Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Bunco Mountains west of Farragut Park

pumpkin tortilla

Friday, October 29, 2010

Almost Halloween

It has been dreary, windy, cold, & rainy here. So our plans to go hand out candy at KRN's are demolished. We would not be able to keep the dogs in the back yard getting rained on while we happily sat inside handing out candy to kiddies.

Made Belgian waffles & sausage for KRN on Thursday morning. Then I dropped KRN off at latte stand so she could work at 11:00. Deralee was getting ready to leave for her daughter's Volleyball State competition in Jerome, Idaho. She will be gone until Saturday morning. Hope Timberlake wins!

I watched dogs & accidentally broke the lights underneath the kitchen counter. Need to get new ones. It was a panic to get the glass cleaned up as Bravo led the other dogs into the kitchen to see what was going on.

Picked KRN up at 5:00. Took her notebook down to her so she could do closing. Hubby got off work & got a latte. (eggnog-his favorite in winter) and then we went home. I made tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. We watched "How To Train Your Dragon" on DVD during dinner.

On Friday, KRN went to the latte stand early in the morning. She had to open at 6AM. Hubby dumped Bravo into bed with me before he left. I took Bud, Bit & Bravo (the 3Bs) down to the latte stand with me. Got drinks & then drove home again. Latte stand very busy. Lady forgot to bring Krispy Kreme donuts at 7AM. DeraLee had gotten them for fundraising for Volleyball team. :(

At home I paid bills, put away dishes & entertained dogs. KRN got done with work at 1PM; came home & said goodbye. Drove back to her home at 2:30PM.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TSO - Songs of Winter

My first purchase of the holiday Kohl's. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Songs of Winter. A rehash of some old songs already released. But supposedly 100% of the net profit from the sale will be donated to kids' health & education initiatives in communities nationwide. It was only $5.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Songs Of Winter

KRN came over at 2:00pm; I was busy this morning cleaning house, washing dog beds, and making bean soup. This afternoon I made Black Forest cupcakes.

 Black Forest Cupcakes

Had to give bathes to Harriet & Lil Bit because they got in the mud outside. Just rinsed off Bud's feet as he is not too fond of home bathes. Not raining today but still gloomy & overcast with dark clouds.

KRN went over to in-laws to carve pumpkins & watch movies. She came home late. I was already in bed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slooooo Cooker

On Monday I worked on my fall garland, washed clothes, and organized shelves. Bud & I walked down the drive in the freezing, pouring rain to get the mail. Brrrrrr. Winter is coming. There has already been the first snow in 3500 feet & up. Snowy mountain tops are evident on Mt Spokane and Schweitzer.

Had bad case of vertigo today. Not fun. Almost fell into poo when bending over to pick it up in backyard.

Hubby's long sleeve shirts from WalMart (Faded Glory) came today. What a deal. Only $10 each for the shirts that he likes to wear. Frontier is also getting him about 8 new shirts. Hope they are long sleeved. Hope they get here before the end of winter!

When I drove in to get lattes early Tuesday morning, Model Girl was there working. So I gave her the sweater vest that I had purchased for her at Kohl's. Her actual birthday is Dec 18, so it was a good deal! I am covered. I win! She really liked it.

As our "Cow" patterned crock pot finally bit the dust after 20 years of using it, (the glass top broke) I was forced to purchase a new one. After researching, I ordered a Rival 5 quart slow cooker from Kohl's. Only $26.99 with free shipping & 2% Ebates. Yippee! I win.
Rival Slow Cooker

Sunday, October 24, 2010

wed thurs fri sat sun

I cleaned the FMF. It was a beautiful day today. Very sunny & warm.

KRN came over early in the morning. I was vacuuming house. We stored the dogs inside & went shopping. Jamba Juice, Hobby Lobby, American Eagle, Pita Pit for lunch. KRN went to Wine Party in Spokane Valley with Heather on Thursday night.

Went shopping again with KRN for a little while. Jamba Juice, Lowe's, WalMart, Kohl's. Forgot if I had peed while in bathroom because toilet kept auto flushing so much. Hubby came home in afternoon from Everett training. He worked down at shop for a while. Neighbors were shooting out back so Brad was going nuclear. He ate one of my plants by the pond; then when I tied him up in the woods he started trying to eat through the tree. Took him down to shop & tied him up away from gunshots. KRN made chicken soup with dumplings. Yum. Later in the night I made pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting. Hubby took Brad to a friend's house for a new home.
mini cupcakes

While at the latte stand, DeraLee asked KRN to work for a couple hours while she went to daughter Jen's volleyball game at Timberlake. So KRN worked while I vacuumed the FMF out again, did 3 loads of laundry & put away all hubby's clothes from the past week, put away cleaned dishes, made beds & picked up poo outside.Talked with DeraLee after she returned from game, then came home to spend time with puppies before hubby, KRN & I went to movie - RED at the Regal Cinemas Riverstone. In addition to being very crowded and us having to sit 10 feet from the big screen, we also had to contend with teenagers that would not quit talking loudly.

After the movie we got Orange Smash at Jamba Juice, drove to pick up money at hubby's bank, met Tim at SuperOne to pay him, then drove home.

KRN went to a bonfire behind Silverwood with her friends until 11:00. We babysat Bravo.

Slept in until 9:00, went to get lattes, came home so that KRN could get a shower & wash her hair before Handgun Class at Center Target Sports in Post Falls today at 1-5PM. Left hubby home so he could get his beard cut, take garbage to dump & bring Bravo to meet KRN at 5PM. Hubby & KRN decided they were hungry so we went over to Nate's New York Pizza. Had hot wings & pizza before dark storm clouds moved into area. Got quite cold. KRN drove home & we left to go home.
 practice shooting at range

Target shots
not bad for a first time!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Totally Tuesday

Brad Pit

Brad likes to sit on the dryer in the laundryroom. I think he is part moutain goat. Learning quickly. Treats for down, up, sit.

Went walking with Brad throughout the day so he could go potty. On our travels we found this pretty leaf from one of the trees we planted last year.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What A Picnik

Signed up for Picnik photo editing program online. This is a shot of KRN & Bravo at the park. Eerie. I even resisted the urge to make her a zombie.

K&B at park

Brad is being bad. Brought him in yesterday to sleep in the laundry room as he was frightened of the neighbor's shooting. But he has been climbing up on the counters now & started to chew his bed. Bad dog. So he goes to the outside kennel again. But he was so adorable that when he tried crawling through the fence with a leg & head I just had to bring him in again.

Decoupaged this star today. Will set it up on the mantle.
vintage dictionary decopauged star

I might not be able to go to the decorating class tonight as I have real bad vertigo. Am going upstairs to rest on the bed & hope it goes away.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WOT a Day!

It was one of those days. Everything happened.

After sleeping with Harriet in Isabelle's bed midway during the night, I woke up with a wet spot on the blanket. Harriet had another "accident". Then I went back to sleeping with hubby. Harriet had recently had an "accident" in there, too. Poor little baby. Can't control her bladder. So I edged to the side of the bed nearly falling off and slept for another 30 minutes. Hubby tried to dislocate my back in bed this morning when he woke up. So I was in pain for the rest of the day.

Hubby made himself breakfast but didn't share with anybody. So I made sausages for the dogs; even Brad out in his kennel.

We picked up lattes this morning on the way into CDA in the Dodge with Bud & Bit. Jen-Bunny was trying to get our opinion on fall $2 latte specials.

Stopped at Costco first thing & everybody seemed determined to be in the way. Pushing, shoving, it was horrible. And this was even before the after church rush. We had already gotten gas so there was no problem there, but inside there were lots of people. Hubby was hesitant but I talked him into getting the hot dog that he likes at Costco so much. I went out to start loading the truck & he met us outside. Walked the dogs at the side lot before we went on to Home Depot to pick up dirt for the plants that I need to get in the ground. Hubby whined a lot about loading it. He told me to get #3 over and have him fill in the plants & dirt as he did not have the energy to do anymore.

Hubby came with me into Michaels which also seemed to have too many people in the store standing around blocking aisles. I quickly got my stuff for class tomorrow night & we left. At Wendy's we got cheeseburgers for the dogs.

When we returned home, we unpacked our purchases & got the dogs ready for a walk at the park. Loaded Brad & Isabelle up front, the rest of them in the back. Isabelle ran free while I had Brad & Bit who both seemed to tolerate each other. Hubby had Angus, Bud & Harriet. Harriet did tire out quite soon. Probably too much exercise for her.

After we got back home again, we put the fish in the basement in their winter habitat. Put fireside chairs away. Put away canoe. Drained the ponds. Put away all the park benches. Took down the hanging flower baskets. All I have left to do is bring in my plants on the deck. Maybe tomorrow...After all this activity, hubby decided he wanted to add cheese to the garlic bread for a bite to eat. While sawing thru the bread with a bread knife he severely cut a huge piece of his thumb off. I had to do some quick first-aid. Hope he does not get infection. It was bleeding quite profusely.

Hubby finally had a chance to rest on the couch and I made the Mummy Cupcakes that he wanted me to do for his cubbies at class.

Then he wanted me to clean out his ear hair. While I was doing that I cut his ear. It started bleeding. So had to put styptic pencil on it. Poor hubby. Then Brad tore into the house from outside. We were startled that he had gotten out of his kennel. The little dog was frightened because the neighbors had decided to start target shooting so he literally tore the door off the exit of his kennel, and then proceeded to rip through the fence. He then dashed in the house looking for us.

So we repaired the fence, picked up his poop, fixed the door to his kennel & decided to let him stay inside for the rest of the night.

Hubby left at 6:15pm and I rode in the car down the drive with him and walked Brad back with me so he could potty before bed.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hubby Visits

I washed more clothes on Friday, picked up all the dog poo, and cleaned the FMF. Walked Brad and afterwards tied him up outside next to me while I cleaned the car.

When I was picking up dog poo, I noticed that there were a few white "things" on Isabelle & Angus' poos. So I took the samples in Ziploc bags down to the vet for testing. They called later in the afternoon to let me know that the "things" were maggots which had started to take life in the poo and NOT intestinal worms. I am so now freaked about anything to do with the dogs after Harriet's scare.


Bud and I went to Miller's Grocery in Spirit Lake to pick up groceries. Got makings for crockpot chili from KRN's recipe. It started to smell SO good.

Friday night hubby rolled in to the driveway at 9:34PM. He had left Everett at 3:54PM. So pretty good time considering he left in rush hour traffic with the 405 at a standstill.

Hubby tried my chili and announced it was delicious. He refused to let me send any down on Saturday for the guys at the shop because he is taking all of it for leftovers at his hotel for this coming week. Silly boy.

It actually tastes better than it looks.
crockpot chili

Saturday morning drove down to A-town to get lattes with hubby. He very much appreciated getting a good drink as they don't quite fill the drinks in Seattle to the rim of the cup. Doesn't make the espresso mix very good. When we returned home, I ordered the 12 cupcakes & 8 inch cake that I need for class on Monday night. Thank goodness we only have 2 more classes or just the things I need to purchase for Wilton decorating class would break the bank!

Wilton Master Tip Set

Hubby just drove the dually up here to deliver my Wilton cake tips that were delivered via Fed Ex which I ordered from Amazon. 50% off & free overnight shipping. Can't even get it that cheap at Michael's with my 10% class discount! It warmed my heart to see him get in the truck & drive off down the lane to the shop. I love him a lot.

At 2PM, hubby & ChaChi went to Post Falls Stateline to watch the mud bogs. He made it home by 7PM. Had him stop at Albertson's to pick up the cupcakes for Monday night class.

Made Cake #2 and decorated playing with some of the different tips I got today. Hubby had brought garlic bread home with him for the crockpot chili.
Cake #2
Went to bed early. Exhausted.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Of Those Days

Woke up this morning and Harriet had an accident in the bed last night. I immediately called the Vet who scheduled her to come in at 10:15 to get her blood tested again.

9 loads of laundry which included all the comforters on our bed, vacuuming house, cleaning dog beds, cleaning rug runners, mopped floors. Finally got house cleaned so hubby can come home to a immaculate home. Will vacuum FMF & Dodge tomorrow.

Will work on the fall ragamuffin garland tonight.

Stamped clothespins tonight.

 i love you clothespin

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Button Pumpkin

Button Pumpkin

Made this cute button pumpkin in the morning, went off to enjoy my cake with DeraLee at the espresso stand in the afternoon.

Put my lighted pumpkins out on the decks today.

Also managed to throw together Duct Tape paint can pumpkin.

Duct Tape paint can pumpkin

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walked Brad, made frosting for cake decorating class tonight, tied Christmas garland, did laundry.

My first decorated cake for class.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Missing Him

Hubby and I went to The View cafe for breakfast. The omelette that I got was not good. Hubby got the Eggs Benedict. Coffee was horrible. I got sick tummy when we got home. Picked up lattes & said hi to Jen-Bunny. Then we took Bud, Isabelle, Bit & Angus for a walk in the park. It was misting slightly. Warm and completely humid.

Went into CDA to pick up my cake at Albertson's for class tomorrow. We also got a few groceries there. Have not shopped there in quite a while and the prices are outrageously high. Stopped at banks & Michael's. Had to get more Wilton equipment for my class. The class was cheap- it is buying all the necessities FOR the class that is costly.

On the way home we saw Dr Mike leaving the Vet hospital. He waved us down & we went back to see Harriet. It was 2:00pm. She is still lethargic & dopey but we took her for a short walk in the back yard. Also has her IV in still. Dr is going to test her again tomorrow to see if her blood levels are back to normal. Then she will be able to come home. She has lost several pounds because her ribs are visible again. Have to fatten her up when she gets back home.

Hubby rested on the couch; #3 returned Brad as the dog "does not play well with others"; i.e.-Brad fights with all other dogs. This is a dilemma.

While #3 was here, he helped hubby take out the swamp cooler. 

The last couple nights I have been sleeping like a baby all night in our bed. Even woke up cuddling with hubby this morning. Usually we don't do that because one or both of us are in too much pain!
He has only been gone 1 hour & 17 minutes and I miss him so much already.

After hubby left I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rag Garland

Saturday Oct 9
Still tying Christmas rag garland
Fall garland done

Slept all night in same bed with hubby
Isabelle & Brad at shop with hubby
Getting decorating stuff ready for Mon class

Friday, October 08, 2010

Done Lots

Sunday Oct 3
Greenbluff with Hubby & KRN
Pumpkins, Gourds, Cheeseburgers, Caramel Apples, Cute Pitbull Puppy, Pumpkin Chunkin'
Dog Problems in KRN's Garage. Whoops

Monday Oct 4
Hubby left for training in Everett
KRN worked at latte stand
Tied rag garlands
Walked dogs
Cake Decorating Class at Michaels in CDA

Tuesday Oct 5
Blue Ox coffee
KRN & I went shopping at Base
Back to Idaho PM

Wednesday Oct 6
Went shopping with KRN in CDA

Thursday Oct 7
Pumpkin Smash at Jamba Juice
Took Harriet into Vet
Beebo groomed at Apryl's
Got nails done at Nails 2000

Friday Oct 8
Harriet at Vet
Hubby returned home late

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Tuesday Sept 28
Cleaned house. Aching sore. KRN came over in PM with Beebo.
Wednesday Sept 29
Went shopping with KRN. She went out to dinner with friends.
Thursday Sept 30
Went shopping with KRN
KRN went home
Friday Oct 1
Gave fall rag garland to DaraLee. Adopted Brad, a black & white pitbull who had only 30 minutes left to live.

Saturday Oct 2
Took Brad for bath at Apryl's. Finished DaraLee's 2nd fall rag garland & gave it to her on way to CDA. Cleaned Dodge. Made Pumpkin cupcakes with Maple cream cheese frosting.Packed to go to KRN's.