Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Vacation Days

Early Saturday morning we get drinks & hubby works at shop. I clean and vacuum the FMF & the Dodge. Then vacuum & clean the house so it will be nice & clean when we come home after the weekend. We head over to KRN's Saturday night with all the dogs!

KRN arrives home shortly after we get there & we all go to the Airway Heights ORV to watch #3 race Motocross again. He wins first place in the race we observe. We get crappy, expensive food & drinks at the vendors. However, KRN's neighbor texts her at 9PM that the dogs are barking & she wants to go to bed. We are forced to leave the races early.

Even though we brought new dog beds from Costco, the dogs are not settling for the night. Bravo gets up several times whining & I am forced to let him out. KRN lets Bravo out several times. Even hubby got up early at 7AM to let Bravo out. I end up sleeping most of the night on the couch in the living room.

Sunday morning we eat at the Petro's Iron Skillet. Had self service food. Did not do my stomach any good. Hubby did chores around KRN's home. We also stopped at WalMart & got a latte at the new Giddy Up N Go (formerly Rockie's Espresso) for KRN so that she could compare lattes.
 Bud sneaks up on table to rest

Hubby and I also went over to Cheney Hardware store to pick up supplies to fix KRN's home to-dos.

We took naps on the couch around 2:30 (actually, I passed out on the couch - while hubby did work then he finally settled at the end of the couch with Harriet under one arm & Bud sitting next to him. I had Angus on the floor next to me, Bravo & Bit on the couch above my head. Isabelle slept in the spare bedroom on the bed!

KRN came home around 5PM and we all roused. Hubby drove dogs back home, KRN & I took Bravo and Bit in the Jeep and drove to our home.

Unloaded all stuff, put away dishes, put away laundry. Did more laundry. Went to bed.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hubby's First Day of Vacation 2010

Took dogs to Apryl's 3rd St Doghouse for grooming at 9:30 this morning. Bud, Bit & Angus were all thrilled to be dumped without mommy & daddy (not) for an indefinite period. But they thoroughly like Apryl & Co.

Then I got my toenails made pretty at the Nail Salon while hubby got his hair cut at Great Clips next door. Costco for a few necessities (dog food, raisins, walnuts & dog beds for KRN's sleepovers). Hubby wanted to go to Harbor Freight in Spokane to shop so we drove over there also. 

hubby bemused by Harbor Freight

He had to stop at Krispy Kreme for his favorite donuts on the way. This will be a nice treat for the guys at the shop tomorrow morning.

Krispy Kreme - yum!

Also picked up extra sunglasses from The Sunglass Guy on Division.
The Sunglass Guy cart

Picked the dogs up at 3:00. Then a quick stop at Target to pick up curtains for KRN (and a pretty lace skirt) then Wendy's for dog cheeseburgers. Isabelle & Harriet were thrilled to see the rest of the gang looking so pretty & spiffy. We will probably wash I & H tomorrow. Harriet is too psycho to take to the groomers & Isabelle would probably have a heart attack if we dropped her off at a stranger's!

Hubby worked at the shop for about 30 minutes, then we took the dogs for a walk at Farragut Park. Busy first day of vacation.

All the dogs were exhausted by the time we got home. They must have missed their early mid-morning, mid-morning, late-morning, early afternoon, & mid-afternoon naps!

Harriet & Bud sleeping together. Sweet.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

Woke up this morning to the chill of fall, yet it has gotten steadily warmer as the day wore on. Start wearing clothes in layers!

Had given Jen-Bunny the gift yesterday for DeraLee - the silver coffee bean earrings. DeraLee was wearing them this morning & she squealed when I drove up. She really liked the earrings.

Drove very slowly back from the latte stand this morning so Bud & Bit could hang their heads out of windows. Lil Bit fell asleep in my arm with his head tucked under with just the breeze blowing on his nose. It was so adorable!
 boyfriend flannel shirt - boyfriend cardi - pima henley
Ordered VS shirts/sweaters online this AM. Paid bills, went to get mail with Bud. He is doing "Stay" much better. Registered KRN & myself for Handgun Familiarity & Safety 101 at Center Sports for October. When hubby returns from training we will all take the Concealed Firearms Course.

I would also like to take a knitting class this year.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Not too soon to think about rain boots. Fall is coming along with rainy weather.

Hubby wants to name our "next" dog Pecker. So when we call him, we can yell..."Here Pecker!"

We are also the proud new sponsor of #3 and his Motocross Racing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Christmas List

I want to live like the pics in Pottery Barn. Move west of Sedona, AZ to live in the foothills. Buy an adobe home with inlaid heating tiles on the floor. My bones & the dogs would love it!

 Chunky Ribbed Throw in Blue Smoke

 Large Pocketwatch Clock in Pewter

Rustic Wall Organizer Pinboard

Would need Tim to build this Organizer Pinboard as PB reviews indicate the board tends to warp.
They have a Pottery Barn in Bellevue, & Seattle. Will have to stop there to check them out. 

Pick Stitch Quilt & Shams

The more I read the reviews, the more disillusioned I get. According to the reviewers, the color fades, the sizes are not adequate & there are dropped stitches on some of the quilts/shams. Hmmm. Have to re-think Pottery Barn. 

Toscana Console Table

Monday, August 23, 2010

Want This For Christmas

Moose at etsy.com

Pig at etsy.com

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Wild Dogs!

Saturday morning at 3AM, hubby's phone went off. He did not hear it, so I rolled over in bed only to find myself sleeping with Harriet & only Harriet. No hubby nowhere!  Threw on all the lights & wandered around looking for him. Not on the recliner downstairs...finally found him in Isabelle's bed. Snoring away. Had to shake him away several times as he was dead to the world! He ran into CDA to fix a cellphone tower board with M. Waterhouse. Hubby returned home at 830AM? I don't remember. Did not get a lot of sleep after that. Greg worked in the shop until 5 & then came home.

On Sunday dogs got us up at 5am (Izzy potty), 6am (Izzy wanted bone), 7am (all dogs potty), & 8am (all dogs barking). Harriet finally woke us up for good at 9am by jumping on the bed. 

Hubby made eggs, bacon & toast for himself & the dogs. We went to get lattes while it was spitting rain. Clouds were slightly dark overcast. Then came home to rest on the deck - the sun eventually came out & hubby decided we should take dogs for "wild dog run" up Priest River. So we packed them up in the Dodge & had lots of fun up there. Harriet ran off on her own a couple times, but eventually came back. Romping & bounding...looking behind her as she ran. Such a crazy psycho. 
Angus, Bud, Bit Isabelle & Harriet

Decided to have hamburgers & hubby made them as soon as we got home. Dogs got bone crack & worked on them for several hours. Then they fell into a bone coma. Hubster fell asleep on the couch-snoring.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy Morning

Wednesday I cleaned & vacuumed. Boring. Sat reading on the front deck in the sunshine. When hubby got done at shop, we packed up Bud & Bit then drove to WalMart in Sandpoint to check on deck seat cushions. Purchased Arby's Roast Beef Sandwiches for dogs.

Got up very early on Thursday and got nails done in town at 9AM, filled gas tank at Costco, washed car, picked up cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendy's, met husband at CO in Hayden. Stopped at Vet's to pick up dog licenses for Harriet, Isabelle & Bit. Realized that Bit did not have his secondary rabies shot, so had to take Isabelle & Bit down to Vet to get shots. They are healthy & hearty. Everybody now is up-to-date on shots & licenses!

Bit & Angus

Home by 1:00. Read book on deck with dogs gathered around. Was warm. Hubby came home & worked in shop for a while. We went to Farragut Park to walk dogs late - about 8:15. Sun was going down fast.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dull Monday

Monday was hot. Very hot. About 95 degrees. Kept the A/C on all day. Dogs were comfortable. They slept inside.

We contacted Center Target Sports. KRN & I should be taking our first class in October so that when hubby comes back from training in Everett, we can all take the class together in November!

birds in feeder
Watered trees extensively out in the circle driveway.

When hubby came home we took puppies for a walk at Farragut Park about 8:00PM after sun had almost set.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not A Dull Moment

KRN went to work on Friday down at the A-town latte stand again. I had to mail her box to MSN; she had already gotten a money order for the "special order" from Comp Specialties that was coming by UPS shipment today, but she had forgotten the address on the box while dropping it at the PO. She also was bored & forgot a book to read so I took it down to her. Later, she was bored & I went down to keep her company. While there, her M-I-L and S-I-L came to visit so I left after a while.

Hubby came home after work, and KRN had to return back to "the east coast". So she packed & said farewell. Hubster and I went to bed early.

Saturday morning somebody had been calling since 5:24AM in the morning (fortunately hubby's cell phone was turned off while charging) but when he turned it on at 7:30AM, he answered the phone - in between making breakfast. It turned out to be some guy interested in getting a plane ticket from Denver, Colorado to purchase the helicopter truck. He called again later to let us know he was getting in at 2:37PM. As we were going to visit KRN anyway, we packed up...put the dogs in the Dodge PU and I drove it while hubby drove the helicopter truck to the Spoky-Jo airport. The guy was in love with the truck and wanted it asap. However, he wanted the extra truck bed with it. So hubby & guy drive back to Idaho to our home while I went to KRN's. Stayed with the dogs inside for a while, weeded for a while, watched a boring movie. KRN & hubby both pulled in at 6:00PM.

We went to eat at Mexican restaurant in Airway Heights again. (hubby just LOVES that place!) and a quick stop at Wal-Mart where we picked up a couple new deck seat cushions for us and weed poisoner for K. Then home to sit on back deck for a while with dogs. K plugged in Bugzapper & Bud was totally scared of it. Went to sit by back fence gate! (was he tasered in a past life?) Dogs chased Kong ball for a while. Then bed by 9:30PM. All exhausted.

Sunday morning hubby mowed back lawn while KRN & I finished weeding. Hubby also hung up "Budzapper" and hose hanger. After chores were finished we went to eat at breakfast place in Cheney (after hubby & I got lattes at latte stand). Back to KRN's home where we packed up all dogs & came "back east" to our home. KRN went to work at Airway Heights latte stand. She is SO busy lately!

At home, hubster & I vegged out in front of TV for a while watching Pawn Stars. He made breakfast burritos out of leftovers. I watered plants outside. Took dogs for a walk at Farragut after sun went down. Very hot today.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Moments in Laughter History

On Wednesday morning it rained miserably. Thought the rest of the day was going to be just as rainy, but it cleared up & got hot. KRN & I hung out around home. I hung out in a comatose semi-vegetative state with a sore throat. It steadily got better as the day wore on and finally disappeared after I succumbed to a nap at 3PM. KRN sat out on the deck for a while.

At 4:00 we got ready to go into town. Stopped at Costco for gasoline. Hubby was late getting off work, so KRN & I went to the CDA Mall to hang out. Find out what stores had closed. KRN got some Merle Norman makeup as Sephora refuses to supply her with the makeup she desires. Their repeated excuses made her finally resort to other makeup. They lost has as a customer :(

We met hubby at the VZ lot; he was concerned about being dirty but had not told us to bring clean clothes. He is an adult. Should have remembered some himself this morning!

Drove to Riverstone Cinemas. $10 EACH to get in! OMG. Popcorn & pop & Junior mints was almost $25. Good thing the movie Inception starring Leo DiCaprio was good. Otherwise it would have been a complete waste of money. However, the movie theater for being a few years old is overwhelming dirty & disgusting. For the location being in an upscale neighborhood down by the river, it is shockingly horrible. No vacuuming, No cleaning. Dust everywhere. Nothing works. Both KRN & I are writing a complaint to the owners/management.

KRN was telling us about Morgan Freeman is the voice of Katie Couric. We all started laughing hysterically! KRN almost ran off the interstate, peeing our pants & crying. I couldn't breathe after a while! Hubby just kept doing his Morgan Freeman impersonation of Red in ShawShank Redemption!

Then we drove to Wal-Mart to pick up a b-day gift for little Kelsey who comes to visit KRN at the latte stand in Airway Heights. Got a "My Little Pony" for her. Then picked up other groceries. Instead of stopping at the Customer Service desk as soon as we got there just b4 10:00PM, we wanted to stop when we checked out. We checked out at 10:04 & customer service was CLOSED. Which is so stupid. If the store is Open, then Customer Service should be Open! Duh.

In other better news, we did find 5 Melon Up! watermelons at Wal-Mart for only $2.50 each. I could eat these for breakfast, lunch & dinner 24/7! Yum.

Both KRN & I are doing very well on our Cleanse Diet - Isagenix. I highly recommend this diet for anybody wanting to lose weight. It teaches you how to reduce calories, increase weight loss & inch loss, and exercise. This cleanse is making me feel better. I get better rest. It is the little things in life that count. Clothes fitting better. Jeans that are not skin tight. Loving the new look.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Love

Lancome sent me a teaser in the mail - Tresor In Love "a fruity-floral blend of nectarine, pear, Turkish rose, jasmine and sexy cedar wood. 

SEXY CEDAR WOOD? What what what?

I dunno. But it smells absolutely great. I want this. Hubby & daughter will probably say it smells like an old lady smell. They always say that about any perfume I like. 

And Lancome is giving you a Free bag with any $32.50 purchase. Sounds like a good idea to spend a few bucks.

In other news, Bud decided to tear up the dog bed that I left outside. They customarily SLEEP upon their dog beds. There is no clue why Bud decided to go spastic on this dog bed. The shreds were strewn across the yard today when I woke up.

Tim & #3 were nice enough to come down to the house today to fix our sagging eaves, move a table to the garage & carry the glass table to the deck. We can salvage what is left of the summer with a couple barbecues if hubby ever replaces the grille!

Still have to get vacuuming done before KRN comes to stay for the rest of the week so that she can work at latte stand while DeraLee goes on vacation.

Monday, August 09, 2010


We actually slept in late on Sunday. Til 10:00! Hubby has been complaining about being tired - he blames everything on the Solar Flares that we experienced this last week.

So after getting up & out of bed, we stopped for lattes from Model Girl then went into CDA to get dog food at Costco. Costco actually had everything at the front of the store that we needed. Dog food, laundry detergent, soap! So we did not have to troop through the rest of the store. We should have tho...because on the way out somebody had their shopping cart topped with Melon Up! watermelons. They will probably be out of them by the time we get back there. Maybe I could talk hubby into getting some Monday night when he comes home.

Stopped at Auto Zone to purchase some very cheaply made, crappy Auto sunshades. It is just too bad you can't open the package & inspect them before you purchase them. Neither of the sizes that specified would fit our vehicles actually FIT our vehicles. They were junk. Have to take them back.

Then we got eye makeup for me at Walgreens. While we were checking out, I realized that the cashier was a girl I used to work with at Verizon. She stated the same crappy management team is working at the NOMC while nothing has changed. That's too bad. If the company actually put in people that were good at managing, it would be a lot better. Customer service would increase. Customer satisfaction would increase. But Frontier, the new company that purchased Verizon probably does not even stop to think they should weed out the ineffectual management!

Got cheeseburgers for the puppies at Wendy's. Came home & unloaded shopping. Hubby fixed a wire frame for the back sliding glass window of the pickup so that the puppies can have air conditioning in the back of the truck & not suffer in the heat. They liked it lots better when we piled them in and drove up to Priest River for our "wild dog" run.

Saw the eagle again. But I had forgotten my camera this time! Dumb dumb dumb. The farmer subleasing the property had harvested the hay into bales so it was way easier to walk through the field. Dogs ran like they were insane! Even Isabelle kicked up her feet like a puppy running through the freshly mown field.

cow family (white face baby to the left)

On the way out, we stopped to look at the cow family next to the subdivision. The baby cow with the white face was so entertaining. He looked like he was going to come over to the truck, but then hid behind momma for a while. He peeked out from behind momma to watch us leave. It was very amusing.

Saw lots of deer on the way home. Relaxed watching TV when we got home about 8:00 & worked on hubby's RMOR blog with FLICKR pics until bedtime.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Boring Old Blog

So...I was told that I have a boring blog.

I really have no idea how to "spice" it up. My life is hum drum. Ho hum. Boring. Same thing day in/day out.

Got the boyfriend cardigans in blue & black that I ordered from AE. I hope they get in their Classic Peacoat this year because I have been longing for one.

Neither of us got any real rest last night. Isabelle was up at 2:00AM and 4:00AM. Then hubby got up with her at 6:00AM when she needed to go out again. He reported that she dug outside & found a bone. Brought it inside with her & chewed on it happily for the rest of the morning. Hubster decided to cover up with a blanket & stay downstairs on the couch. He slept in until 9:30AM.

After I woke him up, Hubby and I got lattes in the FMF with the Bud & Bit. Then drove to Spirit Lake for screws at the Hardware store so that Tim could fix the deck. We think that the carpenter ants ate through the boards. One of them had a complete hole & had collapsed so Tim replaced that board.

Then I cleaned & vacuumed the inside of the FMF along with the dog nose prints on the windows. Very warm already today.

Spirit Lake for groceries. Ran into Duane Owens & talked with him for a while. Then home to unload purchases. Walked dogs at Farragut Park. Home again to watch TV for a while then bed.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Beach VolleyBall Car Wash

KRN donated her services at the Car Wash for Jen-Bunny to attend the Beach Volley Ball 2/2 competition in Oregon next week. I contributed by taking the FMF, Dodge, and Mustang to have them washed.

 L to R - Ashley, Jen-Bunny & KRN

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Adorable Earrings

I am just adoring these earrings. Gotta get me some. I think I am in that kind of mood-the gotta get mes.

nakedtile at Etsy

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Want That

At Alloy.com.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Farewell Mitch, RIP

Another part of my generation crumbling away.

Good bye Mitch Miller. I spent many Christmas celebrations singing along with you.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Busy Weekend

On Friday KRN & I went to get drinks in the morning at the latte stand, then off to Art On The Green in CDA. It was disappointing. Too expensive & not a lot of unusual exhibits. We parked in the government building & walked over to the park where a few more booths & food booths were located. Still disappointing. I got a couple necklaces. KRN bought food.

We vegged out on the deck for the rest of the afternoon with the dogs. It was very relaxing. Hubby came home & was hungry after driving the Helicopter truck to the Spokane Valley for a potential buyer. We took him up to The View cafe again. KRN had delicious meatloaf; I had taco salad; hubby had chicken fried steak. Yum. Then home to bed.

Saturday we piddled around in morning. KRN was starving & hubby made eggs. Got lattes while KRN was emailing with Matt. KRN & I hit some garage sales including one that was 2.5 miles down a dirty road - Sunset Road. We also passed Lost In The Woods Lane and Honey Do Lane; KRN thought (County) Road 22 was hilarious. Along with screaming "DEER!" at a deer alonside the road that was staring at her, she had quite a morning. In the afternoon she left & returned to the "west coast".

After hubby finished working at the shop, he suggested we go to #3's Motocross Race at the ORV park in Airway Heights. So we packed up the FMF & called KRN. She agreed to go with us. It was fun. We were lost at first trying to find the ORV park, but #3 provided us with directions while we talked on the cell to him. He was excited to see hubby come to his races. Zach was also there with his family. #3's mother was there to provide support. Got some cool pics of the race. #3 was in competition for second place for quite a while in one race. We also left about 11:00 because we had such a long drive back. Hubby was tired & KRN had to work on Sunday. Needed her sleep.

first second & third place

On Sunday hubby & I stopped to get drinks then took the dogs to Farragut for a long walk (it was hot & muggy) and then to Priest River for a swim in the water! Lil Bit swam quite a lot after getting thrown in. But we did not get pics of him. Here is Bud swimming around and Harriet in the big wet. Harriet sunk quite a lot & had to paddle extensively to keep from sinking. She is so muscular with no fat whatsoever so it was hard to keep afloat.

Bud Swims

Harriet Swims

After we returned home, we programmed the garage door remote to the FMF and then both of us had a small lunch. We realized later that we had gotten heatstroke today after we both fell into a boneless stupor. I slept for 2 hours & hubby passed out on the couch. Finally cooled off later tonight.