Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Rainy May Day


Took dogs for walk in the park after making breakfast eggs and latte for hubby.

Dropped Bit & Isabelle at home, we loaded up Bud, Ben, & Isabelle then went into town. Stopped at Big R for deer food.

Went to O'Reilley's in town to return parts. I walked Ben over to Angie's Grooming so that she could see how he has grown.

Then we got burgers for dogs, a chicken sandwich for hubby and a salad for me at Wendy's.

Drove to Post Falls to test drive a truck, then WalMart for groceries. More burgers at Wendy's for dogs at home. I dropped hubby off at CN Diesel so that he could pick up a truck. I drove home with the dogs and hubby followed.

Put Mother's Day gifts out. 

Wore new shoes

Pretty flowers in town

On the drive home, it poured. Rained and rained and rained. But by the time we got home, it was clear blue skies here and it had not rained.

At home, I unloaded groceries and then started mowing. I had to stop mowing after a while because I had hit something & bent the mower blade.

I took a bath, sat down to watch tv. Made another omelette.

Hubby came home at 9:00pm from the shop.


Hubby was up early so that he could go to the dentist again and get his tooth capped. When he came home, we walked the dogs in the park.

We dumped a couple of the dogs off so that we could go into town again.

Hubby worked in the shop for the rest of the day.

The kids got here around 7:30. Matt went to visit his parents and KRN stayed here until he got home. Then I went to bed around 9:30 while the rest of them chatted.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Is the glass half empty or half full? Is the week 1/2 gone or 1/2 is still left?

It rained steadily all night. The ground is saturated and it smells like mold everywhere.

We got up and I made eggs for hubby & dogs and a latte for hubby. Tea for me. Then we went on our walk down to the park.

Hubby has lost his BRAND NEW $50 BUCK KNIFE that I got him for his birthday. He clips it on his shorts and somewhere it has fallen off. It is not at the kids' house. We thought he might have lost it at the park on our walk yesterday.

So we looked along the same trail that we walked yesterday down to the shooting range, but did not find anything.

Two guys from Fish & Game were there at the shooting range to fix the outhouse. There was also a big shitter pumper that came while we were there.

There was only about a small swathe of 50 feet by 10 feet that had been mown yesterday. It was very disappointing to see that this place where almost $400,000 has been spent looks so decrepit and misrun. The road leading back to the shooting range could easily have been swept with a street sweeper because there is so much debris & pine needles, but it looks like crap. They are trying to get ready to open the range this coming weekend. Why not get it ready for last weekend, Memorial Day? Another Waste of Taxpayer Money.

When we came home, Ben & Bit managed to run away into the woods again. Bad dogs. We got them back and then hubby took a nap for a while.

Humid & hot today.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day Trip to Spokane


Rained last night a deluge. Everything was soaked this morning when we got up.

I made eggs for hubby & dogs, latte for hubby.

We took dogs for walk in the park. I wore my rainboots.

We walked to the shooting range where we saw two rangers getting ready to mow the area with a tractor & a brush hog.

Went home and changed clothes to go to Spokane.

Picked up honey and talked to owner at Honey place in Hayden.

Stopped at Walmart in Post Falls to get half & half cream for KRN.

Drove to Spokane with Bud & Ben. Dropped off half & half at KRN's espresso stand. Then ordered a green tea for me.

Met KRN at her tanning place in Airway Heights.

Drove to KRN's home and left hubby there with the dogs. KRN and I went to T's Nails in Airway Heights and got pedicures. Then I got a new full set of nails.

Met the guys afterwards at Mexican restaurant on Sunset hill. Was EXCELLENT food.

Said goodbye to kids. Drove to Big R and got dog food. Forgot deer food. Dumb.

Then home. We also forgot dog burgers. Rained on the way home. Black clouds.

Dogs at home were crying when we came home. Bit jumped in my arms. Maggie was shaking & whining.

Settled down for the night. Really tired.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend


Hubby's tooth was really hurting, so he made an appointment to go to the dentist at 7:20 this AM.

He left here at 6:15. So the dogs and I were alone for a while.

Hubby finally got home at 10:00, the dentist had drilled a hole in the still viable tooth and attempted to drain the poison. With a prescription in hand, hubby had waited for a pharmacy to open, but finally could not stand the pain anymore. He got groceries at Walmart, so we unloaded those & put them away.

Then hubby rested on couch and I mowed the lawn in the back, and took a shower. When it was 12:00, I drove into town to get his prescription filled at Walgreens. Bud came with me in the FMF and we also go doggie burgers at Wendy's.

While at Wendy's, I saw an entire corona around the Sun. It was very pretty.

After picking up the prescription that I had dropped off, we drove home; saw a poor dead deer in the ditch on the way home.

Gave the pills to hubby. Then gave burgers to the dogs.

I made lunch around 4:00PM for hubby. He wanted grilled cheese & tomato soup.

We watched Battle Of The Bulge starring Henry Fonda.

Hubby took a nap on the couch, and around 9:00 I went to bed.


I made egg sandwich & latte for hubby, gave the rest of the eggs to the dogs.

We drove to the park to walk the dogs. Lots of dark clouds overhead and slightly cooler - around 58.

Took a different trail today. Got a ticket because hubby had forgotten to put our Park Pass tags on the truck.

Came home and I quickly mowed the rest of the back yard before the rain started. It was mostly cloudy all day. No rain so far.

Then I took a shower, made another latte for hubby. Had a salad. Made tea for myself. Exhausted.

After I rested for a while, I put plants in the pots.

Vacuumed the house, cleaned up after dogs made a mess eating.

Detailer Pat finally got here at 4:00 to detail the boat. Hubby went down to the shop.

Saturday, May 25, 2013



Made egg omelette with only 3 eggs because hubby did not stop at grocery store last night on his way home.

Took dogs for walk in park; we forgot the leashes because we had to take the Dodge so had to drive all the way back home again. Saw some kids on the circle selling wood for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Drove thru Athol on the way back after getting gas and saw the Jack Russell; he tried running after the truck again. He is FAT.

Came home and unloaded dogs; hubby went down to shop to work on his projects. He came home early around 3:00 and took multiple pain killers. His tooth is abcessed. He called the dentist and got an appointment for 7:20 tomorrow morning to pull it. I made another hot latte for him to take some painkillers. Then he fell asleep on the couch until 6:00.

 Lil Bit & Ben

Ben ADORES his broken ball

Lil Bit sits on my lap

At 6:00, he ran down to Lil Town Market to get eggs, milk, and honey plus some ATM cash. I put the groceries away and then hubby had to go down to shop to meet guy & unload 2 cords of firewood.

Big black clouds overhead. It is going to rain tonight.

Forecast from TV weathermen says rain & barely 60 degrees for the rest of the week; so we will not be putting the boat in the water. Will have to wait until next weekend when it says it might be sunny & warmer.

Friday, May 24, 2013



I haven't been blogging too much because it has been repeatedly the same thing.

Dogs are bored.

 Maggie is bored

 Lil Bit is bored

Ben is bored

Lots of rain. A little sunshine poking out inbetween the rain and cold. So much cold.

The weeds are getting so high and it is impossible to mow with all the rain.

Self Pic - forgot lipstick!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rain And More Rain


Lots of rain today.

Found this in the fridge today.

Hubby's cat drawing

Saturday, May 18, 2013



Made hubby his sandwich & latte. Fed dogs the other eggs. It rained again today. No mowing.

I slept most of the day because again, I was up all night without sleeping. Well, not all night. Most of the night. From 4AM thru 6AM.

Hubby worked in the shop tonight.


Made hubby his sandwich & latte. Fed dogs the other eggs.

The guys from the shop came today and mowed the yard, picked up pinecones & branches, wound up my Xmas lights, mowed the dog yard. I just have a little bit of mowing to do in the dog yard around the trees. I gave the guys $20 to go get lunch. Also provided them with water & pop in a cooler.

I refilled the bird feeders and drained the bottom pond. Then the pump broke. We will have to get another one. The pond stinks and needs to have the pine needles cleaned out.

Took a nap in the afternoon, but could not sleep.

Hubby came home with shredded cheese from the grocery store.

The deer were here early, around 7:30.

He worked in the shop until 9:00. Isabelle & Bud went down with him. Bud came wandering home later. He is so excited to be out and about all by himself.


Rained again last night. It is supposed to rain for the rest of the month. This is so depressing. We have already paid for our boat moorage and haven't even gotten the boat into it. What a waste.

Made hubby his sandwich & latte. Fed dogs the other eggs.

Hubby was watching Pass Time. No dog walk for us this morning as it is raining.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Rain Today


Just overcast & cold today.

Made hubby his eggs, but had the heat on too high to warm up the house and the eggs burnt. Fed those to the dogs instead.

I made hubby new eggs and a latte. Then he left for work but came back a few minutes later because he had forgotten his glasses.

Afterwards, I did the dishes and laundry. Vacuumed in the afternoon. Made pea salad for hubby and cut up strawberries. Cooked sausage to add to the breakfast eggs tomorrow.

Pea Salad for hubby

When hubby came home at 5:30, I made a spaghetti dinner with sausage sauce, garlic bread.

Hubby worked in the shop.

I hurt all over and am extra tired, but can't sleep.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Rain, but Colder


Hubby said that when he stopped to get a latte at the espresso place in town that Deralee is selling it to somebody new. Which is probably why there was a new girl that served KRN and I on Sunday.

I made egg sandwich & latte for hubby this morning. Still not getting sleep. I need to take a couple Melatonin to sleep all the way thru the night. I woke up at 2AM today and then went to sleep on couch downstairs. After I got uncomfortable at 4AM, I went upstairs to sleep with Maggie.

Did the laundry and dishes after hubby was gone.

Dogs stayed inside most of today. They did go out in the sunshine later in the afternoon.

I took a nap later.

Maggie & Lil Bit slept together.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Raining in May


I woke up at 4:30 this morning and went in the spare bedroom to sleep with Maggie. Then Lil Bit came in later & whined. I put him up on the bed to sleep with us. He cuddled up next to my side.

Hubby let me sleep in late. He left for work.

I got up later and made the dogs their eggs.

It rained all day today.

I vacuumed, then did laundry and dishes. Stripped the spare bedroom that the kids had slept in and put new sheets on the bed.

Made Banana Bread for hubby. One loaf has walnuts in it and the other has raisins as hubby requested those.

Banana Breads

More rain, good for the plants but bad for the weeds. The weeds in the backyard are now taller than Lil Bit!

Everywhere looks really shaggy. Hubby needs to get a new blade for the lawnmower as the old one is dull. He got one the other day, but it does not fit. Needs to return the one he purchased.

When hubby got home, he made dinner. I fell asleep in my chair and woke at 8:00 when the dogs were barking at something outside. I really need to quit waking up at 4:00 in the morning.

Sunday, May 12, 2013



Woke up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep.

Got up at 7:00 and made breakfast & latte for hubby. KRN got up and made eggs, fried banana with honey & toast for her & Matt. Toaster failed to work again and I got mad at hubby for not getting a new one on Friday when we were at Walmart.

I vacuumed the FMF and then KRN and I took it down to the park. On the way, we stopped to get Americanos at lattte stand. New girl made them wrong.

At the park, the guys had already started walking without us. We caught up to them.

KRN was still suffering very badly with allergies. Drove home with the a/c on and Lil Bit came with us. The guys caught up to us as we waited for a train at the RR crossing.

Horribly humid and hot day. Swamp cooler was running at home. I told the kids to go home because KRN was suffering so much. She was not happy. They left and hubby made chicken for us on the grille. Also boiled eggs for his pea salad.

Watched pay-per-view Django Unchained. Quite a good movie.

I tried to take a nap, but Isabelle snored and gave me a migraine.

It finally spitted rain around 7:00 and the wind came up a little.

Saturday, May 11, 2013



Kids are here. Hubby came to bed at 2:30 last night. Worked in the shop late.

I got up and started making breakfast at 7:00. KRN has awful allergy problems. We will have to stop and get her something at the drug store.

We got the dogs loaded & went to the park. Beebo rode with us, the kids drove their truck. Matt stopped to get a Monster on the way.

Walked the road to the Shooting Range. It was 67 & 46 percent humidity. Cool, but was very humid. The dogs were quite worn out.

KRN and I got ready to go shopping. We drove up to Priest River to PJ's Tree Farm. Got burning bush, and 2 Lilac bushes, and a snowball bush for me, KRN got a couple lilac bushes, too & some extra plants thrown in.

We came back & the guys were still here. They helped unload the plants. Hubby vacuumed out the back of the FMF.

KRN and I left to drive into town while the guys took Ben with them to the Mountain Mania Mud Sports in Chewelah.

KRN and I got honey at the Local Honey store in Hayden, then purchased Americanos at the latte stand on Hayden Ave, then went to Lowe's to get ballast for her lights and more plants.

We washed the car at the car wash on Kathleen. Then drove over to Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs.

Drove home as KRN did not want to get food. Her allergies were still bothering her. She said that the thought of food was making her sick.

When we got home, she made spaghetti & toast. She took a nap on the couch. We both went to bed at 10:00.

Matt & hubby came home around midnight.


Got up and made breakfast eggs for hubby; made latte for him.

Kids got up and  I got into an argument with hubby.

The guys took the Excursion to the park while KRN and I drove the FMF to get drinks at Espresso stand and then meet them in the park.

They had already started walking the dogs by the time we got there and we had to catch up to them.

KRN was feeling really awful with her allergies and after we returned home, the kids decided to leave.

Breeding mosquitoes

It was cold and overcast the rest of the day, so we just stayed home.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Boat Moorage


I was up at 2AM alternately sweating and freezing. Sat downstairs in office trying to read a book, but was uncomfortable. So cold that even tho I had a blanket & pillow, I got up to take a hot bath. Tried to settle down again, but decided to go sleep on the couch in the living room.

Hubby went to get eggs, bread, and milk down in A-town. When he came home, I had already made his latte. Then made egg sandwich.

Walked the dogs in the park. Went on the old path where we used to ride bikes.

Then drove to Garfield Bay to pay for boat moorage. Walked dogs. Maggie liked wading in the water.

Maggie wading in the water

Drove the backway on Bottle Bay road to Sandpoint. Very nice views. Still snow on the mountains.

At Walmart, we park the dogs in the shade & cracked the windows. Got groceries very quickly.

On the way home, we stopped at the little Post Office south of Cocolalla and got fresh eggs. Left our old egg crates there.

Unloaded groceries at home. Hubby and I both took naps.

Kids got here at 7:00. Hubby was down at shop working. Beebo really barked to let us know that he was here.

The kids had brought PITA sandwiches with them for dinner.

Matt went down to see hubby later. He came home around Midnight.

KRN and I went to bed at 10:30.

Thursday, May 09, 2013



Hubby called in sick. He has not been sleeping lately.

Got gasoline at the gas station in Athol. Bought a Powerball ticket! $270 million.

After a walk with dogs in the park which was wonderful because it was on 70 degrees. Not too hot or cool. Izzy got winded and we had to stop twice for water.

When the dogs were unloaded, Lil Bit & Ben decided they were going to run away. It was a tense 20 minutes trying to look for them. Finally found them down at the shop. They had been running thru the woods. Caught the dogs & put them in the Dodge.

Got gasoline at the gas station in Athol with the Dodge. Bought a Powerball ticket! $270 million.

I tried to mow the back yard. But I need a new blade because I have to go over everything twice.

Abandoned mowing and power washed the front concrete patio instead. Very clean!

Then washed the patio rug.

When I came inside, the dogs had shredded my brand new Camelbak, ate hubby's boots, shredded two of his notebooks and strewn everything on the laundry counter throughout the house. Bad dogs.

After that was done, I washed the inside house rugs on the back deck.
I rested for a bit after cleaning up the house, and gave the dogs some chicken from the grille last night.

Then I started to do the fish at 1:30. Drain the tank, transfer them to a new water for a while, then clean out their tank and put it out back. Powerwashed the tank and filled it with all the fishy things, filled with water & let it sit until the water was warmer.

I hopped into the shower at 3:30. I am exhausted, dirty, grimy, and sweaty.

Sat down on the couch by 3:50 to watch Dr. Who.

Hubby still was not feeling good. He got back from the bank and sat on the couch with a sore shoulder.

Put the fish in the tank when it got warmer around 6:00PM. I was too tired to make dinner, but I was exhausted & starving. My hip & back hurt. Took a bath & went to bed laying on a heating pad.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Catch Up on the Week

Made hubby breakfast egg sandwich & latte; gave leftovers to dogs along with their pills.

An idiot on an ATV started driving on the road across from us ALL DAY. Making it very Dusty. The dusty will drift into our home. My home will be dirty. Idiot neighbors. What next?

I had to close all the windows and turn on the swamp cooler. This made it very much cooler inside. It was hot today.


Was having post-nasal drip last night. Horrible. Just like a faucet, turn it on.

Made hubby egg sandwich & latte, when he was gone I did the laundry and dishes.

Watered plants outside.

Started rolling up more Xmas lights in the circle driveway. Almost all done there then can start mowing. Lots of dandelions in the yard. More so that any other year. Maybe we need to weed & feed next year?

Cleared all the debris off the concrete patio with a hose. Got the upper most layer of dirt & pine needles & mud off it. Just need to get gasoline so that I can powerwash the rest of it.

I threw the dirt out in the front of the patio from the planters & hauled the broken-down cedar planters out to the burn pit.

Yellow Jackets are twice as big this year and seemed to have invaded the house.

Went to get the mail with Bud; rode my bike down. Noticed a bunch of paper that some idiot had thrown out of their car. Brought Bud back and then I went down with a garbage bag to pick it up. It was school notebook paper. Dumb kids.

garbage along the highway frontage

I cleaned out the outside dryer vent. Lots of Spring cleaning to do. It was a hard winter.

EVERY night the neighbor behind us comes home and starts shooting at 6PM and goes for 2 hours. I am going insane.

Hubby sat home with us tonight. He had bean soup for dinner; then fell asleep on the couch.


Made hubby breakfast egg sandwich & latte; gave leftovers to dogs along with their pills.

Lil Bit had the biggest hard, black eye boogers this morning! They were like rocks.

Then I did dishes & laundry.

Went outside to the area beside the garage to pick up more Xmas lights & wrap them up.

Made our lettering for the Mailbox and attached it to the new mailbox.

Fed the deer.

Thawed chicken and marinated them in Rosemary chicken sauce.

Hubby came home at 5:30; then went to work at shop until 10:00.

The nasty neighbor starts shooting promptly at 6:00PM and keeps going until long after 8:00. What an irritating miscreant!

He came home at 10:00 and put chicken on the grille. Made corn, chipotle mashed potatoes and crescent rolls to go along with the chicken.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Bloomsday Sunday


Hubby had a really bad night. Slept on the couch most of the night and distrubed my sleep, too. Lil Bit did not sleep in bed with me, however Ben jumped up and slept with me for a while.

In the morning, hubby came to bed and squeezed Ben over. He also put Lil Bit on the bed with us. Then I woke up an hour later and took Lil Bit into the other room with me to sleep with Maggie. I was too hot in our bed and it is cooler on Maggie's bed.

Then we got up and I made breakfast. Eggs for dogs, egg sandwich for hubby, and latte for hubby. We got dogs ready to go and went to walk at Farragut Park. Took the trail to the shooting range. Even tho it was cooler, the dogs got tired & hot on the walk. I had to stop twice to have accidental poos. Tummy was bad.

We got home and started doing honey-do list. Lots of stuff to clean up after the winter. Our yard looks really bad because lots of plants had died. I had to throw out all my potted plants because they were dead. Hubby loaded up the dog poo in the truck and we made a dump run with Bud & Ben. Ben tried barking at the dump guy, but eventually let the dump guy pet him.

Hubby started making bean soup by soaking beans. He also boiled the ham from the bone to put in his Bean soup. That was cooking all day.

When we got back home hubby transplanted some of my plants, fixed the landscape block in the backyard, raked up under the deck where the dogs had dug holes, took out the chairs to the fire pit, took down our old watering system that we no longer use, put the Xmas stuff inside the house, cleared off things from the concrete patio so that I power wash it, hubby also dug up some rocks out of the area where he had plowed this winter.

Muscari in the barrel

 Tulips in the planters

We got about 4 things done on our honey-do list. LOL. Lots more to tackle.

Neighbors were shooting again today. They continued from 4:00 until 7:30. It is REALLY getting irritating. This has been going on for years. 

Hubby was exhausted by 2:30 and took a 3 hour nap. We watched TV and went to bed early.

Friday, May 03, 2013



Warmer day this morning. Hubby woke us up early at 4:30 so he could take a shower, then went back to bed. I was trying to sleep with Maggie when he started talking to us.

I finally got up at 6:30 and make his breakfast egg sandwich & latte. He gave eggs to dogs so they could take their pills. Ben is finally done with his Meds, hope we see an improvement in his eating & not throwing up!

Hubby left for work and I did dishes & laundry. Then heard a Hummingbird stuck in the upper windows. I got a ladder & the fish net to catch him, but he resisted all my efforts. As soon as I got him in the net, he would escape & fly up to the windows yet again.

He finally died around 2:00. It was sad. Death by dumb. Poor thing.

Poor little dead hummingbird

Hubby got home around 5:30 and then went to work down at shop. He took Isabelle with him so she could sleep in the Dodge.


Warmer again today. Hope the nicer temps stay for a while. It really feels like Spring now. We got up and I made breakfast & latte.

Took the dogs for a walk in the park. Went down the shooting range trail again. Some guy wanted to park right next to us and we just stared at him. Of the whole park, they can go some place else!

Dogs were happy.

When we got home, hubby jumped out at the shop and I took dogs down to unload. It was hot at the house, so I turned on all the fans and shut the mini-blinds in the front where the sun was baking thru.

I took Isabelle down to the shop in the Dodge.

I vacuumed the house.

Hubby worked in the shop until 6:30 then came home. We watched tv & hubby fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 10:00.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

2nd of May


Low of 29 degrees this morning. Still mid-winter instead of Spring. High of 62 today. Weird weather after being so cold on the weekend.

Got up and made hubby his breakfast & latte. Made eggs for the dogs.

I still was not feeling great. Sickness settled in my back & hips as usual. Tired & lethargic. Rested.

Snow, Hail & Rain

Put bleach in pond to ward away mosquito larvae. Almost time to mow and it is not even warm enough yet. Most of my plants are dead because of the temperatures being so low at night.

The lilacs do have some really good growth on them.

Gary McD emailed and said that the 42 foot Cruiser Boat is for sale in Hope. Hubby wants to go see it. Too expensive. Would have to keep it in a slip year round because it is too big to take out. No trailer as it has to be moved by semi. And the insurance would increase. Boo. Nice boat, tho. Need to see it in person.

 Lil Bit staring at me from the window

Wednesday, May 01, 2013



Barely able to drag myself out of bed, made breakfast for hubby; egg sandwich & latte. Eggs for dogs so they could take all their pills.

I slept on couch most of today. Very cold last night, in the teens; so hubby had turned on the fireplace this morning. I was sweating, clammy, body aches, pain, tired all day.

Puppies kept barking at nothing outside today, waking me up every 30 minutes.

Fed Ex delivered the Camelbak I ordered. It will come in handy for dog walks & riding my bike this summer.

Hubby brought home groceries tonight from Walmart and deer food from Big R. Then he went down to shop to work for a while.

I watched Season Finale of The Americans. Good show.