Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby

Sunday April 29 Hubby's birthday. Woke him up with french toast sticks & turkey bacon with his favorite latte. Also sang to him with cupcake & candle.

Then he got dressed & watched automotive tv shows for quite a while. I bid on eBay for an iPhone for him. Won it for only $264.

Cleaned out fish tank in basement & brought it outside. Had kids get us milk & aquarium tank water cleaner additive at Walmart for us on their way here.

Kids got here & after Matt went with hubby to the dump to clean out the back of the Dodge from the shop garabage, we packed up dogs to go walk in the park.

It was fun, but my knee & foot were hurting.

Hubby at Red Lobster for birthday lunch

Then we returned home. Went to town in the kids' Jeep and ate lunch at Red Lobster. Hubby had waitresses & us sing Happy Birthday to him. He got a bowl of ice cream with a candle! I had lots of liquor to help my pain. Already took painkillers.

Picked up cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendy's.

Came home & played with dogs in back yard. Sat down to watch tv for a while. I iced my knee. Kids saw deer come eat. Then they left to return home.

Hubby ate leftovers. Went to bed. Tired.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Gave bones to dogs on Friday during the day. They were overwhelmed with "bone crack". Lil Bit fell asleep from too much bone crack.
So many bones, so little time

Friday night we drove up to Newport to pick up parts. Then over to Spokane to get the axle from Don's. Took Isabelle, Bit & Bud in the Dodge truck.

After stopping at Alan's to drop off more parts, hubby had dinner at GoGo Burrito.

 Burrito & chips at GoGo Burrito

Got burgers for dogs at McD's in Rathdrum and stopped at Stein's IGA to buy milk & apples

We came home & went to bed around 10:30.

Saturday we slept in until 8:00. Then I made lattes & omelette for dogs & hubby. We walked at the park and it was a wonderful spring day. Cool, sunny, & the smells were wonderful!

Hubby worked in the shop all day while I cleaned house. But I fell on the steps & severely injured my right foot, knee, tore off my toenails on my left foot. Twisted my shoulder, hip, and arm. Took some Hydrocodone that we had left over. Went to bed early.

 Bruise on foot

Hubby's birthday is tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Trip to Spokane

On Monday I went tanning & red light special today at 12:15. Picked up hamburgers for dogs at McDonalds. Then came home and continued to pick up poo from winter.

It took me over 3 hours in the heat, but I finally finished. A clean back yard for the puppies!

Lots of 1 inch black ants, stink bugs, ants with wings and flies everywhere. It is truly Spring again.

When hubby came home, he ran down to the shop for a while until 6pm. Then we got in the truck with Bud & Bit to go drop off the axles at Don's. Hubby was hungry, so we stopped at fast food and got him something. And something for the dogs, too.

I talked to Lucille for a while. She is recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Big R was closed by the time we got back. So it was a long trip to Spokane and back for just the axles.

I was so tired when we got home, I fell into bed exhausted.

On Sunday the hubby & dogs had french toast & eggs for breakfast. Made lattes. Then we walked dogs in park.

Dog Water Barrel

Got back and put stuff out on lawn, I picked up more dog poo. Finished cleaning out water barrel & the water feature in the front yard. Found flowers that were starting to bloom

Spring Flowers
Then hubby & I went to town for gas. Saw a nice couple there walking their two black labs.

Hubby ate lots of sample food at Costco.

Then we shopped at Walmart. Hubby got very irritated with all the dirty, stinky, meth freak, disgusting people at Walmart. It was bad.

The weather was wonderful today.

We unloaded groceries. Rested for a while. Then took puppies for another walk in the park before dark. It was fun.

 Izzy rests her head on Lil Bit

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Goodbye Dick Clark

Hubby picked up Beebo from KRN & Matt after work on Tuesday night. The kids are visiting Seattle to see the tulips. They are taking their bikes to do a bike ride.

After visiting Big R to purchase additional home deer food and then getting pizza at Dominos, hubby came home. The new Artisan pizza did not look good. I could not eat any because I have been sick with a tummy bug.

After dinner, hubby went down to the shop to work for an hour.

Beebo was being quite mean. He growled at me, hoarded his bone, snapped at Harriet when she walked by him, and he started a fight with Lil Bit.

On Wednesday it rained. All day off and on. It was horrible. I truly would like warmer weather with sunshine. Bud & I missed our walk. However, we had lots and lots and lots of deer visit us today.

 Dark clouds with rain

Beebo was so excited to see the deer in the yard. He barked a lot. I am feeling a little better. But really tired. Need to start walking again.

 Dog Carpet in the Hallway

After stopping to get groceries at Super 1 in Rathdrum, hubby came home. He worked in the shop until midnight late.

Dogs kept barking at deer even after dark.

 Deer in yard

Monday, April 16, 2012

Working on Poo & Tin Man

SATURDAY - April 14 Dropped off a finished Tin Man to the girls at the Bakery. They were excited. Said I should sell them.

 another Tin Man

SUNDAY - April 15  It was cold & windy when we got up today. I made french toast for hubby & Dogs. Also made lattes for us. Then we drove to Post Falls to meet kids at Fox Trailers so KRN could start design on her Espresso concession trailer.

After we spent two hours there, we took Bud, Lil Bit & Bravo over to Cabelas to walk them. Then went into Cabelas so kids could find rain coats. KRN suggested eating at Greek restaurant The White House in Post Falls. After eating, we walked the dogs again. Then said goodbyes and went home. Picked up Wendy's cheeseburgers so dogs could have snacks.

Really tired when we got home. Made lattes. Rested for a while and watched Titanic documentary. We decided to take dogs to park for walk before dark. Long walk. Saw LOTS and LOTS of deer.

Hubby drove us down to the marina in Bayview to talk with Gary. Picked up milk at Lil Town Market on way home.

Went to bed late around midnight after watching movie.

MONDAY - April 16 Picked up 5 more bags of poo in the backyard. This is going to be a LONG project. Got all my potted plants out from the basement and have been watering them.

Cleaned up the dog water barrel in the backyard. Washed it down with vinegar/orange solution and am now soaking it with bleach. Then will put fresh water thru it for a couple days. The smell that came from that barrel when I drained it almost made me barf. Smelled like death.

Lots of deer in yard. 

It was cold & then rained today. No walk for me & Bud. Boo Hoo. Dogs stayed inside all day. They hate the rain.

Harriet sleeps on bed. Bud rests on his back.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nails & Shopping

Walked Bud for 4 miles in the morning. Then picked up dog poo in the back yard.

Got my nails done in Rathdrum at 2:30. Picked up groceries at Super 1 afterwards. Purchased cheeseburgers for the dogs at McDonalds. Went home and rested until hubby came home.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angus & Walk

Angus did NOT like walking with me today. Bud was mad that I left him at home and took Angus instead.

I had to pull Angus the last 1/2 mile of the walk. She is just not up to walking too far. For such a big dog, she is such a baby!

When hubby came home tonight, we returned the trailer to hippie Mike's. Took Bud, Harriet & Isabelle with us in the Dodge.

Stopped at Miller's to pick up some apples & milk.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Saturday Spokane & Sunday Tin Man

We got up early Saturday morning April 7 and packed up the boy dogs! Drove over to Spokane after I made lattes. Went to WalMart in Post Falls by Stateline to pick up candy for Matt's Texas Longhorn bag that I purchased on Groupon. Filled it with Reese's Pieces that he loves.

Matt's Texas Longhorn bag

Also got some groceries for home & goods for shop.

Then on to URM where we picked up more Davinci syrups.

North then to Don's house where we picked up the axle that he had waiting for us. Don said that Lucille was rehabing for her knee surgery and he was heading off to 4th of July Pass to go snowmobiling! What a nut. This guy is over 90 years old/young! We are ever amazed at him.

Met kids at Harbor Freight. Shopped and talked to them in parking lot as we walked Bud & Bit.

Then everybody decided that Olive Garden all-you-can eat breadsticks, soup & salad sounded good. So we all drove up there. Talked more.

Left about 2:30 to head home the north way. Picked up cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendy's. Took just as much time to get home. Got home at 3:30. Fed burgers to dogs. Hubby then had to go to pick up parts in Post Falls. He left and got home by 7:00.

I cleaned up house & put everything away while he was gone. Also, I had a HERD of deer come thru to eat. They ate up all the apples I had put out and ALL the deer food. There were 12 deer that ambled thru our property! On Friday night, we had 5 deer come thru to visit us. They must be telling their friends about us. LOL.


When hubby got home, Bud decided he wanted to sit by daddy!
Bud on daddy's lap

On Sunday, April 8 we made lattes. Cooked french toast for the dogs.

French Toast

Then started to get loaded for walk. But loading dogs in truck & rear-end had leaked 90wt in the back of pickup. Hubby upset as he had forgotten about it in the back. Had to wash Bud & Harriet. Hubby went down to shop for 1 hour & 45 minutes to clean out back of pick up bed. I also dyed hardboiled eggs pink for Easter.

Pink hardboiled Easter Eggs

Then we reloaded everybody in front of truck & walked in park for quite a while. Beautiful 60 degree weather with sunshine!

Came home & made hamburgers on the grille. I had already put the chairs & cushions out on the deck. Also got all my plants out from in the basement so they could get sunshine! My Lily actually survived winter in the basement.


Hubby took a nap in the sunshine on the deck with the dogs. I laid down with him for a while.

Then we fixed up the tin man prototype. Will have to make 3 more (for friends).

 Tin Man

Off to Spirit Lake later to get apples. Then bedtime.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

National Dog Walking Day

So we celebrated National Dog Walking Day Tuesday April 3 by taking all the puppies to the park and walking. And walking. And walking. It was so beautiful yesterday. The sun was shining and the temperature hit a high of 62.

By the time we walked the dogs at 5:15, it was already dipping into the 50s. Still warm with the sun shining on us. The dogs slept VERY well last night.

I worked on uploading the QuickBooks program on Monday then worked on it all day Monday & Tuesday. Kept having to call KRN to find out where to add figures. Hopefully it will all be updated soon. Then much easier to figure out the accounting for the business.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Cabin Fever Run & Keratin Treatment

March 31 early Saturday morning, hubby took off to pick up Tim with the Dually & Tim's Bronco loaded on trailer. They attended the Cabin Fever Run in Pinehurst sponsored by the North Idaho Trail Blazers 4x4 Club.

He was gone all Saturday and I occupied myself by walking the dogs in the park. Then got a latte. Came home & relaxed the day away. Hubby had a great time but had to pick up some parts at the Federated Auto Parts in Pinehurst because Tim broke something on his Bronco. They repaired it and returned to the trail runs. At 6:00PM that evening, they were treated to dinner. Hubby won many gifts because he purchased almost $40 in raffle tickets! LOL.

April 1 early Sunday morning, we got lattes and drove to Spokane with Bud & Bit. KRN and I scheduled appointments starting at 10AM to get Keratin treatments on our hair at Roots Salon & Spa with Dominic that we had purchased through Groupon.

I packed a snack bag to make sure we had food through the time. Michelle took me downstairs for a facial & massage while Dominic our stylist started working on KRN's hair. She has so MUCH hair that he decided to do her first to get her out of the way!

The shop's credit card machine was not functioning, so I had to write checks for everything! We were both very much pleased with the results of our hair conditioning. You cannot believe how much softer it is.

KRN's recent haircut looks much better and for her it will reduce the amount of time she takes with her hair for shampoo & drying.

Dominic did not add as much Keratin to my treatment because I really would like my curls if they were more manageable & softer. I can always have him add more to the treatment next time if I don't like what I have after I wash it.

 After Keratin treatment (with dry ends cut off)