Friday, August 31, 2012

Night on the Boat


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary Baby

August 29, 2012

Rained last night at 2:00AM. Harriet slept with me in Isabelle's bed. Harriet got frightened and wanted to bolt, but I held her tightly next to me and told her to go back to sleep.

At 5:00AM Harriet finally left the bed to go sleep in our bedroom, so I finally got up and back into bed, too.

Hubby sang me Happy Anniversary as soon as I woke up. We forfeited breakfast because I did not want to eat anything. Made hubby a latte. I had tea with honey. We took dogs for walk at park. Then came home to load the picnic table that hubby had painted.

Stopped at Chad's house to drop off the tags for Angus.

Then went to CDA Metals to check on the bottle storage for KRN that hubby was having them make.

Got gasoline in the Dodge before we left CDA. Drove to Spokane and met KRN at her new Espresso stand.

Unloaded the picnic table. Talked to her for a while. Saw all the improvements they had made so far. Then followed KRN home so we could talk some more. Finally left her place around 2:00. Had to go drop off axles at Don's. Then stopped at Bike store, but they did not have any storage bags for the bike that I wanted. Stopped at Big R to pick up lights for a job hubby was working on. Then went to McDs for burgers in Rathdrum.

Deers came to visit in our circle driveway tonight.


Home. Then hubby had to return to Rathdrum to pick up more parts. I stayed home and took a bath.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Visiting Angus

August 28, 2012

Took hubby into Acupuncturist at 12:00. His appointment was at 1:00. Had to fill out extensive paperwork. Doctor did not put needles in him. Will take about 8 weeks to tackle everything he has wrong. So doctor just determined what to work on this first time.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Boat & Dover

August 26, 2012


Walked the dogs in Farragut Park. LONG walk.

Day on the boat. Took all the dogs up to Garfield Bay. Harriet pooped next to the Xcursion as soon as she got out!

Loaded everything up and took off.

Boated up to Dover to look around & potty dogs. Ended up staying there and mooring up the free dock. Grilled off the swim platform. Walked the dogs SEVERAL TIMES throughout the night.

Hubby read car magazines and then played UNO with me until dark. Walked the dogs again before going to bed.

Got to talk to a nice couple from Colorado that walked to the end of the dock. They had a golden lab named Hunter.

Also watched a young father and his 7 year old daughter that were staying at the resort clean up & cover up their ski boat. Cute.

Went to bed about 9:30 after restaurant closed. Lots of screechy, squealing kids playing by restaurant while their parents got drunk at the bar...

At 12:00, Isabelle started whining. A lot.

Then at 1:00AM, it started with the thunder and lightning. Hubby got up to put up the canvas so we would not get rained upon.

While he did that, so that hubby had additional room to work, I took Bud & Harriet for a potty walk to get them off the boat. I was planning on coming back to get Lil Bit & Isabelle, but it started raining as we came back on the dock. Just as I walked in the pitch black darkness, I fell crossing from the soaking wet grass (from all the watering that the resort was doing) to the dock entry, I fell flat on my butt and hurt the toes on my left foot. I limped back to the boat in pain while Harriet behaved like a perfect doll in the rain & thunder & lightning. Usually she is so terrified that she dives into the basement backroom to hide. This time, she was out in the weather and I was so proud of how she acted.

Hubby insisted on talking & making jokes after we got back into bed again. Dogs kept moving from dog bed to floor to behind tabletop; Bit slept on the shelf beside the bed.

August 27 2012

Woke up at 6AM. Walked dogs around Dover resort. A LONG walk. Harriet refused to poop on command. Hubby and I were both flabbergasted. Usually she poops on command; a trait that hung on from her previous life in a puppy mill kennel. Probably the only time she got out, she had to go potty right away before being put back in a small kennel.

We boated back to Garfield Bay after loading all the dogs & cleaning up.

Went under the Long Bridge & RR Bridge.

Was really cold with wind buffetting us;  lots of 4 foot waves hitting boat making it rock badly. Dogs went down below cabin to sleep on bed. I went down with them for a while. Very tired from no sleep.

Got back about 10:30; unloaded dogs into truck after potty time again. Then unloaded the boat into the Xcursion.

Purchased a latte for hubby at Bear Espresso & happened to see the Colorado couple in the driveway across from us. Chatted with them while girl made drink.

Drove back home. Got here about 11:30. Unloaded everything and did laundry, put away dishes & made breakfast for both of us.

Changed clothes & went to town in FMF. Left dogs at home because it was too hot to take them. I had an "incident" in the car with bad potty problem. Hubby helped me cleaned up & yelled at me. Then we went to bank to make a deposit. WalMart for groceries. Hubby met guy outside Walmart to get paid for parts while I talked to Chris Mann in store. NOMC is closing after 14 years in business & she is losing her job. Very sad.

Hubby found Chix Noodle soup on sale 4 pack for $2.00. Only 50 cents a can!

Then we went to Lowes to find paint for KRN's picnic table. They had no navy blue spray paint. Had to drive over to Home Depot to get paint instead. Talked to a nice older check out guy named Julius.

Came home & unloaded groceries. I took a hot bath. Watched tv. Had a little dinner. Went to bed at 9:00.

So tired. & Still rocking from boat.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Weekend

August 24, 2012

Cooler last night with a low of 48. Seems like Fall is moving into the area. I feel sorry for the horses across the road that STILL have no shelter or moving around area for the last 4 years. Stupid cowboys.

Anyway, I got some household chores done. Rested a bit. Then going to get nails done.

Today is the last day hubby works and after that he has a 10 day vacation that includes our anniversary!

He woke up coughing and blowing his nose. Hope he is not sick. Hope he does not make me sick.

I went to get my nails done at 3:00. Got burgers for dogs on the way home.

Hubby came home after working overtime. He worked in shop until 12:00.

August 25, 2012

Walked dogs at Farragut park. Then hubby came home to work in shop.

I vacuumed house, cleaned & did laundry. Put away lots of dishes.

Packed up stuff to take to boat tomorrow.

Washed my hair.

Went to get nails done at 2:30. Got burgers for dogs on way back.

Hubby got off work early. Went to bed early.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bud & The Vet

When I got out of the bath this morning, Bud had flung blood all over. It looked like somebody had been murdered! So I cleaned up all the blood from where he had dripped it everywhere.

He was scratching at his face again. So I called the vet and took him to an appointment at 10:30.

Bud started shaking all over. Big baby. He is scared of the vet! So I finally convinced him to go in. Weighed him on the scale. 103.5 pounds.

Dr Mike gave him Prednisone for anti itching and Antibiotics for his infection. Plus a spray to take care of the itching.

When we returned home, Bud took a VERY long 3 hour nap once I got his pills into him.

So far, no more itching.

Talked to KRN on the phone. Told her she could have our picnic table for the new shop.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Cool Day

Spent the morning at home with the dogs. Vacuumed house, did dog bed laundry, put away dishes. Picked up dog poo in yard.

At 2:30 went in for Acupuncture appointment. Drove thru Rathdrum on way home to get cheeseburgers for dogs.

Dogs were happy to see me. Hubby came home late and we had to drive back into Post Falls to pick up a truck. Hubby drove white truck home. Bud & Isabelle came with me in Dodge. Had to get KFC dinner for Tom at CN Diesel. He was working all night long.

Drove thru Wendy's to get dinner for hubby on the way home.

Went to bed late.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainy Days

Hot Hot Hot. Took Isabelle & Harriet into the Vet at 2:00pm. Isabelle got her hip shot & Harriet had her eyes check for glaucoma & cataracts. Then the doctor verified her ear infection.

Hubby brought home a Wendy's salad for me. He watched tv on the couch all night.

Not a Monday, but it is sure raining outside. Which is good because it has been SO dry here for the last couple months. We get deluged with rain in June and nothing since.

However. The Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning to watch for lightning strikes which may start forest fires.

The electricity already went out at 8:53. Briefly. It was back on after one minute.

Dogs are scared and sitting with me.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sat Spokane Sun Boat

Felt MUCH better today. My body feels NORMAL again!!! I have not felt this good in years.

Made latte for hubby. He had to run up to Cocolalla Lake to have some guy machine parts. So we took all the dogs in the X and walked them while the guy worked on the parts for about 30 minutes.

Then we came home and hubby worked at the shop.

The dogs took naps while I did laundry, put away dishes, vacuumed house. Gave Harry & Bit baths. Then got ready to go see kids. Left at 2PM.

Long trip over. Had to haul the trailer with a rear end on it to deliver. Met the kids on the South Hill to pick up refrigerator that KRN had to buy for new shop.

Then drove along Highline Road to KRN's new shop to drop off refrigerator. Had to look thru shop. Was cool.

Kids drove home while we went thru Airway Heights to pick up a salad for me at Jack In The Box.

We arrived at the kids' home. Matt & Hubby drove back over to Barker Road exit to drop off rear end. Then they came home.

Matt grilled chicken. Had dinner with kids. Then talked about KRN's new shop until 10:00. We left to drive home with dogs. During dinner I developed a cold sore on my upper right lip. Aaaargh!

Picked up Wendy's salad for me on boat tomorrow. Got cheeseburgers for dogs. Trent Road closed for massive accident. Had to detour.

Followed some drunk people on Hwy 53 on the way home. They were only going 35 mph in a 55 mph. Finally got home at 11:45. Fell into bed. Exhausted.

Got up early. On the road with Bud in the FMF by 9:00. Got to boat at 10:00. Started to cleaned. Finally got to leave around 11:45.

Motored up to Beyond Hope. Had dinner at the restaurant there. I had salad with Peel n Eat Shrimp. Hubby had special pulled pork sandwich. Very good food & reasonable prices. Bud laid down under the table with us and was very much a gentleman. Lots of people commented on him. Everybody loves Bud!

View of the Boat from Restaurant at Beyond Hope

Then we took the boat over to Hope Marina to fill up with gasoline. Met some more nice people on the gas dock.

Put anchor out near Beyond Hope. Listened to live music. Had the rest of our food from lunch. Swam for hours. Finally went back to Garfield Bay slowly. Was a lovely day.

Left the Garfield Marina at 6:30. Got home at 7:30. I washed my hair quickily. Hubby got dogs loaded in the X. Went down to Farragut Park to walk dogs. Saw Elk herd on the south side of Hwy 54 almost to park.

Came home after walking dogs. Rested & went to bed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Acupuncture Day

Went to Acupuncture at 2pm. Then to McDonalds for burgers for dogs. I overate and had 2 burgers with fries & ice cream. Decided that it was too much for me.

Felt awful. Too much sugar & processed foods & caffeine.

Gave up all sugar, processed foods & caffeine. Went into detox. I laid around all day and felt horrible. Joint pain, nausea, vomiting. achy, flu-like feeling, fatigue, headaches, irritable.

Pretty much the same. Felt like crap. I laid around all day and felt horrible. Joint pain, nausea, vomiting. achy, flu-like feeling, fatigue, headaches, irritable. Slept in bed most of the day.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Can't remember what happened today.

Woke up with 2 mosquitoe bites under my left eye. The eye itself had swollen shut. Was very painful.

Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby wanted me to go to Sandpoint to pick up axles at Tom's. So I took Bud with me. Long drive. After we got axles loaded, Bud had to pee. So we went for a short walk. Hispanic guy driving by yelled out of his car "Hey Girl, Lookin' Hot!". It was scary and weird. So I told Bud to pee quickly and we got back into the car.

Drove home.

Vacuumed house & cleaned.

Hubby came home and after about 30 minutes in shop, he loaded other axles in FMF and we drove with Bud & Bit to Spokane. Went to Don's to drop off axles. I took dogs for a walk to pee while hubby talked with Don.

Some drunk people walked across the road to talk to me about Bud. They petted him for quite a while. Then drunk young guy came over just as we were leaving and said "Hey, I got a bet with my friend...are you 21 or 24?" I was so overcome with astonishment that I was speechless. I mumbled..."no. no." Then walked off.

Went back to talk with Lucille for a few minutes. She has the best stories! Then left with hubby. Hubby had to eat so we stopped at Mexican food restaurant. Called KRN while I was waiting in car. She got her new place cleaned up.

Drove home with dogs. Stopped at grocery store in Rathdrum for milk & watermelon.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Athol DAZE and 4WD Event

We got up early Saturday morning. Hubby had slept in Isabelle's bed with me. It is just cooler to sleep in her bed and with my sweating, more comfortable for me.

I made lattes for us, then we went to White Pine at 8:00 to have breakfast with Joe Holman, Joe Jr, Dave Graham and a couple other people.

By 8:45 we had paid and left. Hubby took Dodge down to the park and I came home with leftovers.

While I mowed the dog yard and picked up dog poo, he went to Rathdrum with Joe Jr to pick up the articulator for the Event.

I stayed at home until 1:00 then met hubby & took pictures in the park of the trucks.

Talked with Amy while she was down in Athol with the kids. She thanked me profusely & gave me a hug for Angus. Said that the dog slept in their bedroom last night. She is really gentle around the kids. Sounds like a great fit for them. I told Amy that we would take Angus back if it did not work out for them.

Hubby got the Bronco stuck while going over the rocks & logs and we had to go get gasoline. They decided it was the xxx that was broken. Need to replace it.

Roc Bronc at Athol Daze

While hubby stayed to clean up, I came home with the dogs.

Went to boat. Lazed around all day. Took ALL the dogs. Bud, Bit, Isabelle, Harriet.

Got lattes at Bear Paw latte.

Swam in marina. Was told not to do that by another boater because of possible electrocution around marinas.

Grilling on the Boat

Took 3 hour nap on boat.

Cleaned up boat. Came home. Tired.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Acupuncture & Fish Bath

Woke up to make hubby his drink. Then vacuumed the house, cleaned dog beds, put away laundry & did dishes. Made the dogs french toast.

Hubby came home and had dinner. Rested for a bit, then went to grocery store in Spirit Lake with me. We got hamburger to grill and more milk.

He went down to the shop for a while to work.

I went to bed early.

Woke up early to make hubby his latte; then I went back to bed for a while. Unable to sleep, I got up and started getting ready to go to the Acupuncture appointment at 11:00.

Even though I left 1 hour early, I still encountered 2 trains where I had to bypass my usual route and take a longer one. I still got there at the same time, but had to travel twice as far...

Acupuncture is making me feel SO much better. My hands are better. A sense of calmness engulfs me. I have recommended it to everybody I know. However, Acupuncture is expensive if you don't have insurance coverage for it, so not everybody will take advantage of the experience.

After my appointment was finished at 12:00, hubby texted me and wanted to me with me. I drove over to Post Falls to wash the FMF and met him after I got Wendy's cheeseburgers. We didn't have much time together, only about 6 minutes...but that was more than enough to make me happy.

I drove home thru Rathdrum and saw 7 hawks on Hwy 41. However, I saw one dead hawk in the road. Poor thing.

Also saw a dead black & white kitty on Clagstone. People really need to watch out for the cats.

The dogs were overwhelmingly happy to see me home. Cleaned the fish tank with the help of Bud. Got the mail.

Then Joe Holman came over to take rocks down for the 4WD event on Saturday for Athol Daze.

Went to get my nail fixed at 5:30. Hubby came home shortly after I got home. He rested for a while, then went to work down at the shop. Had to meet the Mayor of Spirit Lake at 6:30 to discuss the 4WD Event they will have on Sept 1 & 2.

I rode my bike down later tonight to see what they were doing. Chad (is Bad) happened to be talking with hubby & Tim. Angus, Bud & Isabelle were with me. Chad said they had been talking about getting a Saint Bernard. Hubby said try out Angus for a while as her attitude with the other dogs has been difficult lately. She really needs to be an only dog.

Chad took Angus home. Amy, his wife, was ecstatic to get her. Their kids love the dog & Angus seemed to do well with them so far.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Going to ULTA today. Will update later...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Nail Day

Was achy and tired all day. Found a new bump on my thumb on the right hand.

Hubby came home and signed out on computer from work. Then we watched a couple TV shows. Went to Rathdrum Super 1 for groceries. Filled FMF with gas. Got burgers for dogs at McDs. Came home and unloaded car.

Went to bed.

Made French toast for the dogs. Hubby also had enough time to enjoy some french toast for breakfast. He left for work with his warm latte.

I get my nails done today.

Maybe go to Ulta.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

On Boat

Woke up late. About 9:30. Made lattes. Kids woke up. Took dogs for walk in park.

Matt & hubby worked in shop all day. KRN and I went to boat. Left Bravo at home with all the other dogs. Stopped at Plant Stand in Cocolalla. Got more lattes at Java Bear Espresso in Sagle.

Spent whole day on boat. Relaxed. Walked up to get KRN an ice cream cone.

Came back at 5:30. Guys finished up in the shop. Matt & hubby took showers.

We drove into town with the FMF while kids took their Jeep. Went to eat at Red Lobster. M&K paid for dinner. It was fun.

Picked up burgers for dogs at Wendys.

Got dog food at Fred Meyer. Have not been there in a long time. Place is falling apart. They are also closing at 11:00 instead of staying open 24 hours...
Hubby and I wanted to get a watermelon for tomorrow, but creepy people at WalMart. We left instead of getting stuff.

Dropped hubby off at the door of Super 1 in Hayden. He got watermelon.

Finally got home after midnight. Went to bed very tired.

Woke up at 8:30. Hubby made sandwiches & balled melon while I made lattes. We got loaded up in the X and drove up to the boat with Bud, Bit & Harriet.

Walked dogs when we got there. Had sandwiches on boat. Swam in the water with Harriet & tube. Hubby watched from the dock.

Took a nap. Played Uno. Walked down to Odies to get ice cream cones. Met a couple Schipperkes on the walk. Cleaned boat.

Packed up & went home.

Ate leftover Red Lobster. Tired. I showered & washed hair. Hubby fell asleep on couch. Went to bed early.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Bud to Vet

Bud is limping again. So while on my way to the Acupuncturist at 9:00AM, I called to schedule an appointment for him.

I have to take Bud into the vet to get him checked out. He also has a repeated cut on his face.

After getting done at Dr. Rho's office, I stopped in Rathdrum to get sausage biscuits for the dogs. They had really missed me when I arrived home. Picked up the mail.

Paid bills online.

Rode my bike down the drive to lock the gate, Izzy and Angus and Bud ran with me.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cloudy & Overcast

Can't believe that it is already August 1.

Scheduled appointment at Vet for Isabelle to get her toenails cut tomorrow at 2:30. 

Hands already feel better.

Did laundry, put away dishes.

Hubby came home after working OT. He had a quick snack & worked in shop for the rest of the night.

I went to bed early as I was very tired.

Cooler today because of the cloudy skies.

Got up to make hubby a latte at 6:15. Then went back to bed until 9:00. Trying to catch up on the sleep that I lost when my hands hurt so badly.

Hubby deposited money in bank overnight deposit on his way to work.

Took garbage to dump with Bud. He was a good dog & stayed inside the truck. I scraped my upper left thigh on the truck gate.

Brought Dodge home and took the FMF to Spirit Lake to get groceries. Forgot to get another lasagne.

Came home and unloaded groceries, did laundry, and put away dishes.