Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lazy Last Day of Turkey Week Vacation

Hubby has to return to work tomorrow after having all week off for vacation.

Sunday - We got up and walked dogs in park. Saw a bowhunter & found out that it is perfectly legal for bowhunting deer in park Nov 1 thru Dec 31. We will not be walking there anymore. Too scared the humans or the dogs could get accidentally shot. Stupid of State Park to do this. Too many places in National Forest for the stupid hunters to go...

We then returned so that hubby could fix the fuse in the truck for the automatic windows.

 Wild Dog Walk in park

Put up Christmas lights. Spray painted & made more yard stick stars. Hubby put up fucking deer on deck. Listened to Christmas music on IPOD while we worked.

Fucking deer

It got dark very early. Skies were dismal & dark. Started raining. We dressed up, then took Bruce & Joni out to dinner at Red Lobster for Bruce's 60 Birthday. Stopped at Wendy's on the way home for burgers for the good dogs.

Returned home to watch Walking Dead.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

After shopping all day Wednesday, I was exhausted when we got home. Hubby volunteered to make all the dishes. I got drunk on Huck wine. Went to bed early. He even made the spray bottles & yardstick stars for KRN.

THURSDAY TURKEY DAY - Spent Thanksgiving at KRN's. Loaded up everything and took all the CLEAN dogs. We arrived about 9AM.

KRN made a perfect turkey (her first!); it was delicious. Juicy and tender. We brought green bean casserole & sweet potato casserole, bacon roll ups.

Guys went to Walmart at Midnight for Black Friday sale while we stayed home with tired dogs. But they got back relatively early because all the people had already seized the deals.

BLACK FRIDAY - Nothing interesting for us to purchase on Black Friday. It was depressing. We got up late, I made lattes for everyone. Then we ate breakfast at IHOP in valley. Holiday pancakes NOT good.

Drove to our place, M& hubby got the Bronco ready & decorated to drive in the Holiday Light Parade Coeur d'Alene. They left to arrive there by 4PM. Hubby took Bud & Austin. KRN & I left later, filled her gasoline; got lattes. Then met guys at grocery store on Sherman. Walked down to parade. Watched lighting ceremony & fireworks from the parking lot of the DMV. Bud was scared and hid in the back of the pickup.

KRN & I drove home separately. We got out before the crowd.

KRN & MSN left after we got home.

SATURDAY - Hubby did not come to bed until 1:00 last night. I was extremely tired. He woke me up when he got into bed and made me grumpy. We got up late at 9AM; then went into town later to take garbage. Stopped at bakery. I decorated lights outside. Got tired & rested.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shopping for T-Day

Dropped dogs (Bud, Angus, Isabelle) off at Apryl's for grooming at 9:30. Lil Bit & Harriet stayed home. Bit already had a bath in the sink last night. Harriet will have a bath tonight in the shower with Hubby.

We shoppped (after getting lattes in town) at WalMart, got my nails done at Walmart, Ace Hardware, (bad potty) URM, Brown Building (no doors, tho).  Safeway, Costco, Wendy's. Dropped off check at bank for hubby.

Picked dogs up at 4:30. They smelled nice. Angus was excited about leaving.

Hubby baked & cooked at home. I got drunk on wine.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hard Cold Rain

Rained ALL day. Positive - eliminated a lot of the 3 foot of snow that we have gotten in the past 2 days; Negative - Rain exposed parts of the ground and it looks gross. Also, slushy & difficult to walk/drive in.

Hair with Jen-Bunny at stand 9:30. Came home afterwards to make light balls. Froze my fingers trying to put them up in the rain. Not feelin' the Christmas mood at all this year.

Half of the lights burnt out. Crap.

Monday, November 21, 2011


SUNDAY - It just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing. Hubby made breakfast for himself. Then we took dogs down to the park for wild dog walk. They loved it. Lil Bit "swam" thru the deep snow. Angus took off into the woods for some fun. Harriet blasted Bud in the side several times. Isabelle played like she was a pup again!

We went home afterwards to clean house. Hubby helped a lot. I vacuumed while he put stuff up in the closet for me.

Watched TV after all was done and went to bed early.

MONDAY - Slept in until 8AM! Wow. But I had already gotten up several times since 5AM because Harriet woke up the other dogs.

Made lattes, then hubby wanted to go take the dogs for a wild dog walk. We drove down to the road by the dump, but somebody had built there! So we went back to the park again. Took the dogs in the new green dually. Hubby is in love with it.

Then came back & cleaned house again. Hubby went down to shop to work. He came home to plow around the time that the Carpet Cleaner guy was supposed to be here. I got the dogs in the garage in the pickup truck & hubby took off with the dogs.

Carpet Cleaner Jeff cleaned loft carpets, chairs in loft, 8x10 carpet in living room and dog rugs.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Harriet & Bud to Vet

THURSDAY - Harriet's infection on her lip was getting bigger & crusty. So I called to make an appointment with vet. Took her in at 5PM. She was scared as usual and I had to carry her inside.

Vet took a couple tests. Decided it was just infection (not cancerous). Prescribed antibiotics. Then looked at her weepy left eye & prescribed steroid drops. Brought Bud in to vet also to check out HIS weepy left eye. Same diagnosis. Drops for both dogs.

On the way to the vet, Harriet got some skin & hair ripped off her right side. I don't know how she did this. She is such a hyper dog.

When I realized that my old Sorels were about 15 years old, I decided it was time for new ones. Ordered new Sorels - Joan of Arctic

FRIDAY - Snowed all day. Got about 20 inches. Hubby says "we should move!" because he hates this now. But he won't make any effort to move. Where else are we going to go? Kids are here. He likes the acreage away from town. Beautiful lake for our boat. He has established business here now. Only a few more years before retirement.

Let the dogs out in the late afternoon because they were barking. I saw something dart across the back of the fence...thought it was OUTSIDE the fence, but it was inside. Whoops. They got it. It was a little white bunny. It got stuck in the fence & dogs got it. Had to sequester them inside until hubby got home to get rid of the poor thing.

 10 inches by 8:30AM.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big R

Sunday - BIG R. Hubby's FAVORITEST store now!

Rained last night. Broke snow down a little. Walked dogs at the park in the morning.

Shopped at WalMart, Home Depot & Big R in Sandpoint. Stopped for doggie Arby burgers. Dark & dreary out today.

Hubby fixed toilet lid, drawers in bathroom and replaced bulb in laundryroom.

Watched Walking Dead tonight. Big boring. Too much talking not enough zombie action!

Got a special sweater for Lil Bit. He hates wearing it!

Lil Bit in his winter sweater!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Craft Show Day

Saturday - Spent the day with KRN going to the craft show in Post Falls at the high school. Not too many new things. Boring. Need to find a new craft show next year.

Went to Walmart afterwards for a couple little things. Got Pumpkin Smashes at Jamba Juice and at lunch at Harvest Bread company.

KRN dropped me off at my car again after giving me espresso flavors & coffee she had brought. Then I drove home to Bud & the dogs.

Snowstorm started at 4:00.

 Hubby with dogs on his lap. Bit NEVER wants to sit on anybody's lap.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More Snow Tonight

Nov 10 - Hubby had to go down to friend's shop to do a rear end set up. He worked until late about 12PM.

Nov 11 - It was hurricane like weather here earlier in the night with rain & severe wind. But it later turned to snow around 10:30PM.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

First Snow of 2011

Nov 4 - I got my nails done with Rhonda.

Nov 7 - Got a dusting of snow here in late afternoon.

Nov 9 - Got my new Silhouette Cameo and started sampling it with different vinyl cut out projects.

Nov 9 - Hubby helped me put burlap sacks around our evergreen tree to save it from snow this winter. From a distance it looks like a penis.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Computer Here

So it goes that I have to transfer everything from old computer to new. Ick. I HATE HATE HATE doing this.

Met hubby at his work and we were going to NITB Club Meeting until I saw that he had metal in his eye. I drove him down to the Emergency Room. Doctor performed minor surgery there to get the metal out. Dug in his eye to get rusted metal out. Ick. No painkillers. Just antibiotics. We went to the meeting for a while, then left early. Hubby was hurting bad.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

lots of big nothing

Got machine on Oct 31