Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Intestinal Pain

Was doing pretty good yesterday Tuesday. Got taxes finished up. Was cleaning up around house. Then around 2:00PM, had to take a hot bath because I had cold shivers.

Dragged myself upstairs to bed and called hubby. Told him to come home and take me to hospital. He rushed home with work truck while I was in a delirium of pain.

He had made an appointment for me at local doctor instead. I assume he did not want to pay any more expensive hospital bills! LOL.

When we arrived at the doctor, said that I had infection? I dunno. Anyway, got more antibiotics to combat problem... Now I am SCARED to eat anything else. I have been on a healthy diet & still get pain. Bad bad bad.

Got burgers at McDonalds for dogs. Then a latte for hubby. Came home and I went back to bed while hubby ran into Hayden to look at a truck for repair. When he came back, he stopped at shop to talk with Hippie Mike for a while. I reminded hubby to give Mike his Xmas present (finally)! And to come home to babysit me while I was still ill.

Wednesday. Am still ill and tired. How do you go from feeling great & doing 15 miles per day on an elliptical to barely dragging yourself out of bed?

Took pills with water. Ate a little bit of bread & an apple. Tired. So tired.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Worked all day on filing our taxes. I did not get a chance to exercise and that sucks. It makes me feel awful now. And I did not drink enough today. Too many times to the potty & I don't get anything done!

Hubby felt even worse today, but went in to work anyway. I had to drive him because he is ON CALL this week. He drove home the work truck.

I stopped to get a latte for him and new girl Kathy was working. She is slightly dumb. This is the one that lied and said she had car problems last Friday and never opened.

Anyway, hubby took in to work the pies that I made last week. He said everybody texted him saying "thank you".

Took pie over to Vera & Dave. Vera's teeth are still hurting and Dave was limping around because his back is hurting him. Poor worn out friends!

It alternatively rained, sleeted, and snowed again today. The weather is very odd lately. I had to go out and shovel 1" of snow off both decks again. Poo.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beautiful Day Sunday!

Beautiful sunny day. Hubby was sick with sore throat & ickyness but we managed to visit the park with the dogs for a quick walk around 1:00. Sunny & 52 degrees outside when we went.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parts & Apple Pie

Monday night we packed up ALL the dogs into the Dually and drove to Cheney to drop off a truck. Then Bud & Angus needed a walk, so we started off for KRN's home. But we only got part way there. Hubby came and picked up us. Thank goodness. Because it was cold. Very cold & windy.

KRN & Matt along with Beebo were happy to see us. We stayed for quite a while. Until 8:30 when they go to bed. Tried out their new bed.

Then we left. Stopped at McDonalds for burgers. They got our order wrong, but I went in and they very nicely fixed it. Instead of plain cheeseburgers for dogs, all the burgers had pickes & onions & ketchup & mustard on them.

Drove home. Dogs happy to be home.

Tuesday after work, hubby had to go get parts in Newport. Took Bud & Bit with us in FMF. We were extremely cold again and needed hot drinks. All the latte places were closed so we were forced to get lattes at McDonalds (along with cheeseburgers for dogs). Ick. Horrible. Gross. Never again.

On the way home, we stopped for groceries (milk) at Spirit Lake Millers. Saw huge dog bones in the freezer but hubby would not let me get them. He said dogs would fight over them! Maybe ask for a special one that big for Beebo for Easter gift.

On Wednesday, I made two apple pies for hubby. They were perfect he said! He came home after working late and then went to work in shop until midnight. I went to bed at 10:00, but Lil Bit kept barking at snow.

 Apple Pie

Snowed all night Wednesday and Thursday. Got about 8 HEAVY inches from 9:00 Wed night to 11:00 Thurs morning. I HATE SNOW.

All morning on Thursday I shoveled snow. And shoveled snow. And shoveled more snow.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day Off

Hubby took a day off Saturday from the shop to be with me. And the dogs.

We got up early to let the dogs out, then hubby fell asleep on the couch til 10:00am. He had already made eggs for breakfast and I made french toast for the dogs. Then we shoveled snow off the decks, loaded everybody up and went to get lattes. Also stopped at the bakery to get hubby's mini cherry pie. He was hungry again, so he got the biscuits & gravy to eat for later. 

Drove to Farragut Park and took a LONG 3 mile walk. It took us over an hour. Started to rain when we finished with our walk.

Then home for naps with the puppies. We wore them out.

Ordered pizza from Spirit Lake and drove over there at 5:15pm to pick it up. Also got milk & OJ at the store.

Was a nice relaxing casual day together.

On Sunday we got up and had a casual breakfast. Then went to get lattes from Heather. On to a walk at Farragut again. We started out late and ran into a family with kids. Hubby had to go get the truck so Harriet could avoid "eating" the little kids.

We loaded Bud & Bit into the FMF and went into town to shop. Then back home with cheeseburgers for the dogs & to rest for the night.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Was raining and cold today. Lots of flood warnings. So I went down to get a latte from Jen-Bunny and pick up a gallon of milk. Took Bud & Bit with me. Bit did not see any of his dog friends in town because it was raining out.

I exercised 26 miles on my elliptical today!

Hubby worked in shop tonight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Puyallup & Costco Run

Saturday Mar 10 & Sunday Mar 11, I spent at home by myself with the dogs. Hubby went to Puyallup, WA early Saturday morning at 4AM to the Annual 4x4 Auto Swap Meet. Dogs let me sleep until 7:00. Yippee.

I exercised 21 miles on Saturday & 20 miles on Sunday. Went to get a latte from Heather on Saturday morning.

Hubby did not make it home until early Monday Mar 12 morning at 5:30 as he & Kevin R had to take a detour due to Snoqualmie Pass being closed. He did not even have time to go to bed for any amount of time. I was exhausted as he had texted me almost every hour with the name of the town that they had just passed so I would not worry. On Monday I was horribly exhausted. Could not think...could not go back to bed.

When hubby came home Monday night, we both went to bed early. Tired. Tired. Tired.

Hubby got his bonus TPA on Tuesday. Paid some hospital bills. Whoopie.

Had to reschedule my nail appointment that I had on Tuesday Mar 13 due to diarrhea. Stomach problems from not sleeping enough. Met hubby in town at Costco around 4:00 to do our shopping. Then stopped at Petco to pick up a couple snails for the goldfish tank.

After getting cheeseburgers at Wendy's, Bud & Bit & I came home. Hubby was right behind us in his truck. He unloaded stuff & went down to the shop to meet "Chad is Bad" for a while.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Shopping at Big R

On Sunday after getting lattes from Heather at the espresso stand, we took the dogs for their walk in the park. They loved it. The weather was fairly nice; almost 50 degrees warm with sunshine. There was a little breeze as we briskly walked in the wild area. The dogs love it there.

Then we dropped off some of the dogs. Hubby took this time to trim his hair & beard. I had to clean his ears out. About 12:30 we took Bud & Bit with us to Sandpoint for shopping. Hubby wanted to go to Big R where we spent over an hour just browsing. Got new dog food. Bud loved getting huggies and attention from all the people there at the store.

Went to Super 1 to pick up apples and hamburger, then came home & unpacked everything. Hubby got busy making 4 different kinds of meatloaf.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Spokane or Bust!

So Bud, Bit and I ventured out into the blizzard Wednesday morning Leap Day to get a latte from town. I was severely cold after shoveling 7 inches of snow off the decks!

Not too many vehicles on the road at 7:00 in the morning, missed seeing hubby as he had left too early.

We got back and I exercised.

Did laundry.

Then hubby texted & told me that we had to go get a vehicle in Spokane. Needed to be ready at 5:00, dogs were going to go with us in the Dually. Hauled trailer behind us. But hubby had a slow time coming home. Finally left at 6:30. Got lattes on the way, as hubby had not eaten & he was cold. Then met people at Safeway in N Spokane at 7:15 (hubby had forgotten his phone and did not have the guy's phone number!).

Chatted with the people for quite a while. The nice lady had two cute little Dachshunds.

Then we left & hubby stopped to have a burrito at Go Go Burrito. Food was BETTER than Taco Del Mar's burritos. Very fresh food even at 9:00 at night!

 Hubby & Burrito

Drove home in another developing blizzard once we hit Idaho. 3 more inches of snow had fallen while we were gone. Hubby plowed drive while I shoveled decks. Hit the bed at 11:30.