Sunday, September 30, 2012

Frustrating Day

Got up late after having a troubling night trying to sleep. We had breakfast at 10:00 and took dogs to walk in Farragut Park. Lots of people at the park and we had to walk in a different area. Found a new trail & it took way longer to walk it. Got back to the truck at 12:00.

Came home and hubby met people dropping off their pontoon boat.

Then we got ready to go up to boat to get it out for the season.

I drove the FMF, hubby drove dually & pulled trailer. On the way into the park, hubby discovered that one of the tires locked up and was dragging. Tore off most of the rubber. Had to go back home with trailer. Need to replace tire.

Decided to go up to boat, took FMF up to Sandpoint first to stop at Big R; checked to see if they had a motor for the air compressor for hubby. Got dog food.

On the way back, we realized we had forgotten to leave a vehicle at the park so we could drive home. So did not go to the boat.

Wasted day.

We reprogrammed FMF for the far garage door opener, washed Isabelle, Bud & Bit. Had a fire in the fire pit. Watched Copper & then an old Abbott & Costello movie.

Very tired. Went to bed.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Made breakfast & latte for hubby.

Took dogs for walk at Farragut.

Harriet & Lil Bit had to get shots at Vets at 10:15.

Delivered Red Chevy truck to Sid in Post Falls. Dropped off trailer at CN Diesel. Got groceries at Super 1 in Rathdrum. Picked up burgers for dogs.

Came home & unloaded groceries. Went to bed.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dog Walk Day

In an effort to try to sleep, hubby and I both took Benadryl & Melatonin. We finally slept thru the night & even slept in until 9:30! It was wonderful.

I made hubby breakfast and a latte. Then went for a long dog walk at the park.

I exercised and cleaned house.

Bud came up from the shop and pushed open the gate on the deck. He is getting quite good at doing that!

At 5:00, washed Bud on the deck. He did not like his bath.

We tried to deliver Red truck, but it ran out of gas. Got gas can in my FMF and it spilled gas. It stinks!

Truck still would not start and it was down at the Athol Library parking lot. Hubby took Tim down to drag it home.

At 8:00, hubby came home for dinner.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Worst Nite Ever


We took our normal amount of Melatonin last night so that we could sleep. Hubby came to bed late, as usual.

I had to go potty at 12:30PM.

Lil Bit had diarrhea in the middle of the night; about 2AM. I had to get up to clean it up as it stank up the house.

Opened all the doors & windows, turned the fan on. Hubby got up to go potty.

Back to bed and try to sleep again.

Woke up 2 hours later at 4AM. Wide awake for no reason at all. Then after a long time fell back to sleep again. Woke up at 8AM, totally exhausted.

Hubby is getting no sleep. His heart rate is still abnormally slow.

I cleaned house, did laundry & several loads of dishes.

Exercised & updated

Then left home for my appointment for nails at 3:30. Returned home at 5:30 with cheeseburgers from McD's. Fed Lil Bit & Harriet. Hubby had taken Bud & Isabelle to Sandpoint with him.

Hubby got back around 7:00. Came home. Watched TV  before bed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Busy Couple Days

September 24

All the dogs started barking as soon as we got up. Son in law Matt had come over at 7:30 to work on boat. Made a latte for hubby. Beebo greeted all the dogs, especially Izzy.

Made blueberry & apple/cinnamon muffins for guys down at shop. Matt & Dave R was working on his truck.

I gave bones to the dogs to keep them occupied & happy. Bud & Izzy were down at the shop, but they came back later. I biked down to get the mail. Brought the dogs back with me. Took down the muffins. Beebo buried his bone, but dug it up later to chew on it.

"I Love You, Mommy"

Vacuuming the house later was necessary due to all the bone crack everywhere. Izzy even took her bone upstairs to eat it on the floor & then the bed! Had to wash the bedding to get the mess off of it.

Took Beebo down later to see Matt, Beebo pooped in the woods behind the shop!

Gave hot dogs to the dogs when we got back for treats.

Matt left at 5:42. He got the engine out of the boat all by himself!

Boat Engine on Stand

September 25

Made breakfast for hubby. Eggs, toast, ham, latte. I had an egg with green tea to drink.

I also baked more blueberry/corn meal muffins & apple/cinnamon mufins.

Cleaned the house some more. Vacuumed and swiffered!

Took lunch down to the guys at the shop. Sandwiches, potato salad, & jello.

Bud came down to the house by himself. He just pushed open the gate & walked into the house wearing a big SMILE & wagging his tail. He had already stopped for a drink at the pond!

Exercised some & then baked mesquite chicken breasts.

Harriet & Bit play

Walked the dogs at Farragut Park.

Hubby had mesquite chicken breast, croissant, long grain wild rice, corn-on-the-cob & fruit medley for dinner.

Went to bed early. No FOX channel still on DirectTV. Why can't these idiots settle their puny differences? Don't they care about their customers?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dog Walk Day

A lazy SUNDAY September 23. Got up late and then I made latte for hubby, egg omelette for puppies and us.

We walked dogs at Farragut Park. On the way to the park, we noticed they had installed the overpass on Hwy 54 & Hwy 95.

Overpass on Hwy 54 to Farragut Park

Came home & rested for a while.

I watered plants.

Put away summer stuff for fall.

Hubby put away swamp cooler.

We took Bud in the FMF to get gas in A-town. Then over to Earl's to give his dog the HUGE bone that we bought & the balance of the dog food that we could not use because Bud is allergic. Bud's face is finally starting to heal up.

Drove to Spirit Lake to get groceries. Came home & grilled burgers on grille. Corn on the cob, asparagus, grilled onions.

Watched old movies on TCM then went to bed.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


September 20

Made a latte for hubby and he left for work. Then I did laundry and dishes as usual. Went outside to pick up poo. Took a quick 30 minute nap.

KRN called and said that hubby's work friend had called & said he was in Urgent Care but did not specify where. KRN was freaking out and wondering if it was a crank call. I could not get hubby to text me. No answer from either of his phones; work or personal. I called around to several urgent cares and they did not have anybody admitted. Then hubby called me and said he was at Kootenai Medical Center ER. Then hung up. So I called KRN back and told her. We both left to go to CDA.

Got the ER the same time as KRN. We located hubby. He had been in Post Falls and decided to go to Urgent Care to get his blood pressure checked out as it was feeling pretty high. The doctor there gave him an immediate IV which spouted blood everywhere, then a nitroglycerin pill and morphine. They transported him by ambulance to the ER where he got put on a heart monitor, blood pressure cuff, and another IV there. Kyle was his nurse there, a pretty nice and knowledgeable guy.

While he was having his HEART PROBLEMS in the hospital, the admin staff were so very nice (heavy sarcasm here...) to come get his down payment for deposit on his copay. Fortunately hubby had his credit card and put it on his account. But isn't that pathetic? Give a heart patient something to freak out about... and the stupid bitch even told him that that the 20% was going to be WAY MORE than what she collected - he paid her $200.

I am totally freaking out about what this two day adventure is going to cost us.
Post Care

Kill me now.

Hubby was transported up to the PCU (Progressive Care Unit). Where he had to wait for 1 1/2 hours before a nurse even acknowledged he was there. Kyle had hooked him up to a portable heart rate monitor unit that DID NOT HAVE BATTERIES IN IT!!!

Matt & KRN had gotten lunch at Pita Pit while hubby was transferred from the ER to room 316-1. They found us once they got back.

Our son-in-law had to finally find a nurse to come in the room to acknowledge him. She got batteries for his unit.

KRN & I ran home to get hubby some comfortable pjs & magazines to read while he was in hospital. I made sure the dogs were OK at home. Somebody had shattered a glass mirror in the driveway and there were shards of glass everywhere. The milk of human kindness runs SOUR. I HATE PEOPLE. Once we got back, KRN & Matt left to return home.

Frontier work buddies Matt Z, Waterhouse, Jay, & Don came to visit for a little while in the afternoon.

Ever since he had been admitted, some nurse had come in to take his blood every 90 minutes for testing.

I stayed with hubby until 8:00 and left to return home. Got cheeseburgers for dogs at McDs in Rathdrum.

Dogs Enjoying Burgers

I was so tired that I took a bath after cleaning up when I got home. Fell into bed.

September 21

I got the dogs set up with the AC to turn on as it has been 80-90 degrees. The fires in the local area have also covered our area in smoke. So no fun for the dogs in the past couple days. I hate to abandon them again for another day.

Got up to the hospital by 8:15.

Hubby was very glad I could make it up to see him. Dummy. What else am I supposed to do?

Anyway, he could not order breakfast and could  not even drink water. He was restricted because he was going to take tests later...

Got an Echocardiograph of his heart; I could not photograph it due to bureaucratic restrictions. But it was very interesting to see it beating while we watched.

He was able to take a shower after this with the nurse setting everything up and me helping him while he went into the shower.

Then around 12:30 he went down to take his stress test. He was gone for about 2 1/2 hours.

The nurses freaked out because he was still wearing his remote battery operated heart monitor and it had gone very low. He was actually sleeping while they took a scan of the dye he had injected prioer to the test downstairs. Another nurse came in later to give me the good news that he had done well on his heart stress test & was being brought up in another 30 minutes.

Hubby in hospital bed

Hubby finally came back exhausted. We waited for the test results from the doctor.

The doctor came in around 6:00 to tell us that everything was normal and his blood pressure was back to normal. His cholesterol was normal. His heart rate even tho it was low, was normal. The doctor advised that he would be letting him return home. But that hubby should call in on Monday to schedule a follow up visit with the cardiologist.

Hubby was so hungry that he had ordered dinner while we were waiting to go home.

Finally the Discharge nurse came to give him all his prescriptions, cautions, and info. After removing his IV tube & heart monitor, we got hubby dressed, the orderly wheeled him out of the hospital in a wheelchair and we left around 7:30. 

Stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get burgers for dogs & a salad for me. I was starving.

When we got home, fed the dogs, cleaned up after them, did laundry, unpacked hubby's go-bag, made bean soup.

We went to bed. Both of us exhausted.

September 22

Got up late. I did not sleep very well last night. Need Costco melatonin pills. The Walmart pills do nothing for me. Hubby & I slept until 9am. He was exhausted.

We took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park. Then he went down to shop to find out what had happened while he was gone.

I picked up all the shattered mirror glass in the driveway & swept the drive with a broom. What a mess.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sept 14

Hubby took today off as he was sick. Picked up all the stuff to take over to KRN's tonight. Met them at Red White & Brew 2 and dropped everything off. Still getting everything ready for morning. Went home with them and ate Pita Pit sandwiches. Then went to bed early.

Sept 15

Not good sleep tonight. I slept on couch after Harriet woke everybody up at 2:30 to go outside for potty. Harriet slept above my head, Beebo slept in the dip of the couch, Lil Bit slept at my feet. Bud was behind the couch on his bed. Isabelle slept in the bedroom on the floor with hubby.

Got up at 5:00. Over to the shop a little after 6:00. Kids had already left early. Hubby had to stop at McD's to get a breakfast sandwich to eat.

Helped kids get ready. Blew up balloons. Matt & Hubby went to Lowes & URM around 7:00AM. KRN had a steady stream of cusomers and was helped by her employee Ava.

Met a stray kitty at the stand. Gave him some cream. KRN named him Beans!

I wanted to bring him home, but he looked very well fed and independent. Maybe somebody's cat in the neighborhood. He liked catching mouses by the rocks at the stand.


We left around 10:00. Drove home. Got cheeseburgers for dogs in Rathdrum. And parts at O'Reilley's to fix the Excursion.

Got home and was exhausted. Had lunch. Took naps. Woke up and watched a little television then went to bed.

Sept 16

Made breakfast. Turkey bacon, eggs. Made latte for hubby.

eggs, turkey bacon, sun dried tomatoes

Hubby went down to shop to fix Excursion.  He finished at 10:30. Loaded up dogs & drove to boat. I drove Excursion, hubby drove customer vehicle so we could drop it off at Java Bear latte. Wife of customer picked it up.

We drove to Boat. Took dogs for walk to abandoned house on hill.

Came back to boat. Left dogs on boat while we went to get lunch from Captn's Table. We got salads to-go so we could eat on boat.

Ate on boat. Gave some of it to dogs.

Took another pee walk. Then napped on the boat for an hour. Got up and walked dogs again. Then packed up Excursion to go home.

Drove thru Farragut Park on the way home to see level of water at docks. Took dogs for another walk. Came home and ate dinner. Watched tv, went to bed early.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brrr. Too Cold.

September 13, 2012

Getting colder in the mornings. Last night the dogs got me up 5 times. I also had to take a hot bath due to endometriosis cramps.

I was exhausted when I woke up this morning. Made a latte for hubby & he was on his way to work. Squishy dog Isabelle has been waking up in the mornings to come get a hug from the both of us before hubby leaves.

The dogs took a nap for the next couple hours.

I worked on KRN's stuff for her shop.

It finally got warmer around 11:30. Went to check on mail. Hubby asked to see if UPS had delivered a large box for him; they had.

Hubby got home after 6:00. He brought spray paint for me from Home Depot.

Hubby went down to the shop to work.

very good spray paint

I spray painted some things. Then watered. I took some melatonin at 8:30. I am very tired.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

30 Degrees & Falling


Last night was cold. I had set up the heater in the fish tank, but I really believe they need to come inside this weekend.

It was 30 degrees when we got up at 7AM this morning. Made hubby a latte & he left for work.

I kept working on surprise for KRN's grand opening. Then started to get ready to leave. Gave the dogs their bones so they would have something to occupy them while I was gone. Left at 10 for my appointment at 10:30.

Rhonda got my nails done at 12:30. Got a back & front fill. Shortened the nails. Afterwards, I stopped at McD's for burgers for dogs.

Dogs were very happy to see me home.

I had lunch. Chicken & broccoli. I ordered some jeans off the internet. Need to have something warmer to wear than shorts!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wild Fires & Dust & Keratin Treatment


Can barely breathe because of all the wildfires & dust in the air. Today started out cold and a storm front moved in with dark black clouds. However, instead of raining... it just moved around us. The plants desperately need rain.

I made blueberry muffins with real actual blueberries; also made more turkey bacon.

Worked on KRN's swag for her windows at her new espresso stand.

Hubby came home & worked in the shop for a while.


Made latte for hubby. He went to work.

I worked on swag some more. Got ready to go to Spokane for Keratin treatment appointment with Dominic.

Left home at 12:30 to give myself enough time for drive. I had to park out front & keep feeding the meter as a loading truck had blocked the alley & the parking to the Steam Plant. Arrived at 1:45 in time for appointment at 2:00. Dominic got me right in and started on my hair for the Keratin treatment. KRN got there a little while afterwards because she had to pick up her new granita machine. She brought Dominic an iced latte.

My hair got done and Dominic then cut KRN's hair. It was fun talking to them both.

Dominic cutting KRN's hair

Left at 4:30 and drove back thru Rathdrum. Stopped to get groceries and pick up burgers for dogs.

Hubby worked in the shop until late. I was tired & went to bed shortly after he got home.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hiawatha Trail


Got up at 6:00 so we could meet the kids at Tesoro on Sherman. Put the bikes on the FMF in a bike carrier last night. All our provisions were ready to go in a backpack. Wore jeans & took sweatshirts for the cold ride thru the tunnels. Got gasoline at Tesoro.

Drove to Lookout Pass & used the bathrooms then got our tickets for the bike ride. This was Matt's FIRST ride on the Hiawatha Trail.

Went further up the trail & parked. Started on the ride. Was very fun. Left the cars at about 9:00 and got done around 2:30 with the shuttle bus ride back up & the final ride thru the tunnel.

Kids on the Hiawatha Trail

Last few miles were SO bumpy.

Drove back to CDA. Looked for material at JoAnn's and did not find any. Hubby had to have food, so he got a cupcake at Temptations (not very good plastic tasting frosting) and a wonderful latte at the drive thru of the Beverage Barn. Drove to CN Diesel where he met a kid to pick up payment for parts. Then picked up more parts.

Got cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendy's.

Unloaded car when we got home. Hubby took off the bike carrier. Bikes were slightly muddy.

I fed the dogs cheeseburgers. Hubby went to work. I cleaned the house.

Hubby came home after 11:00 after working at the shop. Took kids down t-shirts. Went to bed.


Went over to Spokane to look at a couple rottweilers. Then decided against them as they were too prey driven. Had lunch at Five Guys Burgers. Dropped material off at seamstress in the Spokane Valley. Dropped off axle at Don's.

Drove to KRN's new espresso stand to measure counter. Somebody had carved "fag" onto her brand new plastic picnic table and she was so upset about it. However, the kids have gotten a lot done already. KRN made her dad a drink. Matt took all the brush he had cleared to the dump.

Red White & Brew Espresso

Hubby and I drove home. Got gasoline at Stateline. And burgers at the McDs there. Drove home the back way.

When we got home, the dogs were ready for a walk. We rested for a while then took them to the park. Saw LOTS of deer in the woods. Izzy was very tired after the walk & barely made it into the house. She is getting more tired all the time. No energy. She is 9 years old now; almost 10. I think she will be going soon.

I went to bed at 10. Hubby finally came to bed at midnight.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Another Acupuncture

Made hubby his morning latte. He is on-call this week for work so he has been driving his work truck home.

Dogs were excited to say goodbye to daddy today.

I washed dishes & did laundry. Made beds.

Then at 1:30 I went into town for my 2:00 Acupuncture appointment.

I am feeling much better going to the Dr. I highly recommend acupuncture for anybody.

Stopped in Rathdrum on the way home to get cheeseburgers for dogs.

The puppies were very happy to have me home.

Hubby came home late as he had an emergency cut cable at work that lasted overtime.

We got our lunch ready for tomorrow. Got the bikes all ready to go. Hubby put the bike rack on the FMF.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Past Midweek


Worked on KRN's curtains. Vacuumed house.

Was very cold in the morning. Finally up to 50 degrees by 8:30. Fall is coming.


Washed hair. Worked on KRN's curtains. Hubby came home and we went up to Sandpoint to pick up parts for him from Tom's Differentials. Then shopped at Big R for dog food. Went shopping at Walmart. Saw a very nice gentleman in the parking lot with a big mastiff named Bogart who had a facial drain for an infection. Talked to the guy a bit about dogs. Picked up Arby burgers on the way home for the dogs.

Put away groceries at home. Hubby fell asleep on the couch. He did not feel well. Then made bruschetta for him in the oven. He got a phone call from a guy that was having problems with his truck about 10:00 at night. Rude people.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day

Got up and made hubby a latte. Made eggs, toast, and sausage for dogs & hubby.

We went on a new walk at Farragut Park with the dogs. Walked for over 1.5 hours. Took water for Isabelle so she did not get dehydrated. Saw a woman on a recumbent bike several times on the same walk.

Came home and all the dogs took a 3 hour nap. We rested by watching a couple movies.

Then went to grocery store in Rathdrum Stein's for groceries. Then to Miller's in Spirit Lake to get asparagus & chicken breasts.

Unloaded groceries at home. Then grilled up everything.

Overall, a very restful day.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

On Boat With Kids

Got up at 7:30 to make latte for hubby and eggs for everybody. KRN made latte for her & Matt.

Kids ate & we packed up to head up to boat. Took Bravo, Bit & Bud.

Got lattes for everybody at Java Bear on the way.

Stopped at Odie's to cancel the Stand Up Paddle Boards because the wind was blowing so bad it was creating 1 foot white cap swells on the water.

Stayed in the slip. Had snacks. Pineapple, mixed nuts, celery. Matt washed the boat. KRN and I walked to Odie's to get her something to drink. Went over to house across from marina to see the garage sale. Kids made lunch. Grilled chicken breasts, asparagus, corn on the cob, potato salad. YUM. I could eat like this every day.

Rocking on the boat was very bad. Lots of swells.

Walked up to the unfinished basement around the edge of the marina & looked at it. Dogs went potty, Bravo went swimming.

Drove home. Stopped for lattes again at Java Bear. Kids left at 5:00 to return to their home.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Saturday Rock Crawl

Huby left at 6:00 this morning after I woke him up. Matt son in law went with him.

KRN and I got up later. I made latte for hubby. We drove to Spirit Lake and got latte at espresso stand for Matt. Took them over to the park.

We drove into town. Washed FMF, went to Lyle's to pick out KRN's espresso t-shirts. Went shopping at Joann's for fabric, window shopping at ULTA, Bed, Bath & Beyond where KRN got measuring cup & I got coffee wall decor for KRN's new shop.

Then we drove home. Picked up t-shirts to take to Rock Crawl because Matt called and wanted some. Rock Crawl was almost done, so we returned home again. Gave the dogs hot dogs for a treat because we forgot cheeseburgers.

Matt came home at 5:00. He and KRN went to Matt's parents for dinner.