Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy National Coffee Day

Tanning again today. Stupid neighbor shooting behind us, so all the dogs are freaked out. I had to change tanning time to late afternoon. Can't leave dogs while the idiot is making noise.

Buddy being adorable

Fall is already upon us as the trees are turning colors & losing their leaves.

fall colors

I purchased red light therapy bed unlimited October package at the tanning salon. They were running a special. After tanning at 4pm, Bud and I took walk around until hubby met us for dinner at Toro Viejo Mexican Food Restaurant. OMG. The food was SO bland. The beans tasted like the rice tasted like the tamale tasted like the enchilada. Hubby dumped a TON of hot sauce on everything and that is the only thing that saved him. I just quit eating after a couple bites.

 Plastic Laundry Top

Got burgers for dogs at McDonalds then came home. Hubby worked at shop for couple hours. Then he came home and we watched Archer together.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Boat Out

Saturday September 24 - Sunday September 25 
Hubby and I spent this past weekend on boat. Went down Saturday in late afternnon with Buddy & Lil Bit. Gary at the dock had moved us over to an actual dock area and everybody thought we had moved in for the winter. But we told them we were only there temporarily. We will really miss being down at the Marina.

Boated over to Buttonhook Bay and walked dogs a lot. Had a nice relaxing night & Sunday morning. We boated back to Bayview when it was extremely windy. Difficult to dock, but hubby got it in perfectly. Then we stayed on boat until late afternoon.

So sad. We had to take the boat out on Sunday in the evening around 6pm -Earl, Austin, & Rick came to help. I drove dogs with me in FMF around to Farragut Park boat dock. Hubby went in boat to meet Earl & guys.

 Bud napping for the last time on the boat.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Deer

 deer feeding

I am the Deer Whisperer!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fries Day

Thank God It's Fries Day.

Friday September 16
On Friday I took Harriet into the vet for yearly shots & her County license. Then returned home to dump off the dogs. Went into CDA to deposit check in bank, get white coffee granita, & do nails.

After nails, Bud & I met hubby at WalMart in Post Falls for shopping. Then Buddy & I got Wendy's burgers and returned home.

Unloaded all groceries at home, made dessert treat-Chocolate Caramel Bars, and dinner for on boat-Green Enchilada Tostadas. Washed laundry, gave dogs bones, and filled deer feed in the woods.

Saturday Sept 17
Got down to boat with KRN & Beebo, windy on water. Boated up in 5-6 foot swells to Garfield Bay. KRN got migraine. We walked dogs thru town, but decided it was too windy & wild to tie up there for the night. Went farther up to Hope to tie there. Got there late & we were only boat. Paid our moorage fee. Then had dinner at Hope Floating restaurant.I got drunk on drinks at dinner. We played UNO for the rest of night until bedtime.
huge swells

Sunday Sept 18
It rained very early in the morning, so we buttoned up the boat and made our way back to Bayview. Rough water, but not as bad as yesterday.

Hubby wanted me to take picture of the way we have our tie off lines curled up in a proper boating manner.
lines on dock
KRN was wearing new jeans that made her hands totally blue!

Boat ride home with Beebo & Bud. They did not like going at high speed over rough water.
 Bud resting on hubby

Bud, Hubby, KRN & Beebo

Went home & KRN decided she had to return home so she could do bookwork & errands. Was sad to see her go.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weds Hump Day

Angus came down to the boat with us on Wednesday night.

 Angus on boat

On Thursday I took Lil Bit into the vet for yearly shots & County license. Bud came with us and waited in the car parking lot. He was shaking with fear when we pulled in the lot. I cannot figure this out. Nothing bad has ever happened to him. The reaction was abnormal. Buddy has been reacting like this the last couple times. Lil Bit even quaked in my arms when I carried him in. He is now up to 20 pounds from 15 pounds the last visit. Need to put him on a diet!

Photo of the locust that I found on our deck. Gross.

We watched season premieres of Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Archer. Hubby called VZ Wireless to set up his new Blackberry Curve.

Monday, September 12, 2011

After the Weekend

 Went to get milk & latte in A-town. Then cleaned up house, did laundry, picked up weekend poo. Lots of cleaning up; organizing to do after boating this weekend.

Hubby came home. Spent 1 hour down at shop, then we went to boat with Harriet.

 Harriet & Hubby

She did very well. Other than balking at walking over the gang plank to the dock and having to be carried, she quite liked sitting on the boat with us. No panicking, No barking. Might do even better in the daylight.

Fed a duck that came around the dock while we were on the boat.

Fun night boating.

Nite boating

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boat Day

Groceries on Friday night at Spirit Lake after hubby came home. I fixed sandwiches when we came home. Had to go to bed at 9:30 because I was dead tired.

Then Saturday morning we took the stuff down to load the boat. Pumped out the waste & motored over to Buttonhook Cove. We met Jon (a boat mechanic) and his wife Tina. Then Mark & Denise came in their v-berth boat. Also met Andy & Tony in their Sea Ray sunbridge.

Stayed there at Buttonhook. Took Bud & Lil Bit for walks around the lake & up to Beaver Bay swim area. We met a group at the camp area that had come over from Spokane for a Frisbee Golf tournament in the park.

On Sunday morning, I hitched a ride to the marina with Mark & Denise. Picked up the FMF and drove home to check on dogs, feed fish & feed deer. Then got lattes. Drove back & parked at Buttonhook Group camping.

Had lunch in the afternoon. It was a relaxing day.

Hubby swam later in the afternoon. Put Lil Bit in the water with him. Bud was so concerned that he tried to "save" Lil Bit by going in the water after him. But pulled his foot back at the last minute when he saw it was wet!

We left in the afternoon to boat over to Maiden Rock & Whiskey Rock. Still too many people at Whiskey Rock to get in there. Nobody seemed to want to move their boats to make room. A-holes.

First Mate - Lil Bit

Went back to Buttonhook so that hubby could drop me off there. I walked up the hill with Bud it was overcast & very humid. Drove the FMF back to the Marina while hubby boated around. Got some great pics of him coming in to dock.
 hubby docking boat at marina

We unloaded the boat & then headed home. At home, hubby made the rest of the pulled chicken that I had bought at Costco along with mashed potatoes on the side. It was a good dinner.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Costco Shopping

Met KRN at Costco at 10AM after stopping in town to get lattes from Higher Ground.

Shopped & then went to Valley Mall. KRN returned her sweater to AE, then we window shopped. Got pretzels at Auntie's.

Went to get burgers for dogs at Wendy's in CDA then home.

Hubby came home late, worked in shop for hour. Went to grocery store in Spirit Lake.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dodge Clean

Cleaned the Dodge today. Drove into get latte in the Dodge because my car was clean.

Worked solid for a couple hours in the 93 degree heat cleaning. Awfully hot today.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Clean Up

What a chore it is having a boat. Not to complain, but it is like keeping TWO homes. Cleaning up there, bringing stuff home to clean, then cleaning up home. I am extra tired.

Cleaned the whole house on Tuesday. Washed dog beds, vacuumed, washed dishes, washed clothes from weekend, washed towels from weekend. Hubby worked down at the shop on Tuesday night to catch up from this weekend. While I was watching the deer come around to eat about 7PM, a stupid young woman hit one of the deer that was crossing the road. It sounded like a baseball bat hitting a tree branch. The deer made no sound. She came over to our shop to see if anybody could shoot it because it was still alive. She had broken its two back legs. Poor little deer. Hubby got gun and had #3 shoot it (the deer pulled itself by its front legs to try to get away...very distressing) as hubby cannot face killing anything else. #3 has been a hunter all his life. I hate inattentive drivers!

On Wednesday, I cleaned the FMF. Went into town at 1:00 to get nails done, get white coffee granita, wash outside of car at car wash, get burgers for dogs at Wendy's. Got home at 3:30.

Hubby wants to go to 4WD Meeting tonight in Post Falls.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


On Friday, I went into CDA to wash the car, pick up groceries at WalMart, get burgers for puppies.

Then tanned at 2pm. Raced home to get everything packed up and sandwiches made.

Hubby came home, then spent one hour at the shop. We drove down to Bayview to pack everything into boat.

We slept on boat at Marina Friday night.

Saturday we awoke early. I went home to feed deer, feed dogs, & get lattes. Hubby stayed on boat.

Took off out of Marina at about 8:30.  Went down to Buttonhook Cove to hang out. Got to know all the "popular kids". Couple guys helped us dock. Quite a little clique.

Kids came in late afternoon. Brought Krispy Kreme donuts & KRN's chicken bbq! Yum. Had it for dinner.

Slept on boat at Buttonhook Cove.

On Sunday morning early, KRN & I went to get lattes, breakfast at Saddle Up Cafe & feed dogs/deer at home. Guys stayed on boat. Matt helped carry stuff down to boat when KRN parked at Buttonhook camping.

We took off after breakfast to go swim. Found a nice anchoring area by a downed tree on east side of Lake. Threw Bud in to swim. Beebo really liked swimming. Little motor boat!

Motored boat slowly back to Buttonhook Cove. Parked on opposite side. Kids left at 3:30. Bugs hatched in the cove. Flying ants. Got all over boats. Greg & I took a nap. Fireboat from Bayview came to spray water.

We stayed overnight at Buttonhook and enjoyed meeting many new people. It was fun. Buddy liked going for walks.

On Monday (Labor Day) we hung around until late afternoon. Took several walks. Then we left as bugs started hatching out again. Motored around the lake. Returned to McDonald's Marina late afternoon. Unpacked all perishables & went home. Unpacked everything & loaded dogs in white truck so that we could walk them down at the park. They were happy to see us again.

Went to bed around 10:30.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


7 deer out feeding in the clearing by the circle driveway last night! SEVEN DEER! It was a beautiful sight. Wish hubby could have been here to share it with me, but he was down at the shop working on a rear end with Tim.

I went tanning this afternoon at 2PM. Got a latte from Jen Bunny before I went. Took Bud with me because it was so cool outside. Rained a little while we drove to Rathdrum. After tanning, I got kitty food at the grocery store.