massive rain of the past week. So picked up poop, played with the puppies, took them for a walk. Did some laundry & put away clean dishes. Made some fish for dinner. Also did 1 hour on the elliptical.

Then at 1PM, I was hit with an overwhelming bout of tiredness - could barely drag myself upstairs to take a nap. Only to find out that Isabelle had thrown up again. Had to get wet washcloths & cleaning fluid to tidy it up. Bravo hopped up with me to take a quick nap. Out like a light after I covered myself with a small blanket.

At 338PM, hubby called me -thank goodness I had taken my cell phone & put it beside the bed - and told me he was home. I panicked because I had an appointment for 'Lil Bit to get the last of his series of vaccines at 4PM. Hurried to get ready, round up the dog - also took Isabelle with us because she wanted a truck ride!

The OTHER doctor was down there. No matter how many times I keep telling the receptionist that I ONLY want Dr Mike, they always pawn me off on somebody else. Finally got his shots & returned home to find that there were about 15 cars & trucks parked down at the shop. I couldn't even get in as some idiot was blocking the driveway! He finally moved. Next time, I will honk the horn loudly. Idiots.

Joe H was down watering the building prep site - he also had his large equipment roller out. He worked until we returned home from our bike ride and he will come back tomorrow to work on it some more.

Hubby came home at 7:00PM to clean up - we rode bikes at the park. Everybody and their brother were down there! Had to go park in a different area, take a different route which the dogs were not used to. Then had to double back because some people were walking on the road & we didn't want the dogs to get distracted. When hubby went to turn his bike, 'Lil Bit ran in front of him. He avoided the dog, but fell off his bike. Hurt his leg & left elbow. He resumed the ride, but the dogs were all tired. I went back with Harriet & 'Lil Bit running with us to get the truck.

Came home & collapsed. Nice shot of the setting sun on the way home, tho.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


On Monday after cleaning up poop, watching the puppies play in the mud outside, then track it in. . . there wasn't much else to do besides putting away dishes & washing 3 loads of laundry.

Hubby came home early so that we could do all our "shopping" we had wanted to do. Stop at the dry cleaners to drop off his leather jacket; stop at Aslin-Finch to get 40 more pounds of dog food; stop at Riverview Landscape to take advantage of the 75% off sale they are having on trees & shrubs. We got ten 18-foot trees and a shrub for $500. If the kids don't like what we picked out, I will have hubby put them on our property. I especially wanted a couple that we picked out. See pic.

Also stopped at Costco but they were all out of the red mums. Got K the brown ones instead. Still beautiful. Also picked up 100 tulip bulbs for me; and 50 for K. Queen of the Night; Bastogne; and Pink Diamond. Beautiful. I want more. And more. Never can have too many tulips.

Then made a quick stop at the Starbucks for lattes; Central 4WD for hubby to pick up some parts; then onto getting my nails done in Airway Heights. Went to the kids' house afterwards. Matt had gotten done dig-dugging all their yard. He was even sweeping up the floor inside. Ordered food for us from the "Thai Place" and K picked it up for us on her way home.

It was sweltering hot in their home. Got hubby to call the air-conditioning guy while we were there. Also discussed shelving in the garage with the kids.

Hooked up the trailer & drove home. And drove. And drove. It seems like such a long drive - then hubby is so worn out by driving by the time we get home.

Monday, August 17, 2009

More Blogging Less Slogging

Whew. The time has just flown by. Don't even remember half of what I have done lately. Due in part to the Alzheimers!

I think that Thursday night I overdosed myself on aspirin. Was in a lot of pain, taking some wasn't helping, so taking more seemed like a good idea. 30 aspirins later, I was dead asleep. Woke up dizzy and woozy Friday morning.

Kids came late Friday. M had to return to base at midnight after going to a BBQ for his brother who is returning to college. K stayed until Saturday afternoon.

Hubby worked in shop on Saturday and we were unable to ride bikes as it rained. and rained. and rained. There was so much rain that there was a river flowing down our driveway which washed out landscaping & driveway rock. I researched training options for Angus on the computer while downloading more music for the Ipod.

Sunday we rode bikes in the morning late - encountered horses on the trail & the dogs shot off after them. Bravo & Angus ended up back in the truck while 'Bit, Harriet & Isabelle came with us.

We then shopped at Costco & Safeway in town. The entry nazi at the doorway of Costco harassed us about 'Lil Bit. Don't they have anything better to do?

Also stopped at Lowe's to look at plants & get the toe guard piece for the french doors.

It was so cold Sunday night that we had to turn on the fireplace. Brr. Fall is already coming.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Blame Me. . . I Was Born Awesome

quote by happy bunny

on Sunday we took the dogs out for a morning run at the park while we rode bikes. on the way back from the park, we spied another garage sale! picked up a Jeep baby stroller for the kids as a gag-gift. we then got stuff organized for m&k and drove "over to the coast" as hubby refers to it. took Bravo & 'Lil Bit with us.

the kids were digging in the yard and k was pulling lots of big weeds. they had made a lot of progress. showed them the stroller & both of them laughed. later the realtor came by with house-warming gifts; then we went to the base to look at plants krl-n rode in the truck with us while matt took the white truck- instead of plants, we got a couple dog toys. then drove onto ashley furniture where the kids were supposed to be present for a drawing. i took the dogs for potty walk while everyone trooped inside. the kids didn't win the big drawing. so sad. matt's good luck has expired.

followed the kids to lowe's in the valley so the guys could pick up flashing & garage doors. k & i abandoned them to go walk the dogs again - it was massively hot and humid outside. re-parked the truck in the shade after we gave them lots of water. also shopped at kohl's as they were having a huge one-day sale. krl-n restrained herself quite admirably from purchasing all the things she wanted for the house. i purchased more $5 stuffed animals for the puppies.

went home afterwards. on the way we picked up wendy's cheeseburgers & saw BISON at a neighbor's house on Clagstone. what next? Bison, Camels, Zebras. . .?

Monday found us getting up too late for a bike ride in the morning. harriet was sad. i played with the dogs & picked up poo. also got more plants in the mail for the pond. downloaded lots of songs on the ipod. hubby worked late in the shop. we went for a ride with ALL the dogs at the park. it was hectic.

krl-n called early this morning so excited to let me know that she had gotten the travel job on base that she had applied for. this will be so good for her.

nothing much happened Tuesday. more of the same; poop patrol, water plants, play with dogs, biking, hubby's boots came that i ordered-but he didn't like the fit.

not knowing that it would start raining early Wednesday morning, i had failed to put the dog beds or the lawn furniture away. hope they don't rot. it will mean more washing & cleaning.

quickly dragged the cushions into the house as they weren't as badly soaked as i thought they would be.

jeff, the blind guy came over to clean my blinds. he is a retired k9 officer from losangeles. is there anybody in idaho that isn't a retired cop from calif? all the blinds in the house are now pretty & shiny. he was here from 11:30 until 2:30. while jeff cleaned blinds, i cleaned house. vacuumed. swiffered. dusted.

hubby came home at 3:00pm and installed the filter to the pond. it started raining violently. so hard that i thought it would come through the roof! lots of rain. sheets. isabelle dive-bombed to the basement until the thunder died down.

paid bills, ordered mats for the entryways.

at 7:00pm hubster came home for the night, we walked bravo & 'lil bit around the property as they were wild. it started raining violently again for over an hour.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I Hardly Hate People Who Buy Me Stuff

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Friday was cold & dreary. Clouds in the sky. Took Harriet out to the park in the morning for a run while hubby & I biked. Kids came over in the afternoon to pack up all their stuff in the basement. Bravo toyed with a mouse while they were here.

Kelsey proudly showed us the keys to their home. They had signed the paperwork for the mortgage that morning.

We loaded up the trailer around 6pm and headed over to the kids' new house. After stopping off mid-way through Spoky-Jo to potty Bravo & 'Lil Bit, I found a lucky penny (heads up) on the ground. Should have worn a sweater or jacket as the temperature dipped down into the 60s. (Farenheit)

Finally got to The Wally-World parking lot to meet them and found out that the Thai food restaurant was closed. Instead we stopped at The Hut to order pizza. Went to their home and ate pizza while 'Lil Bit pooed & peed on their new floor. Bad dog.

Left at 11:00 - got home around 12:30; "almost like driving to the coast" hubby stated! He was tired, but we weren't able to go to sleep right away. Stayed up to watch a dumb movie.

Slept late on Saturday and then drove to the park with Harriet & 'Lil Bit for a run. Harriet is getting the hang of pacing beside the bicycle. 'Lil Bit just runs his little heart out-but he dog tracks! Keeps up with us very well as he has to take ten times as many steps as the big dogs.

Found another yard sale and bought something. Hubby is getting quite adept at finding deals.

Athol Daze was in full swing as we drove through town - Hubby worked in the shop for the rest of the day, then took a break at Victory Auto Parts for free hot dogs.

I spent the day looking for new wrought iron beds. KRL-N said that we could have their king size bed if we wanted. I need a bigger bed as all the dogs sleep with us now. No room to move in our tiny queen. However, the company that I purchased my beautiful iron bed from 2 years ago has now discontinued business. I will have to choose something else.

The garter snake was slithering around in the backyard by the dog water. Gross-a-toasty.

Alan came back from Seattle with our new topper. Only have to paint it black & install it. Should be about another week before we can use it for good. While down at the shop, Bravo found another mouse - a HUGE one. Must have been about 6 inches long & several inches wide. This was one fat mouse. He toyed with it, shook it real good, then trotted off into the woods to bury it. Don't. Kiss. This. Dog. On. The. Mouth.

At 8:00 we went for a real late ride at the park with the dogs. Came back - got ready for bed.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's Cute How You Think I'm Listening

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On Wednesday morning, we took Harriet to the park for a bike ride. Along with 'Lil Bit. I had her on a leash with me, and she kept to the side relatively well. She just has a problem when she runs out too far in the front, freaks out - then circles to the right & behind me. It is somewhat tricky having to trade hands with the leash while retaining hold of the handles! She always acts startled when she discovers she is out too far, then freaks like she is going to be beaten. It probably happened in her past life with someone else. Poor abused puppy. Thank goodness she is having a better life now.

KRL-N called to let me know that the stupid Davenport Hotel had charged them for their weekend getaway instead of charging it to our credit card. Not only did they charge them for the total, they charged them double. So we had to get that sorted out. Dumb. Asses. How stupid can people be?

Hubby got home & had late lunch before heading down to the shop to work. Meanwhile, I was out on the front deck and 'Lil Bit found a darned garter snake. I hate snakes. Ugh. So, called the hubby up to kill the snake & he didn't want to take a snake life. Oh. Puh-lease! It just wiggled off into the weeds instead. Now, I will be freaked out every time I walk in the woods.

'Lil Bit got knocked off the deck when there was a truck that drove through our driveway late this afternoon. Hubby had brought the guy up that had bought the boat to pick up the engine cover. The other dogs were so excited, that they all tore around the deck corner & Bit tumbled to the ground. I thought he was dead; but he rolled, got up and shook himself off. Thank goodness.

Still later, the puppies began an uproarious barking and I peeked out to see what was causing a disturbance. I saw a mommy deer with two little babies walking through the back yard. They were too fast to catch with my camera, so I just watched as their tails flipped & they took off deep into the forest.

At 7:30, hubby and I took Isabelle, Angus, Bravo & 'Lil Bit down to the park for bike riding. We could not go on the usual path as there was a car blocking it. So we went a different, longer way. The dogs did really well - except for at the beginning when BAD Bravo ran off into the woods with the others following. They eventually came back to start the bike ride with us.

I was awoken this morning when hubby got out of bed & all the puppies piled in with me to sleep. Bravo was up against my butt - snuggled in, with Harriet curved around my front while I was sleeping on my side. 'Lil Bit was assisted onto the bed by hubby & he snuggled down next to the pillow. I could hardly breathe with so many dogs around me! Then later after hubby had left I was once again woken by a screeching. I thought it was something electronic, but I never discovered what it was. It might have been the overhead ceiling fans having a bit of problems. They are 15 years old, ya know.

While watering my plants in the morning on Thursday, (this calms me down so much-listening to the birds, smelling the fresh air, taking time to slow down) I found that I had TWO small tomato plants on my vines! Yippee!

The day started out cloudy as if it would rain, but has now cleared.

When I went out on the front deck, I found that the dogs had already been bad this morning. They tore up a foot cushion from the deck furniture. Bad puppies. Bravo also bolted out the door and went on walkabout! He came back all excited about 15 minutes later.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wake Me When The Boring Stops

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Every morning for the past 4 mornings, I have been woken up by a fly crawling all over me. When I bat it away, it just comes back to land in another spot. Gross.

So I am ordering those vintage, antique fly paper strips. They really seemed to work when I was a kid. Remember all those disgusting flies hanging on the strips for days? Yuck.

Hubby couldn't get the day off on Monday, so we contacted the topper seller on CraigsList via cell & paid for it by Paypal. What a blessing technology.

The smoke that has hung in the region for the past few days is finally leaving. Thank goodness.

After hubby got off work, went over to get my nails done at 5PM in Airway Heights at Regal Nails. Was very relaxing. Got a dark navy blue on my toes.

Walked 'Lil Bit & Isabelle. Bit lifted his leg to pee FOR THE FIRST TIME! This will go into his baby book. He lifted his leg so high, that he nearly tipped over! It was hilarious. The grass was so deep, he loved to play in it. Ran around like a darned bunny rabbit - darting.

KRL-N had gone rock wall climbing at REI, so we contacted Matt to meet us at the Rusty Moose for drinks until she could join us.
"Our overall experience was not enjoyable at this restaurant. Yes, it does have a certain rustic atmosphere with all the moose decor. But it would have been better if they had put some of the decorating expense into the food &service. The potato soup which was featured as the 'speciality of the day' arrived cold. Dinner salad was sparse with watered down salad dressing. Both of these side dishes are a separate charge. The first alcoholic drink that is ordered at the table is quite strong while the following ones are quite watered down. The outrageously expensive filet mignon was cooked to perfection, but absolutely luke-warm. When asked about the description of the servings, the wait staff presented a vague explanation and was unable to clarify the sauce of the crab pasta; when the order arrived, there was no flavor to the pasta dish & almost no crab!The lighting is dark within the seating area and the font is too small to read on the menu without a magnifying glass & a flashlight.

After purchasing two $50 gift certificates via KAYU promotion, we were only allowed to use ONE gift certificate per table. Our total bill should have been somewhere around $70; instead it was over $150. Totally not worth it."

On Tuesday, I left the above negative comments for the restaurant on Google.

Rode bikes at Farragut Park early morning with dogs. 'Lil Bit really enjoys the exercise and runs on the trail quite well.

Talked to KRL-N for a while after hubby went to work.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Running With The Big Dogs

Friday night the kids brought meat, potatoes, onions & peppers for shish-ka-bobs! Matt fired up the grill and hubby & I sat back while they prepared everything. It was de-lish.

Loaned our fifth wheel trailer out to the girls at the latte stand so they could head over to Mead, WA to pick up hay for their horses. They were so thrilled to get it as they could not figure out how to shuttle the hay they had gotten. We traded with a pre-pay card; so our drinks will be free for a while!

Hubby & I got up early on Saturday morning - Bravo raced upstairs to wake us up along with 'Lil Bit who has mastered the art of climbing the circular staircase. That puppy is not afraid of anything!

Went to get lattes & took Bravo & 'Lil Bit down to the park to ride bikes. This was 'Lil Bit's first time at running with us. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

K was making eggs when we left. They took the canoe down to Spirit Lake to paddle around. After our bike ride, hubby & I went to a garage sale on the way back & found a great deal on a snowboard for K. It is red & black - her favorite colors.

M&K had brought me back a couple blooming lilys from their canoeing. That was very sweet. Hubby had to go down to the shop - M&K hung around for a while, then headed into town to meet with Matt's brother. Then onto their "staycation" at The Davenport Hotel in Spoky-Jo.

Tim was here working on installing the french doors. He will return on Monday to finish the interior work. It will take some time to get used to the new doors.

The dogs & I had lots of fun on Saturday taking walks & going down to the shop to see daddy. Went to bed early. I was tired. It had been hot ALL day long. Poor little puppies were in the garage locked away as Tim was working here most of the day.

Sunday dawned muggy, hot & smoky. Wildfires from Kelowna, BC created a horrible smoke storm in the area that just seemed to hang. No wind to blow it out. The smell was horrendous! Not only was it an acrid burn smell, but every so often there was a smell of sewage. Gross. Our eyes were burning.

We took Bravo, Isabelle & 'Lil Bit on our bike ride at Farragut Park. Then dropped the dogs off while we went up to Sandpoint to visit Wally-World for necessities. But they seemed to be out of everything. Either the store is not stocking anything, or the company is cutting back on stock. It was very inconvenient.

Drove the back way home - it took an hour longer, but hubby decided to relax instead of fighting the traffic. Planted my mosquito plant on the back deck in a decorative planter. After unloading groceries, we rested in the cool air until about 8PM, then went down to Farragut for another bike ride. This time we took Isabelle, Bravo, 'Lil Bit and Angus. This was Angus' first time running with us while biking. She is not a big runner. More like lopes along. And loves to smell just about anything along the path.

Talked to the kids when we got home. They had lots of fun. Asked K to babysit the dogs while we go to Seattle/Portland tomorrow. Hubby found a Leer topper on Craigslist that will fit our truck.