Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5AM Poop Patrol

Hubby made a roast the other day in the slow cooker. I had dug it out from behind a lot of things in the freezer. It had been hiding there for over 6 months. So we thought it was time to use it.

Made it with onions, beef bouillon, potatoes. Hubster took it to lunch with him as a hot beef sandwich with potatoes & corn.

I fed what was left of the beef juice to the dogs with their Canidae dog food. In the middle of last night, they must have gotten up & had exposive diarrhea. We cleaned up over 6 piles on the rugs downstairs. It must have been Angus or Bud because they are the only ones that don't bark or scratch to go out. They are the silent waiters by the door. "See me, Mom. I am silently standing (or sitting) by the door - waiting to go out. You are supposed to see me!" Well, it's pretty difficult to see that they want to go out when I am sleeping upstairs in bed!

Hub woke up to the overwhelming rotten smell of poop. He woke me up with all the lights he turned on to see all the poo. I helped him cleaned up everything. Then we fell back into bed.

Yesterday & today has been cold & rainy with dark black clouds overhead. Also has hailed both days for a short period of time. Plants not doing too well. Will have to wait til weather gets a bit better before putting anything out on the deck.

#3 & friend pulled down the remaining deck posts so that they can go back to the Post & Pole guy to get fixed.

Hubby has Fri-Sat&Sun off. Need to get my nails done Friday.


Texted hubby as he asked names of songs & bands. I won a free lottery ticket for answering correctly!

Texted kid.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Monitor Kinda Creepy

Isabelle came back smelling like cotton candy. Yummy. She is SO clean she squeaks. Her toenails are much shorter. Thank goodness. She has also been sleeping on our bed again. Back to normal.

I cleaned out the basement of mouse poos & mess. No trace of mousies. All dead. Also vacuumed, started a throw-away pile, put away all the Christmas stuff, got out the Easter & Summer outdoor decor,

Hubby picked up a new computer monitor for me at Best Buy. Kinda cheap stand, but it sorta tilts. The new monitor is LG 20" wide LCD. Actually TOO wide. Computer pages on it look kinda creepy. Might have to rethink this. Am I happy with it? Have to return the other monitor to Costco.

Didn't get a chance to post Lil Bit's portrait as it was on the desktop, not the lappy. He looks really good.

Hubby had to be on-call & OT Sunday today. Will get 3 days off next weekend. Fri-Sat-Sun. Will have to walk the dogs every day as long as it doesn't rain. We walked the dogs Saturday morning which was fun & different.

Started to refile paperwork into the new file cabinet downstairs but today was
very cold & the basement made my fingers freeze. So I cleaned the fish tank, gave Harriet a bath in the tub, cleaned all the dogs' ears out.

When hubby finally got home he made a potroast which should be done cooking in the slow roaster by tomorrow.

Didn't get a chance to post Lil Bit's portrait as it was on the desktop, not the lappy. He looks really good.

Friday, March 26, 2010

More Chaos

Chaos continues as Hubby brought home a 19" HDTV from Costco instead of a computer MONITOR. Then the laptop decided to not work due to power cord failure. This is not the first time for this junky computer that skips all over when I type. We have replaced the cord 3 times now.

Frustrated, I fought with the laptop for 2 hours last night to hook up the remote printer again.

Rainy & cold. It is 12:30PM and the propane truck has still not arrived.

We take Isabelle in at 4PM to get groomed at Petco. Think I will ask them if they have coconut flavor shampoo.

Then get to go to Costco again to trade the TV and purchase a computer monitor instead.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update from Cell Phone

Laptop down. Mass chaos.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lindsay got finished with Bud's Pet Portrait.

Zeus' adoption to Montana fell through; the woman that wanted to take him is now "too busy with life" at this time to get him.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Walk

Hubby took me, Isabelle, Bit, Zeus & Bud up with him at 5PM to Priest River to pick up parts. We stopped at the Burger Haven to get a "bag of burgers & fries". The krinkle cut fries that KRL-N loves so much. Also got fry sauce. Dogs just loved them.

Kootenai Electric failed to provide us with service for over two hours on Saturday morning from 10AM-12PM. The guys couldn't do anything at the shop and I was totally bored. Could not vacuum, internet, or watch TV. The outage went as far as Bayview to Twin Lakes to Rimrock to Athol to Silverwood. When the power came back on, I had lost my desktop computer monitor. Will now have to purchase another one :( Damn KEC. I hate them. Can't keep the electricity on even though it is a bright sunny day.

Kegley & Rachel came over to visit to see how his truck was coming along. Walked up to the house with M&K to visit me.

Went down to Farragut Park with all the puppies. Walked through the woods on the South side of the park. Raining lightly.

Played with puppies today.

Got home and made hot dogs for lunch. Then planted bulbs in the barrels; put up Spring things outside; hubby put up tie-racks in closet to hang up my necklaces.

Ran out of propane today. Forgot to check the gauge. LOL. Had to hook up electric heaters.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Obviously, when a little dog lives with BIG dogs - he has to get used to being a Spit Receptacle.

Lil Bit poses with slobber upon his head.

Last night hubby stole the blankets from my side of the bed. So I got up and went into the other room to sleep by myself. I think he might have had a cold chill as he had me cover him with 3 blankets & turn on the heating pad. He was still cold after all that!

Isabelle decided that from Midnight to 1AM was a prime time to go downstairs to potty THREE TIMES! I had a frank discussion with her to indicate that this would not be acceptable in future!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh, My Aching Teeth

3 March Wednesday
Home Depot actually delivered our new washer & dryer as promised on this date. Without phone calls or prompting! I was shocked. Will have to write positive comments to them on their website. The w/d are in the garage until we get the shelves built to install them.

8 March Monday
So after lying around in a Vicodin induced coma for the last two weeks, I finally had my teeth removed at 10:30AM. I was put under with Nitrous Oxide and a local anesthesia block. Hubby came into the recovery room not 20 minutes later & bundled me home.

After stopping to get more painkillers, antibiotics & groceries in Rathdrum, we returned home so that I could sleep.

I don't remember much more of that day.

Hubby returned to work for a few more days that week after taking Monday off to take care of me. However, by Wednesday 10 March, I begged him to stay home with me as I was physically nauseated. He called the doctor to get some prescriptions for that and stayed home with me for the balance of the week.

11 March Thursday
I staggered downstairs to feed the fish only to discover a mouse in the basement feeding on my bird food. Screaming, I ran back upstairs. Hubby got mouse traps & poison.

13 March Saturday
Kids came over on Saturday to visit. Matt brought me flowers. They are very pretty. Kids also brought pizza from Dominos. Even tho they said they changed their pizza recipe, they are not very good. Dry pizzas. No sauce.

Lady that wanted Zeus texted me to say that she had a concussion in a bike race & could not come get him on Saturday.

14 March Sunday
DAYLIGHT SAVINGS - SPRING AHEAD. Took dogs for long walk in the park. This is my first adventure outside since my incapacitation with my teeth. I am very tired. No energy. Will have to rest the balance of the day. I feel horrible.

Rested for quite a while. Then picked up all the dog poo within the fence & Isabelle's out in the yard. By the time I was finished, hubby wanted to go get pizza in town at Garlic Jim's. So we packed up and took Isabelle & Lil Bit into town with us. We stopped at Costco for gas - I still did not have enough energy to go in shopping. We went for Garlic Chicken pizza which which was DELICIOUS. And then over to the carwash to clean the truck.

Home again & rested more. Hubbby fell asleep early due to DST.