Friday, May 30, 2014

Another Cold Morning & Bike Ride to Rathdrum Fitness


I think it is finally Friday...

Got up at 1AM to wash hubby's clothes again. Then got up at 4AM to lift Lil Bit into bed because he was sitting in the corner of our room.

At 6AM, got up and made breakfast for everybody.

Hubby left at 6:30 to take another boat into town with him.

Then did laundry, dishes. Cleaned out black mold from washing machine from the laundry detergent container.

Took a nap.

It is cold outside.

Hubby got home late and went to the shop to work. He got home late.


Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby; eggs for dogs.

Drove thru town so the dogs could bark at town dogs.

We walked the dogs in Farragut Park.

Ben had fun rolling around in the weeds

I came home and did dishes, and laundry. Cleaned up a few things.

Then I went on bike ride to Rathdrum Fitness, 15 miles. Hubby was not at at the shop. He had gone into Hayden to pick up some parts. So I called him and told him I was leaving.

I did pretty good on the trip, but it took 1 hour and 29 minutes instead of just 1 hour per Google Maps. It was hot and a little bit windy.

I got to Rathdrum Fitness at 1:10, tanned in the 15 minute bed. Then I ate my chicken wrap.

I started off back home after 30 minutes.

About a few minutes into my ride, I called hubby to pick me up. My butt was hurting bad from the seat. The handlebars are too low & need to be raised.

He finally picked me up after Garwood School.

We got home and he told me to pick him up at the shop by 5PM so we could go get chairs at Camping World. I walked down there and he was working on the Red Dually & trailer with Mike & Carrie W. Hubby said he was not ready to go and it would be another couple hours before he was done. I went with Carrie to Camping World instead. Picked up the chairs. Came back. Hubby was still not ready. They had gone into town AGAIN to pick up more parts in Hayden. I took Carrie down to the house to show her. After the guys came back, Mike & Carrie stayed way too long talking. About 8:00, they finally left to go home and feed their horses.

Hubby and I went into town and bought an umbrella at Pier One imports. We came home. Went to bed. At 1AM. I had to get up and have hubby put aloe vera on sunburn. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Exercise Day


I keep thinking everyday is Friday... weird.

Got up after hubby left for work. I had gotten up at 3AM and could not go back to sleep for a long time.

Was hot & sweaty when I woke up. Then it was very cold outside so I had to turn on heaters.

Turned them off later.

It had rained again last night, so I wiped off the grille. It had green pollen all over it. Pollen is on everything outside. I am getting tired of so much pollen.

I made eggs for dogs.

Hubby called and had me go down to a truck to put keys in it. Guy will be picking it up.

I put gasoline tanks in garage; back the John Deere riding lawn mower into the garage and put the power-washer in the garage. 

Ben, Bud & Maggie came down with me. Maggie wandered off into the woods. I re-filled deer food. Dogs got toys in the mail from Jeffers Pet that were on back order. Ben pulled a squeaky apart in 5 minutes. He is a bad dog. I had to sew it back shut. The squeaky is broken.

I left at 12:30 to get gas in A-town then go exercise in Rathdrum. Also had to deposit check at the Credit Union.

Climbed up a 50 story building on the Stair Step Machine.

Got burgers for dogs at McDonalds; deposited check in town. Got more burgers for dogs at Wendy's. Got a salad for me to eat tonight.

Drove home. Big accident at Honeysuckle & 95.

Dogs were happy to see me home.

Wes (shop minion) came up to the house to get the push lawnmower so he could mow around shop.

Hubby got home at 5:30. Hubby worked in the shop until 9:30.

Went to bed at 10:30. I was tired.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nails & Hurt Muscles


For some reason, I thought today was Friday.

Got up and made egg sandwich for hubby; made eggs for dogs.

Hubby left and hauled a boat into town with his big red dually.

I did dishes, did laundry, and fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. At 9:00, I got up and took another hot bath for my aching muscles.

Washed my hair.

Paid bill for hubby.

Ordered RMOR pens from Vistaprint.

Picked up mail before I left. Fed income tax refund check! Got mail invite for Kevin R's wedding.

Left at 12:00 to get my nails done with Rhonda. Got there a little early and waited. Talked to a nice older woman. Got nails done, left around 1:30; Tanned at the gym around 1:45.

Picked up burgers for dogs at McDonalds. Also got a chicken wrap for myself.

Went home and gave burgers to dogs.

It was raining today.

Internet was down all day long because hubby said there was high speed fiber cut in Stateline where they are building overpass. No workaround or backup.

Hubby came home at 5:45. He had dinner, then went down to shop to work for a while.

Internet came back online around 8:30.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Exercise Tuesday


Got up at 6:15 after hubby woke up with alarm clock. Made breakfast eggs for dogs. Made breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Drove hubby down to shop in my FMF, he filled the tire with air so I could drive it today.

When I came back to house, Ben vomited on the dining room floor and the living room rug. He had upset tummy again.

I cleaned everything up, vacuumed. Then I got dressed. Did some laundry. Started washing dishes.

I checked and realized that my appointment for training is at 9PM, not 9AM. Whoops.

The morning gradually warmed and I went outside to do some weedeating with the new Craftsman weedeater. I worked around the front of the house, then around the concrete block garden, and finally in the circle driveway. However, the lousy piece of Craftsman junk died after only 1.5 hours of work. It won't start now. We have to take it back.

My lilacs are finally growing!

I picked up poo with the dogs in the backyard.

Around 5:30, I let the dogs out to go see daddy down at the shop but he was not home yet. Tom was down there and they went down to see him. Hubby came home shortly after that. There were also some guys down there dumping lawn & garden mulch in the pit.

Hubby helped the boat guy get hooked up with another boat, then he pulled another one out of the big shop to take in tomorrow.

Then hubby drove the truck up, with me on my bike & Lil Bit on a leash with me; Maggie, Ben, and Bud ran up to the house with us.

At 8:00, we left the dogs at home and went to drop me off at my exercise appointment. Hubby got dinner at Taco Bell because he forgot to take something from home.

Dave put me thru my first Circuit Training at 9:00; by the end of the 30 minutes I was sweaty and red-faced. My muscles were really aching. I had forgotten to take water. I also need to remember to get a lock for one of the lockers.

Hubby picked me up in a truck from CN Diesel that smelled AWFUL. Like old lady perfume and poison. We could barely breathe as he drove us home.

At home, I took a hot bath and went straight to bed. I was so tired.

Monday, May 26, 2014




I got up at 6:30 and started making breakfast. Made eggs with bacon for dogs; I also made turkey bacon for them. Made egg sandwich for hubby. Warmed up my pancakes from yesterday.

We took dogs thru town so they could bark at other dogs. Then hubby for a latte.

Went down to the park by the water treatment plant to walk the dogs again.

Ben threw up in the grass on our walk.

We dumped the dogs at home, picked up a latte at Jitterz in Rathdrum where the girl already recognizes me; then went to town with our bikes to ride the Centennial Trail along E Coeur d'Alene Lake Drive.

We rode 4 miles. It was very windy & cloudy. Saw lots of dogs being walked along the trail. Lots of "pro" bicycle riders; families, joggers.

Stopped to have lunch at The Beachhouse. Hubby had chicken salad, we had Jo Jos for appetizers, and I had French Dip Melt with fresh fruit! Yum.

At 2:00, we finished lunch and headed to Big R to get Chicken materials. Need to build a coop for free-roaming chickens. Got pine shavings, chicken food, and a chicken waterer.

Then headed to Walmart for exercise clothes, vinegar, and hamburger buns.

We came home and gave chicken to dogs because we forgot to get dog burgers at Wendys!

Hubby took the dogs down with him to the shop to hook up a boat so he can take it in tomorrow morning.

They walked back and it started raining really bad.

At 3:00, Lil Bit got stung accidentally on his left rear foot by a wasp. I was outside and did not hear him squeal. Hubby said he killed the wasp. We had to give him Benadryl and comfort him for over 2 hours. After he finally calmed down, we started to clean the fish tank.

Finally got the fish tank done and hubby grilled chicken & burgers.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bicycle SUNDAY

May 25 2014

Pretty cool this morning. I opened the windows in our bedroom at 4AM.

Got up at 6:45; hubby made breakfast eggs for dogs.

I washed my hair. Got dressed.

Hubby put together my new Craftsman weedeater.

We took dogs into town to get lattes. They barked at dog friends. Went for a walk in the park.

Came home and mowed the dog yard, hubby mowed down by the shop with the riding lawn mower. I took a shower after doing the dog yard with the push mower for an hour.

Jeremiah was supposed to come at 2PM to power wash the house, but he cancelled.

After hubby took a shower, we left the dogs at home in the A/C house. We drove to Rathdrum Fitness and I signed up for a year membership. Then we got lattes at Jitterz.

Got a "George" dollar bill at Jitterz.

Hubby accidentally loaded the bikes so that my bike's handlebar scratched the brand new paint on the Big Red Dually. He was upset.
Drove into CDA and rode on the Centennial Trail with our bicycles down by Tilford Lane. We biked 5 miles all the way to the North Idaho College.

After we were done, we ate at Azteca. Was good. I had Enchilada and Tamale.

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home to pick up dog cheeseburgers.

Came up 95. At home, we fed cheeseburgers to dogs. Then we loaded them up again for another walk in the park down by the water treatment plant. They were so excited.

When we returned home, hubby sat down to watch TV for a while.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Too Busy Vacation & Dodge Challenger


Got up and walked the dogs thru the park. We had gotten a latte for hubby and the dogs got to bark at their town friends.

We dropped off the dogs at home & turned on the A/C. Then we took the super clean Dodge into Rathdrum. Dropped off the heater core for the boat, bought a new one for cash half price $75 instead of $150. Drove to Jitterz to get lattes.

Went over to Spokane and picked up parts at Central 4WD. Hubby was quick about it. Then we had a lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. We played Trivia which was fun. At end of meal, stinky perfumed women sat down behind us and gave us headache. We had to leave immediately.

Stopped to get Donuts at Krispy Kreme so hubby can take them to work with him tomorrow.


Drove thru Liberty Lake to look at grilles at Home Depot. We left immediately because there were no price tags on them.

Instead we drove back to CDA and got a grille at the Lowe's. It was on sale for $149 instead of $199. What deals we got today!

We came thru Rathdrum again to pick up burgers for the dogs at McDonalds. Came home and the kids were here already. Talked to them for a while, then they went into CDA to have dinner.

We took all the dogs for a walk in the park before the sun went down. Kids did NOT leave a leash or collar for Bravo so we found one that fit him. We walked around the water tower at the park. It was a quick walk.

Came back home and hubby made chicken breasts and steaks on the grille. It only heated up to 400 degrees F and hubby was worried about that.

Master Forge grille

We watched Monuments Men on Pay-Per-View. Not a very good movie. Boring & stilted.

Kids got back at 9:00 and went to bed. They are getting up in the morning to go get their new Dodge Challenger.

Went to bed at 11:00.


I got up at 6AM to pee; KRN was in the bathroom getting ready. They drove their truck down to the shop to wait for the shuttle bus to come pick them up.

Hubby and I slept until 9AM. Got up and hubby made eggs for breakfast. Then we sat on the deck. Dogs were hot in the sun. They sat down in the shade.

It was already too hot to walk in the park, so we decided to walk tonight.

Hubby went down to shop to work. I started to mow the circle drive & front with the Craftsman mower. It vibrates very badly. My hands feel like mush. The Husquvarna runs for 3 minutes, then quits. We need to take it back.

The kids brought the car at Noon. I took Bravo down to see them. He got in a mud puddle & KRN yelled at him. Bravo & I walked up to the house and the kids drove the car down so Matt could pick up his water bottles. I wiped off Bravo's feet. KRN was on the phone to the insurance company. We said goodbye. I took pictures of the car & kids.

kids & Challenger

I mowed some more. Then quit at 1:30. It was too hot. I need to do the dog yard. Also need to pick up poop. At 3:00 - 4:30, I mowed the back yard. It is 1/2 way done. Need to work on it tomorrow because I am crippled. The vibration on the lawnmower handle hurts my hands.

I cleaned off the grille from last night.

Hubby came home at 4:30. I took a hot bath. Need to wash my hair.

CDA & Sandpoint in 1 Day


I can't really remember what happened today, so I will ask hubby.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Got up at 7:30; Ben knocked me out of bed. Went downstairs to sleep on couch. Hubby already sitting on couch with Bud. Hubby had made eggs already.

I slept until 8:30 on couch. Got up, dressed, got dogs together. Went to A-town to get latte for hubby. Dogs barked at neighborhood dogs.

Went to park & walked on Shooter's Road. They had a sign up that the gun range will be staffed & open on Fri Sat & Sun.

Came back and hubby started taking out boats. Bud played shop-dog with hubby. Chad came over & talked to hubby.

I went on bike ride (first of year!). My Butt hurtz.

Went down to help hubby move boats with Ben & Bud. I got dizzy and had to come home so I could put cold ice on my eyes. Took a couple aspirin.

Then went back down to see if hubby would take me to Grey Goose cafe. We had lunch at 1:45. I got pancake & sausage links. Hubby got chicken fried steak.

We came home and I went up to the house to rest my eyes some more. I took a 2 hour nap on couch. Hubby moved boats back into big shop. Our boat is in the middle of the driveway.

I went back down with dogs to see hubby at shop around 4:00. Minion #3 - Wesley was there; they were getting ready to go into town. I told hubby to take me & minion could cut down blueberry bushes, and put vinegar on weeds at house.

We went into town, dropped off boat, picked up grey dodge from Detailer's. Delivered parts to guy in town with a mastiff. Bud & Ben played with him until Bud got into a fight with the dog.

I drove dodge home. Hubby was behind me.

I rested at home while hubby worked in the shop. My eyes are hurting really bad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014



I slept in until 8:30; got up and made egg sandwich for hubby, made eggs for dogs.

We took the dogs thru A-town to let them bark at their friends. The little white Jack Russell chased after us and Lil Bit just loved it! He barked SO loud.

Erin at the Latte stand talked to hubby about rescuing Mastiffs from Troy, Montana and suggested we check out the site online. We decided against it because we would like to have the summer to do things; 4 is a good number for us; all the dogs like each other and I don't want to introduce a new dog right now.

At the park, we walked around the Water Tower.

Went home and dropped the dogs off while we went into Rathdrum to get a latte at Jitterz, drop off the lawnmowers at the repair shop, make a deposit at the bank in Rathdrum. Drove by the gym to see where it was.

Drove into CDA to pick up light from Home Depot. Got dog food & deer food at Big R. Got new line & Craftsman weedeater at Sears, picked up dog burgers at Wendy's. 

We came home and unloaded everything out of the Dodge, then got all the leashes on the dogs so we could take them with us. They were very happy to get dog burgers and were ecstatic to see us home again.

I helped hubby load the kids' snowblower into the truck. It was awful heavy and I got grease on my jeans.

Maggie rode in the front between us because we put the console up. Lil Bit slept on Maggie the whole way to Spokane. Dropped off the snowblower at the kids' house. Matt had to run help a friend assemble a children's swingset. We talked to KRN for a while, then had to leave because it was almost 8:00.

Went to Don's house to pick up the axle shafts. Lucille was not home. Then hubby was hungry. I talked him into finding a nice Burrito place instead of eating at McD's.

KRN referred us to a place across from Northtown Mall called Costa Vida Mexican Grille. It was absolutely wonderful! They make the burritos right in front of you. The people were really nice. The food was great!

We ate the burritos and took leftovers home.

Drove home the back way thru Spokane. Happened to find a Taco John's. Have to make a note of where it is so we can eat there next time.

Maggie laid down on the seat between us again. Lil Bit had to stop and pee potty in the park at Rathdrum. He kept whining and barking at us.

We finally made it home. All the dogs drank lots of water & went out to potty. Hubby and I went to bed at 11:00.


Got up at 8:00 this morning and made breakfast for hubby & dogs. Then we again drove thru A-town to let dogs bark at all the other dogs in town. Got a latte for hubby.

Walked around the Brig Museum. I had an attack of bad tummy and had to potty in the bushes. Several Ranger trucks were speeding thru the road & almost hit us.

After our walk, we dumped the dogs at home and went to Timberlake High School to vote.

We drove to Rathdrum to get lattes at Jitterz there. Then hubby drove the back way to CDA, along Seltice to see all the new apartments going up down there.

He dropped me off at Lather for my appointment of Permanent Eyeliner with Stephanie. Whiel waiting, I was hit with bad tummy again...Stephanie was about 10 minutes late.

Stephanie hit me up with wine to calm me down, which was good. I drank about 1/2 the bottle. The tattooing was not nearly as bad as 12 years ago. She darkened and deepened what I already had. The numbing solution that she used worked really well and she had a top-of-the-line tattoo gun.

Hubby picked me up at 2:30 and we stopped at Jitterz in CDA to pick up an iced drink for me. Then we stopped to pick up the FMF from the detailers. It was OK clean, not great. All the dog hair was gone!

We got burgers for dogs in Rathdrum. At home, I fed the burgers to the dogs while hubby moved his Big Red Dually and put away my FMF.

Hubby went down to the shop to work for the night.

Jeremiah came at 6:00 - 8:00 to powerwash the house. I gave him another t-shirt for his wife.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

RAINY Sunday


Almost the end of May!

Got up late. Hubby had already made eggs for dogs.

We went to Grey Goose (Cowboy Cafe) to eat, but there was a line.

Then we drove to The View cafe. I had stupid stuffed french toast with frozen strawberries. Gross. Both of us were sick afterwards.

Hubby came home and sat out on deck with a cold compress on his head while I cleaned out his ear-hair.

Dogs were happy to have us back home.

Got a latte in town for hubby. Old lady was there doing the drinks.

Then we went for a walk in Farragut Park. Went on a LONG walk around the Perimeter road; thru the Park dump. Really tired out the dogs.

Got milk at Lil Town Market on the way home.

Rained in the afternoon.

Came home afterwards and found out guy had put a check in the ford SUV up by the house.

Hubby did some hubby-dos around the house. Fixed the printer table, hooked the water drainage pipe to the swamp cooler.

We ran down to Lil Town Market to get  ice cream bars. Yuck. Gross.

Went to bed at 10:30.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nails & Pizza


Up at 8:30; made eggs. Made breakfast sandwich for hubby. Made more bacon. Ugh. House smells like bacon now.

Jeremiah came over to start power-washing house & garage.

We drove thru Athol to get latte for hubby. Dogs barked at other dogs in town.

At Farragut, we chose the long trail thru the woods but there was a "fun run" going thru the woods. Lots of runners on the trail. We had to get over for them when they came thru. Dogs were very well behaved.

Got back at 11:00. I dropped hubby off at the shop. I came home and unloaded dogs.

Did a few things around the house, started a load of laundry. Got changed to go get nails done in Rathdrum.

Stopped at Stein's to get cases of water. Got 4 cases because they had them on sale.

Then I stopped at Jitterz to get a latte. Got to nails at 1:00. Took 1 2:10 I was picking up pizza with free breadsticks at Pizza Hut.

Forgot to get dog burgers and remembered when I was only 1 mile from home!

Dropped off water & pizza at the shop for Minion and hubby.

I came home and changed clothes. Gave dogs some ham and chicken from the fridge.

Jeremiah was here doing the power-washing the house, garage, and decks. He got the garage done and 1 side of the house. Then he left as I was leaving to go get nails done. He got back just when I got back.

I mowed the dog yard, out in front, and down by shop from 2:45 until 5:30.

Came back & took a shower. Jeremiah had to leave so he cleaned everything up. I gave him an RMOR t-shirt.

Washed the lawn mower off and put it in the garage where my car is usually parked.

After watching a show and doing 2 more loads of washing and then doing a load of dishes, I went down to the shop at 8:30 along with Bud & Ben. Rode my bike down there.

Hubby was talking to Joe Jr, so I reminded him to come home. I pushed M&K's snowblower up to the house while hubby put my bike in the back of the Red Dually. Maggie walked down with me, so she ran back with Ben.

Hubby took a shower, had a snack of leftover pizza and we watched an old movie. Then went to bed.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hubby At The FairGrounds & Drugged Sleep


Got up this morning after barely sleeping in the night. I am exhausted.

Made breakfast sandwich for hubby. Made eggs for dogs. Cleaned up afterwards.

Started load of dishes & laundry. I fell asleep on the couch after making beds & feeding fish. I took a couple allergy pills to drug myself. Slept until 2PM.

Briefly got up to turn off the heat (it rained this morning and was cold). Then turned on the Swamp Cooler later in the afternoon because it got hot for the dogs.

Hubby came home at 5:30. He stopped at the shop first, so I had to go get him.

Had dinner snack. Wasn't really hungry. Hubby rested on the couch for a while.

I gave a bath to Lil Bit after hubby went to the shop.

I can't find my iPod anywhere. I must have misplaced it! Even the charger is missing.

Hubby came home at 10:45. We went to bed. I could not sleep even after taking sleeping pills.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dog Grooming & (NO) Window Cleaning & Jury Duty Day


Got up later. Hubby had called last night and was scheduled for Jury Duty at 8:00 this morning. So I made breakfast sandwich for him and eggs for dogs.

Then hubby left & I got ready to take dogs into Apryl's for grooming. Lil Bit came with us and I took Bud, Ben, and Maggie in the FMF. We stopped to get a granita at Higher Grounds Espresso, but their white coffee granite machine is broken and it does not look like they will replace it. Boo.

Took dogs to Apryl's and almost got attacked by a German Shepherd when I was walking them past a fence. I hate German Shepherds. Nasty mean dogs.

I tried to take the dogs into Apryl's, but they all put on the brakes at the door. Apryl had to come help me. Bud escaped his collar and ran into the parking lot to the car! We finally got him rounded up and into the backroom.

I drove back home. Train was stopped at Brunner, so we had to go old 95 to come home.

Lil Bit was NOT happy being the only dog. He was lonely. I started doing laundry. Cleaned Ben's bedding again. Took dog beds outside so Window Cleaners could clean. Re-arranged furniture. Cleaned hubby's cubby space. Dusted & vacuumed everywhere. Cleaned & vacuumed & dusted the fireplace mantle. Took dog the Xmas lighted decor that was still up there.

When the Window Cleaners did not come at 2:00, I finally called at 2:15 to find out where they were. The dumb guy that called seemed to have no clue what was going on. He said he would call & find out what was going on. When he FINALLY called me back at 2:35, he said that he had had to text the employees and that they were "on the back side of Hayden Lake" and could not come for another hour. I told him to cancel them and that I would use somebody else next time to clean my windows that could come on time.

I was really pissed because the woman that schedules had called me 3 times in the last week to reschedule; first to move me to the morning which I said that I could not do because I was taking the dogs to the groomers; secondly, to move my appointment from 1PM to 2PM which I said that I could do, but it would inconvenience me. Hubby would have to pick up the dogs.

What the heck has happened to customer service anymore? Obviously the other appointment was way more important to them than me. I had even scheduled this a month in advance. Asses.

Hubby found out from friends that Monty A had a heart attack in Sandpoint and been taken to Bonner Hospital. They could not do anything for him and had air-flighted him to Kootenai Hospital for a stent insert. I tried to call for flowers, but they informed me that they are not allowed to deliver flowers on the Cardiac Care Unit rooms. I canceled the order and told her I would see what hubby wanted to do. Maybe he can go visit Monty A tomorrow.

When I was leaving with Lil Bit again, I combed my hair and accidentally combed thru the earring in my lobe which ripped it off. That hurt. Put another earring in it.

Hubby had not been picked for jury duty. He said it was a case of a Post Falls police officer that had pulled a guy over for having a concealed weapon without a permit. Hubby was only in the court house until 11AM.

I went in to town to pick up dogs. Hubby met us there and surprised me on the stairs going into Apryl's. I did not even recognize him! OMG.

Got the dogs to the car. Drove to Wendy's to get dog burgers.

Met hubby at work at 4:30; hugged Matt Z. Drove over and dropped the FMF at the Detailer's. He put the car inside the shop. Stopped at Espresso Stand to get drinks. Dropped off donation at Goodwill; forgot to get a receipt. Drove home with hubby in the Dodge.

Gave the rest of the dog burgers to the dogs at home. Had a quick snack. Brought all the dog beds inside. Hubby tided up his cubby hole area in the laundry room.

Hubby got ice cream for me at Lil Town Market. We stopped to get gasoline at gas station. I waved at a little boy in a truck. He was a sweet looking little kid.

We drove over to a guy's house and hubby talked to him about his car & rear - end. I walked Bud around. Saw a little kitty cat that followed us and a very tall red female horse. Bud ignored the horse.

Unloaded dishes in dishwasher; had a slight snack. Got tummy upset. Diarrhea.

Filled water bowls for dogs several times. Turned on the swamp cooler because it was still very hot in the house. Watched the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy.

Went to bed at 11:00.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weedwacker & Mowing Day


Hubby let me sleep in again today. I hate that. Feels like I have a hangover when I do get up.

Lil Bit slept in bed with us all night.

At 8:00, I got up and had breakfast. Then did laundry & dishes.

Went outside at 10:00 to mow the rest of the lawn by the shop and did some weedwacking while still struggling with the line. It gets tangled.

At 12:30, I came inside had tuna for lunch and then did weight lifting exercises.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Ready to get up, slept all the way thru the night after 4 allergy pills! Had to get up at 11:30 and take two more as I could not fall asleep.

Started to get up; Lil Bit was not in bed with us. He finally came and begged to be lifted into the bed. I got out of bed and he was quite surprised. You were late, little fella!

Made breakfast sandwich for hubby; made eggs for dogs. Settled down to watch morning news for 15 minutes.

Then hubby left. Gave the dogs squishy hugs.

I hurt so bad that it was difficult to walk.

Slept on the couch for another hour.

Did laundry & dishes.

It was pretty warm today; around 68F degrees.

The dogs mostly just slept on the floor; going in and sleeping on the cool floor; going out to sleep in the warm sun.

Monday, May 12, 2014


MAY 12 2014

I woke up at 3AM this morning and could not fall back to sleep for another 4 hours. Hubby got up and I told him that I could not possibly wake up to make him a sandwich. However, he had to come back to get his cell-phone that he had forgotten and I got up at 8:00 because the dogs would not let me sleep.

Took a hot bath.

Did the laundry. Did dishes. Made eggs for the dogs which they did not want...

Exercise HIIT. All my muscles are sore now.

Went outside to mow lawn at 11:00AM. Ran out of gasoline up by the shop at 3:00PM.

Fed the deer. Got the mail.

Laid on a heating pad for a while.

Some people drove down to the house; wanted to find out when they could get their little camper out of the shed. Told them to call Greg.

Hubby came home at 6:30 after meeting people in town for $.

He ate beef ribs for dinner, then went down to the shop to get out the camper.

Got gasoline for the lawn mower.

Saturday, May 10, 2014



Hubby got up early. He shot a squirrel in the circle driveway. Then I got up and he made eggs.

Hubby left at 8:00 to go down to shop to get ready for trip to Chewelah for the Mudbogs. His newest Minion, Wesley and his dad were going. Tim decided to go with them. Austin, Earl's son also showed up at the shop and invited himself along.

I stayed home with the dogs. Did laundry. Did dishes. Vacuumed basement. Took a hot bath. Exercised with weights.

The kids came over at 2:20PM. They brought me a jar full of honey & a gigantic Lipstick plant for Mother's Day.

They dropped off their clothes, computers, and Bravo. Then they went into CDA to have dinner with Matt's mom.

Kids came back at 7:00PM after picking up groceries for tomorrow's breakfast. They brought bread, bacon, and milk.

Hubby finally got home at 10:00PM. There was a fatal accident at the Chewelah Mountain Mania Mudbogs and everything had closed down at 6:30 when he was trying to leave.

Talked to the kids for a while, then went to bed at 11:30. I was exhausted.


Benjamin went downstairs to wake up the kids. Matt & KRN got up at 8:00 then went to get lattes for us in Spirit Lake.

Hubby and I got up and set the table. I started to make breakfast. Had bacon, eggs, and french toast.

Kids got back and we ate breakfast.

After cleaning up, we took the dogs down to the park to walk. Hubby had to get $100 to Dell at the restaurant, so we met up with the kids in the park. Walked around the open area of the water tower. It was a nice sunny morning. Still a little cold.

When we got back, we decided to go to dinner at Olive Garden. We thought we might have to wait for 1 hour, but when we got there the wait was on 15-20 minutes. We got seated right away and had dinner. I had Tour of Italy with a couple Kahlua&Creams. Shared stuffed mushrooms with Kelsey. They were not bad! I had Chicken & Gnocchi soup.
We had the sampler desserts.

Bravo had stayed out in their truck. When we came out, we talked a while. Then the kids left to go home. We went over to the car wash on Kathleen to wash the Big Red Dually. Then we stopped at Lowe's to see if they had a cover for the light on the back deck which had been destroyed when Hubby dropped the window air conditioner. They had crap for choices.

We drove to Walmart and picked up groceries. I had to potty. Tummy felt bad after the lunch.

At home, hubby mowed the dog yard on the John Deere riding lawn mower. I put away groceries and prepared strawberries and cooked bacon in the microwave. I also put away clean clothes.

Hubby got done with the yard work, he had a little to eat while I had some green tea. Then we took the dogs to the park to walk again. This time we went to the shooting range. People were out for Mother's Day walking and also trying to find Mushrooms.

Driving back, hubby had forgotten money. So we came home and I got some money out of my purse. We drove back to Lil Town Market to get ice cream because hubby wanted some.

At home, we watched tv, The Good Wife, and went to bed at 10:30.

Friday, May 09, 2014



After all these months, the day is here. Matt's NPC Empire Classis. The Empire Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships is tonight.

It was raining out today when we got up. I had neglected to bring in the dog bed from outside and it was soaked.

Got up and made breakfast sandwich for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

When hubby left for work, he took his clothes bag so he could change at work.

I started doing 3 loads of laundry and dishes.

Vacuumed house again. Cleaned floors again.

Paid bills.
Kurt Reese & his wife came to pick up his truck. It was nice to meet her. I have heard about her and could not imagine what she looked like.

Took Ben, Bud, and Maggie down with me to the shop.

It started raining while we were down there.

Came back and started to get ready. Got dressed & makeup.

Left home at 2:30 with the FMF to pick up hubby at work. He was late.

We finally left Frontier by 3:10. Stopped to pick up granita & latte for us at Higher Ground Espresso.

I drove to Northern Quest Casino where the 2014 NPC Empire Classic Fitness Expo was being held.

 Expo Brochure

 Matt's Division

Matt competed in the Men's Physique C (5'9" - 5'11") He placed 6th. We were very proud of him.

Talk to Matt's family for a while outside the competition hall.

Hubby and I left after the awards were given for his division. We went to the Mexican place on Sunset Hill to eat. Good food, but it did not sit well with either of us.

I could not see well with my contacts, so hubby drove back to Post Falls where we stopped to get Wendy's burgers for the dogs. Then he drove to Frontier to pick up his Big Red Dually. Then I drove my own car home while he drove his dually.

At home, dogs were happy to see us; they got burgers. We went to bed at 11:30.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Whoops! Slept With Contacts

May 8 2014

Got up this morning and my eyes were glued shut. I was exhausted because I took 3 Benadryl allergy pills last night. My spider bite beside my left eye is still puffy & itchy.

Made breakfast sandwich for hubby and eggs for dogs. Forgot that I had my contacts in; slept in them all night. Put lots of drops in my eyes, and they were ok.

After hubby left, I fell asleep on the couch until 11:00.

Started getting ready to go into town.

Picked up the mail at the box on the way out of the drive.

Got a Granita at Higher Ground Espresso on the way in around 12:20. Then drove to Lather.

Received a text from Stephanie that she was running 15 minutes late, so I talked to KRN on the phone for a while, then went inside to poop. Had to wait in the busy reception area.

Stephanie finally came out just as I was getting pissed and ready to leave. I followed her to a room in the back. She put my lashes on in 2 hours. Then waxed my eyes.

I made an appointment for 3 weeks to get permanent makeup eyeliner done on my eyes.

Drove back to Higher Ground Espresso and got another Granita for the drive home. Yuck. Got to quit those.

Then in Rathdrum, I stopped to drop off the shampoo & conditioner to Ashley that I had purchased in error. Showed Rhonda my hair & eyelashes.

Purchased cheeseburgers for dogs at McDonalds. Did not have cash, so had to charge it. Pooh.

Dogs liked their burgers when I got home. Ben threw up twice.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014



Only 2 days left until Matt's Muscle Show!

Got up and made breakfast sandwich & eggs for hubby. He took the FMF to the shop to make sure there is air in the tire. He filled the gas tank in Athol.

When he got back, he fed the dogs their eggs.

After he left, I did laundry & dishes.

Got changed and ready to go. Left at 10:00 to get my hair done in Post Falls. Picked up a lava hot latte at Jitterz in Rathdrum.

Julie did my hair. I was there from 11:00-1:30.

Got hair did

Stopped at Wendy's on the way home for dog burgers.

Got the mail. Some guy turned into the driveway and got out at the shop. I talked to him for a few minutes. Gave him hubby's business card.

At home, I gave the dogs their burgers, got changed, started another load of laundry.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014



Got up and made breakfast sandwich for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby went in to work; I did laundry & dishes.

Washed 8 comforters on the dog's bed.

At 10:45, I left to go to Rathdrum for my nail appointment. I picked up a latte that was lava hot at Jitterz.

Got to my appointment at 11:30. Gave Rhonda some shoes that I did not want anymore.

Left nails at 1:45. Went to get another latte at Jitterz. Picked up dog burgers at McDonalds.

Got home by 2:05.

Fed burgers to dogs. Cleaned up dog water.

Finished doing laundry. Vacuumed rug in living room.

Hubby came home at 6:45. He fell asleep on the couch after eating his BBQ ribs.

I watched Law & Order.

Monday, May 05, 2014




Got up and made breakfast sandwich for hubby and eggs for dogs.

After hubby left, something bit me by my left eye. But I did not realize it until later. I got really sleepy and my eye itched. I did not even think to take Benadryl.

So I went back to bed until 10:00AM. Got up with a bad headache and diarrhea.

Decided to do some cleaning of the dog bed, so started washing all the comforters.

It was cold, then hot, then cold, then hot all day long. I would have the doors open & the sun would be shining, then it would suddenly cloud up and start violently raining so that I would have to turn on the heat. Awful Spring.

Hubby came home with my contacts at 5:00. Vera was on vacation this week so he can not call her to buy our grille until she returns.

I had already changed clothes and hurriedly put collars on the dogs. Hubby loaded them into the Excursion. We drove up to Sandpoint to get parts at Tom's Differentials. Hubby stayed there talking to them for over 40 minutes. I finally went inside and met their dogs. Spencer is the cute ADORABLE boxer. He is so loving. I hugged him, and rubbed his ears. He leaned up against me...
I want another Boxer SO badly.

Spencer at Tom's Differentials

Then we went to Home Depot to get support metal straps to repair my computer desk. I had to potty while we were there. After we left there, we walked the dogs in the parking lot. Dogs had to pee bad!

I was cold as it was getting below 50 degress, so I told hubby I needed a hot drink. We stopped at cursed Starbucks as it was the only thing open.

We drove to McDonalds to get burgers, but they had TORN DOWN the building and were re-building on the same site!

Instead, we went over to Paul Bunyan and got a couple "bag o' burgers" for the dogs. Hubby got onion rings along with his burgers.

Drove back to Athol and came home to pay Chris at CN Diesel for the helicopter truck that hubby had bought from him. Chris & his family are flying out tonight to Hawaii and he needed vacation money.

I looked up my contact prescription on 1-800 Contacts and discovered that my Optometrist had overcharged me $29.00 per box of contacts. Nothing like being bent over and fucked! Thanks for stealing my money. I will NOT be purchasing contacts thru them anymore.

Watched The Blacklist and went to bed.

Sunday, May 04, 2014



Hubby got up abnormally early. He was up on the couch sitting with the dogs & watching his automotive shows at 6:00. I slept until 9:30. Lil Bit got into bed with me.

The dogs were hungry, so hubby made his own eggs to share with the puppies.

I got to clean up their mess.

We took the dogs into town to bark at other dogs. Then got a latte for hubby from Megan, who we keep forgetting her name and think it is Emily.

Bud waiting at the espresso stand

Then we went down to the park to walk dogs. Walked them on long trail thru South side of park.

Came back and dropped off the dogs, I changed clothes then we went into town to shop.

We left the dogs at home.

Customer's female Boxer puppy. ADORABLE

Customer of hubby's yesterday brought his Boxer to the shop to see if hubby would trade for parts. Thank goodness I was not down there. I would have grabbed it right away! This is a picture of one of the female puppies.
Picked up granita for me while hubby washed the grey Dodge.

Then we drove to Lowes to look at grilles. We decided to let Vera purchase it on her employee discount.

This is grille we are getting

Cartridge World for ink was closed on a Wednesday. Office Depot went out of business.

Went to Big R and got dog food, deer food, and new deck chairs. We talked to a nice young man named Thomas who got us the sale price from the manager for $99.95. Worth the deal! I am going to leave a positive comment for him.

rocking deck chairs. SO comfortable

new deck chairs with table

Then we dropped off a check at Credit Union. Bought some eggs from kids selling them on the corner by the mall.

Got dog burgers at Wendy's. Stopped at Albertsons to get scallops & steaks for dinner. Hubby also picked up several 2 for 1 ribs on special. We got some exotic cheeses to snack on.

At the checkout, the girl was a ditz. Forgot to ring up our discounts & hubby had to remind her.

Drove to Goodwill drop off and saw new LavaDog restaurant drive thru.

At home, we put away groceries. Set up new deck chairs. Hubby made ribs, scallops. Yum. We sat on deck chairs until it got cold & dark clouds moved overhead.

Came inside to watch tv.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Cloudy Day


Woke up at 3:00AM to pee, it was horribly warm in the house so I opened up the back door and the windows. Much better with cool air blowing thru.

Got up at 7:20 when hubby's phone rang (who the fuck calls on a Saturday so early???) and made breakfast. Eggs for dogs. Sandwich for hubby.

We took dogs to Athol to get hubby a latte. Drove thru town barking at town dogs.

Got latte then drove down to park for walk. Walked on our old bicycle trail. It was not as windy in the trees. On the park road, we saw a couple biking.

All the dogs were thirsty when we got back to the Bark Ark.

At home, hubby dropped me off at the house and he tried to put gas in lawnmowers but they would not start. Darn. Have to try fixing them tomorrow or take them to Lawnmower Repair. Lawn weeds/grass are already about 10 inches tall now. Looks shaggy around here because of too much rain. Difficult to find dog poo in tall grass.

I did laundry & dishes back at the house. Cleaned the floor again. Gave Lil Bit a bath.

Hubby came up to the house at 2:00 to go into town for automotive parts. On the way down Clagstone with Bud & Ben riding in the back, we saw a dog cross Hwy 54 and almost get hit. Then it ran south on Clagstone. Karla was pulling into her driveway and saw the dog. Hubby pulled over and I got out. The dog ran into my arms. It had a tag on it! Name was Annie. Hubby called lady and she did not even know her address! Put Annie in the back of the Big Red Dually and she rode there quite well. We said we would drive down Clagstone and she said she would wait at her drive. So we drove all the way down Clagstone to where it curves. Lady finally drove out her car. Said she was watching dog for the neighbors. Keeping it in barn, but it got out. Such a cute little dog. I wanted to keep her.

Drove into town. Hubby decided he was going to race #3 along the roads. Going over 80 mph. I told him to slow down or risk getting killed or ticket.

Bud's crooked ear in the wind

In town, he picked up parts and I ordered pizzas. In the Automotive Store, hubby complained about his hands not being able to pick up parts, parts counter guy said his dad tried Dr Crane in Sandpoint and he is a miracle-worker. He suggested getting an appointment with him.

Some strange family pulled up to me in parking lot admiring Ben who was hanging his head out the window while waiting for hubby in the parts store. To waste time waiting for pizzas, we drove to Hayden Avenue to get lattes.

Ben puts his head out of the window

Got pizzas at Dominos.

We then drove to Rathdrum. Hubby made check deposit in bank. We got burgers for dogs at McDonalds. Drove home. I spilled my drink on the floor in the truck. Good thing we had car mats to catch the spill. Hubby dropped me off at home. Fed burgers to dogs.

Bud & Ben sleeping on the way home

I rode down to shop on bicycle with Bud & Ben running with me to shop to ask the name of the doctor in Sandpoint so I could do research on him. When I rode back to the shop, I took Maggie with me. Gave new t-shirt to Wesley (new minion at the shop) and gave two small size t-shirts to Tim's daughter.

Came back and ordered Lancome perfume online.

At 7:00, I drove the FMF with Bud & Ben while hubby followed us with a customer's truck to Post Falls. We dropped it off. I waited in car with dogs. Some lady driving by on the residential street stopped, backed up, rolled her window down & said the dogs were SO cute. I said thank you.

We drove home thru Rathdrum to get more dog burgers for Maggie & Lil Bit.

Got home and went to bed after watching some tv. I was really tired.

Friday, May 02, 2014

More Cleaning


I really can't believe it is May already. The first of the year just rushed by us!

Woke up at 5:30; the sun is already up by that time and I can't sleep. It is already warm in the house, so I get up and open all the doors & windows.

Hubby gets up at 6:00. I started breakfast eggs. He goes down to the shop to get the power washer, then drives into town to get gasoline for it.

When he comes back to the house, he unloads the power washer and has to fix the step on the deck.

After he leaves for work, I power-wash the rugs. So much winter dirt on them.

When I come back inside the house, Ben has thrown up on the dining room floor. His poor upset tummy. Poor little dog. He has always had problems with his tummy.

I feed the fish. They really need to come outside this weekend.

The KEC guys come at 8:00 and take down the poles. Lil Bit barks at them for quite a while. An older KEC guy is working the backhoe. He dicks around in the dirt piling it up for almost 30 minutes. He does not know how to run a backhoe. Idiots.

I do laundry & dishes.

Hubby comes home at 7:30; he did not get my contacts again. He forgot to get milk. He took Ben & Bud with him down to Lil Town Market to get milk.

I hurt so badly after cleaning all day that I had to take a painkiller. Was really tired after that.

When he got back, he fell asleep on the couch. I watched some of Hannibal then went to bed.

I asked hubby to take out the window air conditioner and close the window, but he dropped it out of the window & broke it. We went to sleep. Will pick it up tomorrow.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Happy May Day


Got up with hubby. Lil Bit finally came up to give us kisses in bed after a 3 day absence. He must be very tired in the mornings.

Made breakfast sandwich and eggs.

Hubby left right away after hugging all the dogs with me.

I slept until 10:30 because I had taken a Benadryl.

Very hot today.

81 in the house, 65 outside. I turned on all the fans. We need more fans!!!

Walked down to get the mail. Hubby got a lot of magazines.

Hubby's magazines

ATV and utility vehicle went by on frontage and dogs did not even run after or bark at it! I was SO proud of them!

Maggie went swimming in the pond when we came back. I had to towel dry her off when we got into the house.

Had to turn on the fans and install the window air conditioner as it was getting too hot today. Dogs were all panting and trying to find cool spots.

I decided since Maggie was leaving wet footprints on the floor that I should clean house. I vacuumed carpets & floors, washed the hard wood floors, and cleaned all surfaces. Windexed all mirrors and glass surfaces. Cleaned countertops. Cleaned washing machine & dryer.

I just need to vacuum the upstairs quickly and I am done. Then need to clean the basement up. Not much to do tomorrow.

This Saturday I will need to start mowing the dog back yard. Yuck.

Hubby came home at 6:30. He brought home Chicken Garlic Pizza from Papa Murphy's. He met a guy down at the shop by 7:00. Then he came home and fell asleep on the couch.

We watched new Grey's Anatomy and Surviving Jack (very good show, lots of laughs) then went to bed.