Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Finally, A Spring Day & Mike H's Retirement


Got up this morning and made breakfast sandwich for hubby; eggs for dogs. It had gotten quite cold last night. I forgot and left my Lily outside last night.

There was frost on the windows of the cars; and the water in the dog bowl had iced over!

Hubby left early.

I did dishes & laundry.

Dogs slept on the couches.

Some people came walking down the driveway & driving a pickup. Kid wanted to know if hubby would rent out his trailer. Gave him hubby's business card. All 3 of them left.

Sat out on the deck with the dogs to soak up sunshine.

Picked up dog poo.

Watered tomato plants in the window.

Starter tomato plants

Hubby texted that he was heading over to the Caddyshack at 4:30. He finally called me t 8:30 so that I could come pick him up.

When I got there, he was quite drunk. I said congratulations to Mike & Karrie. Took Dave Rodriguez home, then went to get Wendy's burgers. Shopped at Walmart. Hubby was quite a verbal drunk, kept talking and talking and talking. He burped a lot in the parking lot on the way out, but did not throw up.

At home, he sat in the truck for quite a while, then I put away the groceries. He went to bed right away at 11:00.

I found a receipt in his pocket, he had paid for over $150 in beer for himself, Matt Z, and Dave R.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hubby's Birthday


Got up this morning and gave cupcake to hubby. He was already up, so I gave it to him in the living room. He was not enthused. Poor dear. He needs to take the day off for his birthday.

I made breakfast sandwich for him. Made eggs for dogs.

Sent him text messages all day long wishing him "happy birthday".

Warmer today.

Went outside with dogs to pick up poo.

Kootenai Electric crew damaged my tree while taking down electric lines & pole.

I gave dogs bones so they would not bark at KEC crew.

Walked down by myself to get mail. Tom was not there today.

I vacuumed, did laundry, did dishes.

Still had to have heat on in the morning, but it got up to 54F degrees today.

Hubby came home at 7:00PM. He had worked overtime.

At 7:30, hubby went with Chuck to pick up a car at Autobody. Hubby came back at 8:30. We watched latest episode of Fargo.

Tonight we applied for the DOT & MC numbers online. Also got the Process Agents info for the BOC-3. Hubby is starting a shipping firm with this Big Red Dually.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Still COLD and Rain


Tomorrow is hubby's birthday.

Woke up at 4AM today and started rubbing hubby's shoulders. Then Lil Bit jumped into bed with us at 5AM. Hubby went to potty at 5:30AM. We got up at 6:15AM.

Made breakfast eggs for dogs. Breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Did laundry & dishes.

VS order came; nothing fit - have to send it all back.

Dooney purse came. Very cute, but storage for credit cards is small.

Hubby came home at 5:10.

I drove the Cabela's truck up to Joe's Autobody with Lil Bit riding with me, while hubby had taken Bud, Ben, and Maggie with him in the Excursion  pulling the trailer.

On the way up to Sandpoint, saw a beautiful rainbow.

 rainbow in Sagle

When we got there, I walked all the dogs and waited for hubby. Then he loaded an engine on the back of the trailer. I talked to Joe's girlfriend/wife, Angie.

We left and got burgers for dogs at Arby's. Then we came home. Too late to pick up deer food at Big R or shop at Walmart.

Bored Bud is sleeping

Went to bed at 10:00PM.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Special Saturday & Hair Got Did Sunday


Got up and made eggs for dogs, breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Took dogs thru town so they could bark at their dog friends. Then got a awful greasy latte for hubby. Walked dogs in the park. Many horse people bringing trailers to the park today. Slightly wet from all the recent rain this past week.

Came home and hubby went down to shop for tow straps while I got ready at home. Maggie & Lil Bit came with us in the Big Red Dually to Post Falls. Picked up dodge for rear end work. I walked Maggie & Lil Bit around the neighborhood.

Then we drove back to Rathdrum and got lattes. Got a latte for Tom; 32 oz vanilla. Picked up wheels at Kevin Reese's house.

At home, hubby parked the truck & trailer. I got out and picked up the mail. Walked home with Lil Bit & Maggie. The H&M order had come. Our insurance check for dental also came!!!

I ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut. Then took Bud & Ben with me to go pick up pizzas. Also got dog burgers at McDonalds. Gave a $20 to Pizza Hut staff. They are so good to us.

Came home and left pizzas at shop. The weather was ok everywhere else, but it started raining, downpouring, then hailing as I turned into the driveway to our home!

Took dogs home and gave them burgers.

I did laundry & dishes.

Hubby brought up the new (used) pellet stove that he got in a trade. Joe H. Jr and his friends helped carry it into the basement. Hopefully this winter our utility bills will be lower if we can use it for heat.

pellet stove

Around 6:30, hubby came home for the night. It was raining again.


Got up and made eggs for dogs, hubby had french toast, eggs, and bacon.

We were not able to take dogs for walk in park as it was raining. Hubby stayed in his PJ's all day.

I went to get my hair done at Salon 41 with Ashley Rex. I stopped at Jitterz to get lattes for myself & Ashley. She was running about 20 minutes behind with a hair cut, but I finally got in about 11:50. Left about 2:50PM.

Hair Got Did

Stopped to get dog burgers on the way home.

Hubby & puppies greeted me at the door. Gave burgers to dogs.

We ran down to get milk at Lil Town Market. Took all the dogs with us.

 new truck hubby bought to fix & sell

Stayed home the rest of the day before guy in Sandpoint did not want to meet hubby to pick up car. Said we can deliver Cabela's truck on Monday night & pick up engine then.

 Silly Bud on couch with dad

 Playing with Ben on the floor

Watched Believe and went to bed at 10PM. I was tired.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Not Raining?


At 5:30, Lil Bit got into bed with us. Hubby woke me up at 6:30. Difficult to get out of bed. So warm with Lil Bit snuggling with me.

Made breakfast sandwich for hubby & eggs for dogs. We watched news on tv until Hubby left at 7:00AM.

I did laundry & dishes. Shaved my legs in bathtub.

Water had no pressure today. Odd.

Picked up dog poo. Fed deer. Fed fish.

Thursday, April 24, 2014



Got up this morning at 6:00AM. Hubby is getting up WAY too early. He went downstairs to take a shower while I started breakfast.

After hubby left, I did dishes & laundry.

Ate too much today. Bad tummy.

Microwaved more bacon.

Went down to get mail with Bud. No mail today.

Lil Bit hugs stuffed cow

Too much rain to feed deer; their food would have been soaking wet.

Washed my hair.

It rained SO much today. Everything is soaked. We have pools of water everywhere. It rained severely hard several times.

Stupid lazy ass Kootenai Electric workers tied off the entire line west of small poles to the little tree that I was trying to save in the front. The wire is cutting into the tree. What motherfuckers. Too lazy to install a real tie-off.

Fed deer after weather cleared off for a while.

Hubby came home at 5:30PM. Fed the dogs a left over corn-dog that hubby brought home with him. He took Bud & Ben with him to get milk in the Big Red Dually.

Hubby worked in shop until 9:00. Then we watched Grey's Anatomy.

Hubby fell asleep on the couch. Went to bed at 11:00.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SNOW? wtf


I missed posting Tuesday. Not much happened. Got up and made eggs for dogs & breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Was a nice day. Kinda cold.

Walked with all the dogs down to get mail. No mail at box.

Bud & Maggie took off into the woods. Lil Bit & Ben came with me on leashes. Ben walked very nice. Lil Bit wanted to go out into the woods with the Big Dogs.

I ordered a new wristlet from Dooney & Bourke; along with a discount Earth Day Canvas Tote.

My new sandals that I ordered came via UPS.

Bling Sandals

Hubby came home at 6:00. He had dinner. Fell asleep on the couch.

Went to bed at 10:00PM after watching new Fargo series.


Woke up at 12:30 and 3:00AM to go potty. Did not get a lot of sleep. Hubby's phone started getting text beeps at 12:30. I am going to KILL people. Who the hell sends a text message at midnight?

Hubby failed to wake me up before he left. I got up at 8:00AM. It was snowing. WTF? What is WRONG with our weather this year? It was 34 degrees this morning.

Snow in April

It snowed until 10:30. Then it melted. Started getting warmer.

Went outside with Bud to put more deer food out. Buddy was happy and ran out to the woods to sniff deer.

I checked the dental insurance and they finally got the paperwork correct on the claim and are sending out a check today to us. That only took a month!

The dogs tore up one of their hedgehog stuffed animals. Dead.

Dead Hedgehog stuffed animal

Hubby came home at 6:00; he brought deer food & dog food. He was driving a white Subaru. When he came to the house after meeting a guy at the shop, he had dinner. Then we returned the white Subaru to Charles's shop. 

We watched Fargo, The Americans, and Archer. Then went to bed.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Miserable Monday


Cold, cloudy, and miserable Monday. Got up at 6:15 and made breakfast sandwich for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

After hubby was gone, I did several loads of laundry. Also did several loads of dishes.

Fed fish.

Went outside to pick up dog poo. Cleaned & scrubbed the dog water barrel. Put the hose in it to start circulating clean water.

Raked out pine needles from pond in the front. Added 2 more gallons of bleach to water to clean it out.

Used my new Margaret Dabbs of London Footcare File. Spread cream on feet and put socks on. Should be soft tonight.

Fed the deer. Turned off the water to the outside pond.

The dog water barrel was nice and shiny clean water. I tested the taste. A+. Yippee. Fresh spring water for doggies to drink.

Hubby came home around 5:30; I got dressed to go out as he wanted to take Cabela's truck to CN Diesel & pick up another truck to bring home for work.

Maggie came with us as her "special only dog" time with us. She had lots of room in the Cabela's truck. We stopped in CDA at Higher Grounds and I got a granita; hubby got a latte. He almost messed up our order again by ordering "both of them hot!" Idiot.

Then we drove to CN Diesel and picked up ugly green Dodge truck that had NEVER been cleaned in 500,000 miles! Gag. Only a 1/2 cab in back for Maggie & tons of junk everywhere. No windows in back to roll down.

Maggie at CN Diesel

Met kid in Rathdrum at McDonalds' drive thru to give $ to hubby for another truck. Then we came home. Hubby dropped me off at the house with Maggie. I gave burgers to dogs. Hubby went down to shop to work for a while.

Watched Archer.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wonderful Sunday



Slept late this morning until 8:00. Hubby was already up on the couch watching automotive shows on mute while Ben was upstairs sleeping in bed with me.

I got up and made french toast, eggs, and bacon for everybody.

We got dressed and waited until 10:00 to dog walk because it was so cold this morning.

Drove thru A-town barking at all the dogs in town. Then got awful tasting lattes.

At the park we walked a different trail and ended up walking about 3 miles. It was a great walk with the sun shining. Dogs were really tired by the end of the walk.

Came home and tidied up the front concrete deck. Threw broken plant pots into the garbage, put the lawnmowers in the back, put the Xmas stuff in the house.

Hubby went to the dump with Ben & Bud. I made more bacon while they were gone.

D.U.M.P R.U.N.
Dump Run!
Dump Run!

All you need is a can and a liner,
Truck & keys and a sober driver;

Dump Run!

Hubby made up this song he sings with the dogs when they go to the dump.

When they returned, we hooked the hoses up and started putting fresh water into the pond. Also added a gallon of bleach to purify the water.

The guy (Jeremiah) came to look at the house to power wash the siding & decks, clean & treat the wood. Big dogs, Maggie, Ben, & Bud went outside with daddy to help them look around.

Hubby put chicken breasts and BBQ sauce into crockpot. Started smelling good in house.

After the guy left, hubby and I went into town. Got Big Red Dually washed at car wash. Higher Grounds Espresso was closed so we drove over to Jitterz and got a strawberry pina colada smoothie for me.

Then hubby was hungry. Most places were closed because of Easter Sunday so we went to Las Chavelas to eat. It was difficult for me with my teeth hurting.

 At Las Chavelas

Afterwards, we went to Wendy's to get burgers for dogs. Then stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase pillowcases. Very expensive there. Who can afford $35 pillowcases?

Then we drove to Walmart and got groceries there. Went home and gave burgers to dogs. Put away groceries.

Hubby took his Big Red Dually down to the shop to unload all the stuff from his trip & stuff that he already had stored in the pickup bed.

Stupid neighbors started setting off bombs again. We called police. Stupid police said they had already talked with them, they are setting off exploding targets? I said the kids were lying; they are setting off pipe bombs strong enough to shake the windows in my house.

Hubby cleaned out the back of his Red Dually because he had spilled transmission fluid in it.

When he was done, sun was going down. It got really cold. We turned on the heat again. Watched tv, Sin City. Believe. Bored & went to bed at 10:00.

Saturday, April 19, 2014



Hubby got up extra early this morning. He has to work Saturday to make up for the days he was off for his Vegas Vacation.

I rolled out of bed at 8AM. Gave dogs their ham.

Still cold outside. Only 35 degrees when I checked.

Then fed the fish.

Did dishes & laundry.

I put Isabelle's ashes in her urn.


Dogs decided it was a nice day so they sat outside on the deck in the sunshine. It was getting warmer, about 53 degrees.

Bud, Ben & Maggie on the deck

Picked up poo later.

Checked lottery tickets. We won $100. Wow. First time ever. Maybe hubby can take me out to dinner to celebrate.

The Fed-Ex came with my Amazon order; the new stretch hoses! So I cleaned out the water barrel in the back yard. Ooooh. What a stink. Smelled like something dead. Used cooking pan to scoop out the water, then used the blue towels to soak up the water that was at the bottom. I will throw the towels away...or burn them. Yuck.

Changed clothes so I could go get nails done.

Picked up mail at the box. I got my clothing order from Levis and H&M.

Got my nails done with Rhonda, picked up dog burgers at Mcdonalds. Came home and gave dogs the burgers. Opened all my packages. Tried on the clothes.

Hubby got home and we took the dogs for a quick walk in the park. We stopped in A-town at Lil Town Market to get our winning lottery money! Then drove down by the gun range for the dog walk. All the dogs were tired afterwards.

When we got home, hubby had to go down to the shop to get parts from out back.

We drove into town to eat at Red Lobster.

 Red Lobster celebration dinner

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cloudy, Cold & Rainy Even More


Missing Isabelle sleeping in her corner. Maggie was on that dog bed instead. Lil Bit had hopped up on our bed this morning & given me early morning kisses, then I fell back to sleep. Ben was sleeping on hubby's side of the bed on the floor.

Got up and made breakfast sandwich for hubby & eggs for dogs.

Started laundry & dishes after hubby left.

Fed the fish. Fed the deer.

Slept for 2 more hours. I can't take allergy pills anymore.

Went down to get the mail with dogs. Leashes on Ben & Lil Bit. Maggie & Bud wandered into the woods.

Vet's office called and said that Isabelle's ashes were there & I could come pick them up.

Went outside inbetween rain & clouds to pick up dog poo.

Got changed and went into CDA with Bud & Ben to visit the Vision Center again. On the way there, I stopped at the Vet's office to pick up Isabelle's ashes. Ran into some woman and talked to her about dogs. Maggie brought out the ashes for me.

Met hubby at Vision Center. He picked up his glasses while I got new contacts. Much better vision with these new contacts. Not as dry. Hubby made me laugh because he tried to read fine print out of the top of his glasses! Told him to try his bi-focals!

I drove to Car wash, got a Granita at Espresso stand, picked up burgers at Wendy's. Met hubby after work. We drove downtown CDA to pick up a transmission. Then we went back to his work parking lot to pick up my car. I then stopped at Goodwill to drop off donations. Then we drove home.

At home, we changed dogs. Got Maggie & Lil Bit. Took them in the FMF up to Sandpoint with us to pick up a truck at Joe's Automotive. Walked the dogs for a bit, then drove back home.

Hubby picked up milk at Lil Town Market. I made Mac-n-Cheese for us at home.

Went to bed at 11PM after watching Hannibal. That show just keeps getting stranger all the time.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

As Days Go By


Got up this morning and made breakfast sandwich for hubby; eggs for dogs. It was raining. Depressing & cloudy. Horrible spring. Yuck.

After giving all the dogs hugs, hubby left for work. Driving his new Red Dually so all the guys at work can get jealous...

I did laundry & dishes. Checked my dental claim online. They did it wrong. Sent an email to them.

Dogs were bored & spent the day inside sleeping. Rained all day.

The pain is not so intense. Grief from Izzy's death is fading already. I still hear her snoring sometimes and when Bud is sleeping, he looks like her from a certain angle.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4 Dogs, Not 5

APRIL 16, 2014

The first whole night without Isabelle was tough. There was no dog drinking massive amounts of water in the middle of the night. There was no dog at the side of my bed to trip over in the middle of the night. There was no big dog coming slowly down the stairs to be let outside in front instead of using the doggy door like the other dogs. She had to go out "special".

I dragged myself out of bed at 11:00PM because Ben & Lil Bit kept going outside to bark at things. So I had to close the doggy door.

Then I was up at 3:30AM to pee.

Finally got some sleep and woke up at 8:00.

Fed fish.

Made eggs for dogs. Started laundry & dishes.

Picked up poo.

It started to rain lightly, so I had to wear a hoodie. It is cold outside.

Walked down to get the mail with Buddy. He romped in the woods.

Fed the deer.

Hubby came home around Noon.

Joe H came over to give sympathy over Isabelle passing away. He left about an hour later.

Hubby and I went to Spirit Lake to get groceries. Came back and made Lasagne & garlic bread for him. Hubby fell asleep on the couch. I feed steaks to dogs.

Later, I woke hubby up on the couch so we could talk about Isabelle. I had a good cry. Remembered together all the silly things. Her odd quirky personality.

We went to bed at 10:00. Both exhausted.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Isabelle is Gone


After a night of sleeplessness, waking up every 30 minutes to let Isabelle out front or out back I get up and wait for the Vet's office to open at 8AM so I can call.

Isabelle has been vomiting all night. She has been crying all night. She has abandoned even trying to get up stairs because her back end just won't work anymore. In between crying, she is panting.

Our Vet, Dr Mike warned us about this over a year ago when we chose to put her on pain medication. He indicated that the pain medication would eventually destroy her kidneys.

And the time has come. Isabelle is in renal failure. I don't want her to suffer any more. She has gone thru a lot.

So when I called and talked with Maggie at the vet's office, she told me to come in immediately.

The other dogs gather around us before we leave. They think momma is going for a ride & won't take them.

I tell Isabelle we are going for a drive in the car. She won't load from the side of the FMF. I open the rear tailgate and load her in that way. She is SO heavy. Dead weight because she cannot use her rear legs for support.

I drive as slowly as possible so she can hang her head out this last time on a cold & dreary Spring day.


Pics of Isabelle on the ride to the Vet's office.

It hasn't hit me yet.

We take a walk around the grass at the office so we don't have to go inside yet.

When we get inside, we get a weight on her. 142.

We are led to the back room. Harriet was done in the other room. Now, both rooms are cursed for me.

The paperwork is taken care of while Isabelle is taken into the back area to install a catheter. She refuses to go thru the exam room, so I lead her into the back by the other door.

I contacted hubby and put him on speakerphone so that he can be there with us while she passes.

Dr Mike and his assistant (WHY can I never remember her name?) are with me. We get Isabelle to kinda lay down on the hard floor. They have put a blanket on the floor. I should have remembered to bring a blanket! Damn.

I put her head in my lap and Dr Mike injects the solution. She settles and her whole body goes limp. Hubby is talking on the speakerphone. I am talking to her. The Vet tells her she is a good dog.

Then Dr Mike listens for a heartbeat. He announces it. She is gone. It is 8:30AM.

Isabelle is 10 years old.

Dr Mike picks up my phone and tells hubby that Isabelle is gone. He hangs up the phone.

I sit for a minute longer, still petting her precious head. She is still warm. I avoid her nose because she would have hated that. I am crying.

I finally leave the room and can barely walk out to the reception area. Collapsing onto the bench, I cry some more. I am shaking.

Then I go out to the FMF. I go home alone.

The Vet is using their own service to cremate her. I will get her ashes back.

When I get home, I text KRN. We talk about Isabelle. She was a great dog. I called hubby and we talked about her. Then I am exhausted and in shock.

I make eggs for the dogs. They are happy that mommy made them breakfast.

I took a nap from 11:00-12:00. When I wake up, I am still exhausted.

All the dogs come down with me to the mailbox. I put leashes on Ben & Lil Bit. Bud & Maggie run off into the woods to sniff for deer. Lil Bit has to pee on EVERYTHING.

At the house, I put the dogs inside. I go out and put more feed out for the deer.

I come inside and make a pizza for the dogs.

Later, I am so bored and text hubby for a while. He calls and says that he is heading back to Idaho. He left Dave 2.0 in Vegas with his Mustang. I tell him to drive carefully.

I finally go to bed at 10:00PM.

Isabelle. 10 Years ago.

You were a GREAT dog, Isabelle. And you had a loving, full life. I will miss you forever.