Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Slept in until 7:30!!!

Got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Took dogs to the park and walked them on Shooter's Road; it had recently rained there so it was not yet hot, but humid.

Maggie ran free dog on the way and Bud ran free dog on the way back.

We loaded dogs up and drove to see if the egg lady was at the hair salon in Athol. She was not. She was not answering her phone, either.

When we unloaded dogs at home, hubby got a call that he needed to pick up the jeep at CN and work on it again.

We took Maggie, Bud & Lil Bit up to Sagle to pick up our Riding lawn mower. It was only $80 to fix it. Not bad!

Drove back home and unloaded it; I made Pasta Salad from a box mix for hubby. He mowed around the yard to make sure the lawnmower actually worked.

At 2:00; we took Ben and drove to Rathdrum. I got my nails done with Rhonda. Hubby drove to CN to pick up the Jeep and get my copy of the Handgun Familiarity Class from Center Target Sports. We need to go in and get our CCW permits.

Hubby picked me up at 3:30 and then we drove to McDonalds to get burgers - hubby walked in and got the burgers. $1 for a double stack.

Then we drove over to the grocery store and I ran inside to get bones.

Came home and hubby unloaded me, then went to work at the shop.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Got up and made cheese eggs and sandwich for hubby. Latte for hubby.

Then we got organized and ready to go on Hiawatha Trail. Hubby aired up tires on bikes & loaded bikes. I got the backpacks loaded & found the headlamps & helmets. We got changed ready for the bike ride.

Left the dogs at home.

We left the house at 9:30. Picked up a salad for me & sub sandwich for hubby at SUBWAY. Then we drove to Kellogg where we filled up with gasoline. I went potty in the gas station/quick mart, when I came out I remarked to a woman that was there with a huge dually & huge horse trailer. She was taking her two quarter horses to a show in Washington.

Continuing on our trip, we stopped at Lookout Pass Ski Area to pick up our passes. Then we drove a short way on gravel road to the East Portal where we park. We started biking at 11:00.

The Taft tunnel was not as wet nor cold this year as it has been in the past. Just a little misty.

At the beginning of the Hiawatha Trail

Lots of rude people that were riding 3 or 4 abreast and dumb people that would stop their bikes as soon as they exited a tunnel, or stopped IN THE TUNNEL!!! Hubby had to yell at one guy because he kept turning around in a tunnel and his headlamp was BLINDING US!!!

Little kids should not be allowed to ride this because it is over 17 miles and that is just TOO much for a little kid.

1/2 way along the trail just before one of the trestle tracks, we stopped to have lunch. We fed a couple little cute chipmunks that came over to us.

 Two cute chipmunks

We threw them nuts & bread

 They both came pretty close up to us

Almost at the bottom of the trail, we ran into a HUGE group of 30+ young people that were riding back up the trail and they were riding 3-4 abreast. They SAW us coming and did not move over. We had to end up yelling at them, and hubby almost was knocked off the trail by one stupid girl that would absolutely NOT move over. Very rude.

We were just in time for the Shuttle back up, only had to wait for 8 minutes before we loaded. Then at the top, nobody seemed to want to step up to collect their bikes from the bus driver when he unloaded them. So hubby stepped up and assisted in handing off the bikes to people. People are such DUMB SHEEP.

While riding thru the tunnel, another bunch of idiots. 2 couples were riding 2 abreast in the tunnel towards us; I had to shout at them several times until they finally got over. Dumb. dumb. dumb.

Hubby and I drove back west; then stopped in Smelterville to shop at the Walmart there.

We also stopped at Wendy's and walked inside to get 5 burgers for the dogs. Drove home on 95 North.

Unloaded groceries and watched TV for the balance of the night.

Monday, August 26, 2013



Isabelle had been crying in the middle of the night on my side of the bed. Hubby got up and gave her a painkiller and let her her outside for potty.

Got up at 7:00 to make breakfast & latte. The dogs let us sleep in!

Matt got here at 8:00 to work on boat.

Hubby got a call from CN that something was wrong with Jeep. Matt & hubby went down to CN to check it out. They were back by 10:00; there was nothing wrong with the Jeep.

Saturday, August 24, 2013



We took dogs down to the Park to walk them on Shooter's Road. It was very humid and hot.

When we came back, hubby had to work in the shop today.

I stayed home and cleaned.


Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby and a latte. Then we took the dogs to the park for a walk. Along the way on Athol hill, we saw a young moose that had been hit by a car. He was still alive. It was so sad. He had injured his legs and could not walk, pulling himself to the side of the road. Hubby called 9-1-1 and explained the emergency. They said they would dispatch somebody to come pick up the moose. We turned around to see if Larry who was at the shop could come get him, but noticed a black truck that was parked in the road across from the moose. They were waiting for authorities to come pick up the moose. So we decided to walk the dogs in the cemetery. There was a momma moose and another young moose in the cemetery waiting for the other moose to join them. It was extremely upsetting and sad. We finally drove to the park and passed the young injured moose once again.

Walked the dogs and then came home, the moose was gone by then. No blood stains on the road, so maybe they took him to be rehabilitated?

Hubby had to go take his Handgun Familiarity class at Center Target Sports in Post Falls from 1-5. He also took a jeep to CN that he had finished. Hubby forgot his latte that I made and his cell phone. He called me from a phone at a gas station (he could not find a pay phone, he used the business' phone) to get the gate code; then he got Wendy's burgers.

When hubby got home, I gave the burgers to the dogs. Hubby sat on the couch with a heating pad for the rest of the night because his hip was out of joint and painful.

There were numerous WARNINGS all night long on the tv channels about a huge storm. So I brought a lot of stuff inside that would get blown away or rained on and ruined. The wind started around 9:00, but it was not the 60 mph winds they predicted. Spokane got lots of wind. The lightning came next, it lit up the sky. But there was no thunder. Odd. Then it started raining, and a little thunder. We got LOTS of rain. Soaked. But Isabelle was not scared. I had even opened the bedroom door in the basement so that she could run down there to hide, but she never moved from upstairs.

We went to bed at 11:00.

Friday, August 23, 2013

OMG-Oh My Gosh



I made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby, eggs for dogs. Hubby gave the dogs their eggs & pills

Then I fed the deer. Fed the last of the bird seed to all the animals. Put some out by the fire pit because there appears to be squirrels living out there, too. They fight with the others by the big tree in the circle to get water from the pond & food.

I also did laundry & dishes.

Hubby brought Dave home to get the Bronco that he had sold him. Maggie, Bud & Isabelle went out to greet them. Maggie went swimming in the pond again.

Then hubby had to go get a Diesel pick up from CN Diesel. Hubby came home with burgers for the dogs from Wendy's.

Thank goodness the stupid Bronco is not sitting outside anymore.


I feel like I skipped a day this week. Where did the time go?

We are now getting 2 little female deer with white on their legs that are coming early in the morning; between 5:30 and 6:30AM. Fortunately, there is still enough food from the night before for them to eat...

It was EXTREMELY warm this morning and I threw open all the windows to let the breeze in; this is a change from the horribly cold weather that we have woke up to in the past few days.

Getting up at 5:45 this morning, I came downstairs to potty & turn on the espresso machine, then grabbed a blanket and snoozed on the couch for another 45 minutes.

The dogs HAD to come over to lick me and see why I was on the couch.

I made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby, eggs for dogs. Hubby gave the dogs their eggs & pills. I did the laundry & dishes after he had left.

Fed the deer with the last of the deer food. Told hubby to get more today.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday


Woke up to chilling temps for summer... only 45 degrees! Brrrrr

The twin female deer were out eating this morning...

Lil Bit

Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Got up and made breakfast sandwich for hubby & latte. Made eggs for dogs. Isabelle vomited hers up again.

I fed the fish & fed the deer.

Cleaned out the fish. They now have clean water for a couple days... dirty fish.

It did not get warmer until later this afternoon. Distinct fall weather in the air.

I also put the hose in the lower pond and let it fill again so the water would be cleaner for the woodland animals.

Sat out on the deck to read. It was wonderfully warm & sunny. No breeze.

Lots of Mourning Doves flitting around. Saw several squirrels.

No mail today. Maggie & Bud came down with me to check. I rode my bike. They ran thru the woods.

Hubby came home around 6PM; he had stopped to get a Jeep from CN Diesel. Then he went down to the shop until 8PM. I was tired and went to bed at 10PM.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Most Unfortunate Day


Dogs refused to let us sleep in and we were both wide awake by 6AM. So we got up and I made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. Then we sat outside on the deck for a while. It was too windy & cold so we came inside. We watched The 80s on FUSE TV for a while. It was interesting to see all the old music videos already decaying.

I weighed myself and was astonished to see that I had already lost 11 pounds! High Five to me!

We took the dogs for a walk in the park at the Shooting Range road. They were very good and we stressed the importance of walking & sitting. Doing very well. Ben is still just as anxious as ever...

Then we came home, fed the fish, fed the deer, cleaned up and packed things for the boat. Hubby was in a "mood". He kept sniping at me.

We cut hubby's hair and I took care of his ear hair (yuck). Then we packed up Bud & Ben and took the FMF to the boat. Finally leaving the house at 12:00. We stopped on the way at the Fruit Stand in Sagle.

When we arrived at the Marina, we took the dogs for a walk and I had to potty. We sat on chairs while waiting for Ron to come up to the store; another guy with a off-leash golden retriever came up and Bud decided he wanted to see the dog. He pulled me out of my chair, resulting in a gash to my knee. I was okay, but Bud needs to get these actions under control. He doesn't want to fight the dog, he is just over eager to see the other dog!

Then when we were beginning to clean on the boat, hubby handed me the vacuum over the back of the boat and Bud knocked my left knee backwards trying to get away.  He was scared of the vacuum for some obscure reason! So I was hurting and unable to walk for the rest of the day.

The wind on the water was already creating huge waves with white caps, but it only got worse as we stayed. Hubby did not want to take the boat out. Neither did I. So after we cleaned, we sat & hubby had snacks for a  while. It just got hotter & hotter outside.

There was a dog without shade or water tied up to a truck, we notified Ron and he said that the owners had just gone out to their boat. However, nobody came back for the dog. We were going to leave water for it, but some dumb young kid smoking a cigarette finally came out to care for the dog. We talked to him and then he went back to his truck and walked the dog around.

I was not feeling good, so we left by 4:00.

When I got home, I had a hot bath to soothe my knee. It did not help. I took aspirin.

Hubby unloaded everything then made his stuff on the grille. He grilled sausage links. He grilled Asparagus. He grilled his hamburger, onion, cheese, potato that he had put in a foil boat.

Then we settled down to watch tv for a while, but both of us were exhausted and fell asleep on the couches. We went up to bed at 9:00. Hubby complained about going to bed so early, but I insisted.

I got up to pee around midnight. He got up because he had foot cramps after that; he took some aspirin.

Saturday, August 17, 2013



The last two days, I have literally cleaned myself out and taken nothing! I feel lots better.

Even tho it felt like I would never fall asleep last night, (and I had to get up around midnight to go pee...) I did finally sleep & dream.

Woke up and had slept in late! We got up at 6:50 this morning. Too late to go get farm fresh eggs... But I did get up and made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. Made eggs for the puppies. Isabelle vomited hers on the living room floor along with all the eggs. Hubby cleaned it up for me.

Fed the deer & fish before we left.

We got dressed & loaded up the dogs into the Excursion (with the trailer still attached to it from last night...) and went down to the park for a dog walk. There was a subaru with a bike roof rack at the Shooting range road, so we instead drove down to the area with the sewage treatment. We walked around there and it was very relaxing. Walked back on the road in the shade. Isabelle did really well on the walk.

When we got back home, hubby put the trailer on the Dodge instead and Bud & Ben were loaded. Drove to Rathdrum & met Kevin R at McDonalds so hubby could collect some money he was owed. I walked the dogs while they talked. Hubby had gotten the dogs some sausage biscuits & I fed those to them. The puppies were happpy.

We then drove to CN Diesel and picked up the WRONG rear end that was delivered there by Spauldings. Went the back way thru Post Falls to get gasoline at Love's Travel Stop (which is an insane mess with people driving around & going the wrong way...)

At Spauldings to return the rear end and get the CORRECT one, I walked the dogs some more and gave them copious amounts of water. They were very thirsty with all that riding around. Then 3 little girls came out of the building with their parents and wanted to pet Bud & Ben. I told them that the dogs loved petting and were very friendly. One little girl was really excited about it. Ben licked her face & let her hug him around the head! The little girl told me that she LOVES dogs & cats. Hopefully she will grow up to be a vet! What a sweet little kid.

Then we drove the back way home on Trent. Stopped at McDonalds in Rathdrum and got more burgers for the dogs at home.

Arrived back home by 12:00 NOON; then I fed burgers to dogs while hubby went to shop to replace the rear end in the cursed Tahoe.

I did laundry & dishes.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Another Friday


Woke up at 6:15AM this morning. Windows were open from last night and I had the fan on low. It was very nice waking up as it was slightly cloudy (not too much sun in the face) and very nicely cool. Lil Bit was on his back in the bed between us and making his waking up noises... uh uh uh. So I petted his belly for a while. Cuddled up to hubby for a while.

Then I got up and hubby stayed in bed for a couple extra minutes.

I got the espresso machine going. Opened up the doors to let in the fresh cool air.

Started on making breakfast sandwich & eggs & latte.

Played sample music for hubby that he liked...Art of Dying; said that he would have to add it to his Pandora music play selection.

Hugged hubby goodbye & did "squishy" dog with Ben, Maggie, Isabelle & Lil Bit.

After hubby left, I did dishes, laundry, fed the deer, fed the fish. Gave fresh food & water to dogs. Went outside to pick up dog poo. Saw THREE garter snakes. That is a lot of garter snakes for us around here as they only moved in a couple years ago.

Went down to get mail with Maggie & Bud.

Maggie; A Big Dog on a Small Couch

Hubby came home around 5:30; he had gotten dog food & deer food. He unloaded them and then rested for a while, ate a light dinner.

I changed clothes, we took Ben, Maggie, and Ben; we picked up the trailer at the shop to drive into CDA to pick up a Dodge. Stopped at the Car Wash on Kathleen and he washed the Excursion while I walked the dogs.

We picked up the truck and an older guy came out with a small long haired dachshund which he said was his daughter's dog.

Afterwards we drove to Wendy's and got burgers for the dogs. Drove home on 95 and got gas at the Cenex in Athol.

Hubby had to pick up milk & bread at the Lil Town Market; then we came home. He went down to the shop at 9:00PM with Bud for a while.

Thursday, August 15, 2013



At 3:30, ALL the dogs got up and ran outside barking. They heard the coyotes howling and screaming about something. It took them a good 30 minutes to settle down & return to bed.

Got up and made breakfast sandwich & a latte for hubby. He gave the dogs their eggs & pills; then sat down and watched BBC America with me.

Only got up to 73 by 10AM; it has been much cooler in the mornings. A little bit of weather change into fall already?

I got all the dishes & laundry done. Put out the new white washclothes.

Started putting new music on a playlist.

Lil Bit & Ben sleep on the couch

At 10:00, the squirrel went nuts squeaking in the backyard & the dogs chased him.

My appointment with the doctor is later this afternoon.

Left house at 1:00 to drive to Dr's appointment. Doctor would not listen to me. Kept talking on top of my sentences. He thinks it is adult onset acne. I think it is allergy to all the oatmeal I have been eating. He gave me prescription & left the room. Forgot I was there. They had an emergency sick person that came in. I left to get prescription; It was $53 even with the insurance co-pay. OMG.

Crazy fat woman driving recklessly thru the parking lot. Lots of weird, dangerous drivers on the road.

Then went to pick up dog burgers at McDonalds. Had to wait for concrete truck to turn around at the new overpass they are building in Rathdrum for the RailRoad. Got stuck in the middle of a red light.

Picked up the prescription and came home.

Dogs were happy to have burgers and see me come home.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kids Came Back


Got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Bravo slept on Grandpa's chair all night.

Ben woke me up early and refused to go back to bed.

Got up and made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby; hubby gave eggs & pills to dogs.

All the dogs lined up on the deck to say goodbye to hubby as he went off to work.

L to R - Bud, Ben, Lil Bit, Bravo, Isabelle, Maggie

After hubby left for work, I watered plants in circle driveway and rolled up hose.

Took Bravo & Bud down to get mail with me.

Bravo giving me "The Look"

Fed the deer, Fed the fish, Fed the squirrel, Fed the birds, Fed the dogs their dry kibble.

Mowed some around the side of the garage leading to the gate of the backyard.

Went downstairs and put out the hammock again. It had not rained so it is safe to leave it out for a while.

I called doctor's office to get an appointment to see rash on my face. It is spreading.

Kids got here around 12:30. They told about their trip to Glacier. Got rained on; had a raft ride; hiked a long trail. Saw lots of mountain goats.

They left around 1:30pm; Bravo was so happy when they got here. It was sad to see him go.

Hubby worked an hour OT; so he got home around 7:00. We watched a couple shows; The Bridge and Broadchurch on BBC America.

Then watched new episodes of Law & Order UK.

Went to bed at 11:00.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not Hump Day


Made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Got the laundry and dishes done. It stayed quite cool outside until after 11:00; only 75 degrees for a long time. Then I turned on the swamp cooler and closed the mini-blinds.

I went downstairs later to put the hammock away because there were dark clouds and thunder; but it did not rain. However, I did find that Bravo had thrown up EVERYWHERE downstairs. It took me over 30 minutes to clean it up. Everything smells like puke down there.


Bravo & Bud came out with me to feed the deer. Bravo found a snake and started playing with it. Bravo & Bud also chased Mr. Squirelly up a tree.

At 2:30, I took Bravo & Lil Bit to the Vet. Lil Bit stayed outside in the car with the windows all the way down. Bravo PRANCED and danced into the Vet's office. I got his weight (46.3 pounds) and then they took him into the back room to trim his toenails. It only took about 3 minutes, I briefly ran out to the car to get my purse and I paid while waiting; all the while I was watching Lil Bit in the car.

We got home and everybody was happy to see us again ( we were only gone for a total of 12 minutes!).

Picked up dog poo later this afternoon and I missed a call from the kids.

KRN texted me that they had gone white water rafting and were coming home tomorrow? They were supposed to stay thru Saturday...

I made Kale Chips and fried up the Hot Sausage for hubby tomorrow. I put onions and a little bit of Cajun spices into the Hot Sausage.

Kale Chips are DELICIOUS! 

Hubby came home at 7:30 and rested on the couch for a while. The potatoes were baking in the oven and we had to wait until they were done before we could drive over to Spirit Lake to get milk & hamburger.

Drove around Spirit Lake to see any changes. Saw a new wine & beer bar; new Mexican restaurant reopened at the old mexican restaurant. That Mexican restaurant has been reopened about 6 times now with a new Mexican theme each time...

Some asshole WA driver had to drive 6 feet from our bumper the whole way back. It is amazing he did not rear end us!

A semi drove by with their jake-brakes on when we got home at 9:15.

Unloaded the groceries and I made meatloaf.

I was looking at my Picture on my Blog home page. I miss Harriet everyday. I wish we had adopted Zeus. My regret.

Angus is in a WAY better home now. She has two little kids that dote on her and she returns their love. There is also a goat at her new home that she befriended.

Monday, August 12, 2013



Got up and made breakfast for hubby along with a latte for him to drink. The dogs got their ham & I made them eggs for their breakfast.

Bravo is really fitting in well with the other dogs. No dog fights yet.

Hubby took off for work after squishy dog hugs & kisses.

Beebo In His Spot On The Couch

I cleaned upside and did the laundry & dishes.

Then I went outside and mowed the yard around the hammock. However, I hit a rock and the lawn mower sounded bad so I quit mowing. Hubby will have to look at it when he comes home.

I fed the fish and fed the deer. The deer had eaten all the deer food again. Lots of deer come by.

I also put out the hose to refill the ponds with fresh water.

Bud came outside with me to get the mail and I sat in the hammock for a while.

Vacuumed inside again.

Picked up dog poo in the back yard and also around the front yard where Isabelle goes.

Hubby came home around 5:15, had a little dinner, changed his clothes.

We walked dogs at Farragut Park around 7:00-8:00.

 Bud, Lil Bit, Bravo
 Isabelle, Hubby, Ben, Maggie

Hubby watched Top Gear for a while.

KRN called to let us know they were ok. She had to call on a land line pay phone as her cell phone was not getting service.

Sunday, August 11, 2013



I got up with Lil Bit at 2AM as he was overheated. I set up a couple fans in the bedroom to get it cooler for him. Finally realizing that the down comforter was soaking up his heat & he could not get cool, I got a quilted blanket and put it down instead. He settled down immediately.

We slept late and got up around 8:15. The dogs were overeager to see us get up. Ben kept nosing us, Maggie kept coming in our bedroom and forcing hubby to pet her.

I started making breakfast and had assumed the kids already left because they wanted to be gone by 5AM to get a good campground site at Glacier National Park; however, they were still in the house and came up to talk to us.

They packed all their stuff up and KRN talked to us about getting drunk & having fun at the Scavenger Hunt at Iron Horse Saloon last night. Lots of their friends from high school turned out.

The kids left around 9AM. Then hubby had his breakfast while the dogs got their eggs & pills. We finally went for a dog walk in Farragut Park around 10:00. It was already getting humid & hot out. We found that it had rained at the park. Very muggy. We walked the dogs thru the Shooting Range trail. Maggie went off-leash at the beginning and Buddy went off leash on the way back. However, we had to put Bud back on leash because he ran off into the woods. Also saw some horseback riders.

L to R - Maggie, Bud, Bravo, Lil Bit

Hubby with Ben & Isabelle, I had Bud, Bravo & Lil Bit

 L to R - Bud, Isabelle, Ben, Bravo & Lil Bit

Got back to the Excursion and gave them water. We drove to Garfield Bay to get our cantaloupe that we had left on the boat. Forgot the keys because I had not taken my purse, so hubby had to walk around the side of the security gate. Nobody was down at the dock!

Then we drove back to Sagle and stopped at the Fruit & Vegetable Stand. Hubby got more cherries, watermelon & potatoes.

We then drove back home and just relaxed in the Air Conditioning all day. Hubby was on the computer and watched TV; I took a nap with Maggie from about 5PM to 6PM.

Matt called to let us know they got to Glacier safely and had secured a campground.

Watched a movie- Safe House, on free Showtime.

There were over 12 deer that came and ate food & drank water here tonight.

Drove Matt's truck down to the big storage shop around 9:00 and then walked back.

Tried to look for the Perseid meteor shower. but there was lightning outside and we could not see any meteors. Saw lots of stars, tho.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hubby's Vac Day & Kids 10-Year Reunion


Got up and made eggs for dogs. Made sandwich & latte for hubby. Let him borrow my cup because we are all out of latte cups.

I got everything cleaned up, started laundry & dishes. I went outside to mow the rest of the dog yard. There was a rock that popped up and hit my leg. I had to come inside because it swelled up and would not stop bleeding.

Bruised & bleeding left leg

Now the lawn is done and looks great. A plastic piece of the lawn mower fell off.

Then I rested for 15 minutes. Went outside to pick up all the dog poo.

Once the dog poo was picked up, I  helped hubby clean out the fish tank.

Fish are clean & happy. Clear water at least for a couple days!!!

Loaded dogs up in the Excursion and loaded the lawn mower up on the trailer. We drove up to Sagle and dropped the lawn mower off at Bob's Yard Machine Repair. He said he would look at it and have it fixed in a week.

We stopped off at the Careywood Post Office and I went inside to get 3 dozen eggs. Then we drove the back way to Farragut Park and took the dogs for a walk around the sewage pond area.

The dogs were awfully hot and required lots of water. Isabelle kept walking slower and slower. She finally made it back ok. She drank lots of water.

We drove to Athol and hubby made his Victory Auto bill, then we stopped at the Vet's office so that I could get Isabelle's painkillers. Then also purchased County license tags for Lil Bit & Isabelle because they were set to expire.

When we got home, we picked up the mail. Unloaded the dogs.

We watched tv for a little while, then hubby had to go into town to pick up a truck and stop at CN Diesel. I stayed home with the dogs while he was gone.

KRN came at 6:00 with her jeep & Bravo. She unloaded stuff into our fridge for safe-keeping. Then Matt came about an hour later. KRN took a shower, Matt went down to see how hubby was doing at the shop.

I printed out KRN's paperwork for their Scavenger Hunt.

Matt accidentally broke the step on the deck when some boards rotted thru. KRN went out to get her hairbrush and fell thru the step, breaking her big toenail. It split in two. I went down to the shop to get Matt and he commiserated with her hurt toe. We put a bandaid & ice on it.

Matt kinda fixed the step. Hubby will have to repair it tomorrow.

Kids went to bed at 10:00.

It started raining about 10:30. It rained really hard. Just poured. Everything smells like mold again. Too much rain.


I got up when all the dogs woke us up, it was 7:15. We had slept late!!! So I went down stairs and turned on the espresso machine and fell asleep on the couch again until 8:15. KRN came up the stairs and was in the bathroom which woke me up. I sat up on the couch and she was not expecting me to be awake. We both looked at each other and laughed.

Guys got up and I made breakfast. Made latte. Kids got all their stuff together and left. They were going to their 10-year high school reunion in CDA at Broadmore Park. Hope they have fun.

Kids got back around 3PM, then KRN told me all about the fun they had. Hubby was down at the shop and had said that he would be back by 3PM so that we could go to the Spokane RV Show at the Fairgrounds. But by 4PM, he was still not home, so I went down to check on him. He was talking to our friend Leo.

We came back to the house and KRN was cutting up the watermelon they bought & the strawberries. Then they got dressed to go out for dinner at the Iron Horse Saloon in CDA. They were also going to bar-hop with their Scavenger Hunt for the adults of their 10-year Reunion.

There was no sound and we did not hear the dogs bark all night. We assumed that the kids had not come home. However, KRN was severely drunk & threw up in the front yard; Matt could not get the door unlocked downstairs, so he brought her around upstairs. They went to bed very late.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

One Day Before Hubby's Vac Day


I feel better this morning. Energy. No sleeping.

Got up and made hubby breakfast sandwich. We are totally out of latte cups and hubby "forgot" his other cup in his work truck. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby left and I did laundry & dishes.

Drank my juice and sat on the couch.

Bud napping on the couch

At 10:00, I went out to mow the circle driveway and the front yard of the house. Started at 68 degrees when I first went out and then it increased to 75 degrees by the time I was done. I was sweating, dirty, and exhausted.

Will have to mow the dog yard tonight.

Cleaned the dog bowls & collapsed to rest for a while.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013



Mid-week. Got up and made sandwich for hubby & latte. Made eggs for dogs.

When hubby left, I did the laundry and dishes.

Napped on the couch again. I really think that the sleeping pills are too much.

Then got up in the afternoon and vacuumed. Cleaned out the dog dishes. I loaded deer food in the bowls outside.

Hubby got home with Dog food & Deer food.

He went down to the shop to work. I made Stuffed Peppers for him.

Stuffed Peppers baking in oven

Watched a new episode of The Bridge. Hubby came home late.

Went to bed.

Monday, August 05, 2013



Woke up early and dogs refused to let us sleep in; hubby got up at 4:45 to pee. Then came back to bed.

Made breakfast for hubby; we took dogs for a walk in the park along the Shooting range road. Isabelle was really exhausted and panting. All the dogs were panting by the time we got to the shooting range; we gave them lots of water. It was not too hot or humid. We sat in the shade for quite a while.

Took all the dogs home and we loaded Maggie & Bed who came along with us to the boat. Stopped at Lil Town Market and I sat in the a/c Dodge with the dogs while hubby went inside to get drinks & sandwiches. On the drive to the boat, hubby wanted to get gas at the station in Cocolalla, but people were not moving their cars once they fueled up; so he got frustrated and went to the station across from Java Bear in Sagle. Hubby picked up cheddar Sunchips for the boat.

We noticed a tent set up at the side of the road next to the gas station that was selling fruit & vegetables (but the people were smoking cigarettes!) so we got cucumbers, cherries, Sugar Baby watermelon which was recommended to us by another woman there, red/yellow/green peppers, potatoes, and corn on the cob. It was super cheap and all the food looked really good. They said it was from the Washington valley.

Continued to the boat. There was almost nobody on the lake today by the community park. We unloaded & hubby had to poop before we went on the boat. We went to our usual hangout, but the water had lots of we continued on to the middle. It was so cold and we needed to find shallow water. We finally motored over to Camp Bay and anchored in 30 feet of water. Threw in the blow up tubes and stayed there for quite a while. Maggie wanted to jump in REALLY badly. We need to get a loading dock for the dogs to get back into the boat next year. We had our sandwiches when we got out. My stomach was sick afterwards and I had very bad diarrhea. Then our toilet backed up and would not flush!

Hubby on boat

Beautiful view of mountains

 Ben (L) and Maggie (R) on boat

After playing a game of Yahtzee, it was getting late. We motored back slowly and the sun was starting to set. It was shady in the west side of the mountains of the lake. Finally got back to the Marina and hubby docked the boat into the gas/pump out area just before a HUGE wind blew up with dark clouds. Looked like a really bad storm.

I loaded the dogs into the Dodge and helped hubby dock the boat in our slip by walking around. He did it pretty good as the wind died down just for those few minutes.

We unpacked everything and hubby tried to fix the macerator. It was still not working. Hubby had to scoop the sewage out of the toilet that had not been vacuumed into the sewage hold. Yuck.

By 7:00, we were on the road. It was really dusty and blowing. There were several branches that had fallen out of trees onto the road to Sagle. My back hurt and I felt very sick on the way home.

At home, the other dogs had really missed us. We gave them treats of our sandwiches.

I tried to take a hot bath to make myself feel better, but it did not work.

Started laundry and dishes.

Maggie went upstairs right away and laid down on her bed. She did not come down the rest of the night!

Bit fell asleep on my chair and REALLY slept!

Hubby and I did not feel good all night. We finally went to bed at 11:00.


Got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

I did not feel good from yesterday's boating. Still rocking again.

After doing the dishes & laundry, I fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours. Just could not wake up.

I made an appointment to get my nails done on Tuesday.

Hubby came home. We left the dogs at home and took the Excursion to Rathdrum to pick up the trailer from #3's house; he had borrowed the trailer. Then we drove to Post Falls to pick up the Tahoe again. People had tried to take it on vacation and the rear end blew out again?

Then hubby and I went to get groceries at Walmart. Lots of idiots there. I don't want to shop there anymore. Some woman elbowed me in an aisle TWO times. Dumb broad. Then a tattooed young mother ignored her kid that had SHIT his pants in the checkout line behind us. The kid kept trying to get to the candy while we were unloading our groceries onto the conveyor belt and all she could do is tell him "I'm mad at you. I am very angry." But she would not take him to the bathroom only 10 feet from the checkout! Dumb fucking bitch.

After Walmart, we went to Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs.

At home, we unpacked everything. Dogs were really happy to see us. Gave them their burgers.

Hubby went down to the shop with my FMF to make sure there was air in the tires.

We were so tired and fell into bed by 10PM.


I got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

After hubby left, I did the dishes & laundry.

Then fell asleep on the couch again. Too many sleeping pills? Got to wean myself off them. I am exhausted.

I was going to shave my legs & wash my hair, but I was too tired to do anything.

Changed clothes & put on mascara.

Left home at 4:00; went to Athol to get gasoline, but there was an idiot there filling his gas cans in the back of his pickup truck with a topper on it. He could have blown up quite easily and had the back of his truck LOADED with gas cans. People are SO STUPID.

So I drove to Rathdrum and got gasoline there. Then got a latte at Jitterz. Picked up Bailey's at the Liquor store for hubby. Then went to Nail place to get my nails & toenails done. Rhonda was happy to see me again.

 perfect nails from Rhonda

At 6:45, I was done. Stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple things we had forgotten (bones), hamburger, more onions. Also got burgers for the dogs at McDonalds.

bones for dogs

Home by 7:00 and gave burgers to the dogs. Hubby was exhausted so he stayed home all night. We went to bed early again. 

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Rain & Rain


Rain and more rain. Made breakfast for hubby and puppies. Hubby had his latte.

It rained all day today. An awful moldy smell outside. Puppies were bored and stayed inside all day.

At 11:30, I took Isabelle and Lil Bit down to the Vet for their annual check-ups. Lil Bit was PERFECTLY behaved. I rubbed him under his chin and he went into a trance!

Both dogs are in perfect health per the vet and Isabelle only shows signs of severe arthritis in her hips & legs.

When hubby came home, he had a quick dinner and went to shop to work.. He took Isabelle with him. She sat in the truck while he worked.

I exercised on elliptical 11 miles.

Hubby came home at 11PM. I was very tired & went to bed.


Hubby wanted to sleep late and we did not go to get eggs at the Community Center. I got up at 7:30 and made breakfast & latte. Fed dogs a leftover sandwich from hubby's lunch the other day.

We walked dogs in the park at the Shooting range. The dogs saw some deer crossing the road in front of us, but did not even try to run after them! Good dogs.

Came home and hubby went down to shop to work.

I saw some deer run past our yard around 1:00, then the neighbor's dogs came running past. I went down stairs to bring the Momma dog inside so I could fetch a leash. But the puppy ran back across the road & almost got run over! Dumb neighbors!

I walked the Momma dog across to the neighbors, and even after knocking it took somebody about 2 minutes to come to the door!

It seems that the neighbors have relatives staying with them as there was a large RV and a SUV parked with all the doors open and blankets & rugs strung up in the trees. I suggested they keep the dogs inside or leashed as lots of wild animals run in the woods!

Got the mail.

Came back & called hubby. A letter from the bank indicated that one of our credit cards has been compromised with a retail outlet. They suggested putting a fraud notice on it and contacting them if we noticed any unusual charges. I told hubby he needs to get a new card.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

MINUS Friday


Made breakfast & latte for hubby. Dogs got their pills with eggs.

Hubby left for work.

I started laundry & dishes.

It rained for a very short while.

I washed the outside door mat. Brought in the dog bed from outside so it wouldn't get wet. While I was outside, I got stung by another wasp. On my right shoulder. I immediately took 3 allergy pills again so I would not get allergy reaction. My arm swelled up right away.

I fell asleep on couch, but hubby & daughter kept calling me on phone so I got no rest.

Hubby came home after 1 hour OT. He brought more milk.

Hubby went down to shop to work for a while.

I watched tv show Motive.