Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After Christmas Sales

Angus with pretty Santa scarf!

Walked the dogs early morning on Monday Dec 27. We went into CDA to get hubby some sale shirts at JCPenney. In addition to the $9.99 sale for each shirt, there was an additional $10 for each sale over $25. It was totally worth getting him some nice shirts to look better.

Lots of people in town. Driving dumb. Went to Costco to pick up stuff. Got burgers at Wendy's for the dogs, then home. Watched Dexter

We walked the dogs in the morning on Tuesday, Dec 28 and got lattes. Then vegged out for the rest of the day. Went to pick up groceries at Spirit Lake Miller's in the afternoon. Also got a kitty bowl at Spirit Lake Hardware for the feral cats that hubby brought home the day before Christmas.

Finished watching the first season of Dexter DVD set that KRN had given hubby as a Christmas present. Good show. It started snowing before we went to bed.

On Wednesday, Dec 29 we saw LOTS of snow early morning. 1 inch per hour the weather forecasters stated. Shoveled the decks several times. Hubby snowplowed drive. He worked in the shop for a while.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Packed up hurriedly on Thursday, Dec 24 to go over to Cheney for Christmas with KRN. We had to take 2 vehicles because of the dogs & so many presents. Packed all the presents and Lil Bit with me & the FMF. Hubby had to drop off deposit to bank, stop to drop off #3's present of a complete set of moto-cross racing gear including boots, pants, shirt, gloves & goggles. Then he had to go by Tim's home to give him a bonus.

I arrived first & unloaded car, then hubby showed up after a while. KRN was all excited. Beebo was happy to see his lil friend Bit! They raced around for quite a while.

Hubby came & unloaded all the dogs. It was cold, but had not snowed.

KRN had already started a turkey dinner. Hubby wrapped my presents then we went out to look at lights in the neighborhood. Very pretty.

Headed back to KRN's home & had dinner. Was very nice. Watched DVD's for annual tradition. Muppet's Christmas and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Went to bed late.

Dogs kept us up most of the night, wanting to go outside. I suppose they are not comfortable when they are unused to a different home. Harry & Bit slept with us in the guest bed, Bud & Isabelle & Angus slept at the bottom of the bed on the floor. Quite difficult trying to get up in the middle of the night to use the potty!
Santa Hubby

We opened Christmas gifts in the morning. Then cleaned up all the wrapping paper. KRN had to go in to work at 11:30 so we walked dogs before she went in. I also took a couple allergy pills as my right eye swelled up again with a welt. I slept for most of the afternoon, hubby took candy into KRN's Espresso Stand as she ran out of candy canes. She made quite a lot of tips for the few hours she worked.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Holiday Stuff

Hubby made me take Benadryl allergy pills because of my hurt eyepod. I am also taking antibiotics which seem to be slowly helping. The dogs woke me up at 6AM when hubby got up. I went outside with Bud to pick up his poo, but he would not poo! I staggered in a drugged haze back to bed. Dogs woke me up again at 9AM, when I slogged on my boots & fur coat to go out with them again. Bud did not poo again! I was very disappointed in him. Again back to bed as I was exhausted. Lil Bit woke me up at 11AM for the final time. I then decided that it would be a good idea to have coffee & Kahlua with fresh whipped cream. Which only made me more groggy. Hey! It's the holiday season. Who cares? 

Worked on more Sparkleballs.

Anyway, Bud refused to poo until 4:00PM. He held it an awful long time. I perused his poo, but did not see any worms like we had on Sunday. 
I ran the fresh poo down to the Vets. They later called & said they did not find any worms, but they will give me medicine for him after I described the size, shape & color of the worms we had seen.

Ran out of propane in the evening, so house was cold. We need to get one of those remotes that shows consumption levels.

Hubby worked in shop until 9PM.

Working on "special" secret holiday gifts. Won't be able to post the pics here until after the holiday. Hubby cut, I sanded & painted. Then will assemble. So fun.

wire heart for KRN xmas present

Picked up Bud's medicine at vet this AM. Then got latte. Came home & started to work on "special" secret projects. Then hubby called & wanted me to bring him a thing to town. So bundled up & took Bud/'Lil Bit with me to town. Picked up another latte & eggnog latte for hubby. Washed the FMF while trying to call hubby. The car wash was handing out candy canes, so I took two. One for me, one for hubby. Hubby was working, so I dropped the "thing" off at the Hayden CO with his best buddy-Brad. But I forgot to leave the latte - maybe I'll give it to him tonight.

Talked to hubby & told him I dropped off thing. Came home & worked on "special" secret project again.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Posting Christmas Fabric Postcards

On Sunday we got lattes, walked dogs in the deserted subdivision. Learned that Bud has worms as seen by his feces. Other dogs were clear. I got a sample to take to vet on Monday.

We got the FMF & drove into town to get hubby's dually that he left at work. Then purchased burgers for the dogs at Wendy's.

I worked on garlands, sparkleballs & lighted mason jars.

Made white fudge, more cookies & sugar candy popcorn. For some obscure reason, hubby just LOVES my sugar candy popcorn where in the past he has hated it. Odd.

It can now be revealed that I MADE our Christmas Postcards this year. With Christmas pattern fabric melded on fusible peltex & covered on the back with another fabric with the printed postcard from the computer copier. It took me almost all of one day to make 32 postcards. Hubby mailed them and it cost 64 cents for each postcard to be mailed & hand-stamped. Hope everybody likes them.
front - Christmas Fabric Postcard

 back - Christmas Fabric Postcard 2010

On Monday, I took Bud's poo to the vet where the receptionist stated that it would need to be fresh, not day-old or frozen. Then to pick up a latte & Deralee gave me Greg's gift, my gift & KRN's gift. Off to Lil Town Market to pick up milk. Then home again. At home I worked on more sparkleballs.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy Bee

Washed laundry
Vacuumed Main Floor
Washed Dog Beds
Sewed Dog Beds
Made More Mini Christmas Sugar Cookies
Vacuumed basement dog dirt
Vacuumed upstairs
Scrubbed Dog Rugs in bathtub
Shoveled Front & Back Decks of 4 inches of Snow
Made another Sparkleball
Cut more Fabric & finished another Garland.

Hubby had traded shifts with a coworker last week and had to work this Saturday. So I stayed home with my diseased eye-pod and was unable to go to the cookie exchange. :(

Bud "dogged" my footsteps again today causing me to step on his toes & almost trip over him several times. When I opened the back door to shovel snow, Lil Bit scuttled quickly out the opening and dashed towards the road. I tried to call him back to no avail. He did come to the garage when I opened the garage door - Thank god. Then I quickly closed the door & trapped him in the garage. Left him there while I finished making cookies between shoveling more. He's a bad little black dog.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lighted Mason Jars

I am feeling so sick and tired, but have thousand of craft ideas soaring through my head.

Also have to get the Christmas sugar cookies baked today, but I have no energy to do it.

Finished the Lighted Mason Jars today. KRN wants to give a couple for presents. Also want to give one to DeraLee.

Also made sugar Christmas cookies & frosted them.

Lighted Mason Jar

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Tired

Christmas preparation is making me tired. I spent all day yesterday working on Christmas cards. Today I finished a sparkleball & baked chocolate cookies. Then made peppermint bark.

My eye seems to be worse today. I think I have a fever, too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Secret Project

Can't share my secret project yet because it is the Christmas cards we are sending out this year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Manito Lights

Went shopping today. Michaels, Costco, Costco Gasoline, Scissor Sharpening, Shoe Repair, JoAnn Fabrics, WalMart, Lowes.

Had to complain at Lowes about our carpet that is fraying & never got fixed at the seam connection. Over a year later and nothing. Time to escalate.

Rushed home to unload. I put more extension cords out to the last of the lights beyond the garage to the west side.
 tree lights in woods

Then drove over to Cheney to surprise KRN. Left Lil Bit with Beebo so they could play at KRN's home. Showed up at the latte stand & surprised KRN! We bailed at 5:30 to go get her food at Taco Time as she was Starvin' Marvin'.

We parked her car at WalMart & piled into the FMF. After getting warm lattes at Starbucks, off we adventured to Manito Park in Spokane to view the lights at the Gaiser Conservatory. Very pretty.

 manito lights - pretty!

g&h at manito park lights

Afterwards we cruised around in the pouring rain looking at lights in the neighborhood, then shopped in Airway Heights at WalMart. KRN followed us to her home. Ate cookies & let dogs play for a while. We left at 8:30. Very rainy, foggy & difficult driving on the way home. Exhausted. Fell into bed.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


4AM Wake up to eye hurting bad. Pink eye from stye in mah ah.
730AM Whine to hubby that I don't want to go because mah ah hertz.
731AM Hubby says get my butt out of bed. No feeling sorry for my pink eyepod.

8AM Depart Idaho. Bring Bud & Bit.
930AM Arrive Cheney. Drop off Bit to play with Bravo.
10AM Davenport Hotel Gingerbread House Build Off by local Professional chefs.
10:30AM Window Shopping at River Park Square
11:00AM  Pick up Mondo Burritos at Taco Del Mar
11:30 AM Eat lunch with KRN at her house in Cheney
12:30 AM Say Farewell to KRN
1:12 PM Target. Pick up Hair Straightener
1:38 PM Hubby picks up stuff at Harbor Freight. 52 Degrees!
2:30PM WalMart Shopping. Deposit $ in bank. Wendy's Cheeseburgers
3:45PM Arrive home in Idaho. All purchases transported into house.
4:45PM Hang up blue icicle lights over garage.
5:00PM Fall exhausted onto couch.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

There You Are Again

I believe in actual
In the clear concise and the factual
All of life has reason
And it should be clear to see
But when the crowds all drift away
And we are apart for one more day
In the most peculiar places
You're where you should not be

There you are again
In the rustling leaves of a summer storm
In my favorite chair all safe and warm
In a wish that a child believes

There you are again
When light returns to the morning sky
When two lovers cannot say good-bye
When a movie makes me cry
When the perfect story ends
There you are again

Will I ever get over the feel of your touch
The sound of your voice the scent of your hair
Your quiet reminder to not be afraid
When you promised to find me somewhere

There you are again
Till I forget to close the door
And the heartache's in and I'm damned I'm sure
To each day miss you more
When I think I can't endure
There's a whisper in the wind
There you are again

-Livingston Taylor

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Rain Some More

Rain Rain & Rain Some More
Dogs Play in Backyard
Pay Bills
Work on Garland
Start Working on Mason Jar Lights
Fabric Christmas Postcards
L to R - Lil Bit, Bud, Angus, Harriet

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

12 Days of Cookies

More Baking cookies
More working on Garlands
More work on Sparkleballs
High of 38 degrees
Snow melting

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

More Baking & Busy Day

1/Exhausted when I awoke this morning. Up at 2 & 5 to let dogs outside.
4/Filled fish tank with warm water
5/Made Green Sparkleball
6/Baked 6 dozen Cream Cheese Xmas tree cookies
8/Worked on Garland
 Green Sparkleball

Monday, December 06, 2010

Baked Goods

Hubby took my cookies into work today to share with his buddies. They really liked them. I have quite the reputation for baking around this time of year.

Worked on garlands, then picked hubby up from work in the FMF. I had turned the lights on before I left home so we arrived home to all the pretty Christmas lights.

Stopped at WalMart to pick up dog food, more lights for SparkleBalls, and a wonderfully delicious sundried tomato basted turkey breast. Yum.

Made Oatmeal Raisin and Oatmeal Butterscotch cookies for hubby. He can take some more into work tomorrow.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lights Up!

Sunday we slept late until 10:00! Harriet is FOUR years old today so we sang "Happy Birthday" to her softly as she was lying between us on the bed.

Then took the dogs for a walk after getting lattes. DeraLee invited me to a cookie exchange on December 18 at 3PM. OMG. What cookies shall I take?

Even tho it was a shivering cold 25 degrees, the walk was not bad because the wind did not blow. Harriet had a ball as she blasted Bud at high speed over and over again! Bud actually came to us & hid around our legs in a vain attempt to evade her. 

When we got back home dogs got leftover turkey grog. Then we dug out more extension cords & lights to put up on the trees. Hubby had to shovel snow back to find the plugs for the other lights on trees. We added a total of about 30 more trees lit up, but did not do anything else as it was far too cold. Maybe it will get warmer this week and I can go out during the day to work on it. #3 got quite a few done yesterday. It was beautiful coming home to lights last night.

I have a total of 4 garlands done out of the red/green/cream/white colors. Plus found some neat things to hang on them from a trip to WalMart last night.

Gave the dogs bone crack. They worked the bones all day.

Hubby is really tired right now after working so hard in the snow so we will rest for a bit.

Drove around looking at Christmas lights, then to Spirit Lake Miller's Grocery to buy Solo cups for more Sparkleballs.
Watched the ending of the 6 part mini series The Walking Dead. We will miss watching this on Sunday nights. I made cookies from a new recipe I found on internet.

Put up the metal Christmas tree in our bedroom. Wandering up to bed early, Harriet pulled the blanket back...and rested on the bed watching the pretty lights. She had a good birthday today. Gave the dogs dogcookie treats before bedtime.

 Harriet Watching Christmas Tree Lights

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Big Truck - Mega Matt Part 2

Walked dogs this morning and picked up lattes. Jen Bunny was there and told me that the lady had received her garland and LOVED it. Hubby went to work at shop after we got home while I worked on garlands & ornaments.

At 2:00 we took Bud & Bit with us to pick up MegaMatt from Custom Truck and deliver to KRN. We stopped to get my two nails fixed that I busted yesterday...and got an Pumpkin Smash from Jamba Juice for KRN. She is addicted to them. Devon was working - he was a nice kid.

Then drove to Cheney. Misplaced KRN's house key in my other purse...so could not get into house. Drove over to latte stand where KRN works and got key from her. Went back to her house, but it was the wrong key. We drove around her neighborhood looking at lights until she came home. Then looked at the new shelves, (dad fixed screws) tried out her new memory foam on the bed, and the new close shelving system. All very cool. We drove in our car with ALL the dogs (Beebo included) to eat at Mongolian. Hubby felt sick so he skipped dinner. I was very limited in what I could eat. But was very careful to eat onions & chicken. KRN got enough so she could have leftovers.

On the way out of the restaurant, thanked a retired AF vet for his service. Chatted a while with his wife & daughter. Very friendly people.

Shopped at Walmart to get lights for garlands. Then took KRN home and we left. Got Wendy's cheeseburgers for the dogs at home. They were glad to see us after so many hours being absent. We finally arrived  home at 930PM. When I got out of the FMF before hubby put it into the garage, I fell hard down on the ice. Literally disappeared under the car. Thank god hubby didn't just go ahead & pull in the garage. He would have run over me. I was holding Lil Bit and almost crushed him when I went down. He ran off into the woods limping a little bit. He was better after he got inside and warmed up. Hubby ran around the car, helped me up. I took a hot bath & dosed with a few aspirins. Good as new. Not.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Blog Update

Christmas Decor updated on Blog. How pretty.

Slid down to A-town for a latte & visit with DeraLee. Showed her my Sparkleball and she wants to make one just like it! Also gave her one of the Paint Stick Word Art ornaments. She was happy to see me. Took Bud & Bit so they could get treats. Very icy on roads & had to drive the 2WD Dodge because hubby did not clear out the snow berm in front of the garage where we store the FMF!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Still Wintery

WEDNESDAY - Snow Snow & More Snow. I must have shoveled the decks about a dozen times. And the snow kept coming down. Worked on my fabric garland and the paint stick word art ornaments.

THURSDAY - It warmed up and finally started melting. We had a high of about 37 degrees. I got the decks totally cleared of slush & snow. Yippee. Except...later in the night it started freezing and the decks turned into a skating pond! Dogs were slipping & sliding everywhere.

Hubby had to plow for about 2 hours after he arrived home from work. Stupid winter. Need to get driveway cleared before it freezes.