Thursday, April 30, 2015

A&P Class


Got up and weather was cold with wind. 38 degrees.

Hubby did not want egg sandwich today so he just sat around watching news until he left.

I got ready for school and put away dishes. Then did some homework.

Drove to Rathdrum for a latte.

We finished with class at 12:15, and sat doing some homework until 12:45 when she let us go.

I went upstairs and paid Christine with the AmEx for the 2nd Quarter payment. Then I took a receipt down to Chelsea.

Afterwards, I went to get a pita at Pita Pit then drove to Walmart to get bananas and notecards.

Met KRN there and shopped with her so she could get curtains for her new place in Hawaii.

I drove to Rathdrum and Rhonda did my nails. I forgot to bring along my checkbook again.

Drove home and gave dogs some ham pieces. Cleaned up dog water. Started doing homework. Fed deer. Hubby came home early - 5:30. He sat on the couch and had a snack, then went down to the shop. I gave him a ride in the Jeep then drove to Athol to get gas and milk for him.

At home, I did more homework. I was exhausted. Hubby came home later. I took a hot bath. Hubby took a shower. Went to bed after watching Grey's Anatomy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUBBY. He is 57. OMG. Where did the time go?

I forgot to get a cupcake yesterday.

Got up and made eggs. Stuck a candle in his sandwich.

It had rained last night.  Everything is wet & there is a cold breeze today.

Fed the fish. Fed eggs to dogs.

Started to get ready for school & dog walk.

There was already a line for the Espresso stand, so we went to the park instead. Walked dogs in the water tower area. It was slightly cold. We wore sweatshirts.

Loaded the dogs back up and took them home. Hubby did not want a latte from Athol. He said he would wait.

I got ready for school.

Took the Jeep to Rathdrum and picked up lattes. Then hubby dropped me off at school.

New class Pathology. We had to do planks & leg lifts for 1 minute each. I thought I would DIE!

Have lots of homework to do.

Hubby picked me up at 1:00PM. He was walking Bravo. While I was in school, Hubby had picked KRN up in Spokane when she dropped off her Jeep to get detailed. Then he took her to a Tattoo Appointment in CDA.

Ate lunch at Nate's pizza. Hubby got the Canadian Bacon & Pineapple. I got Chicken & Onion.

Ran into some guys that Greg had done work for on their truck. Guy was super friendly and nice. I walked Bravo. Gave Bravo some left over pizza.

Then we stopped to get lattes at Thomas Hammer. They were not very good. Only 20 ozs.

Drove to Spokane Freedom RV to look at Class C motorhomes. Speed shopping. KRN texted at 3:00 that she was done. We picked her up at 4:00. Then I had to stop at Walgreens to get aloe vera for my thumb that was burning. KRN & Hubby walked Bravo & gave him some water.

We drove back to Spokane to pick up KRN's Jeep because it was done getting cleaned. Then we drove both cars to Spokane to eat at PF Chang's. (It was not very good at all. Totally changed their menu and the food is not the same) I reminded everybody that the last time we were here, that we had said not to go back! Hubby got a small ice cream & apple dessert for his birthday.

Then we went over to AMC Theatres River Park Square 20 and saw Kingsman: The Secret Service. The movie started at 6:30 and we were out of them by 8:30. Said goodbye to KRN & Bravo in the parking garage, then drove home.

On the way, we stopped to get a free donut at Krispy Kreme for hubby and a dozen assorted donuts.

Stopped in Rathdrum to get burgers for the dogs at McDonalds.

At home, we fed the dogs. Watched reruns of Archer and went to bed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dentist Yesterday, Kinesiology Today


Got up with hubby and made breakfast. Gave him a quiche and made eggs for dogs.

Cleaned everything up.

Then left when hubby did because I had to go to the Dentist in Spokane.

Picked up a latte in Rathdrum on the way.

Arrived at the dentist a little before 8AM. Went inside to register. There were only 6 people before me. I got in pretty quickly. Then had to take out my teeth.

The assistant gave me a toothbrush to clean my teeth in the public bathroom out front. It was embarrassing to walk out there without my teeth!

Came back and had to take out all my earrings so I could have X-rays. Then waited for the Dentist. He mapped out my implants and told me that I was a good candidate for the procedure. He suggested a shade of white that was a little brighter than the teeth that I have presently. So those would be $100 per bridge. I decided to go with the brighter ones.

After the consultation was done, I put my teeth back in, paid for the bill of X-rays and the $200 to order the teeth. They said it would take them a week to come in. Then they will call to schedule the implants. It will have to be scheduled, and not drop-in.

I left there and went back to Rathdrum. Got another latte. Came home and gave puppies some ham slices.

Did 8 loads of laundry. Cleaned out my Jeep. Vacuumed.

I was just about falling asleep in my chair when KRN came over after her mediation. She talked about that for a while. Hubby got home around 6:30; then he had a little snack. Took Bravo and Lil Bit with us. Hubby hooked up the trailer & truck to take it back to customer in Spokane. KRN drove her car to Post Falls and dropped it off. She hopped in the truck with us and we drove to Spokane. KRN and I walked the dogs while hubby unloaded the truck.

Then we drove over to 5 Guys Burgers to have dinner. KRN did not want to eat. My burger was too greasy.

We drove KRN back to Sarah's house in Post Falls. Then I was falling asleep in the truck on the way home. Got home and gave puppies clean fresh water.

I went straight to bed.


Got up and hubby did not want an egg sandwich. Said he was not hungry.

I had woken up with a big crick in my neck on the right side.

He watched news for a while then went to take the red dually to the shop to unhook the trailer.

It is supposed to be 75 degrees today. I will have to wear something that is not warm today.

Wore my blue flowered top.

Picked up a latte in Rathdrum.

Went to school.

We went around the room and introduced ourselves.

Studied for 3 hours. Lots of info to learn.

Stopped at Pita Pit at 1:00 to get a pita. There was a big accident on the corner of 41 & Mullan.

I washed the car, then drove to Big R to get 2 bags of dog food. I do not like the new bigger Big R.

Drove home.

Unloaded everything. Fed deer.

Tried to take a nap because my neck was hurting. Hubby texted & wanted me to pick him up. His Red Dually is at Pat's to detail.

Left the windows and doors open for the dogs.

I drove to Rathdrum to get us cold drinks because it was SO hot.

Picked up hubby at 5:40. We drove to Sally Beauty Supply to get hand cream for me. Then to Spokane at RnR RV to look at RVs. I was not impressed with the poor quality of the Winnebagos. Mostly showed us used crap. Yuck.

We drove back to Idaho and got gas at Stateline. Then texted KRN to meet us at Capone's for a pizza. This place was not nice either. The pizza was greasy. We talked for a while. Then left at 9:00.

Home by 9:30. I was very tired. Went to bed at 10:00. Slept on heating pad around my neck.

Sunday, April 26, 2015



Got up and made eggs for dogs. Took the dogs down to the park to walk. Had to get lattes in town.

It was very windy & cold again so we took the dogs to walk in the campground that was stilled closed.

Then KRN came over. Hubby went down to work. KRN and I left the dogs at home with bones. We went shopping.

Got $ out of the Horizon ATM, then stopped to get Strawberry smoothie for me at Dutch Bros. They were running a special that if you gave them another punch card that you could get any drink for a 16oz price.

We stopped off at Beau Monde for KRN to drop off some clothes. They gave her credit and she found a nice dress & some other things to purchase.

Then we drove over to Spokane to drop off 4 boxes of home goods & clothes at Value Village. KRN found some more dresses & shorts. She tried them on while I waited. Then she purchased a few with 20% off gift card.

We were hungry, so went to eat at Red Robin. I paid for our dinner. We got a to-go burger for hubby.

Stopped at Walmart in Post Falls by Cabelas and got a few groceries. KRN drove us home.

We noticed that hubby had put up my new mailbox!!!

Hubby was already at home and had taken a shower. We gave him his burger. He was ravenous.

KRN stayed with us for the rest of the night. She went home late.


Got up and made breakfast for hubby. Gave eggs to dogs. I had also saved some for Bravo. KRN came over with Bravo. Then we walked the dogs in the park. KRN had brought lattes for us.

When we got home, we left the dogs with bones again.

We drove to Quinn Hot Springs in Paradise, Montana. It was a 2 hour and 20 minute drive. We got there a little after 12:00 for our reservation.

Once there, we were not impressed with the buildings or the check in system. Buildings were in need of repair and maintenance. We had to wait in line even though there were several employees just hanging around to pay $15 each. VERY expensive.

The changing rooms were filthy. Hair & dirt everywhere. Nobody ever came in to clean. It was disgusting.

There was nowhere to store our bag, shoes, and towels. So we just put them on one of the beach chairs that was placed by the pool. Not a very efficient way to keep anything.

The Pools were full of debris. Hair, Silica, Sand, Dirt, Grass, & Tree debris. It was gross. Again, no employees ever came out to check on the water or clean up anything.

Too many kids with rude parents that were not controlling them which did not make for a relaxing time at all. The kids were running and screaming. They had even brought bags of toys to "play with" in the soaking pools. Listen, this is supposed to be a relaxing time, not a public pool for play. Fucking asshole parents.

So after 1.5 hours we were not relaxed and the water did not feel like it had any relaxing mineral properties at all.

We could not fail to compare it to Ainsworth Hot Springs which was wonderful.

Then we went to the showers to get clean, but it was awful to change in the filthy changing rooms. KRN washed her hair. We put everything in the Jeep. Then went to the dining room for our reservation. Since we had gotten out early, they did not serve dinner until 3PM.

We ordered drinks and sat around for 45 minutes. Again, another table had some screaming kids. One of them even knocked a plate to the floor and broke it. The parents never apologized or offered to pay for the plate. Fucking asshole parents. 

At 4PM, we ordered dinner. Hubby had the Lobster Mac N Cheese. It only had 2 ounces of lobster which literally disappeared in the pasta. I complained but was told that is how it is prepared. What a rip off. I got the Tenderloin Medallions. Not a lot of beef for $35. KRN got the specialty Prime Rib. Again, not a lot of prime rib for $37.

When we were leaving, the Illinois plates car next to us had left their dog in the truck of the car and it was crying. The windows were rolled up on the vehicle and the dog literally could not breathe. I reported it to the front desk but I doubt that they did anything. Fucking asshole people.

Hubby drove us home. We were all tired and worn out. Not very relaxed. Hubby said that his knee was still bothering him when it did not bother him after our soak in Ainsworth Hot Springs. We need to go there again.

At home, I put everything away and started laundry. KRN decided to dry her hair. Hubby and I fell asleep on the couches. KRN left around 8PM when we were watching Singing In The Rain.

We woke up after KRN left and had leftovers. Then went to bed after watching The Good Wife and Battlecreek.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Maggie To Vet


After feeling the aftershock of the earthquake at 11:30, we were awoken at 3AM by Lil Bit fussing. I came downstairs and pottied, but could not find him anywhere.

I went back up to bed. But he kept fussing. So I came down again. He was behind the couch. It was jammed up against the wall so he could not get out. I went upstairs. Lil Bit followed me up. I put him on the bed with us. It took me quite a while to fall asleep after that.

Woke up when hubby shut the door. He did not wake me up. He took the Red Dodge to the shop with the truck on it. Then he came back to get my Jeep. He drove the Jeep to work this morning.

 I got up and dressed. Gave the dogs a snack. Had Nanogreens for breakfast because of my upset stomach.

Made power of attorney for KRN to sign in order to sell truck.

Paid bills.

Took Maggie into the Vet to get her toenails cut at 10:45.

Called Dentist. They said I need to come in for consult.

Hubby got home at 6:30; then he ate a little dinner. We had to go pick up a truck in Spokane Valley, so we loaded up Ben & Bud. Took them in the Red dually. We drove over to Spokane, got lattes at Dagny's on the curve. Then picked up the truck. 

Got burgers for dogs at Rathdrum.

At home, we were ready for bed at 10:30.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

CLINIC REVIEW, POTLUCK and NOT pot brownie day


Got up and had to go potty at 5AM. Into bed again with Lil Bit and hubby. Snuggled warm. Then started getting clammy hot.

At 6:00, we got out of bed again and started getting ready.

Fed the fish.

I made egg sandwich for hubby. Leftover eggs were for dogs.

Then I started making Quiche. Hubby left early so he could hook trailer up to bring truck home tonight.

Gave the dogs leftover quiche eggs. Cleaned up the kitchen.

I got ready for school and loaded up the Jeep.

Left for school at 9AM.

Arrived at school about 9:35 and unloaded food. Took Quiche, Brownies, and Jello Salad.

I quickly filled out the Clinic Schedule paperwork.

More people started arriving and brought food.

After class, I drove thru Rathdrum and dropped a check off for Rhonda.

Then I drove home. Unloaded all the food. Cleaned up around the house, put away dishes, put away clothes, fed deer.

Took a hot bath & took a nap.

Got up and hubby was coming home. He brought home a truck and left it at the shop. I took Maggie down to the shop with me and she wandered off into the woods. While we were talking at the shop, Maggie came around the corner and attacked Jack. We got her off him.

Then we put Maggie in the truck. She is getting cantankerous.

Drove to the house. Hubby ate some Quiche. Then we took the Jeep to KRN's new house and picked up the truck. Hubby drove it home while I drove the Jeep.

At home, hubby had jello salad and we watched The Blacklist.

Went to bed at 10:30 after the news. News reported a 4.1 Earthquake south of Sandpoint. Then about 11:30 at night, we heard an aftershock. Loud noise like a train and a very gentle shaking. It was weird.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby. Gave dogs the edges of the egg.

Hubby left for work at 7AM. I studied some more. I am freaking out about the test.

Gave bones to dogs before I left. 

Drove to Rathdrum to get a hot latte. I need the energy for the test.

At school, took the test. It was grueling.

I was the first to hand in my test. Nothing I could do to change things.

Went into the other room to wait for somebody to finish. By the time everybody had finished, we went into the room to massage on chairs.

At the end, I only got 83%. But since I had gotten 100% on the other quizzes, it will be OK. I passed.

We discussed some future things. Then we were dismissed at 12:45.

I drove to Rathdrum and picked up a Strawberry Italian Ice. Then met KRN at my nail place. She was quite upset because M had gotten nasty with her at the signing of the house. She called at the nail place and canceled all the credit cards, canceled the checking account, and opened another account for herself.

KRN drove with me over to Super 1 to pick up brownies and spinach. But the brownies weighed as much as a brick & had frosting. Yuck.

I drove home. Was very tired.

Changed dog food & water at home. Gave dogs some ham treats.

Took an hour nap.

KRN called and was freaking out about M bringing over the truck. Then she wants to go back to Hawaii.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jeep Is Clunking


Got up at 6AM to potty. I slept all night thru.

Made egg sandwich for hubby. Cut off the edges and gave it to the dogs.

Dressed and got everything in order. Fed the fish and did the water & food for dogs.

Drove hubby down to the shop so he could drive in the red & white customer's truck to work. He can deliver it tonight after work.

Was relatively warm this morning. About 35, but the sun was already warming things up. It is supposed to be about 75 degrees today?

Got ready for school, put Bravo & Lil Bit into Jeep and left.

Bravo was antsy and wild the whole way there. I even cracked open a window for him.

By the time we finally got there, he jumped out and had to poop. Then almost ran into the road. I was very frustrated with him.

Lil Bit just sat patiently in the seat for the whole ride.

Then I drove to Dutch Bros on Government Way to get a Strawberry Smoothie.

Drove to school on the Interstate. 

Was supposed to be review for test today.

After we were done with school, I met KRN at Apryl's to pick up the dogs. I had forgotten my checkbook, so I asked KRN to pay. She paid in cash.
Then we went over to Qdoba Mexican grille and got burritos to eat for picnic. Drove to the Fireman Hat park (Cherry Hill Park) in CDA. Dog park was sandy, not shady, and nasty. Only 1 little blind dog joined us. Then we left because some guy drove up with two big dogs.

We went over to where we parked the cars against the hill and had picnic. Then guys came with frisbees. Hit KRN in the head.

Afterwards, I drove home. Changed the water for dogs at home.

I studied for 3 hours straight. Then went out to pick up dog poop.

KRN picked up hubby tonight after work. He had to deliver a truck in Post Falls.

KRN & Hubby got home. I tried to study some more. KRN showed us vacation pictures.

KRN left at 8:00 then I took a hot bath and wanted to go to bed. I was exhausted.

Did dishes, put away laundry. 

Went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet Marilyn at Granny's


Got up at 7:30AM after hubby had left. Slept pretty good last night. Maggie got up at 3AM to go downstairs to get a drink and outside. Had to help her. Then back upstairs.

Did laundry. Fed fish. Cleaned up dog water & food.

Dressed to go out for breakfast with Marilyn T at Granny's Pantry in Rathdrum. Drove there and picked up my extra pills for my prescription at the Pharmacy.

Met Marilyn at Granny's. Talked for almost 2 hours. Had pancake for breakfast and 2 glasses of orange juice.

Then came home and cleaned off the bugs from the Jeep window again. This is a pain.

Did more laundry. Took a 2 hour nap.

Warmed today. Over 70 degrees.

Hubby got home and we drove to Spirit Lake to get watermelon & OJ.

Came home and ate dinner on the deck. It was warm. Then deer came to eat & we came inside.

Watched TV for the rest of the night.

Sunday, April 19, 2015



It seems amazing that we are 1/3 of the way thru the year already. How time flies when you are older.

Woke up when Lil Bit came into our room and started whining. Put him on the bed and I got out.

I slept very well all night.

But had gained 3 pounds from being sick. OMG. Most people lose weight and I GAIN! Probably all the high fructose corn syrup in the juices I have been drinking and the stupid Ginger Ale that was to settle my stomach.

I went outside with the puppies and picked up another whole bag stuffed of poo. There are still little hidden piles to be picked up, but I need to mow the back yard first.

Came inside and started making breakfast for dogs. Made eggs & ham pieces.

Hubby got up in time to help feed them.

I made hubby's breakfast. Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Milk & OJ.

He ate his breakfast and got dressed.

Went down to town and got latte for Hubby. Ran into Joanie & Chachi. Talked to them for quite a while.

Then we drove to park & walked dogs around water tower & into woods. Ran into 2 women riding horses. Ben & Bud almost pulled hubby off his feet because they wanted to play with the horses!

I somehow cut my right thumb & discovered I was bleeding like a stuck pig. Blood everywhere. Got to the truck & cleaned it up.

Went potty at the Park Ranger Station Entrance.

Came back home, unloaded dogs. Started doing chores. Hubby started digging dog barrel in back yard. Water would not drain. He leaned the bent over tree up to another tree. I picked up 2 more bags of dog poo.

Hubby started doing fish. I picked up pine cones.

Then I had to eat or pass out. Drank fiber.

Hubby called on the Red Jeep for KRN. We will go test drive it.

I washed my hair, put on makeup & changed my shoes. Ready to go.

Hubby is still filling fish tank. White's arm tumor has quadrupled in size. So sad. Nothing to be done for him.

After all the chores were done. We changed clothes. Drove to town in the Jeep. Looked at a Red Jeep for KRN in town, but it had lost of sand & rust on it. Not a good deal.

Then we drove to Spokane to look at RVs but all the RV places are closed on Sunday!

We drove back thru Rathdrum and got groceries.

Came home and unloaded groceries. Hubby put the dog water barrel in the ground because the water had FINALLY drained away.

Not a very productive day.

I had to take a hot bath after taking my meds, then laid down on the couch. Fell asleep. Went to bed at 11:00.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

SUNNY Saturday


Woke up at 7:00 AM. After Maggie's foray downstairs for a drink of water & potty at 2AM, I was able to go back to sleep!

Hubby was already up and watched tv on mute.

I got up and dressed. Took my meds.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. I helped him feed them.

Then he got dressed. We loaded the dogs & drove to get him an espresso. I got a Strawberry Italian Ice. Made my tummy feel good.

Drove to the park. We were going to walk on the Gun Range Road, but some people were walking down the road so we went further to the Water Treatment area triangle.

All the dogs jumped out without leashes, so it was fun getting them on leashes. The Excursion stank so we had to take out all the food from last week we had left in there to air it out.

Walked. Maggie was slow as usual. Gave dogs a drink of water at the vehicle.

Loaded everybody in. Hubby put the food out for animals.

Drove home.

Unloaded dogs. Bit & Ben took off down the drive. Hubby and I drove down to get them after I unloaded Maggie, Bud & Bravo into the house.

I got out of the vehicle at the shop to look for them. Hubby went down the road to where Ben has been going after the dead deer body. Of course, that is where the were. I walked down the road to try to assist. Lil Bit kept playing "keep away" from hubby. But he finally got him loaded by the time I walked up there.

Hubby was really mad at both dogs. They had almost gotten run over.

Drove back to the house. Unloaded dogs carefully.

Hubby went to the shop to work.

I made bacon, vacuumed, washed blankets on our bed.

Hubby came home at 5PM.

We watched The Hustler starring Paul Newman. Hubby looked online for Jeeps for KRN.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sick Again


Not good sleeping all night. Kidneys were full and I could not pee. I am very scared and worried. Don't know how much longer that I can live with the pain.

I got up and immediately called school to leave messages that I could not attend the WOW package today.

Hubby got up and wanted to know if I needed to go to the Dr. I told him that I probably would need to go again today. He called in to work.

I slept on the couch because Lil Bit had woken me up at the crack of dawn and I could not go back to sleep in the bed.

Went to the Dr. Came back home. 

Slept for about 2 hours on the couch. We sat around all day; while I was in pain. Lots of diarrhea and repeated trips to the bathroom. I slept most of the day.

Called school again and talked with Jackie. She put Stephanie on speakerphone. Stephanie said to eat lots of Papaya for the natural papain in it to aid digestion.

We rented a pay-per-view movie around 3:00 The Imitation Game. It was interesting.

Thursday, April 16, 2015



Woke up at 6AM when hubby got up for work. I had actually slept the whole night thru!

Hubby brought me my morning antibiotics again and made sure that I took them.

I got up to potty and hugged him before he left for work.

Then I started getting ready for school at 8AM.

Got an email and was approved for another credit card from American Express. Whoop! QUITE A HUGE CREDIT LINE.

Hubby called just before school. He said drive safe.

Gave dogs some bones before I left for school. Keep them busy.

I drove to school. Got there kinda late. Only one there was Brian. Then others got there a few minutes before class. Almost everybody had already done their WOW package. We took our Skeleton Quiz. I had over-studied so I labeled everything instead of just the 10 items she wanted.


Stopped to wash the Jeep.

On the way home, hubby called me. They were going to install an ordinary POTS line at Pita Pit and wanted to meet me there, but I was already 1/2 way home.

Came home, more bugs hit the window that was freshly cleaned! Gave snacks to the dogs. Washed the Jeep windshield. Warmed up the other fish sandwich for myself & only ate the fish. I threw lots of tartar sauce on it. Yum.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Got up and felt awful still. But kept thinking that if I got up and out of bed, that I could go to the Dr and feel better. Instead of being able to be there at 7AM like we planned, hubby let me sleep and we finally got there by 9:30AM.

Waited to see the Dr. Winter. They had to collect urine sample, put in an IV, make me drink contrast fluid. YUCK. Then I had to go have a CT scan after they secured approval for it. Nice girl that did the CT scan put in the IV contrast dye. Made me feel hot & flushed.

Got back the results after 1 hour and they said Diverticulosis infection again. So Dr prescribed 2 antibiotics and liquid diet, no dairy.

I have not eaten since Sunday.

Hubby picked up drugs & a card for me at Rathdrum Drug.

Brought me home and put me to bed. I slept for about 3 hours. Then got up and had diarrhea.

Moped around the house for a couple hours.

Took another nap. Hubby took care of me quite well all night. He kept bringing pills to me and asking if I needed anything.


Hubby went back to work today. He gave me meds before he left. What a nice nurse.

I got up around 9AM. Did laundry. Vacuumed. House stinks and now it is warm. Need to do Spring Cleaning.

I drank tea all day long. Lots of diarrhea.

Rested on a heating pad most of the day.

Bravo barked a lot.

Hubby came home at 7:00 after working 2 hours OT. He brought fish sandwich from Arby's. I ate a little bit of it.

Hubby went to the shop to meet a customer and put on my new tires for lifted Jeep. Then he came back and made me test drive it to Spirit Lake in the dark. I got tense again. Snipped at him. I apologized.

We drove to Spirit Lake to get Fiber drink for me. His friend at work said that it is good for Diverticulosis.

Hubby got mixings for coleslaw. Then he drove home.

At home, the dogs DID NOT eat the food off the counter! We were surprised.

After a little food, hubby fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 11:00 after watching the evening news.

Monday, April 13, 2015

NOT a school day


Hubby got up early and I did not even hear him leave.

I woke up to the sound of Lil Bit begging at the bed to be lifted up. Then I fell back to sleep and had horrific nightmares. Like hubby and I celebrating an anniversary and he breaks up with me. Then another nightmare where I did a great first massage the teacher took away all my points because I had left in my earrings!

Got up at 8:00 and made the bed.

Came downstairs to pee. Gave the dogs fresh dog water & food. Gave them dog treats of ham. Started laundry. Put away dishes. Fed the fish. Turned on the heaters because it was only 35 degrees. Put in contacts, opened the blinds.

Hubby called at 10:00 and wanted me to measure something on the Jeep, but I told him he needed to come home and do it tonight.

I made learning sheets for the Skeleton & Endangerment Areas.

Started studying Massage book.

Bravo kept barking too much.

I was not feeling very well and sat in the chair all day with a heating pad. Realized that my stomach was hurting bad. Took several hot baths.

The pain was lower this time than the other times.

Hubby came home and it was too late to take me to the Dr.  I asked him to stay home and take me in to the Dr tomorrow.

He had to go to the shop. He took Bud with him. Then he decided to go to Chad's to see if he had tires yet. I was depressed & sick by myself. Then I texted him to bring home yogurt to eat. See if it was good for my tummy.

By the time hubby got home, I was tired and did not want food.

Went to bed.

Sunday, April 12, 2015



Got up when the bird started tapping at the window. Cuddled with hubby and Lil Bit for a while. Ben jumped up on the bed.

Then I got out of bed and got dressed. Hubby went potty then went to get his gun to scare the birds away from the house. They also started beating on the back of the house!

So I started making breakfast for the dogs. It was already 8:00. KRN texted that she was coming over & asked if we wanted lattes from Jitterz in Rathdrum.

She got here about 9:00 and then we went to walk the dogs in the park. Took the Excursion to the park. She sat in front. I sat in back with the big dogs. Hubby drove.

At the park, we walked down by the cabins at the Day Use area. Maggie, Bravo & Bud were free dogs. The prairie dogs kept squeaking at us as we walked.

Afterwards, Bravo dug in the hill by the cabins. He had a dirty nose & feet after digging. Then we loaded up and drove home. Unloaded dogs. Took the Jeep to Sandpoint. KRN came with us. We went to Big R to get dog food. Then KRN drove over to Walmart so she could see how the Jeep drove (she wants to buy a white one for Hawaii). Shopped at Walmart, then went to Bab's Pizzeria on Hwy 2 for absolutely FABULOUS calzones. Stopped at Rejavanated for espressos. Mailed hubby's mail at the Post Office in town. Stopped at Jeep dealership on way out of town to see the white Jeep.

Drove home, unloaded groceries. KRN left. We hugged her. She is much better. On Meds and feeling better.

Hubby fed the deer.

Hubby then took a nap on the couch. I put away groceries & did laundry, put away dishes, and refreshed dog water & dog food.

Saturday, April 11, 2015



Not a good night; hubby kept snoring and having jimmy leg so it kept me awake most of the night.
Lots of bad dreams.

Got up at 8:00 and made breakfast eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby. It had rained before I woke up. Everything was wet outside.

Dressed & loaded dogs in Excursion. Went to get latte for hubby. Took dogs for walk. We wanted to take them down to the Sunrise Willow Day Use Area, but there were already people walking down there. So instead, we walked in the White Tail Campground. Made it a short walk because Maggie cannot do long walks anymore.

Drove down to Bayview, but found no ducks there. The water was sparkling, tho. Very pretty. Several dark clouds overhead threatened rain.

On the way back, we threw out the bread at the side of the road and hubby decided to drive down North Red Fir Road. Then we drove past Monte's old property on E Guess Where Road. Trees had grown up after 18 years and we could not see the house. Sad.

At home, we unloaded all the dogs. I put away the toilet paper and gave some to hubby for the shop. He cut up most of the pizza that we had purchased at Nate's last night and took it to the shop. Fed some to the dogs.

I started working on taxes again. Yuck!

Ben went with hubby down to the shop for the day. He ended up going out in the road with Jack and dragging back the dead deer body on the highway. They were fighting over the body when hubby had to come out and put the carcass in the garbage.

Hubby finished the lift on my Jeep and came up to the house around 5PM. We then had to drive down to Post Falls to pick up the truck at CN Diesel. We took Lil Bit with us for a special single dog day out. Had to stop and get KFC chicken nuggets for hubby and a Pita for me. I stopped to pick up burgers for dogs at Wendy's. Lil Bit sat with me like a real gentleman and did not try to bite or bark at anybody!

Got caught in a hail & monsoon like rain driving thru Post Falls on the way back. It was awful. At home, Hubby was already here and walking up the driveway. We gave him a ride to the house.

Gave food to the dogs. They were happy.

We watched TV and went to bed at 10:00 when hubby started to fall asleep on the couch.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The GREAT POO PICK UP 2015 cont


Got up this morning when hubby called at 8:30. He wants me to print out a receipt for a customer.

I did not have a good night last night. Hubby snored all night. I kept waking up; had to potty 3 times. Did not get much sleep. Took another herbal sleeping pill at 2AM. 

After I came downstairs I started laundry, made beds, started washing dishes. Made tea, fed the fish, got dressed.

I am freaking out about the WOW package that I have to do next week. Maybe if I type up instructions and review for each package then I will feel better. Also have to study on Endangerment Areas and Skeleton for tests.

Hubby called me and wanted me at the shop to take pics when Mark was installing the lift kit.

I took Lil Bit with me in the FMF to get a latte in A-town. Then we drove home and I picked up the mail. Lil Bit liked the drive. He stuck his head out the window.

At home, I loaded up the box hubby got from UPS into the back of the FMF and drove down to the shop. Unloaded the box and took pics of Mark tearing down the Jeep on the lift.

Then I drove back. Left Ben down there to play with Jack.

I rode down later on my bike. Jack & Ben were eating leg bones of an animal; probably a deer.

Ben eating deer bone

Took more pics.

Came back and picked up dog poo in the back yard. I am almost done. Will do the rest of it another day. Collected 8 bags of poo.

Flowers in back yard

Put away dishes. Did more laundry-washed dog beds.

Uploaded newest iTunes update 12.1.2.

I ordered more Under Armor yoga pants - 2 pair from Amazon and 2 pair from Dick's Sporting Goods, but I don't know if I will get them because they seem to be out of them everywhere. Damn. Just when I find something that I like, they don't make it anymore!

I also paid bills from hubby's payroll check.

Hubby came home late after working OT. Then he stayed down at the shop for quite a while looking at the progress on my Jeep. Rough Country had shorted us a bag of needed parts so it will take longer to do the lift. Also, the incorrect tires were sent and hubby was upset. They will be getting the correct ones by Monday, but that means they won't be put on until Tuesday. This is taking way longer than it should have done.

I took the FMF down to see what hubby was doing and he left the Red Dually at the shop & walked home. Then we got the grey Dodge and drove to Post Falls to pick up the truck he has to work on. At Nate's, we picked up a HUGE 24 inch pizza that hubby wanted to order. He put the pizza in the Dodge that I was driving home. It made moisture all over the inside of the truck because it was so hot. We stopped at Super One in Rathdrum to get groceries. When we left, there were 3 police cars in the parking lot interrogating some people. Some other guy was yelling at the cops when he was standing in front of the store.

We drove home and hubby ate pizza. Watched reruns of Archer. Went to bed at 11:00.

Thursday, April 09, 2015



Woke up at 6AM when hubby's alarm rang. Stayed in bed cuddling for a while. Lil Bit came up from downstairs to get into bed with us for a cuddle, too.

We both got up and hubby left by 7AM. There was a white truck in the driveway which was irritating. WHY are people so stupid?

I started getting ready for school. Wore my new Under Armor Yoga Pants.

Drove to school. Uneventful drive.

At school, took in my books & tea. Wore my pink sweatshirt from Riggins, Idaho as it was cold this morning.

I got a 100% again.

At 12:45, we were dismissed. I will not have to attend class again until next Thursday; then Friday is my schedule for the WOW treatment at 1:30.

Beautiful Flowering trees

Drove to Pita Pit for a couple Pitas. Then drove thru the car wash for a quick wash. Drove home.

Mark was not here to put on my lift kit. The sky was clouding over and it got colder.

Called Vet to get Ben an appointment for his ear.

Watched The Great Escape on tv. 

Drove FMF, took Ben to the Vet. He has infection in his ears. Dr Mike gave him medicine in his ears. Might have to return in a week to get more medication in ears. Vet said to give him Prednisone.

People parking too close at the Vet

Met another lady at the Vets that had a mastiff. We talked for a while.

Came back home. Started studying.

Hubby came home early and did not work OT. He said today went really easy. He stopped at the shop first, came home and told me to drive the Jeep down and get it on the hoist so Mark can put the lift kit under it.

So I drove the Jeep down and walked back. Then I had to change clothes. Hubby had a snack to eat while I did that and he put collars on the dogs & loaded them into the Excursion.

As we were driving to the park, there were black clouds in the sky and it started to rain really hard. We saw lots of deer on the drive down; back on the side of the road in the woods. At the park, we had to go to the Museum road; saw more deer so had to park down farther.

Walked slowly because Maggie was having problems again. Had to put all the dogs on leashes because of deer in the park. Then saw campers on the road. Had to avoid the campers. Loaded dogs up after walk. Drove home. Unloaded dogs.

Took the Dodge into town to get a customer's truck. I wanted a latte, but Thomas Hammer was closed before 8:00, but hubby had to try to wait in line and order with the sign light on; but nobody was in the building.

We drove over to Starbucks and got a latte from them. Then remained open until 9:00PM. Hubby was hungry so we drove over to get a pizza at Nate's but by the time we parked, they put up the CLOSED sign. WHY does everything close at 9PM?

Then we drove to Sonic and ordered awful gross tasting hotdogs. Hubby had onion rings. Then we drove back to Huetter Road to pick up the truck. The guy had actually locked it and no keys were in it. The only reason we came to Post Falls and it was a waste!

Drove home. Watched tv at home, fed the dogs leftover Sonic hot dogs.

Watched TV for a while, then went downstairs to give hubby 1 hour massage.

Went to bed at 11:30 after the local news.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015



Woke up at 6AM when hubby's alarm rang. He stayed in bed for another 30 minutes while we cuddled with the dogs.

Then he got up and I started to get ready for work. Had to take a couple antibiotics to take care of my urinary tract infection. Also took a bath & naired my legs.

Got together everything I needed for today and set it by the door.

Packed everything into the Jeep. Left at 9:00. Actually took my purse today!

Drove to school. Drive was uneventful.

At school, unloaded books & bag of sheets.

Took our Quiz on  Chair Massage - I got 100%.

We left class with info on the WOW set up that we are doing tomorrow. Also said to study for the Footbath Quiz we are taking tomorrow.

Drove to Pita Pit and got Pita. Then drove to Rathdrum and past my appointment for nails. Remembered half way home and turned around. Was about 10 minutes late. Rhonda was able to do my nails & toes.

Left there and drove home by 3:30. Got mail. Unloaded car. Took bath. Ate Pita. Gave fresh water & food to dogs.

Let Ben go down to play with Jack twice.

Made tea. Hubby texted that he would be working OT 2 hours.

The FED EX guy brought my new Yoga Pants that I ordered.

I did more laundry and put it away.

Hubby got home after 2 hours OT. At 7:15, he finally made it home; talked to Mark down at the shop.

Had dinner. Watched The Americans, Schitt's Creek, & CSI Cyber. Then went to bed after the 11:00 news.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


april 7 2015

Woke up at 6:00 when hubby got out of bed. Asked him to set the alarm for 8:00 when I got up for school.

Stupid bird started beating on side of house.

I got up at 8:00. Got ready for school.

Left at 9:00; was going to pick up some cranberry pills at the store. But when I drove to Super One in Rathdrum, found that I had not brought my purse. What an idiot.

So I drove to school.

Katie D was there before me. She said she had gotten her clinic schedule in her in-box. I had nothing. I sent our class pic to everyone via phone texts.

Then Jackie took us into the office to get our new books for class at end of month. Anatomy, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Pathology, Ethics & Medical Terminology.

At break time, I talked to Jackie about not getting my schedule. She said she would check. She caught me coming back from the bathroom and told me it was in my in-box. 

I drove home after school. Was really tired. Made tea, made some chicken to eat.

Did paraffin wax dip on my hands.

Hubby worked 2 hours OT. He got home after 7:00 and then we loaded dogs in the Excursion. Lil Bit got away out the front door and ran towards the road because the neighbor was walking on the road. I screamed at Lil Bit, but he did not slow down. I was scared he would run over and bite the neighbor. But the neighbor stopped & yelled at him to get home. Lil Bit stopped just before going into the road and ran back to us. I waved thank-you at the neighbor.

Took dogs for walk around the water tower. The sun was going down. Then we went to Bayview to eat at Mario's Mexican Restaurant. It was good. He sat down with us to talk. Very nice guy.

We came home, watched TV. I went to bed at 10:15 after taking the herbal sleeping pill. Hubby came to bed around 12:00. I had to get up to pee later, then fell back to sleep.

Monday, April 06, 2015



after a HORRIBLE weekend that was entirely the result of everything KRN had done, woke up on monday morning to SNOW.


i cannot handle any more stress.

katrina from UPS came at 10:00 to drop off the lift kits. put them in the garage.

the credit union called and said that my credit card had been hacked and somebody had tried using it on a website attempting to charge over $760 on it. so they are cancelling the card and sending a replacement.

i typed up an appeal for the state sales tax which had incorrectly said that we owed money for dec 2014 when we don't.

Sunday, April 05, 2015



At 1:00 AM, hubby's phone rang. I got up and answered it. It was our pathetic son-in-law advising that K had been arrested. I did not think things could get worse, but it did.

Then Matt C called us. Then K called us from the jail at 2:00. We had to pay $25 per phone call to accept the charges. She was a wreck; crying and whining.

So we finally got settled down at 4:00AM, went to sleep until 8:00AM. Hubby got up and made eggs for dogs.

Before we left to get lattes, a  Pre-Trial Services attorney called and asked some questions. They needed to know if K could have a place to go, if she had a job, if she had any previous criminal history. I suggested that the incident was because she was on 4 different types of Meds from doctors.

We took dogs for a walk in the park. Both of us were short-tempered and irritable. Probably both in shock. Lots of stress.

M came and brought a chest of drawers, Bravo, and some clothes for K. Left them at our place. Hubby told him he was not welcome at our home ever again. M left.

While waiting for K to call again, we put out the picnic table, the fire pit chairs, replanted plants in the planters on the bottom deck. Took the old non-working reindeer to the steel box at the shop, loaded up some dead trees and took them to the pit. Put away electric cords, put up the new bird house in a tree and took the old one down to throw away.

Hubby and I ran the garbage into town. Tried to dump the old dishwasher at the dump, but was told they only accept it downtown. We could get there by 5:00 today, they would be open.

So we drove on into town and dropped off our liquor at Dave Rodriguez's house so that KRN would not get into it while she was living here. We still have to hide all the guns when we get home. What a PAIN IN THE ASS.

After Dave's dog jumped up on me and scratched my neck, we decided to leave and go to the dump. On the way home, we picked up KRN's car in Post Falls at her friend's house. I drove it home, hubby drove home the grey Dodge. Hubby was hungry so had to stop at the Oriental place in Rathdrum again FOR A WARM MEAL. Hubby kept repeating this. He was obsessed. Talked about wanting a steak again. Fuck me.

So we ate there. Lots of screaming brats that irritated the SHIT out of me. I hate people that drag their brats to restaurants and it is not a calm, relaxing meal for others. Screeching bunch of brats.

I told my husband that I was sick and tired of eating there. The food is not that great and it is expensive.

We drove home. Saw a moose on the way.

At home we gave the dogs some treats. Bravo was hyper as usual. Ate leftovers. Around 7:30, KRN tried calling on MY phone instead of the other phone that we had put $ on so that she could call from jail.

By 9:30, she called again on hubby's phone and said they had let her out of jail. So we drove there to pick her up.

At 10:30 had to stop at Jack In The Box to get her something to eat.

By 11:30, after telling her just what she was going to do at our house and taking the cell phone away from her in the car, she decided to start berating us, screaming at us, and acting in an unacceptable attitude.

I was done with the stress and drama of her life, so told her that she needed to go someplace else. She was in a right pissy mood. Gave her the cell phone back and she arranged to go someplace else. We gave her the bags that M had brought over this morning. She left.

The story that she gave to us indicates that she mixed booze with the pills "because M said it was ok to do that". And she speaks of "blackouts" everytime we ask what is going on. She lies to us when she does not want us to know what is going on.

We finally calmed down around 12:30 and were able to go to bed.

Saturday, April 04, 2015



I just can't seem to get any rest.

Hubby got up at 6AM and could not come back to bed. He turned on the tv, which created light in the darkness. I was irritated.

I got up at 8AM after he got done making eggs for dogs and himself. I got dressed & came down stairs to potty. Then I fell asleep on the couch for another 2 hours until 10:00.

Hubby woke me up and told me he was going to get a latte and then down to the shop. So I got up and went with him. We left the dogs at home. Took the Jeep.

Came back and dropped him off. He took the red dually with the bronco on the trailer down to the shop. Took Ben & Bud with him to play with Jack.

After hubby came home from working at the shop, we walked the dogs in the Park. Saw Elk in the traffic circle on the way to the park.

We had to take some parts to a guy off of Diagonal Road, then stop off at a guy on Weir Road that makes parts for hubby. We went to get pizza from Spirit Lake 4th & Main. Hubby ordered onions, Canadian Bacon, tomatoes & pineapple pizza.

Came home and ate pizza.

Went to bed after watching news.

Friday, April 03, 2015

8th Day of Spring Break


Had a really bad night. Last night at 3:00AM, woke up to endo pains. Had to take several Ibuprofen and take a hot bath. Then slept on couch for a while. After an hour, the pains finally went away and could go back to bed at 4:15.

Hubby got up and left for work. I did not even hear him.

Puppies and I got up at 9AM. Birds did not beat on wall until 10:00.

I made more chicken, spinach, tomatoes, onions, pineapple. Need to stop & get more pitas.

Replaced our water filter on the fridge. Need to order more as I used up the last one in the drawer.

Motorcycles racing thru the frontage again. A whole gang of 6 - drove right across our driveway even with rocks lining the drive. They will soon ruin our driveway again.

Started on taxes again.

Ordered more water filters for refrigerator.

Thursday, April 02, 2015



Got up when the bird started knocking on the side of the house. Did not sleep well again last night. Difficult to wake up in the mornings.

36 degrees this morning. 26 overnight low. Brrrr. 

Gave dogs a snack when I got up. Refreshed their water and food. Fed the fish.

Took the letters for hubby's dad and the water bill to the mailbox.

Called KEC and talked to Scott so that we could upgrade our yard light to 53W.

Got an appointment for Lil Bit at the Vet for 12:45. Took him in to see Dr Mike, Lil Bit started shaking he was so scared. The Vet had to shave his head to find the injury. So Lil Bit has a modified mohawk haircut! We came home and he was thrilled to be back with his friends.

Bit got scalped at the Vet

I put Neosporin on his injury. Dr Mike said that it was probably a piece of hair that was forced into his skin when he got bit by his dog friends.

At home, I made lunch. Chicken, Spinach, Tomatoes, Onions, Pineapple. Made tea.

Did more laundry.

Started 2014 Taxes.

Lots of Motorcycles & ATVs drove by today on the frontage. What a pain in the ass to hear them. Then they were racing their motorcycles behind us on their home built motocrosses. Fucking assholes. Then the neighbors were blowing up bombs again behind us. Welcome Fucking Spring & Summer!

Got the mail later, nothing but junk.

Around 2:00, it started snowing & hailing. This weather is AWFUL.

Hail on top of Lil Bit

 Hail on deck

I had to turn on the heaters again. It was very cold in the house.

Bud waits for hubby to come home

Hubby came home after two hours OT and then we loaded dogs into the Excursion to take them for a dog walk in the park. We walked around the water tower. Maggie had fun. We let Ben off leash for a while.

On the way back from the park, we saw several ELK in the circle. They were so beautiful.

Made copies of old CN Receipts.

Watched Season Finale of Archer. Made hubby dip his hands in paraffin wax as he has been having joint problems. Maybe this will help. Went to bed early as hubby was falling asleep.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

6th Day of Spring Break


Happy April Fool's Day!

Still could not sleep well last night. Ben jumped up on the bed and the birds started pecking at the side of the house. Had to get up. Very frustrated with this. The Owls hanging outside are NOT helping!

Started laundry, started dishes. Fed dogs. Fed Fish. Went outside to feed deer.

Ordered hubby's lift kit online.

My additional Lavender paraffin wax came. Along with the new remote control for the Camera and my new appointment book for school clinic.

I paraffined my hands.

Took hubby's box of axle parts down to the shop.

Mailed the Chrysler Reimbursement form in the post.

Wrote a letter to hubby's father.

Took a hot bath.

Paid more bills.

Went down to the shop to get mail.

Started working on 2014 Taxes.

A squirrel climbed up on the deck.


Hubby came home later after working OT; I massaged hubby for an hour.

Went to bed after the news.