Monday, March 31, 2014

Warmer Day


The last day of March in 2014! It seems like the first of this year has flown by! So many things that we have done so far. I feel exhausted.

Got up at 6:00AM to make breakfast. Made sandwich for hubby. Fried up bacon in the microwave. Made eggs for dogs. Hubby finally got up at 6:30.

I actually got some sleep last night after doping myself with extra painkillers & melatonin. But I missed my midnight pills, so when I woke up I was in extensive pain. I took pills right away, but they took forever to keep the pain in abeyance.

After doing dishes, laundry, emptying the garbage, and vacuuming I decided that it was time for a nap because I started to fall asleep; probably from the sophoric effect of the painkillers.

I took a nap from 10AM - NOON upstairs on our bed. Got up and replaced the dog water, did more laundry, gave bones to dogs. Vacuumed some more after they were done with dog bones.

Got my upper plates in! Yippee. KRN called and talked with me for over an hour.

Watched The Good Wife online.

Hubby came home at 6:00PM.


Sunday, March 30, 2014



March is almost over!

Got up this morning at 5AM and took more painkillers. Then slept until 7:30 when hubby woke me up again. He was on the couch downstairs with Lil Bit sleeping with him.

I got up and made dog eggs for breakfast. Made french toast for hubby. I also made him an egg sandwich.

We got dressed & took dogs for walk in park. We drove thru A-town to get a latte & fill Excursion at gas station. Went thru town barking at all the town dogs.

At the park, we walked the trail for the shooting range. No snow.

On the way back home, we stopped at the A-town Market. Got a sympathy card for Dave & Vera because their Isabelle dog had passed this week.

Picked up lettuce & refried beans for hubby's tacos.

Came home and hubby shredded lettuce on the new food processor. The taco shells were awful old & gassy smelling so we threw those away.

Chicken Tacos

Hubby had gotten two new automotive magazines in the mail yesterday, so he got to read those all day long.

We watched Saving Mr Banks on pay-per-view at 3:30. AWFUL MOVIE. Horrifically awful acting, the characters were not interesting nor sympathetic. I have known a lot of people in real life that are just as rude, nasty, and horrible like the main female character. This was NOT an enjoyable movie experience.

Then we watched the Season Finale of The Walking Dead at 6:00.

I took more painkillers.

After watching Believe and Resurrection, we went to bed at 10:00.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Baking Bread


I had gotten up at 1AM and taken a hot bath along with more painkillers. Then got up at 3AM and took more Melatonin, got ice cubes for my mouth & an ice pack. Turned on my heating pad & got into bed.

Up at 7:30AM after getting only 4 hours sleep. Hubby had come to bed at 10:00?

I made breakfast sandwich for hubby & eggs for dogs. Ben got his meds. He is almost done with his medications and his feet & chin look great. No infection anymore.

I could barely move by the time I had gotten done with making breakfast & cleaning so I laid down on the couch. Hubby was watching some movie. So no dog walk. It rained for a little while & then the sun came out.

By 10:00AM, hubby left to go down to the shop for the day. I wanted to sleep some more, but could not. I got up and put away dishes & laundry. Kneaded bread & put it in the oven to rise.

I am so swollen and still can't get in my bottom plate. I am now scared to take out the top. Wish the swelling would go away.

The bread came out awful again. I believe it is because of the gluten free flour. I will be throwing it away. Throwing away both the bread & the flour.

Hubby came home at 5:00PM. We watched tv, then went to bed early.

I took out my top plate before bed. It was hurting again. Maybe I will wait until the swelling goes down.

Friday, March 28, 2014

MORE PAIN & swelling


Hubby got up early & left by 5:30AM. He had to drop off the Red Dually at Pat, The Detailer's so he could clean it & fix up a few little things.

I slept until 7:45AM. Then got up and made eggs for dogs. Gave Ben all his meds. I cleaned up.

Could not get in my bottom plate as the swelling was too much and trying to put it in was painful & caused me to bleed. So I left it out. The top plate was tight, but eventually went in. I put ice on my mouth all day. I am still bleeding in spots.

Fed the fish.

Then I paid bills online.

Made chicken breasts for the dogs. Made chicken taco filling in my new food processor. Grilled it up on the stove.


Did several loads of dishes. Did laundry. Washed all the new white washrags.

Went out to feed the deer and walked to get the mail. It was raining. Then it rained more.

At 1:00PM - 4:00PM, I passed out after taking painkillers.

Hubby came home at 5:30. He had left the Dually at the detailer's and brought home Dave's Bronco.

Hubby had me drive over to Clyde's Automotive & drop him off so he could get a truck. I was too tired to go grocery shopping because hubby did not pick anything up that I asked him to pick up at Walmart. I came home, took my 6:00PM pills and rested for the night.

Hubby went down to the shop at 8:00PM to meet a kid that was dropping off a truck.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lots of Blood, Teeth Hurt, Talking Funny


I got up at 1AM and was in pain. Took 3 ibuprofen, put more ice pack on my face, and went back to sleep for a while. Then at 3AM, it was raining and I could not sleep again. So I got up and surfed the web for a while, took a hot bath, & took some painkillers from my gallbladder surgery. This seemed to help a little and I was able to get back to bed at 4AM. By 6AM, hubby's alarm rang and we both got up.

I made breakfast sandwich for hubby and eggs for dogs. Adding a little mashed potato into the eggs made them fluffier.

We watched an episode of Dr Who together.

We loaded dogs and were on the road by 8:00 to drive to Spokane Valley for a follow-up to my appointment. On the way we stopped at Dagny's to get lattes again. At Affordable Dentures, I got signed in while hubby sat with the dogs.

At 9:45, I finally got in to see the Dr; he pulled out my dentures (pulling them out hurt really bad) and did some minor corrections with them. The nurse was abrupt and rude with me when she brought them back. The uppers would not fit & made me bleed. She finally huffed and took them back, giving me some gauze to bite in an attempt to stop the bleeding. I tried asking questions and she was not nice. The Dr finally brought back the dentures & they fit better. They had put some powder on them to bond them. It felt ok. Difficult to talk. Feels like i have a hand in my mouth.

We drove to Big R so hubby could get an additive for the Excursion. While he was in there, I walked Bud & Bit.

We drove back to Rathdrum because I was in pain. Needed painkillers. Took my prescriptions to Rathdrum Drug where Karla filled my meds. I took the painkillers Hydrocodone right away. We got some groceries at Stein's. Then forgetting to get dog burgers and forgetting to stop at the bank, we drove home.

At home, hubby unloaded groceries, I gave bones to dogs that we had gotten at Stein's. They also got pig ears to chew on. 

Hubby left home at 2:00 to pick up the Red Dually. Then he drove to Sandpoint to pick up parts there.

Unloaded Cuisinart Food Processor out of box.

Cuisinart Food Processor

I rinsed my dentures in salt water. I am still bleeding.

Took a hot bath because my whole body hurts.

My eyes feel like black eyes; did somebody hit me? There are bruises all around my lips.

It snowed/rained/hailed around 4:00PM.

Hubby got home around 6:15. He shoveled the decks, took out the garbage, and made ribs for himself for dinner.

I am exhausted & hurt.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Got up at 5:30 and made breakfast for hubby; eggs for dogs.

We left house by 6:30, leaving all the dogs home today.

Picked up a latte for hubby on the way.

Got to Affordable Dentures early. I had to potty so we went inside to Albertsons. Then we looked at kitties sleep & play at Partners for Pets.

There was a line forming at the door to the dentist, so we walked over. Got in promptly at 7:45. I gave my name and was called very shortly thereafter.

Hubby came back with me to ask questions. Nikki was very nice to answer everything. Then Dr Willard came in to take impressions. He is quite a nice guy. Impressions went well. After that was done, we were asked to sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes in case we had to re-do impressions. We talked to a nice couple folks in the waiting room. My name was called and we paid.

Afterward, we went to Big R to get dog food & deer food; then went back to Latte stand to get another drink. I got one, also as I had forgotten my tea. Hubby picked up parts at Inland Gear. We had lots of time, so we went shopping at Costco and got another dog bed, chicken breasts, and a Cuisinart Food Processor.

Then we drove to the mall so hubby could try out Buffalo Wild Wings. It was pretty good. HOT wings. We also played Trivia. Waiter was Louie. He was nice.

Then we drove back to dentist. I had to pee again so we went to Albertsons. Picked up a few groceries.

As soon as I check in, I had to go back and get my oral sedation. When I came out, I was feeling PRETTY GOOD.

I sat beside a nice lady that was knitting. Hubby was behind me in the chair.

They called my name again and I staggered to the door. I was already feeling the woozy effects. The nurse had to hold my arm on the way back to room #4. I got settled, the Dr. numbed me up really well. The shots of novacaine REALLY hurt. Then he started pulling teeth. After all 20 were gone, he stuffed my new denture teeth into my mouth and I was ready to go. Hubby took me out to the truck and I fell asleep on the way home. He stopped to get burgers in Rathdrum on the way home.

Hubby unloaded all the stuff while I fed the dogs their burgers. Then I took a hot bath, after getting out of tub, I sat in chair with ice packs all nice. Watched episode of The Americans. Bleeding stopped about an hour after we got home. Swelling was already going down.

Went to bed at 10:00pm.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kneading Bread


Hubby got up insanely early this morning. I think he was already downstairs by 6:00. He said he forgot to load parts into truck, so he had to get going early. Rolling out of bed, I dragged myself downstairs to make breakfast sandwich for hubby, make eggs for dogs.

After letting Isabelle out to potty once, hubby ran down to the shop to load his parts. In the meantime, Isabelle decided that RIGHT WHEN I WAS COOKING, she had to go out AGAIN! So I had to drop everything and open the door for her.

Hubby came back after breakfast was made. He hugged me & the dogs then left.

I cleaned up after breakfast. Then made my own juice & tea.

Lil Bit ran around outside a little while, panting. It was very odd. He refused food (bits of chicken I had cooked for dogs) and just kept running around insanely. I will have to discuss with vet...

Got the laundry & dishes going.

Called Flawless Salon, talked to Ashley & made an appointment for my eyelash extensions in May. Another girl called back from the Salon and said that she does not do this procedure; the girl is named Stephanie and she moved over to Lather Salon.

Washed my hair, dryed it, and straightened it. The Brazilian Blowout is doing really well so far.

I got my Sourdough Starter out and started making bread with it. Kneaded for quite a while, then put it in a bowl back in the warm bathroom so than it can rise.

Later, I vacuumed the house. Especially the upstairs. Yuck. I really need to get in the carpet cleaners again. It is so depressing having so much snow around still. Need to clean windows first, then call carpet cleaners.

I am noticing that the weight is starting to come off. I am able to get into clothes that were quite tight before. I am not embarrassed to look at myself in the mirror anymore...

Talked to Julie and made appointment for another Brazilian Blowout in May; also talked to Esthetician at Lather that does the eyelash extensions. Made appointment for May.

Bread had been rising enough, so decided to bake it at 5:00.

I vacuumed downstairs & upstairs. It was really dirty upstairs. Need carpet cleaned for Spring.
Hubby worked another 2 hours OT.

The bread came out awful. Will have to cultivate the Starter with a little bit of yeast.

Hubby had dinner at 7:30. He ate the leftover brats & sauerkraut.

We watched Cougar Town, History of Potatoes, & Making of Penguin Empire at SeaWorld; then we went to bed at 10:00.

Isabelle got up on the couch with hubby. Probably one of the last times she will ever do that.

 Isabelle on the Couch with Daddy

Paid off American Express bill. Yippee.

I cleaned out hubby's ears tonight. Yuck.

Have to get up early tomorrow to be at dentist by 7:45AM.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Monday


1/3 of the way through my Juicing Diet. 20 days down, 40 days to go. I feel very good.

Got up this morning and made breakfast sandwich for hubby; made eggs for dogs.

It was really cold again this morning. Only 24 when we got up.

Hubby left for work driving the Excursion. All the dogs lined up to say goodbye.

Isabelle had to go outside several times this morning, the last time I caught her vomiting so I went outside and helped wipe her mouth and held her. She came inside and went upstairs to sleep.

It does not look like the deer ate very much of the food.

Dogs slept outside in the sunshine.

Isabelle, Maggie, Bud

Hubby worked late.

We watched Archer & How I Met Your Mother (2nd to last episode ever).

Went to bed at 11:00. I was SO tired.

When we were in bed, Ben decided to get in and out of bed with Maggie. Maggie decided to growl & bark at Ben because he kept disturbing her in bed.

Isabelle had a cough/gagging attack. We thought she was having a stroke, but she calmed down.

Lil Bit went outside to bark. Ben went outside to bark. I got up at 11:45 to go potty. I need to cut back on drinking water.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Deceptively Cold Sunday


Maggie & Lil Bit came to wake me up this morning. Hubby had already gotten out of bed because he could not sleep. He was trying to sleep downstairs on the couch.

Snuggled with Maggie for a little while on the bed. Then I made the beds and came downstairs to make breakfast for hubby. I tried the recipe found on the Kraft website; Cheesy Morning Pizza. Three (3) eggs, Bacon, Tomatoes, Shalliots, Cheese, on Olive Oil brushed Wheat Dough.

In The Oven

 Yummy Cheesy Morning Pizza

Hubby said that it was delicious! Dogs got their regular eggs along with their pills for breakfast.

We took dogs to park for walk after getting a latte in town for hubby. The sun was shining, but it was deceptively cold. At 37 degrees it felt like a bitterly cold 20 degrees!

After our walk, we drove to Bayview to feed the ducks. Quite a lot of ducks, but they were scared of any movement from us.

Drove back the long way around Bayview. Then came home and unloaded dogs. Hubby watched Top Gear for a while then cleaned out the fish tank. I went to feed the deer. We took Benjamin into town with us to get honey. It was a treat for him not going any place yesterday with daddy.

Came back & hubby watched more Top Gear. I forced him to take a Tramadol for pain. His back & shoulders have been hurting, but he refuses to take time to get an appointment at the Chiropractor.

I ordered a Margaret Dabbs Foot File from Bath & Unwind today. Shipping from UK.

Still working on feeding my Sourdough Starter.

I cooked more chicken breasts for the dogs.

Hubby sat on the couch looking thru the internet for prices on parts that he needs.

We watched the 2nd-to-last episode of The Walking Dead at 6PM.

The deer did not come tonight and I was very anxious because they have been coming every night promptly at 7PM. I hope they did not run into trouble.

Later we watched the new shows, Resurrection and Believe.

I made hubby soak his feet in warm water. Then I rubbed lots of cream into his feet. He thought this felt very good.

I chose bedtime at 10:30. Hubby stayed on the couch until much later. I woke up about midnight and he had fallen asleep on the couch. He turned off the tv and came to bed.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Coyote In The Park


Lil Bit got into bed with us around 6:30. We slept until 8:30. Yippee.

I got up and made breakfast for hubby. Made eggs for dogs. Hubby just HAD to have hashbrowns on his sandwich. My hashbrowns come out weird. I need to watch YouTube again to find out what I am doing wrong.

Then we loaded dogs into Excursion and went into A-town to get hubby a latte. All the dogs had to bark at dogs in town.

Walk in Farragut Park. Dogs wanted to sniff more than they wanted to walk...We saw a coyote in the park. He was hunting for food. Saw him again when we drove down to Bayview to feed the ducks. Saw the coyote AGAIN on the way back thru the park driving home.

I added more flour & water to my Sourdough Starter.

At home, I did my makeup while hubby took my car to get fuel, air up the tires, check all the fluids.

I am going to my nail appointment. Got my nails & toes done at 12:15 with Rhonda. Afterwards, I stopped at McDonalds for dog burgers.

Got home around 3:30. Gave burgers to dogs. Hubby got home around 4:00PM. He stayed home the rest of the night. He was tired & did not want to work in shop.

He watched his Automotive Shows all afternoon.

I made popcorn for him so he could snack while watching his shows.

Absolutely nothing interesting to watch on tv Saturday nights. Boo.

The deer started coming at 6:00PM, the first group had 3 older deer & 2 little babies.

Then the group of 3 that came at 7:00PM were only 2; I think they might have lost one. They looked really depressed.

We went to bed at 10:00.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sourdough Starter


Lil Bit jumped up on Maggie's bed to sleep with her last night. Ben joined the dog bed, too.

Later, Ben came in to our room to sleep on the floor.

Hubby was up in the middle of the night to let Isabelle outside. He said Lil Bit was sleeping on the floor in Maggie's room, so he brought him into our bed to sleep.
I got up at 6:30 because hubby had hit the snooze button. Made breakfast while hubby made the bed.

Put together a couple Roast Beef Sliders for hubby with onion & gravy on them. Yum. Along with his breakfast sandwich for morning snack. Dogs got their eggs & pills.

Hubby left and I did not have much to do. Did laundry & dishes.

At 9:15, I called Northwoods Vet to let them know that Benjamin is doing much better with his feet & chin. The sores have all healed up this time.

It was only 22 when we got up this morning. By 10:15, it was only 28 degrees. The sun is shining, tho.

I am forbidden by hubby to make any more food. He says that he has too much to eat.

Bud, Isabelle, and Maggie walked down to the mailbox with me after I filled the deer feeders. Brought the mail back home.

My Sourdough Starter arrived in the mail today! I immediately read the directions and started mixing. Yippee! A week from now I should have sourdough bread!

The deer came at 7:00 to feed; the same 3 deer that have been coming lately!

Hubby worked OT for 2 hours. He got home at 7:00. Stopped down at the shop to load some parts for a guy. Then he had dinner and watched tv with me for a while.

We went to bed at 10:00. I recorded Hannibal to watch it tomorrow.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bronco Sold & Boat Slip Rental


We woke up when Ben & Maggie came into our room on hubby's side of bed to wake us up. What sweet dogs.

Lil Bit was lifted onto our bed by Hubby so that I could get snuggle time with him before getting up.

Then after dressing, I went downstairs to start breakfast. Made sandwich with hashbrowns for hubby. Burnt my left thumb on the hot plate from the microwave. Made eggs for the dogs. Hubby gave the dogs their pills.

I also made roast beef sandwiches for hubby. The roast beast just fell apart in your hands it was so tender! Smells delicious. Loved sleeping with that smell last night.

After hubby left for work, I made chicken breasts for puppies.

 Lots of chicken for dogs

 At Noon, Curtis came to buy the white Bronco. He brought a kid with  him. His son? I have never met Curtis before. He is a nice guy. Joked with me. Bud came down to the shop with me after detouring off into the woods. I stopped to get the mail after we were done with unloading stuff out of the Bronco from the Puyallup show.

Bronco Sold

The FED-EX guy came at 2:00. I finally got the chance to give him the Xmas bonus & card with candy cane. He was appreciative and said thank you.

Maggie came outside with me at 3:00 to fill the deer bowls with food. She wandered off into the woods.

Gravy from scratch

I made home-made scratch gravy from the pot roast drippings. Then I cut up and prepared the strawberries. Found a recipe online for shortcake and made that at 4:00.

Strawberries from Costco


It started snowing/hailing at 5:00. Lil Bit was outside and got snowed upon.

Lil Bit does NOT have dandruff

Hubby got home at 6:30 and I had a plate of food for him. Had made egg noodles and put the roast beef stew on top of it. Yum.

 Roast Beef Stew with Egg Noodles

We went down to Bayview along with Benjamin (a treat because I had taken Bud down with me at Noon to meet Bronco buyer; I had taken Maggie out later with me to feed the deer) to see the boat slip that hubby wanted to rent for this year. While I walked Ben in the FREEZING temperatures and slight wind blowing, Hubby met Phil at the smoky bar. When hubby came out, we went over to measure the slip and found that the one he rented is too narrow. The marina is supposed to have electricity installed by June. Hope this is not a lie.

On the drive home, there was a deer crossing the road just out of Bayview. We drove slowly the rest of the way. Got whipped cream at Athol Mini Mart for hubby's strawberries. They did not have any heavy whipping cream because I was going to make my own whipped cream.

Strawberry Shortcake

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DENTIST & dentures


Got up and made egg sandwich with bacon & ham featuring hashbrown on ciabatta bread for hubby.

Made eggs for dogs with hashbrowns.

By 8:30 we were driving over to Spokane on Trent to go to Dentist - Affordable Dentures.

We checked in by 9:15 and saw lots of people waiting. Talked to a couple people that were there. Waited until 11:00 before I was finally called in. The first appointment as a consultation is by walk-in only. They took my full circular x-rays and I explained that I wanted all my teeth out and needed upper & lower dentures. The Dr Bill wanted to give me a partial only and leave some teeth. Said I only have 3 cavities? I told him I wanted them all out; had thought long & hard about this. Need to be proud of my smile. Not embarrassed. My parents hated their partials.

So Dr capitulated. I made appointment to have teeth extracted.

Paid $80 for the x-rays which was really reasonable.

We drove to Big R to get dog food, deer food, bird seed.

Then drove to Don & Lucille's to drop off axles. After giving Lucille a card for her son, we talked for a while.

We stopped over by Allen's to see him. Talked to him about 30 minutes. He was there with a friend.

Then we washed the Excursion at the Car-Wash on Division. Vacuumed it out.

Drove to Costco to get groceries. Forgot to use our rebate checks! Hubby ate snacks all the way thru the store. He found some good fish sticks he liked. He bought them. I found some Gluten-Free flour that I picked up and want to try for bread. Also found some Quinoa & Brown rice. Will try this to see if it is good.

Gluten Free Flour

On the way out of Costco, hubby paid for groceries while I ordered him a hot dog with pop & a beef brisket southern style with coleslaw.

Hubby ate the hotdog in the truck. Saved beef sandwich for dinner.

We then drove to Cabela's to get hubby new boots. He found some Keen's he really liked. He wore them out of the store he loved them so much!

New boots

Keen Steel Toe work boots
meat sticks

Also found the meat sticks at Cabela's that our son-in-law loves. We bought some for dog snacks.

We stopped in Rathdrum to get dog bones, beef & honey at Stein's. Then we got burgers for the dogs. Almost forgot to get burgers, had to turn around and get them!

At home we unloaded groceries & put them away. Hubby went to see Chad with some parts while I made a pot roast in the crock pot.

Pot Roast in Crock Pot

Hubby came back at 8:00pm and fed the deer. Watched The Americans and CSI Las Vegas. We went to bed at 11:00.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So Far, So Good


Woke up exhausted again today. Dragged myself out of bed. This is a feeling like from before my gallbladder was removed and I was exhausted all the time. Hope it doesn't stay this way.

Got up and made breakfast sandwiches for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby left. It was cold outside. 27 and frost on the ground. I want winter to GO AWAY. I need some warm sunny days again.

Did the dishes & laundry.

By noon it was getting warmer...and 3:00 it was 45 degrees. The dogs have been sleeping out in the sun for last couple hours.

 Maggie in the sun on the deck

Maggie & Bit on the deck

I made bacon. The house smelled very good for a while.

Soaked my feet in the Heated Foot Massager for a while. Put cream on them.

Isabelle had to go out for potty several times today. I went outside with her and filled the deer food. Obviously our deer have come back!!!

While I was outside, I also picked up the electrical extension cords in the circle driveway.

Hubby came home at 6:30PM after working OT.

He went down to the shop to repair a couple rear-ends.

While he was gone, I made hashbrowns, eggs, and cheese for the dogs.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Time to Change My Picture


Got up and made breakfast for hubby. After he left, I dragged myself around trying to do chores.

Today was rainy & cloudy. Some clouds peeked thru later.

I was so exhausted all day today. Could not sleep. I think my sleep is interrupted for some reason.

Sunday, March 16, 2014




So we managed to sleep until 8:30am, with Lil Bit repeatedly scratching at the bed & begging to be let up.

I got up and made french toast & eggs for hubby. He requested the french toast. Meanwhile, his friend Chad called and wanted to stop by to load up a rear-end. So hubby quickly ate a little & fed the dogs their eggs & pills, then rushed out the door to help Chad.

We drove thru A-town barking at all the dogs in town so that we could get a latte for hubby.

Went to the park (the East side horse side is open) and walked the dogs on the east side! Too much snow to walk to the gun range.

We saw a gaggle of about 80 turkeys crossing the road in the park! It was hilarious! They walked single file and hubby stopped the truck from about 60 feet away so we could watch. It seemed like they would never end. More turkeys kept coming...and more...and more! 

There was a beautiful Blue Bird in the park. We were too far away, but I tried to take a picture. You can barely see him in the picture. He was such a vivid blue. So pretty for Spring.

blue bird

Came back home and unloaded dogs. Another guy was here to look at hubby's Bronco parts so he went down to the shop from 11:30 to 12:30.

While hubby was gone, I made more sausage patties for him. Added long grain & wild rice to the chicken crock-pot mix.

When hubby returned from the shop, he took Bud, Isabelle, & Ben to the dump with him.

After hubby came back yet again, he cut the toe panel for our french windows. The other had split & broken so we have been without one all winter.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mostly Saturday


Already 12 days into juicing! Feel so good.

Got up at midnight to potty; then brought Lil Bit back into bed with me. Hubby and I both slept until 8:30. What a great morning.

Then I got up and made breakfast sandwich for hubby and eggs for dogs. We got going with all the dogs in the Excursion. Picked up a latte for hubby in A-town.

Drove to Sandpoint for bee-keeping seminar. Must have been over 100 people in a dark dingy back room of Co-Op. Guy that was doing the seminar wandered around his subject. We got out of there after 5 minutes.

Picked up groceries at Walmart. Got Arby's burgers for dogs. Stopped at State Park on the way back to walk dogs.

Started raining on way home.

Unloaded & put away groceries at home.

Hubby went to shop to work around 2PM. I made crockpot chicken for dogs. Also made grilled chicken in Yoshida's sauce for dogs.

Did laundry. Exercised.

Friday, March 14, 2014




Got up and was very tired. But I had gotten a dead sleep's rest from midnight onwards. At midnight I got up and pottied, then carried Lil Bit upstairs with me. He slept with us for the balance of the night.

Made hubby's breakfast sandwich with the sausage patties & bacon in the eggs. Dogs had their eggs with pills.

Ben's feet are getting better! Yippee.

Hubby left for work and Isabelle went out to potty. I am surprised that she got up this early!

It started raining around 8:00AM. Dreary day.

Dogs are sleeping, having their mid-morning nap.

I paid bills.

Then I fried up the ground "Bison" meat for the dogs.

Hubby came home after working Overtime.

He had dinner that I made; Beer Brats on toasted buns with Sauerkraut, applesauce.

Went to bed at 11:00 after watching another weird episode of Hannibal.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Cooking Day


Got up early around 4:30 and brought Lil Bit back to bed with me. Hubby woke me up. I went down to make breakfast sandwich for hubby & eggs for dogs.

Did laundry & dishes after hubby left.

It got warmer in the afternoon, so I opened the doors for the dogs. They slept outside in the sun.

Later in the afternoon after thawing out the meat, I grilled chicken breasts for the dogs.

Then I grilled Brats in a pan for the dogs. They loved those.

I also made the Jimmy Dean sausage into nice flat patties for hubby's egg sandwiches. 

The friend-donated ground "Bison" that hubby brought home was put out to thaw.

Hubby called at 6:00 and wanted "flat noodles", so I made egg noodles for him. He was whining that we had no meat, but I had made the sausage patties for him. I told him he could have those.

We need to get a lot of hamburger for the freezer. Hubby always decides at the last possible minute what he wants so it can't be thawed. Oh, well.

High of 53 today. The dogs enjoyed the wonderful weather by sleeping outside.

 Lil Bit is adorable!

 Lil Bit in the shade; He gets SO hot in the sun

 Bud & Isabelle in the sun

Bud really likes to stretch out

We watched the new Big Bang Theory episode. There was also a new episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Went to bed at 11:00 after the news.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014



We are still struggling in coming to terms with Daylight Savings Time. It seems too early to go to bed at night; Too early to get up in the morning. At 5AM, I got up to potty and brought Lil Bit up to bed with me. He has still not stabilized to the new time and relies on his internal clock to wake him up and come with us to bed.

So we got up at 6:15AM, and hubby thought I was going to sleep late. He kept yelling at me when I was already out of bed!

Made eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

We watched a MURDER show on tv; one of those reality narratives from ID (Investigation Discovery) channel.

Hubby left for work. The deck was icy again. It was only 27 degrees.

Kootenai Electric idiots spent all morning outside digging up the pole again. Dogs barked at them for a while.

By 11:00 it was only up to 37 degrees. Quite a chilly day. But the sun is shining.

I did dishes & laundry.

Called to get appointment at dentist. They said drop in from 9:30-11:30 M-F for consultations; no appointment needed.

KEC turned off our power at 1:00PM. It was off for over 45 minutes.

My Lancome order came via UPS today with my Free Spring bag.

I texted Rhonda so I could make an appointment for nails.

By 3PM, it was already 55 degrees. I compared with hubby and KRN. We had the high temp today! It was so warm that I opened the doors to air out the house again. The dogs loved going out on the other deck.

I had enough energy to exercise for an hour on my elliptical! Oh, Happy Day. Got my energy back finally.

#3 came up to the house to get the Dodge with the rear-ends in them. He took it down to the shop.

Hubby was working OT tonight at Wolf Lodge, so he did not make it home by 5pm. He also stopped and got our comforter from the Dry Cleaners. He finally got home about 6:45PM and then we loaded dogs up quickly in the Excursion and took them for a walk in the park. It was getting dark, Bud got to go Wild Dog & ran after some deer. We were scared he would bolt after them into the road, but he was a good dog and came back when we called.

Loaded the dogs up again and drove home. Hubby dropped me & the dogs off at home while he went down to the shop to work for a while.

I watched the new episode of The Americans.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Got up at normal time. Lil Bit is behind schedule because of Daylight Savings Time. So, he thinks it is 5:30 and it actually 6:30 now. So when he came up to get into our bed, it was time to get up. Poor little guy.

Made breakfast sandwich for hubby. Eggs for dogs. Hubby watched news this morning with us while he got dressed.

It was cold this morning and cold last night. Have to leave heat on tonight to sleep.

Did dishes and laundry after hubby left.

Vacuumed rugs.

The sunshine came out around Noon.

Made chicken breasts for dogs.

By 3PM, it was about 44 but still severely cold. I did open one of the doors to air out the house.

Monday, March 10, 2014



Slept late because hubby came home last night at 3AM.

Got up at 11AM and made breakfast. Eggs sandwich for hubby. Only 3 eggs for puppies cause we were running low.

Dressed, and put collars on dogs. It was raining and still cold, so we decided to walk in the afternoon if it was warmer. Drove to Sandpoint and got dog food  at Big R. Took Bud in with us. Everybody loved on him. We looked at the chicks they had under warm lights in the store. Got 3 small free bags of dog food. Bought the Grain-Free Boar dog food. Ben really likes it.

Got a piece of flooring at Home Depot. Then grocery shopped at Wal-Mart. Talked to a really odd cashier when checking out. While we were inside Wal-Mart, it started SNOWING!

Stopped at Arby's to get beef sandwiches for the dogs. Hubby had 2 fish sandwiches. He only ate one. Drove back. On the way, we stopped at the Post Office to see if they had eggs, but old man there said no chickens have been laying over the winter.

Arrived in Athol timely for Ben's vet appointment at 3:15. Took Maggie in to get her toenails trimmed. Couple women walked in to weigh their dogs and we had to wait until they left to bring our dogs inside.

Vet decided to increase dosage of antibiotics & steroids for Ben's furnicles in order to blast the infection out of his system.

While hubby loaded dogs, I paid in cash.

It had quit raining by now, but there were still clouds out. We decided to go walking anyway.

Then we took dogs to the park and walked them in the camping area. Isabelle got tired, so we put her in the Excursion and continued our walk with the rest of the dogs thru the other camping area.

Got back and hubby had dinner. I changed clothes & put away groceries that he had carried inside. We watched tv for the rest of the night. New episode in the finale of HIMYM, new show BELIEVE.
Watched recording of RESURRECTION and WALKING DEAD that hubby missed on Sunday night.

Sunday, March 09, 2014



Puppies were nervous & anxious that daddy was not home, so they barked at EVERY little thing from 11:30PM to 2:00AM.

They finally came back inside and settled down. Lil Bit wanted to get up and sleep with me.

Got up at 7:30, had to set forward all the clocks due to Daylight Savings Time (DST). So actually, I got up at 8:30. Ugh. That means we have to get up earlier on Monday morning. No sleeping late for us!

Dogs are bored & want Summer to come soon!

Bud on his back

Lil Bit

I made them breakfast eggs and gave them their pills.

Fed the fish.

Did dishes & laundry.

Then I laid down on the couch to take a nap.

It rained when I woke up. I texted hubby for a while.

Sunshine came out around 3:00PM.

Saturday, March 08, 2014



At 3:15AM, we hop out of bed and I make hubby 4 breakfast sandwiches so he can share with the guys. While hubby is giving the dogs their pills with eggs, I clean up. Isabelle is let outside so she can potty. The other dogs go out on their own.

Afterwards, hubby says goodbye and we squishy dog Benjamin. The other dogs are sleepy.

Turn on the heat to 68 because it is freezing. I go back up to bed and am warmly cozy in bed by 4am.

However, Lil Bit decides to bark at something moving outside. All the other dogs tear out on to the front deck and bark also.

After they settle down, Lil Bit comes upstairs and I have to pick him up so he can sleep with me. We sleep until 9:45! Blessed sleep.

Get up and make juice breakfast.

Make Kale Chips, watch TV, do the dishes, do the laundry. Do more dog laundry. Put away laundry.

Friday, March 07, 2014



Still warm. Most of the snow is disappearing quite quickly. But it is a muddy, mucky, awful mess outside. The dogs come in with wet, muddy paws.

Got up late and made hubby his breakfast sandwich. Then made eggs for dogs.

Hubby quickly left.

I did laundry & dishes.

KEC turned out our power at 10:00 just while I was taking a hot bath. I notified them by their phone response. A girl called me and said that it was a planned outage and the electricity would be back on by 12:00.

I was thoroughly bored. Nothing to do until then.

At 11:45 electricity came back on.

I fed treats to the dogs.

Made appointment for Ben to go into Vet on Monday.

Made phone calls to NW Specialty Hospital billing and talked to Cindy; she said she would call back after checking EOB online. Then Janey called back & explained they were appealing the denial. It was hospital's responsibility to get pre-authorization. When I was transferred from Immediate Care to the Hospital, somebody messed up. The appeal may take 3 weeks.

Hubby came home after working 1.5 hours OT. He had to stop at Holman Sr's house to pick up money from Holman Jr.

He made dinner and sat on couch to watch tv for a while. At 9:00 I made him get up and pack a suitcase. We went to bed at 11:00 after watching yet another weird Hannibal.

Thursday, March 06, 2014



Warmer temps today. Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby. I put his sandwich in the Sandwich Maker & grilled it. Hubby said that he really likes it warmed up like that.

Made eggs for dogs. Have been putting ham & bacon in eggs for dogs.

Ben's feet are getting worse. I will call Vet today & make appt. Hubby said he has infection on his chin from Lil Bit biting him.

I did laundry & dishes; then passed out on the couch for a 20 minute quick nap.

Did vacuuming.

Hubby came home after 1 hour OT; we watched shows, The Big Bang Theory / Parks & Rec; hubby went down to shop at 9PM to load axles onto trailer for this weekend's automotive show in Puyallup. I watched new Grey's Anatomy; then went to bed at 10:00. Hubby came home at 10:15.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Just Another Wednesday


Got up and it was already warm. About 39 degrees. The snow is melting and it is raining.

Made breakfast sandwich for hubby; made eggs for dogs.

Hubby left for work.

I fed fish, washed clothes & did dishes.

Made grilled chicken for the dogs.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Sun Also Shines


Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby; then made eggs for dogs.

Hubby took a long time getting ready this morning.

He left the door open and all the dogs escaped. I yelled at him that the dogs could have gotten run over. Ben was going for the road with Lil Bit right behind him.

I was exhausted from the stupid pill and slept for over 45 minutes after hubby left.

I did laundry & dishes. I then washed all the dog bedding.

Did vacuuming.

High of 41 degrees and the sun shine finally came out today!

Monday, March 03, 2014



Warmer today when we got up; it was already up to 21 degrees.

I made egg sandwich for hubby; he went out to start up the Excursion. He decided that he needed 4WD to drive into work today. There was 4 more inches outside this morning. Hubby shoveled off the back deck.

Hubby left for work at 7AM.

I took a nap. Still sleepy from sleeping pill.

Around noon, it started snowing again. I shoveled off the front deck.

Joe Jr came over to plow the driveway.

About an hour later, the snow fell off the roof; now there is a 3 foot pile of snow on the side deck. Hubby will have to come home and shovel that off because it is too heavy for me.

At 3:30, it finally stopped snowing. We probably got another 5 inches of snow today.

Hubby worked 2 hours OT; he finally came home around 7pm. He shoveled off the back deck, then went down to the shop to help Dave R get his truck out.

Around 8pm, hubby was back and we watched HIMYM then Archer.

Hubby and I both shoveled the front deck & side deck. The side deck had over 4 foot of snow on it from the roof.

We went to bed at 11PM.

Sunday, March 02, 2014



Got up after a restless night. My arms went numb during the night. Lil Bit & Ben & Maggie barked at snow sliding off roof at 2AM. At 5AM, Lil Bit came upstairs to get into bed with us.

At 7:30, the dogs were waking up and came into our bedroom to wake us up. Ben jumped on the bed with us.

9 degrees this morning. Brrrr.

Got up and made eggs for hubby. He added potatoes to them.

Dogs got their vitamins & pills.

We waited until 10:30 to go for dog walk. Temperature finally came up to 15. Watched State Fair on tv until time to go. What a horrible movie. We bundled up with lots of winter wear. I wore my sweatshirt & fur coat.

Stopped in Athol to get lattes. Salted caramel 20 oz. Had the barista make them EXTRA hot so they would still be warm after our dog walk.

Went to park to walk. Walked on road leading to the Frisbee area.

After walk, we stopped in Athol to get mozarella for baked spaghetti, mailed envelopes at post office & dropped off payment at Victory Auto Parts.

Came home and hubby shoveled off back deck; then he took Maggie & Isabelle with him in the Dodge to the dump. Lots of garbage piled up from the last 3 weeks.

I put the spaghetti in pan, put on sauce & cheese. Put in oven to bake.


Hubby returned home from the dump & shoveled off the front deck.

We tried to watch Thor on Google Chromecast, & ordered Netflix, but it would not work with slow internet connection. Boo. Waste of money.

Ordered Thor: The Dark World on our pay per view.

Hubby shoveled the decks around 9:00PM. There was about 10 inches of snow outside.

I took a bath. Went to bed at 10:00.

Saturday, March 01, 2014




in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Woke up to 9 degree weather. Brr. Cold. With the wind blowing, it felt like much colder. Wind cuts like a knife. Isabelle does NOT want to go outside for potty.

Hubby woke up sick still. He did not go down to the shop today.

I made him French Toast with strawberries and a side of bacon. Also made his egg sandwich. Made eggs for dogs.

 Hubby's Valentine's day present for me finally arrived today

Hubby sat on the couch watching his recorded car shows and almost fell asleep.

At 1:30, we left to go for my nail appointment.

Rhonda had finally gotten her divorce. Snow started coming down & wind was BLOWING HARD. Had drifts already! We never get wind like this...

At 3:30, hubby picked me up; got malts at Dairy Queen; they were AWFUL. Hubby had already picked up burgers for dogs.

We got groceries for the Big Blizzard at Stein's in Rathdrum; wind was bitterly cold. Wind chill factor of -8 degrees F. Brrrr.

Drove home and unloaded dogs. Gave them their burgers.

Watched THOR on tv.

Went to bed at 10:00.