Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diggin Up A Bone

What a dirty dog. He dug up an old knuckle bone and wanted to bring it inside.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Take Note

A. Got my new sweaters from American Eagle in the mail. Kelsey was jealous even though I let her feel the exquisite softness - she is feeling a bit under the weather.
B. Rain


1. Went to Post Falls High School Craft show. As I have been to so many exhibits like this in my lifetime, it takes something quite exotic & new to affect my jaded appetite. There wasn't a lot there that appealed to me. It was quite fun walking around getting to spend quality time with the hubby & daughter.
2. There was an angel selling Cappuccino Fudge at the craft fair. Oh what heavenly delights. After sampling all she had, I finally decided upon the best of concoctions - a combination of coffee & chocolate.
3. Viewing more Open Houses - Kelsey thinks she finally found THE home.
4. Kelsey begged me to teach her to crochet after seeing a rag rug. Picked up fabric at Lyle's downtown.
5. Rain

a.Worked on our crochet projects. Kelsey is going to town on hers.
b.Kelsey took me into town to get a latte - also groceries at Spirit Lake.
c. Bravo watches rain moving along the Jeep windows.

1.Bravo bravely sat in the chair this morning by the window & was on "guard dog duty". See photo.
3.Kelsey made potato soup.
4.Washed Isabelle after dinner.
5.Celebrated Veteran's Day

Friday, November 07, 2008

Snew 2008

It SNEWED yesterday! Rain mixed with snow enough to give us a layering on the ground. However, it disappeared overnight as it continued to rain. The showers are to continue all the way through Sunday according to the weather resources. I caught this pic early in the morning to show the gorgeous sunrise.

Bravo has caught Isabelle's sleep patterns. He slept almost the entire day on Thursday. I exercised on the elliptical while Kelsey watched tv & baked all day. She made wonderful cookies & cake. Yum.

Greg had to go to Harrison to do an emergency cut over with the CZTs; then on the way home, he stopped at Papa John's to get a delicious Zesty Italiano pizza. Along with garlic breadsticks. We are truly spoiled.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New Regime

All I can say is thank goodness that we have a new regime. It gives me hope that maybe the democrats have a shot. President-elect Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Chicago inspired me with optimism. It is my wish that the next 4 years will be better than the last 8. America is not the sum total of its bumbling, inefficient, dim-witted former lame-duck president. I can only express the disappointment that other countires might have mis-judged us when we as a nation are seen through our previous elected officials.

My son is proudly serving in Iraq for his 2nd deployment. The desire to see a quick end to this useless conflict which has taken the lives & health of so many young people is uppermost in my mind with the new incoming presidential cabinet. I don't agree with the war, but I do SUPPORT the soldiers that are serving.

Other concerns that are at the forefront of the new administration will be to address the overwhelming greed & deceit that a certain few have demonstrated to immerse the entire country & world into a debacle of the economic present. It is long past time to stop CEOs, banks, insurance companies & financial institutions in their tracks from abusing the power they were entrusted with by their shareholders. Enough is enough.

Upon arising to a wet, cold morning...I had a certain song running through my head. Neil Diamond's Holly Holy was on a continuous loop knocking on the back of my brain! (probably because I watched Saving Silverman the other day. Long Live Neil Diamond!) So while making breakfast & lunch this morning, I popped in the album September Morn...which does not have the fore-mentioned song. But it did have The Shelter of Your Arms, which is a tune that always brings me to tears.

Dragging the hubby out into the living room, we slow danced/swayed to the music. Until our daughter stomped up the stairs to turn down the volume. Damn kids. Always interrupting a romantic moment!

Bravo was under/around/beside me in the kitchen smiling & happy as he always is in the mornings. Isabelle hears him and comes down from her sleepy-slumber to play for a while...snark at him while for even attempting to take up my time...and go outside for potty. There is no way that one can remain unhappy with all this nonsense going on around.

Here is a pic of Bravo while he is in the kitchen. His ears have outgrown his body.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Burritos, Barf-olomew, and Boting

Yep. Better get out there and Bote. Vote. I couldn't think of a B-word that would tell everybody to exercise their patriotic duty!

Whether you vote Democratic, Republican or Other party, it will be a fun adventure to run to the polls and mark your choice.

In our case, the clouds are dark, it is raining, dreary & depressing. There are even scattered snow flurries...But we will troop to the local school and cast our ballots.

Of course, don't forget. Vote for the winner!

Sunday we got out of our cave to see a new movie - Max Payne starring Marky Mark. Mark Wahlberg. Not a great movie as we anticipated, but it didn't suck as much as Appaloosa. To waste time prior to the beginning of the movie, we trooped through Old Navy which didn't have anything to interest Kelsey. She also successfully returned two tops to Hollister & in the meantime learned about their seasonal work job interviews.

Stopping at Taco Del Mar, we all indulged in their DeLiCiOuS Mondo Burritos. Please, Please, Please. If you ever have a chance...try one of them. They are fabulous.

After washing her hair and dressing head to toe in Hollister apparel, Kelsey will travel the 60 miles to Spoky-Jo to interview today. Hopefully, she gets the job so that I can use her 20% employee discount on clothes. (I like their sweaters)

While out & about on Sunday, Barf-olomew started spewing. Well, just ONE spew. But he makes this weird gagging sound for about 2-3 minutes before he finally erupts. While driving, Greg put his hand out to catch the barf in the truck while I was dying with laughter in the backseat!

PS-Just now Kelsey called me out to see the newest info-mercial that just sucks us in while sucking our brains out Get Snuggie which is just the lazy person's way of having a "wearable blanket". The kicker is that it comes with a FREE booklight. I'm almost seriously thinking of getting one of these for Greg for Christmas. He'd just look so adorable...NOT. The other info-mercial that K&I can't resist is ShamWow - remember they ARE made in Germany - great German manufacturing - Kelsey wants one SO badly...

I've already got one thing for her for Christmas. It is German manufactured. So, if you are reading this Kelsey...Surprise.

Don't want snow this early, but poor little K is amped to get out on the slopes. I think that her enthusiasm for the white fluffy stuff will die out before we get rid of it all.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Shop

The new shop is done. Here are pics. We are now accepting storage renters. Should be able to sit back in our rockers & watch the money roll in - not!

Friday we ran up to Sandpoint with Kelsey & the dogs to get K's bike fixed; also got some groceries. Greg got the oil changed in the Dodge.

Stopped for a latte for me at Starbucks. Then got roast beast sandwiches for G&K at Arby's - went to the Sandpoint park to eat them. Very beautiful, but overcast.

On the way home, it started to rain.

Friday night Kelsey went to CDA and partied for Halloween with her friends. Hubby & I joked that we needed some time alone. Yeah. right. After I made Apple Brown Betty we both got very sleepy-went to bed late at 2AM. Bravo had to sleep with us. Kelsey stayed in town with her friends.

On Saturday, Greg & I went to get lattes. We got up late - about 830AM. Then Greg worked in the shop & I cleaned house. Isabelle pretty much stayed down in the Dodge at the shop with Greg all day. She is a very lazy dog. Also downloaded some free stuff for National Scrapbooking Day. Which was pretty fun. Kelsey came home later with a headache...hangover! And asked me to make her chicken noodle soup with dumplings. She ate that and went to take a nap. Bravo & I had fun together playing. Then I took lunch down to Chachi & Greg in the shop. By the time I got back, Kelsey was awake again. Isabelle came running back with me from the shop so that she could go up to bed and sleep again...

Dinner tonight was pretty much whatever was left-over.